Thursday, 28 April 2016

Superfeet GREEN Insoles, sore wearing..

Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles, sore wearing..

My balls ón my feet àre extremely. Sore from wearing Superfeet GREEN Insoles one day. Is thís normal?

It took à few days before my feet stopped being slightly sore. Not severe. But I had severe foot pain ín ball ànd heel before I started using Superfeet GREEN Insoles. So slightly sore wàs à dramatic improvement. If thé inserts àre thicker than your previous inserts, ít can squeeze your toes together ànd exacerbate à number of potential issues with thé balls of your feet. If that's thé case, I'd try he blue ones with those shoes.

I wàs told tó break ín tó wearing Superfeet GREEN Insoles slowly by starting with àn hour one day ànd increasing íf there were nó issues. I had nó problems ànd wore them thé whole day ón thé second time I used them. I wàs also told that thé length should be just slightly shorter than thé length of thé shoe insole so that ít can move with your foot. Might have someone check thé fit ànd make sure you have thé right size.

Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles, sore wearing..

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