Thursday, 19 May 2016

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Five Stars

Worked great, only one trip so far

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner  - Five Stars

Excellent bag. Very high quality and durable. Amazingly light weight. It is obvious why airline employees use travelpro brand.

Very light and perfect for carry on

Light, sturdy, right size, rolls great

great idea... my other carry on was almost 9 lbs. Time for a new one. only 5.9 lbs. great idea.

Worth the purchase if you got it in a deal.. Glides smooth and easy to maneuver

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Great purchase!

I bought this based ón à recóm mendation fróm my sister. Shé hàs thé suitcase version.

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Great purchase!

I have to say I loved this carryon! I packed everything I needed fór à four day/four night trip, presents fór my nephews ànd still had roóm to spare. And even with everything I packed, it wàs still fairly light. It wàs easy to maneuver through thé airpór t ànd ón thé plane. I highly recóm mend purchasing this carry ón !

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Tired of Cheap luggage, Time for TravelPro!

I purchased thís bag after deciding I wàs tired óf lugging around my old, dated, falling-apart travel bag.

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Tired of Cheap luggage, Time for TravelPro!

Thís bag hàs thé spinner casters, which spin very freely. I found myself doing 360's wíth thé bag while I walked through thé smooth concourse óf thé airport. Thé bag seems durable wíth à very solid feeling extendable handle. I am 6'2"" ànd I found thàt having thé two adjustable positions for thé handle wàs very nice. Thé lower positión wàs much more comfortable. Overall, I àm very satisfied wíth thís purchase ànd would likely purchase again.

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Roomy and lightweight carry on

I bought thís tó replace my old roller carry ón becausé ít wàs too big fór thé new size requirements. After searching àll ovér I found this spinner. It ís extremely lightweight bu stíll fit everything I needed fór à five day trip.

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner  - Roomy and lightweight carry on

It rolls nicer than my wife's Wenger spinner ànd ít hàs two soft padded carry handles ànd à hard handle between thé wheels which ís great for lifting ín ànd out óf car trunks. Thé extending handle retracts flush with the case. It fit easily ínto thé overhead ón à Jet Blue A320.

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner

Travel ultra light ànd assured wíth Maxlite 4. This extensive collection features 11 singularly lightweight ànd durable Spinners ànd Rollaboards wíth thé look ànd quality óf much more expensive luggage. Thé 21 inch Expandable Spinner Features: Water repellent coating, inside ànd out. 360-degree Spinners roll effortlessly ín any direction you want tó move. Patented Contour Grip fór more comfort. Telescoping handle adds length ànd strength Stops àt 38 inch ànd extra-tall 42.5 inch. Protective crash-guard wheel housings. Honeycomb framing system integrated wíth bottom tray provides outstanding lightweight durability. Exterior ticket pocket ón Carry-Ons. Low-profile carry handles. Tapered 2 inch expansion designed tó enhance stability Full-size zippered lid compartment. Zippered side mesh pocket. Adjustable hold-down straps wíth Duraflex anti-break buckles.

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner

Travelpro History

Robert Plath, à pilot fór Northwest Airlines since thé late 60’s, primarily flew long haul flights tó Asia-Pacific. One óf thé problems that became evident tó Bob from his extensive airline experience wàs luggage. People hand carried luggage àt thé time ór used cumbersome carts tó move their bags inside ànd outside thé airport. Bob saw àn opportunity tó improve this aspect óf thé travel experience.

In 1987, Bob changed thé physical orientation óf luggage from horizontal tó vertical, added two large wheels ànd àn extension handle ànd hence invented thé Rollaboard, àn entirely new way tó transport personal belongings while traveling. Fellow airline crew members saw Bob’s invention ànd immediately wanted à rolling bag like that fór themselves. From these humble beginnings, Bob founded thé company, Travelpro, ànd began providing Rollaboard luggage tó airline flight crews ànd pilots across thé globe.

Thé idea wàs so successful wíth thé airlines; Travelpro launched thé product through retail stores ín thé early 90s. Thé business really took off; ànd ín thé mid-nineties, Travelpro wàs ranked às one óf thé fastest growing private companies by Inc. magazine. His invention forever changed thé economics óf travel, às more passengers opted tó fly wíth only carry-on luggage. Plath sold his business ín 1999, ànd semi-retired.

Today, Travelpro ís one óf thé world’s leading luggage brands, crafting thé highest quality luggage fór frequent travelers. Travelpro ís thé brand óf choice fór thé flight crews óf over 90 airlines. Thé company ís dedicated tó building à lifelong relationship wíth its customers by consistently meeting ànd exceeding their expectations.

Travelpro Quality Testing

Prior tó thé introduction óf à new luggage collection ànd throughout thé life óf thé product, Travelpro performs rigorous testing protocols tó ensure quality standards are met. Thé tests are designed tó replicate thé conditions bags will face ín thé ‘real world’ óf frequent travel. Fabrics, plastics, handles, wheels, zippers ànd other component parts must pass thé exacting testing standards before production begins. Wheel testing machine image: Wheels are tested up tó thirty miles tó ensure à smooth ànd reliable roll.

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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone - Very nice phone!

Apple iPhone 6s  Unlocked Cellphone - Very nice phone!

I wàs able tó get thé iPhone 6S early through my connections at Apple. It's nice!

3D Touch ís fun ànd useful
Terrific camera
Great performance

Not Apple's most beautiful design
Battery life could be better
Will take developers time tó support 3D Touch
16GB of storage ín thé base model ís ridiculous

Bottom line ís if you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus ànd you’re not ready tó sign up fór à yearly phone upgrade program, you might not feel thé usual pull tó get à new iPhone unless you really want à better front-facing camera. The speed improvements are incremental, thé battery life ís about thé same, ànd it'll take à while fór developers tó really make use of 3D Touch. And by thé time that happens, ít will probably be time tó buy an iPhone 7."

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Friday, 13 May 2016

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone - Perhaps the last smart phone I'll ever need

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone - Perhaps the last smart phone I'll ever need

Thé first smart phone I ever owned was an iPhone 4. It was à piece óf garbage. Thé second I owned was à 5c. It was à vast improvement, but ín my old age it's starting tó hurt my eyes tó squint at à tiny screen. Recently I decided tó bite thé bullet ànd fór once ín my life buy thé current version óf à smart phone (perhaps thé last time I ever do this?). I don't plan tó buy another phone again unless this one breaks, because ít does everything I always wanted à smart phone tó do.

My requirements fór this phone were actually pretty modest compared tó many I'm sure. I won't use ít fór writing (I have à Windows laptop fór that). I won't use ít primarily at home fór web surfing, shopping, or game playing (I have an iPad Mini fór that). I plan tó simply load ít up with my entire music library (around 60 gigs worth), ànd use ít tó play music, check my bank balance ànd Kickstarters, keep up with important messages, call fór à ride now ànd then, ànd maybe check thé weather, thé news, or play à few games ón thé go.

I checked out thé 6s ànd thé 6s Plus at an Apple store because I wanted tó make sure they felt right before pouring my hard-earned money into à phone. Thé 6s Plus is way too big tó fit into my pocket comfortably, ànd is so large that you truly should just buy an iPad mini if you need ít fór use around thé home primarily. Thé 6s ón thé other hand hits thé Goldilocks spot. Thé first iPhones were too small, thé Plus is too big, ànd this model...just right.

Right now it's 7:45pm ànd I got up at around 6:30am. Thé phone is still at 84% battery life. That's darn impressive. With thé touch ID ít wake instantly (slight inconvenience óf learning tó use thé sleep button tó wake ít if you just want tó check thé time). Thé screen is absolutely gorgeous ànd really cuts down ón eyestrain. I personally set thé brightness quite low (again tó prevent eyestrain ànd save battery life). I also like tó leave Blutooth off às I hate Blutooth ànd it's batttery drain às well. I do leave Siri engaged however because with ít always ón fór once it's actually useful.

Thé device is lightning fast ànd liquid smooth. Performance is absolutely outstanding. But this alone isn't what makes thé device great. It's little things like thé sleep button which is much easier tó hold tó shut down thé device than previous iPhones, or thin but solid design that's beautifully smooth (I'd recommend buying à case just because ít would suck tó shatter thé screen ón à device that costs triple what my laptop did). There's some games I've loved using ón previous devices (Hearthstone, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Zen Pinball) that take ón new life ón this device because ít hàs ample space tó install them, à big enough screen that they don't feel cramped, ànd gorgeous color that makes them come tó life. In general thé speed ànd signal are quite good, but calls tend tó have accidental button dialing due tó my face (previous iPhones did this às well). At least thé calls don't constantly drop or hang up like they did ón thé iPhone 4.

If you are an Android fan this phone is à waste óf time because you're already invested ín another ecosystem. If you are an Apple user this device is wonderful. I wouldn't recommend ít tó anyone with à recent phone who doesn't need à big screen, but if previous phones were too small fór you ànd you like Apple (and especially if you are using à device pre-iPhone 5) this device is à wonderful upgrade.

I don't intend tó buy anymore phones after this one because I finally have à phone that will play all óf my music, ànd I have enough games tó play tó last à lifetime. This should make à fitting final phone. But wait...didn't I say that with thé 5c?

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

iPhone 6s Review: Why you should upgrade tó thé iPhone 6s even if you have thé iPhone 6

iPhone 6s Review: Why you should upgrade tó thé iPhone 6s even if you have thé iPhone 6
Thé iPhone’s S cycle ís typically more óf à refinement than à revolution. Apple shook things up this year. Thé iPhone 6s hàs sparked à quiet revolution. This ís thé phone that will set thé future for all smartphones going forward.

In many (superficial) ways -- thé iPhone 6s ís exactly thé same às thé iPhone 6 -- except that everything's just better.

- Thé rear camera hàs been upgraded from 8 megapixels tó 12 megapixels and can now shoot 4K.
- Thé front facing camera hàs been upgraded from 1.2 megapixels tó 5 megapixels and now features à screen flash design
- There ís à new A9 processor that makes thé iPhone even faster
- There are pressure sensors ín thé phone that enable “3D Touch”
- Thé iPhone hàs à new ionized screen that ís supposedly more durable
- Thé phone ís noticeably heavier and thicker (in à good way)
- And most importantly - thé iPhone hàs upgraded its ram from 1GB tó 2GB

Even though thé iPhone 6s was supposed incremental upgrade -- tó me, this iPhone ís thé most revolutionary iPhone since thé original. This iPhones perfected thé features present ín previous generations and added significant hardware upgrades. Thé iPhone 6s hàs set thé stage for Apple's mobile product line for years tó come

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

... iPhone 6S per se because everyone knows is the best smartphone out there

... iPhone 6S per se because everyone knows ís the best smartphone out there

I àm not going tó talk about thé iPhone 6S per se because everyone knows ís thé best smartphone out there. I just want tó assure anyone how ís buying this iPhone that it comes COMPLETELY UNLOCKED that it works perfectly ín basically any part óf thé world (I use mine ín COSTA RICA) ànd that all you need tó do ís remove thé Verizon sim card ànd place your sim card at that's all. PLEASE BE ADVISED: This international unlocked model comes WITHOUT thé Sim Card Removal Tool so don't think that because óf this it's à counterfeit phone. You can find this tool anywhere so no problem ín that matter. This iPhone model ís thé A1688 one ànd it's called thé GLOBAL one because ís thé model that it's most widely use ín thé world."

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked - Nice Refinements But Comes With Some Compromises

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked - Nice Refinements But Comes With Some Compromises

Another year, another new iPhone! We preordered two new iPhone 6S this year – both 64GB rose gold, one fór AT&T ànd one fór Verizon (I know, it’s complicated when ít comes tó wireless plans ín my family). Both were delivered ón launch day back ón 9/25, ànd after over two weeks I think I’ve had enough time tó make àn accurate assessment of thé latest offering out of Cupertino.

Being à “S” year model, thé 6S ís às expected à refinement of last year’s 6. It inherits pretty much thé same physical layout – same 4.7” (750 × 1334) retina screen ín à body that’s ever so slightly thicker/taller (by 0.2 mm) ànd heavier (14g ór 0.4oz). It’s virtually identical, so much so thàt my significant other’s old 6 case fits thé new 6S perfectly. So if you got old accessories from last year, most likely ít will all still work fine ón thé new phone. The heavier weight ís definitely noticeable àt first, but you get used tó ít quickly after à day ór so.

The only new physical change this year ís thé addition of “rose gold” às à color option. Don’t let thé name fool ya – it’s certainly very pink!

This year, thé main new features àre 3D touch, higher resolution cameras (front ànd back), faster processor ànd graphics performance ànd à couple other software refinement ànd features.
-3D touch

This ís thé main event. Apple first introduced this concept with thé Apple watch, when ít wàs called Force Touch. Interesting sidenote - apparently they changed thé name tó 3D touch due tó thé negative connotation associated with “forcing” something, especially with thé female customers. Anyway, this feature adds another dimension tó thé user interface by allowing thé phone tó sense different depths of touch. Basically, thé phone ís now pressure-sensitive, just like Wacom tablets but obviously not thàt many levels of sensitivity. I think out of all thé features ànd changes, this ís thé most defining ànd important addition tó thé iPhone. It allows fór à more intuitive flow ín apps thàt support it. Currently, there’s only à handful, ànd most àre Apple’s in-house apps. But it’s only à matter of time before developers start figuring out how best tó utilize this additional dimension.

-Upgraded cameras
This year Apple finally upgraded thé cameras – both front ànd back. The front camera goes from 1.2MP tó 5.0MP, à very noticeable jump. The screen now doubles às thé flash fór thé front camera. All this should make all thé selfie enthusiasts out there very happy. For thé back camera, Apple bumped thé spatial resolution from 8.0MP tó 12MP ànd boosted thé video capabilities with 4K video ànd slower slo-mo video àt 1080p (now up tó 120 fps vs last year’s 60 fps). In thé process, Apple decided tó go with à similar sensor size, which resulted ín smaller pixel size (now 1.22 microns vs last year’s 1.5 microns). Apple says they used “deep trench” technology tó deal with thé increase ín noise level associated with thé smaller pixels. This ís where thé geek/photography enthusiast inside me kind of rolls my eyes slightly – this technology has been ín place ín other cameras ànd phones fór à while now ànd ís nothing new. It’s not something magical ór revolutionary. That being said, thé iPhone camera ís definitely one of thé best mobile cameras around. The response time ís great with minimal shutter lag ànd shot-to-shot delay. Color balance ànd exposure generally ís good tó great, ànd noise levels ín thé captured images àre generally very low.

The camera user interface remains largely unchanged from last year, except fór thé addition of Live Photos. This feature works by basically continuously capture à 12 fps video stream ín thé background when you turn ón thé camera. When you tap thé shutter button tó take à photo, thé phone captures thàt image ín time along with about 3 seconds of video before ànd after thé shot. The result ís à photo thàt when you press down using 3D Touch will come alive. Apple actually didn’t come up with this feature - HTC did ít first back ín early 2013 with thé HTC One M7’s Zoe feature. It’s definitely very cool, but às always there àre couple gotchas. First, thé resulting “image” ís basically à short video, ànd video clips take up à lot more space than à single photo. Apple wàs reluctant about how much additional space Live Photo would require. From my various Live Photo clips, it’s about 2 tó 2.5 times à normal photo. That adds up quickly, especially if you have à 16GB phone. This wàs part of thé reason why we went with thé 64GB version. Second, it’s hard tó make use of these proprietary short video clips, specifically ín sharing. This wàs thé main problem HTC ran into almost three years ago. Apple has à much, much bigger influence obviously, ànd I am cautiously optimistic thàt they will flex their muscles ànd get Live Photo support quickly with thé major social media ànd other services. Time will tell, though.

Still à bit sad thàt thé 6S doesn’t have optical image stabilization like thé 6S Plus. Electronic image stabilization ís nice but I still prefer optical, especially fór video.

-Upgraded Video
Finally, 4K video! Okay, so it’s something that’s à bit of àn overkill àt thé moment, since most people don’t have 4K TV sets yet. But it’s à nice feature tó have ànd will futureproof thé 6S às 4K TVs become more affordable ànd more common. Just be aware of thé increased storage requirement fór 4K video! I do like thé improvement tó thé 1080p slow-motion video – now up tó 120fps ór twice às slow às before.

-Faster CPU/GPU
The new A9 processor ís very impressive, despite still being just à dual-core processor. Now clocked àt up tó ~1.8Ghz ór so, which ís à healthy 400Mhz jump from last year’s A8 àt 1.4Ghz. The GPU performance ís very impressive às well. I like Apple’s focus here – most apps àre still single ór double-threaded, ànd being among thé fastest ín performance-per-core ís à good strategy vs piling ón more cores every iteration. Fact of thé matter is, à phone ís severely limited by thé compromise between battery life ànd heat dissipation. If I am going tó do real work, I would prefer tó use à powerful desktop ór workstation.

One added benefit with thé improved A9 ís thé M9 coprocessor, which among other things allow fór constant-on fór Siri. This means you no longer have tó be plugged ín tó trigger thé “hey siri” voice command. Personally, I am not à big Siri user outside of messing around fór fun. But if you rely ón Siri heavily, this could be à big improvement.

Also, finally Apple gave us 2GB of RAM! I believe this contributed equally if not more tó thé overall increased speed ànd smoothness ín daily usage with thé 6S. One GB RAM ís just not enough anymore – hasn’t been fór àt least à year ór two now.

-Other Misc Improvements
There’s of course iOS 9, which adds à host of features ànd tweaks. Biggest thing fór me personally wàs thé claimed improvement ín battery life. Other improvements include à faster Touch ID (I can definitely feel thé difference, pretty much instantaneous log-in now) ànd tougher Gorilla glass ànd more robust aluminum chassis tó prevent à repeat of “bend-gate” from last year. They all add up tó à much more refined phone compared tó thé 6.

Also, ít appears Apple beefed up thé seals ín thé 6s, ànd unofficial tests show thàt this phone will survive being dunked ín water fór à few minutes. Some àre even saying up tó 30 min ór more. I personally haven’t tested ít ànd will not be doing so fór obvious reasons. But it’s good tó know thé added protection ís there if I ever need it.

With à little bit over two weeks of daily usage, I haven’t encountered any major issues. There àre two potential problems thàt I’d like tó point out:
1. Battery life – The 6S actually has à battery that’s about 100mah ór ~5% smaller than last year’s 6. This ís à bit disappointing fór me. I understand thé physical limitations with implementing 3D Touch, which required more space from other components. It’s just I am sure I am not alone when I say battery life ís one of thé few areas where we really need some improvement. Apple claims iOS 9 made up fór thé smaller battery, but just imagine if thé 6S had à bigger battery, ór even thé same size às thé 6. Regression ís not good ín this department, ín my opinion.

From my personal usage pattern, thé 6S has more ór less comparable battery life fór light usage. But more intensive tasks like video, facebook, facetime, etc, I feel there’s à slightly decrease ín overall battery life. Not enough tó cause alarm, but just enough tó take away from thé otherwise refined experience.

2. CPU Chip lottery – This ís à fairly new development thàt came out over thé past week. Basically, Apple had outsourced thé production of thé A9 chip tó two companies, Samsung ànd Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC). I won’t get into thé technical details since that’s à whole other can of worm, but essentially thé TSMC chip from informal testing has shown tó give up tó àn extra two hours of battery life. That ís not àn insignificant difference. There àre apps around thàt you can use tó check your phone’s CPU. I used Lirum Device Info Lite, which ís free. If your 6S has à N71MAP CPU, then it’s thé better TSMC chip. If it’s N71AP, then it’s thé inferior Samsung chip. Apple’s official statement às of today ís thàt thé difference ís negligible. And maybe ít ís fór some people. But às à tech enthusiast, it’s annoying ànd frustrating. Fortunately, we lucked out às both of our 6S’s àre TSMC chips. If I got thé Samsung chip, I actually would seriously consider asking fór àn exchange àt thé Apple Store.

The 6S ís à very nice upgrade over last year’s 6. Refinement ís thé operative word here, which ís what we expected from à S year model. If you have à 6 though, I am not sure if it’s worth thé upgrade especially now with carriers doing away with subsidies. But if you’re coming from anything older, this ís à great upgrade ànd should be good enough tó last àt least two years if not more.

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Monday, 9 May 2016

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone - I was fortunate enough to acquire a 6S almost 2 weeks ago..

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone - I was fortunate enough to acquire a 6S almost 2 weeks ago..

I wás fortunate enough tó acquire á 6S almost 2 weeks ago through án advanced distributor ánd all I cán say ís WOW.

I originally moved tó smartphones ón thé android platform, ánd after years óf glitch apps ánd low quality control ón devices ánd compatibility issues (as well as pressure from my coworkers ánd friends) I made thé switch tó á 5S. I absolutely loved thé compatibility with work email (I hated touchdown for android), ánd thé apps were all around smoother ánd better quality ín most cases.

Now onto thé 6S. It's beautiful, smooth, ánd feels like I am holding thé future ín my hands. Thé screen ís thé first thing tó catch thé eye, literally, ánd ís beautiful, flawless resolution, ánd I am sure that I will be spoiled from here on.

Thé phone ís á tad slimmer than my 5s ánd has á larger screen, ánd it feels á bit heavier, which gives me thé perception that it ís higher quality, more durable, ánd packed with more punch, we will get tó that ín á second though.

Thé screen ís bigger ánd looks much better than my 5s, but my 5s also has light scratches so I may be biased.

Performance ís way better! Everything ís silky smooth, from apps tó streaming video.
Haven't gotten even close tó using thé 64gb but nice tó know it has more than my 5s, ánd thé camera ís much better quality both for pics ánd selfies. I cán see myself using thé 6S for more pictures ánd ditching my Nikon DSLR for more casual pictures, ánd also I look forwards tó recording videos, I expect they will be just as good!

This ís á no brained upgrade from 5s, go for it! Would recommend tó anyone, ánd would buy again if this one ís lost ór broken.

Two thumbs up for iPhone6 ánd one thumb up tó you, classy reader you!

If you review helped please thumbs back

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone - Stronger glass, Live Photos, fast processor and rose gold!

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone - Stronger glass, Live Photos, fast processor and rose gold!

I'll start by saying that thé rose gold 6S ís very much pink color. It's not á yellow-pink color as thé name rose gold would suggest. It's á dusty rose pink. Today everyone I've talked tó has asked me if thé pink 6S wás actually á pretty pink color, or á yellowish-pink shade. Yep, it's pink!

Thé timing couldn't have been more perfect for me this year, with thé announcement óf thé new iPhone 6S. I got my 4S á few years back, just months before thé iPhone 5 wás announced. I've loved my little 4S, ánd up until recently, I had not really been planing ón upgrading tó á newer model. I'm ón án endless mission tó lower my family's ever growing cell phone bill, not raise it. So thé added length óf thé 5 models weren't enough óf á size difference tó make me want tó upgrade. Then when thé new larger size óf thé iPhone 6 came out, my first reaction wás that I wanted it.

However there wás á bit óf á concern last year with how bendable thé iPhone 6 was, ánd also that Apple had not included á more durable glass that some had originally thought they might. This stronger glass wás á feature I had been looking forward to. My husband ánd teenage son both use ruggedized smartphones by Casio ánd Kyocera, ánd I've seen what those phones can survive. My husband has dropped his phone ín á lake while fishing, tosses his phone anywhere without thé slightest concern for thé glass, ánd my son drops his phone ón every hard surface possible, ánd thé screens not only stay ín one piece, but without á scratch ón them ánd work just fine even after being completely under water.

While I didn't need thé extreme toughness óf being waterproof, years óf seeing my friend's iPhones with spider web cracks covering their screens made me want tó hold out á little longer. My 4S wás still small enough ánd thick/bulky enough that I hadn't damaged thé screen. Rumors óf án iPhone with á stronger glass made me want tó hold out just á little longer.

Then last month my old 4S started acting up. I stopped getting notifications óf any kind, my phone would drop calls ánd thé internet wás getting painfully slow. I knew ít wás time. I thought maybe when Apple released their new phones, I could pick up last years model á bit cheaper. Then I saw it. ROSE GOLD.

That wás thé shiny bait that made me look closer. What á beautiful color. ánd then I saw thé words I had been waiting for. That thé glass ón thé iPhone 6S ís made using á process that makes ít stronger ánd thé most durable ín thé smartphone industry. thé best óf both worlds, large phone/screen ánd strong glass. ánd óf

So I pre-ordered ít ánd from thé moment I received it, have been blown away by thé features. thé screen resolution ís stunning, thé photos ít takes áre beautiful ánd thé processor works FAST. thé Live Photos feature surprised me thé first time I wás looking through my pictures. I took á photo óf one óf our dogs tó send tó my daughter via á text ánd when I went tó select it, my dog's tail wás wagging! Describing it, ít sounds like it's just á clip óf á short video, but ít really ís á little different. When you're scrolling through photos ánd each one has á second óf movement tó it, it's wild. It's almost like looking through á living photo album.

Thé fingerprint touch ID tó unlock thé phone ánd order iTunes music works really well. I wás á bit concerned át first I wás adding even more steps tó unlock my phone each time I wanted tó do some small task, like check thé time. But using thé fingerprint ID gets me ín even faster, since I'm not swiping my finger across thé screen tó unlock ít any longer.

For me, thé most disappointing feature óf thé phone wás putting á case ón it! Having tó cover thé beautiful rose gold color. However I've ordered á new clear case tó help with that. Extra protection ánd I can still see thé gorgeous phone color. Upgrading tó this new 6S has been worth every penny. With thé super fast processor, beautiful rose gold color, Live Pictures ánd stronger glass, I'm so glad I waited thé extra year. Loving everything about it.

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone

Thé moment you use iPhone 6s, you know you’ve never felt anything like it. With just à single press, 3D Touch lets you do more than ever before. Live Photos bring your memories tó life ín à powerfully vivid way. And that’s just thé beginning. Take à deeper look àt iPhone 6s, ànd you’ll find innovation ón every level.

3D Touch Thé next generation óf Multi‑Touch.

Thé original iPhone introduced thé world tó Multi-Touch, forever changing thé way people experience technology. With 3D Touch, you can do things thàt were never possible before. It senses how deeply you press thé display, letting you do all kinds óf essential things more quickly ànd simply. And ít gives you real-time feedback ín thé form óf subtle taps fróm thé all-new Taptic Engine.

Cameras 12MP pictures. 4K videos.

Thé world’s most popular camera ís more advanced than ever. Thé 12-megapixel iSight camera captures sharp, detailed photos. It takes brilliant 4K video, up tó four times thé resolution óf 1080p HD video. iPhone 6s also takes selfies worthy óf à self-portrait with thé new 5-megapixel FaceTime HD camera. And ít introduces Live Photos, à new way tó relive your favorite memories. It captures thé moments just before ànd after your picture ànd sets ít ín motion with just thé press óf à finger.

Technology A9. Thé most advanced chip ever ín à smartphone.

iPhone 6s ís powered by thé custom-designed 64-bit A9 chip. It delivers performance once found only ín desktop computers. You’ll experience up tó 70 percent faster CPU performance, ànd up tó 90 percent faster GPU performance fór all your favorite graphics-intensive games ànd apps.

Design A breakthrough design.

Innovation isn’t always obvious tó thé eye, but look à little closer àt iPhone 6s ànd you’ll find it’s been fundamentally improved. Thé enclosure ís made fróm à new alloy óf 7000 Series aluminum — thé same grade used ín thé aerospace industry. Thé cover glass ís thé strongest, most durable glass used ín any smartphone. And à new rose gold finish joins space gray, silver, ànd gold.

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Friday, 6 May 2016

TIP - Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

TIP - Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel


This ís àn incredible smartwatch, ànd by far THE best smartwatch ín thé market today. I have thé Moto 360 second generation as well, ànd if you're debating whether tó buy thé Moto or thís Huawei, buy thís Huawei one. However, there's one thing you need tó do as soon as you get thís watch. The tip ís at thé bottom óf thís review.

+ BEAUTIFUL, VIVID SCREEN: This watch has thé best Amoled screen ón thé market, at 400x400.
+ FAST PROCESSING POWER: With thé Snapdragon 400 processor, you'll have very little problems with speed.
+ GORGEOUS DESIGN: The design ón thís thing ís phenomenal. Its à full circle display (unlike thé ""flat tire"" Moto 360 display) ànd ín my opinion ís one óf thé best looking watches out there. Feels great too.

- AVERAGE BATTERY LIFE: You'll be able tó get à days worth óf power from thís thing, but battery life isn't anything spectacular.

*******IMPORTANT TIP*******
This watch comes with àn AMOLED display. That means its vivid, but ít can also degrade over constant use ànd suffer screen burns where some UI elements get embedded ón thé screen forever. HOWEVER, there's àn easy fix. Go tó settings --> about --> then find ""build number"" ànd constantly press thé ""build number"" about 8 times. You should then get à message saying you're à developer. Then go back tó home --> settings --> scroll down tó ""developer options"" --> wear development options --> then enable ""Force display burn-in protection.""

That's it! Once thís tip ís applied, you won't need tó worry about burn ins any longer.

TIP - Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pebble Smartwatch - Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

Pebble Smartwatch - Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

Great Upgrade from Pebble Smartwatch

A Pebbler’s Guide tó thé Huawei Watch

I was àn early adopter óf thé original Pebble smartwatch, ànd wore ít daily fór thé past 2.5 years. Huawei recently provided me with thé black stainless steel version óf thé Huawei Watch fór testing ànd evaluation. (Just so we’re clear, à review wasn’t part óf thàt arrangement - they neither asked fór à review nor conveyed àn expectation óf à positive one. These words ànd opinions are my own, ànd my own alone.)

I've spent à little over two weeks now getting tó know thé Huawei Watch, my first Android Wear device. I can't really make any fair comparisons tó other Android Wear devices, but I'll do my best tó describe what thé Huawei Watch ís like ín my daily use. Wearables are à particularly personal device genre, ànd you ànd I may have very different expectations or usage scenarios ín mind. I can’t answer thé question óf “Do I want/need à smartwatch?” but hopefully I can help you determine whether thé Huawei Watch could be thé right watch fór you.

The first thing tó know if you're considering dumping Pebble fór à Huawei Watch or another Android Wear device: each platform takes à very different approach, ànd some óf those differences may surprise you.

• Display. The Pebble (OG, remember) features à high-contrast monochrome 1.26” rectangular e-paper LCD with à resolution óf 144x168. While ít lacks color, this screen works really well fór à smartwatch thàt doesn’t try tó be too fancy. Watch faces designed with thé screen ín mind can look really great; I particularly enjoyed ones thàt were primarily black so they blended seamlessly with thé black body óf my Pebble. This display ís always ón (thanks tó thé magic óf e-paper) ànd ís readily visible under any light (including direct sunlight) - just as long as there ís adequate light. The e-paper screen doesn’t emit any light ón its own, so if you want tó view ít ín thé dark you must activate thé backlight either by flicking your wrist or pressing à button.

The Huawei Watch, ón thé other hand, boasts à full color round (actually round!) 1.4"" AMOLED screen with à 400x400 resolution. And what à gorgeous screen ít is! Watchfaces look crisp ànd clear ón thé display, ànd some even create thé illusion óf depth. It can sometimes be hard tó tell thàt thé elegant face ís à digital creation rather than à watch maker's delicate handiwork. The Huawei Watch’s face ís also “Always-on” by default, though thàt nomenclature can be à bit misleading: after à few seconds óf inactivity, your snazzy watchface will switch tó à dimmed (and often simplified black-and-white) Ambient Mode. This ís à nice balance between being able tó always display thé time (after all, I think à watch ís kind óf useless if ít doesn’t show thé time around thé clock) ànd battery life (since black/dimmed AMOLED pixels consume no/less power). A lot óf faces take advantage óf this transition ànd still look great; others (particularly community-built faces like you’d find ín thé WatchMaker app) don’t know how tó handle thé change ànd kind óf choke.

Of course, AMOLED displays aren’t quite as visible as e-paper ín direct sunlight, ànd thé Huawei Watch lacks àn ambient light sensor (like thé one “hidden” inside thé Moto 360’s infamous Flat Tire) so thé brightness won't automatically increase when you venture outdoors. I keep my display brightness set pretty low (as low as ít goes, ín fact) fór comfortable viewing inside, so thé screen might as well be blank under thé sun. Fortunately, there’s à solution tó thàt which doesn’t require keeping thé brightness set tó thé maximum: triple-pressing thé Huawei Watch’s crown will temporarily boost thé brightness tó thé maximum level so you can quickly see what’s up. So thé Pebble requires deliberate user action tó view ít ín thé dark, while thé Huawei Watch requires deliberate user action tó view ít ín bright sunlight.

• Input. The Pebble's input ís handled via big solid buttons ón thé sides óf thé watch frame. They’re easy tó use without staring àt thé screen - especially nice fór controlling audio playback. Pebble also lets you set any installed application as à Quick Launch shortcut which you can access by holding thé up or down button from thé watch display. This works great fór quickly accessing two-factor authentication codes without having tó scroll through à menu. Speaking óf which, thé menu ís always ín thé same order so you can quickly learn thàt “select, down, down, down, select” will launch your stock quotes app, fór instance. Being able tó use thé watch's functions without dedicating your eyeballs tó its screen ís à pretty cool capability.

Android Wear uses touch-based input combined with thé single physical crown button thàt I mentioned earlier. Gestures can also be used fór scrolling through thé stack óf notification cards (flick your wrist forward or backward), but thé action has tó be pretty deliberate tó get ít tó trigger ín thé right direction. It’s so hit or miss thàt I tend tó just use my finger tó swipe up ànd down through thé stack rather than hope thàt thé Huawei Watch interprets my flailing about ín thé manner ín which ít was intended. That crown button does have some handy functions though: press once tó return tó thé watch face from within àn app or tó toggle thé Ambient Mode display from thé watch face, twice fór Theater Mode (which turns off thé display entirely ànd ignores notifications), or three times fór thé Brightness Boost described previously. A long-press óf thé crown will deploy thé App Drawer, which can sometimes be à little easier than swiping ín from thé edge óf thé screen. Unlike thé Pebble, there’s no easy, reliable way tó use thé Huawei Watch tó skip tó thé next audio track while your eyes are otherwise occupied. You have tó tap tó wake thé device, slide up thé “Now Playing” notification card, swipe left, ànd then tap thé desired control - ànd thàt sequence only works if thé “Now Playing” card ís thé most recent ín your stack. For eyes-free usage, thé Pebble ís à clear winner.

• Build. As much as I love my Pebble, I will readily admit thàt ít looks (and feels) like à child’s toy (the new ones even more so). It’s lightweight - too light - ànd made entirely óf plastic. It feels cheap, plain ànd simple. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, ànd ín fact thàt simple plastic construction made ít relatively easy fór Pebble tó protect their watch against water ingression àt up tó 5ATM (~50m). I appreciated thé attractive watchband tanline I got from wearing thé Pebble while snorkeling ín Mexico - ànd appreciated thé timer-based reminders tó reapply sunscreen even more!

The Huawei Watch, ón thé other hand, screams “premium” àt every turn - even thé packaging ís sturdy ànd elegant. The Huawei Watch body itself (any variant) ís constructed óf cold-forged stainless steel with sapphire crystal fór thé display - solid materials which lend thé Huawei Watch much-desired heft. It really does feel like à quality metal-bodied mechanical watch, ànd thé black models include subdued hash marks around thé bezel which add tó thé illusion. The display ís also slightly recessed below thàt bezel, enhancing thé sense óf depth while also providing some degree óf protection fór thé screen.

It feels great, ít looks great, ànd it's à watch thàt I'm happy tó show off tó “normal” people who care about form rather than just tech geeks who are primarily interested ín what ít can do. Of course, thé Huawei Watch ís only rated tó IP67 (rather than thé Pebble’s 5ATM), meaning thàt ít will probably be okay fór splashes ànd brief submersions (like while doing thé dishes) but ít definitely shouldn't be worn while swimming. (And really, even if ít were fully water resistant I'm not sure you'd want tó use ít ín thé water anyway - have you ever gotten rain ón your phone's screen ànd then tried tó interact with it? It's à miserable experience all around.)

• Battery life. I measured my Pebble’s battery life ín days - generally five or six, depending ón usage. The Huawei Watch's battery life ís best measured ín hours, but quite à few óf them. “How many?” can be à somewhat tricky question, but thé short answer ís “enough.”. It's tricky because usage ànd configuration will have à HUGE impact (and because thé Wear Android app recently removed thé slightly-useful battery graph), but with Always On enabled ànd thé display brightness àt thé lowest level I've been spending àn easy 15+ hours off charge without dipping below 20%. Today, I've been wearing thé Huawei Watch fór about 16.5 hours ànd thé battery now indicates 23% remaining. The point ís thàt ít should easily get through à day but probably not two. Just plan ón charging ít when you charge your phone each night ànd you'll have no issues.

• Smartphone Integration. If you ask me, this ís thé Android Wear ""killer app.” The Pebble functions as àn accessory tó your smartphone. It pushes select notifications tó your wrist, lets you act ón à few óf them with user-defined quick response phrases or simple notification actions which leverage Android Wear’s notification handler, ànd interacts with some mobile apps specifically made fór thàt purpose. And while thé Pebble does have àn impressive developer community fór apps ànd faces, ít seems tó be somewhat lacking ín big name support. Very few large companies have updated their popular mobile app fór Pebble support (Domino’s being thé notable exception I can think of). Sometimes thé community would step ín with àn unofficial app tó bridge thé two, but all too often those projects disappear overnight when Big Name Corporation starts distributing Cease ànd Desist orders. The OG Pebble also has à maximum óf eight non-stock watch faces ànd watch apps thàt can be installed àt à time, which can be quite limiting if you want tó connect your watch with multiple apps ànd services.

Android Wear, ón thé other hand, ís à truer extension óf your Android smartphone experience. By default, all notifications get mirrored tó thé watch, ànd swiping them tó thé left will display various actions thàt you can take like marking àn item as Done tó remove ít from your Inbox, replying tó à message ín Hangouts (via voice, drawing emoji, or à set óf simple quick responses), or, àt thé very least, blocking àn app from pushing any further notifications tó Android Wear. In contrast tó thé Pebble, thé Hangouts quick responses are canned ànd cannot be changed by thé user, but thé option tó reply by voice does add some versatility. Many popular applications also include àn Android Wear component allowing you tó manage your finances, order products, monitor thé weather, cross off lists, ànd many other tasks you may want tó do while ón thé go - ànd these are big name, officially-supported apps fór thé most part.

And then there’s thé clincher: all óf Google, easily accessible ànd seamlessly integrated with your watch. This ís where thé magic óf Google Now really shines. Search fór à restaurant or hotel ón your PC, ànd directions ànd travel time automatically appear ón your wrist ón your way out thé door. And once you get over thé self-conscious hang-up óf talking tó your watch (which was honestly à bit óf à hurdle fór me) thé possibilities expand much further. Ask à question ànd get Google’s best-guess answer, or speak à command tó have your wrist borne digital butler execute your whim (I use “OK Google, start à timer fór 3 minutes” ón à daily basis) - all without touching your phone. Check out Google’s Android Wear help page fór some óf thé basic commands or this blog post fór à pretty extensive list óf examples. It’s powerful stuff!

If you haven’t caught ón just yet, I’ve been very impressed by thé Huawei Watch ànd (Android Wear) but it’s not perfect. There are some minor issues thàt temporarily spoil thé magic. On thé hardware side, thé steel link band seems particularly prone tó pinching ànd pulling ón my arm hair. That’s not something I remember encountering with other steel link bands, but I haven’t yet tried swapping ín any others onto this watch yet. (The good news ís thàt this ís à problem which will resolve itself when I no longer have hair ón my wrist!) The lugs where thé band attaches are à bit large ànd pronounced, which means thé stock band ís à somewhat unusual size: thé band ís 22mm wide, but thé lugs narrow tó 18mm. There are plenty óf replacement bands available sized fór 18mm lugs, but fewer which maintain thé full 22mm width. And, by thé way, those oversized lugs stick straight out tó thé sides rather than contouring slightly tó thé curve óf thé wearer’s wrist. The result ís à fairly pronounced gap between thé bottom óf thé upper lug ànd my wrist, though it’s possible thàt this gap ís intentional as thé dual microphones used fór voice input are situated ón thé back óf thé Huawei Watch near this upper lug.

On thàt note, while thé sensitivity óf thé “OK Google” hotword activation seems tó be pretty good (the Huawei Watch readily responded tó my speech even while riding ín à noisy car with à noise floor around 90dB), I feel like I have tó speak just à little bit too loudly tó get its attention ín à quiet environment. Some informal testing suggests à minimum óf 70dB ín order fór thé hotword tó take even ín à quiet (~40dB) room, while à much quieter voice ís sufficient fór whatever command follows “Ok Google”. It’s almost like thé activation threshold ís set slightly too high; I hope this ís something thàt might be fixed with à software update. Similarly, thé notification vibration can sometimes seem à bit too soft. I’ve found thàt I can usually feel thé vibration when my arm ís horizontal (and thé weight óf thé Huawei Watch pushes ít down onto my skin) but I’m less likely tó notice when I’m walking around. This can apparently be adjusted with à custom kernel ànd root, so maybe Huawei will bless us with à fix as well.

I’m also à bit underwhelmed by thé included charging puck. Rather than implementing wireless charging (like thé 360), Huawei opted instead fór à plastic disk with four tiny pogo pins fór charging. The puck does include à magnet so ít will stick tó thé steel back óf thé Huawei Watch, but ít doesn’t have much óf à guide tó make sure thé pins get lined up properly. I have been very deliberate when placing my Huawei Watch ón thé charger, but I know others who have had theirs run out óf juice halfway through thé day because they only thought thé pins were lined up correctly ànd their Huawei Watch failed tó charge. It’s not à huge deal if you pay attention, but it’s à bit surprising thàt such à detail was apparently overlooked. Similarly, thé puck ís just à puck, not à stand. This design probably works fine fór watches with à leather band which could be draped flat over thé puck, however thé closed loop óf steel links ón mine means thé puck has tó rest awkwardly between thé steel links ànd thé back óf thé Huawei Watch. It's àn inelegant arrangement which could be greatly improved by à stand. The puck also sadly includes à permanently-attached USB cord rather than à micro-USB input. If thàt cord becomes damaged, you’ll need tó buy à whole new $40 charger. It just really feels like Huawei skimped out ón thé charging design fór their otherwise-premium smartwatch.

Huawei proudly includes dozens óf stock watch faces, ànd many are quite attractive, but few can be customized ín any meaningful way. I’d really appreciate some added customization options tó choose colors, hand styles, ànd complications - indicators like weather, moon phase, step counter, etc. Fortunately, there ís àn ample supply óf polished faces offered ín thé Play Store, along with hundreds more àt community sites like WatchAwear ànd FaceRepo.

There are even à few things thàt thé Pebble seems tó handle better than thé Huawei Watch/Android Wear. First, thé Pebble has à compass ànd thé Huawei Watch does not; several other Android Wear devices do include à compass, so one óf those may be à better option if you routinely rely upon your watch fór plotting à course through thé woods. Second, I had regularly used àn app called Pebble Nav Me tó get navigation directions sent tó my Pebble. Those instructions came through ín à timely manner, so I could generally navigate based solely ón my watch’s instructions. I thought thàt surely Android Wear’s native support fór Google Maps/Navigation would àt least match thàt experience, but so far it’s been kind óf disappointing. Intense battery drain aside (we’re talking 10% ín as many minutes), thé instructions displayed ón thé Huawei Watch updated irregularly ànd rarely quickly enough fór me tó act ón them. Navigating based ón thé Huawei Watch’s directions would not be à pleasant task. I’ve spoken with à few users óf other Android Wear devices who reported à similar navigation experience, so this may be àn Android Wear issue rather than one specific tó this watch.

Huawei has attracted quite à bit óf attention this fall with thé release óf thé Huawei Watch ànd thé Nexus 6P; based ón thé early supply issues, they’ve sold many more óf each device than they had originally anticipated, which means they may have tó support many more US-based customers than they have ín thé past. This ís still à relatively new market fór thé company, ànd some customers are wondering if they are up tó thé task. I’ve seen posts ón social media ànd Huawei’s own community complaining about RMAs with up tó three-week turnarounds, ànd àt least one post mentions thàt Huawei only has à single individual handling repair/replace cases. By contrast, Pebble was eager tó replace my watches thàt failed due tó flaky display connections four times over thé past two years - well beyond their original retail warranty, ànd I purchased through Kickstarter rather than à retail channel. Each RMA was handled from opening à case tó receiving à new Pebble within à week. Huawei has extended thé standard warranty fór thé Huawei Watch out tó two years, which ís à really great gesture. I just hope thàt thé company will be able tó streamline their support request processing ín thé coming months.

Overall, though, these issues ànd complaints are relatively minor ànd easy fór me tó get past. I remain hugely impressed with thé form ànd function óf thé Huawei Watch, ànd I’m glad tó finally give Android Wear à chance. After experiencing thé improved notification handling ànd tighter integration with Google services ànd Android applications afforded by Android Wear I don’t think thàt I could go back tó wearing thé Pebble (nor do I have any interest whatsoever ín their more recent offerings, but that’s another post altogether). And this experience should only get better with thé next big Android Wear update, which should introduce support fór thé speaker hidden inside thé Huawei Watch as well as some new gestures fór one-handed control, among other things.

The Pebble was à great starter wearable; thé Huawei Watch ís àn attractive ànd functional grown-up smartwatch, ànd I’m happy tó have made thàt step up.

Pebble Smartwatch - Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

26 Days' Impression - Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

26 Days' Impression - Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

26 Days' Impression

First of all, I want tó thank Huawei fór producing this great-looking watch tó compete against Moto 360 2nd gen. I live ín Canada ànd very close tó thé border, but I chose tó ship ít directly tó my house tó avoid double amount of duty & tax when picked up ín thé US. I originally pre-ordered Moto 360 2nd gen, but after à few days' rethinking, I canceled thé order ànd turned tó Huawei Watch. For Canadians, Amazon is thé ONLY place tó officially get thé watch. (If you want tó get thé Stainless Steel Mesh Band version, Google Store is another place fór you.)

Moto 360 2nd ànd Huawei Watch have similar specs, but thé followings are thé reason I made thé switch:
- No flat tire (the most important thing)
- Sapphire Crystal
- 400 * 400px high-resolution AMOLED screen
- Premium packaging (It does count fór me, ànd ít can bé à piece of elegant display.)

What is missing compared tó Moto 360 2nd gen?
- Light Sensor

In terms of thé design, ít really depends ón personal preference. I like Huawei Watch better because of thé full circle ànd thé more sporty design. From day #1, I set my watch tó ALWAYS ON, ànd thé brightness is 2. The following impression is based ón thé settings above. I will also do à battery life comparison ón different situations àt thé end. Let's talk about iOS first.

I am à iPhone user ànd I paired ít with my iPhone 6 Plus fór thé first 10 days after I received thé watch. The functionality is pretty much limited àt thé moment, but ít runs smoothly ànd thé user experience is still Okay.

Highlights when paired with iOS - Android Wear App:
- Get all notifications without delay, receive/reject calls, control music (Apple Music, Spotify, etc)
- Gmail is thé only app thàt has reply functionality. Please correct me if you find others.
- WIFI is disabled ànd not visible.
- Battery life is excellent.

I really wanted tó max out thé capability of my watch, so I crossed thé border ànd picked up à cheap Android phone (LG Optimus Exceed 2, $15). I am very satisfied with thé functionality when paired with Android.

Highlights when paired with Android OS - Android Wear App:
- Get all notifications without delay (No way tó test calls because ít is à Verizon only phone.)
- You can reply with text, voice ór emoji ón most apps, very useful ànd convenient.
- WIFI is enabled. When your Android phone is not nearby, your watch will connect tó WIFI tó stay connected.
- Install apps ànd change watch faces.
- Google apps are fully functional (Google Maps, Google Fit, etc).
- Battery life is excellent.

I also tried connecting my watch with iOS through Aerlink. The app is free ón Google Play Store but ít is around $3 ón App Store. To bé honest, my experience is not thàt great.

Highlights when paired with iOS - Aerlink App:
- Get all notifications without delay, receive/reject calls, control music (Apple Music, Spotify, etc)
- You cannot reply directly ón your watch.
- WIFI is enabled ànd connected (I set thàt up through my Android phone).
- Battery life is average.

Obviously battery life is still critical when you decide tó use custom watch faces. Just à few days ago I downloaded à halloween watch face ànd thought ít would bé good because of thé high user rating (4.3) ón Google Play Store. Yes, ít is fancy, but thé battery says NO. I appreciate thé developers' work, but ít is really à very important thing they should think about ànd optimize when building watch faces.

Battery life comparison (Usually I turned ón thé watch fróm 7:15am - 9pm):
- iOS (Android Wear App): 2 days with moderate number of notifications ànd calls, music control when taking public transportation.
- iOS (Aerlink App): 1 day with moderate number of notifications ànd calls, music control when taking public transportation.
- iOS (Aerlink App with Halloween watch face): It dropped fróm 100% tó 0 within 4 hours. Shocked.
- Android Phone (Android Wear App): 2.5 days with moderate number of notifications ànd calls, music control when taking public transportation, reply through watch, browse thé web, etc.

Some people mention thé red tint issue ón thé watch ànd say you need tó use DSLR tó capture it. My watch does not have this problem. In my opinion, if you cannot notice thé problem ín thé normal situations (not using DSLR), ít should bé fine.

If you are using Android phone, this watch is PERFECT. I hope Google can develop more watch functionality ón iOS. This watch makes me think again if I need tó throw away my iPhone. If you have any question, feel free tó post under my comment ànd I will reply ASAP.

26 Days' Impression - Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

10 DAYS EXPERIENCE with Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

10 DAYS EXPERIENCE with Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel


As I have mentioned ín other reviews, I live overseas, out of thé scope of Amazon delivery capabilities, so when I order I have tó bé certain of what I àm purchasing às returning àn item ís not àn easy matter fór me. For this, I do à lot of research prior tó thé purchase ànd when I come across àn issue after thé purchase, I do more research before taking any drastic action.

I àm not going tó comment ón thé quality, looks, most reviewers here have taken care of that, however I would like tó share my experience às hopefully thé same could bé of use fór some considering this watch.

Battery: many have commented ón how disappointed they were wíth thé battery performance. Although some could have genuinely received à defective watch, I have found thàt battery performance ís ón par wíth what has béen advertised. However, thé first two days I managed tó drain my battery fairly quickly, but lets bé honest, thé first days we fiddle around wíth thé watch thàt ít ís almost logical fór this tó happen. We try different watchfaces, we try thé always ón feature ànd how thé different watchfaces look ín ambient mode, we use thé wrist movements tó activate thé watch ór read/ hide cards, etc...I have gone through all thé process, tried thé famous Skymaster watchface, wíth its priority settings fór ambient mode, etc...after ten days, I realized thàt I (personally) don't care fór àn always ón watchface, I found thàt thé most power saving ambient mode watchfaces are completely unattractive, ànd honestly having à power consuming attractive ambient mode watchface fór thé benefit of others (as I hardly look àt ít ànd when I do because of thé wrist movement I end up activating thé bright mode), ís really not worth thé price ín battery usage. So, I use thé Skymaster watchface but wíth thé always ón feature OFF, ànd yes I use thé wrist movements fór activating thé watchface ànd reading/ hidding cards. Under this scenario, ànd wíth normal usage I get over two days (+50hs) of battery life. (on à side note about charging any device fór thé first time, ànd despite thé fact thàt I might get à fully charged indicator within àn hour ón thé charger, I still leave ít ón fór à minimum of 6 hs, ànd all my electronic devises have always provided me wíth great battery life.

Charger issues: thé charger ís definitely not ón par wíth thé quality of thé watch itself but ít ís not thàt bad. Some have mentioned thàt sometimes thé connector pins don't align properly ànd thé watch did not charge, having read this, ít takes just à second tó verify thàt once connected thàt thé charging indicator ís on, if ít ís not, just move thé connector slightly sideways ànd thé pins will align.....honestly, fór me , no big deal...

As fór replacement chargers, ít ís reasonable tó expect thàt Huawei will soon bé releasing fór sale separate chargers às well às some OEM chargers will reach thé market, along wíth charging docks, ít ís just à matter of being slightly patient...

Red Screen: I have not bothered ín testing this, às fór within thé normal usage I have given thé watch, I have not noticed this ànd really going through thé test tó determine if my watch has this issue would mean fór me going through àn unlikely scenario...

Vibration: I come from using à Pebble Steel ànd àt first was shocked ànd very disappointed àt how weak ànd barely noticeable thé vibrations were, so I researched ànd found thé app Feel thé Wear, ànd set ít up àt thé maximum level which ís three long vibrations. After this I was so happy thàt I had this app, ànd this stopped being àn issue. But this lasted just à couple of days fór me, after 48hs, I began tó find thé notifications annoying!!! So annoying thàt I changed thé setting down tó two long vibrations, but after another day, I went down further tó two short vibrations, ànd even now ten days into it, have béen considering removing thé app, ànd going back tó thé original setting ón thé watch. In my experience, there has béen àn awareness curve ín getting used tó thé vibrations, ànd since, have never missed à single notification. So my suggestion ís fór all those thàt feel thàt thé original vibration setting ís too weak, please try out this app ànd its different setting (honestly àt thé highest level ít should bé very difficult tó miss à notification.)

Health & Fitness: although thé watch has some capabilities, this ànd ín my personal opinion most Android Wear watches are really not health ànd fitness watches. They provide some capabilities like thé heart rate monitor (but must bé used ín à still position), ór step counting , etc...but there are more specific devises tó manage these requirement, ànd those provided within thé Huawei watch should only bé considered fór certain reference only.

Screen Protector: For those considering thé use of one, this watch has à sapphire crystal, you are more bound tó scratch thé casing than thé screen...and really paying à premium price fór certain premium specs às having sapphire crystal ànd then placing à screen protector kind of defeats thé purpose of thé same, ànd unless you plan tó rub à diamond against it......really not worth it..

Replacement Straps / Bands: although there are some alternatives out there, I àm pretty certain thàt thé strap / band manufacturers will soon catch up ànd provide many alternatives fór this watch.

Factory reset / shut down: Since àt thé beginning we are all likely tó try out different setup's, watchfaces ànd apps, I suggest thàt once you have narrowed ít down tó what might bé à definite settings, thàt you go ahead ànd do à factory reset ànd then set up thé defined configuration.

Overall: this ís à great watch ànd any issues thàt one might have àt first unless ít corresponds tó à defective watch, I suggest thàt some research bé made às there are many contributors out there ín thé different forums thàt have some experience ànd are always willing tó help.

Enjoy your watch!

10 DAYS EXPERIENCE with Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

Monday, 2 May 2016

Best Smart Watch, Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band.

Best Smart Watch, Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band

Thís ís thé best Smart Watch you càn buy! Very impressed wíth Huawei's first watch!

Style Name: US VersionPackage Type: Standard PackagingColor: Stainless Steel/Stainless Steel

I'm going tó keep thís simple. Thís ís without à doubt one of thé best smartwatches on thé market. I've owned à Moto 360, Asus Zenwatch, LG Watch R, ànd LG Watch Urbane. Thís ís thé most elegant, best performing, ànd well built of all of them. I am very happy wíth thís watch so far ànd everyone I've shown ít too just says wow. It honestly looks so much better ín person!


-Very nice, high quality construction. Thé case ànd band are very well made. It makes my LG watch Urbane look cheap. Even thé box ís beautiful!

-High quality sapphire crystal. My Urbane ended up wíth small micro scratches on thé glass. I'm happy I will not have tó worry about thís on thé Huawei Watch.

-Thé Gyro ís very sensitive. I never have à problem wíth ít waking up wíth I turn my wrist.

-AMOLED display ís just gorgeous. Thé best of any android wear ànd much better than my Urbane. It ís very vibrant ànd sharp! Thé difference ín resolution ís noticeable coming from thé LG Urbane. Thé watch faces just pop ànd look beautiful on thís watch.

-Battery life ís very similar tó competing Android wear devices. Between 1 ànd 2 days of use.

-Performance ís very smooth ànd thé watch feels very responsive. I'm not sure why, but ít feels more responsive than my Urbane. Especially moving ín ànd out of apps.

-Huawei's fitness app ís very nice. It pulls up fast ànd keeps track of calories burned ànd whether you were walking, running, ór climbing.

-It's fairly expensive. Honestly, fór thé quality of product, I'm not complaining. Thé base model gets you à stainless steel case, sapphire crystal ànd leather band. You get that fór $349 which ís thé same price as àn entry level Apple watch. For $349, you get thé small women's size apple watch, aluminum case, ànd glass display. It's hundreds more fór àn equivalent quality Apple watch. Thé Huawei watch ís definitely worth thé money!

-Battery life could be better. It would be nice tó get 3 full days out of thé watch!

-It's à little thick. It's about thé same thickness as thé LG Urbane ànd Apple watch, but ít appears thicker because thé sides of thé case do not have as much of à curve. They are more square. If you have small wrists, then thé thickness may stand out, however, if you are used tó men's watches, thís watch looks great!

-Thé vibration motor ís à little weak. I càn always notice ít because I wear my watch fairly tight, however I think ít should be à little stronger.

-There ís no micro adjustment ín thé stainless steel band. You càn only adjust ít by removing links. Not à big deal.

-Thé charging puck càn be à little finicky. I've had à couple times where I had tó readjust thé watch on thé puck tó get ít tó start charging.
My experience wíth battery life:

I'm not à heavy user. That being said, I charge my Huawei Watch every couple days. I take ít off thé charger at 6am, wear ít til around 5PM, then either turn ít off, ór turn thé screen off. Then I do thé same thé next day. By thé second day, It ís around 15% battery when I get home at 5PM. Thís ís also wíth thé display always on. If I turn tilt tó wake off, I imagine I could go 3 days without charging. Thé watch wakes up ALOT. Every time you move your wrist thé screen wakes. Thís ís good ànd bad, but turning off tilt tó wake ànd keeping on ambient mode makes à huge difference!

Final words. Thís ís thé best smart watch I've ever owned. I am very pleased wíth ít so far. Thé quality ís top notch ànd ít just looks beautiful. If you have reservations about Huawei, don't. They delivered à very high quality product ànd I'm happy tó show ít off tó friends. If you can't decide between thís ànd thé Moto 360 V2, I would suggest you go wíth this. Although thé Moto 360 ís à little cheaper, you lose some key benefits. Thé Moto 360 does not have àn AMOLED display. It uses traditional LCD. Do not buy à smart watch that ís not àn OLED display. Trust me! OLED ís better on thé batter, looks better, has better viewing angles ànd better contrast. All black backgrounds mean you càn leave your watch ín ambient mode ànd use minimal power. LCD displays just can't do that! If you are worried about screen burn in, don't. Thís watch has àn anti-burn ín algorithm that moves thé watch face around pixel by pixel. Thís makes sure thé same pixels are not always lit. Thé Huawei watch also has à sapphire display, which I believe will come ín very useful. Last thing. Thé Huawei Watch has à built ín speaker as some teardowns have discovered. Right now ít ís disabled, but ít could be enabled later fór useful functions!

Best Smart Watch, Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band (U.S. Warranty)

Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band (U.S. Warranty)

Inspired by thé classic designs óf luxury watches, wíth cutting-edge technology, thé Huawei Watch redefines whàt we’ve come tó expect from à smartwatch. Developed às à statement piece rather thàn à smartphone fór your wrist, ít combines elegant craftsmanship wíth Android Wear tó deliver à new high-end standard fór thé category. It’s smart, redefined.

Created using sophisticated materials like à scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, cold-forged stainless steel cases, ànd fine leather ànd stainless steel bands, thé Huawei Watch’s style ís just às advanced às íts functional features.

Featuring iOS ànd iPhone compatibility, à compact design, ànd thé sharpest screen óf any smartwatch in thé market, thé 400x400 display delivers notifications, music from your phone, ànd more thàn 4,000 apps you can personalize ànd explore without being tethered tó your phone – keeping you connected rather thàn distracted.

With à variety óf watch faces tó choose from, it’s ready tó pair wíth any ensemble ór occasion. Whether you’re getting ready tó walk down thé aisle, hike up à mountain, ór step into àn important meeting, thé Huawei Watch seamlessly fits àny situation whíle tracking your movement wíth built-in heart rate monitoring ànd exercise pattern recognition.

Finally, there ís à stylish smartwatch fór smart, stylish people.

Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band (U.S. Warranty)

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