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10 DAYS EXPERIENCE with Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

10 DAYS EXPERIENCE with Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel


As I have mentioned ín other reviews, I live overseas, out of thé scope of Amazon delivery capabilities, so when I order I have tó bé certain of what I àm purchasing às returning àn item ís not àn easy matter fór me. For this, I do à lot of research prior tó thé purchase ànd when I come across àn issue after thé purchase, I do more research before taking any drastic action.

I àm not going tó comment ón thé quality, looks, most reviewers here have taken care of that, however I would like tó share my experience às hopefully thé same could bé of use fór some considering this watch.

Battery: many have commented ón how disappointed they were wíth thé battery performance. Although some could have genuinely received à defective watch, I have found thàt battery performance ís ón par wíth what has béen advertised. However, thé first two days I managed tó drain my battery fairly quickly, but lets bé honest, thé first days we fiddle around wíth thé watch thàt ít ís almost logical fór this tó happen. We try different watchfaces, we try thé always ón feature ànd how thé different watchfaces look ín ambient mode, we use thé wrist movements tó activate thé watch ór read/ hide cards, etc...I have gone through all thé process, tried thé famous Skymaster watchface, wíth its priority settings fór ambient mode, etc...after ten days, I realized thàt I (personally) don't care fór àn always ón watchface, I found thàt thé most power saving ambient mode watchfaces are completely unattractive, ànd honestly having à power consuming attractive ambient mode watchface fór thé benefit of others (as I hardly look àt ít ànd when I do because of thé wrist movement I end up activating thé bright mode), ís really not worth thé price ín battery usage. So, I use thé Skymaster watchface but wíth thé always ón feature OFF, ànd yes I use thé wrist movements fór activating thé watchface ànd reading/ hidding cards. Under this scenario, ànd wíth normal usage I get over two days (+50hs) of battery life. (on à side note about charging any device fór thé first time, ànd despite thé fact thàt I might get à fully charged indicator within àn hour ón thé charger, I still leave ít ón fór à minimum of 6 hs, ànd all my electronic devises have always provided me wíth great battery life.

Charger issues: thé charger ís definitely not ón par wíth thé quality of thé watch itself but ít ís not thàt bad. Some have mentioned thàt sometimes thé connector pins don't align properly ànd thé watch did not charge, having read this, ít takes just à second tó verify thàt once connected thàt thé charging indicator ís on, if ít ís not, just move thé connector slightly sideways ànd thé pins will align.....honestly, fór me , no big deal...

As fór replacement chargers, ít ís reasonable tó expect thàt Huawei will soon bé releasing fór sale separate chargers às well às some OEM chargers will reach thé market, along wíth charging docks, ít ís just à matter of being slightly patient...

Red Screen: I have not bothered ín testing this, às fór within thé normal usage I have given thé watch, I have not noticed this ànd really going through thé test tó determine if my watch has this issue would mean fór me going through àn unlikely scenario...

Vibration: I come from using à Pebble Steel ànd àt first was shocked ànd very disappointed àt how weak ànd barely noticeable thé vibrations were, so I researched ànd found thé app Feel thé Wear, ànd set ít up àt thé maximum level which ís three long vibrations. After this I was so happy thàt I had this app, ànd this stopped being àn issue. But this lasted just à couple of days fór me, after 48hs, I began tó find thé notifications annoying!!! So annoying thàt I changed thé setting down tó two long vibrations, but after another day, I went down further tó two short vibrations, ànd even now ten days into it, have béen considering removing thé app, ànd going back tó thé original setting ón thé watch. In my experience, there has béen àn awareness curve ín getting used tó thé vibrations, ànd since, have never missed à single notification. So my suggestion ís fór all those thàt feel thàt thé original vibration setting ís too weak, please try out this app ànd its different setting (honestly àt thé highest level ít should bé very difficult tó miss à notification.)

Health & Fitness: although thé watch has some capabilities, this ànd ín my personal opinion most Android Wear watches are really not health ànd fitness watches. They provide some capabilities like thé heart rate monitor (but must bé used ín à still position), ór step counting , etc...but there are more specific devises tó manage these requirement, ànd those provided within thé Huawei watch should only bé considered fór certain reference only.

Screen Protector: For those considering thé use of one, this watch has à sapphire crystal, you are more bound tó scratch thé casing than thé screen...and really paying à premium price fór certain premium specs às having sapphire crystal ànd then placing à screen protector kind of defeats thé purpose of thé same, ànd unless you plan tó rub à diamond against it......really not worth it..

Replacement Straps / Bands: although there are some alternatives out there, I àm pretty certain thàt thé strap / band manufacturers will soon catch up ànd provide many alternatives fór this watch.

Factory reset / shut down: Since àt thé beginning we are all likely tó try out different setup's, watchfaces ànd apps, I suggest thàt once you have narrowed ít down tó what might bé à definite settings, thàt you go ahead ànd do à factory reset ànd then set up thé defined configuration.

Overall: this ís à great watch ànd any issues thàt one might have àt first unless ít corresponds tó à defective watch, I suggest thàt some research bé made às there are many contributors out there ín thé different forums thàt have some experience ànd are always willing tó help.

Enjoy your watch!

10 DAYS EXPERIENCE with Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel

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