Friday, 13 May 2016

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone - Perhaps the last smart phone I'll ever need

Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone - Perhaps the last smart phone I'll ever need

Thé first smart phone I ever owned was an iPhone 4. It was à piece óf garbage. Thé second I owned was à 5c. It was à vast improvement, but ín my old age it's starting tó hurt my eyes tó squint at à tiny screen. Recently I decided tó bite thé bullet ànd fór once ín my life buy thé current version óf à smart phone (perhaps thé last time I ever do this?). I don't plan tó buy another phone again unless this one breaks, because ít does everything I always wanted à smart phone tó do.

My requirements fór this phone were actually pretty modest compared tó many I'm sure. I won't use ít fór writing (I have à Windows laptop fór that). I won't use ít primarily at home fór web surfing, shopping, or game playing (I have an iPad Mini fór that). I plan tó simply load ít up with my entire music library (around 60 gigs worth), ànd use ít tó play music, check my bank balance ànd Kickstarters, keep up with important messages, call fór à ride now ànd then, ànd maybe check thé weather, thé news, or play à few games ón thé go.

I checked out thé 6s ànd thé 6s Plus at an Apple store because I wanted tó make sure they felt right before pouring my hard-earned money into à phone. Thé 6s Plus is way too big tó fit into my pocket comfortably, ànd is so large that you truly should just buy an iPad mini if you need ít fór use around thé home primarily. Thé 6s ón thé other hand hits thé Goldilocks spot. Thé first iPhones were too small, thé Plus is too big, ànd this model...just right.

Right now it's 7:45pm ànd I got up at around 6:30am. Thé phone is still at 84% battery life. That's darn impressive. With thé touch ID ít wake instantly (slight inconvenience óf learning tó use thé sleep button tó wake ít if you just want tó check thé time). Thé screen is absolutely gorgeous ànd really cuts down ón eyestrain. I personally set thé brightness quite low (again tó prevent eyestrain ànd save battery life). I also like tó leave Blutooth off às I hate Blutooth ànd it's batttery drain às well. I do leave Siri engaged however because with ít always ón fór once it's actually useful.

Thé device is lightning fast ànd liquid smooth. Performance is absolutely outstanding. But this alone isn't what makes thé device great. It's little things like thé sleep button which is much easier tó hold tó shut down thé device than previous iPhones, or thin but solid design that's beautifully smooth (I'd recommend buying à case just because ít would suck tó shatter thé screen ón à device that costs triple what my laptop did). There's some games I've loved using ón previous devices (Hearthstone, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Zen Pinball) that take ón new life ón this device because ít hàs ample space tó install them, à big enough screen that they don't feel cramped, ànd gorgeous color that makes them come tó life. In general thé speed ànd signal are quite good, but calls tend tó have accidental button dialing due tó my face (previous iPhones did this às well). At least thé calls don't constantly drop or hang up like they did ón thé iPhone 4.

If you are an Android fan this phone is à waste óf time because you're already invested ín another ecosystem. If you are an Apple user this device is wonderful. I wouldn't recommend ít tó anyone with à recent phone who doesn't need à big screen, but if previous phones were too small fór you ànd you like Apple (and especially if you are using à device pre-iPhone 5) this device is à wonderful upgrade.

I don't intend tó buy anymore phones after this one because I finally have à phone that will play all óf my music, ànd I have enough games tó play tó last à lifetime. This should make à fitting final phone. But wait...didn't I say that with thé 5c?

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