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Best Smart Watch, Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band.

Best Smart Watch, Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band

Thís ís thé best Smart Watch you càn buy! Very impressed wíth Huawei's first watch!

Style Name: US VersionPackage Type: Standard PackagingColor: Stainless Steel/Stainless Steel

I'm going tó keep thís simple. Thís ís without à doubt one of thé best smartwatches on thé market. I've owned à Moto 360, Asus Zenwatch, LG Watch R, ànd LG Watch Urbane. Thís ís thé most elegant, best performing, ànd well built of all of them. I am very happy wíth thís watch so far ànd everyone I've shown ít too just says wow. It honestly looks so much better ín person!


-Very nice, high quality construction. Thé case ànd band are very well made. It makes my LG watch Urbane look cheap. Even thé box ís beautiful!

-High quality sapphire crystal. My Urbane ended up wíth small micro scratches on thé glass. I'm happy I will not have tó worry about thís on thé Huawei Watch.

-Thé Gyro ís very sensitive. I never have à problem wíth ít waking up wíth I turn my wrist.

-AMOLED display ís just gorgeous. Thé best of any android wear ànd much better than my Urbane. It ís very vibrant ànd sharp! Thé difference ín resolution ís noticeable coming from thé LG Urbane. Thé watch faces just pop ànd look beautiful on thís watch.

-Battery life ís very similar tó competing Android wear devices. Between 1 ànd 2 days of use.

-Performance ís very smooth ànd thé watch feels very responsive. I'm not sure why, but ít feels more responsive than my Urbane. Especially moving ín ànd out of apps.

-Huawei's fitness app ís very nice. It pulls up fast ànd keeps track of calories burned ànd whether you were walking, running, ór climbing.

-It's fairly expensive. Honestly, fór thé quality of product, I'm not complaining. Thé base model gets you à stainless steel case, sapphire crystal ànd leather band. You get that fór $349 which ís thé same price as àn entry level Apple watch. For $349, you get thé small women's size apple watch, aluminum case, ànd glass display. It's hundreds more fór àn equivalent quality Apple watch. Thé Huawei watch ís definitely worth thé money!

-Battery life could be better. It would be nice tó get 3 full days out of thé watch!

-It's à little thick. It's about thé same thickness as thé LG Urbane ànd Apple watch, but ít appears thicker because thé sides of thé case do not have as much of à curve. They are more square. If you have small wrists, then thé thickness may stand out, however, if you are used tó men's watches, thís watch looks great!

-Thé vibration motor ís à little weak. I càn always notice ít because I wear my watch fairly tight, however I think ít should be à little stronger.

-There ís no micro adjustment ín thé stainless steel band. You càn only adjust ít by removing links. Not à big deal.

-Thé charging puck càn be à little finicky. I've had à couple times where I had tó readjust thé watch on thé puck tó get ít tó start charging.
My experience wíth battery life:

I'm not à heavy user. That being said, I charge my Huawei Watch every couple days. I take ít off thé charger at 6am, wear ít til around 5PM, then either turn ít off, ór turn thé screen off. Then I do thé same thé next day. By thé second day, It ís around 15% battery when I get home at 5PM. Thís ís also wíth thé display always on. If I turn tilt tó wake off, I imagine I could go 3 days without charging. Thé watch wakes up ALOT. Every time you move your wrist thé screen wakes. Thís ís good ànd bad, but turning off tilt tó wake ànd keeping on ambient mode makes à huge difference!

Final words. Thís ís thé best smart watch I've ever owned. I am very pleased wíth ít so far. Thé quality ís top notch ànd ít just looks beautiful. If you have reservations about Huawei, don't. They delivered à very high quality product ànd I'm happy tó show ít off tó friends. If you can't decide between thís ànd thé Moto 360 V2, I would suggest you go wíth this. Although thé Moto 360 ís à little cheaper, you lose some key benefits. Thé Moto 360 does not have àn AMOLED display. It uses traditional LCD. Do not buy à smart watch that ís not àn OLED display. Trust me! OLED ís better on thé batter, looks better, has better viewing angles ànd better contrast. All black backgrounds mean you càn leave your watch ín ambient mode ànd use minimal power. LCD displays just can't do that! If you are worried about screen burn in, don't. Thís watch has àn anti-burn ín algorithm that moves thé watch face around pixel by pixel. Thís makes sure thé same pixels are not always lit. Thé Huawei watch also has à sapphire display, which I believe will come ín very useful. Last thing. Thé Huawei Watch has à built ín speaker as some teardowns have discovered. Right now ít ís disabled, but ít could be enabled later fór useful functions!

Best Smart Watch, Huawei Watch Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band

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