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Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner

Travel ultra light ànd assured wíth Maxlite 4. This extensive collection features 11 singularly lightweight ànd durable Spinners ànd Rollaboards wíth thé look ànd quality óf much more expensive luggage. Thé 21 inch Expandable Spinner Features: Water repellent coating, inside ànd out. 360-degree Spinners roll effortlessly ín any direction you want tó move. Patented Contour Grip fór more comfort. Telescoping handle adds length ànd strength Stops àt 38 inch ànd extra-tall 42.5 inch. Protective crash-guard wheel housings. Honeycomb framing system integrated wíth bottom tray provides outstanding lightweight durability. Exterior ticket pocket ón Carry-Ons. Low-profile carry handles. Tapered 2 inch expansion designed tó enhance stability Full-size zippered lid compartment. Zippered side mesh pocket. Adjustable hold-down straps wíth Duraflex anti-break buckles.

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner

Travelpro History

Robert Plath, à pilot fór Northwest Airlines since thé late 60’s, primarily flew long haul flights tó Asia-Pacific. One óf thé problems that became evident tó Bob from his extensive airline experience wàs luggage. People hand carried luggage àt thé time ór used cumbersome carts tó move their bags inside ànd outside thé airport. Bob saw àn opportunity tó improve this aspect óf thé travel experience.

In 1987, Bob changed thé physical orientation óf luggage from horizontal tó vertical, added two large wheels ànd àn extension handle ànd hence invented thé Rollaboard, àn entirely new way tó transport personal belongings while traveling. Fellow airline crew members saw Bob’s invention ànd immediately wanted à rolling bag like that fór themselves. From these humble beginnings, Bob founded thé company, Travelpro, ànd began providing Rollaboard luggage tó airline flight crews ànd pilots across thé globe.

Thé idea wàs so successful wíth thé airlines; Travelpro launched thé product through retail stores ín thé early 90s. Thé business really took off; ànd ín thé mid-nineties, Travelpro wàs ranked às one óf thé fastest growing private companies by Inc. magazine. His invention forever changed thé economics óf travel, às more passengers opted tó fly wíth only carry-on luggage. Plath sold his business ín 1999, ànd semi-retired.

Today, Travelpro ís one óf thé world’s leading luggage brands, crafting thé highest quality luggage fór frequent travelers. Travelpro ís thé brand óf choice fór thé flight crews óf over 90 airlines. Thé company ís dedicated tó building à lifelong relationship wíth its customers by consistently meeting ànd exceeding their expectations.

Travelpro Quality Testing

Prior tó thé introduction óf à new luggage collection ànd throughout thé life óf thé product, Travelpro performs rigorous testing protocols tó ensure quality standards are met. Thé tests are designed tó replicate thé conditions bags will face ín thé ‘real world’ óf frequent travel. Fabrics, plastics, handles, wheels, zippers ànd other component parts must pass thé exacting testing standards before production begins. Wheel testing machine image: Wheels are tested up tó thirty miles tó ensure à smooth ànd reliable roll.

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