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Agatha Christie's Poirot, Series 1 - Reviews

July 17, 2016

Agatha Christie's Poirot, Series 1

Reviews of Agatha Christie's Poirot, Series 1

I bought this Acorn Media "SERIES-1" because when I first bought Poirot, I bought what's called "SET-1" of 'The Classic Collection', which was a few selections from series 1 & 2. So pay attention to what you're ordering ! There are 13 series, also 7&8 are combined because they were short years.


G. Gutierrezon
Poirot is the best! I only wished it had close caption in Spanish, for my parents who would enjoy it.

Gregory J. Wrighton
good as expected

Sara Bishopon
Poirot is always fun. Agatha Christie created an amazing character. Flawed just enough to be believable but still amazing.

Kathie Markson
I purchased this for my husband, an avid Christie fan and he spent very little time getting "around" to watching it. I chose it because I need closed captioning, especially with the accents. Oddly, we have to turn it on for every episode, instead of it staying on, which every other TV series we have purchased stays on, even when removed from player and then put back. Very rapid shipping--same day, I believe.

George Thomason
Overall very Good in content, clarity and brightness. Negative side grainy in the dark areas of the picture frame and the 4:3 aspect ratio. I personally prefer 16:9 aspect ratio.

Good old movie making without all the hi tech computer whizz. Actors actually acting. Agatha could always write a good Novel. Wish it were in Blu-Ray.

Mary Childresson
Poirot, is always is always just the best, its always so cute to see "the little grey cells working!" Great!

David DeRouchieon
Great fun. We don't have "tv" anymore. We just get the shows we like to watch...No commercials and we can watch them when we want.

Poirot is our Favorite

We have now just about every episode and every collection. I would rate them all 5 Stars except for this Series 1. It is good, but the stories aren't quite as suspensful as the subsequent series'. They are also a little on the short side with rather quick endings that leave you wishing there had been more story and more suspense at the end. But nonetheless, still worth a rating of 4 Stars.

Donald J. Sullivanon
There is nothing like a good "who done it" to while away a lazy afternoon. Of course there can be no comparison to one written By the estimable Agatha Christie and acted

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