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Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter - Not the same litter these days...

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter - Not the same litter these days...

Review Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter
Not the same litter these days...

I've been using thís litter fór almost à year now, ànd decided to waít à long time to see how ít performs before leaving à review. We have five adult cats ànd three very large custom-made litter boxes (made from thé giant covered Rubbermaid totes, às three óf our cats àre 20+ pounds (ànd not fat, they àre big breeds)). The cats range from 8 years old (two óf them) to 12+. Litter ànd cleaning litter boxes ís something I feel like I'm àn expert ín by now (having been àn indoór cat owner fór almost twenty-five years).

At first, after coming from almost à pure dust-based litter like Scoop-Away, thís product wàs à blessing. I tried it, thé corn/wheat based stuff, other synthetic types, ànd às I whittled down which litters were thé best, thís one, by far, wàs thé absolute best when ít came to odor, dust, tracking, ànd general enjoyment (I don't really say that with à straight face, às litter boxes àre anything but enjoyable, but Precious Cat made thé daily job far, far more enjoyable thàn before).

Three months ago I wàs finally ready to leave à glowing review, but then suddenly thé litter that started arriving regularly from Amazón wàs thé same bag, but thé contents seem to have cheapened. Thís litter ís now almost às dusty às thé stuff I used to use, ànd thís ís à huge problem. The minimal tracking qualities óf thís litter hàs also shifted, ànd where I could do little easy spot cleanups daily às I cleaned thé boxes, I now have to vacuum every other day às thís stuff ís all over thé house (it's not pleasant to find ít UNDER thé fitted sheet ón à bed, since thé cats love to get ón thé bed before ít gets made when we change thé sheets/blankets).

The odór control ís no longer 'control' but more like 'non-existent'. Typically, we don't have odór issues, às again, I cleàn these boxes daily without fail (ànd if I don't, someone else does... ít hàs to happen daily with thís many cats ór ít does become à problem). Lately though, it's getting unpleasant. Keep ín mind, once per month, I completely change thé litter out ànd scrub/wash thé boxes thoroughly, so it's not any kind óf build-up. We've always surprised visitors to our home who exclaim there's no way they'd ever know we had five cats because there's never been cat box odór before... thís ís no longer true.

I'm not sure what happened over thé course óf thé last six months ór so, but thé quality óf thís litter ís no better thàn thé rest. I would absolutely LOVE to give four ór five stars, but I'm now starting to shop fór other brands. It doesn't help that Amazón hàs now pulled thé product from their own shelves to investigate issues (though those issues might be packaging/delivery issues, óf which I've never had à single problem) that customers àre having.

If thé mfg óf thís product reads this, please, please fix whatever you've done to Precious Cat litter ànd give me thé quality product that I have been buying exclusively fór almost à year. I hate having to shop fór different litter, ànd thé cats aren't very keen about ít either.

Comments on Review of Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter - Not the same litter these days...

Plantasphilia says:
Thank you for writing the review. I switched from a Costco brand (Litter Purrfect) to Precious Cat due to the quality control issue. Now I know even Precious Cat litter can vary from batch to batch! Perhaps you could contact Precious Cat directly and let them know. Intentionally (cheapen as you mentioned) or accidental (machine broke), the QC issue should be addressed. I did contact Litter Purrfect and they were nice to write back and told me they will investigate. The 3 bags of Precious Cat litter I ordered in March seem to be ok with clumping and odor control, though the grain is a bit small thus tracking is a bit bothersome.

Love2BaTraveler says:
I agree! Something has happened in the last few months. Our closet (with cat door) is now covered with dust. I've used Precious cat for 3 years with no dust layer. Now two bags later, it's covered with dust. Further, the clumps don't stay hard any more. As I shake the scoop, I can watch the clumps break apart. I could accept one bag as a bad batch, but not two in a row. I'll be looking for a new product from now on. It's a shame. I've recommended this product to so many people...

Isabella says:
I have also noticed a change in the past few months - the litter is lighter in color and dustier. I've ordered 4 bags in a row with the same problem - dust!

Curly_Q says:
Thanks for your review. I thought it was just me. Then my Mother complained about the same problem. The litter changed and no longer clumps. There is a big, wet mud-like left in the litterbox which was so heavy and sticky to clean that it broke my metal scooper! I tried another brand because of that and it also is not clumping despite the STRONG CLUMP claims. I think that the manufacturers of the cat litter are cutting back on the ingredient that clumps, mainly silica gel, the same stuff that comes in the little packet to keep things dry. This is what I suspect but I can't prove it. It has made cleaning the litterbox twice as hard and a miserable job. I won't be having another indoor cat in my house because I'm too old and achy to have to deal with cleaning up the heavy, wet litter sludge all the time. Not worth it!

Amazon Customer says:
As a note to concerned people reading this review, I just want to add that this deterioration has not been the case at all for me though I don't always buy it from Amazon. I've used the litter for over a year now and buy it regularly without experiencing these problems. I think this suggests that the problems experienced may not apply to all the product that gets produced.

Jennifer Kang says:
I though it was just me as well. I just got a kitten and purchased this litter since the reviews were so great, and was really happy with the first bag. My second bag was awful - the clumps broke, stayed wet and starting smelling so horrible that I dreaded cleaning the box. It contaminated the rest of the litter box and I was completely changing it out every few days and wasting tons of litter because I hated how there were little clumps that I couldn't get out. I thought maybe I would clean the litter box every few days instead of 2x a day to let the clumps dry but they stayed wet for DAYS and would start smelling. I thought it was the scooper so I bought a new scoop but that doesn't seem to be helping either. I never thought that litter could vary so much from batch to batch. Super disappointed!

Tuk&Mink says:
I agree with all the postings concerning the quality loss of Precious Cat litter. Definitely changed as far as dust, granule size, odour control & clumping, I mean it clumps like a sticky ball-mass that cannot be moved unless using a large size metal scooper! These crucial factors of change are EXTREMELY disappointing & labour intensive & probably kitty affecting as well, (I have noticed extreme "digging" by my 3 felines, indicating dissatisfaction)
Disappointed in manufacturer for cheapening a previously excellent litter. Currently researching an alternative & passing findings on to fellow feline people. BTW does anyone know whether silica is now being added to the "new"
PC litter, also believe it is now imported from Thailand?

Tuk&Mink says:
Just read your post...wondering whether Precious Cat litter has different suppliers. Since recent experience, with what used to be an excellent litter, is now bordering on awful. Thinking this might be the case which is even more disappointing indicating irresponsible lack of quality control & dishonesty.

Steve-Annie says:
Amazing ... I thought it was just me too! The litter was great for the first few months I used it, but my last 2 orders have been terrible! There's a dust cloud over the box every morning when I scoop the "clumps" out, and they're not really clumps anymore. They break apart in the box and in the scoop. Really disappointing.

MKP says:
Silica? I din't realize this was the clumping ingredient. I have a 5 gal bucket of the stuff. I am going to try to mix it in and see how it works. I am so sorry no one is making a decent litter with all the clumping, odor free, and 'never have to dump entire box' ingredients we need in it. I am sorry you can never have an indoor kitty again. I have suddenly (it happened when I wasn't looking) grown old as well and fully understand the complications.

Love2BaTraveler says:
I should have noted that I am buying Dr Elseys at my local pet store, not directly from Amazon (I can't bear to make the UPS guy climb the stairs to my condo with a 40 pound bag!). The quality concerns are not just from the bags shipped by Amazon.

Mrs.T says:
I agree with everything in your review. We switched to Precious Cat about 3 years ago after reading glowing reviews. And for almost 2 1/2 years it lived up to its reputation...but something HAS changed. It's like they reformulated the ingredients or manufacturing process...but whatever changed, it's no longer the great product it used to be. And it doesn't matter where we buy it, as each new bag has the same disappointing issues. So now the hunt is on for a new/better brand.

Anthony J. Fasy says:
I have had the same experience, the litter started as almost dust-free, but now has become as dusty as any we have used in the past. Extremely disappointed, especially considering the cost. Time to move on to a new "dust-free" product.

Cortney H. says:
I've noticed the same thing! This product was AMAZING when we first started buying it but it seems to have changed in the past 6 months. Just as dusty as the other litters now. I'm really disappointed because this was a lifesaver when we first found it.

Raeray_C says:
I've experienced the exact same problems that are being discussed in this thread. I always bought Precious Cat from a local store and it was AMAZING at first! The first litter I found that was actually dust FREE. All the other brands claim to be 99% dust free but you pour them in the box and a huge plume of dust blows up in your face and the entire room gets coated with it every time you scoop. Sadly, the past few times I've bought it, this litter has had a lot more dust than it used too. It is still less than most others but my allergies can't take it. HAS ANYONE FOUND AN ACCEPTABLE ALTERNATIVE???

Raeray_C says:
Have you found a good alternative?? The dust free aspect was what I used to like about this litter.

Leeanne says:
I have used this litter a couple of years now and have had no problem with it. But I think the reason I have no problem is because I use the litter box plastic liners. Every 3 or four days I just pick up the whole bag and toss it. I put very little litter in the box and Ifind this way it lasts better than if I use a Lot of litter and leave it longer.

Joseph A. Kengor says:
I have found that the quality of Precious Cat litter changes from time to time. Although I have never had issues with the clumping factor, the dust factor does change from time to time. I don't have tracking problems. I've found it's good to have a little rug right outside the litter box that will collect the particles that stick to the cat's paws when they get out of the box.

AngryGames says:
Hey all, been tracking the comments on this review, but keep forgetting to reply.

So... still using this litter, as even with all the problems, it has been a better product than the standard "Scoop Away" types. It seems to be hit & miss, with mostly misses.

Someone mentioned having a rug near the box to stop tracking litter... trust me, I have 'special' mats made to trap litter right outside the box, plus about 6' of the 'ridged' outdoor carpet that the cats have to walk over just to get away from the boxes. This combo used to trap about 99% of litter, back when this product was great. Now... I have a feeling that no matter what I do, I'll find litter pretty much everywhere (it's like a small Lego piece, minus the screams in the middle of the night when your foot impacts the sharp corner).

I would like to ask for everyone else to mention if they found a viable alternative yet. I'm wishing someone would invent a box that could go in the shower and you could just run water through it to clean it once the solids were scooped. I do see cats can be trained to use the toilet, but try teaching that to a 14 year old cat. Then try teaching that to four more cats who are all up there in age. They're like old men when you mess with their habits.

Anyway, point of this update is to say that while some bags have 'grey' litter and some have 'white' litter and some have 'cream' litter and some have 'brown' litter, there's really no consistency.

Bebe Harmon says:
I'm sorry to hear that some folks have received a different quality product in recent months. My sister and I both order Precious Cat on Amazon, but have noticed no changes... and I'd be really disappointed if I had! This is the only litter my cats and I can all tolerate. I'll also keep notice, and register my complaint with the others if we start getting the inferior product. Thanks for letting us know it's happening!

morph3ous says:
I have noticed the same as well. It is just not lasting as long and is much dustier. I've only had one bag like that so far. Must have gotten lucky. I have a new one on order and am hoping it went back to the way it used to be.

meliapau says:
3 months ago I purchased 80lbs of this litter. I have used the first bag and it was awful, one of my cats had these sneezing fits from the litter. There are no clumps, just wet litter and boy howdy does it stink. I am donating the other bag to the local humane society. I went and bought Puurfect Litter and suddenly no more cat sneezing, and best of all big clumps and no smell....thank you puurfect litter

nysnowbird92 says:
^in response to meliapau above.. that sounds odd compared to my experience with this litter.. i've never had trouble with it clumping at all, plus there really isn't any smell to be bothered by.. sounds like a bad batch..

It does have a little dust while you're cleaning but for me it's the least producing that i've come across besides expensive walnut based litter.. I wish Amazon would stock the Precious Cat in the pinkish purple bag that has odor control.. the one here in the blue bag literally has no scent and after a couple days it does start to smell old.. it's not terrible but if you're familiar with the smell you can tune it in more easily.. I heard someone mention putting activated carbon in the litter.. but i'd rather just use the one in the pink bag that does it for me for less money.. but i like this litter because it produces good clumps that don't fall apart (tidy cats) while you're trying to scoop it up.. and the smell isn't intrusive like other scented brands.. (Arm and Hammer Ultra is the absolute worst smelling nuclear chemical plant smelling litter on the planet)..

Dino says:
Where can I buy this locally? We do have a Petco. Thanks!

nysnowbird92 says:
Petco is the source that sells the one in the Purple/Pink bag on here.. they carry it in their stores.. unfortunately their free shipping offer doesn't include cat litter so you're stuck with the $7 charge or else pick it up in the store.

I'd also like to add that using a metal scoop would help pick it up when it's stuck to the bottom better.. i can't imagine using a plastic scoop with this.. maybe that's why i've never had trouble.. sometimes i do have to use force to clean it but it always comes up.

Kim says:
We haven't had this experience at all. We've been using it continuously for almost a year and haven't noticed any change in quality. Still the best litter ever. It controls odors better than any perfumed stuff and only has problems if you really ignore the box completely.

G. Lange says:
Same issue here. I've been using it for years and had loved it, but now it's as dusty as the cheap brands and tracks badly. It still clumps well, but I don't remember that being an issue with cheaper litters. I have two large Ragdoll cats who use one gigantic open litter box that I scoop twice a day. I used to see very minimal dust around the box, but now every surface in the room is coated with it. The litter, which I used to have to buy in specialty pet shops, is now being sold in Pet Smart---right next to brands that it's now equal to in quality. What a huge disappointment!

nysnowbird92 says:
G. Lange, have you ever written to the company with what you just said? i'd be interested to hear their response.

As for me this litter still works better than anything for the price.. I'm using Tidy Cats right now because we get the plastic bucket to use for outdoor dog cleanup and need a replacement every once in awhile.. so this week i'm using it and it's a PITA! clumps are breaking apart in the box and it's tracking like crazy.. I miss the Precious Cat litter.. not so much the blue bag one that doesn't have a scent but the one in purple that keeps odors down better.

G. Lange says:
No, I haven't written to them, but probably will. The changes have been such a huge let down! I've been using this stuff for at least 10 years and what I'm getting now is not at all what I used to buy. I'll post back if I write to the company and get a response...

nysnowbird92 says:
Reminds me of about two years ago when I tried out 'Feline Pine'.. it seemed good to me but everyone was saying how the formula had changed.. I wish I could use Precious Cat as you said it once was if it was better than it is now. The only problem i'm having with Precious Cat is in having to muscle the clump off the bottom of the pan if the litter is too shallow in the area they use.. but I have a metal scoop and a pan with a bottom that doesn't cause frustration like some that have the ridiculous 90 degree facing inward angle on each corner that loves to break clumps apart as you try to scoop around it.. but I like Precious Cat because to the end the litter remains dry.. unlike some brands that have this liquid goo buildup that sits on the bottom and just won't come up.. with Precious Cat I may have to sometimes use force to get it off the bottom but it doesn't leave any liquid remains if that makes sense..

Here are the pan and scoop I use
Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Warm Gray
(they have a smaller version of the litter pan available also)
this pan is good as it doesn't allow 'high peeing' cats to get it all over the rim of the lid.. it's designed to force it back into the pan itself..

Duranimals DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop (colors may vary)

G. Lange says:
I wish that your pan would work for me, but one of my boys pees on the front wall and the other on the back. My current box is uncovered and the sides are very high, so they don't over-shoot... I've used the scoop you have and it was very sturdy, but I wish they'd make it just a bit smaller. Funny how very many opinions there are on Amazon about litter boxes and scoops! I never had any issues with normal sized cats, but the two I have now are 16 and 18 pounds---tall, long, and a little messy. But very cute :-)

Cookie says:
I see that there is currently a big difference in price per pound on Amazon depending on which size bag you buy. I'm wondering if there is a particular size that is manifesting the QC issues. The 40 lb bag is so much cheaper so it just makes me wonder if it is being produced at a much lower quality than the others? Unless Amazon just has a huge supply of the 40 lb. bags and is therefore unloading them for a lot less $?

nysnowbird92 says:
the 80 pound bag going for $45 (plus shipping) is from a 3rd party seller who has to be crazy to think anyone is going to buy it for that much.. the typical price for the 40 pound is between 14 and 17.. Petsmart has it for $16.99 right now. I think we get the Tidy Cats 40 pound bucket for $13 also so the price is typical.

G. Lange says:
Cookie, I agree with nysnowbird. It's just someone who's trying to make a big profit. It doesn't matter if I buy it at Petsmart for $16.99 or Nashville Pet Products (premium pet products store) for a bit more, it's not the same as it used to be.
By the way, they've increased their price to $46.10, plus shipping. Crazy!

Cookie says:
Good to know. Thanks!

Anthony J. Fasy says:
An update on my previous post. I had contacted the company and was told the additional handling during shipping can help to break down the clay, causing more dust. They said buying from a retail store (brick and mortar) would reduce the handling and therefore the dust, and even sent me coupons for free bag to try. I got a bag at a local retailer, same problem. My conclusion at this point is the quality is just not a priority anymore.

G. Lange says:
Thanks for this post, Anthony. I've never mail ordered the litter, so their argument won't work on me.
I agree that they built a name, then wanted more profit, so cut quality... Really too bad, as it was a good product for years.

nysnowbird92 says:
I also wanted to mention it's good to check the prices on the Amazon tracker site

You can see the historical prices of the items and how often they change so you know you're getting a good deal. You just put in the page link and there is a graph at the bottom of the page.

Tammy C. says:
was going to try this litter,but after reading reviews,think i'll wait and see what the company does to fix this.

nysnowbird92 says:
Tammy.. it's still (in my experience) better than any other litter in the price range.. if you're looking to try it they offer to buy you your first bag.. just mail them the receipt and upc label and they mail you back a check for the price you paid..

Cookie says:
Thanks for the info, nysnowbird. I've also been reticent to try it based on the reviews, but if the first bag is on them, I will give it a try, too.

GGSS says:
I agree. I have been using precious cat ultra premium for about 3 years, after trying many other types and brands. It was working great all these years, better than any other. But, with the last batch I received, it was immediately clear to me that the litter had changed. Lots more dust, lots more tracking, and clumps breaking apart more than before. Now the search is on again for something as good as or better than what this litter used to be. I can only use clay. Any suggestions?

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nysnowbird92 says:
the only better types i've used also have their slight disadvantages, including much higher price range.. Feline Pine is good for no dust and odor control but even reviews for that complain of it not being the same as it once was.. it has a slightly different clumping process as well.. the other one is made from walnut shells.. i'm not sure the brand as it was a product test I once did.. but it had no dust and odor control was good for the length of time the litter lasted in the pan.. but I had a problem with it tracking out of the pan a little bit.

Linda keepersoftheearth says:
I just ordered b/c of reviews, now concerned :(( an alternative, Drs' Foster and Smith online have several good kinds of litter~ free shipping to door on orders over $50

Linda keepersoftheearth says:
try Drs. foster & Smith online, they have a lot of good brands~ I am on a search as I have gotten two rescue cats who don't like to go into the yard when it's cold~

Linda keepersoftheearth says:
thx for the great tip :))
There also is a litter box offered on Drs Foster and Smith ( lowest cost I've seen) that is called 'Rollaway litter box' where you don't need to scoop, just roll the litter box and clumps land into the removable tray :))) I have nothing to do with that company, just find great prices for my dog and two cats~ :))

Linda keepersoftheearth says:
general fyi, while reading the q and a section, someone mentioned that the company replaced the 40 pound bags due to a quality control issue, and sent coupons to him for the bad batch~

nysnowbird92 says:
i posted a link earlier above for the rebate coupon.. keep the UPC from your first bag and they'll refund the price for trying it.

Straykat10 says:
Thank you for the post. I thought I was just getting irritable about the cats. Nine indoor only cats, and 2 in/outside cats and I have to vacuum every day now. Kitty litter every where, dust every where and the paste that ends up stuck to the bottom or sides of the box from the fine stuff is almost impossible to get off. I'm also using more litter than before. And as another person commented, I broke a metal Dura Scoop on this stuff. Glad to hear it's the litter and not me. I'm not willing to pay extra for dust free litter that isn't.

Mama says:
I agree completely!! The dust free litter that used to be my most favorite is now super DUSTY! Now what?

Sam Spade says:
I have also noticed a recent uptick in the dust around my home from using this litter. The dust is every where and on everything and my cats respiratory issues seem to have worsened a bit. Unfortunately, if there is a better alternative to this cat litter I do not know what it is. I tried a wheat based cat litter in the past and that turned out to be a complete disaster.

Lorr says:
Completely agree with the folks who say quality has declined dramatically. I have been using this product exclusively for about 10 years and have always been so impressed with its lack of dust, great odor control and nice neat clumping. That has all changed in the past year or so. (and note, I haven't bought from Amazon; so far, I have always gotten mine from local pet stores.) Now this litter is just as dusty as grocery-store litter brands, there's no odor control, and I've had to resort to a putty knife to scrape the urine "clumps" (it's hard to even call them that; they're more like chunks of concrete) off the bottom of my boxes. Keeping my two cats' boxes scooped and clean used to be no big deal, but it has become one of my most dreaded chores. I hope the manufacturer improves the quality soon; I hate to have to find a new brand after being a loyal customer for so long, but they're not giving me any reason to continue buying Precious Cat.

Anthony J. Fasy says:
Stopped using this product after trying the "fix" recommended by the company (purchase from a 'brick and mortar' local store to reduce the handling through shipping). This did not work. We have switched to Ultra Pet Ultra pearls. Tracks very little, very absorbent. Does not reduce odor of feces but does handle urine very well. Not the solution for everyone but this works for us. Ultra Pet Cat Litter Pearls (Original) Crystal Clear, 7-Pound Package.

nysnowbird92 says:
You'd think the company would come on here and address the concerns.. Other pet products I buy they almost hound you with interaction.. sending emails and responding to every posted review..

SP says:
I had been using this product for a few years and the same thing happened at the same time. My cat and I both have asthma, so low dust is really important to us. I have been searching for a comparable litter to the "old" formula of this litter, and the closest I have come is Pet Valu's Fresh for Life unscented. It still has some dust, but it's not nearly as offensive or as prevalent as the one from the "new" Elsey's. It doesn't bother our asthma, and it absorbs odor well.

B Wright says:
Was getting ready to order this and am so thankful for all your reviews! Yes, it's a shame the company hasn't addressed 6 pages of complaints. I suppose when they eventually lose all their customers they will. Thanks again!

nysnowbird92 says:
B Wright.. it's worth trying if you haven't used it before.. I posted a link earlier in the convo here where you print it out and they will refund your first bag's price.. so it's free..

maxie says:
@Anthony J. Fasy, Interesting that they told you buying from a store would help. When I contacted them about the change, they said they had a temporary supplier issue and it was now fixed. My next bag of litter was fine.

I've got another on the way, so we'll see.

motherofone says:
I too agree with this review! The granules are larger, the clumping action is NOT the same... and my cats drag this stuff ALL over my house! I am very disappointed and now I have to look for a new litter that both me and my cats like. I just emailed the company with my complaints. I also found that in between the last 6 bags purchased I did find about 2 bags that seemed to be the old consistency which lead me to think I was just getting bad batches... however I haven't found a decent bag in the past several months. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good litter that resembled the GOOD old stuff?

nysnowbird92 says:
right now i'm using Tidy Cats with Gain and cursing the tracking... also Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal.. which is more like a sand so it doesn't track as much.. another one that didn't have a lot of dust was Cat's Pride Complete Scented.. comes in a plastic jug...

CrazyAboutBooks says:
I'm on here reading the positive and negative reviews of this litter as I'd used Arm & Hammer for years as it was virtually dust free. The last couple boxes were riddled with dust--couldn't stand it. Since there are so many "dusty" reviews about this litter, I'm at a loss as to what to do now. Meanwhile, this is NOT the first product this has happened to. I imagine the answer for consumers is to stop buying--that should solve the problems of previous good products now being sold as tickytacky cheap stuff for the same price or even for more money. Manufacturers need to demand quality products rather than trying to get away with this cheapness!! So, I'll try one bag BUT I won't buy another if this one doesn't work out.

nysnowbird92 says:
i posted the link to the rebate a few pages back.. they pay you back for your first bag so there's nothing to lose.. this one in the blue bag has literally no smell to it so it did pick up a stale smell quicker after a few days (we have 4 cats).. they do have on in a pink/purple bag that is scented..

CmdBunBun says:
Is there another litter like this that is very low dust, no scent and hypo-allergenic? My older cat seems to have developed an allergy to the plant based litters so I tried this, but whenever they bury in it the dust is tossed into the air and it bothers my breathing from a room or two away. Maxie commented there was a bad batch, but I just ordered this about a week ago so either I got an old bag or even at its best its still irritatingly dusty. I can smell and breath and I wouldn't say its quite scented, but it is very noticeable for me.

I just want a good litter for my cats that won't effect my breathing every time they use it.
Christy N. says:
It's interesting you comment on the dust.

I tried a few bags and decided to leave a review, and the dustiness was one reason I gave it a low score.

Advertising this as 99.9% dust free is a lie.

G. Lange says:
You're so right! All surfaces in the room where my two cat's litter box sits is covered in a fine layer of litter dust... It's no better than the cheap brands.

Kay Nothstein says:
SP, thanks for the recommendation. I never heard of Pet Valu but see there is one in the area so I'm going to pick some up this week and try it out. Definitely can't take the dust any more with the Elsey's

Elesiva says:
I agree with your review. I haven't used Precious as long as you, but I noticed my last shipment was not as good as before. My cat had issues with it and she let me know that its not up too her hygiene standards! The consistency is grainier, not as fine. Difficult to clean and doesn't smell clean even after its just been replaced. I am looking today for a new litter.

AngryGames says:
May 19, 2015 - update: I decided to give this litter a try once again (still haven't found anything as good as what this product used to be). Over the last two months it has been the same problem as what I originally reviewed:

1. This litter is NOT 99% dust free. Simply pouring the litter into the box from as low a height as possible = plenty of dust. 24 hours after doing a complete wash of the litter box = sides once again covered in a layer of dust. (this never happened when I first began purchasing the litter)

2. The clumping action is still decent, but nothing like it used to be. The odor control is almost non-existent now. For the first time ever, I'm able to detect the urine odor when near the boxes. It isn't disgusting like some weird cat lady's house who lets her felines urinate on every (absorbent) surface. But if I can smell it, I know my guests can smell it.

3. The litter tracks worse than ever these days. Even changing the cut carpet squares/rectangles that we put down as a sort of floor mat to more of an astroturf (nobbed/notched mats) style mat doesn't seem to make much difference. Again, this litter has always tracked, but when I first began to use it, it was very, very minor (and we still have the dark carpets so it's easy to see). I'm vacuuming the carpet 3x per week again...

4. The worst part about this is that I've yet to find any real alternative. I've tried the big name brands (A&H, Tidy Cat, Cat's Pride, etc.) and the specialty stuff (corn/wheat/pine/weird plastic-y beads). Everything else is even dustier than Precious Cat, or somehow amplifies the odor of the urine (and I mean AMPLIFIES it, like it was engineered specifically to achieve this).

I never thought my review would receive this many comments, but I am pleased that others are voicing their opinions. I am not pleased that the mfg doesn't seem to care enough to respond (or, better yet, fix the problem). I can't remember how many times I've cruised by this page only to see a statement from Amazon claiming they were not carrying the product because of customer complaints. I guess the only way to force the mfg to fix the product (at least fix the "99.9% dust free!" claim that is printed in easy-to-notice letters on the front of the bag by either removing that claim, or making the litter truly 99% dust free, as right now, it is only about 59% dust free) is to stop buying it.

Unfortunately, when it's still the best (in terms of dollars spent as I refuse to spend $20 on an eight pound bag of litter... eight pounds of litter might take care of one of my five cats... I guess I can ship the other four off to military school or something?) product, as poor as it is, then the company has no incentive to do much to address the complaints against it.

Straykat10 says:
I actually emailed the company over a week ago. Have had no response from them. Maybe if we all emailed them with the same complaint they would do something. Totally agree with your post.

G. Lange says:
AngryGames---I suspect that they don't care because they KNOW that there's no better alternative out there, so why bother stepping up their game? I've decided, though, that if I'm going to buy lousy litter, I'll just buy the cheap stuff. No point spending good money on something that's only marginally better... I put a room divider around my litter box and that helps some to contain the spread of dust, which is my biggest issue. Keeping indoor cats shouldn't be this messy!

Tracy says:
This is basically why I've stopped using clay-based litter. I occasionally look at reviews and even test a bag now and then, but I keep getting disappointed. I've been using Nature's Miracle Just for Cats (corn fiber) litter for several years and can't find anything better. It's got some downsides - doesn't clump well, tracks a bit - but overall, it seems to have the best cost/benefit ratio of any. Can't stand the smell of wet, urine-soaked clay - and the dust! I went to NM after many years of using Feline Pine Scoop; they, as you've noticed with Precious Cat, changed their formula and the quality went way south. So far, NM hasn't modified their corn fiber litter, at least as far as I've noticed. It's not perfect - not sure anything is. ;) (By the way, I want to clarify that NM is a corn FIBER litter, not the corn grain, like the so-called "World's Best", which apparently looked like food to one of my cats, as well as a slew of bugs that suddenly showed up. So that experiment didn't last long!)
I've also tried small animal bedding for litter and it's not bad, actually, especially if you have a large enough space to dedicate to a compost pile for non-food gardening. It's not scoopable - you can try to get the solids out and replace it every week or so - and some cats won't use it, but it's really cheap. If anyone has other good suggestions, I'm happy to entertain them.

G. Lange says:
Thanks for your review, Tracy. I'll look into the Nature's Miracle. I'm so very tired of dust! How often do you change your whole box out? Do you flush solids?

Tracy says:
I generally put solids in the trash, but I occasionally flush a scooping; I have a deep back yard so I can compost the rest. The whole box change is a month plus. I have 4 cats, 3 or 4 boxes available at a time. Some boxes are covered, and I find that if I don't clean the cover there is a very slight oily dust residue on them after several weeks. That's a plus for me - when I used clay-based litters the dust was there almost immediately, not to mention the smell.

G. Lange says:
Might give it a try. I just have one huge box for two cats and they do well with it, but guess I'll have to do two for the trial box. I scoop a couple of times/day and bag it now, but would love to stop putting it in the landfill. The negative reviews on NM are pretty bad, but so are the negatives for PC.

CrazyAboutBooks says:
Tracy, have you any idea whether or not NM is from GMO corn? Since 94% of Americans want their food labeled if it contains GMOs, I'm fine with being concerned about this as I really don't want my little girl kittie licking GMOs off her paws. Like the rest of you, I'm totally frustrated about this litter issue. I used that baking soda litter for years w/o much dust, then all of a sudden a box was half dust, pinkie swear. So I bought a bag of PC and it is only marginally better. So like G. Lange, I can't see spending all that extra money when I'm buying dust regardless. I'll keep trying other litters (although most clays are too dusty) and if I have any success, I'll post. And I agree that World's Best wasn't necessarily the best either. It tracked, smelled and probably is GMO.

What is wrong with these litter manufacturers? Do they think we'll buy regardless? Well, I won't as I intend to fix it somehow as the dust in the litter has to be bad for our cats' lungs.

Kay says:
Has it changed as of 5-24-15? better same worse???

S. Fulton says:
Based on some of what I've read about there being bad batches, I decided to try this again. So far, so good. I've been able to remove clumps as easily as before. My fingers are crossed that they've fixed the issues.

thepowerofnow69 says:
For me this was a first time buy and I expected something much better based on previous reviews. I see reduced dust compared to other products which is better for our cat who has respiratory issues; however, the tracking is just with most other brands, and the worst is the muddy clump that builds up and is hard to clean. I don't think it's worth the money.

HarryHou says:
Have you tried perfect litter? It's weight is 4 pounds for enough for one cat for a month! excellent clumping, but limited odor control. I've been using it for a few years now, mainly due to the fact that used clay litter is too heavy for me to carry out anymore. Any thoughts or comments on the perfectlitter product?Natural, Premium Clumping, Ultra Light, Odor Controlling Cat Litter, 99.9% Dust Free and 24/7 Cat Wellness Monitoring

thepowerofnow69 says:
Thank you Harry, your response is very helpful. Just one more question: what about tracking? Is it an issue with this product?

HarryHou says:
Tracking is minimal , but I've got a boda dome with the built in ramp which catches the litter. My cats are 17 and 20 pounds, so the feet tend to get a little wet whilst urinating.

Josh Debney says:
I completely agree that something has been changed! A year ago I started using this product and was blown away by how well it absorbed smells. Now the smells stay no matter how often I clean or replace the litter. SOMETHING has been changed, and I'm on the hunt again for a better litter.

nysnowbird92 says:
have you tried the scented version in the pink/purple bag? much better odor control than this one in the blue bag..

thepowerofnow69 says:
Our vet recommended 'Yesterday's News' cat litter. He says that they use it after surgery because it is completely dust free and has other good properties. Does anybody have experience with it?

CmdBunBun says:
I was using Fresh News for awhile and it was pretty good. It absorbs urine well, doesn't really track around, and has baking soda and all so it does well with smells. Unfortunately it is pretty bad for feces. It does nothing about their scent really and the large pellets make it hard for cats to bury it so generally its just sitting on top stinking, which is very bad if you use a natural food that makes them especially stinky.

Using a scoop with large holes does a good job scooping them out though, and you could then either flush it or toss it into one of the diaper pail container things. You will also want to try and scoop out the wet pellets daily to help prevent smell.Then you just change the litter completely once a week or so which isn't too bad since the stuff isn't too expensive.

Honestly now that you mention it, it is somewhat tempting to swap back to it over this stuff, but I started using Wellness food and the smell with newspaper pellets will probably deter me.

thepowerofnow69 says:
Thank you, your response is very helpful. It's exactly what I thought.

DiscerningShopper says:
Look at the post date of the original complaint and the post date of yours. You are saying you purchased and were happy with the quality for months and months after the original complainer said the quality degraded. Maybe your cat's diet changed or your perception changed, but the litter didn't.

Angelize18 says:
I too, I have noticed that something has somewhat changed with the letter. Like Plantasphilia stated, it can vary from bag to bag. However, I have some items in the room where my cats go to the litter box and I noticed that there is dust constantly on these items. I don't remember noticing that, but then again, I just noticed that the bags didn't use to contain a whole lot of dust when I would pour them into boxes. I still to this day have not found anything that does work better, although I am always open to suggestions. I have noticed that the granules had changed from bag to bag. Sometimes they are a little bit smaller, and more dust like, and then other times they are larger and I like and prefer a larger ones as they don't seem to have as much dust in the bag. I don't know. Why do people have to go changing things? If it's not broken, don't fix it!

UPDATE 7/1/2015: I recently bought several bags of the Precious Cat litter, and used two of the bags in our litter boxes. The sun was shining in the windows, as it does certain times throughout the day, and I noticed there was virtually NO dust! I know I said previously that something had changed, but honestly, it varies from bag to bag...and even then, it's not that bad. And, it is much less than any other litter I've ever used. I recently purchased the Feline Pine, the finally ground kind,... I think it is something new. It said that if I bought a bag that I could try it for free. I have to say it was horrible! There was dust everywhere, and I mean every where! It was so bad and I was breathing it in and knew that if I could not even stand it, how could my cats? I quickly changed the litter and dumped it out and just went back to be Dr. Elsy's. Again, unless I find something better, this will be my litter of choice... Forever! Remember... Always always always bite unscented cat litter!

Nelson says:
I knew I wasn't going crazy. Noticed there is lots of visible dust and when I place my air purifier next to the box when I scoop it senses poor air quality. I really wish I saw everyone elses' experience before I bought 4 more bags of this crap!

Josh H. says:
Thank you for this thorough review. I've been using Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal for the last several months, and it has still proven to be the best of any litter I have used. Amazon just happened to recommend this particular litter to me recently, and I was thinking of giving it a try, but after reading this and your most recent update, I think I'll just start subscribing to Arm & Hammer Ultra from Amazon now that I know it's available.

(I have normally purchased it through retail stores since last I looked it wasn't available from Amazon directly, but it appears that it is now:)
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter, Fresh Home, 28 Lbs

You mentioned you've already tried A&H, one of the most common complaints I see about this product is it has no odor elimination now. That's one of the main reasons I use A&H Ultra, it seems to work the best for me in this regard. Ignoring price, out of curiosity, what have you found to be the best out of all that you have tried? (Or would you still say this product in its current state beats the competition regardless of price?)

Angelize18 says:
I personally have to say that this Precious Cat, cat litter has definitely beat any other cat litter I have tried. I can't remember what the A&H did with regards to the dust. Maybe I will have to go back and read my posts. However, even though the price is a little much for the Precious cat, I would definitely pay this price knowing how well it works. I don't know if you have a pet store called Pet Supplies Plus, but I get mine at this store and it is only $14 a bag. I can't remember what Amazon is selling it for, but a lot of times this pet store gives $5 coupons off anything. It definitely makes it worth it!

Like I said in several posts, there are bags of the PC that are virtually dust-free. Then there are bags that are dustless, and I mean DUST-LESS! Which of course, means less dust LOL I really don't know at this point that there is any product out there that does not contain any dust at all. Even the bags that I purchased that have literally been dust free, eventually turn a little bit dusty because the granules somewhat break due to the urine and the ammonia that breaks it down. I believe that is what probably causes some of the desk that you tend to see after cleaning out the litter box several times. That's just my guess. But like I said, I don't think there is any product that does not contain any dust whatsoever.

Obviously, you have to use what is best for you and what works best for you. If anything, I would tell anyone to get scent-free and also as little dust as possible. Who cares what brand it is! That is the most important thing is little dust, and scent free. Their lungs are so tiny and their faces are right there in the dust, I can't imagine what that smells like to them! LOL

Thanks for your comment!

nysnowbird92 says:
Kindle Customer- further up in the conversation here I posted a link where Precious Cat will refund your purchase price for your first bag.. it's worth trying.. personally I'd go for the one in the pink/purple bag that is scented over this one in the blue bag.. much better odor control.

Angelize18 says:
The reason why I said not to go for scented is because cats do not like scented litter. Sometimes they will not use the litter box because they don't like the scent. Most anything you read on litter they tell you not to use anything that is scented. I know that we as humans like the fact of odor control, however, it's best to think of our little ones and what they like and don't like. They don't even like air fresheners, candles, things like that. There is no way for them to tell you, but they have ways of telling you... If you know what I mean? LOL Sometimes they don't mark or spray or decide not to use the litter box, but I personally would not take the chance because I've had a few that have not used the box because of the smell of the litter. They especially HATE citrus! (take an orange or a lemon to their face/ what they do) ;-O

nysnowbird92 says:
personally we haven't had trouble with scented litter.. the Precious Cat is very mild compared to other national brands.. nothing like Arm and Hammer Ultra Last that literally smelled up our entire house.. or the Tidy Cats with red lid that had a bleach smell to it.. I'd say the Precious Cat scented is just enough to keep odors of the pan down.. I didn't really notice it unless I was next to it cleaning it..

Lorra Allen says:
i thought it was just my imagination. the dust is ridiculous. looks like a whole lot of people are dissatisfied. i'm shopping around for a new was the free that kept me buying this, i might as well just buy johnny cat. we should all get together and start a protest. womyn unite!!

soccerchick says:
I noticed this issue as well. The first bag that I bought around March 2015- perfect. I purchased it off of Amazon. I believe I even got my second bag from Amazon as well. Recently, I'd been buying it locally mostly for convenience of getting it that day instead of waiting for shipping, and that's when we started to notice that the odor control wasn't the same. Same with the tracking issues. It could very well be a batch issue since I have no idea if the pet stores clear out inventory as quickly as Amazon might. For all I know, the pet store has the same batch that they ordered and haven't depleted inventory yet.

My plan of attack is to buy my next bag from Amazon and see if there's a change. If not, it'll be back to the drawing board in trying to find litter with better odor control. I hope that isn't the case. I was SO happy with the first few bags. These last few suck and it would be highly disappointing if this continued to be a consistent issue with their batches. I'm hoping it's not, considering there were complaints prior to when I started purchasing this brand of litter and the bags I had were fine.

Anita says:
I'm about to buy another bag and decided to read the comments. It's not my imagination! Though I haven't noticed much of an uptick in dust -- it's still the best clay litter I've found in terms of being dust-free -- the clumping factor has definitely deteriorated over time. What used to be dry, hard clumps are now damp and sticky, and using the heavy duty metal scoop to muscle them out of the box leaves behind tiny clumps and flakes that are virtually impossible to scoop out. The result is a box that gets dirtier, faster. One 18 lb. bag used to last me a month; now it lasts half that long. I haven't noticed much of a difference in tracking (still excellent in that regard) but the damp clumps, while still conquering any actual urine smell, do contribute to a not-quite-clean smell that was never a problem before. I will try another bag and if the results are the same, will contact the company and see what they have to say. It's disappointing that they haven't seen fit to address this wide-spread issue here on Amazon.

A continuing frustration in buying this from Amazon is the price disparity between the 18 and 40 lb. sizes. While I'd expect the 40 lb. to be priced (per pound) better than the 18 lb., more than twice the volume for only 50% more price-wise is crazy. I wish I could buy the 40 lb. and save money but it's too heavy for me, so instead I'll wish the 18 lb. pricing was more in line with the 40 lb.

nysnowbird92 says:
two things I came across that make this litter, and all litters we've tried, easier to deal with are this specific pan and scoop..

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Warm Gray
Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Gray
Duranimals DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop (colors may vary)

the pans above come in two sizes.. easy to clean with the flip up 'sunroof'.. has a clear door that can be removed if your cat doesn't like those.. and the scoop above being metal is good at getting everything deep down in the pan.. (good for when this particular litter gets rock hard on the bottom) the pans above are good also because of the design.. they don't have that annoying 90 degree angle that points into the pan like the other ones that you have to scoop around... anyone that has a cat that pees in this area knows how hard it is to keep a clump together when it's around that angle.. these pans have no interior angles..

Angelize18 says:
I actually have that Duranimals Litter Scooper. Bought it at PetSmart I think. Not 100% sure, but it sure does work! It's a little on the heavier-side, but it's worth it.

It took me a bit of time to get used to but you know what I do? I turn it upside down and start at One of the litter box and push all the way to the far and, and then come back to the other end and do the same thing all the way down. After I have done that, I turn the scooper the right way and scoop up the letter that has bulked up to the top of the mound that I've created, if that makes sense. It's just easier to scoop that way once you have turned the scooper upside down and "un-stuck" the litter from the bottom of the box.

nysnowbird92 says:
that does make sense.. also it's good to give the litter time to 'absorb'.. if you clean too quickly, especially if the litter isn't as new, they don't stay together as well.

Josh H. says:
I actually don't need to use a scoop anymore with the new litter box I bought,
Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Regular, Taupe

Of course, that's with A&H, not this cat litter, so your mileage may vary if this litter that doesn't clump as well for you. Sometimes you have to beat the top a bit after turning it upside down, but otherwise it works brilliantly and makes cleaning out the litter box much quicker and easier.

Angelize18 says:
You can say that again! I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to scoop out the litter just after they have gone, and it is a sticky mess! Always make sure there's plenty of litter in the litter box too because that will help out tremendously with the cleaning/scooping. The more scarce the litter, the stickier it is and doesn't clump well, and also sticks to the box.

Shawn S. says:
I agree. I've been using this litter for quite some time now and have also noticed it is no longer dust free. I have a small black table that sits near the litter box and it is now covered in dust in a matter of a couple of days whereas before it would not have any.

Also looking for an alternative.

Angelize18 says:
The other thing I want to mention is, make sure your cat is not a diabetic! Cats that have diabetes tend to have thicker urine. It makes it very difficult to get the urine out of the litter boxes because the urine is so dense. Even though diabetic cats tend to drink more water, it ends up being more concentrated in the bladder hence making it very that when it comes out and into the litter.

animal lover says:
I would remind everyone who shops at Petco that they were fined in 2004 $900,000 for animal abuse in a multi-state lawsuit which they obviously lost, but fought for 2 years. Boycott Petco and use another pet supply company

ksimms says:
yes! I've noticed that too.. seems overly dusty, which it wasn't always like that... shame, sigh

LoriB says:
I fully agree with you about this litter! It started out without much dust at all, and lately, the last number of months, has become so dusty my office, where the litter box is located, is covered in dust! Pouring fresh litter into the litter box is horrible, there is so much dust. I am now trying to find a new is a joke that they are calling this litter 99.9 percent dust free! Do not buy!

LoriB says:
I have purchased this both from Amazon and PetSmart, with the same dusty results. The quality has definitely gone way down. You are lucky, if yours is still the same.

LoriB says:
If you locate a better litter, please let me know. I have a cat with asthma, and this litter is hurting her.

Nelson says:
I also came to say I agree that is varies bag to bag. The ones I bought from Amazon were very dusty, poor odor control, and did not clump well at all. Then I ordered scented version (it was pink) from Chewy and it is terrific, clumps like a champ and great odor control. No dust either. I'll probably stick to this scented version for now.

nysnowbird92 says:
the scented in the pink/purple is by far better for odor control... it's a light scent and at least it doesn't smell after a few days like the unscented version.. granted i had 4 cats at the time of testing it.

Jeannine Verderosa says:
I've always found that occasionally I would get a really dusty bag of precious cat in the two years I have been using it. However, the last three bags of this stuff I am having terrible clumping issues. Some of the urine just turns to a muddy, non ball shaped clump that falls apart and sticks to the box. I have never had this issue before.

Angelize18 says:
Just a thought... Have you ever had your cat tested for diabetes? Sometimes the letter can turn to a very sticky, muddy consistency if the cat's urine is very concentrated. Not sure if that is the problem, but just thought I would ask.

Kayaker 1 says:
This is fascinating reading. I've used the World Best, and now discover it has bugs (and one of my cats mysteriously has itch rashy he constantly is scratching round chin, lips and head (which he puts in the box to sniff poop before burying). I was looking for a better litter that didn't track and wasn't dusty - and now Precious cat litter is not that litter! Does anyone have any other suggestions? I"m a bit freaked by the grain mites... so maybe I don't want to get the Blue Buffalo Walnut based litter...

Maybe I should just go back to the silica crystal litter... it seemed to work fine.

Misha Jones says:
I buy only in store and haven't noticed an odor issue at all, ever. Does everyone realize you MUST clean out the box twice daily, at the VERY LEAST??? I don't know if I'm getting a different product from the stores or feeding something different to result in an "odor free" house. Food does make a diffence for sure. I do concur with the clumping problems, however, as in: it doesn't anymore. If the cat hits the side of the box, I've got a problem. If he pees in the center, a problem. The issue may also be connected to the fact that I can no longer put 3 inches of product in the box as my cats are now arthritic and can't use the high sided boxes, but I am going to try other litters to investigate. I occasionally get a more dusty bag, but as far as dust goes, for my experience it's still way less dusty than others, albeit more expensive too.

Angelize18 says:
Exactly, Misha! All of those points are very valid! I buy my product in the stores, so I really don't notice the problem that everyone else is having as well. However, the litter will start to smell after a while if you don't clean out the box completely as well. We had seven cats and they all use the same litter box. I don't usually clean out the entire box for probably 1 to 2 months. I know that sounds gross, but I don't find out the litter smells and we don't get complaints from other people either. I have some friends that would tell me for sure if they smell anything! Anyway, you are so right about the food that you feed. That is also a very big factor!

Dash-bored says:
I am so disappointed to see a product label itself 99.9% dust-free. This has NOT been my favorite litter for other reasons. However, I tried it again for my asthmatic boy because it had been a reliably dust-free product. The dust cloud when it is poured is inexcusable and life-threatening to owners and cats with respiratory issues! Cat's Pride C47712 Fresh and Light Ultimate Care Premium Unscented Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat Scoop Litter, 12-Pound is the best I have found for a cat with respiratory issues.

MW says:
When I first started using this new bag, it wasn't dusty at all. I think that after a few weeks of scooping, the litter has started to degrade and create lots of dust. Anyone else notice this only happens after a few weeks? Mine still clumps hard and conceals odor, it's just the dust that's a problem.

MW says:
If you are that paranoid, you shouldn't be using anything besides shredded newspaper. Clumping litter can obstruct a cat's bowels if they eat it, and the large pieces in some biodegradable litters can be painful for a cat to stand on. Frankly, there are higher risks that my cat takes every day than the minuscule possibility of him eating something as disgusting as litter. He's crazy and frequently jumps down from the top of the refrigerator to the kitchen floor.

Amazon Customer says:
It's so funny to me that this experience is precisely what I have gone through with "World's Best Cat Litter" almost two years ago. The quality simply went down and clumps aren't staying together. Though marketed as a flushable cat litter, California didn't allow it and now I live in an older home in Washington that I think would suffer blockages if I tried that here. The dust has gotten bad and tracking is worse than ever. As it is a light and tiny granule made from corn, I expected tracking, but now it's carried as far as the next room. When I first got WBCL - Multiple Cat Formula, there was no dust, but now it's a noticeable layer in a three foot radius each week. If you find that this sounds like a better alternative than Precious Cat's Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter, then please avoid the purple bag of lavender-scented litter. I've picked it up by mistake when ordering online and it was atrocious! I have grown to dislike the scent of lavender, which I found pleasant before, because it is overpoweringly strong in the litter.

It looks like this product isn't much better than what I'm using, so I'll stick with WBCL, broken lumps and all until I can find something better. Thank you all for the suggestions to try!

CrazyAboutBooks says:
To the World's Best users, since it is corn based, it is possible the corn is GMO. That may not matter to some of you; it certainly would to me. So far, I haven't had the mentioned above problems with Precious Cat and have fingers crossed I won't. Before I started using this litter though, I tried several different brands, all of which were way too dusty for my precious. Sure hope my good luck holds up with Precious Cat!

Amazon Customer says:

Having the same issue with dust. Dust-free was the only reason I have been purchasing this brand. Now hesitating to reorder. Manufacturer, you charge a premium price but seem to be delivering a substandard product!

TJ says:
The problem we have is buying the 40lb bag. It is cheaply packaged. The box falls
apart and the litter bag breaks open. I've used this litter for a couple years now and
vacuum once a week. Haven't found a litter with no tracking. The litter sticks to the
kitties paws no matter what we use. We haven't had any problems with clumping.
A year ago we purchased Neat 'nTidy litter sifting liners for our cat box and they work
really well. We had two cats for the same box and had to get rid of one cat because
the odor was so bad we could smell it across the room when it pooped. Both cats ate the same food, but the younger one had the problem. No more stinky litter box unless we are in that area. Using those liners was a Godsend but our cat is declawed
so she can't rip them. Give them a try and good luck.

TJ says:
I was disappointed in the last order of Precious Litter. I ordered two smaller bags and when my hubby poured it into
the litter box the dust permeated the whole room. I was sitting 15-18 feet away and had to leave the room while
the dust settled. I am deeply disappointed in the manufacturer for cheapening this product. And I doubt that contacting
the company would make any difference. There isn't a product on the market that hasn't upped their price and not made
the size of the product smaller. Don't be surprised if Precious products jump in price while making the bags, boxes
smaller also. I will be searching for a better product and really hope I can find one. Any suggestions would be helpful.

gem says:
I cannot find who produces Precious Cat Litter. I have searched and searched. Can anyone tell me who produces this stuff?

Angelize18 says:
I get mine at a place called Pet Supplies Plus, but I know that Pet Smart carries it too. I've never gotten my litter off of Amazon, which is maybe why I don't have some of the issues that these others are having??

MW says:
gem, It's manufactured by Precious Cat, Inc in Colorado.

Contact info:

TJ says:
I don't think it is a issue with Amazon. The last bag of Precious Kitty I ordered was
so full of dust it drifted across the room-at least 15 feet away from the litter box.
So does Amazon make the litter? I don't think so!! But whoever does has cheapened
a excellent product that I will not purchase again. And I buy through Amazon because
I do not have the strength to lift even a 20lb bag into my shopping cart, then into my car, then get it into my house. It is delivered right to my door and hubby can get it
into the house for me.

Angelize18 says:
I just thought maybe they got it from a different distributor/warehouse or something. I dunno...just thinking why everyone on Amazon says it's dusty :-( I get the occasional dusty bag, but it seems some on here get them all the time. What a shame... :-(

MKP says:
Quality down, price doubled in only a few months! I wrote rave reviews. They got greedy!

TJ says:
I did too---loved the product, but it isn't just the people making the litter. It's everyone who is in business. I absolutely hate grocery shopping because the
prices have shot up so high since the 2008 crash. This isn't the end either------
I'm still looking on line for a litter than doesn't send clouds of dust through the
house. Either that or get rid of the cat.

MW says:
"Either that or get rid of the cat."

I hope this is a joke.

Cooper says:
I buy it at Petsmart, and it's consistently terrible now. What a shame! (Dust)

Angelize18 says:
Yeah, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be the same. It's like the granules are smaller and more dusty-like. I get some bags that have bigger granules and they are great. I just got a few bags and the one bag was really dusty...I think it's time to write to the company! :-(

Straykat10 says:
I hope you have better luck with emailing them than I did. I wrote to them several months ago and never got a reply to my email. I did however end up on their mailing list because I get emails from them now, just not any reply about the quality. :(

Angelize18 says:
Interesting. Ok, I'll make a note of that...thanks! Such a shame that when I first put this review out there, it was the greatest it seems everyone hates it! :-( I want to keep it up here so that if they ask, I can point them to the fact that there are SO many unsatisfied people and it never used to be that way! Oh well, maybe i'll at least get a coupon out of the deal! lol

TJ says:
I've had the same problem with the last bag I ordered. Dust flies all over the room
when hubby cleans and adds more litter to the litter box. I'm sitting 15 feet away
and chocking on the dust. I won't be buying Precious brand anymore and disgusted
once again when a company changes a great product. I won't waste my time
contacting the company because it's all about the bottom line--almighty dollar.

Angelize18 says:
Yep...that's exactly it! Well, maybe if enough people complain...?? (fingers crossed)

TJ says:
We don't have a problem with litter sticking to the side of litter box because we
order the plastic litter box liners. Kitty can't have claws because they rip the liners.
The liners have holes in them so good litter sifts through. Great product but not
great litter anymore. I'm searching for a different litter.

TC says:
Hi AngryGames,
There really are no (comparable) alternatives and they know this, which is why consistency apparently does not matter anymore.
Also, have you noticed that this product's price rises/fluctuates on all the online sites as though it's lobster (most likely because we can't find it in stores)? Being able to purchase a decent, non-perfume-reeking cat litter shouldn't be this hard. Adds even more insult to the consumer that there are so many "litters" to choose from.

Last edited by the author on Feb 11, 2016, 10:26:07 PM PST

TC says:
I fired off a note to them, Angelize, but I'm afraid TJ correctly nailed it, above your post. When brands get "too big", forget it. It's the same as toilet paper width shrinking from 4.5" wide. Most are 3.75 wide now, while the general population's butts are getting bigger. That's why they need to put all that "bonus roll" and such BS on their packaging. Mediocrity is the expected standard now, so "clever" labeling in big enough print is all they need to grab modern consumers' attention spans :>(.

Angelize18 says:
lol...yep, you nailed it as well, SinatraFan! Too darn bad, huh?'s better than anything else I've found, but totally open to suggestions if ANYONE finds something better!!!

tea&cats says:
Thanks for this post. I completely agree. I have a dedicated room for multiple litter boxes. Precious Cat was by far the best litter I'd ever found, but now the litter box room is coated in dust! I can barely breathe when I go in for there for scooping duty, many times throughout the day. When I vacuum, my beautiful Miele vacuum cleaner gets covered with dust! :-) I didn't mind paying extra for Precious Cat, but now I might as well buy the cheap stuff. There's just no difference anymore.

Angelize18 says:
Exactly, tea&cats. I feel the same. I didn't mind paying extra but now... :-(

TJ says:
That's exactly why I won't buy Precious Cat anymore. It's obvious the company doesn't care about their customers, but only the bottom line which I would imagine is shrinking fast. I don't imagine their employees are too happy either having to make a now
very inferior product. Goodbye Precious Cat.

Megan Toth says:
Agreed! I'm having the same issue. It's so dusty nowadays. Need to figure out another litter to try that will hopefully be better....

T. Shea says:

I tried this litter in Jan 2013. Thought is was wonderful, NO DUST- fabulous!!!

THIS PAST YEAR ( AT LEAST) turned the bottom of our boxes ( we have 4) into a cement pool. And I do keep plenty of litter in each box so it's not that "the urine needs more litter beneath it" either. Nothing changed from our use from year to year.

Lately each room where there's a box looks like it's been spray painted white-gray, the air is dust filled, our HVAC system is blowing this into our other not litter box rooms. It's making us all sick. This is unexceptable for our "PRECIOUS" furbabies, us , our guests, our appliances, our furniture, our BEDS -WHERE WE LAY OUR RESPIRATORY TRACTS FOR HOURS breathing in this junk.......

Let's about a Class Action Suit???

Mietz says:
I have had the dusting problem for longer. A year ago about every tenth bag was dusty. Now it seems to be every third bag.

I would love to switch to a better product but haven't found one - yet.

P.B.Grimes says:
I totally agree. I don't know what's happened to this litter in the last few months. Dust is covericg g everything nearby the box.I've been using this litter for years and this has just recently happened. Something is wrong.

TJ says:
Yes this product is being made cheaper and therefore horrible dust problem. Try Special Kitty-25lb bag-Premium clay cat litter in
a blue and yellow bag. It does what it claims if you clean the litter box every day. There isn't a litter out there that doesn't
emit odor if the litter box is left for days without cleaning. Cats don't like using a dirty litter box. I'm going to check Amazon to see if they have it available. We found Special Kitty at Wal-Mart and are happy so far. No dust and bigger pellets. We haven't noticed any dust problem either. Happy to help and hope Special Kitty works for you too.

TJ says:
Try Special Kitty Premium clay cat litter in blue and yellow bag we found at Wal-Mart. We bought the 25lb bag and it is working
out for us and kitty. The pellets are larger and we may go through litter faster, but it's worth it to not have dust rolling through
the house. Very good litter so far and we just happened to need more litter at the time. Precious Cat is all used and in the trash
We didn't want to throw it away so we would clean the litter box on the deck. Our kitty is happy and doesn't have to breathe
in that horrible dust anymore.

CrazyAboutBooks says:
TJ, glad this litter works for you but if you look up the reviews, they're pretty awful so I'll skip it. I simply don't understand why litter companies don't sift their litter or something to get all that dust out. I'd pay more for truly dust free for sure!!

TJ says:
As of April 29, 2016 I stopped using Precious Cat and I'm sorry I continued to use this inferior product until it was all gone.
My kitty likes to sit next to me on the double recliner and I have noticed the last few nights that she is wheezing when she
breathes. Thank goodness we purchased clay litter called Special Kitty at Wal-Mart and I have not noticed any dust. But I
will keep a close eye on kitty and hopefully won't need to take her to our vet. Please beware!!
Amazon needs to stop Precious Cat litter from being sold on their site. Cats are at great risk from that horrible dust!!

CrazyAboutBooks says:
FYI posters: As I posted yesterday to another of TJ's posts, I looked up Special Kitty litter and the reviews are really bad which leads me to wonder. I'll pass on this litter as I can't stand litter dust so can't imagine exposing kitty!

Angelize18 says:
I was going to say! Yeah, I wouldn't buy it b/c it's clay. When cats lick their paws, they ingest this into their system. Now, they may not be breathing in dust, but they are licking clay and getting it into their digestive track. I wouldn't want that either!

Dan says:
I agree, the odor control is now completely nonexistent. This is one of the worst brands as far as odor now.

Lynette Bartel says:
I'm guessing by now you have solved your litter problems, but in case not, I'd like to share my experience. I was using World's Best last fall when I took in a litter of feral kittens. The kittens consistently were "going" outside the litter box, right next to it. I started reading reviews of World's Best, and read about several owners who said their cats hated the stuff. One even said her cat hissed at the litter box when he walked past it if World's Best was in it! That did it for me, I switched litter, and the problem was solved.

I have tried the Blue Buffalo walnut litter. I like that it is natural, light weight, and the kitties seemed to like it. It was not great for clumping, but not terrible either. The color of the litter made it difficult to locate clumps, but again, it just took a bit more scooping. Odor control was good and not from overpowering perfumes. It's expensive, so I only buy it if I find a sale or coupon.

I mostly use Precious Cat, despite all the complaints here. It's not perfect, but I haven't found one that is yet. Any suggestions you've found?

Cupoftea says:
Yes! I completely agree! We switched to Precious Cat litter several years ago after using many other brands and we, too initially thought this litter was a blessing. But lately it is SO dusty, it's even worse than the brands we used earlier. I'm going to buy one or two bags more but if they are as bad, I will have to look for another brand.

Libre Veritas says:
Thank you for your thoughtful review and honesty. I have found the cheapening of products after customers are roped in far too many times on a variety of items. I too always give products a very long probation period if possible. I guess I'll go back to my search for a better clumping low dust odor controlling litter again too. Thanks again.

Amazon Customer says:
I have been using this litter exclusively for the last few months and have noticed similar issues. Plus it is hard to scrape off the bottom of the box when wet and has a terrible ammonia smell that permeates my small house if I don't clean twice a day. I will keep on looking.

Christine Parker says:
Let me know if they go back to making it like they used to because I almost bought some - SO sick of one product not having dust but odor control and clumping sucks or the other product having odor control and clumping but a huge massive dust cloud settling in and on everything in my home. So sad that they changed their product.

Lynsig says:
I have also noticed the same thing with tracking a much bigger issue over the past few months. I've been thinking about switching to another brand but don't know what to use. Any suggestions?

neparider says:
Everywhere seems to be switching the product. I always get Dollar General's 20# box of Ever Pet for 6 bucks. One time I went to use it and it was damp and would not clump. Maybe they stored it near moisture that day because others that followed were good. Be sure to check the taping on the boxes. If it looks like it was opened and resealed, don't buy it. It might have been switched to a cheaper batch. Otherwise, the price is right and on a good day it works great with medium dust and no smell.

CrazyAboutBooks says:
I signed up to track comments for this review and have decided to respond again as I looked up one of the alternative recommended litters only to read nothing but bad reviews about dust in that brand. Today I'd just like to say that the original review was posted in April 2014, a little over 2 years ago. Since tracking comments to it, I've bought a half dozen bags of this litter and have had NO problems. I wanted to try it for awhile before posting this comment. Perhaps they solved whatever problems the original reviewer had with the litter because as I said it works for me. You do have to keep about 5 inches or more of litter in the box so that the clump forms as the cat urinates. Otherwise, the litter clumps attached to the litter box and is a pain to remove. BTW, there is NO dust either. Sure hope I don't get a bad bag as I really cannot stand a lot of dust and it has to be very, very bad for kitty.

Bertie House says:
My neighbor brought me a cat that turned up at her door. A young female who turned out to be pregnant. My neighbor works for a vet (groomer). She delivered the cat along with a bag of shredded paper. She told me that's what the vet uses for litter, especially for surgical cases. Since I have a paper shredder in my home office, I have been using that for mom and will for the kittens once their eyes have opened etc. But so far it is working well for the mother cat. I just dump the used litter in the garbage.

Angelize18 says:
Thanks for your post (CrazyaboutBooks)! Yes, I really have to say that I haven't come across a lot of bags that cause a bunch of dust. Comparatively speaking, this brand seems to be the best that I have found. I know other people may feel differently based on the bags that they have gotten, which is okay… They can purchase another brand if they wish, but I have found that even though there is some dust in some of the bags that I've gotten…(because it does show up on some up the items in the room where the litter boxes are) it's not any worse than anything else that is out there. Again, I find it has less dust than most of the brands so I will stick with it myself. :-)

Carol D says:
Thanks for the info on Dollar General's EverPet litter, but it appears they don't sell it anymore. At least it doesn't appear on their website, perhaps if I go into a store they may have some left.

Can you please let me know where you get yours now?

BC says:
I have to agree. I've used this litter for almost 8 years and was very pleased that I had finally found one that wasn't dusty. Then about a year ago that changed. It's reached the point I have to vacuum the everything in the basement on a regular basis and put filters over the returns on the A/C to keep the dust out of the rest of the house. It's disappointing because it was such a great product. I'm shopping for something else now.

Tip for people who have trouble with clumps sticking to the box--after I clean the box I spray a paper towel lightly with cooking spray and rub the bottom and sides of the box down. The clumps don't stick, and the kitties don't even notice it. There are silicone sprays out there, but this is a much cheaper alternative, and better for them if they happen to lick it (canola oil) than a chemical would be.

poofreader says:
[[ASIN:B0009X29WK Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 40 pound bag] Please fix the problem I am out of it and did not evidently buy any of the the bad bags your customers are complaining about. I only have 1 cat and the 401b bag lasted me quite a while.
Now I don't know what to do. All cat litters need to be 3-4" in the box for efficiency and I can't afford to keep trying different ones. Please settle the problem and put this product back in circulation the way that we like.

Amaren says:
I use a BoodaBox. Its enclosure and forces them to go into the box.

mochaman77 says:
Thank you for the review since I've noticed the deterioration, too, and was looking for people who had the same experience. The most recent bag's litter I purchased through Amazon is much dustier and darker than they used to be and they clump differently. I'll try and buy this product one more time, to see if there's any improvement.

Amazon Customer says:
I don't know what is going on here - I am buying this litter and it is the best I've ever had. Absolutely NO dust and clumps are VERY hard. I am buying more right now.

Angelize18 says:
Haha...I know what you mean. I don't seem to notice what others notice. I have a coupole of bags that may be dusty some, but very few and far between....AND far less than any other brand!!

Argh says:
I just bought my first bag of this litter, and it's amazing. Keep in mind though, this review is several years old, but it's good to know that there might potentially be quality control issues, and each lot of the litter might not be of the same quality.

Empire Rock's!!!! kathy A says:
In response to the above review, I too have a number of indoor cats. I have 7. I have tried (I feel) almost ALL the various types from Walmart and I've even gone to Orcheleins Farm Supply and purchased their store brand, although it was nice to be able to purchase 40lb bag's the quality was poor.
When I first began reading your review I began to get excited and then, disappointed. :(
I see you posted this review in 2014. I'm probably wasting my time however, I remain hopeful that someone will respond.
Has there been any improvements with this product or has the quality just diminished?
I would greatly appreciate a reply, response or feedback.
Thank you,

Angelize18 says:
Hey Empires Rock! I don't know if you were asking this question in response to what I originally posted or if this was meant for Angry Games?? Anyway, I know there has been a lot of discussion around the product and how dusty it is. I have said a couple times that I only found that there were a few bags that were dusty. Truthfully, I really have not noticed it to be such a problem like some of the other people. I'm wondering if they were expecting absolutely no dust whatsoever and were sadly disappointed?? Anyway, I have found that any time you use clay litter, you are going to have some dust. I have yet to find a litter that compares to this particular brand. This brand is by far the best one out of them all, but it appears that you feel the same about the product as the others, and that's ok!!

What did you notice that you were disappointed by? What expectations did you have that it didn't meet? Just curious. I buy my bags at a retail establishment called Pet Supplies Plus, here in NC. I don't order them from Amazon, so maybe that's the difference? Not sure, but I only wanted to compare prices on here as opposed to at the store and PSP had the best price...even compared to Pet Smart!

Hope that helps!

Argh says:
@Empire Rocks!!! kathy A: I bought my first bag of this litter a few months ago, and it was amazing. Within a week, I'd bought 4 more bags, and they're all of the same quality. They're practically dust free, clump hard and keep my three cat home smelling fairly clean. While I'm only five bags in, all five of the bags I've purchased have been superb. While I can't attest to the condition of the litter in 2014, the late 2016 quality is far superior to any other clumping litter I've ever used.

CrazyAboutBooks says:
I've posted before but since many are still commenting, thought I'd update. I was using World's Best but most corn has been GMO'd plus it tracks terribly so stopped using it (many claim that the smell is also bad with this litter). Next I tried Arm & Hammer multi-cat. That worked for a while until it acquired all the problems the above posters are claiming for this litter except worse. So in desperation I tried Precious Cat. I have not had one problem with it. No dust. It clumps to the point that I recommend keeping 3 or more inches in the litter plan (5" best). Otherwise, you will really have to dig to get the clump off the bottom and/or side of the litter pan. A 40 pound bag lasts me quite a while with one cat so I suspect since trying Precious Cat, I've used about 1/2 dozen bags and just ordered a new bag. No problems with any one of them. Perhaps the company heeded the negative reviews and fixed the problem. Or there was a bad batch back then (2014). Hope so anyway as I hate dusty litter and it has to be extremely unhealthy for our pets. So after all this time, this litter is still working for me. Good luck all!

Christidge says:
Completely agree with Angry Games. We have 2 cats & have purchased this litter for over 2 years now, at first from local pet stores, then later thru Amazon.
After months of product consistency, we noticed the uneven grains/dust showing up. This resulted in tracking it thruout the house, litter not clumping/falling apart when scooping, and also that it went "bad" sooner and needed to be changed more often. I contacted the company over this & they replied that since it is a natural product, there can be "variations" from time to time. They also sent me a voucher for 2 bags, which was nice. For a while things were consistently great again, but lately the last two bags from Amazon have the "dust" again, and I'm tired of it. The product is just not reliable any longer. In fact the reason I am here now is to read comments to see if I can find a recommendation for another brand. VERY disappointed, I should think for the $ this product costs, they would have better Quality Control.

Christidge says:
I've had the same issue with the last 2 bags we purchased. I contacted the company via their website & mentioned what was going on, and also the amount of similar experiences listed here, told them they should come here & read what customers are saying about their product. They asked for the date code off of my bag, and they replied back that the batch had been QA'd and found nothing wrong. Well I said...I'm not imagining it. They are sending me vouchers to replace the two bags, but it didn't feel like they offer any fix for future orders, so ...caveat emptor. I'd highly recommend getting in contact with them if you are having the same issues & let them know about it.

Jenny says:
We had a problem with one of our cat's odor being horrible, then I changed their food to a high fiber one (4-Health has 8g of fiber at Tractor Supply Stores) and it took care of it. Really can tell when he eats something else.

cbsli says:
You got rid of a cat because its poop smelled??? SMH.

CrazyAboutBooks says:
cbsli if you're replying to Jenny, I think she just changed the food not the cat! I still like this litter BTW.

letterm says:
Same thing happened here. If every comment agreeing with this one were posted as a review, Precious Cat wouldn't have nearly five stars anymore. I hope the company is paying attention.

nysnowbird92 says:
I did like it when I tried it the first time but then a few bags had some dust so I just went back to Tidy Cats and have been using that.. The Tidy Cats in the yellow bucket with gray lid and it has a blue 'Glade tough odor solutions' design on it.. seems to keep odors down better than the others and the smell of the product itself isn't bad. Worst thing about it is the tracking of the litter though. I may try this again just for the heck of it though.. but I do remember the unscented version not being able to stay fresh smelling for very long.

Christidge says:
I've implored them to come here & read use comments, because there is obviously something that has changed with the litter (which they firmly deny). I've given up on this stuff, tried the house brand at Big Box store & am very happy with it, and it's 1/2 the price.

Amazon Customer says:
Yes, incredible. Shouldn't have pets in the first place.

Dawn says:
I totally agree. What do you buy now?

Christidge says:
Special Kitty from Wallyworld. It is non-clumping, but it works well once you understand how to use it, and it's a lot cheaper. We've gone thru 4 bags now, and aren't planning on going back, sad to say. It handles odors well (we have 2 cats using 1 box, and only have to sift out the solid waste every other day) The loose clay particles absorb liquids and odor, so you don't get clumps glued to the bottom of the pan . We change it out every 2 weeks or so. well, less work, and a lot cheaper. It does put out a bit of dust when you are filling the litter box, and the granules are a lot bigger than PC, so make sure your scooper has wide enough slots, but otherwise, haven't found any downside to using it yet.

PenroseTribar says:
We were early Precious Cat buyers but also saw the overall quality drop with inconsistent granule size and dustiness over the last 3 to 4 years. In response, we tried other brands but never found any that were more than just adequate. During our search for the Goldilocks good litter odyssey, our cats never had accidents outside the box, thank goodness. Until a good litter comes along, the best solution for us has been a 50/50 mix of the PC with World's Best.

Winnie L. says:
This litter was awesome to start for me too. We had 8 cats indoors at the time (we're down to 4...). They all used the litter okay. We noticed the big clumps at the bottom of the bins.... Which was REALLY hard to scoop... The deal-breaker was the clumping on my cats' paws! We would have to dig out clumps of clay from between their paws! My poor babies. So, we've since switched to arm&hammer. It has been good.

Gail O'Connor says:
I have to agree.....I have 2 cats and this litter ends up ALL OVER my apartment. There must be some change in the quality of this product.

Next.. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

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