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Garmin Portable Friction Mount - Best Solution for NUVI in my Prius and my Ford: Theft Protection As Well!!

Nov 27, 2016, 9:16:44 PM

Garmin Portable Friction Mount

Review Garmin Portable Friction Mount - Best Solution for NUVI in my Prius and my Ford: Theft Protection As Well!!

Comments on Review Garmin Portable Friction Mount - Best Solution for NUVI in my Prius and my Ford: Theft Protection As Well!!

Ruth Weiser says:
I just got the friction mount and can't figure out how to use it. I get it to stay upright but when I make a turn the
gps slides out sideways. How do you get it to stay in the mount?
R. Weiser

Mario M. Monti says:
Thanks, this was helpful.

Just ordered one...


MJStarke says:
I am on my second purchase of this unit. The first one was stolen, along with my GPS, when a theif observed me driving up to my destination, removing and storing it under the driver's seat. The moral of the story is, get your GPS out of sight before you arrive at your destination. That or by a cupholder mount so your GPS will not be so visible! I still us the reviewed product, but keep it down on the console instead of up on the dash.

Mario M. Monti says:
I always pull the GPS off the dash pad or windshield before arriving at my destination...

Sherman Mech says:
I have a Garmin and suction cup mount that almost never pops off the windshield all you have to do is wet the suction cup first with water (or saliva if you don't mind). My cousin uses the friction mount in his car and it works very well but is rather large and harder to store as is mentioned above.

Tina Powers says:
I jost got mine also and can't figure out how the gps gets mounted on it? Can anyone out there help me?

MJStarke says:
Just pull off the holder your GPS is currently attached to. It's a sort of ball and socket joint. Snap it into the socket of the friction mount. If you have lost ball part of whatever your GPS was formerly attached to, you will need to order another one.

Rookie says:
Better solution to the friction mount; attach the GPS suction cup to the Prius display screen.

Marolyn J. Kutz says:
How big is this thing? Width and height? Need to know both for use and for stoarage.

MJStarke says:
It's not too bulky. With the GPS attached and the cord wrapped around the base, it fits in the glove compartment of my Highlander along with all the other junk in there. I just used it all last week on a trip from Oregon to Glacier Nation Park and back. Worked great. I'll get a ruler and measure it, if you want, but you can sort of tell the relative dimensons from the picture.

Gerald J. Arcuri says:
I just got a Garmin for Christmas and like its functions and ease of use. However, my problem is mounting it. I have 2 mounts: the one that came with the product (suction cup mount and cradle) and a separate Friction Mount (no cradle). On the first option I can't get the suction cup mount to slip into the cradle. I don't want to break the cradle by forcing the ball. On the second option (Friction Mount) I have the same trouble. The Friction Mount did not come with a cradle but I can't get the cradle that was included with the GPS to slip into the Mounting Ball of the Friction Mount. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions? Thanks. Jerry

Robert Brayton says:
Thanks for great review

Robert Ricketts says:
I love the beanbag. For anti-theft, I put the beanbag with GPS on the front passenger floor-board when I leave my vehicle. A crook scanning a line of cars, looking for goodies on the dash won't see it. Only way someone may see it through my tinted windows is by peering-in standing right next to my car.

I disagree with the reviewer about 3 stars being "average". A product that works exactly as planned, has no design or workmanship defect, and satisfies in every way should receive five stars. How can products perform *better* than designed? If it does everything it's supposed to do and does it well, then that's all the manufacturer can strive for.

On ebay, a consistent three star or even four star rating will get a seller suspended.

Most people view ratings from 1 to 5 in terms of their overall satisfaction. 5 is completely satisfied. Everything below a five denotes some level of dissatisfaction. The reviewer does a disservice to the manufacturer and other readers by not adhering to this standard. Well, that's my humble opinion. That, and $13 will buy you coffee at SB.

Loopback says:
this isn't ebay and no one cares of ebays standards or rather lack thereof. this was a review of a product, not a seller or his service. i own the beanbag, i am not 'in-love' with it and wouldn't give it more than 4 stars; in my case it doesn't always stay in place.

go knock yourself with all the disagreements you have, which you are so full of, but just so you can understand: ebay≠ amazon. the former is just the world's largest front for cons and thieves.

Leslie says:
Many thanks for your review on this mount. I recently bought Garmin GPS, and I have a Prius, and I quickly realized that the mount that came with the GPS wasn't going to work in my Prius for the reasons that you stated. I now feel quite safe ordering this mount, thanks to your review.

XavierX2 says:
What would happen during accident, this heavy (unglued piece) any fly and hit on head? Please let us know if it is safe to put something heavy on dashboard. Police may issue ticket. Right?

In my opinion... says:
Thank you for this great review. I'm in the market for a GPS and I saw this mount and a hard case linked to the Garmin GPS purchase...was skeptical about it, but after reading your review, and knowing my 2013 Ford Escape has a sharply angled windshield I will be bundling this with my purchase. thank you!! =)

Skyhawk says:
Given the rise in GPS units being stolen from cars

I left mine in the car for over 10 years. Never had a problem. Hard to imagine someone would risk going to jail over an $80 device.

Margaret F Punch says:
how do you get is to stay (friction) put on the dashboard?

Cornelius C. Simmons says:
Thanks this is great! I too recently purchased a Prius and needed an option that would work as I do not have 6-ft long arms for windshield mount!

Kim Prescott says:
would it fit in one of the trash bags (made of material) that you can buy at Wal-Mart, and store it around the back of the headrest?

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Probably the best review I've ever read! And I write many reviews, thanks for the awesome review!

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My husband discovered this pet toy feature out too, and our dogs went completely nuts. Even after the light was turned off they spent a few minutes searching for it. We have finally discovered our normally very intelligent dogs' "stupid" threshold. :0)

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