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RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler - RTIC vs Yeti. RTIC wins due to price

RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler -  RTIC vs Yeti. RTIC wins due to price

reviews RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler - RTIC vs Yeti. RTIC wins due to price

comments on reviews RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler - RTIC vs Yeti. RTIC wins due to price
Amazon Customer says:
Both of my children run track and have the RTIC sports bottles and they work great. They fill them up before school or before a event and have cold water and ice all day. We also have the Ozark tumblers from Walmart (found in camping area) and they also work as good as the yeti, RTIC, and are cheaper as well. They will run you 7.74 for a 20oz and 9.74 for 30oz. These tumblers are so much more reasonable then the yeti brand that there are going to be some quality control issues and I suspect that is why the offer replacement parts on their website. I'm not sure about most people but I rather buy a new lid for 1.99 then spend an additional 15 to 20 bucks on a cup.

Ray Z says:
Thanks for your review. I decided against getting one despite of the lower price. Companies lousy customer service should not be rewarded!

fandroid says:
Most reputable companies actually respond to reviews (especially the negative reviews) here, in the reviews section on Amazon.

RTIC has had plenty of time (6 MONTHS) to respond to your review but as of today's date (Nov. 1, 2016), all I hear are *crickets*. I was JUST about to buy about 20 (twenty) of the 30oz. RTIC tumblers for Christmas gifts/door prizes for our small realty annual Christmas party.

However, I've decided to buy the same comparable Walmart product locally, instead. This decision was based mainly on the inability or the perceived inability of an RTIC customer service rep or media liason to answer your allegations of a poorly designed (and failing) lid on this review thread. Without a proper functioning (sealing) lid, what is the real worth of the tumbler?


smartbassist says:
I should have listened...I, too, experience issues with a leaky cap.......RTIC refuses to stand behind their products, unless its purchased direct from RTIC,,,avoid at all costs

Joseph M. says:
Unless you counted the ice cubes, and assured that the water was starting at the same temperature, those minor differences could have been all that it was. Now, the awful customer service you received said all that a person needs to know. I would have called back one more time to be sure that you didn't get the new guy, or girl who was not trained properly. If they offered for you to pay a dollar for the O-ring, plus a dollar to mail it, that might have been the second best customer service, but what you received nearly the worst customer service experience. Contact Amazon and tell them what happened, they have an interest in how companies that use them as a distributor treat their customers. The lack of having that O-ring, makes the product less useful.

JAW NC says:
I have two RTIC's for almost a year now and two Yeti's for about 1.5 yrs I have seen only minor difference in how long the ice stays in the RTIC vs the Yeti and I still have the same lids that came with the RTICs and no issues with the gasket. The one difference was I bought my RTIC's from their web site, if this is not directly from RTIC but from a third party then perhaps the lids and gaskets are not from RTIC as well.

Randall Chong says:
I was so close to purchasing this product, but changed my mind after reading after the bad customer service. RTIC, wake up !

Dr. S. says:
Being able to look at customer reviews is a main advantage of Amazon. Vote with your pocketbook. Even if this product is less than Yeti, it is not cheap and should not be disintegrating in six months. If a company doesn't value its customers, it should go out of business -- that's my vote. THANK YOU for your very useful review.

1983 says:
I am surprised there is all this outrage over nonsense. This is a cheap cup and you can easily afford to replace the lid over and over again, if necessary, without ever talking to any of their customer service reps, and it is still cheaper than a Yeti cup.

My guess is that Yeti lids go bad eventually, too, and you would probably end up having to buy new Yeti lids eventually, too.

As for customer service, seriously, who cares? I would never call them about a cup and a lid.

Joseph M. says:
Yes, you can buy a cup just like this in any Walmart for $9.97. They have a couple of them, all made by someone else. I wrote to customer service and they say that they sell the lid cheap, but not the O-ring. I guess that there is no great demand for that O-ring, or they would sell it. I don't use the lid, I use the cup for ice cold drinks in my home. The double wall keeps the cup from sweating all over the table.

Hugo says:
thanks that helped a lot and thats strange that amazon gave you a hard time they usually never question me at all

JoanneLDS says:
I agree - Cust Svc should ALWAYS be a top priority in any business. I will not buy RTIC now either.

Joseph M. says:
Go to Walmart and buy the Ozark cup for $9.97, and for get about the Yetti, and Rtic, and anyone who would bother testing the cups for how long their ice lasted, has nothing better to do. If your ice lasts until you finish your drink, isn't that long enough? If you keep adding liquid that is not frozen, depending on how not frozen it is, it is going to melt your ice faster, or not. I use the Rtic, or the Ozark, and they both do the same thing. The BIGGEST thing they do for me is to not let my cold drink sweat all over the table. They also make these cups is a slightly smaller size too.

Scott B. says:
fandroid...100% agree with your comment...and I have to admit I was thinking the exact same thing. I would have thought that one of the top rated reviews on Amazon would have garnered an official response from the company. They clearly don't have their eye on the ball. Either that, or they simply don't care.

Sasulou says:

Great, honest review. Almost bought this cup. Since the company doesn't offer customer service directly to consumers I won't waist my hard earned money.

Cat Lady says:
I am glad you shared your experience about the customer service. I had a very similar experience with another product I purchased on Amazon from a seller. I ordered the same product twice, two separate occasions because it did not work. I finally decided to call the manufacturer. I thought that was what they were there for. I spoke to 3 different people and they were all rude. I spent good money on their product and will never buy another product from them on Amazon or otherwise. After reading your review, I will not order anything ever from this company either. Thanks again for sharing.

Artimus Maximus says:
I noticed when I bought my Ozark Trail 30oz. tumbler that all these stainless steel tumblers look a like. The only difference is the price! When I received mine I immediately ordered a new lid because the open lid they send you won't keep it hot or cold as long as the ad says. Cheap closable lids are available. Seek and ye shall find!

The outrage over one person's experience seems very odd to me, almost as if Yeti employees are responding vs your typical Amazon customer. Considering the savings plus a few bucks to buy a replacement cap, it hardly seems sensible to rant and rave against the RTIC people and vow never to buy their product.

akOSU says:
I completely agree with you. He also mentioned in his review that the RTIC customer service representative instructed him that he would need to get in touch with the party that sold him the tumbler, suggesting he bought from a third party seller. Third party sellers are notoriously more difficult to deal with on here, and it has often been the case that the products sent from third party sellers are not of the same quality (Tom's shoes on here comes to mind). I'm sure if he would have bought his tumbler off of RTIC, the situation would have been vastly different for him.

Robert G. Scheffler says:
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment about the little black particles! That alone changed my mind about this product. It's a shame that many companies don't care about quality. I could almost except any other type of defect, but who allows a product to go out with this flaw? Swallowing rubber compounds! This seems illegal.

Joseph M. says:
You can replace the gasket on the cup lid, and I don't use the lid on mine, it makes a great insulated cup that holds ice all day in my home. I also found that you can buy the same size insulated stainless steel cup in a Walmart for 9.99, they even have them in smaller sizes for less. I use the Rtic because my girlfriend bought it, and decided it was too big for her, so sh gave it to me. So the mark up on all these cups has to do more with paying advertising dollars, than it does with any difference in the cup.

Artimus Maximus says:
Joseph you are absolutely right! I bought my 30 oz. stainless steel tumbler from Walmart for $9.74 and then I found a 20 Oz. tumbler at Big Lots on sale for $6. Both work well for not having to pay $30+.

Gyrating Panda says:
This is why I ended up buying the Mossy Oak brand (found at Walmart for about $12 - 13 for the 30oz.) It comes with the slide closure type lid (doesn't seal it, but prevents splashing) instead of having to buy a separate lid. So far I have had ice last for over 24 hours in it on multiple occasions. Just fill the cup up with ice in the morning before I go to work and add water as I need it throughout the day.

roberto1 says:
Had a similar experience, MB. The lid had a long crack in it, so I called, only to be given the runaround. End result, I have to use the cracked lid.....

Artimus Maximus says:
Roberto: I noticed when I bought my Ozark Trail 30oz. tumbler that all these stainless steel tumblers look a like. The only difference is the price! When I received mine I immediately ordered a new lid because the open lid they send you won't keep it hot or cold as long as the ad says. Cheap closable lids are available. Seek and ye shall find! Look on Ebay!

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