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Murder on the Orient Express: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - Reviews

Murder on the Orient Express: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - Reviews

Reviews of Murder on the Orient Express: A Hercule Poirot Mystery

Joe Deveron July 18, 2013 Poirot's Best Adevnture

The book has been around for a very long time, so there were no surprises left in the story. I have always been impressed with Agatha Christie's story telling. Re-reading the book was like visiting an old friend. It was warm and fuzzy and I recommend it as a great way to spend a quiet evening.

S.E.L.on November 3, 2013 Wonderful classic mystery, a must read for fans of the genre.

4.5 stars
This is one of those books that you think you know what's going to happen, mostly because you've heard about the book over the years. I went into this book thinking there was no way it could live up to all the praise I have heard lavished upon it. I was wrong, on so many levels. I'm thankful that I decided to read this classic mystery, and I'm also happy that I didn't watch the film version first.

1yrlooseon July 28, 2016 Classic Murder Mystery

I'd heard about this book my entire adult life, but had never read it. It is a classic. I did see part of the movie once, but didn't remember much about it.The story seems a little corny when compared to the mystery stories of today's writers, but it still is very well written and enjoyable to read. Some of the detective conclusions seem to make jumps in logic that reminded me of the old Sherlock Holmes stories. I highly recommend the book.

Lawrence Boettcheron July 13, 2013 Wonderful

This is a grand story! One must understand Agatha Christie's writing style to appreciate this book. This is not a work of Action/Advinture. Rather, it is a detailed Mystery. The story moves slowly in order the include the many elliments. If one is looking for an exciting fast moving book, one should pass up reading Agatha Christie's work. However, if one is prepared for a cozy evening with a cup of tea and a good book, I would recommend this story.

Amazon Customeron September 15, 2015 Who didn't love this novel ???

I loved it. Who didn't? This is a classic and with classics there's a different paradigm. You ask yourself -- what's going on here that makes this a classic novel? Number one: affection for the characters. Number two: the plot, you can't fully figure it out, and why should you? Just read on. Number three: the smoothness of the writing; Agatha Christie writes at the the top of her form which is at the top of any mystery/suspense novel form. Number four: you enjoy the scene, the place, in this case, the train surrounded and stopped by a blizzard of snow. Number five: the plot twists, and there are many of them! Altogether, a great classic novel of mystery and suspense with an ending that is the major plot twist of the book. As I said: loved it! Didn't you?

Chrison July 20, 2014 you can't do better than David Suchet narrating wouldPoirot story or novel

In my opinion, you can't do better than David Suchet narrating wouldPoirot story or novel. He does a good job on general narration and other character voices as well. This book is a classic I would recommend to anyone who loves a good mystery.

Jeremy Richmondon November 9, 2011 Outstanding!

The Murder on the Orient Express is a perfect mystery novel by Agatha Christie where Hercule Poirot is the detective. It takes place on the Orient Express, a train which travels from Stamboul (Istanbul) to Paris. When the train is approaching Yugoslavia a murder occurs and near that time the train has to stop because snow blocks the way. The train staff leader Monsieur Bouc wants Poirot to solve the crime before the train reaches Yugoslavia.

This novel is one I would definitely recommend as a detective novel. It is very European in feel. Agatha Christie writes comfortably with both male and female characters and I wouldn't have known her gender by her writing because her portrayal of men is dead-on correct in the manner in which men act. This is a good novel to read on a rainy day with a cup of tea to drink.

James Sibleyon October 16, 2013 Reading the original is much better than the movie versions

I really like to read Christie stories as she wrote them. I've seen 3 dramatizations of the Orient Express (Ustinov, Molina, and Suchet). Ustinov and Molina do not do Poirot justice and the Suchet version is way off base though Suchet is usually very accurate. Since I've seen all three I wanted to find out who did the best job. None of them were as good as the novel.

Amazon Customeron January 11, 2014 Enjoyable Classic

As a lover of mystery novels I am a tad ashamed to admit that I only recently begun to read Agatha Christie novels. I am even more ashamed that it has taken me this long to read this classic novel. Christie's Poirot is such an interesting character and her style of writing kept me completely engaged to the end.

Alirezaon May 23, 2016 It is bolstered by good packaging which was delivered on time

elegant whodunit set in luxury train, passing through Europe chronicling a murder, elaborately. The depiction of a marvelous private -eye is masterfully done by the author. Groundbreaking. a slaying where all suspects are involved. It is too descriptive (and some how poky) at the early chapters but hypnotic once you adjust. Hold on to some thing and read.

It is bolstered by good packaging which was delivered on time.

Markus Eggeron April 5, 2006 Very Good

Another classic I really enjoyed. I did not know the story before and was actually surprised how good it was. The sort of classical story telling that seems to be hard to find these days. I can only recommend this book and can not wait to read another book in this series...

CHon May 21, 2013 This book is a page-turner.

It keeps you eager to know who it was throughout the entire book.
I think I'd have rated it 5 stars if I hadn't guessed who the murderer was before the end of the book.
Anyway, "Murder on the Orient Express" is worth reading; it makes you feel you're IN the story trying to figure it all out, and it shows you things and hints Poirot (the detective) notices and maybe you haven't.

Nancy Combson April 27, 2013 Wonderful

Agatha Christie puts together a wonderful thought-provoking book. As she leads you through a maze of lies and red-herrings, you barely have time to stop and look back. There was an amazing solution that I don't think anyone could ever guess. The best bit is the constant stream of interviews that are full of facts and alibis. This really makes you puzzle it out and keeps you on the edge of your seats

jlinksteron October 7, 2013 Orient Express Murder

My granddaughter and I chose to read this for our "together" summer read. Lots of who-done-it clues and richly woven personalities combined to make this a fun, classic read. I kept going back and forth over the clues to see if I could figure out the suspect before the book's surprise ending.

amazon143eron April 20, 2015 A who done it reminiscent of playing the board game Clue
The suspects says: I didn't do it

Then later they say: Yeah, ok I did

OK.. well, thanks for FINALLY telling the truth. Your secret is safe with me- no one will go to jail.

My reaction: Is that it? Everyone gets away?

Well ok then. I can now officially say I have read an Agatha Christie book that took me on a who done it reminiscent of playing the board game Clue.

If you're into murder mysteries and are not familiar with Agatha Christie I suggest checking this one out. Murder on the Orient Express gets 3.5 murderous stars upgraded to 4 for all of part 3. I now want to see how this plays out on the big screen and look forward to watching the Murder on the Orient Express movie.

Richard Normanon March 9, 2007 Still a good read!

After watching the different movie versions (repeatedly) of Murder On The Orient Express over the years, I finally got around to reading the book. It was still a good read and there are enough differences to keep the story interesting.

Melissaon March 1, 2016 Have heard about this for ages - can't believe I've only just read this.

I can't believe I waited so long to read this! Before reading I would suggest reading a little bit about the Lindbergh baby first if you're not familiar with that tragic event - since the baby went missing in 1932 and this was published in 1934, I have a fair idea as to where Agatha Christie drew a few ideas. I don't feel like I can say anymore without giving anything away. At any rate, this was a great read!

dllesf13on May 5, 2013 Love these old stories

I bought this to read on my way to Istanbul to get myself into the mood. I love these old Agatha Christie novels. Some of the attitudes and viewpoints expressed by the characters are shocking by today's standards. But then, I suppose we would shock them, too, if they could read our novels! Highly entertaining and an easy read.

Tomon August 4, 2016 A classic!

I first read this book nearly 40 years ago. Back then, I had neither patience nor the time to really concentrate on the convoluted story and the huge amount of "clues" provided to the reader. This time I truly enjoyed both of those aspects of the story. A good who-done-it!

Joni D.on April 9, 2013 A True Classic!

A real page turner! I read this book about 30 years ago so I forgot most of the plot. My Bookclub Group has taken up reading the classics and picked 'Murder on the Orient Express". Agatha Christie has a flare for storytelling. If you haven't read this in a while, take the time to do so, you won't be disappointed.

Harry Queeneyon December 14, 2013 A brilliantly crafted mystery novel.

The characters are all intriguing, the story moves at a good pace, and it has a neat ending.

I'd recommend Murder on the Orient Express to anybody. You don't have to be a mystery lover to enjoy this book.

Vaneska Araujoon April 22, 2015 Very unexpected ending.

This is one of the best Agatha Christie’s books, so it’s a classic, and you should definitety read it. It’s difficult to talk about it without giving any undesirable spoiler. What I could say it’s that the victim is a very despicable person, and many would have reasons to kill him. Besides, after the murder, the train is caught in a blizzard, so it remains stopped during many hours. Due to this fact, Poirot doesn’t have any means to investigate the veracity of the information that the passangers tell him, so he has to trust only on his own instincts to discover the truth.

H. Burtonon August 7, 2016 Great Agatha Christie!

I read it again after 35 + years again and still enjoyed it even though I had recalled the end less than a third of the way through the book. No see, no violence, no condesening behavior, what a treat after some "modern" fiction.

Amazon Customeron June 9, 2016 Great detective novels

Agatha Cristie is a seasoned accomplished writer and it shows in these books. I greatly enjoyed it. Some parts of the films are different than the books - the difference between writing for the screen vs. writing for a reader. I recommend it.

Kelley Ridingson February 25, 2015 Christie's classic cleverly crafted

I read this book in high school over 30 years ago. I remember it being a thrilling memorable read then. Now 3+ decades later, I marvel that a book so brilliant then, continues to intrigue this man 30+ years later. Even though I knew the ending, I was actually completely intrigued by how Agatha Christie plotted this story. She was simply brilliant and so subtle. It's all so plain out there in retrospect, but it was originally so hard to figure out. This book really makes one appreciate the style and finesse that Christie put into her craft.

M.T.Myerson May 6, 2013 A Wonderful Classic!

This is one of the most creative stories written by Christie. The slow pace eventually picks up and continues to build until the mystery is solved.

Mistyon July 15, 2016 Inticing

Abraham Christie has developed the perfect set of circumstances for a gripping mystery! So many characters and suspects which work together so well to bring this crime into focus. Completely captivating!

Macruarion March 25, 2013 Agatha Christie is always good

she is (was) always a good mystery writer.
I find that some of today's mystery shows take small techniques from her stories.
It is always fun to try and figure out the ending before the detective lets you know the answer.

Michael Hon April 10, 2016 Enjoyable train ride

My first Hercule Poirot book and I really enjoyed it. It was fun to try and break down the characters to see which was the killer, Always trying to stay ahead of the book and figure it out before the end. It was quite an enjoyable read.

Mark Lusteron October 22, 2014 Better than I remembered.

An absolute classic. I confess, I saw the movie first, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment of this novel. True, I saw the film 30 years before I read the book, but that actually made the novel all the better, as I could assign the actors to their roles, which attests to how good the movie version was. At the time, I was impressed by Albert Finney's performance as Poirot (having read many of the books in high school), and impressed by the all-star cast. But, years later, reading the novel felt fresh and something to looked forward to, rather than "Oh, I've seen it". Christie at the top of her game.

Yata54on February 6, 2012 Great Read!!

I really enjoyed this book, it is a great read! It is a true page turner, I read it too fast, now I need to find another book to read. Before reading this book, I had watched a PBS documentary about the Orient Express, this was nice because then while reading the book I had in my mind a very clear image of the train decor, cars, etc. Enjoy!!

D. Gregoryon February 2, 2016 Agatha - no need to say more.

I have read this, and most of Agatha's books, multiple times, so the above categories don't work (of course it's "predictable", I've known the ending since I was a teen). But there's a reason I keep re-reading - I love her work!

Ellen Archeron January 11, 2015 Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express, one of Agatha Christie's mysteries featuring Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, is one of my very favorite of hers. If you have not seen the movie based on this book, sit back and be prepared to be surprised. If you have seen the movie but not read the book, I recommend you do so. It's even better than the film! Murder on the Orient Express showcases some of Christie's best writing, plot, and characters.

Treat yourself!

Rajeev N Bon July 22, 2014 One of the Best Murder Mystery ....

One of the best murder mysteries out there.
The book seems to describe each character very well.
Our Protagonist of the story "Hercule Poirot" is as usual witty and humorous.
The story line is truly remarkable making you think and ponder on the details thrown at you by various characters during investigation of the case.
The Hints for solving the crime is hidden in the conversations between the protagonist and other characters of the story.
Having read "And then there were none" by the same author, I found this book to be if not greater, equally interesting to read.

PK 171on April 27, 2015 Christie Scores Again!

This book was totally entertaining, clean,and well-written. I chose it because I have loved books by this author all my life. Also train mysteries fascinate me.. It is well-planned plot, escaping solution by the reader until the final page. I love the characterization of all the train psssengers. I would suggest this book for the reading of young girls and elderly women.

Creekeron March 15, 2012 An Old Friend

This classic mystery combining Agatha Christie's knowledge of the early Twentieth Century Middle East, with one of her most intricate plots,keeps you turning the pages and enjoying every word. If you like intellectually challenging mysteries, this is one for your shelf.

MarkD-NHon April 11, 2015 A classic for good reasons

Great. What else can you say about Agatha Christie. She's always engaging but not overpowering. And you start trying to guess the culprit as soon as the crime is revealed, even though you know you'll never out-solve Hercule Poirot. After reading all sorts of books and stories, it's a pleasure to sit back and let Christie lead you through her maze. Always a pleasant change of pace!

Melson October 6, 2015 Great mystery and awesome development of characters

Agatha Christie leads you into the journey with subtle hints and clues as she introduces each character and paints the setting. Poirot takes his time, asks the questions,observes and then, presents the evidence so that, at the end, the reader says Of Course!

Michael McAllisteron August 21, 2015 Justifiably Classic - A Reading Delight

Obviously, Murder on the Orient Express is universally acknowledged as a classic and one of the best selling books in the history of print. Still, I can't believe I hadn't read it before! It was really a delightful and clever story. A perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday.

Amazon Customeron September 30, 2014 The Orient Express is a finely crafted piece of detective fiction that unfolds the plot most ingenously.

Undoubtedly one of Agatha Christies most famous works. Never lose interest reading it multiple times. Highly recommended for those tired of reading the new genre of murder mysteries that get too gory and lengthy. Since this is a Kindle edition if you wish to read it on a long flight remember to download it before you board the plane. It'll keep you occupied for a trans-continental flight. Everything takes place on a journey on the legendary Orient Express train ride.

Regina Lithgowon October 22, 2015 A must-read classic

This classic is a fun book to read. There is not a lot of action. It's more a process of deduction through interviews with the suspects. However, it has a very satisfying ending. Doesn't everybody want to go on a train trip?

L.A. Ottson March 22, 2015 a great book with a "gotcha" ending.

A horrible murderer of children has escaped justice in America. A host of people related to the case make plans to travel on the Orient Express. Hercule poor it, the famous Belgian detective is also traveling by that train. A murder happens. Monsieur Poirot presents his solution. Don't miss this read.

24/7 Readeron November 1, 2015 distant at best.

It's a must-read for those learning about the "Golden Age" of detective fiction. Yes, it's rather plodding in pace, but it's interesting how Christie seems to see relationships, distant at best.

Rosemarieon September 4, 2013 Always great

I love Agatha Christie and have since I was able to read - I discovered murder mysteries through her books. She always writes a great "who done it". Good plot, great character development - they come alive in the story. I have read every one of her books and have never been able to pick who did it! Her stories are rich in imagination and colour. This is one of my all time favourites. It takes place on a train mainly in the dining and sleeping cars in the middle of a huge snow storm. No one gets off the train and no one gets on - any and everyone could have done it. It doesn't matter that this written a long time ago - it could have happened yesterday. A great rainy afternoon read. Highly recommend.

J Lopezon October 28, 2015 First time Agatha reader

I have read all Bosch, Reacher, Cole/Pike books and this is the first time I go back to the classics. First time reading an Agatha book and it was fun and entertaining. I will be reading more of them.

Marshal Shlaferon November 8, 2014 Glad I did

I never got into fiction, read nonfiction almost incessantly, but decided to give what is arguably Christie's most famous novel a try. Glad I did. A pleasant read, a plot that was really creative (almost to the point of being too contrived and unbelievable), and excellent mind diversion for me. I'll be getting more Christie mysteries and I suspect I'll enjoy them too.

Z.Ron August 25, 2015 Exactly What I Needed

The book was delivered on time and in great condition, which was important since I used it for a school assignment. The story itself was also very good and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery.

Germanon May 27, 2015 A Agatha book, the end will surprise you!

There are many sleek clues, but not enough to solve the case.

Kindle feature: The X-Ray is excelent to find, remember or check a clue read before, in spite of there are two or three little mistake (location 417 Countess), it is to much helpful.

Krishna1306on February 22, 2015 Suspence and detection at its best, on a casual story.

Hercule Poirot (one of the lead characters of this book) is at his best, as a detective, only second to Sherlock Holmes, the most admired and appreciated fictious detective! A must read for suspense loving readers. A short read, hence, there is no reason for anyone to miss it.

Gloria Allioneon August 6, 2014 A classic you cannot miss

This is the first book by Agatha Christie I have ever read (what a shame!). I decided to start with the most famous of hers. I can say the book lived up to my expectation. The characters are well-defined. The plot is brilliant. The solution of the case totally unexpected. I liked it so much that I immediately bought "And then there were none" afterwards.

tsarivanivon August 15, 2013 Amazing book for mystery fans

This book is amazing for mystery fans, and even for those who prefer other genres. It is one of those books that make you want to read more and more books, regardless if they are the same genre or not. The plot is so intricate and near impossible to understand, as so typical of Agatha Christie's books, yet when Poirot actually explains how the murder took place it makes you feel a little stupid, for how the facts were so obvious and only reasoning was needed. In the end, this book keeps you on the edge until the last chapter, with Poirot changing ideas about how the murder was committed. Highly recommended.

Fred Holzknechton September 29, 2010 Ingenious

This mystery is one of Agatha Christie's best, if not the best. On a luxury train, filled to capacity, a murder happens that is not entirely unpredictable, but the solution to the baffling murder certainly is. A snowdrift has stopped the train, and while the passengers wait for the track to be cleared, Christie's little Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, goes to work and finds the improbable solution to the mystery.

online shopperon March 28, 2015 classic read

I read this book years ago. I just finished rereading it for a book club discussion. It still stands out as a classic who-dun-it. Following Poirot as he analyzes the case was still intriguing. The conclusion remains classic.

Kindle Customeron July 22, 2014 Express ing my appreciation for a classic murder mystery!

I have always loved any mysteries written by Agatha Christie, and I have to admit I had not read Murder on the Orient Express. I decided to purchase it for my Kindle after I saw the old black and white movie and wondered how close the movie and the book were. Not bad- liked the way the book handled the ending. Classic murder mystery.

Lesley Siferson December 10, 2014 I liked the book but the movie starring David Suchet is ...

I've always been a fan of Poirot but had NEVER read a book by Agatha Christie. I liked the book but the movie starring David Suchet is actually better than the book. I seldom say that about a movie made from a book because it's usually the other way around.

Carol McBrideon January 11, 2014 Agatha Christie 's most famous Hercule Poirot mystery

I saw a movie version of Murder on the Orient Express many years ago, and I was fascinated by the complexity of the mysterious murder of Mr. Rachett. As usual, the book is even better. I can't believe I waited all these years before enjoying the written words of Agatha Christie. The assembly of characters and the layers of lies is such fun to dig through! I never get tired of the richness of a Christie novel.

Nick Bon December 12, 2013 and it was absolutely brilliant. It is also the first time that I ...

This is the first time I've ever read a Agatha Christie novel, and it was absolutely brilliant. It is also the first time that I have ever somewhat-correctly guessed the ending to a mystery book. I won't ruin it for anyone, but I will state that the biggest clue to the solution is within the first few chapters. The trains are usually close to empty for this time of year... and yet this particular one is full...

Sumit Anvekaron October 2, 2014 So fresh, all readers should read this.

This novel comes out as so fresh among the cliche detective stories we all have read. I haven't thought in my wildest dreams that a Poirot would be involved in something like this. A great read for those who are bored of the usual detective stories. Hats off.

Megan ACEon January 14, 2015 Christie is the master of mystery! This short novel ...

Christie is the master of mystery! This short novel will keep you interested and guessing. After reading it's worth looking up the time Ms.Christie put into constructing it. She spent quite a bit of time on this gem.

MR CLARKon March 2, 2014 Quick read and a fun story

My first Agatha Christie novel and I was very happy with it. I won't go into much detail, I'm sure there are thousands of reviews. But coming from a first timer I'd highly recommend this one. It kept me engaged and questioning everything throughout the story. Lots of nice imagery and dialogue. If you're a fan of detective/mystery stories, give it a try.

Little lady meon November 25, 2014 Always a classic.

Really enjoyable. Even though it was written so long ago, it did not seem too outdated to read. Interesting to read a mystery from the 1930's and to compare it to the current genre. The gruesome details are a lot less gory.

Mr Axolotlon December 18, 2013 Agatha Christie Classic

Lots of fun, I've read this many times. Her mysteries can get a bit tedious as the search for clues goes on and everyone is a suspect. Then the final scene where you learn the truth. There is an unusual twist to this story that is surprising and one you'll not forget. So sure, I knew the ending before I read it again, but so what, I love the Poirot character, well done on TV too.

Amazon Customeron April 9, 2014 Maybe not my genre but...

I"m new to Agatha Christie and crime/detective/whodunnits have never been an interest. However I think it was a fabulous read. I will read more of Agatha Christie for sure. But for some reason (maybe the reasons listed above) it didn't grab me with the instant 5-star feeling that some books do.

Annon April 3, 2014 Witty intelligent novel

I had never read an Agatha Christie and thought I should since she is iconic in the world of suspense novels.

This is a great read. The story and characters are believable. There is great humor and a wonderful ending.

Highly reccomend this book. One of my favorites.

Akshayon September 4, 2014 I ordered this book because I had read really good reviews for it

I ordered this book because I had read really good reviews for it. And i was not disappointed. It is really good. Drags a little bit towards the end before Poirot reveals the truth. But I like it Over all

Bruce W. Brittonon June 2, 2011 One of Dame Agatha's best

Murder on the Orient Express (alternatively titled Murder in the Calais Coach) is one of Agatha Christie's best mysteries featuring Hercule Poirot, the detective with the egg-shaped head and the little gray cells (along with a big ego in a diminutive body). I find it difficult to rank books, but it is certainly one of Christie's top five Poirot mysteries. Murder on the Orient Express has everything a good mystery should have: a great plot, excellent characterization, a surprising dénouement, and an interesting (albeit immodest!) detective.

When it was first published, some critics grumbled that the solution wasn't fair. That wasn't the first time that critics complained about the dénouement in a Christie mystery. Her earlier book, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd: A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Hercule Poirot Mysteries), had many critics (and some readers) up in arms complaining that her solution was unfair. As far as I'm concerned, Dame Agatha always played fair; she just came up with unique and innovative solutions (and that's really what the critics and readers were objecting to).

Murder on the Orient Express is an unusual Poirot mystery in other ways. It is told in third person narrative mode, while most other Poirot stories are narrated by Captain Hastings, Watson to Poirot's Holmes. Hastings invariably provides some comic relief as well. Never fear: there are a number of humorous moments to be found, even without Hastings.

One of the marks of a good book is that it stands up to re-reading. This is particularly difficult with mysteries, since you usually will have remembered the solution. One of my pleasures is re-reading Christie's better works from time to time. Even knowing the solution, there remain nuances to be discovered.

For my permanent collection, I have the Black Dog & Leventhal low-priced hardcover 2006 edition (Murder on the Orient Express: A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Agatha Christie Collection)), which I recommend without reservation.

I also highly recommend Sidney Lumet's marvelous 1974 screen adaptation, Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. Lumet and the all-star cast do justice to Dame Agatha's book. Just make sure you avoid the horrible 2005 made-for-TV remake (Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express).

Chadd Wheaton April 17, 2014 Classic

Not much I can really say -- Classic Poirot, classic Christie. Re-reading this novel was like comfortably sitting by a winter's fire in your favorite slippers, with a hot cup of chocolate, and perusing a favored scrapbook.

Linda Haleson February 16, 2014 Red Herring

What can I say? It's Agatha Christie. She shapes and molds words and plots into this wonderful world of mystery and intrigue. If you haven't read this or any of her work, I highly recommend it. It will definitely be worth your time.

Amazon Customeron December 10, 2013 Make sure you read the book before you watch the movie.

Of all the Poirot mysteries, I love this one the most. The fact that there is a Hollywood movie that is pretty true to the book even added to the enjoyment. I had my daughter read the book before we both watched the movie and she was impressed.

SAMUEL M. MILLIGANon February 28, 2013 Poirot's Humanity

Ms. Christie does her usual magnificent job of building the suspense until the final gathering of the suspects. Poirot, once again shows his humanity in letting M. Bouc make the decision regarding prosecution.

I love how Ms. Christie uses adverbs to convey emotions, expressions and looks, i.e. glances, stares, etc.

Samuel M. Milligan

Karen Sieradskion June 13, 2002 Fantastic reading!

David Suchet does a superb job with the narration and the various voices and accents. Even though I'm quite familiar with this story, listening to the Audio CD added a new dimension to the mystery.

Marthaon September 29, 2013 Murder on the Orient Express

Classic Agatha Christie! She really brings life to Poirot and all the characters on the train. You will not be disappointed and it will definitely keep your attention. I've read many of her books but this one is my favorite.

JR in Lafayetteon August 20, 2013 Great Family Movie

We watched the movie a couple of times just in the 1st couple of weeks of receiving it (family friendly). My daughter liked it so much she wanted the book but I don't think she's read it yet. Should of gotten the book 1st! :) Enjoy.

Raju Nairon April 22, 2013 climax is unbelievable.....

excellent book.. a must read.

very cleverly structured... good momentum builder... excellent..

even in 2013 its a worth read. good one...

Doris Doltonon November 25, 2013 mystery

I enjoy all kind of mysteries. Agatha Christie is one of my favorite writers of mystery and suspense. highly recommend this to any one who likes mysteries.

SueVon June 17, 2013 Primo!

A favorite Agatha Christy that I enjoy again with every reread. A good introduction to Agatha and Hercule, I think, for readers new to either of them.

Lindsayon March 29, 2013 Excellent Book!

This book was in excellent condition and Agatha Christie is the best writer out there! I would definitely recommend this to all mystery readers!

Linda B Hodgdonon November 20, 2012 Agatha Christie rules

Cannot beat her mysteries and this is probably her best known work. A retread for my book club, delightful!
Matched it up with a viewing of the movie with Albert Finney in the lead. Characters are well drawn and complex. Enough red herrings to keep you challenged all the way to the end.

Readaon March 15, 2013 A reliable classic

The writing was excellent of course as Christie keeps us enthralled with the interview process and suspecting just about everyone. Then we find out -- we're right -- yet still surprised at the end.

Best of all -- no one has a cell phone!

Carl Hankwitzon June 5, 2013 Great Classic

We are planning on staying at the hotel in Istanbul, Turkey where this book was written. It was the hotel where passengers stayed who were traveling on the Orient Express... Hemingway et all. The Pera Palace Hotel.

Cecil A. Grant, Jr.on April 3, 2013 Great Novel

A well written novel that forces you to pay attention to the details! I had the chance to read this while I was on a train! Fun!!

Zachary Mooreon June 30, 2013 Murder on the Orient Express is a wonderful book that I hope you read soon.

I believe that this is a wonderful novel to read that will never get old. I will never get bored with reading this book.

Cheryl C. Wilsonon June 30, 2013 Poirot

Agatha Christie at her best. I have collected my favorite Agatha Christie books for keeps. This is one of the best.

Kindle Customeron November 16, 2016 A Fun Read and Interesting End

A lot of fun reading this again, but many years later. I had forgotten how it ended and was pleasantly surprised.

Les Stocktonon November 28, 2012 Fun

This is one of those more famous Agatha Christie stories. And after reading it, I understand why. The book had perfect flow with the right amount of character development. I never felt bogged down during the reading of this story.

Snapson December 6, 2012 Great!

Very enjoyable read. I love mysteries, but somehow had never read any of Agatha Christie's books. After reading this one, I had another downloaded to my Kindle and thoroughly enjoyed it, too. Like a good wine, this was complex.

Bryanon January 19, 2017 A masterpiece

It held me right to the last word. A perfect book for those armchair sleuths who love to figure out who dunnit.

Don S Milleron October 23, 2016 A Christie classic, if you're a mystery fan, don't miss out on this one.

A great whodunit from Agatha Christie. I thought the narrator did a good job at bringing the characters to life.

Jeremy Hayeson November 28, 2012 Agatha Christie is amazing

This is the second book I have read by her, both times I thought I had it all figured out but she put the perfect red herrings in place to push me in the other direction. Any mystery fan should read this and her other books.

Dianeon December 20, 2012 Probably the most enjoyable novel I've ever read

Each character is someone you'd want to know better (especially, of course, M Poirot). This book was so much fun to read I was actually sad that I'd finished it. I'd never have guessed the ending in a million years.

Pamon July 4, 2013 a good ending

Fantastic ending! The ending was very good and I didn't suspect who did it at all! You should read it

Gabbion June 18, 2013 a amazing read!!!

Omg, I had to read it for school and I thought it would be bad... But it was AMAZING!!! I loved it.

Nickon July 24, 2013 Good story with an unexpected ending

This was a good story. It kept me wanting to read on and I did not see the ending coming at all.

Bill Con November 15, 2016 and I loved it. Just enough suspense to keep it interesting ...

This is the first Agatha Christie story I have ever read, and I loved it. Just enough suspense to keep it interesting and, I thought there was an element of the whimsical to it as well. It is good reading for an evening by the fireplace.

JohnKon August 26, 2011 Book purchase.

Excellent book, but I purchased it for my high-school teenager because it was on her required reading list for one of her courses. The price was fair and the condition of the book was accurately represented. Shipped and arrived on time.

Julius Caesaron November 13, 2010 It's a Killer!

I bought this for a friend as part of a "killer" Xmas gift. You all know the plot because you have all (probably) seen the movie, and there is no point in me attempting to critique Agatha Christie's writing style.

It was a good price; delivery was prompt; I had no issues with any part of the transaction. 'Nuff said.

JodyCon February 21, 2008 A page turner

There's been a murder in compartment No. 2 on the Orient Express. The victim was stabbed twelve times. The body was found by the attendant when the victim didn't show up for dinner in the dining car. Could it have been Mrs. Hubbard in the compartment next to him? Perhaps it was Colonel Arbuthnot who had a silent, suspicious air about him?

Murder on the Orient Express leads you through an entire murder mystery, like a fly on the wall, observing everything as it unfolds. There is a brutal murder that takes place on the train while it's in transit to its destination, but who could the killer be? There are a number of killer prospects, because they were all on the train at the time the murder was committed and the killer could not have left the train since it's been stopped by snow drifts on the track, so we know the killer is still onboard.

We follow Mr. Hercule Poirot, detective, throughout the whole book, as it's him who's doing all of the questioning, and solving this unbelievable case. As the book goes on each chapter has more twists than the last, and it grows more confusing until you don't know which way is up! The people who you suspect have evidence that proves them innocent, and the people who could never be the killer are suspected for the murder! And just when you can't make heads or tails of who to suspect, and who to throw out, Hercule sits back and reflects on all of the evidence, alibis, and clues, and solves the mystery in his head.

This mystery keeps you guessing until literally the very last chapter. This book is a real page turner and I personally couldn't put it down and I'm sure you won't be able to either. Another well written mystery novel by Agatha Christie, and a must read for any mystery lover.

Agatha Christieon August 24, 2009 Agatha's Best Mystery Book

I couldn't stop reading this book!!! It was amazingly written. It is considered the BEST mystery book for Agatha Christie for a reason!! they have made movies about it!! ITS SOOOOOOOO GOOD. Keeps you busy.

The book itself was delivered in great condition, shipped in time.

DarkEagle215on February 24, 2015 Mystery the way it should be told!

This is the first and only Agatha Christie book I have ever read. I was not able to put this book down! This is a very talented author who knows how to give each of her characters just enough time for a really deep back story to the central plot yet not overwhelm the reader with a crowd of people. The protagonist is an excellent character that you will grow to respect. The way the author sets up the mystery and suspence is the best I have ever seen. She will use the protagonist to answer questions that are burning in your mind while withholding the protagonists opinions till the end. She let's him gather all of the clues for the reader then spends a few pages recounting the data that he received from his investigation. I will say, it was super fun trying to guess who the culprit is and I couldn't have been farther from the truth. You really need to keep an open mind and consider all possibilities with this story. Overall, an excellent mystery novel that you will want to pass on to friends and see whether or not they are able to solve it!

Bittersweet Lifeon July 30, 2014 An absoulte first-class whodunit

It's been quite a while since I last read an Agatha Christie novel and this one only served to remind me how well written these whodunits are. Looking forward to watching the movie adaptation now.

Carlos Fraticellion May 6, 2016 I am in the process of reading one or two ...

I am in the process of reading one or two books of various mystery series. This was my second Agatha Christie mystery. I am looking forward to viewing one or two films based on this mystery.

Cindyon April 21, 2014 one crazy train

This was my first Agatha Christie read. I read it for my book club. I enjoyed the read and I must say it kept me guessing to the end. I would probably read another mystery by this author.

Gerard Trianoon October 9, 2015 Classic Whodunit

Among Agatha Christie's masterpieces. Ingenious plot and intriguing characters. Well written page turner. Even for anyone who saw the 1974 film, this is still very entertaining reading.

Lisa Kimbroughon September 9, 2016 The most famous mystery story for a reason

How has it that as famous as this book is, I never knew how it ended? I am amazed that the ending has not been ruined as so many others. At any rate, it was fantastic and I loved it.

J. Emrickon August 17, 2010 Exactly what I was looking for

This version, as read by David Suchet, was amazing. He does all the voices with expertise and I greatly enjoyed the rendition. It sounds more like a radio drama than a simple reading.

Sarah Smithermanon July 30, 2016 Devilishly clever.

So many characters to keep track of as well as their families, Agatha Christie puts you directly into Poirot's shoes and doesn't let up. Fantastically written and expertly designed.

Kathleen Villineson September 15, 2016 Great Book

I read this book years ago. I was surprised that my Mom never had. Ordered this in large-print for her birthday and she is really enjoying it. I have always liked Agatha Christie!

S. Sylviaon September 2, 2016 Never Gets Old!!

Enjoyed reading this classic Agatha Christie novel again... enjoyed it even more the second time around. Looking forward to seeing this movie with David Suchet once again as well.

Amazon Customeron October 29, 2016 A Bucket List Book

It's been awhile since I've given myself the motivation to read again. This was a perfect welcoming back. It's one the books everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.

Juliaon December 5, 2014 I love Agatha Christie

What can I say, I love Agatha Christie. If she wrote the phone book, I would find it exciting. This is one of her best. The ending, for the first time reader, is jaw dropping.

Valeriy Voytkoon April 12, 2012 Classical!

Shame on me, but I only read it when I had to during my LIT327 class.
The story is thrilling!
The shipping was fast, and the book's condition was mint.
Thank you.

Eward F. Kippon May 29, 2014 Great read

Have seen several films made from the book, but had never read it. Even though you know how it will end reading the book is well worth the time. Agatha Christie is a master.

kade dahlon August 6, 2012 Murder on the Orient Express

This book is great. we saw the movie years ago and had forgotten the whole story. It is so well written, humorous and Agatha Christie keeps the mystery as always to the last!

Jon Swifton August 22, 2016 Murder by train

A charming puzzle of murder in a limited space. A mixed cast from various backgrounds are confronted with a murder. Hercule Poiret steps in and uses his little gray cells.

Cat Ladyon July 22, 2016 Christie was brilliant

This is the first book of hers I have won't be the last. No wonder my mother loved Christie's books. I highly recommend this book with all its twists and turns.

Daniel, Auburn CAon July 25, 2016 My first Agatha Christie book, great book.

Great book. I've known of the author but never read or have seen any of the movies so this was in all intents a new read for me. I'm looking forward to her other stories.

Amazon Customeron December 10, 2013 twist ending!!

I really liked this book! I can't believe the outcome. This story line must have been very well thought out. I highly recommend that you read it, it is incredibly good!!!

BookLoveron October 5, 2016 Classic

You can't go wrong with an Agatha Christie book. It's amazing the new details I pick up with each read. Even knowing the outcome each time I get sucked into the process.

Karla McNeeseon August 12, 2016 Classic detective story with an ending that will surprise

Mystery fiction fans know the murder on a train story well but this classic is where it all began. With an ending that twists the usual, it is sure to keep you guessing.

kindlefanon February 21, 2013 one of Dame Agatha's best!!

One of Dame Agatha's best!! Simply told and great mystery and surprise ending. I think she must have written this after the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. A definite puzzle!

BKZOEon September 5, 2016 A fun classic read it.

Great mystery a challenge to figure out. In an age where many mystery or suspense books and movies are overly gory, gruesome and violent Chisties books are refreshing.

FuntoReadon August 13, 2016 Entertaining!

The plot, as is always with Christie, had wonderful twists.

The ending itself was a bit unsatisfying. What happened in the future? What was the outcome?

Amazon Customeron April 22, 2016 If you want a great story that you can't figure out

One of my all time favorites. If you want a great story that you can't figure out, this is the book for you! One can never go wrong with an Agatha Christy novel.

Deborah A. Gabrielon November 1, 2013 Birthday Gift

This was a birthday gift for my sister. She loves Agatha Christie and can listen to this CD on her way to and from work. It helps pass the time of a long drive.

Linda Gasperon July 9, 2015 Murder on the Orient Express

Another great Agatha Christie book. I have seen the play and it was excellent, but there is nothing like reading about it at your own pace. Again a Great Book!

Richard Wardon June 3, 2014 Murder On The Orient Express

Having only seen part of the movie it was a pleasure to read the entire book

The book arrived earlier than expected, and is in excellent condition.

Amazon Customeron May 29, 2016 One of the best whodunnits ever!

One of the cleverest plots ever with superbly written characters. As always, Poirot's keen observations eventually reveal who is responsible for the murder.

Brad M.on January 10, 2016 Don't stop this train!

As an avid audiobook listener, I knew I couldn't hosting with Agatha and she didn't let me down. Saw the movie first but was still intrigued while listening.

Teresa Ramseuron October 18, 2016 Another Good Old-Fashioned Mystery

This was another good old-fashioned mystery, although I didn't particularly enjoy this one as much as some of her others, it kept me reading until the end.

Rich Rouquetteon July 15, 2014 Good mystery

It held my interest and keep trying to figure out who the murder was.
I liked the plot twist at the end of the book
I would recommend this book

Adrienneon July 7, 2016 Love a good mystery

I have never read a Agatha Christie book before. I figured I would give it a look over. I love this book. I am definitely going to read more books by her.

Jim R. Whitt Jr.on October 15, 2015 My favorite mystery, no doubt

My favorite mystery, no doubt. This is one instance, however, when the movie was better than the book. Murder On The Orient Express

amarilis c.on July 14, 2016 eh pretty big and long

It was a pretty thick book and concluded with some french words. It was a little too long to find the answer to the mystery but than again thats Agatha

wolfsteineron February 3, 2013 Fabulous Read

This is a great classic and being able to read on the Kindle is awesome !!! Highly recommend to get reaquainted with a famous book by a famous author!

Deepti Guptaon October 21, 2015 Christie at her best

As is with all her novels, this was also indeed full of thrills twists and turns and absolutely bound readers until the last page. Simply loved it!!!

Rivger Oceaneauon October 28, 2012 Very Good

Great Book Highly recommend! All of Agatha Christie's works in my opinion are works of art. Very enjoyable and the characters unique and interesting.

wig weareron February 25, 2015 Classic mystery

This was required for a literature course and I initially Thought it was going to be dry. I couldn't have been mire wrong! This was a great mystery!

BradNamon June 25, 2013 Great books im in love with this

Actually my school requires me to read this book it was great. I love to read a book now. Even though i am foreigner i love how they apporach case.

Vasilisaon March 13, 2013 Classic Poirot Mystery

This is a classic Poirot mystery-suspenseful, thrilling and the result is totally unexpected. A great classic detective story from Agatha Christie.

Claudia E. Colemanon November 19, 2014 Wonderful book. Made me go back and re-read all ...

Read it many years ago and decided to read it again. Wonderful book. Made me go back and re-read all Hercule Poirot books from the beginning.

Mariaon December 27, 2013 very good author, love her books

my 11 yr old nephew read this book, and loved it. it was very well planned out, and Agatha Christie is a recommended author for those 8 and up.

SherlockVINE VOICEon December 13, 2012 Excellent Christie book (1934) and movie (1974)

I'm combining this review of the book and movie together because the stories are so closely related, and I think that anyone who likes the movie will be interested to know about the book, and readers who have enjoyed the book may like to get some details about the movie. The 1974 movie is a true classic, and along with many others I look forward to the time when it will be digitally restored and issued on blu-ray disk.

I love the 1974 Murder on the Orient Express movie and have watched it several times over the years on TV and DVD. I've only recently read the book for the first time on Kindle, and was frankly quite amazed to see how faithful the movie was to Christie's novel of the same title written in 1934. Since most of the story takes place on a train, it was relatively easy for producers to keep the movie closely aligned to the book even in many small details, and I'm grateful that they did. After reading the book and seeing how Christie portrayed Poirot as being a more quiet and low key personality, I can appreciate that some criticize the selection and performance of Albert Finney as Poirot because he is often quite emotional and demonstrative, as well as physically different than the Poirot Christie described. This is the only major difference between the 1974 movie and the book, though it can be a crucial difference for Christie fans.

Christie's story is loosely based on the actual kidnapping of aviator Charles Lindbergh's 20-month-old son in 1932. A $50,000 ransom was paid but the baby was murdered and his body was found two months later. A household servant who was suspected by the police of playing a part in the kidnapping did commit suicide.

In Christie's story, Hercule Poirot is returning to England aboard the Orient Express. The train is halted at night because of heavy snow and a passenger is found murdered in his bed the following morning. A doctor happens to be on board and tells Poirot that there are twelve stab wounds in the body. Everyone in the coach is a suspect, but what was the motive? Poirot must wade through the maze of contradictory clues and apparent impossibilities, some of which make him recall a child kidnapping/murder that happened a few years previously.

The 1974 movie was stylishly done with great performances by an all star cast, and the music is also wonderful. Wikipedia lists these awards and Cast members:
Academy Award: Best Supporting Actress, Ingrid Bergman
Academy Award Nomination: Best Actor in a Leading Role, Albert Finney
Academy Award Nomination: Best Cinematography, Geoffrey Unsworth
Academy Award Nomination: Best Costume Design, Tony Walton
Academy Award Nomination: Best Music, Original Dramatic Score, Richard Rodney Bennett
Academy Award Nomination: Best Writing, Screenplay Adapted from Other Material, Paul Dehn

Albert Finney ... Hercule Poirot
Lauren Bacall ... Mrs. Harriet Belinda Hubbard
Sean Connery ... Colonel Arbuthnott
Ingrid Bergman ... Greta Ohlsson
Michael York ... Count Rudolf Andrenyi
Vanessa Redgrave ... Mary Debenham
Jacqueline Bisset ... Countess Elena Andrenyi
Richard Widmark ... Mr. Ratchett
John Gielgud ... Edward Henry Masterman
Anthony Perkins ... Hector McQueen
Martin Balsam ... Bianchi
Rachel Roberts ... Hildegarde Schmidt
Wendy Hiller ... Princess Dragomiroff
Denis Quilley ... Antonio (Tony) Foscarelli
Colin Blakely (as Colin Blankey) ... Cyrus B. "Dick" Hardman
Jean-Pierre Cassel ... Pierre Michel
George Coulouris ... Dr. Constantine

The 2004 DVD has good video & audio quality, and it plus the nicely formatted Kindle book or printed books will make great gifts for mystery lovers. I enjoyed reading the Kindle book and often replay the DVD because the movie is that great. I hope you will enjoy them also.

Aaronon August 10, 2014 A great read. I recommend for anyone interested in mysteries

A great read. I recommend for anyone interested in mysteries. Nice pacing, memorable characters, with an unique setting. One of Agatha's best.

G. McFarlandon January 7, 2017 Excellent

I had never read an Agatha Christie book nor seen one of the movies. Deciding to read this one was the right decision. I won't stop with it.

KSHon December 13, 2013 Teenage Boy Loved it!

My son absolutely loved this book, which was a little surprising to me! He picked it from a list for a report, and now wants more of Agatha.

Carolina Swoverlandon December 4, 2012 Entrataining

Very entrataining. Hard to put down when I started it. Surprising ending. Excelent classic. I fully recomend it. I am hook now on her books.



Johnon February 4, 2013 The Greatest Murder Mystery Ever

This is the BEST mystery I have ever read. Agatha drops you clues all along the way, and it is not until the very end that she wraps it up.

Amazon Customeron September 26, 2014 An Old Fave

I love Agatha Christie. This is her famous one, and who doesn't love train journeys in the days when you had compartments and wait staff?

Amazon Customeron February 8, 2017 Great

Very thrilling novel and good work by the author. Always a fan of Agatha Christie
Having the complete collection and I just love it

Barbara Cwiklikon August 23, 2016 Love Agatha Christie mysteries

Love Agatha Christie mysteries, Hercule Poirot or Agatha Christie, it's always a good read. It's great fun to try to solve the mystery!

suyin diazon December 3, 2012 good book

Very well developed characters, interesting book. Although I knew who the killer was before the end, I loved Agatha Christie's books !!

Amazon Customeron August 3, 2016 Hercule Poirot one of my favorites

I like reading him better than watching some one else's ideas of what he sounds and looks like. Although the guy on PBS did a good job.

lazyboneson February 6, 2017 Unlikely turn of events!!

Great story . Lots of suspense and working through details. Would recommend as a good read for mystery lovers . The end was a twist .

Dorison November 10, 2016 Wonderful Poirot

Classic Hercules Poirot gripping story brilliant deduction surprise ending. Agatha Christie is a master of this genre. Love her work

Liyah Anne Warrenon August 14, 2013 Great book

I love how the book kept you on your toes. I really like the way it ended though. You should read it to find out how killed Ratchett.

Marketh Colemanon May 22, 2016 A great book.

A classic. I have watched the series for years and this is the first time that I have been given a greater appreciation of the work.

D. Badgeron November 5, 2016 Hercule Poirot Does His Best

I am reading this book for the second time and it is just as satisfying as before. Agatha Christie is one of my favorit eauthors.

Amazon Customeron July 1, 2016 Agatha 4 Life

I have long been a fan of Agatha Christie books. They are classic! This was was very entertaining, definitely one of my favorites.

Emily Mehltretteron December 31, 2014 Very Captivating!

Great Book! Very Captivating! I took this book with me on vacation and enjoyed the shorter chapters (helped with interruptions).

Edward Olsenon June 11, 2014 Fun Read

Good mystery, hard to put down, fun to try and solve as read along, great unexpected out come. Will be reading more of her books.

R. L. M.on January 14, 2013 Very entertaining from cover to cover!

You willl never guess who did it. There is not a dull moment. The book captivates the reader as if you were actually on the train.

k robinsonon February 3, 2014 Excellent who dunnit!

My first but certainly not my last Agatha Christie classic. I was unprepared for the ending. Many moral dilemmas are presented.

TVwatcheron January 19, 2015 Murder on the Orient Express

Wonderful Agatha Christie! Great to the last chapter! Her character , Poirot, is a super detective even for 1934! He's amazing!

Francine Tetroon July 15, 2014 Excellent Poirot adventure

What a great story! Anything with Poirot is entertaining and riveting! So interesting and a great way for a reader to indulge !

gloria clayon February 13, 2014 great book

I love this book . it is one of my favorite Agatha Christie books. The ending seems fantastical, yet I could see it happening.

byarswellson January 9, 2014 Excellent ending

well written. amazing how it all comes together. she easily crafts a neat crime and works backwards to create a exciting story.

H. Parkeron July 6, 2016 I am not a true mystery fan, but i decided yo read this famous mystery and found it compelling.

The kindle edition is easy to read which for me is a plus as I have macular degeneration . the print is clear and well spaced.

Amazon Customeron April 24, 2016 Must Read

Great book. Kept me guessing until the very last page. All of my theories were proved wrong by Christie. One heck of a writer.

Elizabeth Benneton November 30, 2013 Nexy time fly

Brilliant and witty book. Agatha deals with the Mafia in this one, solving an old crime and describing in detail retribution.

Eric Moraeson December 22, 2012 Awesome ending!

As always, an awesome book from Agatha Christie! It has an incredible ending and this is one of the most famous books of hers!

Paula from VAon October 3, 2016 AC never fails to engage and surprise. The ending ...

AC never fails to engage and surprise. The ending was totally unpredictable and caught me by surprise. It was also ingenious!

Achutha Karuppiah AGENTaweshumon September 21, 2013 Awesome

This book is filled with pure awesomeness. It is a must read and you will never guess who the murderer is until the very end.

Madison Hitchon February 15, 2017 Fantastic Mystery

The perfect mystery, there were parts that I could guess and others that I was completely surprised to discover. Great read.

OJAndersonon August 23, 2016 A Mystery Till the End!

It was interesting in that rather than one or two of the people being involved, they all were a part of the suspense novel.

Jenny Johnsonon October 1, 2015 its a great book

i would recomend this book to people who like mysteries, great pieces of literature, and people who like awsome detectives.

Devorah Weintraubon February 24, 2017 So fun!.

A brain vacation while using ur brain. Kept me on my toes trying to figure it out. The final reveal was very satisfying.

Amazon Customeron September 4, 2016 It still held surprises and was a wonderful

This is a classic, and even though I knew about the ending somewhat.. It still held surprises and was a wonderful read

katja gampeon April 1, 2014 Classic

Read the fifth time and intrigued every time. Agatha Christie remains one of my favorite writers of all time! Enjoy!!!

Pamon August 20, 2015 Great read

A great read, thorough and entertaining.
A little slow in some parts but an overall brilliant book to have read.

Lisa W. Weddleon February 25, 2014 Classic

I really enjoyed this book. Very thought provoking if you can follow it. It keeps your head dining till the very end.

Maddieon November 4, 2014 Queen of Murder Mysteries

Wonderful book! Kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end! Christie really is the queen of murder mysteries!

Francis J. Rizneron August 1, 2016 but there's nothing like reading it and formulating your own visions

I read the story years ago and saw the movie, but there's nothing like reading it and formulating your own visions.

Carmen Vegaon November 3, 2015 This is on of my favorite books by Agatha Christie

This is on of my favorite books by Agatha Christie. I recommend this book to anyone who loves crime mystery novels.

Tom Sheetson January 10, 2015 Perfect murder

I thought the intertwining of all twelve was brilliant. Poirot was at his best .Love his approach to solving crime.

Jessicaon December 28, 2012 GREAT Book

This book is fascinating it is well written and is great for early teens I enjoyed starting and finishing this book

Bonesandfeatherson December 12, 2016 best of the best and i waited this long to ...

best of the best and i waited this long to read it...take s trip on the Orient won't be disappointed

the_guyon October 7, 2016 A gripping storyline

Well it is an Agatha Christie book and it ticks all the boxes in the recipe for a good mystery investigation novel

Anthony W. Donleyon May 20, 2016 A masterpiece

One of the cases upon which Christie built her fame. A must-read for any fan of the genre. The solution is unique.

Joeon August 26, 2014 Awesome!!!!!

Agatha Christie is simply amazing! This book is one of the best ever and I am so glad that I never saw the movie.

HistFicton February 18, 2014 Ultimate Poirot

This is perhaps the most famous of Agatha Christie's Poirot books. If you are a Christie fan this is a must read.

Nicolas Ortegaon December 28, 2013 Great

It was very good, recommended for anyone who likes mystery... I need more words, one sec.......... And There we go

Annon January 6, 2016 I love the fact it downloaded right away when I made ...

I love the fact it downloaded right away when I made the purchase for our 13 year old son for his school assignment. Most young teen don't care for this kind of book but it was a school assignment.

Ann Omsowofa
Boerne, TX

Diana L. Fergusonon October 3, 2016 A true classic!

It kept me guessing the whole time and brilliantly hid the mystery in the obvious. A very easy and Engaging read!

Linda Lee Cusimanoon June 7, 2014 Murder on the Orient Express

Wonderful. The plot is still relevant today. I a

I have found this to be addictive. I need more books.

Ronda D. Emersonon April 1, 2015 wow

Wow. Just wow! I've never seen the movie or heard the story before and I am sooo glad I hadn't. It was amazing!

Maryon January 28, 2014 Classic Christie

Years after reading this book the first time and having seen various films of it, I enjoyed the reading again.

Sue Bureschon April 24, 2013 Good story

Story is not exactly as the book that the students are reading a long with. Narrator is funny with his voices.

Michael Lewison December 18, 2014 Wonderful

An oldie but a goodie, satisfying on the 12th read as much as the first. Agatha never disappoints her readers

Theia111on November 20, 2014 She is the greatest. Read a long time ago and saw both ...

She is the greatest. Read a long time ago and saw both of the major film depictions and still loved the book.

Kathleen Perrymanon August 23, 2014 and this made it easy for both of us to just order the book ...

she needed a book for school, and this made it easy for both of us to just order the book from your company.

Melissaon August 17, 2014 fun read

Good thread of a story! Fun read - nice and light and entertaining. I am set to read more of her stories!

MNnevaon December 24, 2012 FANTASTIC

One of the best mysteries written and the best of Agatha Christie!! Read it and see for yourself right now.

CeeGeeon September 8, 2016 this was a great book to read

Even though I already knew the plot and the outcome, this was a great book to read. Christie at her best.

Susan C.on April 20, 2016 Enjoyable read

Agatha Christie was a master at writing mystery. Enjoyed the plot and very satisfied with the conclusion.

Baker #1on January 27, 2017 Good mystery. Abrupt ending.

A good offering by the master detective writer. There are better books by her, but this one is a keeper.

Leigha Nunnallyon July 4, 2016 Thrilling

Love the reveal. Written extremely well. A quick read, but none the less a good one with lots of detail.

Geralde Pierreon September 6, 2014 Five Stars

Possibly the best mystery novel I've ever read! Only my second Agatha Christie novel, but I'm a fan now!

gracie04on March 4, 2013 I'm an Agatha Christie enthusiast!

So, I'm giving this 5 stars! As always, it's a thinker! I never tire of her wonderful mind for mystery.

Amazon Customeron August 23, 2016 Five Stars

A classic, written by the Queen of detective fiction. Agatha Christie invented the knockout plot twist!

Stephen Rickson February 23, 2017 Finally Read

I finally got around to reading this book. It was good but not great. I do like the ending very much.

Shell Keoghon May 20, 2014 more murders I say!

jolly good read with some twists and turns and great humour. One to read from start to end in one go!

Jo Aon September 2, 2016 Absorbing

This novel kept me involved ... I needed to find out who did it! It was a good read. A good puzzle.

Amazon Customeron May 30, 2015 Five Stars

One of my all-time favorites. I am in the process of re reading all of the Christie masterpieces.

Kindle Customeron July 1, 2016 Where to get a good mystery

An oldie but a goodie. I have read it several times. Agatha Christie writes a wonderful mystery.

william shadburnon November 26, 2014 Five Stars

Good book. My second time. Read it to refresh myself with the geography too, in light of ISIS etc.

JARon December 5, 2014 Poirot at his finest (with a little help from Agatha)

Wow, such a classic and a treat to read! Poirot at his finest (with a little help from Agatha)!!

jessikinon August 19, 2013 great

a truly enjoyable read, I would recommend it to a friend. I would even read it again if I had to.

Robert Podolskyon August 17, 2013 Murder on the Orient Express

It was a very good book. It was better than any other Agatha Christie book I have read before now

T. Zorkoon February 12, 2017 And for a good reason. My first Agatha Christie novel and I ...

A classic! And for a good reason. My first Agatha Christie novel and I was not disappointed.

Elisha G. Roseon April 29, 2015 Great story, fun characters

I'm performing this for my college speech recital. Great story, fun characters, and surprises.

Amazon Customeron May 8, 2016 Great

I had to read this book for class and I fell in love with it. I'm now addicted to these books

Jiwoong Shinon August 27, 2015 Never read a book like that before

Very unique ending! Never read a book like that before. You will know why this is a classic!

Katrina Serafinkoon August 10, 2014 Five Stars

One of my favorite Agatha Christie stories. It is no wonder it translates so well to film.

E. Milleron July 11, 2014 generally a great book.

This is a classic for a reason. Full of surprises, well-written, generally a great book.

janet sherryon August 9, 2014 unstoppable

hard to follow but excellent writing. could not stop reading until I reached the end.

Tiffanyon January 18, 2017 Five Stars

Wonderful read from the master of mystery writing. I particularly adored the ending.

A3019on January 16, 2008 Brilliant!

This book is Agatha Christie at her best. I had this book with me on a trip and didn't manage to open it before return flight, which happened to be delayed and eventually rescheduled for the next day. Other people were getting anxious and nervous while I was happily on the Orient Express with Hercule Poirot. This book has it all. The moral story. The unexpected. The never-forgotten. In the end everything comes together brilliantly.

Amazon Customeron February 4, 2017 ... end and who would have thought of an ending like that.

Kept you guessing until the end and who would have thought of an ending like that.

Readeron August 26, 2016 still a good read after all this time

Typical Agatha Christie, still a good read after all this time. I enjoy her books.

N. Halfhideon July 11, 2015 A Classic

A classic whodunit. I have read it a multitude of time and still enjoy reading it.

telleron March 22, 2015 compelling and easy read; one of her true classics

second only to roger akroyd; compelling and easy read; one of her true classics.

Rodrigo Garcia Abalon March 6, 2016 Four Stars

great book! full of twists, easy to read, good flow! one of the best by Christie

momoftwoon July 23, 2016 Five Stars

Always a good plot like all of her books.I like all of Agatha Christie books.

Jamie O'Donnellon September 3, 2015 it was in really good condition. Love the story

For a book over 50 yrs old, it was in really good condition. Love the story!

Brigitte Tennison January 12, 2015 Excellent! I gave the book and the film to ...

Excellent! I gave the book and the film to a friend and she loved them both!

FA Mendeson March 26, 2016 Five Stars

Where have you gone Agatha Christie, our world's lonely eyes turn to you...

Craigon October 20, 2014 Five Stars
A classic whodunnit from Christie with a definite twist to keep you guessing

Ethan Jewetton May 30, 2016 I love this book

One of Agatha Christie's best books. Read this book, don't watch the movie.

Virginia K Boyeron October 14, 2014 Enjoyed it.

Read for book club to compare to Mayhem at the Orient Express. Enjoyed it.

natalieon January 8, 2017 Glad I tried it

It came together very well. I figured it out but only close to the end.

Shannnon Son March 3, 2016 A Classic

Love Agatha and this is a great story. A must read for mystery lovers.

sillygooseon July 10, 2015 The best mystery author of the 20th century.

I've read this book at least a dozen times, and I've never tired of it.

Barbara Smithon June 27, 2016 Five Stars

I love this character. Have all the books and enjoyed the TV program.

Jane Ulateon January 20, 2016 Five Stars

I love Agatha Christie books, even if I know the story and how it ends

Celia Stoneon July 20, 2014 Five Stars

it was quite confusing and certainly not what I expected at the end.

Nom D. Plumeon September 17, 2015 classic

Great classic! If you like murder mysteries, you have to read this!

Rebecca A. Furlowon August 10, 2016 Five Stars

I've read the book dozens of times, but always find it enjoyable.

Amazon Customeron February 20, 2016 Five Stars

It is a great book and it arrived exactly when they said it would

Dorene Kavanaghon October 21, 2014 A classic!

So fun. I'm going to go back and pick up the rest of the series.

MissyBuddyon October 12, 2014 Christie's greatest books.

One of Ms.Christie's greatest books...Hercule Poirot at his best!

Norma R. Millson March 17, 2016 Great book. The movie version was almost exactly like ...

Great book. The movie version was almost exactly like the book.

Ryan E Lovetton February 19, 2017 Five Stars

Got this for my legally blind grandmother, she was thrilled!

tammy krusoon July 9, 2014 Five Stars

Always loved Agatha Christie novels. This one was excellent.

Amazon Customeron February 12, 2016 A Classic. If you have never read, you ...

A Classic. If you have never read, you are in for a treat!

Kristenon February 28, 2016 Five Stars

Honestly I have no words for this book! It was incredible!

nuts11222on August 23, 2016 Five Stars

I love Agatha Christie and I love watching Poirot on BBC.

Mary Beth Kileyon March 7, 2016 An excellent read

Great story and great characters. Very unexpected ending.

Qtippchikon January 7, 2015 Four Stars

Read some of Agatha Christie's book this one is good also

Brunellaon August 18, 2016 Awesome bargain!

What can I's Agatha her work!!!

Shelly Leion February 9, 2016 Five Stars

I like all Agatha Christie novels. This is the best.

Roberta A. Doyleon December 12, 2016 Book vs movie

I had only seen the movie. The book is much better.

Matthew Halteron February 2, 2016 Four Stars

The whole story built to an ending I truly enjoyed.

Mabel11on May 10, 2015 but it is still a fantastic book!

Yes, it's dated, but it is still a fantastic book!

Mark Twainon October 4, 2014 Five Stars

A classic no matter how many times you've read it.

Amazon Customeron August 27, 2016 Great Classic Mystery

A great classic that I never get tired revisiting

Iris A Carlsonon September 4, 2016 Five Stars

Fabulous, as are all of Agatha Christie's books.

Aon August 27, 2016 Agatha

As usual Agatha Christie books are a great read.

Jamie O'Donnellon February 27, 2016 Five Stars

Happy to add it to my library. Loved this book.

Rajaramon February 20, 2015 Four Stars

This is a very good mystery read. Very gripping.

lynn cromwellon May 22, 2016 A classic.

A classic and a standard for the mystery genre.

Anna Sifferton November 18, 2014 Five Stars

And there are none is better. Service perfect!

keyholeon October 12, 2014 Poirot Shines!!

What fun!!! I love Mr. Poirot!! A good read!

Amazon Customeron July 7, 2016 I will always enjoy it.

I've read it before, I will always enjoy it.

Merle A. Hurleyon August 25, 2015 Four Stars

Still enjoyable after the second reading.

suzon June 6, 2015 Four Stars

I like Agatha Christie books and movies

Harvey A.on August 27, 2016 A classic!

A mystery classic that still holds up.

Kindle Customeron September 30, 2014 It's wonderful.

It's Agatha Christie. It's wonderful.

D. Williamson July 10, 2014 Five Stars

Very entertaining and engaging novel.

Ziaon October 15, 2015 Classic!

Classic! Can't beat it. Love Agatha!

Banickson August 23, 2016 Typical Agatha Christie

Good read, typical Agatha Christie.

David L. Nachon December 19, 2014 Five Stars


veronica hamidon June 7, 2015 Love it

Always the best Agatha Christie!!

Minaal N. Choudhuryon October 2, 2015 Five Stars

Great book. Quick, awesome read.

Karen Sutherlandon July 25, 2014 Five Stars

Humorous mystery worth the read.

lwon February 9, 2017 Five Stars

It's a classic Agatha Christie.

Cris Calleon September 26, 2015 A Must Read Classic!

Definitely a must read classic!

bbon April 20, 2015 Five Stars

Love Agatha Christie and Poirot

siddarthaon August 10, 2014 Five Stars

Classic. Does not need a review

andrea weinsteinon February 20, 2016 Fun and quick read

A classic. Fun and quick read.

cindyon March 14, 2015 Four Stars

Great book kept me interested

Amazon Customeron October 31, 2014 Great read!

Loved it. Very well written.

Jonon November 8, 2016 Must Read

A classically great mystery.

Amazon Customeron May 10, 2016 Four Stars

Classic, well written story.

Jessika Lindstromon January 13, 2016 Five Stars

Best who-done-it story ever.

Ale Vilaplanaon August 23, 2016 Five Stars

One of my favorite books :)

Kindle Customeron October 17, 2014 Fast

Cant be any thing but good!

Richard C. Carsonon April 29, 2015 Excellent, of course.

Excellent, as anticipated!

Donna Longon October 21, 2014 Five Stars


Brandi Johnsonon April 20, 2016 Five Stars

Enjoyable afternoon read

Sandyon June 8, 2015 Classic christie

Great detective mistory

chikaraon February 24, 2017 Thanks

Dealing is no problem.

Amazon Customeron April 23, 2016 Great reads!

High intensity action.

J. M. Bilodeauon February 22, 2016 Delivered as expected.

Delivered as expected.

Tina Deeon September 25, 2014 Five Stars

Classic Agatha love it

James R Ullyoton September 2, 2014 Five Stars

Excellent - a classic.

RESon August 2, 2016 Five Stars

Typical Agatha !!!!!!

patricia fumantion July 16, 2015 Five Stars

Real surprise ending.

Mr. Roy Fisheron February 28, 2015 Five Stars

Great Agatha Christie

Robert Sessumson February 9, 2016 Four Stars

Classic as expected.

talemaon July 26, 2014 Great read

My nephew enjoyed it

Sherri Muyreson February 27, 2016 Five Stars

Love it, thank you!

Yadira Penaon October 9, 2014 Five Stars

Enjoyed the reading

Marilynon September 5, 2016 Five Stars

Always a good read

erkon August 1, 2016 Five Stars

i loved thhis book

Vicente S.on January 27, 2017 Five Stars

My favorite book.

patricia t cunninghamon July 19, 2016 Four Stars

very entertaining

LPon December 22, 2014 Five Stars

old time favorite

Ginny Fitzon October 7, 2014 Five Stars

Typical Christie!

sieraon September 12, 2014 Four Stars

pretty great book

Eunkyung Kimon January 24, 2017 Five Stars


Mariaon September 9, 2016 Very good book.

Very good book.

Randall B. Coapstickon June 7, 2016 Christie

It is a classic

Ksolveron March 5, 2016 Four Stars

Classic Poirot.

Amazon Customeron December 25, 2014 Five Stars


Jano Cremaon August 6, 2014 Four Stars

Inexpected end

Debzidooon April 27, 2016 Five Stars

great book!!

couchaloton December 4, 2015 Five Stars

So much fun!

Deborah Sorensenon June 9, 2015 A classic!

A must read!

elaine bloskison December 26, 2016 Five Stars

Great read!

Janet M Garzaon September 4, 2016 Five Stars

Great book!

Kaityon August 29, 2016 Great read!

Great book!

Victor, Bangkokon July 9, 2015 Four Stars

Great story

Anonymouson March 30, 2015 Five Stars

Great read.

Gordon Friesenon September 25, 2014 Five Stars

as expected

Emilyon December 5, 2016 Five Stars

Great book

Robin Y. Smithon August 20, 2016 Five Stars


dchton May 20, 2016 Five Stars

Thank you!

McMarieon January 31, 2016 Five Stars

A classic!

Donna L Leiseron November 7, 2014 Five Stars

A classic

gary fromanon February 22, 2016 Five Stars

well done

Melissa Emoryon January 16, 2016 Five Stars

Loved it!

Sean laloron May 10, 2015 Five Stars


Angleon March 7, 2015 Five Stars

Good book

Amazon Customeron January 17, 2016 Five Stars


ltolldyon January 16, 2016 Five Stars

Loved it

Danteon March 27, 2015 Five Stars


Andrew Danilukon October 11, 2014 Five Stars

Love it!

rs1942on August 9, 2015 Four Stars

OK book

Kon February 28, 2015 Good read.


Allen Leeon September 12, 2014 Five Stars


Tracyon August 13, 2014 nice


Sarahon December 31, 2014 My friends liked the quality and they all asked to borrow it

My friends liked the quality and they all asked to borrow it. I like my books neat and spotless and this proved to be a perfect image of what's in the picture. I would defiantly recommend it

Joyce Rizzoon December 29, 2015 Five Stars


Richard J. Beamesderferon December 3, 2014 Five Stars


Amazon Customeron May 9, 2016 Five Stars

Carolineon November 13, 2013 Great read, highly recommend this mystery.
Takes you on the train, I love a good "who done it!" I enjoyed trying to figure out the way Poirot always gets his man, or woman.

Wild Billon October 29, 2013 Good mystery
Thanks to my Kindle I am catching up on all the books that I was supposed to read in school. A good "who dun it".

Veronica Bartley/on November 16, 2014 Wonderfully Crafted
Relax and take a journey that will keep you guessing who dunnit. Based on a very public crime, this story does it justice.

ABLon December 5, 2014 Five Stars
Great story. One of Agatha's best. Kindle edition was clear and very readable....ABL

California Guyon February 20, 2015 A must-read for any murdery mystery fan...
Fantastic. A classic murder mystery by the master Agatha Christie. A must-read.

Robert G. O'brienon February 20, 2015 Another Gem!
Well written but somewhat predictable!

Amazon Customeron August 2, 2016 Five Stars

Jeraldine Poseyon June 17, 2016 Four Stars
Almost too involved.

Evanon May 19, 2015 Four Stars
I like Trains.

Amazon Customeron April 29, 2016 Five Stars
Thank you

1Mayeon May 8, 2010 Good Choice
The book arrived within the scheduled arrival time and in good condition. I have no regrets from this purchase.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script - Sigh

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script

Review Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script - Sigh

Comments on Review Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script - Sigh

Reader Mom says:
I love that you are such a fan and named your children after the characters!

Just My Opinion.... says:
Hmmm. I went to the midnight release, bought a book and got through the first and second scenes....


...basically to the point when the Hogwarts Express pulls out. And I must say...who is this Ginny who is wringing her hands and whinging about whether her middle son will be safe? Ginny was a huge fighter. I didn't see that in these scenes. I know that parenthood changes you, but Hermione was still strong, still "Hermione". And I really always had the sense that Ginny was even more "no-nonsense" than Hermione. But to have Ginny portrayed as doubtful, worried, overprotective and nervous...and it was done in such a way as to reflect her as weak. It made me sad and also made me wonder about the rest of it.

Good to be warned so that maybe I can let it go enough to enjoy the "story" aspect. But to have Ginny's strength and determination non-existent in the fist several pages made for a bad beginning. She's a Weasley. Not a weakling.

Lisa Traverso says:
Ginny develops and gets back to that as the story goes on. Personally, I thought all of the characters here were very well fleshed out. It's different from a traditional Potter story, but the characters are still front and center.

Just My Opinion.... says:
Thank you! I was really beginning to feel let down...and it's incredible the complexity of that emotion when a Potter fan confronts that in a Potter book! Looking forward to forging ahead now...

jalcruces says:
Wow, I didn't realize the books were that old, lol. Thanks for your review, and description of your passion for Potter. As I have heard that Rowling had very little to do with the story, and it seems that her name was only added as a stamp of approval for $ purposes. She doesn't seem to be the same person who put so much into the original books and seems more like a tired person trying to make money without having to work any more for it (not blaming her for that, just saying that she is kicking back and enjoying the roll in... as in a retirement income). I am hesitant to purchase this, even for the lowered kindle price. Her books were engaging because they were intricately entwined and kept you on your toes, with twists and turns, and interesting little bits that only "live" in the Harry Potter world. I enjoyed her intricate writing. Without that... eh....

Shannon says:
Thank you for your honest review. This new book has never felt like a real continuation of Harry Potter and I was never able to excited about it. For me the Harry Potter story truly ended after The Deathly Hallows.

Pirate Gran "Maggie" says:
I agree completely....but I like that someone who saw the play said it was good, which gives me hope that the movie will be as well. I too have retread the books over the years, and was hoping this would have the same intricacy of plot and character development....but sadly it did not. I'm not sorry I read it, however....especially since Rowling says this is the end of the Potter story.

Dorina P says:
are you serious? that is so sad. thanks for the heads up though.

longtimereader says:
Remember that Ginny's template for Mothering was Molly (and despite the scene where she finally does in Beatrix LeStrange), most of the times we see her concerned over her children's safety there's a lot of hand-wringing & vocal worrying, then yelling & screaming at them (or Harry) for putting themselves in danger when they return.

What we learn early sinks in deeply, whether it's the best model or not, and remember that Ginny nearly died several times at Hogwarts- and her brother Fred DID die there. She has a right to be wary.

longtimereader says:
Money talks-loudly, and I don't see any movie studio offering big bucks to make any of her books other than Harry Potter-related into movies. Like Conan Doyle may have gotten thoroughly tired of his character Sherlock Holmes, but Holmes was the one cash cow that publishers kept on buying, same with Rowling's work. The buying public has decided favorites!

Charlotte says:
Girl-- I agree!!! Massive HP fan myself; currently rereading the book for the umpteenth time, started when I was 12. Wept massively at the end of 7, sad for days. This new book. What they did to Harry, Dumbledoor. I can't, they're aren't words 😩. I feel sick over it. I'm currently 50pages deep in into book 6 and I'll finish his birthday doing that instead. This is how Star Wars fans must have felt when Jar Jar vomited all over the original films.

Jen says:
You know the bbc is doing her other books as a TV series right? A Casual Vacancy Is finished and The Cormoran Strike Mysteries is in the works.

So I would say she still has it personally.

Michelle Mcmullin says:
Your title "Sigh" quite adequately aumas up how I feel right now. I finished up about ten minutes ago. I am at a loss and feel sorrowfully let down. Harry Potter is part of my soul, but I only felt anything in two scenes of the play.

topcatrules says:
Excellent review, thank you. This was just what I expected to hear to be honest. I will give it a miss. Don't want my wonderful memries of Harry Potter to be diminished. Thanks again. Top review!

Phranql55 says:
Precisely my thoughts. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. I am about as much of a fan as you are, I'm on a continual loop of rereading the original series. I wanted more from this, and now I'm left with a hole. Sigh.

Book loving Mom says:
Very good point made before, why do people assume that characters will be the same after becoming parents? Parenthood changes you, you do become more cautious, more sleep-deprived, and if a kid pushes your buttons, yes you find yourself saying things you never thought you would say...anyone else with me on this? I found it believable - even Superman would have his parenting moments.

Kindle Customer says:
Sadly Brittany I agree, I was a big fan, and I pre-ordered the book, and read through it. I found the world, just missing. It was very weak in areas...Harry became a bigger ass...the story I could have found on, and well just was bad.

Mat Gerow says:
Very well said. I would add that I didn't have my hopes up too high for it and I was still bummed. I too felt like it was a little fan fiction-ish and I think the truest part of your review was that the characters were not true to themselves. At the risk of spoilers I will leave it at that.
I can't decide if the things that bothered me most were done to make the story work as a play or if it was just not well thought out. IDK. Oh well.

Just My Opinion.... says:
"Amazon Customer":
Which "dangerous message" are you referring to?

Starluvr87 says:
I just put in a hold at my library...I'm 50th in line. I may just have to buy or borrow it from someone else otherwise I may be reading it after the movie comes out!

Samantha J. Kerth says:
I was standing in Wal-mart reading bits of the book and thinking, is this really worth 18.00? So I returned home and have been reading reviews and it isn't . Will wait till it shows up at a yard sale and buy it for a buck. Thank you for a wonderful review as Harry Potter is one of my ultimate favorites as well.

Kay L. Ling says:
I've just finished reading all four of the James Potter books by George Norman Lippert. I came away from his books feeling they were nearly as good as Rowlings. He handled the next generation with consistency to the original books as well as having a great imagination and suspenseful plots. I totally enjoyed them. Plus, unlike the Cursed Child they're free downloads from his website.

Heather says:
I wanna know what your children's names are!?

Captiosus says:
Laurie: "Its really a wonderful play."

I'm a theater geek. I spent all four years in high school and all four years in college taking theater, performing on stage, learning stagecraft, and to this day I still participate in community theater. I've been in my fair share of both great productions and stinkers both in school and in community theater. I say all that to say I am FULLY aware that great acting, good effects/props/sets, and good direction can carry a stage production. Most people would be utterly surprised to learn how much effect something as simple as lighting design can have on the totality of a play.

But none of this can change the unfortunate fact that the plot of this play is contrived. It's a bland rehash with the main characters acting COMPLETELY out of character. Nor does it change the fact that, instead of a fresh story, it's a series of tropes with an overused time travel deus ex machina that exists solely to pander to nostalgia.

While I have no doubt that the stage presentation itself was great, that, alone, does not a good play make. A play is only as strong as its source material and this source is, well, derivative and lacking.

Sandi King says:
And some of it isn't really that great for young kids...I mean Bellatrix had an affair with Voldemort while her husband was in prison, and the hubby was proud of the lovechild they produced??

Mark C. says:
Sandi, RIGHT! Because the murder and torture scenes in the original series were just PERFECT for young kids!

Ardenwolfe says:
Thank you for this review. Will pass because of it. If only J.K. wrote it herself. . . .

Lori Lamb says:
YES. I agree with you completely. I just talked with two friends who are also huge HP fans, and they both loved it, which I find perplexing.

Harry was back to being angry but without real reason this time, Ron had morphed into a buffoon instead of the person he had grown to be over the course of the series, Hermione was hard to put my finger on, a certain character in the past was too benevolent, as if they were trying to appease fans who still weren't happy over the story arc. The scene with Harry and Dumbledore's portrait had me cringing, and again feeling like they were trying to overly explain a character's motivations.

I did like Draco and felt that his character was in line with some of what we'd seen developing in the earlier stories. I mostly liked Scorpius but thought they tried a little too hard to make him endearing.

And the dialogue didn't have the same cleverness and humor that the books had, and that's something that could certainly be part of a play.

I've basically decided to just pretend this story doesn't exist and let the 7 books be the full story for me.

review says:
I wish this could be a dream that I wake up from. A nightmare to rival any other I've had. It was AWFUL. I mean a.w.f.u.l. How anyone could rate it above a one is amazing to me. I will sell my soul to Voldemort if JK ever penned a word in this garbage. I cannot believe she allowed her name to be put to this, her beautifully design HP world to be tainted, and her characters to be completely distorted and mocked. I have loved the HP world since I began reading it forever ago. It is life to me. If I were able, I'd cast a memory charm to remove it from my head. If any of my 3 time turner replicas worked, I go back and stop this train wreck from ever beginning. My 7 year old could have written a better 8th installment than this garbage. The plot and characters in this script are lame. There are so many things that happened that are not possible according to JK's previous books. Seriously, how could JK have ever allowed this to be released? I've begun mentally trying to scrub it from my mind. I suggest you all do the same.

Amazon would not allow my review to post, so I'll just add it as a comment to another.

Kindle Customer says:
You took the words out of my mouth, I completely agree! I said the exact same thing after reading it, j.k didn't write this, this is fanfic!

Nick T says:
"Thank you for your Candor"

Sandi King says:
Yes, that is true, you really are right! It is sad that I thought evil would be easier to understand than sex and cheating.....:(

tmareno says:
I'm really glad to see I wasn't alone. I'm a huge Potter fan and felt like this was an average fanfic. It didn't have the normal vibe and characters behaved in ways I wouldn't have expected. Kind of disappointed.

Keith E. Norberg says:
I totally agree with your statement, and the above review. The more you read I think you will find Ron is not himself either. I don't feel any of these characters ring true.

Keith E. Norberg says:
Disagree I feel none of the characters ring true in this.

Keith E. Norberg says:
Love this! Totally agree...I was skeptical about this as I felt everything ended poetically with Deathly Hallows. It was like someone's dark fantasy about their children was brought to life. None of the characters rang true to me at all, especially Ron. It felt totally unbelievable.

Keith E. Norberg says:
YES! I agree totally, although I have not seen the play. Contrived and disappointing to say the least.

Steven says:
Does the story suck any less when performed on stage? I (mostly) enjoyed it as fanfic but the two biggest plot twists in the story feel completely inconsistent with the rest of the series.

Denise Martino says:
I couldn't get into Casual Vacancy and put it down soon after starting. I did just finish the first three books of the Cormoran Strike series -took me a whil to try them, twice shy after CV - and liked them all very much. Give them a try!

Stefanie Friedman says:
I think her only contribution was they used her name on the cover. It seriously reads like a REALLY bad fan fic. :(

RRP says:
How can you say this when the play is an unprecedented 5 hours long?

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 3, 2016, 8:38:07 AM PDT
RRP says:
she get's much stronger as the book goes on.

Carolyn M. says:
Well said - I completely agree. I think we just have to keep the 7 in our hearts and choose what we want to be part of our Harry story and what we don't.

Confetti says:
OMG I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! All I could think was "FANFIC" as I read... and "Seriously? No, really, seriously? And now another cameo! Oh and another! This makes no logical sense. Oh and now you're going to copy word-for-word a line that was said in one of the actual books? Ughhhh this is so not working."

SO SO SO GLAD it wasn't just me.

Diane Bellomo says:
I'm only up to about page 50, and I couldn't agree more with your assessment. Almost right from the start - nevermind the fact that I don't care for reading plays - it was clear to me that Rowling didn't really write this. Obviously, her involvement was vital, but she couldn't have penned many of the words. I mean, "The Casual Vacancy" felt more like Rowling than this did, ya know? So I'm with you on the "Sigh" part, and I still have a ways to go till I finish. Oh, and I feel *exactly* the same way about the Fantastic Beasts trailers: I'm getting waay more of a Harry Potter vibe from them than I'm getting from this script. Eh, okay, that said, maybe it's *because* it's a script and not a novel that it evokes this kind of feeling in me. Perhaps if I saw the play itself, I'd feel differently. Given that I likely never will, I'm left with this script, and it's disappointing me.

Travis C says:
Your points are understandable if this had been billed as a book. They might even have some validity if this were billed as a finished play script. But, right in the title it is stated to be a special edition rehearsal script. I do understand your frustration and admire your spirit, but I felt that, as a rehearsal script, it was good.

That's the beauty of Amazon's Customer Review program. Your review does contribute important information, so, even though I don't fully agree with your points, I do find your review helpful.

Keep reviewing...

JLind555 says:
I can't, for the life of me, understand why J.K. Rowling signed off on this.

The plot was all over the place. The whole thing was disjointed and fragmented, like a jigsaw puzzle that got knocked askew.

And the characters -- WTF?! There is no way north of hell Draco and Harry could ever be on friendly terms. Too much had passed between them to make that possible. And Albus being sorted into Slytherin was a direct slap to Rowling when she said at the end of the last book that he could make his own choice. And OMG Cedric Diggory, the most decent, likeable character in the whole series -- they had to turn him into a DEATH EATER?! I almost retched.

I don't know what the script writers were trying to accomplish here but this plot is going to need a major rewrite before it ever gets to the screen, if that's where it's headed.

I just wish Rowing would write another seven Harry Potter books.

Michaela E. Murphy says:
OMG! I had the same reaction- I teach fifth grade and it honestly felt like I was reading my students' fan fiction- although adorable in theory if written by an 11 year old, it really did not seem like JK Rowling wrote it at all.

DoodL~Love says:
Thank you for your heartfelt review. Our younger daughter is a hard core Harry Potter fan. I asked her if she wanted this "book", and she said, "Absolutely, emphatically, NO!" She didn't want anything to trading her love of the original books and movies. We've gone through 3 sets of the movie, she and friends have watched them SO many times! We àmzn have two sets of the books, as well as first edition software and the CD - both unopened.

I'm sorry this book was such a disappointment. Hopefully JK Rowling will take note of how her hard for fans feel, and not try this again unless it's worthwhile.

RRP says:
Read one of the good reviews or the book itself before you judge.

Jenna Shames says:
I could not have written it better myself!! I have the exact same thoughts, and I am also a huge potterhead (i battled my husband to name our daughter Lily and I lost, but trust me the fight hasn't died). I was soooo disappointed. I am pretending it is just fan fic that JK happens to like. That is how I am viewing it.

patricia reid says:
You hit the nail on the head. My feelings exactly...

patricia reid says:
I felt the same about CV, but the BBC series was actually very good, probably because it was very different from the book. Also enjoyed the first Cormoran Strike book. Will have to try the others.

mom 2 boys says:
I completely agree!!! Perfectly accurate description!!!

RRP says:
"There is no way north of hell Draco and Harry could ever be on friendly terms." Could not disagree more with this. First of all they weren't on friendly terms at first. But in their mutual concern over their sons, they worked together, and eventually developed a mutual respect.
Also, remember Draco's character arc in Deathly Hallows, beginning in Half Blood Prince. He saved Harry's life at Malfoy Mansion, Harry saved his life, His mother saved Harry's life. the whole family walked away from Voldemort, his father an empty shell of what he once was. Also that's not what Harry told Albus at the train. He said his desires would be taken into consideration. If the students could just choose, what would be the use of the sorting hat? I think everyone is being way too harsh with this script. It exceeded my expectations, which were tempered and cautious, I concede. Just my opinion.

SLM says:
Idem. As a fan who has read every book 1-7 @ least a dozen times, as well as worn out an entire set of audio books (Jim Dale is AMAZING!), I was so disappointed in this book. Agreed: feels like reading fan fiction. Also, don't like the format (script).

SLM says:
I couldn't get past the point where all of the bad language began in Casual Vacancy. So disappointed that I can't even remember what it was about. If I wanted grocery store garbage novels, I'd buy them (for a lot less than a J.K. Rowling book).

SLM says:
Play may be wonderful; those of us who don't have access will never know. However, reading the script, when you're expecting a novel, is like getting a hamburger when you were expecting a steak. Disappointing.

Amazon Customer says:
Its a five hour play ...

Robert from Chicago says:
I was going to buy this book but after reading your review I am sure this is nothing more than a cheap knock off to make money. Disappointment and no desire to spend good money (this book isnt cheap) for a knock off of a wonderfully written Harry Potter. What would be the point.

Phranql55 says:
Your daughter is very wise. I wish I'd had the forethought to make the same decision. Now my love for the HP world is tainted, and I want it back. I'm so sad.

LK says:
exactly how I felt when reading the book

Emerald says:
Thanks for saying exactly what I was thinking after I finished reading this.

BuB says:
Brilliant! My thoughts exactly on your review!

Kat says:
I too, felt very let down by the book/script.

I knew it was a script, so had no problem with that.

Whoever wrote this, did not understand the older characters very well. The First generation of Potter and friends weren't anything like they had been as children. Yes, I know they grew up and were raising children, but the whiny angst from them just didn't fit them at all.

Before reading the book, I seriously thought about taking my daughter to London to see the play. I really don't want to bother. No matter how great the sets may be, I can't do it.

A reader says:
what are we hoping for exactly?

Edward F. Shimkus says:
Thanks for the heads up, Brittany.

Glad to see you are such a fan. I reread the books once a year; watch the movies every 3-4 months. I was beginning to think that, in my old age (73), given my recurring Potter diet, I needed a life.

I read all 48% of the negative (1-3 star) reviews, most of which agree with you and decided that I will wait until this "play" makes it to Prime and my monthly free read. I was disappointed when Rowling ended the Potter series and immediately thought of Holmes, Poirot, Wimsey, and Dalgliesh and the great success their authors enjoyed as the public enjoyed their continuing adventures. I had hoped that Rowling would discover the long-lost tales of the continuing affairs at Hogwarts (those stories that cover the period between the demise of Voldemort and "19 years later" - a Reichenbach moment) but, alas, she has very recently declared that, in her mind, Potter is dead. She has other novels to pursue and, from what I gather, those others, to date, have not faired well.

Oh well . . ..


RRP says:
Please don't take her review so seriously, Ed. She is in the minority.

SLM says:
"And now I will try to purge this book from my memory and continue to live in her past works of art." This is exactly why my daughter refuses to read this script. She read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone the month she turned 7 years old, and is an avid Potter fan. She's read every book multiple times but refuses to read this The Cursed Child for the reasons you stated.

NoWhereMan says:

K. Reeves says:
I think you were very generous in your review.

twizz says:
Hopefully we Americans will have the play over here eventually

Brittany M. says:
This is exactly how I feel. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one. I was so so very excited and now I wish it had never happened. (':

CaliGirl says:
I have to admit, I took a sneak peak at what people were saying before I purchased this product and so I kind of got the gist before I started reading. While this "book" is far from what we have come to expect from J.K. Rowling and the Happy Potter world, it reads much more like fan fiction. This script format would need a lot of work to get it to the big screen but overall the plot resembles the trails we have come to see. It is just too bad that J.K. did not more of a hand in crafting this script. Better luck next time! Anxiously awaiting anything J.K. puts out to get this sad attempt out of my brain. I had high hopes and was sadly disappointed but another Happy Potter wanna be! **TEARS**

Amazon Customer says:
This is EXACTLY how I feel. It was truly awful.

Amazon Customer says:
The script felt like a Harry Potter story to the core. It's limitations are based on the fact that this is a script of the play and hence the scenes, characters etc cannot be fully developed like a Harry Potter book.

RRP says:
Agreed. It was just fine. Some people are so pissy.

Edward F. Shimkus says:

So, you judge people who dislike Cursed Child to be "pissy." Let's see, pissy: inferior, contemptible, arrogant, argumentative.

Permit me to use an analogy for the sake of simplicity. Let us suppose that there are many of us here who do not like cantaloupe and we post comments here as such. In your mind we are arrogant, contemptible, argumentative, or inferior? Why? Because we do not like cantaloupe or because we disagree with you? If it is the former, why are people, who do not like something, pissy? Is everyone supposed to like everything? Perhaps it is the latter, to wit: people who disagree with you are pissy. Really? I disagree with you therefore I am arrogant, contemptible, inferior, or argumentative? Really? Just because I disagree with you?

IF, I were pissy, I am not, but IF I were pissy, I would say to you, "It is a very nice day today: why don't you go outside and play in your sandbox."


Travis C says:

For what it's worth, I think your review results might be some sort of record for book reviews. At least, since it is the first review for which you have gotten any votes OR comments, it has to be a record.

Anyway, I just want to congratulate you on a terrific review.

RRP says:
@Edward F. Shimkus
Hi Ed, I just dashed that comment off hastily in my frustration. If I had known it would have engendered such a reaction I would have been a little more careful. I said SOME were pissy. And I should have said some of the comments, not some of the people. It also was not necessarily directed at the comments under this particular review. And maybe I should have said peevish or petulant. To me, this book was a gift from J.K. Rowling to her devoted fans. She didn't have to allow the script to be printed in book form. By all accounts, the play is fabulous, but of course only a fraction of those who would love to see it, will ever be able to. And then to have the book excoriated, in some cases, just seems wrong. And of course, the most critical comments are from those who are the worlds greatest devotees of Harry Potter and Ms. Rowling, according to them. Right. Of course intellectually I know everyone is entitled to state their opinion of the book, and it is a good thing not everyone has the same opinion across the board. Heck, even the first 7 books got bad reviews from some. If I were her, though, I would be hurt and regretful over allowing the script to be published so "her most devoted fans" could share in the follow up to the Harry Potter canon. I would certainly think twice about publishing more Potter Universe stories. But that would just be pissy. I am sure J.K. Rowling is much wiser than I am.

cet says:
Agree completely! There are interesting plot elements here and I wish Rowling had written the whole thing by herself because what she would have done with the new characters and the time changes would have been fantastic. But it felt like fan fiction to me too and rushed throughout.

Kanhaiya Kumar says:
Harry Potter Fans are loving "The Unofficial Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" as much as official "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child". Harry Punter and the pursed child

Travis C says:

With this post, you now have gotten 100 comments, 3,169 helpful votes and a total of more than 3,400 votes. I think these all are unprecedented. I encourage you to write more book reviews and soon.

Skip Senneka says:
I just finished reading and came to Amazon to see if other readers felt the same way I did. Your review captures it completely. The characters' words did not feel like JK Rowlings and I wondered how much she contributed. I finished feeling disappointed because it COULD have been a great story. The concept is good, but the detail, the intensity, the magic just isn't there.

J. slowgrove says:
I agree with everything you say . It was very disappointing and the characters really were not true to the originals. thank you for expressing my thoughts so well.

Aaisha B says:
Hi Brittany I am a new author and I have seen a few book reviews that you have left on Amazon. Your reviews seem genuinely informed, detailed, and unique. I would love to send you my book of course for free. In return I would like to see your view on my book. Here is my Facebook URL so if you are interested you can send me the info I need so that I can send the book to you through Amazon gift or wish list.
Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

NA says:
Characters were well fleshed out? Are you sure that we are talking about the same book?

Tanto says:

Travis C says:
To those authors who dread the critical review, consider this:

This book has 3,550 reviews, averaging just 3.5 stars. The most helpful review has 3,280 helpful votes and just 259 not helpful votes. So, sales of this book are probably bad, right? Wrong. It is, 15 days into its run, Amazon's number one hardcover, and number one Kindle, seller.

I find all of these statistics fascinating.

RRP says:
It's 3.96 on Goodreads. And that's 104,409 Ratings and 22,417 Reviews.

Edward F. Shimkus says:
Quantophrenics might consider this:

1. Amazon considers 1-3-star ratings as "critical" and 4-5 star ratings as "positive." I do not know how Amazon calculates their overall star rating but, as of this writing, 55% of reviewers gave a positive rating and 45% gave a critical rating. That equates to 2.75 stars positive, 2.25 stars critical - I don't think a big difference, but certainly not the 3.5-star rating posted, which equates to 70% positive reviews - not the actual 55%.

2. So what do high sales indicate? That people overwhelmingly like the book? No. Only 55% like it, 45% do not, or are, in the least, disappointed. I suggest the high sales figures represent the Potter fans who bought the book, (1) having never read any reviews and are basing their purchase on the original series, or (2) are dedicated fans who will buy anything Potter, regardless of the reviews or who, otherwise, hope that the book "couldn't be that bad."

3. Now, if one really wants to be analytical, I would suggest that, from each review, one cull the positive and critical comments, group the data according to various age groupings, the commenter's gender, education, . . . . Oh, never mind.

What do we need to know? About half of the people who read this book like it, the other half did not. Nuff for me.


Amy says:
Was preparing myself to purchase the book to I've decided not to purchase it because I want to preserve the original series in my mind. Thank you for your honest opinion and I value you comment. :)

Sharon Goetz says:
I had heard some reviews on this book. Yours was the best. Thank you for helping me to make up my mind.

T. Stone says:
This is also helpful It hink

Kat's Opinion says:
That is one of the best reviews I've ever read.

Caydence says:
Here's some truth - truth that you are probably not going to want to hear. JK already said that she didn't write it and that she only gave input. If one is objective they would understand that "input" could be very little or almost all and therefore you cannot take that as a promise of another genuine HP book. But because many of her fans wanted so badly for her to continue the story, they ended up hearing only what they WANTED to hear and as a result, they've set themselves up for disappointment.

I didn't buy it because she said "input" but I thank you for letting us know that it wasn't up to par with JK's writing - because I did wonder just the same. Also, I'm sorry that you got your hopes up only to be let down. I hope that JK will rethink this should the offer be extended to her again.

Caydence says:
Not necessarily true. I read her books as an adult and I am very well read. So in this case, it may have nothing to do with growing up and everything to do with not feeling the essence of the writer - which is not surprising because it wasn't her work but the work of another. Still, if we were honest, we would admit that we should've known this before the book even came out because if there were to be another HP book, then it would be too personal for her to do a collaboration with someone else. So yeah, this was not about immaturity, it was simply about not accepting that this was the work of another.

miranda jazdyk says:
Brittany, I am so so so so so so so so sorry... I had to read this comment. But as harsh as it is perhaps the movie will surprise.

LTB says:
Totally agree with review. I predict play will be a flop.

Patrick T. says:
I want to see the book that this play has come from. Maybe the JK magic is in their, i am going through the book now as i type and im on Act two. but i find myself yerning for the JK magic of a story. Please if this reaches JK or anyone Release the book that this play comes from and please lets hope its what we hope for.
i will say i like bits and i play a film in my head as i read and i hope to see the play just because i have seen and done most that is Harry Potter!!!!!!

Patrick T. says:
They Just used Her name to sell the book, as we all know if you see the name Harry Potter and not JK somewhere people will not buy it. im just disappointed that JK aloud this to happen, i would of thought she would of had the final say and after reading it, scrap it and go off and write the book her self and yes maybe clab on the play but out of a book JK has wrote. i just dont understand that JK has let other people try and write what she has created..

StockShowMom says:
I just reviewed this without having read any other reviews beforehand. When I had a look at my own review, I thought I'd read a few others to see how they compare. I could've saved myself the trouble of reviewing, you and I had exactly the same reaction. I believe my exact words were "mediocre fan fic". Ah well, we do still have Fantastic Beasts to look forward to.

AVSW says:
I am a BIG Harry Potter Fan. It was very disappointing when the Title for the latest Harry Potter book included the words: And the Cursed Child. It is very misleading! I took out my own 1998 copy titled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It is the very same story as the...and the Cursed Child!! I got upset over that. Why re-title the first book? I also bought the new ...and the Cursed Child which was a PLAY. I didn't like it at all. The content did not flow as in the original 7 books!!! I liked the ...Biddle book better than this latest Harry Potter book!!! Posted by A.S. Woodworth

summerdog says:
Well, I personally think that your review is spot on. I wasn't exactly totally disappointed in the book. I thought the first 30 pages or so were familiar and good. The rest just got juvenile and weird.

Nancy C. says:
To begin... this is not written like a book and that alone makes it difficult to get through putting that aside , the story was boring and very difficult to get through. I had no problem putting the book down and walking away and picking it up days later. ( not a good sign) I have read the Harry Potter series 7 times so I know the story well and this story was in error with HP series numerous times . If fact I question whether John Tiffany and Jack Thorne had even read the series and if so most likely only once.
Each time you read the Harry Potter series you see how it connects from book one to book seven and you see the connection and get so much more understanding from the beginning of the story to the end. It is a complicated story with twist and turns in every corner. These two writers reminded me of the writers who did the movies. These two writers changed the story from the original books now and then and related history of the incidents incorrectly many times. You expect this with movies
(although many book readers were very disappointed in the movies for that very reason ) but not a written continuation story of the series.
I saw so many some parts that could have been built on and made this story brilliant but that was all it was a short take here and there .
In closing it was VERY DISAPPOINTING and I find it hard to comprehend that JK Rowling who is a brilliant and creative writer would allow her name on this book/ play or ....didn't make those error changes or do something to bring life into this play.

April says:
As a fellow die hard Harry Potter fan... I agree completely with everything you said. :/

Daisy says:
maybe many people think this book is not written by Jk .because it's not the drama that beyond our mind . BUT JK is my favourite writter , a good mother with imagination . so pls feel so disppointed .
my wife and i am like this book very much , it always gives us many surprise . when i read the book , we'd like to put our books on my little desk . so great and convenient . when i practise my speech or songs , i'd like to put my laptop on it . i love it so much . perfect design .
highly recommend : Coavas Home and Office Table Stand Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk with Black Top

Shoshanna Weinstein says:
I completely agree with you on all counts. BTW I have seen Fantastic Beasts in theatres and it was amazing! I am also a huge HP fan and my books haven't gone a single year without me turning through each one since they came out. When watching Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, my brother and I were pointing out all of the details you would only get if you loved the books. It was great.

G. ONeill says:
I think this is an accurate assessment of the volume. Maybe its better as a drama then written in book form. ( I doubt it ) I fully agree that all of the initial Harry Potter books were fantastic.
The final I finished in four days. I also full agree as to Rowling's wonderful talent and
imagination. Disney is banking on the fact that the world has not had nearly enough of Harry Potter and fans will run to The World of Harry Potter and not get enough.

J. A. Bornstein says:
Almost exactly my sentiments. I'd give two stars, as I thought the ending chapters were decent...far far FAR better than the earlier sections. Some of which were almost unreadable. Got my copy from the local library. Thank God. 😕

A Reader says:
Came here to leave a similar review, but you summed it up perfectly. I also thought it felt like poorly written fanfic and questioned how much Rowling had to do with it.

Sailor Sedna says:
Do not worry, Fantastic Beasts was, well, fantastic, a far superior story that perfectly fit in the Potter canon (and was the best film of 2016 in my opinion!) while this does not.

Best to consider this as non-canon to the story.

AVSW says:
I think Ms. Rowling wrote the first few paragraphs at the beginning of the book. The rest of the books is terrible!!!!

AVSW says:
I have the Fantastic Beast book also and have seen the movie. The movie was great Except: if one have not read the Harry Potter book, one can be a little confused. For example: The reference to and appearance of Gelert was a good touch. Makes look forward to the next sequel.

Kimberly L. says:
I think what I found myself so disappointed by was the fact that she actually supported this garbage being released. I found myself offended, as somewhat of a HP purist, that she probably read this and felt it okay to call it part of the "HP collection" or maintain some type of affiliation with her own work. The HP stories are better than this. I didn't even finish because it was so terrible. The characters did not feel authentic or genuine. Nothing about it "felt like" the story we love.

K. Mullins says:
I was considering buying this book as a gift to someone in a long term hospital stay that is an avid Harry Potter fan. After reading these horrible reviews, I am having second thoughts... is there anything else other than this book that she might like that anyone could suggest? She read the regular Harry Potter series of books but none of the other new stuff (if there is new stuff???).

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