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And Then There Were None - Reviews

And Then There Were None

Reviews on And Then There Were None

Michael J. McfaddeNon February 9, 2017
Cclassic but clunky
Very well thought out but I had a hard time getting past the changes in writing style that have occurred over the years.

Leigh AlleNon May 26, 2016
Intriguing puzzle-story, Not so much
Masterful intrigue, but short character development. I suppose the presentation of riddle was the intent, but leaving the to epilogue left me wanting.

Good eNough to read
I didn't like the ending. I felt there were a few questions I still had. It was still good and I'm glad I read it.

Averyon October 27, 2015
but I was disappointed that the clues to figure this out during the ...
#NAME? the author, which breaks the basic rule of a detective story. I have one other complaint, and that is the author's style of writing dialogue: (1) putting, "he said:" on one line and giving the dialogue on the other. I found this distracting. And, (2) using adverbs unnecessarily to describe the character's manner of communication. Overall, a good book and worth reading.

Very early on I knew that all the characters will be killed off, one

Amazon Customeron December 21, 2016
Quick read
quickly. It wasn't bad, but I didn't love it. It still manages to keep you reading it.

It goes

Amazon Customeron November 6, 2016
A really boring book , the end is Not so surprising
I liked the style of the writing though. A

Margaret Mayon December 7, 2016
Mystery thriller. Different kind of plot.
Kept my suspense through the whole story. Interesting and surprise ending. Good reading.

Donna C. Hugheyon July 31, 2016
Great mystery
This was the first time I have ever read an Agatha Christie Novel. Enjoyed it. We read it for our book club.

Bradleigh S. Boucheron December 21, 2016
None of us liked it.
We read this in our book club and it was unanimous...None of us liked it.

jwingon July 16, 2013
I do Not understand what the hype surrounding this book is about. I did Not find the "plot twist" at the end surprising in any way. The characters were very flat and I was Not attached to any of them. However, the book was pretty well paced but did drag in several places.

D Payneon July 20, 2014
Ungently Used
The book arrived sooner than I anticipated which was great. The description said "gently used" but the cover was definitely beat up and the first twenty pages have water damage on the edges. However, I can still read the text, so overall it is acceptable.

Amazon Customeron July 17, 2016
Three Stars
The story line was a disappointment. I kept waiting for a real buildup to happen that never did.

N. BryaNon December 1, 2014
The reading is great, but all references to "Indian" is replaced
"soldier." I am using this to teach the Novel, and the substitution is an

The reading is great, but all references to "Indian" is replaced Noying. If I had kNown this, I would Not have bought this version.

MaryManNon May 1, 2014
Good, but Not great
Good but Not the best ever, as some say. Keeps one guessing but a little implausible as murderer is revealed.

Jim O'ConNoron June 16, 2016
Fun Reading
A fun story. Kept my interest, but Not as suspenseful as I would have expected from Agatha Christie.

Sandy from Kokomoon November 17, 2015
Haven't read yet.
I had No idea the book was so small (physically). I'm 72 and can't see such small print. The description needs to include the size of the book.

Andy Kavanaghon June 10, 2016
but I found this one a little tiresome.
I kNow she's a reNowned mystery writer, but I found this one a little tiresome.

ian smithon June 16, 2016
full of surprise's and confusing as who you expected to be the killer

Julia Livadition September 3, 2016
Three Stars
The premise is interesting but I was really bored.

Labradoodle 38on June 11, 2016
Dragged a bit but the story was good.
It was a typical Agatha Novel. Dragged a bit but the story was good.

chicago book readeron February 23, 2016
but pretty boring and slow
it was ok, but pretty boring and slow. I am Not sure why it has so many raving reviews.

Yankeeon May 18, 2016

Love Agatha Christie, but...this did Not live up to my expectations.

Sandra F. Booneon May 30, 2015
This is one of Christie's better mysteries. It's survived several name changes and retained ...
This is one of Christie's better mysteries. It's survived several name changes and retained the who-done-it character. It's good for all ages.

scouton March 11, 2015
Three Stars
Just okay. Why didn't they all just stay in the same room?

Nancy Hernandezon April 3, 2015
If you like murder mysteries it may interest you

It was a quick read. If you like murder mysteries it may interest you. I was Not impressed and would Not recommend it. I feel like I wasted my time.

Rolf D Hubmayron September 25, 2015
The telling of the story and genre are dated. ...
The telling of the story and genre are dated. I was interested in who done it, but Not the journey to find out

Heatheron December 9, 2014
interesting but antiquated
Interesting concept but it's age definitely shows in the use of language, stereotypes, etc. The ending was a surprise and I didn't really buy the last guest's death.

Victoria Wesleyon January 15, 2016
This book was okay, Not my Normal genre but was a good interesting read.

debbieon November 6, 2015
a classic tale but kinda slow.
I like Agatha Christie but this one was a little hard to follow and kinda slow.

Todd Smith MDon September 24, 2016
Three Stars

Paul Fruscelloon July 16, 2016
One Star
It was a boring read.

Amazon Customeron July 6, 2016
Three Stars
Soldier version

Barbaraon October 20, 2012
and then
quite a story-10 people brought together to receive the "wages of sin" Agatha keeps the reader guessing.

The folks are lured with a promise of a
weekend of luxurious weekend. Then they begin to die

Traps, twists and turns make this a good read

ashieon April 28, 2013
Okay, but original is better
I was a little upset that this book was changed from the original book. I mean, it is a good book anyway, but the reason that I dont like it is that it changes sooooo much. even the ending is different. I say stick to the way it once was.

Debbie Aon December 3, 2015
Three Stars
Good but language is a bit dated and repetitive.

LBon October 27, 2015
Three Stars
A suspenseful, steady story with developed characters!

Candidon January 1, 2013
Has It's Charm
I enjoyed this "period piece" for what it was, an old fashioned, English, whodunit. This was very early work for Agatha Christie and she was very good at keeping clear the ongoing multiple characters, making it a very easy read.

Bobon March 10, 2015
Three Stars
Pretty interesting plot line. Rather typical of Christie. Good reading and good for a vacation.

Patrick KerrigaNon September 10, 2015
Three Stars
Interesting, but it should have been the butler.

Candyon January 23, 2016
Dated Story Telling
Rather dated

C Aon May 21, 2014
enjoyable read
This was my first Agatha Christie book and I truly enjoyed it. I think I will try Murder On The Orient Express in the near future.

Moria Silveron February 18, 2015
Three Stars
I love Christie, but I saw the ending coming a mile away--just Not the motive.

Natasha Reeveson March 16, 2011
Good premise, but could have been executed better
those still among the living. It was further ruined who I actually figured out was the murderer. There was

I did Not really like this book. It was too wordy and wasn't suspenseful at all with all of the accusations thrown around No climax, No fear, Nothing. The poem sounded so suspenseful, but didn't deliver.

Everyone is so flat. And it's hard to remember who is who, and I felt like I spent half of the book trying to remember who each one was. Sometimes Christie reminds you, but most times she doesn't. I found myself hopelessly flipping through pages of repetitive dialogue to get to the next murder, only to be disappointed it was No big spectacle. I understand that things were more "conservative" when she wrote it, but I've read more suspenseful things during that time period than this.

Needless to say, I will Not be picking up aNother of her

Stacy GerkeNon March 31, 2014
A bit hard to follow
It is slow to start, but gets much better. It is suspenseful and has an interesting plot line. Agatha Christie is a great writer.

Carolyn Roderiqueon April 5, 2015
Three Stars
Moved fast eNough but didn't care much for the characters.

shailesh kadamon March 31, 2015
Gripping drama.... u wont leave the book till u finish it

Andyon July 21, 2014
Three Stars
A little hard to follow at the time, and the overall plot seemed more contrived than her other books.

PATTI JOHNSONon June 29, 2014
Fascinating but Not comparable to her series. Easy read, and I will go back to some of her other books.

William Tomkoon December 17, 2013
And then there were None
Overall a great story, the author was able to capture the mentality and inNocence of two young boys and add a mystical, scary story to0!

rebecca lewison September 5, 2013
Not predictable
This was a good whodunnit until i realized it was actually impossible to figure out who the muderer was. I was on the edge of seat the whole time.

Karen Barthon September 13, 2014
Three Stars
Interesting "read" and you won't kNow until the end "whodunit".

PuterGuyon September 9, 2013
And then there were None Large print
The book is excellent. The large print was easy on the e

Neolaon March 5, 2015
Great before it becomes too contrived
I don't have anything to add to the other reviews that's new but I agree with anyone who said this Novel starts out with edge of your seat suspense and ends up so contrived and ridiculous that it almost takes away from the slow and delicious build of the mystery for two thirds of the Novel. I won't say to avoid reading it but you will have to really suspend your disbelief for the reveal.

PMon July 1, 2013
somewhat interesting
Typical Christie- more about the characters then a real mystery. Not a page turner but worth reading. Recommended for those who need time to fill.

Neha Sharmaon August 21, 2013
Good Story
Difficult to get through. The author's writing style kept me from really getting into the book, although the story was interesting.

Mehmet Koyuncuogluon March 3, 2015
Three Stars
No depth in characters...

Gold Rushon March 8, 2015
Three Stars
Quick read, entertaining

Jack Hon April 15, 2016
A good read, but Not too much to it
Probably one of the most quintessential mystery Novels ever written, And The There Were None Agatha Christie is about a group of people who are lured to an island a mysterious benefactor, where one one they are murdered. ParaNoia about who the killer grows among the remaining guests, and the entire book is about finding out who is, or even could be, killing the guests on the island.

The story is good, the writing is pretty engaging, but the book gets repetitive. Pretty much it is this:

1. Let's Stay Together!!
2. A few people are Not together!
3. One of them dies!
4. What? How? Who did it?

Rinse and repeat. The ending is pretty good about who the killer is, but the book feels tedious near the end with its repetition.

tl;dr Good mystery book, but gets too repetitive on circumstances of death

Bookwormon July 31, 2014
Three Stars
Very cleverly written as are all Christie's books.

dreameron November 23, 2014
Three Stars
Very entertaining.

Kimberly BrowNon February 10, 2011
A Classic and A Must Read For All Mystery Lovers
far but I just had to read at least one Agatha Christie Novel. And Then There Were

Mystery is Not my favorite genre None is one of her best, if Not most famous book. It centers around the arrival of ten strangers to a secluded island where one one they're picked off. The killer remains aNonymous to the end and as a reader you're going to try to guess who's it is and just when you think you have it solved, surprise-you're wrong! This book is the basis for the 80's cult classic Clue. One of my favorite movies, so if you've seen that you basically kNow the entire book but why Not read the original. Just when you think you k

Ellen Schowalteron July 24, 2014
Three Stars
A little creaky as to be expected!

Aitor Aranburu PiNoon January 25, 2013
Quality of the book and plot are correct
The book its quite interesting although i do Not like the end of the book too much. I was thinking about aNother end

M. ConloNon August 29, 2005
the case of the missing character page
This is a fabulous mystery Novel, a classic. I would recommend it to one and all. HOWEVER, this particular edition is missing a vital component, namely the list and description of the major characters which has been included at the beginnning of every Agatha Christy Novel that I have read, including other editions of this one. The ommission of this list makes it extremely difficult for anyone Not familiar with the book to follow the plot. The reasoning behind St. Martin's Press's decision to ommitt this list of characters is indeed a mystery worth solving. My advice is to find aNother edition of the book elsewhere. Amazon needs to sell an editon which includes this important element.

E. BrowNon December 4, 2015
AVOID AT ALL COSTS -- EDITED VERSION (Without being advertised as an edited version!)
Amazon should list that this is an EDITED version of "And Then There Were None." Had they done that, I would have passed downloading the Kindle version. Bottom line: Don't buy this $12.95 edition with black cover and red images. "Indians" are Nowhere to be found. It is filled with "Soldiers." Agatha Christie's classic has gone through many editions through more than half a century using the classic "Ten Little Indians" nursery rhyme and the setting of Indian Island (Now Soldier Island). Readers need to be aware of this change before purchase! Complicating matters is my child is reading this in school right Now, which is why we downloaded it. About 20 of the kids have the original and speak of Indians. Imagine the initial humiliation when she (and one other girl actually) tried to join the discussion and reference soldiers. (She is over it Now though.) Anyway, do Not purchase this.
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Stefanieon November 18, 2015
Slow and predictable
This books is supposed to be a classic, so I tried it. It was so slow and predictable. I had a hard time even finishing it. Maybe it was avant-guard for it's time, but it's Not anymore.

LKESon March 30, 2015
This version as been changed for political correctness, which ...
the thinking of it's time.

This version as been changed for political correctness, which in my opinion insults the reader's intelligence. We ought to be able to read a book and put it into context of it's time without being brainwashed No help from the editor needed, thank you very much.

Marsha Garlandon June 23, 2016
One dimensional but fun reading.
P. D. James, who, in my estimation, is a far better writer.

Nowadays I find Agatha Christie's writing dated. The plot, however, was clever and the book a quick read. Nothing wrong with it but Nothing thought provoking like anything

Shashank Singhon May 5, 2016
All that hype for Nothing!!
Not as fun as I thought it will be. Just an OK read.

Anitaon October 14, 2016
Don't bother reading this.
Not one of Agatha Christie's best. The only reason that you can Not figure it out is because the author leaves out information purposely to confuse the reader.
Amazon Customeron March 9, 2012
Very complicated mystery

This is my first Agatha Christie Mystery read and while it was a good story I am Not sure this is my style. I may need to read more of her books to understand her writing style but at this point that is Not something I want to do. When I read a mystery I like to be able to try to make guess as to who the culprit is and for me that never happened. I had No idea who the killer was Nor did I find any clues in the reading of the story. Even after it was explained I still could Not understand how anyone could figure it out given the way the story was written. While this was Not my type of book, the story did keep me engaged but just left me wondering how anyone could ever figure it out without the explanation at the end.
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JBurkon September 22, 2016
This classic is ready to retire...
My bookclub wanted a classic choice, but we were all disappointed. Given that it's a 'timeless classic' we were expecting more....sadly, it was pretty 'ho-hum'.

whateveron April 18, 2014
Noon to read it. Seriously. It should only be about half the price for what you're getting. Just because it is a classic, doesn't mean it's worth spending so much.

It takes all of an after

Steve JohnsoNon April 8, 2009
Great book. Poor tagging in Kindle version

Great book but I wish it was tagged correctly. The author is listed as Christie,Agatha (Now it is a nit; but for $5 I expect things to be formatted correctly. Alas, you can't change the tagging--a feature I wish Amazon would add.

deannaon May 8, 2016
Good read, but too straight forward
The book was well written and enjoyable, but didn't offer the level of suspense and intrigue that other reviews had indicated.

Amazon Customeron July 22, 2013
Eh its ok
Sure it was ok for me but I don't really like mysteries but of course this was a summer reading project so ya

Amazon Customeron August 17, 2016
Two Stars
Had to read this for school. Wasn't my taste

frank sigleron February 4, 2017
Three Stars
Probably make a good movie

Kindle Customeron May 14, 2016
Three Stars
mistake please cancel

I ordered it
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FMGon December 28, 2015
Disappointed with this book.

Pegon June 26, 2016
Three Stars
Just an ok story

timon July 8, 2014
kinda over rated but good. A good read
Meh, kinda over rated but good. A good read

Caton June 29, 2016
Depressing and Depraved
I found this book relentlessly depressing. Not one of the characters engenders any sympathy or caring. It's a murder-fest from beginning to end, the language is execrable and leaves the reader with a sour taste. Sad that such a prolific and respected author sunk to this level.

J. Paige Leichneron November 24, 2014
One Star
THIS IS THE PLAY Not THE NoVEL. Don't be fooled.

Joseph M. Conley, Jr.on November 24, 2012
Political Correctness gone a muck
I have multiple copies of this Agatha Christie classic under both titles. My kindle edition has , in the interest of political correctness, changed "Indian" to "Soldier." This is over the top political correctness. Had I k
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Rebecaon November 12, 2014
Wouldn't say "Very Good"...
Bought a used copy under "Very good" quality. I don't think a crinkled cover and folded in pages should count as "very good" but other than that the book was in okay quality I just gotta set something heavier on top to straighten the book out a bit.

sBeNon January 2, 2014
Decent murder-mystery, but definitely overrated.
I purchased this book because it was acclaimed to be one of the best murder-mysteries of all time. Although I did find the book to be mildly entertaining, I definitely would Not give it a raving review.

Red's Bookson September 20, 2016
Edited to appease easily offended social justice warriors.
Ten little Indians is a marvelous "who done it". I have read through it more than once and enjoyed it every time. It is shameful that political correctness has resulted in an edited version. People who condone censoring of literature should be executed. Shame on the publisher for editing this masterpiece.

Patricia Brookson May 28, 2014

Marleneon May 29, 2015
Agatha Christie is a No for me
I have never liked Agatha Christie books, but was told this one was very good. I didn't think so; and didn't read very far. There were too many people for me to keep track of.

Amazon Customeron June 24, 2016
One Star

mysreaderon October 21, 2014
It was a gift. I read it eons ago ...
It was a gift.I read it eons ago,its 10 little Indians & then there were None.

rose newon July 29, 2014
Hard to follow along
Was a slow read for me. Hard to follow along

winnie pruitton November 15, 2014
Three Stars
fair condition

Nahdbdchxdon August 29, 2014
Two Stars

Amazon Customeron February 28, 2015
Three Stars
No comment

lazzzydayzon April 14, 2016
Still reading.
Still reading!

SDon October 15, 2014
Over rated.
Over rated.

Anders Lundon August 7, 2015
Two Stars
Didn't enjoy it at all.

Amazon Customeron April 23, 2016
One Star
couldn't get into this one.
John Chaggarison June 23, 2016
One Star
Now the theme is old

Tysoniaon July 23, 2012
Poor Kindle transcription
The publisher did a terrible job transferring this book to Kindle. Pages appear out of order. Page numbers and headers show up mid text. And odd code-like characters everywhere. Have you ever tried to copy and paste a whole page from PDF? It's that jumbled. I gave up reading this book a few pages in.

Update 24 July 2012: to their credit, Amazon issued a refund quickly.

FT Nanaon January 18, 2012
Do Not Buy!
I love Agatha Christie's Novels, but poor quality like this edition should never be released for sale at any cost. Shame on this company and shame on Amazon for even having this book on their web site.

Jennifer R.on December 1, 2012
Thought it was cheesy
This book was probably a big hit in its day but it seems pretty cheesy. My son needed to read it for his 8th grade English class. There are much better books out there. I am Not quite sure why they picked this book. The word "queer" is used quite often which would give these students a very low grade (if they were writing a paper) for repeating the same word Not to mention it made them laugh every time they read the word. At first, it is hard to keep track of who each character is. It didn't hold my interest. Many people enjoy this type of writing, but based on this book, I would Not read aNother one of her books. I understand it had a original title different from this. I didn't appreciate that and maybe it was acceptable during its time but it doesn't sit well with me. Google it if you want to learn more. Instead of ten little soldiers it was ten little Indians which was changed from ten little (Not a word I would repeat).
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MKGTon December 25, 2013
My daughter had to read this book as a summer reading book for her senior year of high school. I kNow it's considered a classic, but it's outdated and boring.

Freda L. Tolaron January 19, 2016
VERY disappointed, couldn't read.
This is the Ten Little Sailor version that some of the other reviews mention. It might Not had mattered to me if I hadn't kNown the most loved version was the Ten Little Indian version.

Wow ! 1,592 reviews with an average 4.5 stars. That's what sold me on this book. I just don't see (read) it. Maybe it is an Agatha Christie classic, but I expected at least a little entertainment.

It's rare I run across a book that I dislike so much I just can't bring myself to read. This was one of those. It seems more geared to 5th grade mystery readers. I found the simplicity of the characters and the predictable plot very elementary.

J. GreeNon January 6, 2016
One Star

cameroNon June 16, 2015
One Star

Ho hum.

Paul 1946on January 4, 2014
Bought this book used and is smells like rotting paper
I thought is was getting a hardcover copy of this book and what I got was a paperback edition printed in 1967. It is old, the paper is cheap quality of most paperbacks and it smells. I will read it and toss it in the garbage for compost. In the future I will be more careful of what I order for used books.

I am sure the story will be fine but the smell of this book is awful. Old rotting paper has a unique smell of its own.

Scottsdale AZon October 14, 2013
Not a favorite
I'm a tradionalist with Agatha Chrisie so this book just didn't cut it with me. Way too dark and depressing . It was a struggle to get through it. Will be careful in the future before purchasing an off beat book of hers. Shocked it got so many high reviews.

MMAon February 18, 2016
Two Stars

It's Agatha Christie... so two centuries ago.

sahadeo ragoonanaNon December 13, 2014
Poor. 3 pages torn
Poor . 3 pages torn. Pages very yellow

ZAQon July 19, 2012
I couldn't even make it past the first 25 pages. I Normally force myself to read on but I couldn't do it here .... spend your money on aNother book.

Alaina Joneson March 30, 2015
One Star
I disliked this book

sandi worthingtoNon December 26, 2014
I pass
I just don't care for these old who dunnit plots, Nothing wrong with the writing, Not my choice of reading.

AnNon February 16, 2016
Classic movie...could only access first half of film
We streamed this movie and were only able to see the first half of the film. Perhaps a technical error on Amazon's end?

Gregory Smithon May 11, 2014
Sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks
I started reading this book because Crystal Lake Memories told me this is the model of every slasher film. What were they thinking? This book was BORING! I gave up after reading 30%. First of all, it's written in some British-style only a few people could enjoy, Secondly, Agatha Christie is Not a horror writer, she doesn't kNow how to do it. I do find it funny that some people are criticizing the prejudices some of the characters have, really? Those prejudices were far more interesting than this crap of a book. I don't care if it's a best setter, I don't care if Agatha Christie is a big shot. If you like long-winded prose, go read this garbage, but if you want a pageturner, don't even bother.

Dylan Schafferon April 23, 2013
Crahed Kindle
I downloaded book and it crashed my Kindle!! I would like a refund for my order. Please respond to this because it's important i recieve my money back!

Amazon Customeron April 1, 2011
Not All of That
'm Not sure why this book is so highly rated but I'm mad I wasted my time reading it. It was written well. It was a page turner but it was drawn out and had a very anticlimactic ending. So Not worth my time or money.

Next.. And Then There Were None

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