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Thís ís way too hard to pay my bill. Théré should bé à button on my account to take mé to thé bill pay page. I shouldn't hàve to sign ín two or three times to pay my bill. Once I gét to thé bill pay page íts ok, but getting théré ís à real pain. Fix thís!

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wgreen says:
Trying to pay your bill is really disgusting never seen anything like this

Ferry Lankerani says:
I totally agree and I have to pay the overdue $35for 3 times and they knew that they made a mistake. after each payment they sent me an e-mail and thanking for paying on time, then later, they were claiming they didn't received it and they were adding late fee. I am sick of the bank and not using Amazon anymore.

Ferry Lankerani says:
they charged me 3 times for late fee and each time $35.00- and that was after they sent me a thank you e-mail saying I paid on time . this bank is totally out.. I stopped using Amazon.

LaKisha Wooden says:
I agree!!!!!!!!

victoria says:
Agree!!! I have given up at times.

Lynn Westoo says:
I totally agree! I am having the same issue right now. My plan is to wait until this payment is received and then close the card! I have never had a hard time paying a bill in my life! After much time and many calls and attempts, my bill has been paid... and guess what- there is now a late fee! So- I cannot close it just yet. I must pay that late fee, make sure it is received, and THEN close it. NEVER again!!!

MK says:
Amazon, pay attention, I spend A LOT OF MONEY EACH MONEY< PAY BALANCE IN EVERY BUT YOU WILL LOSE ME IF YOU DON"T ORDER Synchrony Bank (?) to LET ME PAY BILL ! ! ! ! ! MK says: Why CALL a Phone Number when I & aALL these other POSTS JUST WANT TO PAY OUR BILLS ON LINE WHAT KIND OF RESPONSE ARE YOU USSSS? MK says: ADDITIONALLY WHY are SO MANY CUSTOMERS NOT RECEIVING STATEMENTS & CAN"T PAY THEIR BILLS ? Are you a scam so you can charge late fees ? ? ? Christopher Crain says: Agreed, I always find it difficult to find the "Make a Payment" button on the Amazon page. Amazon Credit Team says: (AMAZON OFFICIAL) We're sorry you've had trouble making a payment toward your Store Card. You can make an online payment at If you have difficulty logging into your online account or have other account or payment related questions, please contact Synchrony Bank at 1-866-634-8379 24 hours a day, seven days a week. MK says: I HAVE TRIED to make a payment online several times BUT STILL CAN'T ! !! Why DON'T YOU FIX THE WEB SITE As we all can see, there MANY, MANY people not being able to pay ! Also, why are there never ANY BILLS sent ? ?Please answer with professional, decent, prompt courtesy for me and ALL THE OTHER FRUSTRATED CUSTOMERS CatDaddyAlbert says: This is a great card and very easy to use and make payments, except if all you have is a second grade education which is what it appears to be with macr453! Tyndra says: Paying your bill here is really a hassle.... Benjamin Hatton says: You need a degree from Harvard to make a payment. Theresa says: I totally agree... I like making payments on line but when I make my Amazon payment it takes for every because I can never find the payment page or area, whatever to make it. Wish there would just be a button on my account to make a payment. MK says: Totally agree with ALL COMPLAINANTS ! ! ! Don't understand why Amazon doesn't ccorect the appalling, disgusting payment situation . . WELL AMAZON> IT"S UP TO YOU

Toni says:
I agree. I hardly use the card because it's too hard to pay the bill.

Jeryl says:
I think it's very strange that I can order things without the whole login 3 times crap..but when I want to pay my bill it's damn near impossible

MK says:
i totally agree ! ! ! i don't understand that with all these negative comments, amazon doesn't correct this intolerable situation ! ! ! ! ! !

MK says:
i totally agree ! ! ! i don't understand that with all these negative comments, amazon doesn't correct this intolerable situation ! ! ! ! ! !

Amazon Customer says:
You might consider paying bills through your bank. I have all of my credit cards set up on my bank's "Pay Bills" menu. It is much faster than paying each bill on a separate website.

Toni says:
Perhaps they want the late fee charge

MK says:
You present an interesting idea. They certainly would have A LOT TO GAIN monetarily by making paying difficult/impossible AMAZON GIVE US YOUR REASON FOR NOT ADDRESSING THIS ON-GOING PROBLEM

Jerry Daniel Thompson says:
I can't even log in because Amazon repeatedly rejects my zip code and password. I've reset it numerous times and now can't even do that because I don't know the full number of my credit card and I can't find through Amazon what it is. I have late payments on my credit now because Amazon hasn't been e-mailing any statements. I asked for help over the phone, but the agents English was so broken I couldn't understand what she was saying. I think I got her to at least understand that I wanted to pay my bill and hopefully that was accomplished. I still don't have a clue how to set up bill paying online. Amazon's credit card service is atrocious!!!!

MK says:
amazon. . this post says it all!! ! ! when are you going to fix this atrocious lack of business proper behavior ? ? ? ever ? ? ? why have you never responded to my or anyone's valid, legitimate complaints ? ? ?

Toni says:
I had the same issues. My solution is to rarely ,if ever, order.

MK says:
I'm sure your reaction/response is ever increasing. I and others have been complaining for MONTHS and asking Amazon to correct the situation. I've asked Amazon to PLEASE AT LEAST RESPOND to our complaints but as yet, to date, THEY HAVEN'T even that courtesy ! ! !

Modesto Ramirez says:
Too hard to pay bill on line. REset password is horrible...Please make it easier!

Toni says:
They won't

Jolene Sims says:
Yes, I've had several difficulties logging in to pay, resulting in late fees by missing the cutoff by a mere day, needing to call into the automated system to make the payment via phone.

MK says:
amazon yet another angry disatified customer are you listening synchrony bank ? ? ?

Don says:
I have NO problem paying my bill through Amazon's page. I do everything electronically.

Maybe the service to the computer is bad and not strong enough connection.

That's what I think.

Don says:
pretty much

Toni says:
Nope. I used 3 different computers.

Don says:
you use too many computers for you electronic bills ... I wouldn't want constantly change the browser...

L. Haltmar says:
Absolutely!!! Way to hard

Rich says:
Basically I have had nothing but trouble with it. I read 6 posts and each of them had similar issues to mine. Basically this is a 21st century company, employing 20th century banking practices and using 19th century technology. Would not recommend.

Erin says:
Ridiculously trying to pay a bill, like jumping through fire rings trying to give somebody money.

Toni says:

Nicholas S. says:
The solution is to simply use or rather than clicking links here on amazon to get to billpay..

Yes the website here seems comically inept in asking you to login again.. but that is because you are clicking on a link that allows you to change from Promo 0% interest financing to 5% cashback financing (IE you are logging in to make changes to your credit card account within amazon ) however if you click the link at the top left of the page to Amazon Store Card you will NOT have to enter your amazon password again.. and are taken directly to the Synchrony/Amazon card website to login and pay your bill)

Hopefully this helps a bit (also maybe Amazon could make this a bit clearer on the Credit card landing page?

Toni says:
Thank you. Worked for me. Do you work for Amazon?😄

Laura Bowers says:
I agree with the above comment regarding difficulty in paying bill. It is far too difficult and far too confusing, plus no confirmation number is given once bill is paid. This should be a very simple process, and yes, Amazon or Synchrony should definitely fix this ASAP.

Allen B. says:
I agree so much I wont be using the card again.

Julie P. Weeks says:
I agree completely! Today I got an email from Synchrony advising me that a late fee penalty had been added to my bill, which suprised me because I've only received one bill and that was mid-April. I scanned my emails from the bank throughout the last 2 months and there was nothing regarding money due = which they have in their records as having been sent to me on March 30. The Customer Service representative was very gracious and waived the fee - but it was alarming to hear that I'd been sent an email that never received. A change in the payment process needs to begin with billing as well as eliminating what feels like an unnecessary amount of hassle to pay. Is a method of payment - such as Capital One - patented?

The only bill I am late on because it is the hardest to pay! Terrible

MK says:
More people agree with you THAN DON'T ! ! !

Pauline says:
Not quite than easy!

Amy Jane Young says:
I will never do business with again. I was so happy to receive a amazon store card but I didn't realize that I had to pay for it. I only purchased 50 dollars worth of merchandise and I called to make payment. that's when I find out that my bill is 130., not 50 dollars. you are trully the worst company I have ever dealt with and I will tell everyone not to do business with

paul best says:
amazon has the worst user friendly web for customers seeking to answer any question. Amazon needs to set up a 24 hour chat service, with attendants that KNOW ALL THE ANSWERs. I am about to apply for a credit dard and will spend $1K now,, hopefully since your post, 2 yrs ago, amazon has made it much more accessible to pay the bill. Take paypal for example, very freiendly, easy to use, , I had to call ebay to have them make the purchase more easy to apply paypal credit, as the ebay purchase payment was not easy to get to paypal credit link, Now with my phone call, ebay has since updated their site to make the credit option very easy to access.

I agree that is way too hard to make a payment. I have just spent almost 30 minutes trying to figure out how to apply a 9.99 credit to my order. NOT GOOD!

Julie says:
Joyce I also agree as long as it get paid. I have had words with Synchrony Bank, they can be a bit rude. I pay way more per month than they ask. I have been with the Amazon card for 1 1/2 years now and I enjoy it. I also pay direct to the Amazon page and do not have any problems at all. :)

Amazon Customer says:
It is so hard to make a payment, with out having to go this way then that. Then you still can't make the payment. You should be able to sign in to your amazon account, then click on to make a payment the it takes you straight there

Avid Book Junkie says:
Dear Amazon Credit Team - the problem is not about logging into our accounts -- the problem is finding the #($*^&! LINK to the accounts. We have to hunt and hunt and hunt to find it. I'd bet a thousand dollars that you guys do this deliberately so you can rake in late fees.

Avid Book Junkie says:
NOT the tekkie's fault. Tekkies do the grunt work, but the boss (i.e. Amazon and/or bank) dictate exactly what they want. Trust me -- Amazon and/or bank know exactly what they are doing. By making it hard to find the link, they rake in megabucks in late fees. Tekkies cannot change the design unless the boss tells them to.

D-Man says:
While I agree they do make it a tad complicated with all the clicking and logins, bills are better off paid direct from your bank account using bill pay. It's faster, safer, and more efficient.

TC says:
Yes, I agree! Ive been an Amazon Prime member for over a year, and it's still way too difficult to make a quick payment. there needs to be an interface directly from the Amazon website.

Julie P. Weeks says:
Another complaint is that when you attempt to get to the "bank" to interface, you're inundated with ads regarding their so-called services! I was repeatedly told that my account number didn't exist until I was able to circumvent the website, at which point I made a payment and cut myself loose from Synchrony forever.

Amazon Customer says:
The bill is way to hard to pay and I do not want this to lead to credit problems. Good grief, I'm just trying to pay my bill for a month now.

Avid Book Junkie says:
If you're referring to the Amazon Store Card -- here's how to do it. When you first bring up Amazon, there on the main page -- scroll to the bottom of the page - under the "Back to Top" you'll see "Amazon Payment Products". Click on " store card". The next page that appears will have "Frequently Asked Questions". Click on the first one ("How do i make a payment") and that will take you to where you need to be to make a payment.
If you're referring to the Rewards Visa Card -- you're on your own, sorry. I do agree with you, that they deliberately make it hard so they can rake in all those late fees -- and trash your credit record in the process. I refuse to use that card anymore. But the store-card is okay.
Good luck!

marc453 says:
Thanks for the info. The synchrony bank has fixed it somwhat as I get an email from them a few days from the due date wiith a direct link to my account and I pay it that way. Better than going through Amazon.

julie says:
File a complaint at i have and I wish more would. It would stop this basically theft. They will ruin your credit!

julie says:
I am begging everyone to contact and file a complaint!! This will hopefully fix things for all....they will ruin your credit if not stopped!

julie says:
Due to this Snych bank I now have ruined credit because they failed to send me bills....refused to close my account when requested. They kept changing my payment amounts and I only received a few bills since I opened my account. I am begging everyone with these issues to go to and file a complaint. This more than likely will fix this problem. This bank has had issues before this is not new to them.

Barb says:
I love Amazon but it seems they don't want to get paid. It is the most difficult site there is to pay a bill. Right now, I have been trying for an hour to find the site. You better start 3 days before the bill is due so your payment is not late. Please do something about this.

Barb says:
Thanks (breezy). That doesn't work either.

julie says:
It doesn't matter they will change your amount you have to pay and then if you try to terminate your card they will refuse and not send you bills.....then you will get a big surprise on your credit report! Here is what I did and others are doing. Contact the FTC and they won't do much until everyone being messed over by this sneaky bank contacts the consumer finance...we can together put this predatory lending in the hole AGAIN.

Aries169 says:
E V E R Y S I N G L E M O N T H I have this problem!!! I thought it was just me. I get these reminder (annoying at times) calls I want to pay but can never remember how. I know it can be fixed. My credit report just gave me a surprise. Thank you amazon.

Toni says:
Good luck getting the paper bill back.😑 I eventually found step by step directions on how to pay this bill. I printed them and keep them with my other bills.

Maria J Rivera says:
It is a nightmare to pay my bill, really hard to find page

Patches says:
I got the email about my payment when I go to payment it says I need to update my browser. I have the newest version of Microsoft Edge. Is there an address I can mail my payment to. This is so frustrating

Avid Book Junkie says:
Dear Amazon -- instead of "We're sorry you had trouble", how about "Hey, we've listened to the NUMEROUS complaints about how hard it is to navigate to the bill-pay page, and have modified our website so that it's really easy now to find the link for paying your bill! Just push the BIG RED, CLEARLY LABELED BUTTON LOCATED AT TOP-RIGHT CORNER OF THE MAIN PAGE, and you'll be taken directly to the bill-pay page" ??

MK says:
They COULD FIX IT EASILY, But They Don't Want To I've complaining for almost A YEAR but NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE

Lauralee Z. says:

Lauralee Z. says:

Toni says:

i'll have to call to make payment it's so hard to pay your bill online

Jewell says:
I agree with you completely!! Except I have been trying for 2 days off and on!! Up to this point, I never experienced a it wants me to "upgrade my browser" WHAT?? I use Windows 10 and updated browsers for EDGE and EXPLOYER!! I pay everything on-line....and Amazon is the WORST! For the first time I called Synch bank to make the payment (due today)....I hope they will credit my account right!!!

Jewell says:
Same thing I encountered!! This just will then just freeze your screen! The tech team needs to fix this problem. You will not be able to make a payment or see your statements, I finally, had to call the automated system at the Bank to make a payment!! NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!!

Eric Hayley says:
I finally got logged in ok on my work computer. I go to pay my my bill and press the button to pay....I get the message, you have now been logged out, sorry you will need to log back in. I logged in 5 times it did it each time. I chatted online with a Customer Service Rep and he told me he had to unlock my account. I asked why it was locked and he would only respond, oh it's a technical thing, just know I unlocked it. I clicked on pay my bill again...guess what..YOU HAVE BEEN LOGGED OUT. I told him it didn't work and the same problem was happening and he responded...Ok, is there anything else I can do for you. Then I come home and try to log in on my personal computer. This computer is 2 weeks old and completely up to date, Windows 10 and browser is Microsoft Edge. The system tells me that my browser is out of date and I need to upgrade to Microsoft EDGE?? HUH. So, I try to see if there is an update to my browser, no there isn't. I CAN"T PAY MY BILL. YOU ARE A HORRIBLE COMPANY

Pookie052 says:
these ppl are completely mindless I am so enfuriated by the way I am treated as a loyal customer

Kandy B. says:
We should not have to log in two different times - change your system use one button option once you sign in to your account you shouldn't have to sign in again

raydrak says:
synchrony bank is the biggest fraud in banking

Kae says:
Ok, guess what? Apparently I didn't get my bill paid, that I couldn't figure out how to pay, didn't get a statement and NOW my account has been closed..I"M SO ANNOYED !! They said to just reapply and they willopen a new account and NOW, it won't let me reapply because it says I already HAVE an account, but I can't charge to it, because it's closed...what TO DO????

Amazon Customer says:
I agree with comment, I had same problem

Pam B. says:

Jeanette Szulinski says:
O my God Amazon...give me an address so I can pay my bill

DTL says:
Thanks for your post. Keep it on line.

Amazon Customer says:
Not only is it hard to pay your bill/Min payment but extremely hard to figure out how to use points (money earned) with other credit card points or with Amazon Prime earned points,

Tomas says:
I pay on time with more than I'm asked to I don't know what going on?

Tomas says:
I payed it off look at my log

A. Guts says:
All Syncrony Bank private label credit cards have horrible websites and horrible payment experiences. This is why I will never get another Syncrony Bank issued private label credit card, no matter what is offered by the retailer. It's 2017, get your act together.

A. Guts says:
All Syncrony Bank private label credit cards have horrible websites and horrible payment experiences. This is why I will never get another Syncrony Bank issued private label credit card, no matter what is offered by the retailer. It's 2017, Syncrony get your act together.

Amazon Customer says:
Feel the same - am I facing a late fee because the website won't let me in to pay!?!?!?!?!

raggedyann says:
Agreed. The website is the worst business website I've ever had the misfortune to have to use. I work in IT, and the SyncBank website is a joke.

A. Guts says:
It's a product feature from the issuing bank's perspecitve, the more difficult it is to pay the bill the more monthly fees the bank generates. There should be regulations to prevent this sort of scam.

Lucas says:
I have never had an issue with paying on my account. I set the account up and added bank info make payments and they're credited next day.

Crystal says:
Totally agree, the hardest bill to pay online. Once you get to the payment screen it is fine, but its getting there that is frustrating

Wm Anthony Lewis says:
Could you please add a link to the Amazon account page to pay the Amazon store card account?

Fred R. says:
How hard can it possibly be for a company as large as Amazon to put a link to "PAY MY BILL" among the multitude of options on your website? Absolutely ridiculous

LBear says:
I have two other credit cards originally once through ge capital and now known as synchrony bank, while this is an old comment it's the first I read and perhaps people might find this link useful...
I can switch between both cards as well as a number of other financial functions you'd normally typically see etc. aside from that you can also look at other financing options available from synchrony bank in different markets....

becalou says:
totally agree where is the make a payment button surely you can put one on there are plenty of other buttons that make you run around for hours with out finding out how to make a payment.

LBear says:
The major problem is people blame amazon however amazon isn't the financial institution financing the card ... amazon hasn't opened their own bank to my knowledge yet as some retailers out there have in which they don't even offer online banking yet. Point is amazon is the retailer not the financer ... chase offers a amazon card as well as discover but due to amazon not being printed on the card I suppose people don't seem to gripe so much and blame amazon for lack of ease!

KmDDS says:
The entire purpose of online account access is NOT having to call an 800 number!! That's not a valid "work around" in my opinion!

On the Verg says:
Honestly, I don't have any problem making a payment on my Amazon store card. I open the Amazon app on my laptop and go to the "Manage Amazon Credit Cards" from the drop down list. Then I select the "Manage My Account Online" button. This opens a window in my default browser where I login by entering my user name/password one time. This takes me to the page that has "View Activity", "View Payments", and "Make A Payment" buttons to choose from. It seems simple to me but maybe I am just lucky. Good Luck!

A. Guts says:
It's 2017, if Amazon is unable to provide a frictionless payment experience with thier credit cards similar to 'one click' on thier website and app; I'll have no interest in an Amazon credit card until you do.

A. Guts says:
I want frictionless pay w/Amazon credit card like '1 click ordering' Syncrony Bank experience is terrible #UXfail #sad #payments

Kate Schroeder says:
I had the same trouble until I first figured out that logging in to my Amazon account is different than my Synchrony Bank account that gives me all the information I need. Then after signing into your Amazon account go to the bottom of any page and you will see "back to the top." Beneath this is a list titled, "Amazon Payment Products" choose the method of payment you have with Synchrony Bank, ie, Amazon Store Card and click. this will take you quickly to the screen to sign into Synchrony Bank. If there is a quicker way to get there I have yet to find it.

Elaine B. Rouse says:
This worked. Thank you. It shouldn't take third party to accomplish this. Easy to buy, hard to pay and heaven help you if you are late

Amazon Customer says:
Exactly, I'm trying to pay my bill now, and going through so much...I dont even know where to go...It's like a puzzle and adventure, just to pay your bill...SMH

Inspector14068 says:
Whoever sets Amazon web site needs to get easier way to pay certainly after this post form 2014. I still can't locate where to pay my bill

Amazon Customer says:
amazon your payment is way to hard to make a payment on line.
You guys should make it lot easier to make a payment.

'Grace says:
it's hard to open the payment website

Grace says:
I am having a hard time to pay my bills in the website. I request to send my statement every month on my address.

Sody Teksams says:
amazon needs to make it easy to pay bill I hate it too I'm about to cancel this card. Cant stand it.

buckwheat says:
this page is too hard to use and track your bill/account!!!do ya think you can fix this?

Lynzi Wildheart says:
I am trying to pay my Synchrony Bank card, and cannot find a way to do so. Frustrating!

Joann Lightfoot says:
I agree! It takes me a good 15 minutes just to find the link to pay my bill! It isn't bad if I want to wait for the statement but many times I want to pay early.

Jennifer Leckbee says:
I too have struggled to find the way to pay my bill every month. Why would you want to make it so hard to pay? I would think you would be eager to get my money. PLEASE fix this as it appears many struggle with the same problem.

Next.. Store Card

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