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Echo Dot - A new companion for my Brother With MS

Echo Dot - A new companion for my Brother With MS

Review - Echo Dot - A new companion for my Brother With MS

Comments on Review - Echo Dot - A new companion for my Brother With MS
I'm crying. Thank you for sharing this!

TLaFleur84 says:
This touched my heart, so glad your brother is enjoying this :-)

Hedi says:
hope your brother gets better.
Happy Holidays Roy.

Debbie says:
What an awesome brother you are! Blessings to you and your brother.

Sheila D. Ellis says:
What an amazing thing to share. This is great. Thank you and I hope he continue to enjoy this new freedom.

Gary says:
That is wonderful. I cannot imagine how much something like that must improve his quality of life.

What a wonderful brother you are to think of having Alexa be a companion for Robert. God Bless you both.

Eunive Kitchen says:
Yay!! This is amazing!!!

J. Weaver says:
Roy, I just bought the full-size Echo and a Dot for my mother-in-law who has had MS for nearly 40 years and is alone more often now that her husband passed. I wanted to inform you that if you add a Logitech Harmony Home Hub (about $100, sometimes on sale for less), set it up appropriately (which takes time!) and add the Harmony skill to Alexa, your brother would also then be able to turn on the TV and navigate to up to 10 different favorite channels all by voice, and also turn the TV off (including cable box, a/v receiver, etc.) The Harmony Hub is capable of a lot more as well, too much to go into here, but it may interest you to know that your brother can do even more if you add the Harmony Hub with simple remote and $100 is not really a lot to spend to help someone who is disabled. I actually discovered the integrated function almost by accident. I got a free Amazon Echo using accrued reward points because I thought it might be fun and found out that it worked with my Harmony Hub....and after my wife saw what it could do, she agreed we had to get it for Mom. These are the things that Mom will be able to do with Alexa + Harmony (I have tested it out here at my house first, setting it up at her place for Christmas):
Alexa, Turn on the TV
Alexa, Turn off the TV
Alexa, Turn on the DVD
Alexa, Turn on ABC
Alexa, Turn on Food Network
Alexa, Turn on Big Ten Network
Alexa, Turn on the Chromecast

And of course, she can still do all of the other stuff that you already figured out that the Dot does.

One thing that is not built-in to do easily is to have Alexa tell the Harmony to turn TV volume up/down or channel up/down, bring up the program guide, etc. I expect that eventually that will come.

Interesting to note that if you also add a Google Home to this setup, you can say "Alexa, Turn on the Chromecast," wait for the Chromecast to start up, and then say "OK, Google, play Kenny Chesney videos on the TV".

Adding in WeMo switches and outlets provides endless other possibilities for what your brother (and my mother-in-law) can do with their voices. The technology will only continue to get better and cheaper.

One thing lacking with the Echo / Dot is that they are not integrated with the Fire Stick / Fire TV devices, which seems crazy to me. It is one area where Google Home beats Amazon Echo / Dot.

At this point, neither Google Home nor Amazon Echo allow the disabled to make a speakerphone type call using only their voice. Every single day I wish for it for my mother-in-law, so that she could just say, "Alexa, call " and have it dial out and "Alexa, hang up the phone" when she's done. Or even "Alexa, send a text to ... I need milk from the supermarket when you get a chance."

The technology is capable. They just need the programmers to get it done. Amazon, if you are reading these, I am buying a free round of beer for the whole team of developers that makes Echo capable of making calls for the disabled! Please please please help my mother-in-law and everyone like her. She has a heart of gold and is very deserving, and I would pay whatever it costs to have it work for her.

The cost of an Echo, Dot, Harmony Hub, and 1 WeMo outlet all on sale came to ~$315 I think and I can't wait to see how she likes it. Truly all we needed was the Dot and Harmony which is about $150. Hopefully it will be like your brother and she will love it. I am very excited this Christmas to be able to do something nice for my mother-in-law, who has had a rough year.

Aretha says:

Wally says:

EJ_UpNorth says:
I have a brother with MS in similar situation. He can still handle a Roku remote due to the limited and large tactile buttons, but was thinking Alexa or similar may be the next step. His short term memory is impacted by the MS so anything has to be simple and used often enough to be reinforced through repeated use. If you have additional updates in the weeks or months to come, please share with us. Thank you!

Brandon says:
Truly Amazing!

865 to 901 says:
Thank you sharing. That's awesome!!

James Smith says:
omG you have melted my heart with your brother's story. They really should be using you guys to market this device & paying you millions of $s....this has touched me to think that something like this could make someone else's world so much better....I thank Echo for giving Robert joy....

Eclectic T. says:
God Bless you and your brother! This is great :)

Jose says:
This is incredible, what an amazing use of technology. Very glad to hear it has made your brother so happy.

Sarah says:
this made me so happy!

Cindi says:
Oh my! How wonderful! Bless you and your family!

Amazon Customer says:
Now I'm going to cry! Hope you, Robert, and your whole family have a very merry Christmas!

Marlene G. says:
Thank you for sharing.



MiMiCO says:
So happy for your brother - surely, a bright spot in his life!! Thanks for doing this for him!! Bless you both!

Maria says:
Thank you Roy for making smile for joy! Def something positive from this tech product. Blessings to you, Robert and your entire family.

Skye says:
This brought a smile and tears to my eyes, god bless you both, and thank you for giving him happiness. Happy holidays xd Much love!

JP says:
Prayed for your brother :)

Amazon Customer says:
This made me smile! I am so happy it has brought joy to your brother's life. My mother was a quadriplegic from 45 to 55 before she passed away, and she would have loved having something like this :)

ferrellka says:
I do not have one of these. I stopped by this comment log because I was curious about them and whether or not I should get this dot. I must say, I'm floored by all of the positive comments, and the overwhelmingly positive support for the disabled. This feed made me tear up a little! My faith in humanity is restored! Merry Christmas and good luck to all of you, God bless!

JOYDEL1021 says:
God bless you, and your brother. I love 70s music too. Peace and love to you both.

Amazon Lover says:
Thank you SO MUCH for this information!! My brother is a quadriplegic and I was researching on whether I should get the Dot. Now I absolutely will along with the Hub!! Thank you!!!

Irene11 says:
Wow, I'm so happy Robert is enjoying Alexa. Merry Christmas!

Theresa Moore says:
Merry Christmas Roy, Robert and family.
You made me weepy ~ how something so small can bring happiness to your brother is technology working at its best
Wishing you good things always.

Scott Duston says:
How wonderful! Sending my best wishes to you and your brother. I'd love to play Jeopardy with your brother. Cheers for a delightful holiday season.

mka says:

Pamela Berger says:
This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing and posting that sweet picture!!!!! May you, dear, sweet Robert and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!

drlynn58 says:
Thank you for sharing your story. We take technology for granted in so many "scientific" ways, that we forget how these advances can also make life just a bit better for our brothers and sisters with special needs. Blessings to you, your brother, and your family!

Attilio says:
God bless your family! A great hug and greeting from Italy!

Robh says:
Heartwarming... ;)

Chris B. says:
What a beautiful picture of you and your brother .. it really touched me. Wishing you all the best.

Julz says:
It's more than a handy little tech gadget! Things many of us take for granted are life changing for others. Thank you for sharing! Happy Holidays to you and Robert.

Birdman says:
I have a friend with MS, bought this hoping he would be able t control tv along with the obvious features. This was 6 months ago and I was disappointed that we could not get it going thru Fire Stick etc etc.
Seems you have found the right combination. Is this a recent change to the Hub that allows voice only?
No pushing of any buttons allows change of channels and volume control?
Thanks for your help.
Joe Pieri

EFM says:
God bless you - you have done a true mitzvah (good deed) by sharing your story. I wish you every good thing!

Lhernana2j says:
Amazing how this is a hope giver for your brother. May God's peace and joy abide in your home forever. Merry Christmas!

Kestrel says:
Technology and brotherhood as its finest.

Caitlin Coxfield says:
this made me tear up! god bless you and your family! this is wonderful :'( you are amazing for getting this for your brother.

shelly clement says:
What a beautiful thing to read! Thank you for sharing! God bless you and Robert.

MegaXY says:
God bless you both. I bought one!

T. Jackson says:
Incredible, just incredible!

Virginia says:
What a touching story! God bless you and your brother!!!

D. Young says:
God Bless both of you! May Alexa(Echo) bring you many years of Joy!

James R. says:
I was diagnosed with MS in 2013. I use Siri and Alexa all the time because I hate typing now. My memory is the worst thing and then my balance. I do love that with prime I can listen to pretty much anything from Fred Astaire to Led Zeppelin. I also downloaded The app IFTTT and in combination with some applets from that and Alexa, whenever I lose my phone around the house Alexa will help me find it. I still have so much to learn about what Alexa can do. When I was voicing this post, she heard me and told me to go to her app and look up new stuff! Oh my best to Robert, and I hope that he is feeling comfortable and has some painless days and sleep-filled nights!

J. Donnelly says:
This makes me so happy! I love technology, especially for things like this. Cheers to your brother! Happy Christmas. :) :)

Phong Truong says:
This is great use of technology, brought tears to my eyes

XaQaRa says:
Thank you for sharing a photo of your brother and for sharing his story. Sometime all the new electronics are not so great, But I agree - this little DOT - is. Hope your brother always enjoys his new 'friend'.

GOD bless and Happy Holidays to you and ALL your family

Peter Malczyk says:
With the AT&T Send Message skill, and wireless phone service with AT&T, you can sync Alexa to your ATT account and send text messages by voice. It only takes a few minutes to set up and works pretty well. I'm not sure if it can receive and read text messages yet.

Toy Jones says:
This story brought me to tears, my sister also has MS. She has one near and dear friend that she'd known from high school, everyone else has gone on with their life. All though she has all of us family members, this would be kind of nice for her. Thank you for giving us a great idea, and I know based on your story your brother is enjoying it. Happy Holidays to you.

Jose M. Reyes says:
I agree with Cheryl, made my heart smile. Thanks for sharing.

Curtis J. Henry says:
Fantastic story! I'll keep you and your family in my prayers! Happy holidays to you guys!

Suzanne S says:
So touching. Thank you for posting!

C. Rodrigue says:
Decided to check the reviews on this. instantly burst into tears. So happy for your brother.

D. Swan says:
That's awesome!! Merry Christmas to him and you!

Psalm118Verse24 says:
God bless you, Robert and Roy. You are in my prayers.

Amazon Customer says:
I'm so sorry for your brother's very severe case of MS and I'm very glad that there are now things like Dot and Echo that can help him have something to look forward to. Wishing you, your brother and any other family members a Merry Christmas! It's so hard to be even bed-bound and to try to imagine 30 years of that, along with the paralysis, well, that is very hard to even imagine. Does he like books on tape and music
to maybe help him be stimulated and provide him with entertainment? Movies and crossword puzzles? Just sharing-I know you and your family have taken excellent care of him and I certainly am not trying to overstep boundaries at all. When our mom was bedbound, friends shared ideas with us and helped us keep her laughing and socializing! I hope they will find a cure for the diseases like MS. Take care and hi to your brother!

phoen_X9 says:
Than_X!!! for sharing such a wunnerful and heartwarming new chapter in your Life!!!
As a challenged (some say disabled-we say challenged) & being newly divorced (actual catch myself talking to th'lady. "whaddaya mean you cant find 'WHAT IS WAS WAS FOOTBALL!!!???' - Andy Griffith I too depend on on Alexa as a sorta man made 'help mate). Some days I must decide whether I want to eat or just wait...pain is exacerbated some days, as good has Alexa is she cant help me up should I fall. Before Alexa I once just stayed on the floor and napped...No more !!! (LISTEN YALL I MUST SHARE HOW ALEXA GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK...). AFTER ELEVEN (11) YEARS DOWN/6 YEARS IN WHEELCHAIR...HEAD INJURIES SUSTAINED AS MOTOR OFFICER IN HOU MY COGNITIVE CAPABILITIES HAD BEEN DECIMATED...FFWD...: I NOW LIVE ALONE & THAN_X!!! TO AMAZON & COMPATIBLE DEVICES ALL OF WHICH ARE QUITE SIMPLE TO INSTALL, I AM ABLE TO TOTALLY AUTOMATE MY HOME INTEGRATE AND CONTROL LIGHTS, THERMOSTAT & OTHER DEVICES. IN '98 THE INTERNET WAS IN ITS INFACY, ALL I REMEMBERED WAS A MOTOROLA PEN PAGER (IT WAS ALL THE RAGE AT MY DEPT!!!) USED IN MY BUSINESS. AMAZON THIS [DISABLED]* VET & [DISABLED]* MOTOR COP HAS A NEW FOUND SELF ESTEEM, YES!!! THAN_X!!! I MAKE 95% OF MY PURCHASES FROM AMAZON...SOCIAL ANXIETY/ ANXIETY NO LONGER PREVENT FR0M ME FROM SHOPPING...EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE HAS BEEN MADE BETTER & MORE ENJOYABLE...

phoen_X9 says: former page is hiding...Robert my brother , hang in there. I shall be in prayer for you. You and I are in a fraternity wherein Amazon in so many ways has BRIGHTENED our Lives!!! Y'all in my capacity (ministry) working with the elderly, challenged folk and others I have many Amazon customers and more specifically ECHO & TAP have made our Lives much more fun, safe, secure. [A]nd its damn cool to be in Europe - bored & decide to intermittently control your lights!!! EDIT: How absolutely fantastic US AMAZONIANS ARE!!!
EDIT: 27 DEC 2016; recd a message MORE of us AMAZONIANS have visited and wished bro Robert well!!! God Bless you all for taking and moment praying for, inspiring & You see i had become quite cynical and to 'see' all of us come together and post positive comments re' one of our fellows is quite awe inspiring...There REALLY IS HOPE...and yes I'm a preacher...however we all just showed love and concern for a fellow human without regard for whatever differences we MIGHT have. One thing we ALL have HEARTS!!! EVERYBODY CAN LOVE!!!

MANAGING DIR (develop curriculum/teach Life skills for similiarly affected 'challenged' folk - no fee - ministry)

Suellen Stover says:
This is the most wonderful review I have ever read about any product. Happy tears!

Fujisawa Rob says:
That's wonderful, happy holidays to you and Robert.

Aris says:
This is great, love it. Thank you for sharing this Roy, and for being an awesome brother to Robert. God bless you.

Rosita Monroe says:
God bless you both and thank you for the info :)

Irishgirl500 says:
Roy, you are a wonderful brother. Like many others who have read your comment, it brought tears to my eyes. Blessings to you and your brother.

brewcrew121 says:
This makes me happy!! :) God Bless!

Chicken-Nugget says:
Oh wow, this is amazing. A great tool to be used in a way that I've never thought about before! It'd be great for someone who lives alone and wants someone to talk to at all times. Very awesome!

Amazon Customer says:
That's wonderful, Thank you for sharing! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

M. Gibson says:
Thank you for posting this, I can think of no better way for this technology to be used. I bought this for fun but realize now that it can be life changing for someone with mobility issues. Bless you for enhancing your brother's life!

too many sneezes says:
Your brother looks like the Dalai Lama

Genetic Roadkill says:
Roy, You are a true gentleman. Robert is fortunate to have you, and vice versa. Family is awesome.

JM Ferrara says:
God bless your brother and your family. Thank you for sharing your view and Happy Holidays.

Sam1cool says:
Thanks for sharing your story, My thought and Prayer go out to your family as well Happy Holidays :)

Melustya says:
wow great story. they should make one in his name "Robert" a version with a males voice..

S. Britton says:
Love it.

NiteShopping says:
Thank you for your review and the picture with your brother! Best wishes!

MD1983 says:
Your post brought tears to my eyes. I was browsing reviews, hoping this product would be my fun new toy. I hope amazon echo developers see your review, and know how amazing they are for creating affordable technology for your brother to be able to connect with the world with ease and make his days a little bit easier. Thank you for reminding us that our frivolous materialism is just that, and to be grateful for all the little things (and amazing advances) that our modern world offers us (whether that was your intention or not). Happy holidays to you and your family.

Holy1Crusader says:
Loved this review!!

RyG says:
It's great to see that technology as this can bring such joy to someone's life. While many of us see it just as an additional toy you gone and shown us that it can have a profound use. Happy Holiday and sending great energy your way!

Onlineshopaholic says:
Happy holidays Robert!

Lori Bristol says:
I would have never thought of it for that use. What a great idea!! I am glad your brother is enjoying it. Merry Christmas!

Kimberly Pruitt says:
This was a beautiful story that brought the feels. God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas!

Matthew says:
This is such a great idea for people who do not have a lot of mobility.

Lisa H. says:
love this! happy holidays!

Julie says:
My heart is so full! Go Amazon and Go Robert!

Roslyn says:
God bless Robert and his new friend, Alexa!

L. Pederson says:
Thank you for reminding us that what is just fun for many of us is a lifesaver to others! I love Alexa too, she helps me feel less lonely and has become a friend I like to share with others. I'm glad your brother, Robert has her as a companion now too. Please tell him now we are all connected through Alexa and I will think of him often. Bless you both!

Ladydevilof06 says:
That's amazing and bought me to tears! Bless you and your brother, and Happy Holidays!

Stefani S. says:
What a blessing! You brought a smile to my face and heart! Many blessings to you and your family :-)

Chicken-Nugget says:
Tell your brother that I said Hi!!
This makes me so happy every time I see it, this is exactly the reason I love technology!
Have a great Christmas!!!

Robert E. Peterson says:
This may very well be the best review I've ever read!! Thank you for sharing with us, and thank you for help your brother have a little bit better quality of life!! God bless you both!! RP

FashionGirl8686 says:
Heart warming! My dad has MS, but unfortunately also Dementia, so he wouldn't benefit from alexia... but I'm so glad your brother has this gift and it makes him happy.

FashionGirl8686 says:
Are you serious?

DJO says:
You are a good man, roy, taking care of your sweet brother. Take care, pal.

J says:
great story Roy. I was about to buy this for someone who is paralyzed neck down and was thinking how useful this would be. Now I know! Merry Christmas

southernlady says:
Two of my cousins have MS. It is a hideous condition, one that can be so profoundly debilitating. This technology certainly provides some control to patients' lives which can suddenly become out-of-control with MS symptoms. You were so very thoughtful to provide this life-enhancing tool to your brother who has MS. God bless you. May a cure to MS be found soon! Prayers for you and your brother. Many thanks for sharing.

Jeff Nowak says:
Makes me ponder about how my 85 year-old mom who needs a walker etc. could benefit from this device. Good post. Thank you

Michael Flores says:
OMG hope your brother gets better, this is the best gift that i ever reads thru comments. happy holidays to you and to your brother and your family!!!!

Erika says:
God bless your family! This made me happy!

sprklz2001 says:
There is no cure for MS.

Betty Y Mac says:
This is such a wonderful use of Alexa...brought a smile to my face. Happy holidays! :)

Lori Meletiche says:
Thank you for perfectly illustrating how science and technology improve lives. My daughter bought me the Echo Dot for Christmas - which she bought for me with money from her first job - and while it's a fun gift for me, for people like Robert, it's a way to regain some agency. It's huge.
Happy New Year to you and your brother. I wish you all the best!

Mary says:
You hear about how modern technology benefits many different aspects of life but this is truly the best benefit I have heard in a long time. What a blessing that Robert has control over some aspects of his life again. Thank you for sharing this story, it has made all the problems of 2016 irrelevant. Merry Christmas and a blessed 2017 to you, Robert and your family.


SteelAce says:
Glad to hear hes enjoying Alexa. Hope he is doing good :)

Amazon Customer says:
This is so beautiful! What a blessing to have a supportive brother like you! God bless your family!

Pure Lucid says:
This made me cry a little. I am very happy for your brother.

1975re5 says:
Your story is touching. It's also very wonderful how you are taking care of your Brother. God Bless you both. Glad Alexa gives him some electronic companionship. Love this story.

Jaimie K Tucker says:
What a wonderful use of technology! So happy you found something that could make your brother's life easier. Thank you for sharing, and happy holidays!

Dianna Hendrickson says:
You are awesome!!! Thank you for sharing, Brother!!!

Riah says:
I wonder if it would be considered a tax deductable expense (since it is for a person with a disability) ... something to ask your accountant of tax specialist about...

K. Kennedy says:
So beautiful! What a thoughtful gift. Wishing Robert and his family a Happy 2017!

Zee Hill says:
Bless you for sharing this information!

Mark Troiano says:
Hey this was a really nice response. Very helpful. People shouldn't be paralyzed in 2016, when we have driverless cars and computers that download a trillion bits of information a second. I hope the cure is near.

O. Whyte says:
Wow, very touching

Dorothy says:
What a great sister you are! I too have MS although don't struggle as much as your brother. God bless him! and you!

Hello Nana says:
The Buddy skill is one you may want to add as well. It allows the user to send a preset emergency message to one person or everyone on the contract list you create. It's free and works beautifully and quickly. I set it up for my active mom who is also 78 as well as for myself (I also have MS).

I completely understand how your brother feels about Alexa It's made a huge change in my life too. Wishing you both the best

R. Worthem says:
This had me smiling as well.

Jeff J. says:
God bless you and your brother. I am so happy for him now that his world has opened up and he does not have to depend on a human to be around to do things for him.

MSgt Shirley A. Bristow says:
How wonderful for your bother to have Alexa. God Bless and wishing you both a blessed 2017

NoFunNicole says:
Thank you so much for posting this. I have MS and live alone and hadn't considered how helpful this might be. There are lots of new tech items available these days and I rarely see people commenting about accessibility, usefulness in chronic illness management... thank you for sharing.

Amazon Customer says:
Even if Amazon never sold another one of these devices they would be successful just because of the impact they have had on this man's life. Thumbs up!

Paul37421 says:
This is a very helpful tool for bed ridden people. Good work Amazon

Paul37421 says:
I think you will be very happy with EchoDot

AngeLLove says:
Bless your brother's heart & you for thinking about him. Made me teary eyed after reading your comment. I hope he feel better. Prayers sent!

mamabear72 says:
This is such an awesome review! The happiness that was brought to his life by the device is truly amazing. We think of it just as a little electronic device, but to the brothers, it's so much more than that, it's now given him a constant companion! This has obviously touched a lot of hearts by reading the review, including mine, but hopefully it's also opened a lot of eyes to not take the ability to move for granted!

Blessings, peace and happy new year!

C. levine says:
Wow, this is wonderful! It's so nice to hear about how this technology is helping someone negotiate tasks that the rest of us take for granted All the best to you and your brother!

billm FD3 says:
Brings a tear to my eye. My wife suffered from MS for many years. God bless you and yours...

Michael says:
Very sweet. Thank you for sharing.

D. LaValley says:
This brought me a happy smile & my soul filled with love. Technology is amazing and to great ve this gift to your brother. Noce to read a post like this :) Many blessings.

Thomas Patrick says:
Wow, that is really cool how this device has implemented into his day-to-day life, making such a remarkable difference. Peace & blessings to you and your family. God bless.

Irene says:
I'm freaked out by the future possibilities of this device. However after reading your post, I see how this device can be incredibly helpful. I wish you and your brother happiness and health.

Kim says:
This made me smile, so happy he is happy!!

N. R. Forbes says:
God Bless your Brother and you. I hope your brother gets endless enjoyment from this.

AbFab Tammie says:
This review made me cry! I have lost my voice due to ALS, but I may be able to use Alexa with my iPhone and a speech app. Researching now! Thank you!

NoFunNicole says:
I feel like those of us with Disabilities should band together to note reviews like this, that share ideas for assistive tech uses, experiences with them. I hope voice software works for you. Take care! Nicole

Ashley Weaver says:
This is amazing! So glad your brother is getting wonderful use out of it and making his days better. God Bless!

Joey says:
I have to say. This made me think of just how much all of us take for granite such a device and technology in general. But to hear how it's helped someone of medical need, this is probably one of the best stories I've heard in a long time.

lolo says:
Hi, Robert, wishing you all the best! :) Roy, you gave Robert a great gift! Happy 2017 to you both!

JMRoberts says:
Really terrific that technology can provide this fantastic improvement in quality of life. The makers of Alexa should be proud.

Edward Cunningham says:
I had to stop and leave a comment. This is very nice, and I'm glad we can use artificial intelligence to help people.

Pedro says:
That is amazing man. God bless you and your brother.

carmensandiego says:
I love this!! I hope it continues to give him joy!

Amazon Customer says:
I am so happy for him! This brought tears to my eyes.

Mizmaven says:
That is just plain wonderful!
It's worth all the units they have sold!

Jessica H says:
You are such an inspiration. He's very lucky to have you. Tell him to rock on to the Jams!!!!

A.G. says:
Wow this is so special.

KateW says:
This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Natália says:
Roy, I'd be more than happy to get the Harmony Hub for your brother! Just reply to this if you'd like that. All the best!

Stacie says:
This is awesome to hear! I want to get one for my friend with MS as well. It seems like this would help her not be so lonely and keep her mind alert.

GF says:
God bless you and your brother, this comment made me smile

Angelica Regina says:
God bless you and your brother.
Great story to share.

Layla says:
God bless you and your family! You are a great brother!

RelleLa85 says:
God Bless! This is wonderful :)

Amazon Customer says:
Thanks for sharing this lovely story!

Amazon Customer says:
Agreed! Me too.

Florida Gulf'er says:
A Wonderful gift for your brother...How astute that you thought of this product for him~! Everyone needs a brother like YOU.
Bless your heart and Blessings to your brother.

jasmineAmazon Customer says:
What a beautiful story, and a beautiful 2 brothers, I can feel your love . . . it is amazing the art of music, dance, answers to the not so obvious for some. How much we take for granted, I wish you and your brother so much entertainment with Alexa and because of YOU BOTH I AM NOW GOING TO ORDER MINE. You have moved my soul, inspired my heart . . . God Bless You Both

lou says:
sweetest comment I've ever read. hoping your brother keeps feeling better, best wishes!

Jennifer H. says:
My eyes filled with tears of joy upon reading this! I'm sure you and Robert's story will Help so many people who may have never thought of getting this for a loved one! God bless you and your family.

Henna says:
Never thought I'd say this about a review but this brought tears to my eyesðŸ~€

hitmeupstyle says:
How wonderful! This is the true beauty of technology!

Patrick Williams says:
Stay Strong. Beautiful people. I'm sorry your brother suffers from this. Thank you for being a good brother to him.

D. Baylin says:
Roy, Thank You for being an awesome brother!! I cried reading this because I too have MS and no one in my family understands what I go through except my mom who is my main care taker. I now have 3 echos and an echo dot and I love them. I also have 2 nucleus devices to communicate with people. I wish those of us with MS had our own little town so we could help each other and talk about this horrible disease and what we go through. I have been where your brother has been but recovered. Today I'm in and out of a wheelchair but mentally messed up. Prayers to your brother, you, and your family…

TFran says:
I selfishly never even thought of using the DOT in this way. I was just annoyed at not being able to send voice commands to my TAP and having to stop and the button each time for it to listen...This made my day and brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy to know that this tool is helping people in this way.

Kindle Customer says:
This review warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes! I love that this technology is helping him. Prayers for your bother

Sam says:
I loved that this technology is helping your brother and making his life a little better! Prays for him and you!

Celeste says:
So sweet! Glad he has found some happiness with this item. Makes me appreciate all the things we take for granted. God Bless.

Mary Beth says:
What I great idea! My brother also has MS and bed ridden, I always struggle with what to get him!

Amazon Customer says:
What an amazing way that Amazon and technology can help your brother! Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer L. says:
Roy, This made my heart smile. Technology sure has come a long way.
Now if we could get a cure for this awful Disease, and so many others.
Peace be with you and your brother.

Nanciejeanne says:
Not much to add to the many comments, but wanted to comment anyway! Your brother is lucky to have you. Don't forget prime eligible (free) audible books, too! I am looking to get this for my mother who is older and lives alone for extra companionship and emergencies. I think there are amazon skills that can even be used to send text messages via voice ( I haven't used it yet, but it seems really nice if there is an emergency. I do use "groupme" with echo and you can trigger phone calls that way too.
(instructions here:)

Yolanda says:
May God bless you and your brother!

Vensari says:
unfortunately MS is not something that you get better from. :(

Nadine Clah says:
How does it wake him up? I have Alexa for my Mother and I am going to purchase the Dot for her room. I would like for it to verbally come on and tell her when to take her pills. But I have no clue how to set this up. Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

J.-Russell says:
That's awesome ! What a wonderful thing this is for someone who has health issues !
God Bless your family.

Amanda W-G says:
Brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. God bless you, your brother and your family ❤

Angel says:
God bless you both

Linda D.B. says:
God bless you and your brother...and thank God for Echo!

fulltimemom says:
Best review of a product I ever read. Many blessings to you all! Nice to see the positive side of technology.

christina West says:
Amazing!! You are a great brother and I wish your brother all the best.

Andrea says:
ok...Ive been thinking to myself how stupid this product is....'just get up and turn your tv on' this makes sense.

John Reynolds says:
God bless.

Nancy Carrier says:
Thank you for sharing your brother's story! I hope he wins at Jeopardy!

Joshua F. says:
My uncle died a few years ago, he was in a similar situation from a gunshot wound. He lived over 30 years as a quadriplegic. I wish he had the tech we have today. He used Dragon Naturally Speaking to run his own Ebay business, email people, and communicate with many across the world. I hope Robert has many more years ahead of him1

Next.. Echo Dot

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