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Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player - What I once thought was silly is now a good thing

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player - What I once thought was silly is now a good thing

Review Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player - What I once thought was silly is now a good thing!

Comments on Review Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player - What I once thought was silly is now a good thing!

Amazon Customer says:
I would love to know the same! It would be amazing to cut the cord and still see most of my regular programming at a MUCH lower cost...

Lisa Marie says:
I have KODI on my firestick and love it just bought it on Halloween

Christopher B. says:
The only service listed that is live would be Sling. While I don't have a list of what channels offer what, I do know that some allow you to watch anything they've aired the past 3 days and others include a selection of on demand content. If that's not enough, Sling announced the other day that they are rolling out a cloud DVR service in a few weeks.

J. Vigus says:
is there a way to get the redzone channel if we ditch cable?

Autumn Anderson says:
i bought cbs for under 3.oo a month and that has news and every cbs shows and some live streaming shows and morning news

Autumn Anderson says:
does using multiple firesticks in the house cause any problems?

P. Christie says:
Can I fast forward through ads? That is a big deal for me. I've had a Tivo for years and love it, but have dumped my cable provider in favor of ATT U-verse. Given my watching pattern since the change I think I will be using the year of my contract to slowly switch over to streaming only. If it is something I really want to save there is always iTunes or Amazon and that is still far cheaper than Time Warner.

Michelle M. says:
There are no ads to fast forward. The programs are just that. No commercials, no ads, and no hassle.

Worldview says:
Might want to look into ditching Sling and adding At&t's Directv Now....way more channels and much better interfase....faster and more robust. Plays nice with the new firestick...extra $15 is worth it...Oh yea....TV anywhere you can get cell!

Worldview says:
Adding KODI is really easy...and works great. Many tutorials on You Tube on how to set it up

Amazon Customer says:
I would add that as of today, DirecTV Now is available for around $35 and gives you most of the regular cable channels and some local channels. It is a standard app available from Amazon to put on the Fire TV Stick. On top of that if you subscribe now, they will give you a free Amazon Fire TV Stick which coincidentally is the price that you pay for the first month. Just got it and plan to cut the cable this week. I previously couldn't find a streaming service with a comprehensive number of commercial cable channels. DirecTV Now was an answer that works for me.

Biffaloo says:
We use two with no problems yet we have our own arris modem and asus router with dual band router using the 5gig tier for streaming video.
Using comcast 75mbs+ internet speeds.

Biffaloo says:
Dr. Daffy knows what's happening! follow his lead, look it up on the internet.

M.A.D. says:
No; have 3 in my house.

Sharon L. Konopka says:
Have you tried Kodi?

Thumper says:

A. D. says:
Greetings! I'm seriously thinking of purchasing this device. I just cancelled my cable, internet and phone subscription with COMCAST because of their constant and ridiculously high monthly billing paying $150 a month and sometimes more. However; I do have a question? Since I no longer have internet in my home, when and if I do purchase the fire stick, where can I purchase internet services? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

VOLFAN says:
We have done the same thing. I hate Comcast and their ridiculous rising costs. We have Frontier available in our area. It's cable internet and $39.99 a month. That's what we are thinking of going to. There are others I've heard of such as WOW and ATT-Uverse. Good luck! It's exciting and scary :)

michael gulash jr says:
hmm extra cost to upgrade internet, 20.00 a month for sling and what ever Netflix is and prime so some where you are still paying close to 100.00 a month?

Denise J. Red Horse says:
How many Fire sticks can be used on the same account? I have one already, but want to cut my cable off and use Sling, any advice would be great. I would need 4 total Sticks so the kids can watch in their rooms. Thank you!

Henry B. says:
Can you get rid of direct tv..use the fire box and still get local channels and pre tape programs?

Kindle Customer says:
It is my understanding that using KODI to download movies is illegal.

Milane says:
My internet has 12mp speed, will it work for my flat screen tv?

Colleen M Barber says:
Does this work on tvs that are not smart tvs?

cheryl hinkle says:
Is there extra cost to add on other channels?

cheryl hinkle says:
Once you buy the Fire Stick and purchase WIFI, is there a extra cost to add the channels?

An android box is best since the box has a slot for a memory card or.external storage and you can use keyboard remotes for ease of use. I use a wireless mouse with Ryan's FlashMC system and much easier than with stock remote.

Trakt is handy for adding and keeping favorites to SALTS, EXODUS, and the other add-on that skips my mind......Update and Trakt backs them up automatically.

There is a pay IPTV service or you can find the live steam of the show. Don't be afraid to explore the different add-ons, if the suck or dead links, take them back off. If your box is ran thru your stereo, you can set audio to 7.2 and allow passthru to transmit it DD5.1 or higher.

You can't download, just streams them. Most new movie are crap recording anyway unless their from japan with eng or jp subtitles.

Toks4ever says:
I have Dish cable and Internet out in the middle of nowhere. If I ditch Dish, does anyone know if there is any risk that this might cause me to use up my monthly Internet allotment (no matter the level)? A couple of years ago, I tried the Dish Sling; and watching just one movie almost consumed all of my Internet plan at that time - so back it went. Thanks.

Christine Maurice says:
how do you manage that? i just looked @ cbs all access & it's 5.99/mo limited commercials & 9.99/mo comm free

Posted on Jan 14, 2017, 5:36:47 PM PST
Ms. Nikki says:
Thank you so much for your review! I myself am having anxiety about cancelling Dish and getting rid of Netflix. I just can't seem to part with it but the price of satellite is ridiculous. Do you only have 3 TVs? How were you able to add of this to all of the TVs in the house? I'm not familiar with Hulu and CBS All can find out what channels come with those programs?

If you get the stick or a box, you will need one for each television, plus the internet access of wifi for the sticks and/or ethernet cable for the boxes. You can buy the boxes/sticks jailbroke and get free streaming of movies, television, and sports out the yazoo.

B. morris says:
Can you add KODI to this FIRE STICK?

Amazon Customer says:
I am reading all the reviews for the amazon fire stick. Most are all good. I just got my bill from Direct T V and noticed it went up by $5.50 a month. I am seriously thinking of getting two sticks. I have a third T V but do not use the one in my room much. I really do not record so I am not worried if I loose the recording on it or not.
I can try it out and see who works for me and if I like I can cancel my Direct T V and save close to $800. a year too

Jose Camacho says:
Cable companies like Comcast still found a way to try to charge you extra if you have their internet service only. They give you 2 TB of data usage but if you exceed their start charging in tiers up to $200/mo. on top of your monthly charge. I don't watch a lot of TV but that is something you may want to keep an eye out for if you have Comcast.

Erin L. says:
I just bought a TV for the living room that came with Roku; the concept is the same as the Amazon Stick. You hook it up to your wifi and can stream live TV, Netflix, Hulu, etc. But my biggest concern is, with the Stick, do you have to enter a code every time you want to watch a program? I've only used the TV twice and so far when I want to watch ESPN, for example, it tells me I have to go to a webpage, choose my cable provider, enter an "access code", and then it'll start streaming. It does work when I go through these steps, but my question to you is: do I have to do this with the Stick also? I told my dad we would mess around with Roku for a week or so and if we don't like it, I'll get the stick. Is it really as easy as Amazon advertises? Any advice/tips would be helpful.

robin says:
SueB can you still get channels like Bravo and Cooking network?

Charlotte S. says:
I've been dealing with comcast high prices for a long time, my daughter has been trying to get me to try a different way of watching tv and now I feel it's time and withe positive reviews I've read on here, I just ordered the amazon fire sick with Alex Voice remote!!

The easiest way to get the 'Free' stuff is get it unlocked....that will give you the free movies, TV etc. You can try following the instructions on YouTube but you won't have any type of support if something messes up. I have Ryan Wiggs Flash MC box. He has an account to upgrade your box, which he does regularly. Updates are free and can be done over the internet. by adding more addons. . He also has an active FB page Here is what his modifications can do.

Brian Vaughn says:
I went with Sony Vue starting last summer and love it. Flat $34.99 a month. They have different packages based on what you want. Vue also has a cloud based unlimited DVR. Keeps DVR'd items for 28 days then automatically deletes them. You can fast forward and pause the DVR. You can pause live TV. It's an app you download to the Fire TV or stick. I have this and Netflix. Love it, no equipment rentals!

Here's a current article comparing Sling, DirectTVNow and Sony Vue:

cowboysfan69812 says:
Go get Playstation Vue. Has in the cloud DVR. We've had it for 3 days and love it. Just add your shows to My Shows and it records them so you can fast forward through the commercials. I got the cheapest package plus I got Directv Now (when it was $35 for the Go Big) and added HBO and I'm paying less then I was for cable and I have a ton more channels and I got this firestick for free from Directv Now.

Jose says:
how channels are in the fire tv stick?

If you get it unlocked by the person that done mine, there are hundreds of channels. All UK, USA, pay movie channels, plus several Spanish language addons with live streaming, telenovela's and either bilingual or subtitled movies and shows. Not including European and middle eastern channels and sports.

Lynnette A. says:
What does unlocked mean?

You can install a program, either Kodi or a custom program, that lets you watch content from other streaming sources. There are also pay sites for live sports and television channels usually from the UK. Depending on which add-ons you install, you can watch shows from around the world. Some will be dubbed, or in English with subtitles or a WTH....
A Russian magic and prank show the an F word in the title.

Lorie Karpyn says:
so I need one stick per tv, right? is there any device that is 'whole house' vs. having to buy one stick per TV?
I'd like to use the stick BEFORE cancelling cable, because I have a Doubting Thomas in the house. will the stick work with the cable hooked up or do I need to disconnect the cable from the particular device the stick is plugged into?
Can I take a stick with me on vacation and use in the hotel tv? or the TV in my RV?

Kappel says:
Playstation Vue comes with DVR & works w/ the Fire Stick.

it stick OR box hooks up thru the hdmi port on the tv and uses the internet to stream the shows. So, you can take it with you on vaca as long as you have free internet. To watch the programs, you will just have to swap inputs on your television using the remote, then you'll control the box with the inclosed remote or optional keyboard.

Life is Good says:
I DVR sports while the game is live and start watching far enough into the game to skip commercials until the end of the game. Might miss that a lot.

Life is Good says:
No ads but pauses in live programming where the ads would be inserted, right?

Amazon Customer says:
DVR is key...if I'm going to cut the cord anytime soon I need an alternative to cable.. I'm with you!

On the live streams there are commercials but the recorded streams (WNBC, etc) are commercial free. UK Discovery will have UK commercials, just depends were the streams originate from. I went ahead and bought a Tivo OTA to record the local antenna channels, plus it fit in good with what was already recorded on the Roamio Tivo.

Elizabeth Graham says:
Not likely, it would be difficult to get through your firewall

Edward Gordon says:
Good review. However, Im still laughing at the fact that you think internet speeds of 25-30Mbps rank from good ("turbo"), to "Upgrade." My friend if you truly want blazing speeds for ALL of your devices no matter how many people are online with a device, you need to AT LEAST be in the 100Mbps range. Im at 250Mbps in my house with 2 adults 2 children (xbox and tablet ages), and that barely meets my needs. Im about to upgrade to 300Mbps. So you see how 30Mbps is just laughable?

AZ Dude says:
Yes, and it's smarter

S.Far says:
Scheduling/recording are a thing of the past, pretty much everything is on demand with streaming devices.

joanne L. Anderson says:
can you use firestick on a non smart tv?

Edward Gordon says:
Yes. One has nothing to do with the other.

lisa sims says:
I have basically the same hook-ups as you except I haven't cut the cord yet. Once I find the perfect dvr I will be cutting the cord. Fire Stick can save a family or person a lot of money.

alicia says:
This will be a gift, can they return it, if not useful for them.

capaware says:
How much do you pay per month for all this? I currently pay $125 for Brighthouse/Spectrum cable TV. Would I get mostly the same channels for less or even for free?

Brad Reynolds says:
I was wondering the same and I have been looking into the Tablio 4

Geoffrey C. Joseph says:
terrarium tv or showbox apks show all your favourite shows when you want and they are updated every single day

Geoffrey C. Joseph says:
rii bluetooth keyboard works perfectly on fire stick

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