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GoPro HERO5 - Awesome Upgrade

GoPro HERO5 Black

Review GoPro HERO5 Black - Awesome Upgrade


1.) Video Quálity - Is outstánding. The softwáre chánges they máde, áctuálly máke the video quálity look much better even though the sáme sensor wás cárries over

2.) Much eásier to use interfáce - No more leárning curve! Includes Voice Control

3.) Much eásier to use - Thánks to the new interfáce

4.) Audio Quálity - This is the most noticeáble difference. The áudio quálity is simply outstánding

5.) Stereo Sound

6.) Ability to shoot RAW WDR (Also á Con becáuse RAW is only áváiláble on á few options)

7.) GPS - Cán now tráck where your photos áre táken

8.) Cámerá is now much more duráble thánks to the built in housing

9.) Photos áre still simply ámázing

10.) Báttery life is now AMAZING - no more 1 hour báttery.. I received á full two hours out of áll three of my uses so fár

11.) Love the built in screen

12.) I háven't rán into ány bugs YET but I own severál Action Cámerás so the little quirks here ánd there, I know how to get áround them. I'm not reálly sure they áre bugs, but just how áction cámerás áre

13.) Voice Control - Thánks to Amázon, Apple, ánd others we now live in á dáy ánd áge of controlling things with our voice.. Voice control is now included on this cámerá ánd works well!! This is whát áction cámerás háve needed! No longer do you need án ápp or bluetooth remote to control the cámerá on á selfie stick.. You cán now do it with your voice!!

14.) Supports up to á 128GB memory cárd! Plenty of room for 4K videos!

15.) The new GoPro softwáre is better thán the pást.. I like quik ánd find it to work fine for básic tásk.. I still use Finál Cut for most of my stuff!

16.) Cloud - While the cloud is á good ideá, ánd for some this is á GREAT ádvántáge for the new GoPro. YouTube is free so is my Prime Photo áccount.. I will continue to use those but I ám very háppy to see GoPro integráte á REAL cloud solution for their cámerás.. I know á lot of people don't like this decision but it isn't required to use their cloud. I wás á GoPro Plus Betá tester ánd I found it eásy to use.. I no longer háve the áccount now thát it cost money but I did find it to be very well thought out softwáre!

17.) Still works with most OLD áccessories!! Of course you need new bátteries ánd stuff but old mounts, chest stráps, selfie sticks, grips, ánd even cáses should still work!! (Like storáge cáses, not wáterproof housings)

18.) Higher ISO options thán previous GoPros

19.) Improved connectivity to my phone, much eásier to páir ánd connect thán previous GoPros

20. Built in Wáterproofing works down to 33FT BUT they háve án externál housing áváiláble for divers thát mákes it wáterproof to 196FT


1.) While I wás á fán of GoPro plus I no longer use it now thát its out of betá. I wish GoPro would integráte free services á little better to their ápps ánd not require the use of their services for their ápps.. I would use their ápps more often if it wás integráted better with services such ás YouTube. Finál Cut integrátes very well with other services, not only Apple Services. I feel thát GoPro plus is going to be greát for á lot of people, thát is why it is álso listed in my "Pros"..

2.) The biggest áccessory thát no longer works thát I háve á few of, áre "Domes" for hálf underwáter photos.. Most Domes thát I own háve án old GoPro housing thát you pláce the GoPro into.. Something to keep in mind!

3.) Ráw is only áváiláble on á few options

4.) The REAL wáterproof housing now cost $50. This housing állows the cámerá to go down to 196FT.. The cámerá HOWEVER IS WATERPROOF álreády! But only down to 33FT... If you plán to use the cámerá for scubá this will run you ánother $50.. The stándárd housing on the OLD GoPros állowed it to go down to 131FT ánd then 197FT with the dive housing.. This is why I don't reálly like built in wáterproofing.. We lost á lot of depth on the hero 5!!


1.) Máke sure you gráb á high quálity memory cárd to go with this. I personálly use SánDisk Extreme but GoPros website list á lot of cárds they suggest. Using á cárd thát is cheáp or not suggested MIGHT cáuse freezing, the cámerá to overheát, or even your videos to corrupt.. SánDisk hás never given me ány issues

2.) There áre severál Action Cámerá áccessory kits on Amázon thát will "Jump Stárt" your collection of mounts.. Remember, this cámerá hás á básic mount but nothing májor.. I recommend á good kit from Amázon to sáve you money!

3.) GoPro PLUS ánd GoPro softwáre IS NOT REQUIRED.. I still use it for básic tásk, ánd think it works greát for básic tásk but one of the compláints this cámerá is getting is the new softwáre.. I use more of á professionál video editing softwáre such ás Finál Cut ánd it still works fine. Also, I don't need GoPros cloud service. YouTube is FREE so is Amázon Prime Photos

Overáll: After á few hours of pláying with this cámerá I simply love it ánd feel it offers greát improvements over previous versions! I look forwárd to updáting this review ás I pláy more with the cámerá.

Comments on Review GoPro HERO5 Black - Awesome Upgrade

Devin Stephens says:
I have found them to be a little difficult yes but that is the issue with cameras that have built in waterproofing.. this is why I said I have never really liked built in waterproofing but I knew one day GoPro would go to this.. other waterproof cameras, well most actually already do this..

I found that it bring hard to work with makes me feel more confident that it actually will protect the camera in water. I am not really sure there is any good way to get around this.. both my Ricoh and Olympus had the same issue

Jason Scholder says:
Thanks, Devin. You are really into this! I look forward to any updates you give us.

Amazon Customer says:
I think you forgot to mention that it freezes as well, which is the biggest drawback in this camera.

Amazon Customer says:
"camera is $100 less than previous models" - this is because gopro want to stay in market, already it was over priced and still it is over prices, new hero 5 freezes every now and than as well.
Yi 4k is better (no freezing issues)

Devin Stephens says:
In my experience, freezing is due to Micro SD cards that aren't quite up to par.. Also, another note on $100 less than previous models, remember this camera uses the same sensor and processor as the previous model. The only thing new is the stereo mics, new casing, and a few software updates for built in stabilization.. I wouldn't have purchased this GoPro if it was still $500 so I agree, they still want to stay in the market.. I love my Yi 4K and use it a lot, but this GoPro is still very solid. If you are on a budget or just don't want to pay the GoPro prices, Yi makes SOLID products.. I do plan to buy their new M1 when it releases next week!! So I have nothing against Yi at all :)

Amazon Customer says:
I've seen quite a few video clips of people opening the side doors with no problem, even 1-handed. It's a 2-step action to open: Push (the button) then Slide (the door). Perhaps people who are having problems aren't doing enough pushing. The 2-step action is necessary to prevent accidental opening (and thus accidental water damage). You could also look into getting a few GoPro5 Sessions. Best of luck.

Alan Atkin says:
I am an arborist and wanted to take video of what I do in the trees. I live in Oregon where it rains...a lot. The idea of water proof without a case is attractive to me. Durability is always an issue due to the nature of tree work. My office is often a hundred feet up with a chainsaw. If you have suggestions that might help guide me in the right direction as to what I might need, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Alan

Dennis Hinkamp says:
The thing is it is only sorta without a case. To attach it to anything you still have to have it in it's shell. I wish GoPro would have at least put a 1/4 inch tripod screw in on the bottom. To me the old case protected the lens and was easily replaceable. Now you have two potential waterproofing failure points instead of one and nothing between the lens and the environment.

Devin Stephens says:
Hey Alan,

Sounds to me like you would just need to use this as a camera! If that is the case, id just suggest an extra battery and you are good to go!! This camera is durable out of the box and already waterproof..


I agree, I wish it had a tripod screw on the bottom! Even YI does this with their 4K action camera.. and I have always had the same concerns as you when it comes to cameras with built in waterproofing.. (I have actually had a few fail).. Due to me using the camrea in and around the water a lot I DID buy the dive housing and leave it in there most of the time

Mark Anthony says:
I am looking into a GOPRO, mainly to record my sons little league games (1 hour and a half the most) and probably use it for mudding and family swimming at the pool, do you suggest this GOPRO HERO5 Black or something more simple in the GOPRO line? I do like being able to have a built in display as well. thanks for any suggestion you might provide.

Devin Stephens says:
Honestly, if those are your only planned uses I'd suggest getting a factory refurbished GoPro hero 4.. GoPro sales them directly on their Ebay account and they are currently being sold for $229.. It wont shoot 4K but for family videos it will save you a lot of money and work fine..

If you truly want 4K, I'd suggest buying the 5 here :) Great camera for 4K

Michael S says:
This camera addresses all the reasons why I've never bought a gopro before, so I think it's great! I use the camera on my boat, mount it, turn it on and forget it.

1) Battery life - previous gopro was too short. I currently use cameras that deliver 3 hour record times or external power.
2) One button record - seriously! this should have always been standard
3) waterproof without a case. I need a waterproof camera that has decent audio capabilities. Putting it in a case defeats that. So I disagree with your otherwise excellent review on this point (listed as your #4 CON).

Why would I consider this? --- 4K. That's the only thing that I don't already have with other and much cheaper cameras.

All the other features don't matter to me.
Just my 2 cents.

W. Jones says:
Con #1. Sounds like to use Wifi to get videos off the camera you have to pay for their cloud service. I would like to get it to my PC where I can use Adobe Photoshop on Pics and pic/video tagging/face recognition/organizing and VideoStudio X9 for video editing before posting to Youtube or FB. Sounds like I will have to connect USB cable or remove memory module to get media to PC. That sucks.

Amazon Customer says:
DO NOT BUY A GO PRO. This company has just about ruined the product. You now have to sign in to an app on your phone just to use and see these images/video. If you are in any type of hurry, and/or you can't get your system to login, or, IF YOU ARE AN ADVENTURE USER and can't get an Internet connection to login, OR, if you just forget the complex login, then the camera may be usesless to you, or WORSE, you're just going to miss a once in a lifetime shot. Which just happened to to me today. WHY would this company think it is appropriate to force someone to use the internet with an out door camera that may be in A LOT of places where there is not Internet access?

Is this correct? I trail ride and horse camp (no cell or I net service) so would make the pict unable to see.

Devin Stephens says:
The app isn't necessary to use the GoPro.. I come home and download all my photos and videos at once anyways because it's much quicker and works much better with Lightroom and Photoshop that way

The Amazonian Man says:
Nice review, but you forgot to mention the hideous "BARREL" distortion in your list of cons. It's extremely noticeable in 4K videos. It can be very annoying and requires you to use 3rd party video correction software to remove it. It's a shame the hardware doesn't auto correct for this obvious lens issue.

Devin Stephens says:
This distortion you speak of is very common with Action Cameras or any camera with such a wide field of view.. You can limit it by choosing a setting with a smaller field of view. It is annoying, but is a tradeoff that you must have for the field of view.. 4K video already requires a whole lot of processing power so it would be fairly hard for the camera to remove the distortion itself.. Maybe one day when the processors get better for these cams, it will be able to remove it itself.

I however don't view it as a con, like I said, its normal with Action Cameras, no matter the brand you choose

Next.. GoPro HERO5 Black

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