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Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories: A Hercule Poirot Collection wi.. - Review

Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories: A Hercule Poirot Collection wi

Reviews of Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories: A Hercule Poirot Collection wi..

dummy customer
Five Stars
you have to understand old english terms, but author is simply great

RonE. Sneary
Those "little grey cells"
I am an Agatha Christie fan, as well as a Hercule Poirot fan. Some of these short stories have been made into a televisi
Being "snowed in" the past few days .... this is a fantastic way to spend the day ..... pour a glass of wine, curl up in your favorite chair and let the little Belgium detective Poirot take you

Dawn Armstrong
Classic Christie in short story format
I love Agatha Christie so was delighted to find an entire collecti

Papyrus Abbess
These Poirot short stories are a delight to have

Love the little Belgian!
I am a huge Agatha Christie fan and Poirot is one of my favorite characters of all time. This book is a wonderful compilati

Big Vince III
The Greatest Mystery Writer
Although I have seen quite a few of these stories depicted

It's Agatha Christie's most famous, "Poirot." What's not to love?

So glad to have this collecti
So glad to have this collection. I grew up reading Agatha Christie novels, and Hercule Poirot is my favorite detective of all time. It is a very good compilati

However there are some differences which made them fun to read and see what the differences are
It was interesting to read these stories. Many have been used as the starting point for the PBS Mystery series, Poirot. However there are some differences which made them fun to read and see what the differences are. If you like Hercule Poirot and Agatha Christie stories, you will enjoy this book.

Dmitriy Odesskiy
Great collection.
This is such a wonderful collection... I wish Captain Hastings was in all of these like in heavily changed TV serries. I've enjoyed all the stories, and I'm planning to read some of her novels about Poirot later too. And then there were none I've read long ago, but it makes me want to read that one so

Kathryn Diamond
Hercule Poirot - A must read collecti
I absolutely love these stories. Poirot is one of my favorite characters to watch

Great Late-Night Reading
I think this is the best of Hercule Poirot. If you like Poirot or Agatha Christie, this is a must read. It is a collecti

Pat Black
I enjoy short stories. these are very good.
I enjoy Hercules Poirot probably more in short stories which seem to move more quickly and have less fussiness. Christie drives me nuts with her putting down of women and some of the other, to me, nonsense of her age. I prefer acti

Vivla Ray Hill
Another view of Poirot
I have found it most interesting and gratifying to experience Poirot directly from the author's hand. I have viewed most of the BBC series and through reading the original source have now discovered the sometimes subtle, sometimes shocking differences in the portrayal of these beloved characters. Highly recommended that you read as well as view to get a more complete understanding of Poiro

Legal Eagle
Poirot Story Collecti
Wonderful collecti

Wonderful Christie Collecti
This is an excellent collecti

The price from Amaz


Reformed Girl
I highly recommend this group of short stories
I'm really enjoying these short stories and I am loving the characters. It has a lot of twists and turns. Also, there are a lot of characters that you have to keep up with and it makes it more interesting. I highly recommend this group of short stories.

Marie Koch
Hercule the Great
Really great stories with a touch of nostalgia for the old days.

Cindy DeBoer
but i greatly enjoy anything done by agatha christie
the original short stories are short indeed compared to the expanded tv versions, but i greatly enjoy anything done by agatha christie

Anything by Agatha Christie is good reading
These are not heavy stories full of drama, but light, fun mysteries solved by a thoroughly obnoxious but brilliant detective. Great for bedtime or vacati

George Maciejewski
Was what I was hoping to enjoy..
Was what I was hoping to enjoy.... Short sensible stories.

J. R. Trtek
Classic Character in Classic Form
Well, what can you say? Poirot is an icon, the product of one of the pillars of the Golden Age of Mysteryi, Agatha Christie. This sturdily-bound, massive paperback contains all the Poirot short stories for a very reasonable price. Whether you eventually get through all of them or just read a portion, this is the editi

Contented buyer
A great buy!
I had bought some of these short stories before and was happy that I could have all of them in one set -- great additi

Agatha Christie's Poirot is one of my favorite characters. I love the short story format
Agatha Christie's Poirot is one of my favorite characters. I love the short story format. I read for a few minutes before going to sleep every night. I usually finish one of the stories in 2 nights.

V. G.
Fun, easy reading
Short stories, some new, some old favorites. Nice, harmless reads before bed or when you need to kill a little time. Enjoyed

and they're just as good now as before
Anything written by Agatha Christie is a 5 star event. I've read all of her works years ago, but wanted to read them again as an adult, and they're just as good now as before. You feel as if you are there, in England in the early part of the 20th century, following the murderer along with Hercule, that ego-driven genius.

Angelique L. Glaser
Good value.
Great value for the price. Hours of reading fun. Agatha Christie never gets old.

love the characters and the
I am a devout reader of all Agatha Christie the characters and the stories

Christie is a terrific writer, I never get tired of reading her ...
One of several short story collections purchased for the RV home-away-from-home library. Christie is a terrific writer, I never get tired of reading her work.

Robert Ontolchik
Poirot for the Ages
Agatha Christies' Hercule Poirot has always been a favorite of our family so what a great additi

Charles M. Bleiberg
Five Stars
A brilliantly written and entertaining collecti

P. Walker
Five Stars
Wonderful anthology. The menus work well and I have yet to find any typographical errors. Very pleased.

If you like Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot
If you like Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, you will love this collection. I just wish there was a similar collecti

Edward Reynolds
Loved it
Loved every one of the stories. Kept my mind turning with the twist and turns of the master of great who dun it's.

Hercule Poirot is at it again in these wonderful short stories. From solving the Twelve Labors of his namesake to uncovering murder at every turn he demonstrates the power of the little gray cells every time. I highly recommend this collection.

Grandmother Geneva
Five Stars
Extremely well written.

Marilyn Usher
Christie stories
A great read. Many of the stories have been televised so it's nice to read the source material

Ed Amor
Otherwise fun to read
Unfortunately as is always the case with Christie, the detective is privy to a variety of clues unavailable to the reader. Otherwise fun to read. She still holds the record for the best mystery ever written (And Then There Were

Christie rules
It's the Hercules Poirot shorts (most likely all of them). Great read. Love Agatha.

Deborah Z. Shaw
a very good read.
Very intriguing and baffling short stories by the Queen of mystery fiction. Poirot is a master at solving these crimes. Altoghether, a very good read.

Jay Wall
This was a great collecti
Always wanted to read the Poirot stories. This was a great collecti

Highly recommended.
I thoroughly enjoyed these. It's interesting how some of them are slightly less "tight", plot-wise, than her full novels. It's also great to see how her writing improved over 20+ years. Highly recommended.

Lee Anne Olson
Love Ms Cristies books, have read all of them I could find. Own quite few. Well worth re-reading after time. Always a fresh start,

Rudy Valencia
So glad I ordered it
I thought I had experienced Agatha Christie while viewing the movies; however up

Hercule Poirot is one of my favorite detectives. The short stories are great when you ...
Hercule Poirot is one of my favorite detectives. The short stories are great when you need something to read while waiting in a doctors office or oil changes. It's a great collecti

Great Stories!
Sometimes you don't want to read a whole book. These stories are short, surprising, and I never figure out who did it until the last paragraph. Who knew Hercule had a brother.

I love having Hercule Poirot and anything by Agatha Christie in my Kindle! I am not a techie but made the jump from the Touch to the Kindle Fire HD 7 & have no regrets. I have been a fan of H. Poirot since a child and I enjoy all the stories immensely.

Her writing is excellent and she always surprises with the outcome
Always a pleasure to read Agatha Christie. Her writing is excellent and she always surprises with the outcome!

Five Stars
enjoyable read. the genius of Hercule Poirot and Agatha Christie

Luxury Girl
Always a pleasure
A good collecti

A. Andrews
Christie at her best!
Reading these familiar stories is delightful. I have watched most of the movies and TV shows made from the Poirot stories and now am enjoying reading them.

Five Stars
A complete delight from start to finish. Highly recommended!!!

Good Reading.
Enjoyed reading.

G. Harvey
Five Stars
Great stories. Pictured Poirot as he was depicted in the movie series throughout the book.

J. E. Dillon
A well done compilati
This is exactly what it claims to be -- the Hercule Poirot short stories.

Agatha Christie was an author who is simply fun to read. Her characters are interesting and keep a reader engaged.

I have not noticed typos or formatting errors in this edition.

Five Stars
A winner

Five Stars
Enjoyable reading the whole series was enjoyable

Five Stars
Great mystery as only Agatha Christie can write!

Five Stars
Very entertaining - I couldn't stop reading it.

Love the style
Classic mystery writer. Love the style.

Five Stars
It is a great set of short stories from the queen of crime

J. Daniels
I've only just begun, but............ love it so far
I have only read a couple stories so far but I'm loving it. Hercule Poirot is such an interesting, quirky little character. After having started watching the PBS Poirot series

Jeanne Clendenin
These short stories are perfect for light reading when you only have a limited ...
These short stories are perfect for light reading when you only have a limited amount of time. Even though they are short, they are still filled with intrigue.

David Y.B. Kaufmann
a good read.
This is everything you expect from Agatha Christie. Insight, clever plots, a good read.

The Walking Woman
Five Stars
Lose yourself in a different era--fabulous

A lot of little grey cells
Agatha Christie is still one of my favorite authors...after all these years. A prolific writer with millions and millions of
books sold!
Hercule is

Julia L. Scott
Stories from 1928 to 1947
Good mysteries and clever plots. Having so many short stories in one volume makes it a great book to pick up and put down. A quick story read for an afterno

Enjoyed being able to read a complete story each night
Enjoyed being able to read a complete story each night. With two young children, I don't have too much time to read. Of course, Agatha Christie never ceases to keep me guessing until the very end!

Five Stars
Got it for my sister and ended up keeping it

C. Storie
Great Book
I could hardly wait to jump into the short stories, and have almost finished reading the first one. Since I'm a huge Poirot fan, I can hear his voice when I read his spoken words in the stories. Love this book!

Lucky Jackson
Very good stories, although Christie's writing style is a little old fashioned (of course). Still great and very entertaining.

Great Collecti
One of my favorite fictional characters is Hercule Poirot. I was thrilled to find this collecti

Winfield S. Wilson
They are wonderfully written.
I had seen many programs

The Best!
Agatha Christie is the best mystery author ever; Hercule Poiroit is her greatest character. These stories are classics; I can read them over and over. If you like mystery, you'll love this collecti

Richard F. Jungels
only 1-16 inch not easy if you wear glasses
Print is very small, only 1-16 inch not easy if you wear glasses, service is excellent.

gloria meitzen
I didn't even know that there were Poirot short stories and was delighted to read all of them their collecti

Daisy M.
So nice to read Christie's stories again. One of my all time favorite authors. The others are Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and Stephen King.

DeEdra Phillips
I love that After all the books Agatha wrote she can still come up with plot twists. I could read her books again and again.

A. E. Jones
Poirot and Christie at their best!
Great short story collection. Packed full of diverse, challenging puzzles about murder and human nature. Great characters and Poirot is at his best in these. Great book for travel.

George R. Abbott
Five Stars
3 cheers for Agatha Christy

Leo L. Valley
Hard to put down
If you even think you enjoy Agatha Christie mysteries, then this collecti

Kindle Customer
An excellent collecti

Bernard J. Sheehan
The perfect book for emergency reading
Classic short stories from dame Agatha. This is a great choice for the kindle. Perfect book those moments when you need to read something but don't have time for something longer. Great for the train or a lunch break.

Some of the best detective ficti
An excellent, cost effective way to get all of Christie's short stories featuring Hercule Poirot.

Diane Butler
Enjoy the fact these are short and you can read ...
Enjoy the fact these are short and you can read the whole story a sitting. Always interesting how Poirot solves the case.

C.J. McCoy
Love Poirot
This is the perfect compani

Five Stars
Excellent stories, completely adorable. I never tire of Hercule Poirot stories. I just love Agatha Christie!

C Martin
Five Stars
Its the short stories of Poirot, lots of them and quite nice

Neil Fagan
A Great Collecti
All of Hercule Poirot's short stories for a good price. And it's so easy to carry around

Mary R.
I love this book!
I love this book and have taken it to the hospital when I had chemo. It is a joy to read and am still reading

Thank you for your quick service.

M. C. Arruti
Best of Hercule Poirot
A great book for lovers of Agatha Christie's Poirot. Easy to read as they are short stories. A good book to keep.

David Chamberlain
Can't ever go wrong with Agatha Christie
Wonderful to read these again after many years. Still delightful; still thrilling! Don't miss these. If you've read them, enjoy me again; if you haven't, give yourself a treat!

David K. Webb
It's very simple: if you like Agatha Christie's Poirot stories, then you need to buy this.
What can you say? It's Agatha Christie. It's Poirot. It's ALL of her Poirot short stories in one tidy bundle, arranged in chronological order of publication.

Ashley Lynch-Harris
Definitely Recommend
A must for Agatha Christie fans! I love that the stories are in consecutive order and include their original publicati

Five Stars
Very good read.

Classic Christie
Hard to go wrong with Agatha Christie. Fun reads that keep you hooked.

It was great to have them all together and to reread the ...
I had read some of these years ago. It was great to have them all together and to reread the ones I had read and to discover ones that I hadn't.

Hal Rainey
It is a excellent book. It is the first book I have ...
It is a excellent book. It is the first book I
have read written by Agatha Christie. I am very pleased with this purchase.

great as all-ways
Agatha Christie; great as all-ways.

It's nice to have the entire short stories collecti
It's nice to have the entire short stories collecti

Five Stars

Tina Robertson
Great Reading!
I loved every word of it---aust for Agatha Christie fans!

ophelia peabody
pretty amazing for a fictional character
did you know that when poirot died,the new york times ran a first page headline? pretty amazing for a fictional character! need i say more?

Five Stars
Happy with purchase

Kindle Customer
Five Stars
It's Hercule Poirot- what's not to love?

Some Guy
Great value!
I have enjoyed this book a whole lot. The stories are mostly short and perfect for a light read before going to sleep. The price is great for the number of stories you get!

david in lex
good place to find her short stories
I had bought several books compiling her short stories. Some stories were duplicated in these efforts. This book will save time and money and end your search for Poirot short stories.

Howie Kalakaua (Maui Howie)
Great series of short stories presented in the exact order ...
Great series of short stories presented in the exact order of their publication. Did you know Poirot smoked cigarettes? How about his penchant for hot chocolate in lieu of coffee or tea? Want to know more about Poirot? Then buy this great book and help solve 50 truly awesome mysteries. EBook formatting is spot on. You can't find these short stories elsewhere. Priceless for Poirot fanatics and casual fans alike.

Never boring
Each story is full of suspense in the classic "who-done-it" style. This collecti

A. Vidhayasirinun
These short stories are not as good as the regular ones; nevertheless, they are entertaining.
During a quiet time, with a cup of tea, they are great companions.

Even after all these years
Great read even after all threse years

James Clark
Hercule Poirot is wonderful
Always an interesting read.

Laurel Iverson
Five Stars
Hadn't read much Agatha Christie in the past, but I'm hooked now.

kay dee
Five Stars
This is a good book so far.

niquita rae
excellent collecti
I really enjoyed the collection. the stories were just as good as the first several times that I read them.

M. M. Laperle
Monique's Reviews
Another one of my favorites, Hercule Poirot is awesome. I am very very fond of Agatha and read and re-read all of her works

Great book with a great selecti
I love Hercules Poirot. I can't wait to start reading the book.

Five Stars
A great classic!

Galia Shabarina
Because I love Agatha's work it takes me far away from reality. I am very happy with my purchase Very so

Five Stars
Great collection! Found several I haven't seen anywhere else. Worth the buy!

food lover
Agatha can do no wrong, in my opinion. I'm grateful she wrote so much!! These stories are fun just-before-going-to-sleep tales.
I enjoyed these tales. I enjoy "watching" Hercule use his grey cells.

Stephen Shapiro
Best Short Story Mystery Book Ever
This is an amazing book. I can't put it down. If you like mystery short stories, this is the best book you will ever buy.

Looking for a delicious way to spend an evening?
Any Agatha Christie fan will truly enjoy this collecti

Jeanne A Timm
Five Stars
I love Agatha Christie stories. Love the time they take place in.

Terry Williams
Five Stars
Can't put it down and when one story is complete you're anxious for the next!

Five Stars
Love Poirot!! He has no equal.

Classic Christie
A wise investment in the complete short story collection, in chr​onological order. I love picking up the allusions to other Poirot novels!

Bob Haas
Five Stars
Every Poirot short story in one place. How could you go wrong?

It is words needed.
This book was a gift to my sister who is a huge Poirot fan. She started reading right away and absolutely loves it.

Joelyn Pirkle
Five Stars
Easy read. Entertaining. I love this character Poirot.

Flo from mo
I had read none of the Poirot short stories before. What a delightful read. You can't go wrong when you read Agathas books.

Maria Hitt
Love this book
Love this book! You can never guess what is going to happen next. I also enjoy Hercule's humor and wit.

Paul Piwnicki
Five Stars
Excellent stories and it is amazing how well the stories adapted for Television.

Loved it!
Beautiful book and stories! Arrived

Kristan Anderson
Love Poirot
Great for Poirot fans

This is a great, easy read series of short stories from the ...
This is a great, easy read series of short stories from the early 1900 era. The writer was way ahead of her time.

Still Mom
Great item for the Agatha Christie fan in your life
Bought as a gift for my daughter. She adores Agatha Christie, and loves this book. Nice collecti

David E. Blood
Five Stars
It's interesting to compare the actual short stories to the TV series. They are not quite the same.

Denise Moore
Five Stars
If you love Christie you'll love this collection! All of her Poirot short stories in one place!!

Five Stars
Love these books. It is nice to have them

Poirot the peak
Poirot is unequalled. I had read these stories before but wanted this collecti

C T Williams
Five Stars
Agatha Christie at her best. Great collecti

A great collecti
This was a great collecti

seldom review
Christie fan
This is a great little book for reading when time is limited. Each story is short and enjoyable. Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors

Very satisfying
A very satisfying collecti

Faux Van Gogh
Five Stars

Overlooking the Mississippi
Clever Clever Clever Clever Clever Clever Clever
Basics remain the same, take away technology. Thank you for this pool side reading. Have a great summer

Roberta Ransome
Five Stars
satisfied a craving for Agatha Cristie without having to get a novel

Kim Davis
Five Stars
It's wonderful to have all the short Poirot stories in one book.

Five Stars
Great read

Fun read
I've read lots of Poirot, now I've read all the short stories. Fun read!

Five Stars
a very good read

Frank S. Johns II
Five Stars
I won't have an evaluati

K. Whitfield
Five Stars
Fabulous read for any Agatha Christie fan!

Margaret Y. Campbell
Hercule Poirot Collecti
Perfect! Love Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot is my favorite!!!

Joseph S. Johns Jr.
Thoroughly Entertaining
I have read all of the Poirot books and these short stories do not disappoint. I wish Agatha Christie were still writing today.

Joan barker
Agatha Christie
Hercule Poirot short stories are great, I love Agatha Christie her stories are always with a unexpected twist at the end

Paula Joudrey
Five Stars
Fantastic, nice format

Kindle Customer
Five Stars
The absolute best detective stories ever, along with Miss Marple!

David Johnson
Five Stars
For a well done collection. For Poirot fans a must have.

Anders G. Lock
Five Stars
Very good

Adele B. Parsons
Five Stars
Love it; Poirot is one of my favorites.

Claire Thomas
Five Stars
One of my favorite authors of all time. I love this collection.

Elizabeth A. Heritage
Five Stars
Arrived just in time for Xmas. My Dad will be thrilled.

John Brallier
Love Poirot mysteries.

Susan Himmah
Five Stars
Love Agatha Christie, and Poirot!

Ronald Hurlbut
Five Stars
Great read.

Patricia Allen
The stories were great. I was sad when I finished it
The stories were great. I was sad when I finished it.

david chubb
Five Stars
been a fan of her for many years

Kindle Customer
Five Stars
I love Hercule Poiroit. This was a great book!

Judith Nichols
Five Stars
Great to have 51 Hercule Poirot stories in one book. Mysteries abound.

Five Stars
Love Agatha!

Big fan of Agatha Christie and this is a great deal. Nice to have all the short stories under one cover.

Pamela Chambers
What could be better?
Hercule Poirot-all in one place! What could be better?

madelaine northausen
Five Stars
well worth the read

Agatha Christi delivers
Agatha Christie always delivers

Five Stars
A great collecti

Robert Kennedy
Five Stars
Great short stories.

Satisfied Customer
Love e-books
Great book - love Poirot.

Carol Watson
Five Stars
Will be reading Miss Marple next after I order it.

Many stories, colorful short reads.
Many stories,colorful short reads.

Marie J Brown
Good value.
Love it.

Pat Henson
I love
Stories are just long enough and very well written , I love Agatha

W. J. Ferguson
All of the Poirot short stories are here. AWESOME!!!!!

Math Debra
Agatha Christie Fan
I love Agatha Christie and a set like this saves money.

Five Stars
A marvelous writer.

Ginger B.
Five Stars
they're all in one place!

Kindle Customer 1
Five Stars
Great collection!

Pro-E User
Five Stars
I like this item

Five Stars
enjoyed every page!

Kindle Customer
Five Stars
Excellent book for the price. Thank you.

John Jones
Five Stars
Nice collecti

Five Stars

Susan Little
Five Stars
Great to read all Poirot stories again.

the prof
good book good service
good book, great service.

Marjorie F Refsnes
The Mystery is Solved.
Very enjoyable short stories.

Kevin R. Quinn
Five Stars
It is AC

kevin amaral
Five Stars
love it

Five Stars
Excellent read.

Donald J Nichols
Five Stars
Great. Thank you!!

Kathy K.
Love Poirot
A very fun read!

Peter Grosso
Five Stars
great book

I love Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot
I love Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. First got to know Poirot through the masterpiece mystery series starring David Suchet which you absolutely must watch. This book did not disappoint. Easy to read in bits since it's short stories, but no matter the length of the story they are all good. Some are quiet short while other are a bit longer (still much shorter than a novel).

Kindle Customer
Great Short Stories!!
If you love Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot in particular and don't have much time to read a long story, this book is for you. The stories are short and very much the conceited Hercule Poirot. I read at night and sometimes I can't stay up long enough to read a long story so with this book I can read a whole story or two before I fall asleep. This book is worth the will not be sorry.

Ronald L Gable
The great detective series!
I love this series. I watch them

Five Stars
Nice compilati

Kindle Customer
Five Stars

Next.. Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories: A Hercule Poirot Collection wi

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