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Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

Review Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker - I LOVE My Instant Pot! But Here's What I Wish I'd Known when I First Got It

Comments on Review Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker - I LOVE My Instant Pot! But Here's What I Wish I'd Known when I First Got It
xyz says:
I say boldy post your whole complete entire Instant Pot Quick Start Guide HERE as a review! In multiple parts if necessary. Who's going to complain? Happy Instant Pot customers? Thanks for your xlnt info!

Alex says:
o_o I really hope someone from this company gives you a gift card or SOMETHIN' because your well-written enthusiasm has convinced me to get one. Right MEOW.

chicagogal says:
Great review thanks. I'm wondering since you have the 6 quart, have there ever been times you wished you had the larger pot say the 8 quart? I'm trying to decide which size to purchase and want something large enough to hold a leg of lamb! Do you have an opinion?

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi ChicagoGal! I have never wished that I had the larger size, but then I am usually only cooking for 1-4 people (and I'm a vegetarian, so no need to accommodate legs ;-) ).

chicagogal says:
thanks for your reply! I appreciate it!

Fit&Fab! says:
I loath reading instruction manuals and I must say that your review was so much more entertaining as well as informative! Great job! (And thanks a bunch for vegan/vegetarian cookbook ideas for the One Pot! I'm trying to cut out meat entirely!) - much appreciated!!

Peggy Ross says:
Thank you for including cooking small portions and cooking two things at the same time.
I wasn't sure it would be useful, (since I am only cooking for two ) until I read your review

Misha Guth says:
Wow, thank you so much for that review! Best review ever! I actually decided to buy the IP based on your review. I've printed it and am adding all the gadgets you suggested to my wish list. Thanks so much Anne!

Ramit Kreitner says:
wow. well what i would ask is what is your favorite thing to cook in this pot, or two or three fave things.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Ramit! Well, I have to confess that so far my favourite things to cook in the IP are not particularly fancy - I *love* doing potatoes (both regular and sweet potatoes) in it, and also squash (like acorn squash, spaghetti squash, etc.). :-)

Rick Schwartz says:
I throw my baked potatoes in the toaster oven for about 3-4 minutes to get that nice crisp skin. Under the stove broiler would work also.

Rick Schwartz says:
We have the six quart and there are times when I wished I had the 8 quart one. There are just the two of us but I like to cook big and freeze/save. You can always put less in the 8 quart but you can't put more in the 6 quart.

David B. Canale says:
I don't think I've ever read a more informative and helpful review on Amazon.

Raquel E. says:
Thank you for being so generous with your time and talent to post this most informative review. In fact, it helped me to decide that I am going to purchase this instant pot. I am also going to print out your review and keep it as a handy reference. Thanks again!!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Gosh, David, thank you!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Thank you, Raquel! I'm sure you are going to love it! :-)

Nancy Greer says:
This is a very thorough informative review. You've taken some of the mystery out of it

FL Shopper says:
What an excellent review--very helpful and well organized. Thank you!

Joye says:
Your review is very helpful! I had to print it out. Next, I will highlight it and keep it with my cookbooks.
I've yet to purchase one. I dropped my pressure cooker inter basket and it bent. It will fit in the pot but the lid will not go on. It's a Cuisinart electronic one. It has some different settings, also. I've been doing some research on the new products.
This one scores high! I'm thinking of getting the 8 qt. one. The high cost is holding me back. I'm sure the price will go down during the holidays or I could put it on my Christmas list.
Thank you for all of work you did to figure the pot out and sharing your findings with us.

Purgandi Dracointerfectorem says:
Thank you for the helpful review. I didn't realize there was so much more to buy, and it is already an expensive item so that is very important information. You've helped me to prevent getting in over my head on something that is not a necessity. I'm sure that 30 years ago it would have been great when I was working, going to school and starting a family. I guess if I got through that while cooking everything from scratch, it's hardly a time to get "technical." Just thinking about reading the manual reminds me that I'm happy enough eating foods raw. Reviews are so helpful, whether they guide in making a great purchase, or perhaps to avoid one when that is best.

Lisa says:
Thanks for the excellent techie review! I've been stalking this pot for months, so I read your review and decided to order it and the instant pot cookbook, finally. I will place another order in a month or so for the steamer basket and trivet set you recommended, plus maybe an extra pot. I'm looking forward to learning how to use it and eating some good, home-cooked food. Thanks for all the valuable info. I'm sure I'll need it once I get started. Why don't manufacturers include some of this info?? Baffles me!

c borne says:
I notice that you reviewed the 6-quart. Would the add on items, like the steamer baskets and such, work with the 10-quart? Thanks for a very helpful review!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi there! I don't see why they wouldn't work with the larger sizes, but I can't say for sure. And thank *you*!

Patricia M. Childs says:
This is an excellent review, thanks so much for taking the time. The questions I have are about the ease of cleaning. I know the stainless steel inner pot removes for washing, but what about the lid that fits over the entire pot? Is it dishwasher safe or at the least submersible? Although it may not touch the food inside the pot, surely it accumulates food residue from the steam and the cooking process? I have been wanting one of these for a while, but the ease of cleaning is an important feature for me, because if it is a pain to clean, it negates the ease of use.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Patricia! It is submersible, but not dishwasher safe. That said, the rubber sealing gasket that lines the interior of the rim is very easy to pull out and put back in (and that *is* dishwasher safe, and is the one thing you would most want to put in the dishwasher. :-) )

I should make a fact I should probably add this to my review..the stainless steel inner pot can take a real beating, and cleans up just fine..BUT...after the first use or so (it was after my first use) you will see little "stains" (not sure what else to call them) and, if you are anything like me, you will think "Oh no! I have ruined the beauty of this pot! How can I fix it?" It turns out that this is *very* normal (at least the 'staining', not sure about my reaction being normal :-) ). In my case I had made means, and my pot now still bears the "imprints" of beans, even though it is completely's sort of like the chalk outlines from a little bean murder scene. ;-) I'm in an Instant Pot forum on Facebook where many IP cookbook authors are members (including JL Fields and Jill Nussinow) and they have all said that this is perfectly normal and just what happens (in fact they said it in response to my "Oh no, I've ruined my beautiful pot" post).

Hope this helps!


c borne says:
You are very kind to reply so quickly. Thank you.

dd3 says:
Thanks for the great review. 'chalk outlines from a little bean murder scene' made my day.

Wok King says:
Truly, truly a number #1 assessment that deserves a "Consumer Report" must-read rating and a best buy 5-Star ranking!
In my youthful days I worked briefly at KFC to learn about cooking their "finger-licking fried chicken" and at Popeyes to get insight to their spicy blend and preparation for their famous Louisiana style cooking. I belonged to the prestigious San Francisco Cooks Union #44 and worked at many places including the St. Francis Hotel in Nob Hill before transferring to the Oakland Cooks Union in 1950 where I met the Owner of Crabby Joe's and learned the where-with-all about the unheard of, at that time, an emerging hit, "Pizza Pie" that was gaining favoritism among the students at University of California, Berkeley where I was going to enroll, and my stint at Crabby Joe's was the summer job before school. It was during this period I learned about "Shish Kebob" and Fast Food cooking at Mel's Drive-In in SF and in Berkeley near the UC Campus.

If you're interested, would like to chat, my e-mail: ""
Thanks again! Don

Smiley says:
Just received my Instant Pot as a gift, and am so grateful for your information.Thanks for taking the time to write this extensive and very helpful review. Can't wait to start using my pot for all the things I'll make in advance for Christmas company.

Mary Meet says:
What a wonderful review! Creative, through, & thoroughly entertaining, too!
I love your wry humor; I have chalk outlines of bean murder scenes too!
The ONLY thing you didn't mention (what? you missed something? well not really, but) THIS POT IS MUCH SMALLER THAN I THOUGHT IT WAS! Like getting a rice cooker & going by pictures & upon receipt, realizing - they come in single serving size?! So for a family of four, it didn't replace my stainless/black crockpot, but that was really on me, & Amazon was kind enough to let me return it for a small restocking fee!

Thanks again, if ever I can get a bigger/big enough one of these, I will def print out your review. In fact, the company should do so & include it with their product, maybe glossy it up with pics for product presentation (with some minor compensation to you?)

john says:
I loved the great detail you gave about the product. I was sold before reading your comment because a very close friend and gourmet cook recommended this product to me so I new if she loved it I would too. Your comments reassured me of the safety of the product, convenience of use, and clean up. Thank you!

john says:
You just inspired me to do the same thing!

Anonymous says:
"Little bean murder scene" are a crack up! Thanks for all the helpful tips! I can't wait to get started with my new Instant Pot!

Donna O. Baumgartner says:
Printing this review!

Wok King says:
Belonged to the San Francisco Cooks Union #44, 65 years ago, and your substantive comments are truly explicit, truly accurately put forward for oldies and newbies to high pressure cooking is that it is fast and safe and the results are simply Delicious. Used the older pressure cookers that resulted in finger licking fried chicken, tender Chinese spareribs, and other recipes, albeit not as efficient as this newer product appears to be as advertised. May consider a purchase. Of course, a Presto brand cost much, much less back then and I still have it so I'll think long and hard before a final buy.
Wok King.

evfancy says:
Wow, this person is obviously a caring individual. To take the time to share these tips is a generous gesture. I've been going back & forth on purchasing an IP, but I think your review just convinced me. Thank you!

D. Creekmur says:
"... my pot now still bears the "imprints" of beans, even though it is completely's sort of like the chalk outlines from a little bean murder scene."

Might not work for you, but it's always done wonders for me (removing the chalk outlines, etc...):

Pour ¼ cup (or enough to just cover the bottom) distilled white vinegar into that stainless steel pot (or pan) and bring it to a full boil (keeping your nose away `cause it stinks does boiling vinegar), and when it's going like hot cakes, quickly dump the hot liquid and wipe out the bowl with a clean, dry dish cloth. The ghosts of beans past (actually very thin limestone deposits from your water) will be gone.

Let me know if it works for you. And... very much appreciated by me was your review of this awesome pressure cooker! Thanks! -DC

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Thank you so much! Will try it next time I've hauled the thing out!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Awww...thank you! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Aww..and thank *you*!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
And thank *you* for taking the time to let me know!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Mary! Thank you for the lovely comments! I didn't realize that this one might seem small to people..having gone from cooking for a whole family to just myself, I didn't notice it. And..thank you for your suggestion for the company...I hope that they're listening. ;-)

Amazon Customer says:
I also found the manual lacking information I was looking for. Thank goodness for you tube!

Leo Costa says: win, I wasn't even that interested lol, after your review I want it!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
{laugh} you? :-)

CCC says:
Has anyone tried to use bar keeper's helper liquid for stainless to remove stains in the stainless pot? It removes practically all stains in my stainless frying skillet and wok.

Aaron Bender says:
Very thorough review! Thank you. Quick question. After 7 months, do you see the same level of performance across functions? The common theme of negative reviews is a decrease in pressure cooking after several months. Curious for your thoughts on this. Thanks!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Aaron! I haven't seen that at all, *but*, I don't use it every day, either, so I can't really speak to whether that would happen if it were in constant use. But, it certainly holds pressure whenever I use it. That said, I do know that the rubber gasket needs to be replaced occasionally (how often would, I am sure, depend on how much you use it), and I have to imagine that a tired gasket would be the number one cause of it not keeping good pressure.

Ricka Gerstmann says:
Your review was very informative, and I even own the 7 in 1! I did read the manual, but didn't know that there was more than one saute level. Thanks especially for the poached eggs and baked potatoes recipes. --Ricka

Robin Wolfson says:
This is one of the best reviews I've read of anything on Amazon EVER. Congrats. I love the discussion, I love the suggestions, I love the humor. Thanks for putting so much time into this review.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
You're very welcome! I'm glad that you found it useful!

Madame Hardy says:
This is one of the best and most helpful reviews I've ever seen on Amazon. Thank you.

Mary Elliott says:
This is the most enjoyable review I have ever read!!!

Luvamazon says:
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. I'm going to print it for future use! I clicked on the link to the steamer basket, cut its no longer available. Do you by any chance know of any alternatives? Either way, thank you again!! Heidi

J. K. says:
Right? And she's funny, too!

Traci says:
Thank you for all this info !!! I ordered mine today, with the glass lid.....I was second guessing myself as it looks intimidating with all the buttons but you calmed me down !!!!!

Ti Mo says:
Wow Chef Anne, this is one heck of a review. I'm so gonna print this out and stick it somewhere around my kitchen.
I'm absolutely new in this Instant Pot cooking, and this is a great read!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
{blush} Thank you!!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Awww...thank you, Mary!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
It's this one here: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Steamer with Extendable Handle :-)

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Awww...thank you!!! (I'd be honoured if you wanted to follow my reviews :-) )

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Right? That's how I felt too, which is exactly why I wrote this up...because it turns out to be so easy to use, once you know how. You can actually pretty much ignore most of the buttons. ;-)

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Awww...thank you, Ti Mo!

Soph says:
Thank you for such a great review. Do you have any suggestions on stainless steel vessels for Pot in Pot cooking. I was going to use Pyrex but the thought of broken glass scares me...thanks.

De Limerz says:
who thinks this is a real post?

ladyJane says:
I've never commented on a review before! Ive been wanting a digital-electric PC for sometime now but this review makes me want an Instant Pot even more, especially the after reading about the baked potatoes and poached eggs! Thinking of purchasing one as soon as I figure out what size to get! Anyway...great review!

WanderingTree says:
Someone may have mentioned this already but Bar Keeper's Friend will make your pot look brand new again.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Well, I do, because I wrote it.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Thank you! I'm glad that you found it useful!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Li! Here you go :-)

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Oops..apparently I can't link directly to a this set has been awesome:

Cook N Home 14-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set, 4set/case

Kg14392 says:
Bar Keepers Friend, either the regular powder or the soft scrub, both so an amazing job of keeping the Stainless Steel Instant Pot Liner sparkling clean and stain free. Available at Target, Walmart,Amazon, and most any supermarket. Give it a try!

maj jong shopper says:
There is definitely a learning curve, but once you have it figured out it is smooth going.
there is lots of info on the web on how to proceed,

tcbphd says:
funny and helpful

maryomac says:
Haha, good reply! Gotta keep your humor.

finola says:
thank you so much for this detailed review helped me decide on what to order including accessories

S. Martin says:
Best. Review. EVER!

Mark Twain says:
I read that you can use 'Bar keepers Friend' to remove those 'imprints'- I use it on all my All Clad stainless & it works very well. Thanks for your excellent review, I really enjoyed it & it was very helpful.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
I'm so glad that you found it helpful! I think you're going to love your IP!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Awww...thank you!! :-)

Anne P. Mitchell says:
And thank *you*!

sempercliff says:
What size potatoes were you using for the baked potatoes? I got the steaming rack you suggested, and I tried this with a normal sized potato (typical of the size a restaurant would serve). After 25 minutes at high pressure it was still only about halfway done. I ended up just putting it in the oven, as it seemed to cook just as fast.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
I have done this with all sizes, from tiny to enormous, always at 12 minutes, and it always has worked, so that is very puzzling. You are doing natural pressure release, right? (Where you just leave it after the 12 minutes until the pressure naturally equalizes on its own.)

Lyn says:
I would like to know too.

Lyn says:
I can't get the smell of stew out of the seal. Any suggestions?

Anne P. Mitchell says:
You can put the seal in the dishwasher, if that doesn't work, soak it in water in which you've dissolved baking soda. :-)

Lyn says:
Thank you! I will give it a try. I have soaked it in soapy water.

HartyM says:
I have no idea if this has been addressed (don't have time to read all the comments - kidlets!), but there's an easy way to prevent the "little bean murder scene[s]". Buy a good filter, such as from Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher - Removes Fluoride & Lead - 150 Gallon Filter Aqua Gear Filter - Clear, and use the *filtered* water for cooking. Yes, it's a counter top system, but it filters out all kinds of gunk from your water. Getting Pur or Brita is NOT recommended, as they barely filter anything - so you'd still be drinking/eating all kinds of yucky stuff. >:( However, if you use the filtered water for drinking as well, you'll want to grab some Trace Minerals Research - Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops - 8oz as well. I can come back later to leave links for you. :)

LOVE your review! Want one of these *soooooo bad*, but we're moving so the purchase'll have to wait. Methinks I should probably go for the biggest one - growing family, soon to be 6 peeps...what do you think?

MarieDuenas says:
I am so glad I read your post - I just bought one and I was feeling lost -

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Harty!

Weird, I only cook with filtered water, but the little bean murder scene still happened (but only the once). I think you should get your IP *right now*...keep it on your counter while you pack, because it can become the one thing you use to make meals while packing up - then unpack it right away at the new place for the same reason. :-)

alyssa says:
Thanks,Anne p.for your great review, I'm going to buy one u need to be on instant pot payroll .LOL

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Thank you, Alyssa! (Of course, here in Colorado 'instant pot' has a whole different meaning ;-) )

Robin Wolfson says:
I was wondering if people were confusing it with fast-growing weed!

Anonymous reviewer says:
This review makes me want to return this thing.

C. Lengel says:
"it's sort of like the chalk outlines from a little bean murder scene" -- best line from a (serious) Amazon review ever.

Thanks for a great set of tips! I was thinking of getting an Instant Pot for my daughter, off to college in the fall, and you have persuaded me (might need one for myself, too).

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Aww....thank you for the feedback!! You (and your daughter) will love it!!


Nasa S. says:
Holy cow! Who needs a stinkin' tech manual when you have a review like this one! Thanks!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
And thank *you*!

Diane P. says:
I agree with Strawberry girl.. am printing out this info after just purchasing a Instant Pot tonight. There's a lot of bells and whistles on the Instant Pot but I'm up for a challenge and this print out and the extra gadgets and recipe book will be great. Thanks so much.

Amazon Customer says:
This review is the main reason I bought it- thx for all the great info!

jimbo92107 says:
Bar Keepers Friend is a cleansing powder to scrub your Instapot's stainless steel liner shiny clean, almost like new. A couple bucks at home improvement stores.

Brian says:
Hello, Anne!

Firstly, thanks so much for such an informative review. I hate to even ask because you provided such great info but it seems that since April, some of the accessories you recommended are no longer available for sale on Amazon or are only available from third party sellers. I wonder if there are other options you recommend that are still available. The two I noticed are the cheesecake pan and the first steamer (not the basket set but the other one). Thanks again! Such a great review!

S Phillips says:
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. It is greatly appreciated. I am also going to print this and keep it close to my new IP. I just got it for Christmas and am very excited to start using it.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Brian! I actually haven't done a cheesecake, so can't really recommend one there (I'm sorry!) As for the basket steamer, I think this one would be ok too: Sunsella Vegetable Steamer, but you can probably get the Oxo one at Target. ;-)

Brian O. says:
Thanks, Anne!

Dianne Jessup says:
Thank you for the in-depth review! This company should be paying you for filling in the gaps and definitely hiring you to write the manuals.
Any tips for cooking beans? That will be my primary use. Thanks again for a wonderful, useful review.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Dianne!

I have to confess that I have only cooked beans in it a couple of times...but any of the InstantPot cookbooks will have lots of info about that. :-) Also, searching online for 'instant pot beans' will turn up a wealth of information. :-) I'm sorry that I couldn't be more helpful!

Oliver DeMille says:
I notice that you recommended "Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook" in your review above, but then your review of the cookbook only rates 2 stars, and is entitled, "I Wasted My Money so You Don't Have To". Do you have a different recommendation? Perhaps you might update your review to remove this recommendation, or replace it with something else you *do* like? Thanks so much for the great, readable and thorough review.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Oliver!

Wow, thank you for catching that! I have no idea what was going on there...whether I put in the wrong link, or what..but I've edited it..thank you so much again!


Amazon Customer says:
On your poached egg recipe, you didn't mention putting eggs in. in shell? Are these like soft-boiled or out of the shell like baked?

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Ah, sorry, you break them into the cups, just like any other poached egg. :-)

N. Foss says:
Thanks for a great review. I was skeptical that this is just another cooking fad, but your credentials (I'm an Tech Lawyer too) and your absolutely fabulous review put me over the edge. The pot, the trivet and the glass lid. I cannot wait to try them. Thanks again.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Oh wow, thank you for saying...shall we connect colleague to colleague? :-)

ClairedeLune says:
Thank you so so much for a very detailed, useful, and not boring review! I have also read Consumer Reports review and comparison of this type of "Automatic" pressure cookers and the "Burner" pressure cookers, and they did explain the longer time it takes when using the former.
To bake potatoes, I usually put them in my microwave oven, push the button for "Potatoes" and they are done after a few minutes, skin not crisp: microwaving is a lot faster. So, why use this cooker which takes 12 minutes?
I have to say that my husband is the one consuming the potatoes, and he finds them fine. I don't like potatoes, so don't eat them, therefore would not be able to compare, as I am a much finickier eater.

Anne, I'd appreciate your answer very much since you seem to be very objective in your review. I'd like to know what you feel about this particular aspect (potato baking) as my other half eats them that way everyday!

With gratitude!

Claire dL

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Claire! I'm a big believer in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I would never buy an IP just for making potatoes, but people who already have an IP who like to fix and forget, or who may not want to use a microwave for whatever reason, may use their InstantPot for potatoes. I do it because after they are done, the IP will keep them perfect, and warm, for up to 10 hours. :-)


raquel1 says:
I just found out about this thing, and your review just sold it for me! Thank you so much for sharing your research, you are very kind.

Kitchen Queen says:
Wow - that's a thorough review and I thank you for all the info and tips. I've only just learned from my friend about Instant Pot so I'm doing my research first. Don't know where I was when the memo came out about IP?! I already have a slow cooker which I haven't used in 2 years! A pressure cooker that I've lost the wow factor with, so I need to be really convinced I need this bad boy before I purchase. Thanks again. You've given me lots of food for thought (excuse the pun).

Anne P. Mitchell says:
No excusing necessary - I love puns! :-)

R in KY says:
Great, thorough review. Thank you!

Shawn Goodwin says:
What is the name of the FB group please?!



Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Shawn! It's Vegan Instant Pot Recipes. :-)

Shawn Goodwin says:

Anne P. Mitchell says:
YVW! :-)

ItTakesaVillage says:
Best. Review. Ever.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Awww. Thank. You. :-)

Psych NP says:
Girlfriend best review Everrrrr!!!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Awwww, thank you!

Alexandra says:
Fantastic review. This single-handedly convinced me to buy one. I can't wait to give it a test drive.

joeywish says:
Wow! Thanks so much for the super awesome review!! And - thanks so much for the Vegan slow cooker cookbook links!! Can't wait to get one of these & a cookbook now! :)

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Aww..and thank *you* for the lovely remarks! :-)

Cyndi says:
Hi Anne, i love your review-very funny AND thorough- fell off my chair at "bean murder scene" comments :) I'm purchasing the One Pot today!!
i have a question re: sweet potatos: do you cook them just like a regular potato, and do you add more time?

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Cyndi! Thank you! I do sweet potatoes exactly the same as regular potatoes (and I love them!)

xyz says:
microwaves are bad for you, bad for food quality / nutrition.

Jim says:
What adjustments are recommended for higher elevations?


Anne P. Mitchell says:
Jim, I live at altitude in Boulder, Colorado, and to be honest it never even occurred to me that it might need adjustment. I just did some research, and turned up this thread, in which it is recommended that you increase the time by 5% for every 1000 feet above sea level. So, according to that I should be increasing cooking times by 25% here in Boulder, but I never have, and have had no problems. So, I'd say experiment. :-)

littledutchgirl53 says:
Just checking out instant pots and came across your review. I read the whole thing just because your sense of humor put a smile on my face. Thanks for a morning picker upper!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Awww...*thank you*!!

R.M.D. says:
You cannot make a "baked" potato in a pressure cooker. You can make a steamed potato but not a baked potato. There is a big difference. A baked potato is cooked in the dry heat of and oven which results in a wonderful, flaky texture and flavor. And, no, a potato wrapped in tinfoil and cooked in an oven is not a baked potato either. It has merely been steamed in it's own juices and is an inferior (IMNSHO) product to a baked potato. When will the world learn.

MED says:
Wow, what a fantastic and detailed review! I was hesitant to buy this product because it looks a bit complicated, but I just took the plunge and I am printing out your review to keep until I get comfortable with my new Instant Pot. Thank you SO much for taking the time to write this!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
You are so very welcome! Have fun with your new IP!

Amanda says:
This review was AWESOME!! I printed it out for future reference. I, too, am vegetarian and will also look at the cookbooks you mentioned. Thanks!
My instapot is on back order and won't arrive until mid March...but now I am wondering if I should cancel my order and order your model!! I purchased the InstaPot Lux60 V3 programable model, but I see your review is for the Duo60, 7 in 1 model. Your model has the 2 pressures, high and low, mine can only be on high....also yours has I think cord storage and consdensation drip...Do you think the 2 pressure choices are important? THANKS!!!! Your model is only $20 more...

Shawn Goodwin says:
There are two IDENTICAL IP's on sale on amazon (I prefer to use b/c you can donate a % of purchases to your fave charity) and one is on backorder, but the other isn't. I know this because when I ordered my IP about 4 weeks ago I ran into the same issue. I don't know why there are duplicate listings with varied delivery times, but I canceled the order for the one that was going to take forever and ordered the one that was available for immediate delivery and haven't looked back since!!!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Amanda! I can't speak as to what you 'should' do, but I note that there is one version of the IP (the bluetooth enabled version) that ships within 2 days; all the others are now 1-2 months, which is...a long time. If it were me, and I didn't want the bluetooth version, I might be tempted to find a new one on that auction site. ;-)

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi Shawn! Yes, I also use all the time!

Amazon Customer says:
We are not strict vegetarians (working on it as I am learning to cook anew) this was what I needed to read. I've gotten rid of my old (but wonderful) pressure/slow cooker because of the non-stick lining (still never scratched or stained) because I was concerned about toxins. I got rid of my rice cooker for the same reason. I even printed your review out and am ordering all the accessories you suggested. (However, the pot-in-pot dessert pan set is out of order without promises of getting more.) Thank you again!

Book Addict says:
One thing I would add that I would really have appreciated in my Instant Pot is a simple on/off button. It is a pain to unplug my pot every time I am not using it for a while. I have a six quart and an eight quart and I keep them on a heavy rolling counter. An on/off button would make my life easier.

Stu Lewallen says:
Hi Anne,
This is one of the best reviews I've read on Amazon and the only one I've perma-linked. I know of you from the anti-spam community that shall not be mentioned. Small world eh?

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Wow! Small world indeed! Thanks for the note, and the compliment!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hi B.A.! In the very lower right-hand corner of the button pad on the front is a button that says "keep warm/cancel". You can think of "cancel" as "off". :-)

Richard H. Francis says:
I haven't read all the replies, so maybe this is redundant, but Cameo stainless steel cleaner will remove those bean stains and leave your IP liner looking brand new.Cameo Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner - 10 oz - 2 pk

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Thank you!

Amazon Customer says:
I'm totally writing a book called Little Bean Murder Scene. It'll be a children's book of course.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Hahahaha...thank you for bringing a smile to my face!

Jednlb says:
I was also debating 6 or 8 quart as I sometimes will make 2 6-8 quart stovetop pots of soup when I am in a frenzy to freeze stuff for future use. However, at this time, the 8 quart usually ships in 10-12 weeks! Argh! I am usually on top of new kitchen small appliances quickly and am so surprised I am 1st reading about this great appliance in 2017 thanks to a newspaper article in local paper. I want it now, so will however for the 6 quart. Anne, your great review and guide will be so helpful when I get mine. I am a "flexitarian" so will love exploring your vegitarian and vegan hints.

Nikita says:
lol :) omg so funny.. laughed so hard about the bean imprints looking like a chalk outline from a little bean murder scene.. too funny :)

"Mark" Anthony says:
Sorry, I do not know what all the fuss is about when it comes to making baked potato's. I do mine in my microwave oven in less than 5 minutes. True, they are not crisped like you would get in the oven, but very satisfactory and in a shorter time. This is should not be one of the prime reason for getting a IPOT.

Anne P. Mitchell says:

"Mark" Anthony says:
Very nice indeed, but you have to excuse my skepticism, this is too much of a "review", particularly when you show highlinks of certain accessories.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
That's why it's important to check whether it's a 'verified purchase' (which it is), and in fact each of the things to which I linked I also purchased, and stand behind. :-)

appqueen says:
Thanks Anne, for all the wonderful information. I've never used a pressure cooker before and don't have my Instant Pot yet (it's on the way!) but I am trying to read up on it before-hand so there might be less of a learning curve when I start to use it. I am so excited, can't wait to delve in!!!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
You're very welcome, thank you for saying! That was *exactly* the situation I was in myself when I ordered my IP...and why I wrote this up! Growing up, pressure cookers were things to be feared!

Amazon Customer says:
Amen...preach it!

Cameron Funk says:
This is the best Amazon review I've ever read. Hands down. I'm actually saving this review for when I do get the Instant Pot!

Anne P. Mitchell says:

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Awww, thank you!

Helga says:
Thank you so much for your review and the links. Will be ordering this pot and can't wait to use it.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Thank *you*, Helga! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

kathygwood says:
Thanks for the GREAT and helpful review, Anne! My son and his wife highly recommended the IP, and in fact, are buying a second one as an additional rice cooker (they have three kids). Looking forward to ours arriving even though I'm a little concerned about the learning curve. (I want it to be perfect the first time using it!) Thanks again.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Awww...Kathy! Thank you for the nice comments! I hope that you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!

lma says:
What a great review! I am ordering the IP now! Too bad several of the items like the desert insert rack and steamer basket and rack are no longer available on Amazon. Hope I can learn to use it effectively. Thanks for all the details and recipes.

Shawn Hayes says:
It's great that someone took the time to do this for the rest of us. Strong work.

JCMEI says:
I have NEVER commented on a customer's reviews before, although I faithfully read many of them before purchasing a product. I read EVERY WORD of this review before deciding to purchase this Instant Pot! Wow! Great stuff, Anne! Quite obvious you are a "tech lawyer" because of your thorough, detailed review. Thanks for helping me make my decision. I also ordered the OXO steamer you recommended because I love a good baked potato and steamed veggies. You rock!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Gosh, JCMEI! Thank you!!! I *really* appreciate your note! One caveat: if you like a crisper skin on your baked potato, you may not consider what comes out of your IP a 'good' baked potato (because of course it's actually a steamed potato)...just didn't want you to be disappointed! Thank you again for the lovely note!

Mr. Rellik says:
What a fantastic, detailed, practical and helpful review - thank you so much for taking the time to write this.

Anne P. Mitchell says:
And thank *you* for the kind remarks!

Amazon Customer says:
Ha ha I was wondering the's a real post but is the poster like us(average buyer) hired to post because the person was sure trying to sell us on other items that you can buy to enhance your cooking in the IP...oh well it was somewhat helpful..but tooooooo long of a read to finally get to the point!...but I'm an old pro on electric pressure cookers and there's always room to learn a little bit more...your question was fair to ask.

SlicKitty says:
Copy/Paste/Keep. "Helpful vote." THANKS!

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Sigh. I'm a regular purchaser. You can tell by the "verified purchase" next to my name. I wrote this because I write (in part) for a living - *about technology* - it's what I do and what I love to do. I'm also a retired professor (retired because of moving away, not because of age ;-) ), so I love to share knowledge. You can read many of my other reviews and find the same sort of information/detail/etc..

Anne P. Mitchell says:
Thank *you* for the kind words!

Jim says:
"verified purchase" means that you actually purchased this particular item through Amazon; it does not imply that you are a regular purchaser. Your review is highly credible due to the style in which you wrote it.


Anne P. Mitchell says:
Thank you, Jim! (If you liked this one you might like my review of Puffs tissues ) Have a great weekend!

Jim says:
Puffs tissues? You're on a roll!


Anne P. Mitchell says:
Actually they're in a box. ;-)

Jim says:
I finally read your review and saw that. I'm glad that you caught my pun and forced a punt. 'Tis you who was right.


Next.. Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

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