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Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Headphone - Shocked by how good these are

Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Headphone - Shocked by how good these are



James Peacock says:
I listen to the radio at night as I fall asleep. I have a roommate - so in order not to disturb, I Got a pair of Ear plugs. I usually put them in - as I'm going to bed - and listen to the radio all night long with my ear buds in my ears. Comfort is essential. Don't remember the brand - They were cheap - but they have lasted very well - for well over a year. They've been pretty good for talk radio - not great for music - Now they are falling apart and need to be replaced. This review helped me make up my mind to buy these ear buds.

JohnFromVirginia says:
Completely agree about the Ergo design. These headphones fit me perfectly right out of the box despite coming with two additional buds. I'm buying two additional pairs as backups because they're so inexpensive.

AJ says:
Would it be possible for you to keep us up-to-date on when those earbuds wear out? I see in your review that you talk about going through your earbuds regularly, which is the exact problem I have. My main concern isn't even sound quality anymore, rather how long a pair can last before one or both buds don't work anymore.

Papa Jim says:
In reply to your post, while I still have my Panasonic RP-HJE120-A earbuds, I recently set them aside. After listening to a pair of Dr. Dre Tour by Beats, I immediately caved and purchased a pair. Some say they are over priced, but I have never heard such pure sound and amazing dynamic range from a pair of earbuds before. As far as durability, I have these on all the time and so far I haven't a bad thing to say about them. I will update the moment I have something negative to say, if such a time should ever come.

FB_Daytona says:
assuming the L shape connector has helped out in preventing loose connection that happens to many earphones? do you wrap the earphone around your ipod for example, which could cause a loose connection?

Mando says:
Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-A (Blue) Dynamic Crystal Clear Sound, Ergonomic Comfort-Fit

I found this earphones are the "BOMB" very nice sound and last for a long time. I use this phones for my Kindle Fire my RCA MP3, and my Cellphone. And they are well and keep going like the rabbit, for the price you can't go wrong, I bought a pair at Wall-Mart for the same price and within a week only the right earplug was still working and not as good quality as this Panasonics.

D. Atkinson says:
Since these are in-ear earbuds I was wondering how well did they block out external noise? My biggest issue with most earbuds is that they either quite working after just a couple of months, have poor sound, or don't block out the majority of noise around me so I have to have the volume way up.

Rachael Rodriguez says:
Thank you! This review just helped me decide on what pair of ear buds to purchase. I just ordered two pair of the Panasonic. Great review.

Mitch says:
Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones
Coby CV185 Folding Deep Bass Stereo Headphones, Black
Try these two headphones. They're cheap and reasonably priced for their sound quality. A step above most earbuds. If you search on google you can find instructions to do a mod with a $3 pair of headphones to give the Koss headphones a headband.

Brenda C. Brewer says:
Based on others' comments, I ordered a pair and tried them out today as soon as I got home. While I respect everyones' opinion, these buds just didn't do it for me. The mid-upper ranges were nice and crisp, however, the lower ranges were thin, at best. I repositioned them a few times, trying to find the bass, but it just wasn't there. Personally, I like a full rich warm sound, maybe a touch heavier on the lower end; these were not a good fit for me. Will keep looking.

Thomas says:
I have been looking for a cheap "good" pair of headphones for awhile now! Even with your review I was still a little skeptical. But I took a chance and ordered a pair anyways and I'm glad I did. These things are awesome for the price. Mids, Highs are very good. Bass is good but could be a little better. But for the price it's worth getting them. I'm ordering more in diff colors.

Papa Jim says:
Yes, these will work with a computer by plugging them into the audio out jack (usually green), just maae sure the volume is set to lowest or mute before placing them into your ears, then adjust the volume to a level that is comfortable for you.

RH in VA says:
How are these on sound leaking out? I ride the bus everyday and I don't want everyone who's not wearing their own earphones, or trying to read, to have to listen to what I'm listening to.

Papa Jim says:
That is something I honestly never considered, I personally never have that kind of volume in my buds because they go directly into my ear. If someone could hear what I was listening to, I imagine I would go deaf. Seriously, the sound leakage on these is nothing compared to the large open air headphone designs. I'll put them to the test and sit next to my wife while listening to early Metallica. \m/.

Whistlers brother says:
I purchased these based on your review. Are you a Panasonic employee?! These are really bass light how can you listen to them apple earbuds sound better than these and that's saying something!

Mario Chiaramonte says:
Try the Memorex EB50. They will blow you away and be had on eBay for $4.44 w/free shipping. I just bought some Klipsch S3 earphones, expecting them to be way better than the Memorex, but the Memorex have so much more bass and presence that I feel like I wasted my money on the Klipsch. They're really comfortable, too, and quite durable. I also recently bought some Pure Sound PR-800 earphones that get rave reviews (one reviewer I saw online said he was surprised that they sounded better than his Beats by Dr. Dre (because they were so much cheaper), and the Memorex have comparable sound, but are more comfortable and work better for what I use them for, which is watch movies and TV, while laying in bed (often on my side).

K. Simpson says:
I have to say, I bought the Memorex's on a whim. I was looking for stocking stuffers for the family a few years ago. The Memorex ear buds were on sale, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Great buds!

jt says:
After reading all of the rave reviews, I ordered a pair of these to use with my MacBook Air. The speakers on the MBA do not provide high quality sound, but with the earbuds, the sound improved 1000%. I am kidding. Can anyone tell me why the sound is so much better with the earbuds???

These do appear to be a great product. I am very happy I bought them. I think I might purchase an extra pair to keep on hand in case Panasonic stops making these.

Burr says:
If only everyone thought this way... be it sitting on the bus, driving down the road, or parked outside a store.

MetalCharlie says:
if you think Dr Dre Tours have pure amazing sound, then you really don't have experience with what is truly pristine, pure, and detailed sound. The Tours DON'T have amazing dynamic range. People say they are overpriced because like Bose, they ARE overpriced JUNK. congested sound stage, bloated bass with bleeds into the mids, and no real treble or natural timbre to speak of. They are no better or worse than Skullcandy earphones, or Sennheiser cx300 II's. You paid $80-100 for PURE JUNK..not pure sound. You want pure sound for a low price, then the Philips 3580's would be the way to go for quality. Or the Sony MH1C. Or the HiFiMan RE0's. Or the Sennheiser cx215's. Or the MEEelectronics cc51. or the Sony XBA-1's. These are TRULY crystal clear dynamic headphones with pure sound for a budget. You sir made a terrible choice. Why do you think you can find 10,000 Dre Tours being sold on ebay? Everyone wants to unload their junk on someone else.

Papa Jim says:
Wow, I never expected a personal attack because of my opinions. You are obviously an audiophile, and a legend in your own mind. Thank you for sharing your opinions.

Daniel Ruiz says:
I was wondering if you had any issues with "noise" from the headphones if they rub on your clothing or skin. I am referring to the noise that you hear that one can hear that is hard to describe but has a strange almost static-like quality.

jt says:
Daniel Ruiz: I have not had any issues like that, but I sit at my desk whilst I use them. So far, I have been perfectly happy with mine, and for less than $7 shipped (bought on eBay), I do not think it is a big risk to try them. Hope this helps.

Aeronaut says:
Papa Jim, Sorry for this being a "stupid" question. I wanted a pair of earbuds for the Kindle Fire HD 7". It has a 3.5 mm audio port. Will these work with that? I am getting confused on diameter sizes. Thanks.

thegreatoutdoors says:
How long do they last? Every pair I buy breaks within a few months?

Meek Mill says:
you can get severe ear damage if you have your headphones in your ears while you are asleep, even if the volume is low it can hurt your ears as you get older. i recommend you stop doing that.

JudyB says:
Does the sounds come out differently in the right ear and left ear for you all? I just purchased a pair today, and I don't know if I am just not used to this kind of sound effect or what, but it sounds like the background music doesn't come out as much in the left ear as the right ear, is that normal? Or I just got a bad pair? The right ear sounds great though! Thanks!

jt says:
JudyB: I use mine with my laptop only, and I have no problems with the sound.

JudyB says:
Thanks for your reply, I got a replacement pair today and it's all good now! ^_^

RobertH says:
I agree - for around five bucks you get a nice, no nonsense, comfortable set of headphones which you can take anywhere. I like these a lot too!

RobertH says:
I use mine with a Sony walkman radio and they are great together.

celstud423 says:
I want say thanks to Papa Jim review, I was wearing my ipodtouch earphones the wrong way just to get good sound with fingers on my ear. The quality of Panasonic RP-HJE120 at low and high sound blows me away....I feel I got a steal big time, the sound is heavenly. I love the design I can see why it more effective than alot of other and I like a little base vibration with music. Hahaha I should have order about 3 or more cause someone always asking to borrow headphones from me. What a great product...I would have gladly paid about $50 for these. Also I just put it in and don't have to touch it. Thanks for the detail reviews, I read a few and I think its even better than some reviews. Kinda wish it had a mic attached but thas not an issue.

G. Nicholas says:
All that analysis only to find they are really terrible and nowhere near the sound quality of my old Creative ear buds that came with a cheap mp3 player 7-8 years ago.

Zachary J. Lerner says: look at that.

SuckaMC says:
I know its a bit more than $6, but NuForce are heralded by tech and audiophile critics as some of the best earbuds for $25 or less:

I came across the Pannie's from that article, where another user was suggesting these and the author claiming they tried both and the NuForce are still better. But then again, we are talking about $6 earbuds VS $20 earbuds.

I ordered a pair of NuForce but haven't received them yet.

T. Stepp says:
Like you, it's this quest I've been going after, I started with the horrible ear canal rubbing headset that comes with my iphone (the older one), then went out and bought the new iphone headset by apple (slips out can't use won't fit), returned those for some higher end skull candy's but they got lost or stolen, can't find them. So then I went out and purchased a cheap pair by JVC that hook into your ear (sound is good but gotta push it in keeps slipping out enough mostly treble not enough bass otherwise). I had other units in past and the over ear muffs get weathered and eventually the no-see-ums or something ate them up and I have to replace the pads but some of them cost $10 each. So I'm hoping this will be it when I get these delivered.

Owen Shen says:
I will suggest you go listen to the Klipsch X10's, Shure se215-315's, westone 1-4's, RE0, then take another listen to your little beats :P

Sheila M. Warner says:
These are the best headphones I have purchased, hands down. I find that the sound is rich, that the ear buds are sturdy, the ergonomic design keeps the buds in place, and they are inexpensive, too. I love these! I bought two.

Sheila M. Warner says:
I agree. These are the greatest little headphones around. You just can't beat the sound, and the price is so low. I have two pair.

Gift Card says:
After a year and a half of very heavy use the left ear-bud went out. I was more then impressed considering the price and the decent sound quality. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for casual listening.

Attaka says:
I bought a Blue and a Red in October 2012. I used the Blue for 1 year till the sounds faded out. This was after a full year of a 2 hour commute to work on a motorcycle. sound quality aside, these are the sturdiest earbuds i have ever used. I have a drawer full of skullcandies with contact issues at the plug due to my type of usage. I have been using the Red since last year with no issues whatsoever. This MEElectronics EP-RX12-RD-MEE RX12 In-Ear Headphone has much better bass and a better in ear fit but i broke two pairs in 4 months. I am looking at connecting the wiring for the Panasonic to the MEE buds :-). Best of both worlds IMHO.

Veronica Mendez says:
Thank you so much for your review. These earbuds sound great, actually better than I expected. Good volume and range. Plus one of the most comfortable earbuds I have ever used. Thanks again

hoopsnow says:
Reviews paint a different picture of Dr. Dre Tour earbuds by Beats. Fifty-one reviews found the ear-buds good while thirty rated them mediocre to poor. The quality of the Panasonic is far superior to Dr. Dre's chinese junk. Reviewers complain that Dr. Dre's deteriorate in a few months or have heavy bass or sound mediocre. In addition to being inferior in quality and sound, the Dre's are nineteen times more expensive than the Panasonic($7.99 X 19 = $150). Dre is one doctor to stay away from.

Phyllis says:
Based on your review and ravings by co-worker, going to definitely try these ear buds. I already have found a pretty awesome pair by brand, but hey the price is right to experiment and try the new.

I am curious. Since you have tried so many types of ear buds, did you get a chance to try my favorite to date? If you have, your thoughts?

Maxell Cool Beans Earbud

From my review of the product...

"Found affordable buds originally at Half Price Book store but their stocking of the item was limited. Have bought $25-$50 ear buds hoping the quality would mean it would last longer but it only lasted at most a couple of weeks to a month because of such heavy usage. Goes in and out of my purse, frequent unplugging and plugging into work computer and other devices to keep from bothering others around me, and just basic adjustment and untangling wears the ear buds down quickly.

As soon as these ear buds came out of package noticed the thick quality of the plastic tubing around wiring that allowed for longer usage and the buds were a better, more comfortable fit for my inner ear. Each pair seems to last 4-6 months. Anyway the quality is appreciated, since I was spending WAY TOO much money on ear buds in the last 4 or 5 years."

Ryan Gäble says:
I'd just like to add. I forgot to empty out my pockets and ran them through the wash in cold water and soap and they are still working! The right ear is softer than the left, but the bass and everything still picks up. I will let them fully dry and see if that restores the sound completely, but I am amazed!

jt says:
Ryan Babers: I am amazed!! I never would have expected them to survive at all!

Eric R. says:
lol self appointed mission. XD
Great review, thanks, made my day.

nysnowbird92 says:
i've had mine since Oct. 2013 and they're still working perfectly.. and I listen to music at the louder level, often including bass.. and daily use most of the time. Once they're broken in it's amazing the bass they can pick up.. and i've really punished these things the last few months with DJ Magic Mike bass music just to see if they would quit. For the price you can't get better.. and they're comfortable and light to wear.. I tried the NuForce NE-600X but they're too heavy to the point if you want to pick up bass you have to adjust it to aim directly into your ear and hold them there.. they're constantly pulling away creating a suction vacuum that muffles the music. These Panasonics are so light weight I can wear them for long periods of time without being bothered. These would be perfect for physical activity.

House PooBear says:
I can't believe these outclass $30 - $40 sets, but they do.
It'll be interesting to see how long they put up with my heavy duty daily use, given their price.
They don't look or feel cheap in any way.

Glad I found these..I really burn through sets.

Ashlie says:
Can you talk on the phone with these?

nysnowbird92 says:
there's no mic on these headphones if that's what you mean..

mary ann rotella says:
Thank you, being a total rookie this has helped immensely"

Susan Patronik says:
I meant to hit Helpful, sorry

TandieLion says:
Can you tell me where to get more info about this?

I have insomnia & listen to ambient music or relaxation sounds (rainstorm, ocean waves, etc) with my earbuds. My husband can't sleep WITH the sounds, so I have to use earbuds.

I also sleep with regular soft earplugs in a lot.


TandieLion says:
Thanks for the in depth review. I think the nay-sayers are missing the point. We're looking for good quality at an affordable price. Most cheap earbuds have poor sound & don't last. People looking for earbuds with superpowers aren't going to find what they want under $15 and should be looking at reviews of ones for music aficionados!

My 15yo daughter & 17yo son go through earbuds like mad. They wear them every day, even when not in use. Obviously, this is hard on the thin cords, so lots of shorting out. They're just rough on them. I started buying cheapos & making them buy their own.

This review helps a lot. Durability and decent sound are what suits MY needs. I love my Sennheiser earbuds, but I only use them at night or on long car trips with the whole fam. I've heard they're not durable, but mine have lasted several years because I'm easy on them. What good would they do my kids, (9,12,15,17) who use them hard? Jeez, people! This isn't a quest to find the best sound quality on the market. I need cheap, durable, & 'pretty good' sound. I'm buying 4 pairs & giving them to my test crowd. I'll listen to the sound quality first, then return & report on that & durability.

Jane says:
Completely agree about the Ergo design

bvail says:
"I was wondering if you had any issues with "noise" from the headphones if they rub on your clothing or skin. I am referring to the noise that you hear that one can hear that is hard to describe but has a strange almost static-like quality."

That is physical sound that travels along the wires. Ever made a 'soup can phone' as a kid? Couple of cans, buttons and some string. You and your buddy each hold a can with the string stretched tight. Holler into the can and the other person can hear you. It's a similar concept and I'm thinking it's that way with most in ear phones, if not all. Just have to ignore it.

nysnowbird92 says:
for me sound caused by friction of the wire rubbing clothing doesn't happen with these

Michael H. Wagner says:
These are the most durable buds I have ever owned. Ink'd barely lasted a month. I have used these 24/7 for more than six months. I have them in my ears 12 hrs a day and around my neck unless I am in the shower.

Jennifer M. Coradi says:
I followed your lead a couple years ago and was blown away. $7 for really nice-sounding buds? I also got the "iLuvs" (sp?) and skullcandies, both of which shine in one area or another, but are NOT balanced like these.

Between my son and wife and self, we've lost 'em all and I couldn't remember what I got. Thank goodness for Amazon history and your review still being at the top! Time to get some more.

With these being so inexpensive, I may have to add one pair of the Jibs if they are still around, for S&G's.

Thanks for the great review - it clearly has staying power!

Bob C.

Jennifer M. Coradi says:
I agree these are good, but am astonished you don't like the Jibs better. I just went thru a few songs with each set (these and the Skullcandy Jibs) and immediately bought two more of the Jibs. I also got a pair of the iLuv City Lights which were mercifully discontinued by the maker. They'll be loaners or backups only. Deep bass, but highs seem muffled.

Personally, I find the RP-HJE120 to be excellent for voice reproduction (5) and pretty decent but nothing special for music (3). The clarity, accuracy, and realism of the Jibs far surpasses these (easy 5) - but we all have different ears, tastes, brains, etc. No matter which you pick, the price is low enough that you can't really go wrong.

Given the impressive sound of the Jibs, I cannot fathom venturing into the world of high-end ear buds. At $11 for great sounds quality, why would I want to spend $35 or up to $100? Seems the law of diminishing returns kicks in at a very low price here, which is great for the consumer.

Happy listening!

ed18 says:
Cody Dynamite - Here's a CNET review:

Tareq Abou Samra says:
Sorry for the late comment, but have you tried these against the Monoprice 8320? Could you tell me how that went?

nysnowbird92 says:
I've been abusing these things daily for two years and there is no sign of sound quality reduction..

Donald Duck says:
Panasonic has a long history of quality products. They've released high-end gear under the name "Technics", with products favored by pros such as DJs.

Rashie says:
Thanks for taking the time to review these. I have had the worst luck in finding comfortable ear buds that actually sound good and I wouldn't have even considered these due to the low price had I not read your review. I think I will order 2 pair right now! Thanks again.

nysnowbird92 says:
They really are good and lightweight.. I've had other pairs that were heavier where you keep having to adjust them.. These are almost weightless in your ears and have 3 different bud sizes to choose from.. I can't destroy these after 2 years of daily use no matter what music I throw at them.. I finally bought a new pair because I wanted a different color...

paulus says:
So right about the koss ksc75. I use them regularly.

I. Harrichandra says:
Absolutely agree with you! I bought mine on January 23rd, 2013 and now one side doesn't work because the wire by the plug is slightly broken, but it's normal wear and tear, best $5.99 I ever spent. For almost 3 years of daily usage, with amazing comfort and sound quality, I am really happy. I want a pair with the mic, I hope the production quality is just as good, way to go Panasonic!

P.s. I got the violet! ;-)

SB says:
The only defect I had after two years of rough use (gym, running, wrapping and being thrown in my backpack with pencils and pens) the only thing that wore out was one of the rubber buds when it got caught in the zipper. Luckily the headphones come with extra buds, so after changing the bud, it sounds as good as new, crystal clear, equal volume from both ears.
TLDR: two years and brand new

Grumbler says:
you lost me at always never.

Electron says:
Excellent headphones

David Rodriguez says:
That happens to all ear buds.
Wear & tear.
It all depends how much you use them and how you treat them when you use them.
The biggest problem is the start of the wire at the jack.Because when you have it plugged in to cellphone and place in pocket ,it bends wire back and forth every time it's in and out of pocket and thats when one earbud stops working.
Ive found that as soon as you buy them place a good amount of electric black tape at start of Jack wire so the wire can't bend and thats helped me out alot.
Plus it's an easy fix when earbuds stop working I always fix mind back to new.

Pick George says:
How can this be good sir? There is no possible way you reviewed the same set up headphones. The product being sold under same name has to be different or this is some elaborate hoax. I'm going to remember this.

MetalCharlie says:
Yeah these aren't really that good. They are serviceable at best. There's many more earphones at this price that are better. We can start with the Philips SHE3590 and go from there. PEACE.

SB says:
No they really are that good. I've listened to $50 monsters that are too sharp, sennheisers that are too tinny and treble heavy. These are the best bang for your buck, I've literally gone through 3 pairs in the last 5 years and gifted them to friends and relatives, with similar success. People are just upset they overpaid for some obnoxious bass heavy flimsy/uncomfortable pair.

MetalCharlie says:
Sennheiser's that are treble heavy? Which would that be, because most Sennheiser product is bass heavy and far from tinny. These are decent, and not close to punching in the $50 range. Don't be misleading OR ridiculous.

jt says:
I agree they are excellent bang for the buck. I bought one pair about three years ago, and they are still performing wonderfully as I take good care of them. Better to get these and use the money you would have spent on a much more expensive pair for something. Go out to that great little Thai restaurant you have wanted to try. Start a savings account for retirement. Spend the money on someone who has little money himself/herself. Donate to a worthy animal charity. Your choices are only limited by your imagination, but whatever you decide to do with the money you saved, you will know you made a great choice.

Adventure Scott says:
This. These are hands down the best buds I've used yet. Get them. That is all.

I've not tried the super-high-end ones since I only use them in the gym or working around the house - for serious audio I use noise cancelling cans (ATH-ANC7B) - serious value there too.

Shaddi says:
I've had a pair of these for 6 months without any issues. wear them everyday for roughly 4 to 6 hours. I had a similar panasonic model which lasted 2 years, being dunked in coffee, and eventually sucked up in a vacuum (which they did not survive).

Fantastic earphones. Though I'd recommend you clean them out every few months (yuck!).

Amazon Customer says:
Excellent I actually just bought these to replace my skullcandy inc headphones. The right side headphone on those broke after a year, then the left side.

jt says:
Hi Brian,

I would speak to you on the telephone. I am not keen to type a one hour response, though. : )

sbox says:
tianjue B1 earphone earbuds headphone with mic this earphone is good and cheaper ,did somebody can review it.

sunset*gal says:
thank you! i need a new set of earbuds but @ walgreens a good set can be $20! i'm putting my order in right now :)

Ernest says:
Look over here, this earbud headphones with microphone
Einskey In Ear Earbud Headphones with Microphone, High Fidelity Digital Stereo Bass Wired Earphones for iPhone and Android Devices (Black)

Nicholas Deacon says:
I'm going out of my way to second this: These are shockingly good in the audio department considering their cheap exterior.

I just broke mine (stood up and snagged the cord, ripping a driver clean out of my ear) and immediately came to find them again. I don't even want to try a new product.

jt says:
I have had mine for a few years now. Granted, they do not get a lot of use each month, and I am very careful of them if I use them. Nevertheless, they are excellent for the price. I, too, would purchase them again once my current pair eventually fail or are lost, etc.

Robert B. Fraser says:
Nice comparison review!! Rarely see this.

Wings42 says:
My experience also, though I didn't approach it as scientifically as you.

Next.. Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Headphone

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