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PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console - Best PS4 Model Yet - Quieter, Cooler, Thinner

PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console - Console-Uncharted-4-Bundle - Best PS4 Model Yet - Quieter, Cooler, Thinner


PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console - Console-Uncharted-4-Bundle - Best PS4 Model Yet - Quieter, Cooler, Thinner


HousePlant says:
Not sure on PS4 Pro load times (guess we'll find out from other people that buy it in Oct), but I doubt load times will be faster since it will also use a spindle HDD at the same RPM as all regular PS4s and Xbox Ones, just more capacity than the base models. They would need to include SSD for faster loading times. Once loaded though it should have a bit of frame rate/graphics improvements.
All speculation at this point.

Melissa in Houston says:
I had to google C-Chasy. It's "Chassis". I was very confused.

Cory S. Holbrook says:
This is what I needed to read. Was considering holding out for a PS4 Pro, but I have no intentions of 4K yet. So I'll just get one of these bad boys. Thanks!

Keithon De Bique says:
Just came from watching then reading a Pro review and you encapsulate in your ending paragraph my thoughts. I'd buy the Slim if I want a p4 now.

J. Totin says:
PS4 PRO 4k issues dependent on tv HDCP.

"HDMI 1.4 can handle 4K resolution, but its 4K support is limited to video signals at 30 Hz (or 30 frames per second). HDMI 2.0 is required in order to handle the increased bandwidth required by a 4K feed at 60 Hz. And although all PS4s - including non-Pro consoles - can deliver HDR as of mid-September's v4.0 firmware update, HDR technically requires HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2."

Link to article here. Must read if you're having trouble.

Jeff says:
I wouldn't buy a external cooler. They are going to block 25% of the factory cooling vents which will make it run hotter than normal then attempt to draw out the heated air which would have been evacuated by the factory fans in the 1st place. Trust me, Sony engineers have built a solid chassis with a proper cooling system. No 3rd party devices needed, but it's your money.
If I hadn't bought one yet I would buy the ps4 pro with at least a 1TB or bigger drive. These blu-ray games are on average about 50gb in size up until this point. That's 10 or so games stored on the HD since you're actually getting only about 425-460GB of storage space after you power up for the first time and dollars to dimes says 4K games will probably be bigger...MUCH bigger.
Having said that you'll probably want to get the Pro because pesently its the only model that supports 4k gaming and plays Ultra HD Blu-Rays.

Maha Z. says:
Pro doesn't play UHD bluray. Sadly they omitted that feature. Just standard blu ray and 4k will be for streaming services only.

Bloodystorm says:
Ok. I just wanna be clear of what you're saying. So you're saying for PS4 slim, you do't need a 4k TV to play, right? As long as any TV has an HDMI cable slot, you can still play PS4 slim?

Another thing I wanna make sure is that you said this one is "Cooler" on the touch of the top. Does that mean we don't have to worry about PS4 slim overheating from playing too long? We don't have to worry about buying a PS4 cooler?

J.D.L. III says:
Very Just Maha.

I just bought the PS4SLIM about 1hr ago. I had to read it all over and over a few times, I was kinda sketchy as to Why this one was somewhat Lower than Other PS4 slims, with just The PS4 and thats it.

I was thinkng of getting the PRO, But after watching allot of Youtube Vid comparisons of the 2, I honestly did not see much at all that made the PRO worth spending another 100$+ .

I had a 20$ Credit on my Amazon accnt, Anything Sold n shipped by Amazon my credit knocks off the final price. So I ended up getting it for 260.00$

I tried looking on EBAY, and Gamestop, but Did not want a used refurb. I was hoping I could find the PS4 SLIM with resident evil 7, but No go.

I had a PS4(No the first released one) But the one they changed to all Matte black Color. 2weeks after getting it Someone stole it out the Back seat Of my Jeep in a WAL-MART parking Lot, I left the window Dwn a Bit, I had just walked in 15min to get a few things for the PS4 N a sound Bar, I come back out and My suit case and PS4 is gone out the back!

The guy sure had some Balls to stick his hand in their with my PittBull..

J.D.L. III says:
100% cORRECT BRO..

U can honestly play the PS4 PRO on a TV thats Not 4K, Its just it wont work up to its full standard. No matter what though u can Play a PS4 pro, On 4K, Or just HD 720.1080I, 1080P Tvs.

I just purchased this PS4SLIM a few hrs ago. It was the best price I have ran across between EBAY,And Gamestop. Of course GAMESTOP was all preowned and almost the same as a New one.

I was hoping to find a PS4SLIM with the R E 7 game as a bundle, but only one they had it came with I think 2 xtra games.

I was able to get the PS4SLIM uncharted for little less than 260$ I had a 20credit on my accnt issued by amazon..

I sure hope Everything is good with This system. Still kinda wondering why this one is a bit less than the others.

J.D.L. III says:

I highly Suggest Buying a Fan to put under the PS4 slim, If you are a Heavy user it cant hurt, and for 20bucks at most its worth it. I still have my PS3 SLIM and a fan for that one, Its been running good over 7 years. Hope that helps

J.D.L. III says:
Its honestly cheaper IMO to just buy a Bigger HDD and Install it yourself, If your a heavy Gamer like myself that is just what I did for the few months I had my PS4 before it was stolen out my Jeep.

Ijust bought the PS4SLIM about 2hrs ago. I always said when the PS4 first came out I was going to wait til the slim. Well I couldnt wait and got it about 6months after release, but as I said it was stolen not long after.

So I went ahead and Pulled the Trigger on the SLIM, I still have my PS3 SLIM, and ps2 slim, I just like the the Slim versions. Hopefully PS4 will not do a SUPER SLIM

J. Totin says:
No need to rip your PS4 apart anymore and replace the hars drive. The new. 4.5 firmware update will allow an external now. Here is the blog for the major updates in the new firmware.

Next.. PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console - Console-Uncharted-4-Bundle

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