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The Mysterious Affair at Styles - Reviews

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Reviews of The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Reviewed by frequent buyer - Five Stars

A good beginning to the Hercule Poirot series. Shows the initial design of Poirot and Hastings. Well done.

Reviewed by A. S. Price - Piorot

This is the world's introduction to Poirot and his use of "the little gray cells". Poirot is one of my favorite literary characters. Quirky and maybe even a bit eccentric, Poirot uses his sensibilities to solve crimes though out London in the 1920s.

Reviewed by Stacy Joura - Must read this one to get background of Poirot and Hastings

Christie's first murder mystery. Set in the 1920's and reminds one of Downton Abbey.

Reviewed by Toni Lawrence - Agatha never disappoints

Agatha Christie never fails to excite me and stir up suspense. I enjoyed this book just as much as the others I have read over the years. A good read.

Reviewed by M. Adams - Surprise!

I was in the dark till the very end. Miss Christy always keep s me guessing right to the very end.

Reviewed by Patsy Hennessey - Great book, great value

I've been looking for inexpensive editions of my paper library favorites for my Kindle. This edition is inexpensive and complete. I'm not sure why there are comments about missing illustrations, as my download of this book included illustrations. Maybe not all devices can display the illustrations.

Reviewed by Pcm - Wonderful mystery

Somewhere along the way I had read this book but it was nice to re-read it again. I have always been an admirer of Agatha Christie's writing. She knows how to make a mystery twist and turn. Guessing who is guilty is always a challenge.

Reviewed by Elaine - THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES by Agatha Christie

The MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES introduces Hercule Poirot. Though it is the first book in which Christie's fictional Belgian detective appears, references within the story indicate that he has already solved many crimes. Captain Arthur Hastings, a friend of Poirot's, invites the detective to Styles to help solve a murder. A variety of suspects keep us wondering who committed it. Poirot seems unsure himself but, of course, in the end he'd known early on. As one who only thought of Hercule Poirot as vain and self absorbed, with grey cells that work enormously well, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that he is also a strong promoter of romance and love.

Reviewed by cako - Truly one of the best in detective fiction

Agatha Christie's books can be read over and over. Truly one of the best in detective fiction.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - We meet Pirot

It was impossible to read this first of the Pirot series without comparing it with later books where Pirot is more developed.. I thought there were far to many red herrings and characters. Hastings in his first appearance seemed a bit wooden But that said Pirot is and will always be a great read.. He is a most endearing little man and as we learn more about him in future books we learn to love him even more.

Ahatha Christid does it again
Reviewed by grammie4n - Excellent. Great story line

Interesting characters and the time period is always fun to read about. Wii definitely continue reading her books.

Reviewed by knitter_girl - Stunning

The end of the book was confusing as Mr. Poroit explained how he had deduced the identity of the murderer. I couldn't keep track of the story.

Reviewed by M. Hardy - Hercule Poirrot at his best

This is typical Agatha Christie and Poirrot! No bad language or unnecessary violence (other than the murder!). I love this kind of writing.

Reviewed by ButteLady - Agatha Christie is the the Queen of Crime

As always, this was a great read. She always surprises me with who done it.

Reviewed by Taurus - Very interesting & quite different. I used to read ...

Very interesting & quite different. I used to read Agatha Christie a lot years ago but this was the first I had seen in ages.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Always a great read

Complex, well detailed, and marvelous construction. The author pulled off what can only be described as a masterpiece of detective fiction. , it now shows its age. But that in no way interferes with the mesmerizing pleasure of getting the thing solved. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Linda Gasper - Great Book. Agatha Christie is the tops for writing ...

Great Book. Agatha Christie is the tops for writing mysteries. This book, like all of AC's books will have you guessing from the beginning until maybe the last chapter. A can't put down book.

Reviewed by Chelisamarie - Poirot is the best!

I'm a huge Poirot fan. Can never get enough!

Reviewed by Papa Doc - An Affair to remember

Dame Agatha's first Hercule Poirot mystery. A must read.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - What a wonderful beginning

The beginning of Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings, and it was a delightful beginning that clearly defined these two wonderful characters that we would all come to know and love.

Reviewed by Brian Craig - but overall a good introduction to Christie's work

Fast moving story, wish it could have been longer. Ending was not surprising given the shortness, but overall a good introduction to Christie's work.

Reviewed by sincerely happily ever after books - The Mysterious Affair at Styles...

5 out 5! The only other thing I can write is that if you haven't had the chance to read this short mystery Poirot book, then please read it now! A great summer mystery book! PROMISE!!! :)

Reviewed by Ronald B. Platt - Agatha Christie's first novel

The Mysterious Affair at Styles was Agatha Christie's first novel and it is very entertaining. Hercule Poirot is in the same class as Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown. They are all classic reading that will make you warm and fuzzy inside after you read them.

Reviewed by Jayne R Robertson - Always nice to reread an Agatha Christie

Always nice to reread an Agatha Christie. I have begun to reread them yet again, and this is a delightful one to start with!

Reviewed by Stella Seabass - TV SHOW IS BETTER :)

here's the thing - I love Poirot. So, I saw the episode...

Book is kind of long and drawn out so I just paged through it.

Hercule is best seen on the telly, not so much in the books. I mean unless you have a lot of time for that kind of thing.

Reviewed by Carol McBride - The debut of Hercules Peroit

It is amazing that there was once a world without Hercules Peroit and Captain Hastings. This book introduced these two characters, set in the World War I era of England, with a murder no one else can solve. What a delight to reread this twisted plot and the interesting characters!

Reviewed by D. Gregory - It's Agatha. of course it's good.

Agatha Christie - probably the 10th time reading this story.

Reviewed by jo4hn - Agatha and Hercule: the early years

Agatha Christie. What more is there to say?

Reviewed by jeanne zabst - EXCELLENT BOOK

This book was fast paced and kept me guessing until the end. It was well written and worth reading. The are wonderfully. Enjoy.
Jeanne Zabst

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - 1st Poirot novel

This was the first novel with Inspector Poirot, the little Belgian character. Story is told by an Englishman, Hastings. Somewhat like Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes. A complicated plot with many possible murderers. Agatha Christie is the best mystery writer of all time.

Reviewed by Jacqui Murphy - I found out from this my mother loved Agatha Christie and all her books and to this ...

read this book as part of a 2015 reading challenge. It falls under the category "read a book your mother read when she was young". I found out from this my mother loved Agatha Christie and all her books and to this day prefers a good mystery over romance novels. anyway, I digress. this was my first Agatha Christie/Hercules Pierot book and I really enjoyed it. Well written and holds up through the almost 100 years since it was penned. I would recommend it to others

Reviewed by M. Wentworth - This story had great suspense and it was written very well just like ...

I didn't think that the first mystery she wrote would have substance but I was very much mistaken. This story had great suspense and it was written very well just like the rest of her stories. Loved it.

Reviewed by John Doherty - As Hastings tells it...

A more three dimensional Hastings than the TV series seems to have allowed - given that Hastings narrates the story. Quite a few threads unraveling at the end, but the usual enjoyable AC read.

Reviewed by Jimmy Boyd - Five Stars

Agatha Cristie has always been a great writer

Reviewed by Denise M. Baets - Like visiting an old friend

I am an avid Agatha Christie fan. I have read all her books over and over again through the years. Any book by her is worth reading.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - A truly good mystery

You can't go wrong with Agatha. the situations and locations are a little dated, perhaps, those little things are overcome with a well-written story, a chance to let your brain actually process tidbits of information (clues) and see if you are smart as the indomitable little Mr. Hercule Poirot.

Reviewed by rudyboy - Dame Agatha is the best!!!

I have been reading Agatha Christie novels since I was a kid. This is the first of her many Hercule Poirot mystery stories. I wish I knew more about Poirot before she wrote her novels. But she takes the cake on character developments with the narrator writing in the first person after the "mysterious affair". She uses simple logic and hands on detective work to solve the crime, while keeping the reader hanging on to each word. Old English idioms are a's interesting to know some phrases are coming back to me. Check out the book!! You won't be disappointed!!

Reviewed by Bonnie Wright - Five Stars

Good book and great author. I have read all her books many times.

Reviewed by Sandy Tobias - Five Stars

love agatha

Reviewed by Turtle beach - The amazing Poirot

Ah, Hercule Poirot is a wonderfully likable character. Imagine Frasier Crane as a detective. You need to read this book, the first in the series, to appreciate Mr. Poirot. After reading, treat yourself to the PBS movie interpretations. A great series for an easy, breezy book club.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Always loved Agetha Christie. Great story. I would recommend to anyone who likes Agetha Christie Mysterys. I"ll probably read another.

Reviewed by DC - Five Stars

Agatha Christie at her best

Reviewed by Andrea Fortner - Typical Agatha.

Typical Agatha. Changed my mind over and over as to who "done it", but, as usual, don't know until the end.

Reviewed by AnnieP - Whodunnit??

A nice escape mystery puzzle out of the realm of serial killers, demented sadistic and oversick characters, too much lust and vulgar language. A story that for once isn't a nailbiter, nor does it fill you with eerie terror in the night or keep you up until dawn. It's just a good story. A real whodunit to relax with. If that is what you like, I recommend it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Would highly recommend seller

Great condition.

Reviewed by Frank Criscenti - Good stuff.

Lots of twists. Moves quickly and keeps you guessing. Can't beat Poirot and the characters are well-drawn. Fun and exciting.

Reviewed by Dominique L - Great plot and kind of interesting to go back reading ...

No one can beat Agatha Christie! I am an unconditional lover of her mystery books! Great plot and kind of interesting to go back reading in the 30' era

Reviewed by C. Campbell - Another excellent book

Always excellent stuff from a prolific pen

Reviewed by Sactokid - Agatha Christie

It's Agatha Christie, she was a great writer

Reviewed by BMH - Five Stars

Poirot is the best.

Reviewed by Lynn - Five Stars

must read for any agatha christie fan

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Agatha delivers!

Good read!
Poirot discovers the truth as Hastings bumbles along side
Great for young to older adults. Since there are no vampires, witches or demins....teens would not appreciate this book

Reviewed by Thomas Desimone - Another great mystery

Once again a page-turner from Agatha. From the rich, stuffy, privileged kind she tosses us into the fray and confuses us and titillates us with twists and turns until we think we've figured it out and then pulls the final twist and lays it all out.

Reviewed by Smithsprincess - It was fun to read a murder mystery that is suspenseful but ...

Thought I had it figured out, but that genius, Agatha Christie, surprised me with a twist and a half! It was fun to read a murder mystery that is suspenseful but not gross or scarey.

Reviewed by Mommablitzon May 19, 2015 - Classic

I love the little Belgian detective and his "little grey cells". I have read and will continue to re-read all of her books. They are wonderful.

Reviewed by Essel C. - Curious and Mysterious

It's Agatha Christie! The greatest mystery writer of all time! Who doesn't love her? If not, you're reading it wrong!

Reviewed by ejenjar - The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

This is classic Christie with Poirot's brilliance and Hastings trying to keep up. What she does so well is present red herrings without being obvious and the reveal is well laid out.

Reviewed by Mike - Really Good First Book

For a first effort by an author, this is remarkably good. Characters are well developed without being overburdened with descriptives, and the storyline holds intact through the different aspects of the plot. Well worth a read.

Reviewed by Pearl Ridley - Five Stars

Agatha Christie is my favorite author. Really gets the "little grey cells" to working.

Reviewed by Thomas Hoye - Items arrived in good condition on time

Items arrived in good condition on time

Reviewed by gracetaker - Agatha Christie Rocks

It would just be wrong to not give Agatha Christie five stars. This is an awesome classic. Any of her mysteries are an easy entertaining read. Enjoy!!

Reviewed by Burkean - Five Stars

Love Christie.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - masterful

This is an excellnet story to start reading agatha christie with. I found it a fast paced easy read, the held my interest through out the story. I suspected the ending, but didn't catch all the clues until Poirot put them together.
Excellent story, not dated at all.

Reviewed by Rose-Marie Smith - Excellent mystery!

Agatha writes so well.

Reviewed by Kerry - Great Mystery

This is a really great mystery by the master Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by tonino - This fist Hercule Poirot introduction cannot be described but a ...

This fist Hercule Poirot introduction cannot be described but a classic, establishing one of the most successful crime fiction character of the Agatha Christie's famous repertoire

Reviewed by Ethel Divinia - A TIME LESS READ

Agatha CHristie is ALWAYS worth the read -timeless.

Reviewed by Marlene Waldon - Great read.

I really enjoy reading her books, always keep you quessing who done it, I love reading a good mystery and ms Christy writes the best. I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed by rumpole - great story as always

Who doesn't love Christie

Reviewed by Randy J Rush - Five Stars

Great product and fast service:-)

Reviewed by B. Reed - Five Stars

Good reading

Reviewed by A.R. Latta - Great read by Agatha Christie if you like mysteries you will enjoy this.

I love all of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot stories they are done very tastefully and I love a mystery.

Reviewed by mb - Five Stars

Agatha Christie is always a good read. Beautiful book cover; large print is good for the 80+ people.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - HP does it again

Always enjoy this author

Reviewed by bibliophile - Prime Agatha Christie

What can one say about Agatha Christie that hasn't already been said? Even in this, which was apparently one of her earlier works, one sees the same sure hand, the same engrossing and tangled plot---and as always a surprise ending.

Reviewed by Yakov, Smerd - Five Stars

Quite enjoyable, mes amis.

Reviewed by Shelly Lei - Five Stars

I like all Agatha Christie novels.

Reviewed by Texas Gal - Great first Poirot story

The first Poirot story, a great story with the usual Christie twists and turns.

Reviewed by Bettina C. Antle - A queen of mysteries!

Can't fail with Agatha Christie! Easily read more than once!

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - All Hail the Queen!

There is a reason why she's the best. Intricate plotting and astute knowledge of human nature. Her stuff holds up.

Reviewed by Kathryn Diamond - The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Hercule Poirot...

I recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - I have enjoyed it very much

I have enjoyed it very much. I am a big fan of Agatha Christie and found the audio very handy.

Reviewed by Wayne Hastings - Fun Read

Agatha Christie's first book is a classic. This particular edition features two endings—her original and the one suggested by her publisher (and the one used).

Reviewed by Tang Hon - love her novels

I love the story. Her stories are always so unpredictable.

Reviewed by marian marsh - For your reading pleasure

The introduction of Hercule Poirot - fascinating characters - interesting plot - well written by the master , Agatha Christie . I've read it many times & always enjoy it !

Reviewed by Strategist - Five Stars

Great read

Reviewed by lovebooks - Dame Agatha

As one of her first offerings, her future success is clearly evident. Enter the little Belgian detective, and Dame Agatha' s name as one of the great writers of the Golden Age of detective novels is engraved in history. Great novel.

Reviewed by Phyllis - Five Stars

I love Agatha Christie

Reviewed by D.S. Johnson - He loved it and it was fun

Read this aloud to my husband in the David Suchet Poirot style. He loved it and it was fun. Good mystery.

Reviewed by debmc - Agatha does it again!

Once again an incredibly intriguing mystery from the Queen of Mysteries. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Her endings always delight and surprise the reader. Characters are well defined and her story line entices you to keep reading.

Reviewed by Donna Julseth - Five Stars

A mystery solved by "little grey cells" without fancy forensics

Reviewed by Sherry Spagnola - Five Stars

Anything by Christie is great!!

Reviewed by Jorge Medico - Good classic read

This is a good reminder of why these books have endured over all these years. Enjoy matching wits with the great detective, and see if you can figure it out.

Reviewed by Jeffrey R. Bednar - Outstanding First Novel

POIROT & HASTINGS introduced to the world. Ms. Christies first novel reads wonderfully. I challange you to start it and try to get anything accomplished until you receive HERCULE POIROT's explantion on how his "little gray cells" deduced the "Mysterious Affair at Styles". Absolutely charming period piece on top of a first-rate stumper.

Reviewed by Cynthia Clement - Another great mystery

Once again Agatha Christie delivers.

Reviewed by Monsieur Poirot! Again!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Busted!

I love Agatha Christie mysteries and they are like mind candy for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

Reviewed by Carl W. Taylor - One of my favorite mysteries. A great introduction to Agatha Christie

A real classic. One of my favorite mysteries. A great introduction to Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by Connie Tate - Five Stars

A really great read!! Love Agatha Christie.......

Reviewed by fran - Five Stars

You just can't go wrong with an Agatha Christie book.

Reviewed by James Church - Let's hear it for poirot~

No wonder Agatha Christie is such a legend. What a creation Poirot is!

Reviewed by sirtrude - Five Stars

a goo Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by Joyce Fuhr - Five Stars

So glad to finally get the first of the Poirot stories.

Reviewed by Emily - Five Stars

Love it!

Reviewed by Joshua Coyne - Poirot Pack to the Rescue

I understand that this is the first Poirot novel. I have not read enough Agatha Christie to rank this with her other works, but it must be near the peak. Great read. See whether you can figure out whodunnit.

Reviewed by Beckyc - Great Christie

I love all Agatha Christie! And Hercule Poirot.

Reviewed by JLPAL - Great Fan

I'm a Christie fan from way back. Having my books on CD is wonderful. They are well narrated and entertaining - and I can do housework while I am listening to my favorite author. Thanks!

Reviewed by Cheryl Irons - Agatha Christie's first novel!

I have been an Agatha Christie fan since I was a teenager. At 60, it was such a pleasant surprise to have found and read her very first novel!
I was captivated until the very end. It did not disappoint!

Reviewed by Carolelo - Great

You cannot go wrong with Agatha Christie!

Reviewed by Chris - Longtime Favorite

Have read this book many times. Am now converting to ebooks, and look forward to reading it again many times.

Reviewed by Mrs. Muir - One of Agatha Christie's staples

Agatha Christie was an amazing writer and if you are just finding her you will be happy with her stories. I've read and reread many of them and I am always happy to discover who the culprit is. She can twist and turn a story and you will find that you can't put the book down until you have the solution to the crime.

Reviewed by S. Lovell - Great book!

Its an Hercule Poirot story--what more is there to say? Always clever and always a joy to read in bed or on the sofa on a lazy day when you just want to veg and not read anything too heavy.

Reviewed by Ruth - Good Read

Can't add anything to what expert book reviewers have already said about Agatha Christie's murder mysteries. Always a good read!

Reviewed by Robert Green - Classic Murder Mystery

Fun to read the classic plus the authors original ending. This is at least the second time I have read the story and like the restoration.

Reviewed by harry syvertsen - Thank you

If you have problems with small print, but love to read, these large print books are the answer.

Reviewed by Melinda - Excellent mystery

I highly recommend this book. It was my first agatha Christie book and certainly not my last. A charming story with a suspenseful ending.

Reviewed by Julena - Loved it.

I loved the Great plot. I enjoyed the dialogue and Funny conversation. I would thoroughly recommend it. I can't wait to read more

Reviewed by carolintallahassee - Great Mystery!

Agatha Christie at her best. I have read most of her books, however this was new for me. I was actually surprised by the ending. I am so delighted with my kindle eBooks! Thanks Amazon.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Fun reading

I enjoyed reading this book. Unlike many murder mysteries, this one held my interest until the end. I would recommend it!

Reviewed by Thomas S. - I enjoyed it so much

My first Agatha Christie book. I enjoyed it so much, that I am continuing the series of Hercule Poirot.

Reviewed by Tristan - New York - Five Stars

A must for any lover of early 20th century detective novels.

Reviewed by kidsmom - Loved it!

Loved this book. It's an easy, fun read. If you are interested in something new, give this one a try.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

An excellent read!! Had a hard time putting it down! You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by Cheri - Five Stars

There is no better author than Christie. I am rereading her books .

Reviewed by john hamm - Typically great like all Agatha Christie books

A typical Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot story, in other words an outstanding read.

Reviewed by Robin B Tingley - The absolute master

Or mistress of mystery. I have read her books for forty years and they never fail to delight in their characters, plots and beauty of style.

Reviewed by Jetpack - The start of one of the best mystery series ever

Poirot was an extraordinary looking little man. He was hardly more than five feet, four inches, but carried himself with great dignity. His head was exactly the shape of an egg, and he always perched it a little on one side. His moustache was very stiff and military. I love the description of Poirot. This is the start of one of the best sets of mysteries ever made - the first appearance of the celebrated Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot.

Poirot is interesting for many reasons, one of the first that he was a famous detective as a member of the Belgian police force. Due to WW I, Poirot has to move to England as a refugee, and remains. It's also the first appearance of Capt. Hastings, the sometimes narrator of the stories.

Wonderful characters, great story. Easy 5 stars.

This is the free Kindle version. A must get if you like mysteries.

Reviewed by Amazon User #1 - Five Stars

Great book...shipped on time, well packed and as described.

Reviewed by C S Hart - Enjoyed this book

Enjoyed this plot jumping mystery book. From one pave to the next you don't know who did it. It keeps you guessing right down to e last great read

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Always enjoy reading Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by Annacaroline - one of the very best!

classic detective story, a pleasure to read over and over again.
A very British atmosphere for a clever plot, you just want to sit back in your armchair and spend some time with one of Ms Christie's first masterpieces.

Reviewed by Beverly - ebook

I love Agatha Christie, her characters and the stories the are part of. It is also great to get free books.

Reviewed by lrp - Keeps You Guessing

Well written mystery that keeps you in suspense until the end. The writing is timeless and contains a well thought out plot that is lacking in many of today's mysteries.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Good book

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Love Agatha Christie

I have been a fan of her books since I was a kid. The first mystery I read was one of hers. I was hooked from that point on.

Reviewed by L. M. Crane - People will die

A great and layered mystery.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Love any Hercule Poirot stories they are brilliant.

Reviewed by Guinevere - Lovely Mystery!

Wonderful mystery to start the Poirot series! I love a good mystery, and Christie always delivers.

Reviewed by judy - A really terrific mystery I've read most of Christies and pride myself ...

A really terrific mystery I've read most of Christies and pride myself on guessing the endings correctly. This one got me. Read it and enjoy. It's a page turner.

Reviewed by Susan Desrochers - Five Stars

It almost seems sacrilegious to review a book written by Agatha Christie!

Reviewed by M Kauffman - Another classic from a master

If there is a disappointing novel by Agatha Christie, I've not found it. This mystery from a bygone era is just as compelling in our high tech world. I read it on my phone.

Reviewed by Angela Anthony - Great Vintage Mystery

I was unfamiliar with this particular Christie novel. I'd read many of her books, but never heard of this one. My book club decided to read an Agatha Christie and we did a little research to come up with her original Poiriot novel.

Reviewed by Claire Hofer - Five Stars

enjoyed following the clues and the mystery

Reviewed by stresssing - In love

I'm in love with Agatha Christie's work!

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - classic writer

This was very interesting and very well written mystery by a star of the mystery writers! Will continue to read more of these books.

Reviewed by Lori Douglas - Five Stars


Reviewed by Harriet J Walker - The mysterious affair at Styles

This book kept me on the edge of my seat. Just when you thought you had figured out who had committed the murder something happened to change your mind. Highly recommend this book to Christie fans.

Reviewed by RecycleABook - Great Stories

I enjoyed this book very much. If you like Sherlock Holmes, you will enjoy these stories as well. This was a free Kindle edition.

Reviewed by Danette Lawson - Five Stars

An Agatha Christie classic!

Reviewed by crcoyle - Five Stars


Reviewed by Jack - Five Stars

Good Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by joyful - Pure Poirot.

Better than watching. Hahaha Christie classic.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Great book

It great book. Really. I mean it. I like mysteries and I like Agatha Christie. This book was both.

Reviewed by perkinsjp - mysterious affair

Viola! A good mystery! Keeps you on reading. I love Agatha Christie's books. And keep the price down as this are older editions.

Reviewed by amit - amit

Thrillig, most beautiful plot, narration, storyline. End is most unexpected.
Cant keep down once started.
Searching for more on poirott now..

Reviewed by Russell Bourne - One of Christies Best!

The first Hercule Poirot case and what a great read it is. The quintessential English murder mystery is full of twists and turns that will make it hard to put down. One of her best!!

Reviewed by Teresa Eagleton - Five Stars

Good read

Reviewed by Anthony Green - Agatha Christie's first Poirot book

This is an excellent book, with much humor and many twists. I wish Amazon had more of her books in their library, the short stories are nothing like as good in my opinion.

Reviewed by ECB - The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Great mystery story by an accomplished and respected author, Agatha Christie. I will be reading more of her works in the future.

Reviewed by helga stucker - very good

Nice book easy to read

Reviewed by Rebecca Tompach - Amazing!!!!

Agatha Christie was an amazing mystery writer. Once you read one of her books you'll want to read the next.

Reviewed by Toolman - Great Read

each book I read adds to my desire to read another. I am hooked and am working to read all of Agatha Christie's stories.

Reviewed by Jeannie - Five Stars

I just love Agatha Christie. Her books are consistently good.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - I love Agatha Christie

The book is a wonderful spellbinding. I would recommend it to all mystery lovers. I own several of her books and have reread most at least once.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

I really enjoy Agatha Christie's writings no matter what the subject. She is an excellent storyteller.

Reviewed by mildred - Five Stars

Luv hercule

Reviewed by :jb - usual...

Love Hercules Poirot!! He's my favorite little Belgium detective... and Agatha Christie always ties back the clues, which is key to enjoying a good mystery. Superb! :jb

Reviewed by bibopcho - Enjoyed being taken back in time

I love Agatha Christie's books

Reviewed by A Jeans - I was a little disappointed that the cover of the book I received looked ...

I was a little disappointed that the cover of the book I received looked nothing like this one. The book itself is great, though.

Reviewed by Jean R. Roach - First Class

Loved it! I've read it several timer

Reviewed by Sandy Blair - As always

Just what I've come to expect from a Christi mystery. I've been a fan for years and I'm in the process of re-reading her books after several years. Entertaining and with the plot twist that make a good mystery. A fun read and just the book to relax with and forget the outside world for a time.

Reviewed by Samantha J. Pingel - The Queen of Mystery

The 1st book of Hercule Poirot, first published in 1920. Who poisoned Emily Inglethorp? Well, you'll have to read this book to find out.

Reviewed by Henry Viney - Great reading

This had a good plot, was an easy read and kept me intrested to the end. The end was a bit of a surprise considering the time the book was written in. I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Adria - Another quick read.

I just love a good mystery with death, intruige and a little romance thrown into the mix. It's fun to go back and see all the clues I missed.

Reviewed by Patricia L. Saletore - great stuff

Who doesn't like Agatha Christie? I read at night to relax and this is the best of all worlds for that.

Reviewed by Bekanell - Fun old mystery

I love the main character. Fun easy read! This is one of the fun classics and classic mystery characters! I recommend!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - First Poirot... young Lt Hastings narrates. ...

First Poirot...young Lt Hastings narrates...subtle humor.

Reviewed by Susan Geerdes, M.Ed. - Amazing plot and elevated language

Classic Agatha Christie. Amazing plot and elevated language!

Reviewed by Diane - Five Stars

Who doesn't love Agatha?

Reviewed by Amazon Customer, Aging Fast - Best of her Genre

Just a good and fun read with Poirot a new character for this one. Keeps you guessing until the end.

Reviewed by Michelle M - An excellent narrator

David Suchet is one of the best narrators that I have heard. He give each of the characters their own "voice" and manages to include the nuances and intonations as well. He did not just read the story he "became" the charaters. The packaging was very good with the cds being held together in a sturdy plastic case - which will be good protection over time.

Reviewed by Carrie S. Mularoni - Comfortable reading

I find Agatha Christie novels both interesting and comfortable to read. The characters are well-developed, but never painful, and the stories flow well.

Reviewed by Theladydothprotest - Five Stars

Wonderful introduction to the Hercule Poirot series!

Reviewed by Ally - Perfect introduction to an iconic character

Poirot's idiosyncrasies separate him from any other detective written. Kept me guessing until the end - my first Agatha Christie novel and am looking forward to getting into the next one.

Reviewed by Mary - Timeless Pleasure

It is a pleasure to read a writer that can actually write and is a master of plot development.

Reviewed by bymyslf892 - amazing!

One of the best books I have ever read! The plot twists kept it interesting and I would have never guessed the end!

Reviewed by David Hughes - Gift

I gave this product as a gift and they loved it. I gave this product as a gift and they loved it.

Reviewed by Gini Moldovanyi - Five Stars

Suspenceful to the end!!

Reviewed by Maremom - amusing, confounding mystery

A classic in every way. Fast read and a thoroughly enjoyable whodunit mystery for the ages. Agatha Christie was a master.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Another must read, if you are a H. Poirot fan.

Love to read Agatha Christie mysteries especially with the charming character Hercule Poirot. Another must read.

Reviewed by Jane S Bledsoe - Great!

Classic Christie. Great!

Reviewed by linerltl5 - Great Crime Mystery

Love this classic!!!! Keeps you guessing until the end. Wonderful to imagine that time and place. A must read for mystery lovers.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Great read. It was hard to put down!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by Emily McFann - A Good Mystery

Great book! I love how you can't usually guess who did it in her books. A good mystery.

Reviewed by Patricia Barbour Crow - Love Agatha Christie

I have enjoyed David Suchet's Poirot, so I was happy to be able to read the first of the series. A wonderful book and a quick read

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Loving Agatha Christie

Keeps you wondering who done it but I'm prejudiced. I love anything by Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by Rolandtzon November 9, 2013 - Viva Poirot

Christie at her best. Great start to a long writing career. She deserved her accolades. Poirot is a master detective.

Reviewed by Nicolene Bernard Thomas - Love Poirot

Very good read

Reviewed by Chester C. Martindale - Five Stars

Classic, a must read.

Reviewed by Jennifer Barry - Delightful read

Lots of action right off the bat! A great summer read :-) i loved all the characters and it kept me guessing till the end.

Reviewed by Richard J. Wilks - The Mysterious Affair at Styles

This is a venerable old classic mystery that keeps you guessing throughout the story. I can see why it has stood the test of time.

Reviewed by shar - Five Stars

Great story

Reviewed by Circleswimmer - Timeless Mystery

Again, this Agatha Christie mystery was everything that I thought it would be. It stimulated my brain and was very entertaining. I will continue to read her writing and maybe attempt to write something myself at some point.

Reviewed by bev petersen - Five Stars

Excellent Agatha Chrisrie, as usual.

Reviewed by Barbara Wheeler - Have loved this book since I first read it in the ...

Have loved this book since I first read it in the 50's. I have reread it over and over.

Reviewed by gail - I really like this book

I really like this book. It had good close to a long series of mysteries. I enjoy Agatha Christie mysteries.

Reviewed by M. Browne - Five Stars

A taut, ingenious first effort from the true master of the mystery genre.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Love Agatha C. Read many of her books.

Reviewed by Elyse - A classic!

A classic mystery and one of my favorites from Christie! Hercule Point and Capt Hastings are simply marvelous.

Reviewed by Carroll S. Collins - A FINE AGATHA CHRISTIE JUST CAN'T BE BEAT!!!

The whole family here loves mysteries and particularly Agatha Christie...the Queen of the genre. This is a splendid one for sure.

Reviewed by Stephen Zylstra - Typical

Another of Miss Christie's typical whodunnits.

Reviewed by sloppy joe - Hard to beat this as a first novel

To create such a list of characters on a first novel is remarkable. These will last for many more years to come.
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Reviewed by Tonya - lovely

Much more enjoyable than the movie. Agatha Christie always satisfies. I am glad I finally decided to read the books instead of just watch the movies.

Reviewed by Dean M Chasteen - Good read


Reviewed by WilliamEhrlich - good read

fine reading, Agatha christe is great! I would suggest it to anyone. get this book, and enjoy it. done right.

Reviewed by Irene - Enjoyable Reading

Always enjoy Agatha Christie! Keeps one's interst and is suspenseful. Good reading for many ages. Enjoy the good use of language.

Reviewed by Donna Lee Tucker - Christie. Enough said.

Christie. Enough said.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - NATASA GHOSH

It's really amazing,the plot. Wasn't able to guess anything at all. First I thought that the book was totally crap but as the story went on,well,lets just say that its indescribable.

Reviewed by N W-B - Five Stars

Read it as a teen many times and it still had me hooked this time.

Reviewed by Jana - Captivating!

Wonderful language, scenery, and surprise! This is a beautiful beginning to the world of Agatha Christie!! I can't wait for the next mystery!!!

Reviewed by putter - a classic!

This is a classic of crime fiction, sly and deceptively simple, with all the features of staid English life, including the seamy underbelly. The e-edition works perfectly.

Reviewed by TimJChampagne - Excellent read. Despite it being written quite a few ...

Excellent read. Despite it being written quite a few years ago, it was quite fun.

Reviewed by kavya - Fabulous

This is what I call an edge of the seat thriller. Though this book was written years ago how beautifully it sustains the reader throughout.

Reviewed by Ryan Chastain - Amazing

This book had me from the beginning and I couldn't put it down. If you are a fan of Agatha Christie this is a book to read

Reviewed by STEVE ROBERSON - Five Stars

Fun book

Reviewed by Filipe - The Queen

I lack of words to describe any book of Agatha's. Her style and originality always catch my attention!
I undoubtedly love her books and wish to read them all very soon!

Reviewed by Shea Simanek - Wonderful

This was a wonderful introduction to the lovely Agatha Christie. Fantastic book. I highly recommend to anyone who loves a good mystery.

Reviewed by Judith N. Genre - Agatha Christie as expected

I have read this mystery before and may read it again. Christie always tells an enchanting and fascinating tale. Too bad she is no longer around to tell us more.

Reviewed by Hesse - Agatha Christie is one the best

Great classic mystery literature from one of the best authors ever. This is the first book written and a great place to start your Poirot journey.

Reviewed by BOOKISHLEE -


Reviewed by TD - Very Good

I thought it was a good mystery story. The conclusion was far from what I expected. I would recommend this to others.

Reviewed by karen seaver - good read

Enjoyed reading, very eventful,kept me intrigued

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

An awesome story. One of the best of Christie and Poirot.

Reviewed by sheeplady - loved it

Great characters, great mystery. Loved the glimpse of old England. Want more like it. zcv zcv zx zcv zxbv zxv

Reviewed by Christy Arnold - Excellent mystery

As always, excellent mystery with many twists and turns. I didn't know the murderer until the very end. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Lexi - Good mystery

This is the first Agatha Christie book I‘ve read. It kept me guessing the whole time. I plan to read more of her books soon.

Reviewed by Patricia Scullion - One more for the Collection

Another great Christie to add to my collection, good price and prompt delivery

Reviewed by Nishant - Five Stars

Excellent read

Reviewed by Roger K. White - Classic Agatha Christie

This is classic Agatha Christie and is a great read. Wonderful surprise ending!

Reviewed by bozo the clown - reading

I enjoy these type of mystery books. Holds your attention the whole way through. Unable to determine who the culprit is until the end of the book.

Reviewed by Tony - classic

The Mysterious Affair at Styles is our introduction to Hercule Poirot; the start of a wonderful friendship. This is classic Christie

Reviewed by cindy - re-visiting Mr P.

I am always amazed at the characterizations in the writing of the early part of the 20th century. The character of Mr. Poirot and the use of first person in the novel pulls one into the story.

Reviewed by Deniece Chapa - Five Stars

Like all of Agatha Christie novels it keeps you riveted I enjoyed it a lot.

Reviewed by Powell Kristen - Perfect fast paced read.

Agatha Christie always does a wonderful job keeping her readers sharp and this is no exception. It is a very easy fast read with tons of twist and turns. I

Reviewed by Bridget - Clever

Although not her best this is another great mystery from Agatha Christie. She is definitely the best mystery writer of all time.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Mystery Lover

This book is a must-read. There is much suspension and excitement in the book. I was hooked from the beginning. I just couldn't put it down.

Reviewed by froggy20703 - Love all of her books!

I haven't yet read this one, but I love everything that she has written. The price was Great. I'll be back for more!

Reviewed by WattledProduct1 - GREAT!

Excellent Story. Should Be read by everybody, in my opinion, and would be a good in-class book to read.

Reviewed by dikdude - Another of Agatha Christie's mysteries

This book is one of many by this author. If one enjoys Hercule Poirot, this is another good book. We have this in "real" book form and wanted to check out the kindle my wife was given.

Reviewed by Tara Cooper - Brilliant!

Very enjoyable. Keeps you guessing to the end! The use of a third, less intelligent character to observe Poirot and get frustrated with him was a nice touch too.

Reviewed by lindbery - Five Stars

where it all started for Christie - a milestone in the genre

Reviewed by laura bate - Five Stars

Good read. Unexpected ending.

Reviewed by Flinn - Amazing!

This is by far one of the best Agatha Christie books I have ever read. The plot twists make it so much fun to read. I could not put it down!

Reviewed by Tony Isaac - Intriguing til the end

I couldn't put this book down. Just when I thought I had figured out who the murderer was I found out that I was mistaken. I recommend this to teenagers and up.

Reviewed by TruShoeLover - Agatha Christie knows how to write a mystery...

This book is a good read. Keeps you on your "p's & q's" and in suspense. Just when you thought you solved the mystery; think again!

Reviewed by Eric Moraes - First book of Poirot

First book from Poirot, a great first history! Agatha has always been talented, from the first to the last book!

Reviewed by Doug Crose - Five Stars

Agatha Christie!

Reviewed by john cutts - Five Stars

A good book enabled 7 hour flt to pass away quickly

Reviewed by TruShoeLover - Hercule Poirot is the model for TV Detective "Monk"...

Loved this book. Lots of twists and turns, and just when you think you solved the "whodoneit"; another twist! Enjoy.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Mysterious affair at Styles
Reviewed by Barb - Classic!

A great read. Loved the characters. Agatha Christie is still a great mystery writer and her stories are still interesting years after she wrote them.

Reviewed by Anthony M. Lawrence - Another Hercule Poirot Hit!

Story moves along with the usual "family" of suspects and local villagers to help solve the mystery. Really enjoyed it.

Reviewed by courtenay - great book

As all ways Agatha Christie comes up with a crime that all ways has you guessing for a free book its a great read.

Reviewed by Gracie Guerin - The best

Amazing I loved it but I have to Wright 12 more word so it it it it 3 more and done

Reviewed by Not My Real Name - Missing illustrations in excusable

Early Poirot. This e-version retains identification of several illustrations (maps, floor plans) that are not included. At leat one other e-version has the same omissions. Publisher must be using a bridge but no editor. OK for free but do not pay for incomplete versions like this one.

Reviewed by Stella Irwin - Agatha Christie

I am a forever fan of Agatha Christie and I rate her books between 4 and 5 stars. My favorites? M. Poirot and Miss Marple, of course. He other sleuths are all OK but still get a high score from me in the story itself.

Reviewed by mcleroy - The Mysterious Affair at Styles

I was very pleased to receive this book. It had everything I wanted in it. I don't know what else to say.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Classic Christie--the clues are all there, just disguised.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Enjoyed this book very much. First Agatha Christie I've read.

Reviewed by Virginia Regier - Five Stars

This was a gift.

Next.. The Mysterious Affair at Styles

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