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Ain't It Fun, Paramore - Reviews

 Ain't It Fun, Paramore

Reviews of Ain't It Fun, Paramore

Reviewed by garret horgdal - aint it fun

This so is very true about the way life is but has a positive beat and makes the song fun to listen to

Reviewed by Mariah Palmer - Ain't it fun

Love this song! Plays well and I listen to it over and over again! Def one of my favs to jam to :))

Reviewed by David Stark - great song

Another great song from paramore. Love the song, very fun and catchy. Would make a great summer song for sure

Reviewed by Darcy Grace - Ain't It Fun-Paramore

Love this song! Definitely a good buy!!!!!!!!!!
The beat is good and fun to dance or exercise to every day

Reviewed by Call Me Imes - Perfect for cardio!

Great, upbeat song for running and other form of cardio exercise. It kinds of sets the mood and the pace. Great beat!

Reviewed by Mnc Eski - Ain't it fun to listen to it

best song by Laramie because I can't stop listening to it very catchy song and no one can't say Ain't It fun

Reviewed by Bridget Smith - I just like the song because it reminds me when I was ...

I just like the song because it reminds me when I was in the 12th grade and couldn't wait to leave home and then I entered the real world.

Reviewed by stacey Solomon - Five Stars

I love it

Reviewed by Steve Penfold - Love this song.

It makes my day! A great way to get a pick me up so you can make it through the day.

Reviewed by Jersey Girl - Great Song!

I love this band. Edgy, dancy and Haley has a powerful voice. I love to sing along to all her songs.

Reviewed by SnapA - I don't buy music that I don't love.

I don't buy music that I don't love.

Reviewed by LaShara Riggins - Five Stars

Upbeat and catchy. I can't get the hook out of my head.

Reviewed by Deya Ledesma - Have to keep it on repeat.

I have always been a fan of Paramore. This song makes me think of my nephew.

Reviewed by Alexis McCray - Five Stars

I love this song

Reviewed by Lois Urdy - Paramore

I don't even know where to begin. I love Paramore and Hailey (not sure if that is spelled correctly). Definitely a must have

Reviewed by sweetpea3766 - Good song

Great song to listen to gets u up and moving

Reviewed by RayJ - love listening to this track!

Very catchy, great sounding song for the summer.

Reviewed by labor72 - Five Stars

Love this song! The rhythm is intoxicating.

Reviewed by Angela Martin - Paramore is the shiz.

Fun and truth and talented feel good song!

Reviewed by Lester - Great Words

This song rubs life in your face or offers challenge!! Such a soulful voice that Hayley!!

Reviewed by Wiseguyy - Five Stars

Love. Love . Love. Love it

Reviewed by J. Ortega - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amazon Customer - i love paramore.

This song is so different from their usual stuff but I LOVE it. Reminds me of my little sister;D

Reviewed by gracer - Five Stars

Love this sone and the beat!

Reviewed by Jessica - Five Stars

Great love this song

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

love it!

Reviewed by Matt - More than I thought!

Energetic and Fun

Reviewed by Patti - Ain't it fun

Love Paramore

Reviewed by Grubbs Jerry - 13 year old loves it.

My 13 year old Grand Daughter loves this song. Used it in her 13 Birthday video.

Reviewed by Sheila Westerholm Smith - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Mary C - Five Stars

Love it!!!

Reviewed by Samantha - fun and full of life

Paramore is loud, fun and full of life! Fun group!

Reviewed by mrincredibob - Five Stars


Reviewed by Ken Stone - Five Stars

Great song! Catchy hook!

Reviewed by Terri Moreno - Five Stars

Great walking music.

Reviewed by L. Matheny - Five Stars

great oldie

Reviewed by Susan S. Gwin - Five Stars

Get song to play for my personal finance classes.

Reviewed by Paul Sisk - Five Stars


Reviewed by Barbara J Vance - Fun song

It's a fun, spunky upbeat song.

Reviewed by V. F. Golubic - Five Stars

can't get enough !

Reviewed by Wonder woman - Five Stars

good song

Reviewed by DLK88 - Great song that says what I feel

Great, upbeat song that says what I feel.

Reviewed by carlos - Five Stars

Awesome song, makes me feel good to listen to this song.

Reviewed by Christina - Five Stars

Love this song

Reviewed by Branda J. Jenkins - Five Stars


Reviewed by Ash Roed - Five Stars

Great music!

Reviewed by Jeffrey A. - Five Stars


Reviewed by Anna of Arrendale - FUN

Fun song, my girls like it.

Reviewed by Mitchell Sledge - Five Stars

Great fun summer Song with a good beat.

Reviewed by debbie - Five Stars

love the song.i listen to it every day

Reviewed by CJ - Good workout song.

Good workout song.

Reviewed by Book Reader - Five Stars

Love this song

Reviewed by Christina Johnson - Five Stars

Love the song!!

Reviewed by cramekard - Five Stars

Love this song

Reviewed by making it in mass - Five Stars

Great fun uplifting song.

Reviewed by Walter Angles - Five Stars


Reviewed by Tiffany Clervil - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by Ande - Five Stars

Great song!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by Michael GriswoldVINE VOICE - This Song Really is Fun

Ain’t it Fun by Paramore is one of the few songs on the pop/rock charts that will never be sued for false advertising. It is a fun summer song for the listener to bob their head to. Hundreds of thousands of high school graduates and college students get tossed out into the real world every day. While the experience is enough to bring anxiety to even the most mature young adult, this song tackles things in a tongue and cheek manor and allows the listener to throw their head back and laugh at whatever misfortune befalls them after a given day. If you get this song, you won’t end up crying to your mama.

Reviewed by metal worker - No doubt paramore is Better!

Very surprised at the vocal arrangement. Near perfect. Lead singer puts me in the mind of gwen stephani.but better. Move over gwen a new star is rising. I also applaud them for having a positive message, and not having to stoop to vulgarity. The bass player is very good the drummer and lead vocals is all they really need. If they dont let success destroy them,they will dominate.

Reviewed by Tina G. Rull - Wish it would have come out sooner

My 2014 high school graduate wishes this had come out sooner. She thinks it would have been a great graduation song!

Reviewed by J.B. Taylor - A Catchy Song

This song has one of those beats, one of those rhythms, one of those hooks that gets you moving and singing along from beginning to end. The song is fun and catchy and awesomely performed by Paramore's frontwoman Hayley Williams. Buy this song, you'll love it.

Reviewed by C713V - Girl leading vocal rocks!

This song is catchy in the ending. I hear the message loud and clear and it ain't fun lol. Im a guy and i simply like how Paramore put this song together.

Reviewed by J.B. Taylor - This song should win song of the year every year from now until the end of time.

This song should win song of the year every year from now until the end of time. You can't go wrong buying this song. It's perfect, and has a hook that will make you smile.

Reviewed by Mickey S. - Upbeat

It is upbeat and makes me want to dance! Actually, me and my five year old daughter love to crank this up and dance! Great, great song! :)

Reviewed by Susan Oyer - Fun song

Ain't it Fun really is a fun song to listen to while driving. Catchy tune and a great summer pop song for 2014.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great Tune

This is the song that got me into Paramore.

Reviewed by Autumn Wright - Obsessed

I am in loooooooove with this song! It was super easy to download and i could start listening right away

Reviewed by Haynat - catchy tune

I'm not sure what to say about it other than I like this song.

Reviewed by Amy Ziegler - great song

Self explanatory. The song is great so I don't want to have to write a review! :) the song is fantastic

Reviewed by snugglebunny - love this song

I love the song, it just makes me jump up and dance around the room. The video is crazy fun.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Happy!

One of my Top 5 of Paramore.

Reviewed by Rachelle Beavers - Five Stars

Really like this song.

Reviewed by Justine - Five Stars

This song rocks

Reviewed by justin - Five Stars

It is fun

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

I love the artist female singer red hair.

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