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All We Know Is Falling, Paramore - Reviews

All We Know Is Falling, Paramore

Reviews of All We Know Is Falling, Paramore

Reviewed by djer - Great music

This is must-have music. Haley Williams is an excellent singer, songwriter, and lyricist. Unfortunately, there have been many band changes since then.

Reviewed by S. Suminski - Just rocks like music should

Paramore rocks back to the roots of music and female lead groups gone by. Everything about this album is great and I know serious rock fans will pick up this disc again and again or put it on heavy rotation on their chosen MP3 player for years to come.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Heverly - Loved It!

This was a great album loved the songs Paramore is one of favorite bands I love Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy

Reviewed by Ashley - Love Paramore

Love this vinyl!!! Plays great and looks so pretty!

Reviewed by nicholas hernandez - Five Stars

Awesome, thank you.

Reviewed by francisco coello - Five Stars


Reviewed by Chris - paramore

This is the debut album by a very young band from Tennessee. i have purchased all their cds great music

Reviewed by Ricardo Vela - Five Stars

best cd

Reviewed by Dylan - Amazing Album

I rarely like every song on a album, but this one is the exception. Everyone song is amazing, and Paramore is one of the best bands ever.

Reviewed by Lucinda - Five Stars

Paramore always Rocks!!

Reviewed by Alexander Oviedo - Five Stars

muy bien

Reviewed by Vickie - Five Stars


Reviewed by Dominique Overturf - awesome

very much awesome with another side of awesome and a little bit of cool sprinkled on it for some flavor.

Reviewed by Alexander - All We Know Is Falling

excellent product, very responsible in their sales, are 100% as required, recommended, to deal with you was a real treat, thanks

Reviewed by Dalma - Finally!

It was impossible to me to find the cd over here, so i was extremely happy when i receive it!

Reviewed by Samantha612 - Great CD!

Love Paramore! She is one of my favorites and this CD is awesome! If you like Paramore you'll love this album!

Reviewed by Martin Podjski - I love this CD

I love all of paramore's songs and albums. This is their first one but still has a number of recognizable hits on it. It's a good cd.

Reviewed by D Electronico - Awesome CD from an Awesome band.......

The title says it all. This CD is great. I love every song, and these kids are really talented. The lead singer's voice and range is inspiring.

Reviewed by P. Tran - Paramore Rocks with their first album

If your a fan you gotta check their first album out. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Jen W. - HIGHLY addicting

I got to know this album because my friend had it playing in her van every time we'd go somewhere, and eventually it grew on me. I'm nowhere near a punk-rock type person, but the sentimental value of this album helped get me hooked on it, and from there the songs grew on me one by one.
All We Know - My favorite of the three "radio releases" from this album. The catchiness of the chorus will pull you in, and kind of sets the tone for the rest of the CD.
Pressure - Awesome guitar riffs here. As with the previous song, there is a slowed-down solo on the bridge, and Hayley's vocals are showcased excellently.
Emergency - This was the first song to stand out for me on this album. It's almost impossible not to get into; even before you really know the lyrics it makes you want to get up and dance. If you know the back story, it takes on whole new meaning, because this song is supposedly about Hayley dealing with her parents fighting as a child.
Brighter - The first song I heard by this group to have a message. The theme of "You're leaving, but you're awesome and we love you anyway," has been done before, but Hayley puts a new spin on it. Excellent guitar work on the bridge, as well.
Here We Go Again - It took me a little longer to get into this one (the repetition at the end gets slightly annoying), but this song grew on me nonetheless. It's one of the catchiest songs on the album, and features one of the best guitar solos I've ever heard.
Never Let This Go - Slightly depressing ("Maybe if my heart stops beating, it won't hurt this much"), but a pretty song nonetheless. This one stuck out for me early on.
Whoa - Catchy, and very underrepresented. I think it gets overlooked in favor of some of the other songs on the album, but I find it to be a fun song. Heck, I've seen two-year-olds dance to this one. It's another one that pulls you in.
Conspiracy - Slower than some of the other songs, but excellent lyrics. In my opinion, it's also one of the easiest of their songs to sing to.
Franklin - I found this song boring at first, but have since come to like it as much as the others. It took me until recently to figure out the meaning of this song, but once you listen to it and know that their hometown is in Franklin, TN, the theme of homesickness becomes pretty self-evident. A pretty song.
My Heart - Another beautiful song. I'm not much for the screaming at the end, but that's just because I never did like songs with the "possessed screaming" in them. Despite that, this is a very pretty song (as stated before), and could be interpreted as a song to God.
An awesome CD, in other words. Paramore has grown to become one of my favorite groups this year, and I'm actually going tonight to see them in concert. Somehow I don't think I'll be disappointed.

Reviewed by Ky&Zak - All we know is falling

Wow. This album is absoloutly amazing. Though, I didn't really know of Paramore during it's release, I listened to some songs on I thought they were amazing. I listened mostly to "When it rains", "Misery Buisness", "That's what you get" and "Ignorance," so I had heard none on this album. One day, when I had alot of money on me, my brother found the CD in Shopko, and brought it over to me, because he knew I listened to some of their songs.
I bought it, despite not hearing any songs on this album, but by the time I returned home, I listened to a few songs and fell in love. The first songs that caught my direct attention were "Pressure", "Emergency", "Never Let This Go", and "My Heart". I was very surprised by the powerful vocals of Hayley Williams, who was only 16 at the time. Also, the Farros's very creative beats and rythms. I couldn't stop listening to the album, and quickly I fell in love with "Conspiracy" and "Here we go again". Though it took a little bit longer for "All We Know", "Brighter" (Which I sing almost everyday), "Whoa" and "Franklin" they all amaze me now! The whole album I would say, is a complete masterpiece! I love it!

Reviewed by A. SilverstoneVINE VOICE - Paramore Packs a Punch

With their debut album, Paramore burst forth with an emo pop sound that belies their years. Lead singer Hayley Williams fronts the band with her powerful voice. The initial song 'All We Know' mourns the departure of bass guitarist Jeremy Davis from the band. Many of the songs continue in a similar vein, exploring the challenge of relationships and the angst of life. They are driven by the power pop guitars and drums that give us catchy melodies in an energetic performance.

With their alternative rock infused candy pop, Paramore delivers a solid performance.

Reviewed by HEAVYGOTHMALE75 - a debut album that paramore soared.

i own this album as i address myself as a music lover and follower in their impactive rise
when they debut with a full track album off the videos on mtv back then in the day it
made them the must watch band to listen out for ever since in america when they were
there selling out concerts and fans gotten into them as a marketing product as me.all i
have to say in details when i ,m drawn into their lyrics from beginning to ending i grasp
i can,t pick one only as other whom may it,s why i had to post for if you
never experienced paramore before if you get this you won,t regret it as a ulimated
collection when you decipher this insider commentaring blog after i was part of it!

Reviewed by Esquier - When raw emotion meets rock and roll...

Fantastic Album! When raw emotion clashes with GREAT rock n roll this album is the product. The lyrics are relatable and just suck you into the songs to the point of not wanting them to end. This band is extremely talented and I hope they continue to keep their style and produce great rock music such as this one.

Reviewed by Brett CorkinsVINE VOICE - Could you remind me of a time when we were so alive?

There are bands that come around that you know you're going to get sucked into regardless of your feelings about them. Paramore is one of those bands.

I heard of them a while ago--probably when All We Know Is Falling was just coming out--but once I found out they had the 'emo' tag following them around I immediately turned my back on them. That didn't last long. I started hearing bits and pieces of songs here and there and they sounded pretty good so I looked into them further. I don't really see any true traces of what makes emo bands so bad. Hayley doesn't whine about not being loved and she doesn't talk about wanting to kill and/or harm herself. In fact, Paramore's lyrics are pretty empowering. As far as the music goes, it's fairly standard. They definitely have some great riffs scattered throughout but none that will define any one song.

All We Know Is Falling stands as one of those CDs where you can put it in and just let it play on repeat without ever tiring of it. You have your standouts like All We Know, Brighter, Here We Go Again, Conspiracy, and My Heart, then you have the rest which are still completely great and keep the CD interesting without really blowing your mind.

My favorite songs are All We Know, Brighter, Here We Go Again, Conspiracy, and My Heart. I think the main reason Paramore is getting so much more attention now is because they are--regretably--in a genre dominated by men (emo), and here you have this cute girl churning out truly catchy songs that won't easily leave your head. It doesn't hurt that her voice is actually good and she never strains it to force a scream or anything which is another thing that helps out the end result. All We Know Is Falling is highly recommended.

Reviewed by Michael Barrera - Quit the comparisions to Avril Lavigne, Paramore stand strong on their own

There is just something enticing about witnessing a band during the initial stages of their musical careers, especially when they have all the trimmings to be the next big thing and trust me, Paramore, a little rock band from Franklin, Tennessee are just that.

As such, it's easy to take a band like Paramore to heart; you want them to succeed as much as you want that backstage pass for Warped Tour and its' great to know them now when they are still approachable without tons of bodyguards sheltering them. I ask this question, how could you not like a good rock/pop album full of well-timed anthems all fronted by a cute girl vocalist.

Again how could you not like it? All We Know Is Falling is the most refined rock infused pop/punk album you're ever likely to find...with a lead vocalist (Hayley Williams) aged only sixteen years. But don't let this discrepancy fool you, she is well beyond her years. Williams has formed her entire life around fine-tuning her voice for just the right moment such as this. "Brighter" and "Conspiracy", a collection of songs that let Williams soar with poise allowing her to convey every note with that exact and tuneful precision on both the low and high ends of the scale. She truly does have a voice and her lyrical messages are both clear and direct.

Don't begin doubting the backing band either. The remaining members of Paramore (bassist, John Hembree; guitarists, Josh Farro and Jason Bynum; and drummer, Zac Farro) pack enough punch on "Emergency" alone to thrust them into the limelight of pop/rock where they certainly won't be overlooked with strong instrumentation. One listen to their first single and you'll think twice about classifying them as another band trying to deceive listeners into a false sense of talent. It's also apparent that after a few listens, they are anything but marketable material derived from the mind of some corporate executive waiting to get rich quick, they do their music from the heart.

Sure, they stuff All We Know Is Falling with a hell of a lot of poppy choruses, but I'll be the first to admit, I'm just a sucker for a catchy hook, all it takes for me to get reeled in is a good 15 seconds. And when that's backed by sophisticated riffs and skillfully contorted picking that most bands could only dream to create on a debut album, especially again at this very young age. Still don't trust me? Think I'm only jumping on an early bandwagon? Williams' own classification for the band claims "it's high energy, and it's pretty aggressive and intense...and it's cool that we aren't being looked down on because we're a girl fronted band. I don't think that just because we're different in that area it's going to limit us."

While Paramore's struggle to find balance and normalcy amongst continual touring and recognition becomes evident on "Franklin", the slowest song on the album. All We Know Is Falling makes a strong cover story suggesting otherwise; successfully drawing off of real life experiences that prove Paramore can overcome the loss of a band member (Jeremy) in the crucial stages and still come out strong. If you didn't know any better, you'd think Paramore are veterans to the scene, not just entering it for the first time. And with the help of other bands such as Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., Copeland and Straylight Run, it won't be long before we all start hearing of them.

I guess what I love so much about this album is its' honesty, sincerity and most importantly in today's music world, simplicit nature.

Reviewed by Reynolds - they're bound to be huge

Paramore's debut record, "All We Know Is Falling," which is distributed by Fueled By Ramen Records, is a solid release. Not many bands in this genre of music have accomplished what Paramore has. This band has fused pop-punk with heart felt lyrics all sung by Hayley Williams.

Not being a fan of many female lead singers, I was skeptical when I first heard this album. However, her voice and the melodies from the other band members will have you won over on the first listen.

This album opens up strong with the track "All We Know," which is also the first single. The track starts with a drum hit and in come the guitars at full force. From the first time the listener hears Hayley's voice to the end of the album, the listener will be amazed at her range of vocals and how well the band harmonizes with her. The video for this song, directed and edited by Dan Dobi, showcases the raw energy Paramore puts into their live show. With various clips of the band performing, the viewer sees how passionate they are towards their music and how much fun they have together.

The third track on the album, "Emergency," is by far the strongest track on the album. This is hard to say, since 90% of the album contains radio singles. The tracks starts stating, "I think we have an emergency, I think we have an emergency." This song is one that hits hard with the listener. It talks about seeing someone suffer during a tough break up. The lyrics, "I've seen love die way too many times, when it deserves to be alive, I've seen you cry way too many times, when you deserve to be alive," are one of the more profound lines sung on the album. Some albums contain lyrics that just make one think, and this is one of theme. How many times has someone close been affected by heartache and shut down?

Halfway through the album, there is the one song that will have you trying to sing the chorus after the first time it is heard. "Here We Go Again" opens with a thumping guitar line that runs throughout the song. There is not a weak moment in this entire track. When Haley belts out, "I'll write you just to let you know that I'm alright, can't say I'm sad to see you go," one wonders if she has been screwed over by someone. Even though the lyrics to this track may be those of heartache, this track is a perfect song to drive along to and just lose yourself in.

The next track, "Whoa," will leave you in awe. This track is the poppiest track on the album, which is not a bad thing at all. You will be singing along due to its catchiness. The chorus will smack you, due to the fact that the verses are a little more serious. "We've got every one singin' whoa, whoa." Even the band knows everyone will be singing along with their album, as well as this track. With the poppy music and sing-a-long lyrics, the band has outdone themselves with a song that will be stuck in your head for days.

Franklin seems to be the most emotional track on the record. This song is one of the slowest paced tracks on the album and showcases the true talent of the band. With lyrics about missing their hometown and feeling out of place, anyone that has moved can truly relate. Due to the dual vocal track on this song, the listener can hear both Hayley and Josh singing different lines over each other. The layered effect really adds to the track. The raw emotion makes this track stand out from the others.

Finally comes the closing song, "My Heart." On this track, one thing stands out that will blow the listeners mind. The song opens very mellow like many of the other tracks. During parts of this song however, the band's love for metal and screamo is shown. There is screaming during parts of the song, which may catch people off guard due to the mellowness of the rest of the album. This screaming actually adds to the dynamics of the record, once again showcasing the talent that these teenagers have.

All We Know Is Falling is a solid record, considering half the band is under age 17. They write lyrics better than some of the emo bands out there now and the sound of the instruments is stunning. Fueled By Ramen has picked up a band that will be huge. If you are looking for one CD to buy before the summer is over, this is it. There is nothing else on the market that has the passion and talent that this record contains. Once you begin to listen, it will be an album that will not come out of the CD player.

Reviewed by Nathan Blaney - Great debut album.

I was able to find only one fault with Paramore's debut release: I think some of the tracks should be in a different order. Beyond that, these guys (and girl) have a killer record. It's been less and less frequent these days that I receive a new album and can't stop playing it. This is one of those, though! Instrumentally, the band shows many similarities to The Get Up Kids or Brand New, but with a more aggressive tone. The songs structures and arrangements are sophisticated, intelligent, and interesting. There's a nice blend of energy and sing-along melody. It's a much more developed album than one might expect from any band as a debut, but Paramore are particularly surprising considering the youth of the musicians. What really sets this band apart from the others, though, is the vocalist. Hayley Williams, is extremely talented. Her voice is very mature and she knows how to use it well. It's hard to pin down what her influences might be, but at various points I hear shades of Kay Hanley, Tanya Donnelly, or Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes), but her sound is her own. It's nice to hear a female vocalist these days (particularly one so young) that is doing her own thing and not trying to be Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love, or Amy Lee. Although this band would likely get a positive review even with someone else out front, Williams' vocals put this band ahead of the rather large pack of male dominated bands in this genre.

Reviewed by M. Nayeem - AMAZING

First of all, STOP MAKING IT SEEM LIKE HAYLEY IS THE ONLY REASON THE BAND IS SUCCESSFUL! Yes, she's gorgeous and she has a great voice, but josh and she write the songs together, zac is a passionate drum player, jeremy rocks on bass and Josh is an amazing guitar player.

This album may not be the best in the world, but it's worth buying. It's the first album made by a young band, with another one coming out on June 12 (WHICH I CANNOT WAIT FOR!!)

Many of the songs do have the same sound, but the lyrics and drums really set them apart from each other. My favorite tracks are Franklin and My Heart.

And some of you complain 'oh, they just entered the emo scene' when that's not it at all. They've specifically asked for people to NOT call them emo, and they really do try to set themselves apart from other bands.

For instance, if you listened to their new single off of RIOT! (the album coming out on june 12)called Born For This, you'd be amazed at how different they sound. They try to give as much as they can to their fans, six of them helping with the back up vocals in this song.

Heck, they even hired a mariachi band for one of their songs, and THAT'S stepping out of the box.

These four people are definitely getting somewhere, and I would highly suggest buying this album, along with the Summer Tic EP and RIOT!

Reviewed by D. Hensley - The debut from Paramore is flipping awesome!!!!

I bought "All we know is falling" on sale,so picked it up and now its one of my favorite cds.I bought the Riot! cd too,so this is a introduction of the band with very well done songs like "Pressure", "Emergency",and "My Heart". I can listen to the whole cd without skipping any songs so its really good.I like the style of "My Heart" because of the guitar player screams in the background it sounds more rock inspired,however I wish they would make more songs like this.I know most people talk about Hayley but,the whole band is great too,the drumming on "My Heart" is superb.

All we know is falling is a really great debut and this band is new and is amazing that is hard to find these days.I would recommend this cd if you like the Riot! cd.The cd is kind of short its only a little over 30 minutes long,but would rather have quality not quantity(filler tracks).

My favorite songs are "Pressure","Emergency","Franklin",and "My Heart"

Paramore- All We Know Is Falling"

1. All We Know
2. Pressure
3. Emergency
4. Brighter
5. Here We Go Again
6. Never Let This Go
7. Whoa
8. Conspiracy
9. Franklin
10.My Heart

Reviewed by myveryownflag - I'll Never Let This Go

First off, I have to say that I think giving this album anything less than a five is something to be ashamed of. Now that I've got that covered, let's get to the review.

Paramore is a young and extremely talented quintet out of Tennessee. Their music is heartfelt, honest, epic, and super catchy. There is so much to say about the record, and I could probably fill up pages talking about how great it is, but I won't. I'll tell you these things: the musicianship on this record is extraordinary. The guitarwork from both Hunter and Josh is technical and intricate, all while remaining tasteful and appealing. Zac, their drummer, presently 15 years old, has a sense of rhythm that very few drummers possess. Hayley (16 when the album was made) flawlessly steers through winding melodies and elaborate harmonies. Their bassist Jeremy has active and precise bass lines that carry the songs perfectly.

Paramore is quickly on the rise to becoming one of the biggest bands of '06 and "All We Know Is Falling" is definitely one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. Every song on the record is a gem and has something different to offer, but my favorite is "Conspiracy". This album has not left my CD player or my head for a very, very long time.

This record will have you singing, thinking, rocking, dancing, and begging for more. I caught some of their set at Warped Tour and they did an amazing job. I'm going to see them again in less than a month and I'm stoked! Go see them live if you get the chance!! And of course, buy this ingenious album. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Chandra L. Montgomery - Paramore is a Definite Must Have!

I can't say I have been a fan of Paramore since day one because I had never heard of them until "Misery Business." But once I heard them, I couldn't get enough. I am absoutely in love with this cd, still, months later. There isn't a track on here that doesn't get you singing,humming, dancing, and grinning because each song is simply amazing. I hate to choose a favorite song, because I love everything Paramore does, from their own songs to covers. From their debut cd, I would have to choose....Here We Go Again and one of the most heartfelt songs on this cd, Franklin. These songs get me singing every time. I rate each song 10/10 and I would recommend that you would seriously get this cd!! Since this is their debut album, Paramore is amazing! And the fact that they are so young (they were between the ages of 13-14 when they began the band and that was about 5 years ago) and started so young makes them even more incredible. So what are you doing still reading this? Buy the cd already!! You won't regret it.

Reviewed by jchawk - All paramore knows is awesome!

the debut album from the awesome band called Paramore. its a hit! a great album. 5 stars.
All We Know 4/5 nice song about Jeremy leaving the band before he came back
Pressure 4/5 one of the truest songs. nice tune
Emergency 5/5 wonderful song. one of my favs
Brighter 5/5 another one of my favs. sweet song
Here We Go Again 5/5 nice song with a magnificent ending!
Never Let This Go 4/5 a song about love gone terribly wrong. ha i like this song alot
Whoa 5/5 catchy song to sing along to
Conspiracy 5/5 a really nice song with a beautiful intro
Franklin 5/5 MY FAV song off this album and my 2nd fav song from Paramore. something special to it. beautiful song with josh's wonderful backing vocals.
My Heart 5/5 what a wonderful, sweet song. nice screamo. one of their bests efforts

Reviewed by O'Neal - All Killer No Filler

It's easy to say that this band is carried by Hayley Williams and her phenomenal vocals, but if you think that, you've probably only heard the very Panic!, Fall Out Boy influenced "Riot!", the groups second album.

While Riot! has some obvious highlights and a few songs which are clearly making up the rest of the album, All We Know Is Falling is top notch from the title track starting things off to the brilliant "My Heart", my personal favourite and often the last track played in their live sets as well as the one to finish this album.

On All We Know Is Falling, Paramore feature as much more than Hayley Williams and band. The songs are better and catchier. This debut comes from a little known band who was making music they liked rather than just trying to make it in the mainstream. Hopefully they go back towards that mentality for the third effort.

Reviewed by ADRIENNE MILLER - "Forget the things we swore we meant..."

All We Know is Falling by Paramore is a fantastic and somber album. I have their second album, Riot! which is my fave cd right now so I decided to pick up their debut album, I am glad I did. All We Know is Falling has more slower tracks, a very drastic sound than Riot! What I like about this album is the power in Hayley Williams's voice, pretty impressive pipes for someone so young, the rest of the band have tremendous talent as well. The best song on the album is hands-down the angry and catchy, Emergency. I like every song especially Conspiracy, Franklin, Never Let This Go, and the refreshing and slightly poppy, Here We Go Again. Paramore have proven they can rock no matter how fresh-faced and impressionable they are, pretty cool their from Tennessee. I highly recommend this album and their breakthough album Riot!

Reviewed by M. Johnson - One of the strongest efforts out of Fueled By Ramen....

If you enjoy similar artists such as The Hush Sound, Flyleaf, and even Avril Lavigne, you'll find this album enjoyable to listen to. Emergency and Pressure obviously stand out as some of the band's stronger tracks on the album. All We Know is also a highly popular track. The band's overall sound is pretty consistent throughout the entire album, and often reflects a sound similar to the Chicago-based band The Hush Sound, but with a more heavier, harder quality. Paramore is one of the few newer post-punk/emo bands to produce a catchy album that is strong from start to finish. The Summer Tic EP (2006) also features memorable tracks from the band such as Emergency (Crab Mix) and "Stuck On You," which is a cover of a song by Failure. All We Know Is Falling is certainly an album worth checking out.

Reviewed by stratguy23 - A great debut

This is the debut album by a very young band from Tennessee. Singer Hayley Williams is only 16 years old, and, judging from the band's website forum, most of its fans so far are teenagers. But this album should significantly broaden the band's appeal; it's earnest emo in the vein of Jimmy Eat World or Armor for Sleep, but less dark and more poppy. The production is clean, the choruses are memorable, and hooks are aplenty. Williams' confident vocals belie her youth, and, having already scored a slot on this year's Warped Tour, the band looks set for bigger and better things ahead.

Reviewed by Billy loves music - I like

I am a little shocked to hear that their singer (Hayley)is 16 years old. I assumed early 20s. Anyway...This CD is fresh. That is the best way I can describe it. It sounds minty. It is being advertized as sounding like Acceptance, Fall Out Boy, or Jimmy Eat World with a girl singer, but it sounds nothing like fallout boy. The comparison with Acceptance might be the best one. I believe that there will be haters trying to shoot this one down based on the fact that it is an optomistic "feel good" CD and most people who enjoy bashing bands are cynical depressed people. I definately recommend this album to anyone who wants to be refreshed and uplifted. If you really don't like it at first listen to it a few times. The more I listen to it the more I like it. Wow...She is really 16?!

Reviewed by kaye_loyce23 - Her vocals is just the best and she can hit high notes really well

This started my fan girl-ing and crushing on Hayley Williams. Her vocals is just the best and she can hit high notes really well. This is an amazing debut for them and look at how far they've gone. The band has been through many ups and downs but they're still getting better throughout the years.

Reviewed by Joseph - I find this album the best paramore album of all time

Most notable tracks: "Never let this go" and "brighter"

Personally, I find this album the best paramore album of all time. Better than their succeeding albums.

Reviewed by Vera Quam - All time fave

This album coincided with the "spirit of the time" which is the emo fad. They dictated the zeitgeist... My favorite paramore album of all time!

Reviewed by Aaron - Wow...

I'll keep this short and sweet:

I'm 28 and tend to run away from anything in the genre "emo," however, this band (especially for being so young) have irresistible hooks, awesome power riffs, and the lyrical content is surprisingly adept for a band of their age. I generally expect to hear whiny lyrics about break-ups, high school crushes, and wrist slitting with young bands in this genre, but I find the lyrics surprisingly non-chelant.

This band rocks, I'm a fan and a believer. Bar none.

Reviewed by Ilitch Peters - Promosing Future For This Band..........

It definitely took me by surprise. each song has a purpose.... and yes she can actually sing!, and best of all it doesn't sound forced like those wannabe fem artists ex: hillary duff,ashlee simpson.... you get the idea!) i feel that the success of the band will rely more on what they are willing to push instrumentally, and from what i'm hearing they are definitely headed in a promising direction... i beeen listening to bands like emery saosin, and this band definitely is holding it down, but most of all showing a real female artist coexsist with the music, rather than cram it down our throats... can't wait to see what is more in store!

Reviewed by Danielle Mercado - Five Stars

Finally have my own copy after so many years love it

Reviewed by J.B. Taylor - Great Album

If you haven't heard of Paramore, this is the perfect album to get you acquainted with them. This is Paramore's debut album and they couldn't of kick started the party any better then they did with, 'All We Know Is Falling.' There isn't a bad song on this CD and each song will keep you jamming well into the morning.

Reviewed by Grant Williams - An Instant Favorite

I have to say, when i first read about paramore in alternative press. i figured "oh its just another avril wannabe" but after listening to paramore's debut "all we know is falling" i fell in love with it. paramore strayed far away from what i was expecting, the songs "Pressure" and "Here we go again" we among the ones i first listened to before i bought the cd. as soon as the pop punk music began in "Here we go again" i rushed out to buy the cd. with lead singer Hayley Williams (17) harmonic vocals and the bands pop punk/ emo music this cd is sure to be an instant favorite/

Reviewed by Jigga69 - Didn't Expect It To Be So Good

From beginning to end the album is great. Hayley's voice is fantastic and although the drumming and the guitar notes are very simple on this album they are still great and it works out for the best.

I personally liked this album much more than Riot. I think they should have stayed a little more punk and a lot less pop...but that's just my opinion. This is still pop-punk, but it still had a little edge to it.

Reviewed by Jeff C. NY - Simply Amazing

I dont know what some of the people below me are talking about but this cd is just incredible. I am not kidding when I say I cant stop listening to it. Its addicting. Some people might have the initial impression that they suck because its a female singer but trust me they rock hard. Every song is great. I highly recommend this to anyone who is into pop rock music, actually anyone who likes music at all would like this cd. Pick it up.

Reviewed by Andrea Recio - Five Stars

Came in great condition:)

Reviewed by paramorefreak12795 - Paramore is the best band in the world and this CD The best!!

Well i didn't get this CD as soon as it came out i got riot first and RIOT! was amazing... this CD was also amazing and i can't stop listening to it i mean come on this is one of the best CDs known to earth and once you start listening to it you really can't stop listening to it! For all of who write bad reviews stay of the page!! Like i said this CD is amazing!!

Reviewed by Linda B - So good

My daughter got me listening to Paramore. Such a good sound.

Reviewed by j - Great music; another cracked CD case from Amazon

Paramore's first album is great (favorite tracks are pressure and franklin). The new stuff is good but still love their old music.

Reviewed by James Vaughan Jr. - Yes, I too am in love with this adorable singer

Ok, lets get past the fact that this girl will turn out to be the next gwen stafani - she's smoking hot. The music rocks too, the lyrics are heartfelt, they are not as cheesey as they appear to be, this is a solid release. 16-years-old, right at the prime of the suffring years - perfect for songs that tug at your heart strings. The whole band is talented. The song structures may be basic, but damn they get stuck in your head. And they sound just as good live - this girl can sing!!

Reviewed by Maya Wright - Wow... Impressive...

So I first heard of them when I saw their video "Pressure" on TV. I decided to check out their myspace and WOW I looooove them! All of their songs are great. My faves are "All We Know", "Emergency", and "Conspiracy". I think everyone should definitely check them out. You will NOT be disappointed.

Reviewed by carlym99 - A New Favorite Band!

I personally thought this was a great cd! I really like punk rock music so I enjoyed this cd... especially because the lead singer is a girl which I think is quite rare! The last band I really enjoyed with a lead girl singer was No Doubt, so I was happy to hear this. Hope their concert is good.

Reviewed by Renee Graham - Classic Paramore!

Best Paramore album period! Sounds closer to what they would start off singing in their garage. The simplicity is perfect!

Reviewed by Shila Carroll - Good album

Great music for a great price. It's a digital album so there's really not much else to say. I love the band so obviously it's a good buy.

Reviewed by matthew clark - perfect condition, case was busted

new...perfect condition, case was busted....

Reviewed by M. Bicker - Great CD Great group of kids!

You've got to be impressed with the talent of this band! They write all their own music and the lead vocals are incredible. I've taken my son to see them perform and had the opportunity to meet and talk with them. Can't wait to see how far they go!

Reviewed by Blackhawk19 - I love it!

Works Perfectly, I love it!

A Kid's Reviewon October 20, 2008 - simple as this

ok i understand that the lead singer for this band may not be the best singer in the world but coming for someone like me who is 13 i enjoy this music. i agree it could use a little work and this is not there best album but, it is a good album. it us as simple as this if you dont like it dont listen if you do, well rock on!

Reviewed by Mercy - Awesome

This CD is amazing. I love Paramore and I have all of their CD's. Bottom line, get the CD. You won't regret it.

Reviewed by thebrowncoat - Brilliant debut album

This is, quite simply, the best album I've bought so far this year. Hayley Williams has a magnificent, soaring voice and the songs are catchy, memorable and heartfelt. You won't be able to stop listening to it once you've started.

Reviewed by Daniel Morris - PARAMORE FANS

i am a huge Paramore fan i bought the 2nd CD riot and loved it so decided to buy the first CD all we know is falling. i am a fan of this CD just as i was the second one.

Reviewed by Jeffrey Johnson - Absolutely LOVE Paramore !

Hayley is just soooooo good.

And the band is rockin'hard no doubt about it. I'm wearing out this CD,

and can't wait for Riot to be released! Just gotta see em live.........

Reviewed by Christopher Gonzales - A Great CD

I bought this CD because I like there "Riot" CD and I have to say this one is better. If you like paramore's other CD Riot I highly recommend this.

Reviewed by Ward VA - Excellent CD by Paramore

Superb debut album by very talented young musicians. I bought this after buying Riot and I like it as much as Riot.

Reviewed by James J. Pace - Great CD

Bought it because I really liked their second album. Every bit as good as their last.

Reviewed by Lawrence Westervelt - Awesome...

Heart felt vocals and awesome rock... Easy to relate to... Great songs to sing in the car! :)

A Kid's Reviewon April 4, 2007 - I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!

this CD is really good...some of these tracks are real emotional and others like "Whoa" are really fun to rock out of the best CD's i own

Reviewed by A. Twardowski - Awesome

I am so impressed with this young band. I too can't stop listening. They're great.

Reviewed by Maria Perez - Love it

This cd is better than the first! I love, love, love it! If youre depressed about your love relationship, youll identify with most of the songs!

Reviewed by ClosedBook - Shocker....

This is one of the best CD's I've bought in years. There's not a throw away track on the album.

Hayley's voice is amazing. Love the chick rockers!!!!

Next.. All We Know Is Falling, Paramore

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