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Bring Me Home - Live, Sade - Reviews

 Bring Me Home - Live 2011,  Sade

Reviews of Bring Me Home - Live, Sade

Reviewed by Red House - Mmmm...good !

Sade is so lovely, and this concert was so nice. Obviously much-rehearsed, because it was flawless. I loved the huge on-stage screen backdrop and how it was used - in one number she appeared in different windows and doorways, really cool.

I especially enjoyed the short film extra that's included - little time clips from before, during, and after the concert, but jumbled in time sequence.

The sound quality and HD was immersive and felt like I was there. If you have only even heard one song of Sade's and like it, you will enjoy the whole concert.

Reviewed by Chevere - Tremendously Amazing!!!

I have all of Sade's "Live" recordings and this tops them all!!
Sade not only sings better but she looks better than ever.
The band that comprises Sade are extremly tight -knit and are fabulious!!! (Most of them have been together for decades)
The video effects are outstanding and add to the performance!!
One song in particular, has the sun rising and setting behind Sade while she sings. Breathtaking!!!
If you are a lover of Sade, like I am, you must have this DVD. (Blue-Ray if possible)

Reviewed by Jaye - 8-)

loved it, I have played at least ten times now.

Reviewed by John - Phenominal SADE Concert in your living room!

I attended this SADE concert, the band's latest, twice in three days, and this DVD captures well the iconic band/woman who's music transpires decades. Reclusive and now in her mid-fifties, this may prove to be SADE's last concert. I hope not, but this DVD will help hold onto the fond memories. I highly recommend it, you won"t be disappointed!

Reviewed by Michael Stradford - The Best Tour of 2011

I was fortunate enough to see Sade twice on last year's Soldier of Love tour. As someone who sees a lot live concerts, it takes quite a bit for me to 'bow down'. With this show, I couldn't bow down deeply enough. Great song selection, a spectacular but tasteful stage presentation coupled with Sade's obvious appreciation of her audience's long standing loyalty, resulted in one of the best shows I've seen in the last 20 years.
The bluray edition of the concert film is immaculately produced and is a perfect record of a perfect show. I can't recommend this disc strongly enough.

Reviewed by DGW - If you enjoy her work

An intriguing and captivating performance by Sade. If you enjoy her work, then this DVD is a must.

Reviewed by Robert Anders - Sade- Bring me home- Bluray

I have a large collection of concert dvds and blu-ray discs, Most of which I treasure. This concert ( which I saw in Adelaide South AustraliaSade: Bring Me Home - Live 2011 (Blu-ray) is a stand out in my collection. Sade's songs together with her outstanding musicians, innovative arrangements, stunning stage presentation and lighting are simply superb. Put it all on Bluray, watch and listen and just salivate over the whole show. This is my first Amazon review after some years of purchasing music. So do yourself a favor and get it. cheers Robert Anderspon.

Reviewed by D Wise - Magically Sade ....

This is one of the best concert items I own. It covers Sade's entire career and is magically done. Any collector will want to own this item. I've watched it again and again, and haven't tired of it yet. Well worth the funds.

Reviewed by Macromama - Top marks for Sade - she is a magnet & charismatic as ever!

Saw Sade once at least 20 yrs ago in concert in Miami, FL and was blown away by her magnetism and voice quality. Have several of her older CD's and was not disappointed in this newer one!! She can still keep you on the edge of your seat!

Reviewed by Cynthia Anderson - Five Stars

Love her music ,I will order more DVD'S

Reviewed by pabuehle - Great Sade Blu-Ray - Like re-living the concert

Definitely worth buying if you like Sade. Especially if you went to the concert. We went to the concert in Phoenix and it was fantastic! I spoke to friends across the country and word-of-mouth was that this was one of the best concerts of the year - even for those years younger than us (we are mid-forties.) Saw some criticism on the number of cuts/edits. I did not believe these to be excessive. It seemed about right to me. The beautiful sets translated very well to Blu-ray. I own numerous concert discs and this is one of the best. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Olaf Wernicke - AMAZING ...

... AWE. ... I missed the concert and I just to hoped to see what went on by checking the DVD. And, I am blown away. ... she grew into a beautiful self-confident woman. Her "NO ORDINARY LOVE" still makes me tear up. Soooo much soul - soooo much heart. But, it looks like she found a great team to make a big production of it. Great show. She should be mentioned on professional levels of SEAL and STING. ... I will share with friends as often as I can. BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING.

Reviewed by antoinette Johnson - Had a concert in my living room was wonderful, took it to N

Had a concert in my living room was wonderful, took it to N.C. to visit my Home-girl an she wanted it so i lift the DVD an I still have the CD. Loved me some SHADE.

Reviewed by Kenneth gamboa - Five Stars

Excelent DVD

Reviewed by drummer joe - Captivating!!

We saw her concert in Atlanta last year. Couldn't wait to watch the DVD. Sounded great live but on this DVD she started out a little flat at first,but was in top form as the show went on. Of course...she looked great! The perfect example of less is more! Her band was outstanding, the lights and stage production for this DVD was exceptional. If you are a Sade fan,you have to get this DVD! Let's hope it's not another 9-10 years before she records and tours again.

Reviewed by Anon - The Performance

This video product provided an exact representation of the performance that Sade provided during her tour. It provided wide diversification of the crowd's reactions, the performer's efforts and facial expressions. Havung been the the live performance it was a pleasure to see the performers up close and personal rather than from the distance you experience sitting in an arena. Also, information showing preparation and travel experience of the group was an added extra. Excellent all around.

Reviewed by Anthony Joseph - Fantastic!

If you are a Sade fan and dont have this DVD get it! It is really good! She does all her hits with understated sexiness and has the audience eating out of her hands. No Ordinary Love, Smooth Operator, Cherish The Day, By Your Side....need I say more?

Reviewed by LiamC - Love it. Love her

Love it. Love her. Love the venue. Blu-ray at it's best with incredible colors, great sound clarity. This woman is in her 50's and sounds as good or better than she did 20 years ago. You are the real deal Sade.

Reviewed by Brent Hoffman - Awesome video footage, audio could be better

My wife and I attended this concert at the Cleveland, OH stop and it was AMAZING! This video brings back the memories each and every time. The video quality is great so are the additional features. The audio is good but seems to distort at certain parts. I am very picky about my home audio and was let down, but don't let this deter you from purchasing.

Reviewed by Fred McGhee - Job Well Done

As a document of Sade's 2011 World Tour, this Blu-Ray more than gets the job done. Sophie Muller's direction here is like everything she does: classy, classic, romantic, and modern. Her camera operators do a terrific job of capturing the total package that this concert experience represented. Everything from the set design, lighting, laser work, stagecraft, and of course the music are intelligently presented and seamlessly integrated, producing a cumulative impact that in its live incarnation is emotionally very potent and significant.

All of the players get ample amounts of shine. Their camaraderie, respect and love for one another is on full and unapologetic display. What is also clear is the genuine sense of joy and appreciation Sade have for their fans. Regrettably, it is increasingly rare for people this beautiful and accomplished to be this down to earth, a trait that remains one of this band's enduring strengths. One also gets the sense that the band members also understand the times in which they and we live; they understand the place of their art in this world and appreciate their responsibility to furnish us with it.

Nothing can of course replace the experience of watching Sade live, but if you saw the band during the 2011 live tour, this Blu-Ray will more than put a smile on your face, you just might find some goose bumps on your skin and the chill down your spine happening all over again. If you did not have the fortune of seeing Sade live in 2011, this Blu-Ray will help you appreciate what all of the hullabaloo was about.

Reviewed by GLo1 - Sade at her best!

Bought this after seeing Sade live in Orlando, FL - get this, you will love it if you're a fan at all. Great sound and video quality, so crank it up and enjoy.

Reviewed by Paul - Awesome on souround sound system

Excellent DVD. Sade and band are awesome. Sounds great on surround sound system.

Reviewed by Tipscorner - Great at capturing a once in a lifetime concert

As others have commented, what a concert it was!!!...and this DVD did a great job showing all the choreography and artistry of not only Sade, but her fabulous band.

Reviewed by Beverly Holliman - Sade: Bring Me Home - Live

This is by far the best "Live" DVD that I have seen this year. It is wonderful. It is so real that you actually are at the concert. Sade and her musicians are in rare
form. Everything is great - sound, settings, background, lighting.

If you have not seen this DVD, give yourself and family members a real musical experience. You will never regret it!!

Reviewed by WEE - There is only ONE SADE

Reviewed by far one of the very BEST LIVE CONCERT DVDs in my library! Though often "forgotten", SADE is a BAND, not just the voluptuously talented lead singer. This DVD takes the opportunity to showcase ALL of the members' considerable musicianship layer up

Reviewed by ivy grissom - Sade , classically fabulous period

No one I believe loves her style more than me , I own a little bistro in buffalo New York , swing from the vine bistro and when ever I put this DVD on my guest stay longer and she adds a element of classic Sade style if you like her you'll love this worth every penny... Enjoy

Reviewed by Sherrida Maxwell - Sade is a true legend and angel. Her music ...

Sade is a true legend and angel. Her music speaks volumes to the soul. The quality of the dvd really captured her essence as a musician and creator of pure bliss. #iadu

Reviewed by Brian Humphreys - I happy to say that Sade's live versions of songs do ...

I happy to say that Sade's live versions of songs do not vary much from the studio versions. Bring Me Home Live is excellent. What a singer, what a band.

Reviewed by T. Gamble - Love Sade

Blue-ray of this concert was amazing and beautiful like Sade. Thank you Sade for making another concert for your fans who can't see you live. I enjoyed the new and old because her songs are timeless. I really didn't understand the people who gave it one and two stars,maybe their system or television is not good. My sound and picture was great. Great concert and Sade was enjoying herself.

Reviewed by Perboir Moreira Filho - Another gift from my favorite goddess.

What else do I have to say that other reviewers didn't? This Blu-Ray is a precious gem. Amazing sound/image quality. Brilliant performances from all the members in the band (this is a superb band). Find any superlative in the dictionary and you'll find a way to describe this wonderful singer/artist. Her fabulous music will live forever. Thank you again, Sade.

Reviewed by JohnNYC - First-class concert and production !

Sade's new blu-ray concert video is exceptionally crystal-clear, great to watch and highly recommended. Sade performs with style, grace, and elegance as always. Her voice is even more beautiful and clear than ever, and the band is tight. It is a great ensemble perfectly cast in a top-notch award-worthy audio-visual production. This is a fine example of a first-class professional production.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Sade!!!!! Outstanding as always. ...

Sade!!!!! Outstanding as always. Time sure does fly though..... Back in the day she was non-stop on the Radioooooooooo

Reviewed by Frank Corradino - Don't miss it!

The production quality truly captured the brilliant performance by Sade and her band. I'm impressed by the effort it must have taken to put on such a great show.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Brilliant

The band is super tight and sound awesome in DTS 5.1. Sade sounds brilliant and I thought the mix of songs was perfect. And it was nice to watch a concert bluray that didn't switch camera shots every 2 seconds. A must have for any music fan.

Reviewed by Ryder - Five Stars

excellent sound, you can put this on and its the same quality as a studio recording.

Reviewed by Geraldine C. Phillips - Sade, took him home

I attended this show in St. Louis Missouri with my husband. He had stage 4 lung cancer when we attended. He thoroughly enjoyed this show and when I look at this DVD, I feel as though he is sitting beside me rocking like he did at the concert.

Reviewed by carol cokrlic - Get this DVDI It's just like being at the concert!

Sade: Bring Me Home -Live 2011 (Blu-ray)
My Husband and I went to this concert. It was by far the best concert we ever went to! This DVD is amazing. It was just like being there all over again. You will love the special effects, and the awesome band! Watching Sade and listening to her gives us goosebumps. Like my husband said, "Nobody should be that COOL!!"

Reviewed by V Windsor - Sade still has it

Superb live concert recording will definitely please Sade fans. She sounds great, looks great, and her band is as tight as ever. A nice mix of old and new songs. Visual effects are pretty amazing, but not really needed. Her smooth vocals and stage style don't require the background dazzle, but it's there for those who like that sort of thing. So glad she's back...

Reviewed by Tracye Coleman - Sade: Bring Me Home Blu-ray

I had the pleasure of attending her concert last year as I do every time the band performs and I know that usually they have a dvd of the concert to follow. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the blu-ray being as though I received a blu-ray player as a gift. I already have the Sade:Bring Me Home dvd.

Reviewed by Richard - One of the best concerts ever choreographed and it is exquisitely produced

One of the best concerts ever I experienced in Miami Beach. This video brings you right into the experience of a live concert and who better than Sade

Reviewed by Dashanzi - It doesn't get any better than this

Sade is an exceptional artist, and we are very lucky that she came out of retirement to make music again and share this live concert performance. Her band is first-rate and the dvd production values are exceptional. I highly recommend the it to anyone that appreciates soulful and beautiful music, sung from the heart. Sade's artistry is timeless.

Reviewed by EI - Best concert ever

Bring me home - live video is very good. All moments from concetr was captured very professional. Sophie Muller did a great gob creating this film. All effects are visible and Sade is just perfect. The film includes also behind-the-scenes footage of Adu and her bandmates rehearsing, hanging out on their tour bus and goofing off. Definitely buy really is amazing and worth the wait!!!

Reviewed by Amazon_Customer - Truly a gifted talent

If you're a SADE fan, you'll absolutely love this. If you're not a SADE fan, you will be after hearing this.

Reviewed by R Nance - Great Concert DVD

I attended the first "Bring Me Home" show that Sade had in the US and it was the best show I've ever been to. I knew after I left the show that I would be buy the DVD when her tour was over. Nothing compares to the live show but I do have to say that they did a great job making you feel as if you're in the concert. I definitely recommend this DVD.

Reviewed by JS. - Absolutely LOVED THIS DVD

I loved this DVD & the packaging was very surprised that I also got a CD to play in my car
perhaps it was part of the original packaging ( I probably overlooked that )
Great packaging GREAT DVD & CD , will definately buy from this vendor again

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year !!!!

Reviewed by BigChiefToiletPaper - Eye and Ear Candy

This is still my favorite concert on Blu-Ray. The sound quality is outstanding and the overall production is 5 stars. The love version of these songs even blow away the album versions.

Reviewed by JollyHolliday - Sade, Alive & Well

Great concert. The performance is top-notch and the audio/video quality is excellent.

Reviewed by Whoa Nelly - Loving Sade!

Love Sade, Love this performance! Saw it live when she was in concert during this tour. All I can say is.. WOW!!!

Reviewed by C A Yaniga - Anorther great Sade album

Originally saw the concert footage on Palladium. Since Sade is a favorite of mine, I went right to Amazon and ordered this DVD/CD. It is a bit disappointing that all of the songs from the DVD are not on the CD. The sound quality is excellent on both the DVD and CD. Some "live" recordings can disappoint but this one does not at all.

Reviewed by ltrain - I will FINALLY be able to see this concert again

In keeping with the consistent theme expressed by those privileged enough to see it, the Sade tour of 2011 was one of the best put-together tour performances you could have seen.

To give some background to it, I went to see the performance they did in Philadelphia, PA. Which was the second city of the first week of the tour. I initially bought the tickets in the fall of 2010. For a concert date taking place at the end of June 2011. A Sade new CD release and/or concert tour (as fans would know) has become a rare event. Taking place about once every 10 years or so now. Who knows when (or if) there will be another opportunity. So, I wasn't going to miss it. But, I remember thinking, at the time, why were they selling tickets so early to an event taking place 9 months in the future. I, personally, had never bought tickets to an event so far in advance before. But, when I saw the finished production, I KNEW why. It was the preparation and planning involved. As compared to other shows, even the last Sade tour in 2001, it wasn't just a singing and playing performance. There was actually some creative thought put into the visual, as well. There were specific theme, costume and stage set-ups, according to each song. Of which, there was plenty of them included to satisfy any fan's preferences.

Reviewed by the way, I consistently say THEY because Sade is more than just a singer being backed up by some replaceable musicians. It is a GROUP. In more ways than one, I have discovered. Four core members (Sade Adu-lead singer, Stuart Matthewman-guitar/saxophone, Paul Spencer Denman-bass, Andrew Hale-keyboards) composing, playing and performing together since BEFORE their first album release in 1984. All performances and record sales divided equally amongst the members. With almost every song in their repertoire, written by a member or members in the group. As those who saw one of their performances can attest to, Matthewman was almost as popular as Sade, herself. Who has done a remarkable job over the years as lead singer especially considering that, according to her, it wasn't her intention to become a singer at all, in the beginning.

But, Sade has always been at the very top of my musical favorites. One of the few artists that I, literally, listen to every single song of their, now, 6 original recorded releases without skipping a single song or track. Ever since seeing a performance during one of their 2011 tour dates, I have visual images when I listen to a particular song I saw performed live that night. Now, with the documented video release of one of these concert performances, I won't have to rely on memory anymore.

Reviewed by BG - Five Stars

Great collection of live recording. Her talent really shines in a live performance setting.

Reviewed by beth skinner - Five Stars

This is a beautiful production! I enjoyed every second of it! Mesmerizing!

Reviewed by cathy astor - Simply Awesome!

I saw this show in NJ when she came around in 2011. I have seen many, many top acts and this one blew us away. It was by far the best I have ever saw, her voice is flawless, the stage was beautiful, she looked amazing and the band is beyond talented. I am so glad I bought this DVD to replay the best show ever! My kids are even mesmerized by the talent as we watch this.

Reviewed by Volley - Sade - Bring Me Home (Blu -ray)

You know, this is what it's about; a straight-up, top-notch, professional production. This was way more than just a concert, this was a major show. I surprised my wife with great seats, and two+ hours later, we walked out of there saying that was the best concert we've seen, period. Understand, we've been fans since day one, but never had the opportunity to see her in concert. The band is still as tight as ever, and the light show, cameras, silohuettes, ah, what a performance. Oh wait, I'm talking about the show we went to...well, that's my point. We put the disc in, turned out the lights, and as soon as Sade and band started rising up from the stage, my wife jumped out of her chair screaming, and it was on! The one thing that made the blu-ray better than the concert was I got to see that pretty face up close, and crystal clear on my large plasma.

Great concert, great blu-ray disc..if you're a fan, you can't go wrong.

Reviewed by john - Its so good

Just awesome and good for your head. I'm 53 now, started listening when it 1st came out....worked at a record Bar.

Reviewed by 60's hippie girl - Sade Still Has It

Great album! Haven't heard Sade for s few years and she still knows how to bring it on. Liked hearing old and new.

Reviewed by G. OBREGON - Sharpest blu-ray concert I've ever seen.

I own several concert blu rays and this one is the best so far. Unlike many of them, seems that this one was shot on true HD. The clarity is amazing (like Avatar) and the concert is awesome. If you like Sade, you own a blu-ray player and a big screen lcd, this video is a must.

Reviewed by Tony - Always Sade

excellent artist, excellent image, excellent sound,excellent concert.
Sade demonstrate once again the level of professionalism she has.
You'll get an excellent product that all Sade fans should have

Reviewed by V. B. Higbee - Love It!

My husband loved this Christmas surprise and has listened to it several times. Sade-and her bank-are great entertainers.

Reviewed by Mr. Fleet - Sade is a "Superlady"

You can never go wrong with Sade. She rocked it in this concert. I saw her in Seattle live and had to get the Blu-Ray. A glass of wine or bottle and a good meal, you have dinner and a concert at your fingertips.

Reviewed by Ms Jackie - Mos Definitely A Smoooooth Operator!

It was Awesome! Just as good as the live concert of I attended as we'll. She gives a spectacular show almost as of she hasn't aged a bit! Go Ms Adu! Worth every dime and then some!

Reviewed by Tomarion Brown - I LOVE SADE!

I attended this concert a couple of years back and I loved it so much I had to have the dvd. Everyone purchase this, great for gift or add it to your music concert collection!!!

Reviewed by Ziara - Never Disappointed

When I saw the concert in Atlantic City I was in awe! That was the perfect venue to see Sade. The sound system was incredible, her stage theatrics were on point and it made the show even more exciting. I am so glad to have it on dvd and to have seen it in person. It might be another 7-10 years before she does another concert in the states.

Reviewed by Miguel C - Five Stars

If you like Sade, this is a must have.

Reviewed by Deborah Abella - Excellent overall

I would recomend this product to everyone that like to enjoy of the sensuality of Sade's music. I went to the concert in miami and wanted to have a live memory of it forever and this DVD brought me back to that day, exactly as I remember it. The package was in excellent condition and time of arrival was as expected.

Reviewed by Musicmaven55 - State of the Art Production

Let me say that I have been a Sade fan since the beginning so this review is not about her music per se. I also have her previous Sade Lovers Live DVD.
What separates this from most of the recent concert DVD's is the Blu-Ray but mostly the choreography and production values. Remember that Blu-Ray offers better sound and picture and this is where the lighting, photography and staging makes it stand out compared to many of the others out today. Sade fans will rejoice and those of us who weren't as fortunate to attend the show this time will have a wonderful souvenir of what is a great concert experience. By the way, the recent concert Blu-Ray that is comparable in production values and the type of show is George Michael's recent Blu-Ray from London. You might check it out if you are a fan.
With a good sound system you may find that owning a BluRay might be almost as good as being there.

Reviewed by Randall G. Foley - Sade, the peak of Perfection!!!

Wow, now this is what a concert is supposed to look and sound like!!! I gave "The Bring Me Home" concert DVD 5 Stars only because that's the highest rating allowed. This is truly a 10 Star performance by Sade!! She's a Goddess and her voice is angelic!! The band is beyond sensational. I did something I never did before with a new DVD, I watched it back to back. I've watched this concert at least ten times in the month and a half I've owned it. Sade and her band truly are the soldiers of love!! They put on a SHOW for every band to try to be great enough to emulate. Sade sets the standard of perfection, mind, heart, body and soul. Heaven most definitely is missing an Angel while Sade performs for us mere mortals. To have her in your living room is as good as sitting in the front row to see and listen to Her and the Band. The new songs she introduced as well as some of her all time favorites were off the charts!! Their sheer greatness on this DVD is immeasurable by any standard. I also need to mention the production itself. The producers deserve a ton of credit for their part in making this listening and viewing experience out of this world. Thank You Sade!! You sing in one of your songs "it's never as good as the first time" but you only get better each time I watch your concert(s), especially this show!! I am totally in love with you. It's stunning how beautiful you remain. Stunning how beautiful your songs remain too!! Whoever these people are that give it less than five stars need professional help!!

Reviewed by myron richardson - nice music

fast delivery and a very good cd and dvd comb.set

Reviewed by Cigarbuff - Love Sade?

There is something about this unique and beautiful singer I love so much! She is so smooth and so good! I bought this Blu Ray Dvd of her because I have never seen much of her. It is awesome. She is a lovely lady and very talented. Put it in and you will have a great evening with Sade! Get it!

Reviewed by Kristin St John - What Can You Say...It's Sade

I was at this concert tour and turned to my friend and told her that it's coming out on DVD -- everything about the concert was flawless. This concert was beyond beautiful and having a chance to see it whenever I put on the DVD, or listen to it on my IPod is priceless. Definitely, grab this if you get a chance, you won't regret it at all.

Reviewed by Resort Hopper - CONCERTJOCKEY REVIEW!!!!!


Reviewed by Atoy B. Carrington - Five Stars

If you like SADE...this is a winner. How can you go wrong. Enjoy yourself.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Sade. Legend!

Amazing!! I feel like Im there Live!!! Great picture quality.

Reviewed by Cookie - Love Sade

Sade is one of my favorites! I didn't get to see her when she toured, this DVD makes me feel like I did! It is in perfect condition and I Absolutely love it as well as the included CD. Fan for life:-)

Reviewed by Bob - SUPER PURCHASE!!!

DVD of concert from the tour I attended. Super show from a GREAT performer!
Very enjoyable.....takes me back to the show! LOVED IT!

Reviewed by Rae - OMG!!

This live concert was AMAZING!! The stage setup was visually stunning!! Sade was in my area in 2012 and after watching this video I WISH I had taken the time to purchase tickets to see her live. Simply stunning!!! I have nothing bad to say about this video. If you can.... purchase it. You won't be disappointed!!

Reviewed by Martha I. Sanchez - Sade never fails to entertain. Her sultry voice and ...

Sade never fails to entertain. Her sultry voice and unparalleled performance bring about her most memorable hits from previous albums. If there is one artist I would want to see live, its SADE!

Reviewed by Wil - Sade is phenomenal!

I actually attended her last U.S. tour concert in Ontario, CA last year on September 4, 2011, where the stage scenes where filmed for this DVD. I was not disappointed in the production, however ain't nothing like the real thing. It was a close to live as possible and I still get chills when I replay the concert. Simply amazing!

Reviewed by Darnell D. Rivera - She's Phenominal!

Anyone who is fan of Sade has got to own this live version of her recent tour! Fantastic! If you do not, your are missing out on exceptional concert experience.

Reviewed by Sinned - worth every $

This is something rare. ..the band is something I could watch without Sade...there that good...Sweetback...a must have!

Reviewed by Forrest - Great!

this was a gift for my mother-in-law who absolutely loved it. She is currently wearing the disk out listening to it about five times a day.

Reviewed by Tilu4lyfe - Absolutely Amazing

Sade has done it again. It is a very simply done concert but from beginning to end you are stimulated. The music is timeless and the performance was just hypnotic. I gave this as a gift and almost took it back! If you like Sade's music and enjoy her videos then this concert performance will not disappoint.

Reviewed by Gilbert K.L.Chang - Excellent music video

Incredible singing talent. Excellent music video.

Reviewed by Justin Myers - Sade is awsome!!!!!!!!!!

Outstanding video! I would buy this one again! Excellent performances terrific extras good camera work. What a production! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Enzo M. - Great show...

I've always enjoyed Sade's music, live (once), on CD, DVD and now Blu-Ray. Bring me home is the second best of the bunch right behind actually being at the concert. Well, wait, there's no traffic in or out at home, I can freely use the bathroom when I need to, food and drinks are free (sorta) and my system brings me pretty damn close to actually being there (in feeling anyway). So, I don't know, the blu-ray could actually tie for first, even with traffic and all there's nothing quite like being at the show. Anyway, Sade have turned up the wick just enough to make this particular concert even more fun than the last few. The backdrops, images and that extra little bit of energy in the songs really come across plus the show feels somewhat more intimate compared to either of the previous two tours. These songs refuse to age as obviously does Sade herself, they sound as good as ever and she seems to become more beautiful as time passes. Minor criticisms (and, who am I?) is that I wish the guys would really let loose on some of the songs, like they'd really let rip with a slashing solo on guitar, sax or the drums. I don't mean that rehearsed jam they usually do at the end of smooth operator (not in this show) but actual improvisational riffing and jamming. They obviously have the chops so let em go! Other than that this is a very enjoyable blu-ray concert, one that I don't believe you even have to be a Sade super fan to enjoy. Although I have a surround sound system I've only listened to the PCM stereo track and it sounds very good, I played it pretty loud and you could still hear each instrument doing it's individual thing while coming together as a whole. The video can look a little grainy at times, especially for a blu ray but there are a lot of background lighting effects and such that could be adding to that perception. I give the audio (PCM stereo) 4.5 stars outta 5 and the video 4 out of 5 due to that occasional graininess. I give the Blu-ray 5 stars overall because it's just plain fun music to listen and jam along to.
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Reviewed by James c - The its are on this and its just like being there

Sexy voice and stunning quality. The its are on this and its just like being there. I swear she never sounded better!

Reviewed by Paul - Wish I Was There

Very different from Sade's other DVD's, quite a production! What a beautiful person!

Reviewed by Tina A. Kowalski - Five Stars

Another gift for hubby

Reviewed by Teach - Wish I was There

If you are a fan of Sade, then you'll enjoy this DVD. The CD just contains a few of the songs on the DVD, its okay. I found myself enjoying the DVD as if I was at the concert.

Reviewed by cpm - Five Stars


Reviewed by A. Keane - Great

Most Excellent Concert Experience
After buying the Blue Ray, which looks and sounds awesome
It did not come with a CD like DVD why not?
I bought the DVD just for the CD...either way money worth spending.

Reviewed by Jeff Khoury - Amazing on blu-ray!

The blu-ray quality is amazing for a show that is staged so wonderfully. The audio is off the charts -- "Is Sade in the room with me?".

Reviewed by markymarc - Mesmerizing!!...and John Legend wasn't bad either!

It was a warm summer evening July 9, 2011 (still daylight) in downtown Cleveland, Ohio with bumper to bumper traffic searching for a good parking spot. Just a few blocks away was a parking garage then the trek to the Quicken Loans arena. Going down the stairs to the awaiting floor seats just second section, center second row. The pounding of the bass drum signaling the start of John Legend's set beginning with Rolling In the Deep. Yes John Legend, not Adele. Must have been his favorite song at the time (as well as everybody else's!!). Excellent opening act.

Now the moment we have been waiting for with Soldier of Love, the opening from Apocalypse Now!! First thing I thought of anyway! Then the diva rising from the floor with the rest of her band!!! What a build up!! From then on, one after the other; Your Love is King, Skin to the dramatic opening of Smooth Operator & that kick ass bass solo that I never get tired of (& neither does Sade by her reaction!!). The lighting, sets, alternate, rockier versions of her biggest hits (Paradise my personal fave!) giving us the fans so much bang for our buck. I give this 5 stars as an ultimate souvenir of such an incredible night of music & class. The night was an anniversary present to ourselves (21st BTW!!) & we couldn't ask for better.

As far as the few criticisms go for this performance, it is definitely not the same as being there. I can clearly see the flaws in the DVD/Blue ray. But a must have document for any Sade fan that has been there or wasn't fortunate to see it in person. Her heart was definitely in this show! Thank you Sade Adu and your incredible band for such a mesmerizing, magical & unforgettable concert experience.

Reviewed by S. Stanev - Great compilation for a great Concert!

I saw the concert and that's why I bought this. It really provides good impression of this great concert for anyone that hasn't seen it. The extra material is also great since it shows Sade and her team behind the scenes. Being a private person, this is a rare and good footage of her.

Reviewed by Miah - Outstanding

The whole production of the concert was great the making of the entertainment of DVD itself would like you were there live

Reviewed by B.Stewart - Do I really need to comment?

Anyone who knows anything about SADE needs to own this DVD. Just something about seeing her live even if it is taped!

Reviewed by Ted Brick - Perfect - one of my favorite DVD's

Smooth very nice vib. I love enjoy the concert over and over.

Reviewed by chris developer - Awesome! Worth every penny.

The quality on this dvd is exceptional! The concert footage and behind the stage scenes is really nice! Nice production!

Reviewed by David La Paz - Love It...

If You're A Real Fan, You'll Love It...

Reviewed by chris - Awesome concert!!!

Sade is such a great performer and she really shines in this show. Her energy is amazing and she hasn't lost a step in all the years of her performing.

Reviewed by Kevin Wilson - Five Stars

This is a good video.

Reviewed by brimai86 - One of the best on Blu-ray!!!

One of the BEST concerts I've seen on a Blu-ray Disc. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Reviewed by Rick Ferro - Five Stars

Great piece of music!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by Mdmluv - The Best

It feels like you're there and she does all of the greatest hits.

Reviewed by Nitram - Fantastic

Can't go wrong with Sade, the women is SOULFUL

Reviewed by Linda J. Adams - Five Stars

great service and price

Reviewed by Monica R. - Great DVD of an Awesome Concert

We were fortunate enough to see Sade in concert recently. Fantastic show. We wanted to revisit that concert so we've been waiting for this DVD. It was a really good representation of the actual concert. Sade sang amazingly and now we get to see and hear it over and over again. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by bbishop - Love Sade: Bring Me Home - Live 2011 DVD/CD!!

Absolutely loved her live concert and wished I could have followed her around on the CA tour - but since I could not do that, I eagerly awaited the release of the LIVE DVD and AM NOT disappointed! The DVD (and CD) are really awesome and the second best thing to actually attending her amazing concert.

Reviewed by Dr. Elizabeth Kapadia - Sade bring me home

Awesome DVD bought for my son and he and I both loved it..Alot of music and awesome extras. Enjoy and worth the money

Reviewed by povvop - Five Stars


Reviewed by Kjetil Rodal - Fireworks!

Attended this show in Tallinn and would say it's probably the best live show I have ever seen. The film is no worse, top quality sound and execution of a rocked up version of Sade - good music, excellent show!

Reviewed by linda freeman - Five Stars

wonderfully done!

Reviewed by Lewis Mucci - Unbeliveable

This concert is unbelievable!! If you love Sade you are going to love this concert. She is amazing and the band is wonderful!

Reviewed by Alvaro Faria - Five Stars

very good

Reviewed by Ali - Five Stars

the best

Reviewed by R - great !!!

amazing show and concert from sade......amazing beautifull singer with great vocal..... excelent sound and amazing video qulity. 5 stars . Recomended !

Reviewed by Dominique Bigeard - Five Stars


Reviewed by Ioulia11 - Five Stars

Good product, working as needed!

Reviewed by Benford O. Nance Jr. - Awesome!!!

The best concert video I have ever seen!!! Sade is at the graduate level in fusing audio visual technology and her music. The rest of the groups should take note. I am still mad that I didn't see her live while she was in my backyard!!

Reviewed by Dianne B. - SADE is super!

This is an awesome concert. Everyone I let see it agrees.

Reviewed by snowdog - Great DVD and CD!

What an excellent show! Sade seems to be ageless and the musicians and stage show are excellent. I liked that Sade spoke to the audience occasionally and introduced the band. I think the quality is good. I do wish they had the combo available in bluray.

Reviewed by Howie Atkinson - Five Stars

fantastic as expected

Reviewed by USERBOSCO - Great live recordings

Very enjoyable, great recording quality, and - as you'd expect - amazing performance by Sade. If you are a fan, buy it!

Reviewed by Larry S - Five Stars

Same song but more exciting!

Reviewed by Mark A. Gatica - Another gorgeous set from the classiest performer in popular music

A feast for the eyes as well as the ears. All your old favorites performed faithfully, with new classics prominently displayed. The band is tight, the sound is crystal clear, the visuals are fresh, and Sade is as gorgeous as ever.

Reviewed by Bruce Castile - Sade: Bring Me Home - Live 2011 (Blu-ray)

I own many concert videos on DVD and Blu Ray. This one is definitly ranked in the top 5 for performance, audio fidelity, and strage settings! Absolutely one of the best concert videos out there!

Reviewed by David - Sade team nails it!

Hands down, best concert I have ever seen!

Reviewed by Drusiall Guter - Sade

Now I own all of the DVD's for SADE and I still can't get enough ot them. They are the best band out there and have been doing what they do for almost 30 years. Continue making music for many years to come.

Reviewed by Earle - AWESOME AWESOM AWESOME!!!

My wife and I actually attended this very concert in Ontario (Although we couldn't see us in the audience :(). What an amazing gift to be able to replay an amazing night over and over again. the Bluray is of excellent quality- both sound and picture.

Reviewed by W.E.B. Dubois - An Unforgettable Performance

Sade is a beautiful songstress. This video captures her timeless appeal, her humble persona, the tantalizing sexuality of her music. Bravissimo!!!

Reviewed by Danielle Watson - Sade is awesome!

As a number one fan, this DVD has videos as well as some backstage footage that is always fun to watch.

Reviewed by York Falcons - "Simple Awesome"

It's "SADE" no more to be said. Awesome Live Blu-Ray DVD.

Reviewed by Mary L. - Well having "a concert" in my living room!!!

Shows off her timeless style and grace.

Reviewed by The Hawk - Five Stars

Great singer and artist. Great band. Truly special.

Reviewed by brownsugar21 - Beautifully done.

This bluray is awesome. It shows Sade at her best, plus behind the scene footage of her getting ready for her performance. I would certainly recommend to others this bluray.

Reviewed by Thomas D. Gilmore - Five Stars

Thanks for a beautiful experience!

Reviewed by Tre - She's the best!

Sade is one of my all time favorites and she delievers an amazing performance as always. I play this one all the time.

Reviewed by Barbara A. Gilbert - Sade

I have always loved Sade. I missed her concert where I live, but the dvd had me mesmerized. I watched it everyday for a week. Sade is timeless, charismatic, lovely, awesome, captivating!!!!!!!!! Need I say more. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

Reviewed by Kelly J. Whigham - Sade equals excellence!

Outstanding as always!

Reviewed by SRH - Five Stars

Sound was excellent. Video was excellent

Reviewed by Gerald Coutch - Love it!

If your a Sade fan this is a must have. Love it!

Reviewed by Retta - Five Stars

Thank you so much I rceved on time.

Reviewed by Larry Glasper - Five Stars


Reviewed by brandon eaton - Five Stars

Her voice and the band's rythum are amazing

Reviewed by E Castro - Awsome!!!

I've seen this particular concert in the past through youtube, but it doesn't compare watching it on Blu-ray. Picture is so clear it's almost as if you're there watching her live. Absolutely worth the $.

Reviewed by james e clay jr - the live concert was great. the extra clips at the conclusion of the ...

the live concert was great. the extra clips at the conclusion of the concert were very enjoyable. I will be ordering more.

Reviewed by Patricia A Calloway - AWESOME

A SADE fan. First time finally seeing her live on her concert tour in 2011. Very ectastic that she released a DVD/CD.

Reviewed by MAKOTO - ONLY ONE

You can feel the very best of SADE.
This one is a great gift to the fan of SADE and the best guide to new fans.
Concerts are so nicely organized that I feel this could be the last..

Reviewed by maryann rojas - Great concert, like all performance by Sade have watched ...

Great concert ,like all performance by Sade have watched this many times

Reviewed by Mississippi Masala - best concert ever, best dvd

It is a beautiful video and if you love Sade, you'll love this DVD. Plus it's cheaper than concert tickets!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Great Sada video, LIVE...



Reviewed by Luis Roque - Five Stars

Very good product and customer service. Thank you.

Reviewed by Anthony J. Bailey - very very nice

This is the best compilations of sadesign concerts ever

Reviewed by K. Newsom - Her Best Concert Ever!!!

I was so Excited when I saw this was Finally available!
I've been to 3 Sade concerts and I have to say, This Was My Favorite! My husband and I went to this concert in Indianapolis, and all through the show we kept saying, "They have to be taping for a DVD!"
The stage production was so elaborate and the sound was superb. She's back with the original band members (Sweetback) and it's like putting on your favorite jeans or those broke in shoes...Perfect! They sound phenomenal; and they do ALL THE HITS... Old & New!
The Blue-Ray quality made me feel like I was back in the arena. I even got to see some different things on stage, thanks to the different camera angles. The extras are cool to watch as well. You get to see Sade & the band behind stage and behind the scenes, and witness the production come together.
This is a MUST-HAVE for EVERY Sade fan! If you're not a Big Sade Fan now, you will be after watching this! If you've never seen her live, THIS IS THE ONE TO GET!

Reviewed by mark perkins - Five Stars

Great described ...excellent packaging , fast shipping ! Thank You !

Reviewed by Ita65 - Great concert from a talented artist

Great BlueRay of a talented artist "send away". Sound is great and DTS surround 5.1 is greatly recorded. Highly recommended if you are a SADE fan.

Reviewed by R. Prescott - A Must Have Show For Your Live Collection Of Concerts

Saw the show in Seattle. Breathtaking! Man!

Sade does it with so much style, grace, confidence and intimacy!
Superb staging, lighting, sound and showmanship. The show, from start to finish is not only a feast for the eyes, it's a sexy,
sultry, seductive, orgasmic assault on the ears.

Sade Abu, long the perfectionist and singing only when she has something to sing about, after a 10 year hiatus, shows us all
why her LP "Soldier Of Love" (Debut at #1 in the U.S. and stayed on the charts for 14 weeks) produced a sound and feel that
made every one want to see Sade and Co. in concert after a 10 year hiatus from the stage as well!

With sold out shows on the original legs of the tour and the success of the LP, Sade extended the tour to Australia adding
dates, with a final show for this tour in Abu Dhabi making this the band's first WORLD TOUR and rounding success!!

They performed in front of over a half a million fans, many of the dates sold out in a tour that grossed over $53 million.

The 2011 concert dvd/cd combo debut at number 1 in the U.S. as well! Making Sade the 8th highest grossing tour of 2011.
Now, this tour will have to do for telling when the reigning queen of pop/soul/r&b/jazz and rock will get around to
treating us to another LP and Tour? Get your copy now!

Reviewed by Kevin Daniely - Five Stars

I love Sade, once I understood her music.

Reviewed by dwainewaine - Sade: Bring Me Home - Live 2011

This DVD is almost what I expected. I had a chance to see Sade: Bring Me Home Tour, and I really love it. The DVD has been edited a little too much and you miss some of the best performances she did on the tour.

Reviewed by Paul Graham - Unbelieveable at her age

Glad to see the Brazilians love the best lady and her band too. She's in a class of her own..

Reviewed by Amazon Prime Fanatic - Fantastic!

Still looking and sounding great!

The band and crew is great too, very dynamic arrangement in terms of music, visual effects, stage presence.

This is a must-have DVD if you like sade. :)

Reviewed by MGA - Great concert blu ray

Crystal clear picture and impressively vibrant audio. Great concert blu ray.

Reviewed by M. Walker - Five Stars

I love this DVD - My all time favorite!

Reviewed by SarahSpirit - beautiful

She's beautiful and has a beautiful voice .

Reviewed by JG - SADE Live loving it

I have always liked "LIVE" albums on
DVD or VHS tape, but SADE takes it to a new level. I thoroughly enjoyed this
DVD of SADE's "BRING Me Home" concert that I purchased on June 27,2012. I hope to see more at this quality level!

Reviewed by Karen Tyndale - Excellent Show!!!

I have my fav's of Sade and she rocked them into an even better favorite. She is the queen of "simple" being over the top!!!!
the old saying "less is more." She nailed it!

Reviewed by ESTL girl - AWESOME!!!!

Watching this concert in Blu-ray is like being at the concert again, which was awesome!!. Sade really gave her best! All I can recommend is BUY! BUY! BUY!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Sade live.

Fantasic. She gives her all.

Reviewed by patricia torchia - loved it, bought this copy for Christmas gift

Already had this DVD, loved it, bought this copy for Christmas gift. They lived it too!

Reviewed by Scottj1911 - Great DVD!

I love Sade and this DVD is outstanding. A must have if you want to see and treasure an auesome Sade performance.

Reviewed by Keith DeLancey - Sade is Godlike! Er ... Goddesslike!!!

One of my favorite bands of all time with a divine front-woman! This Blu-ray is a beautiful way to remember that tour! Please tour again Sade!!!

Reviewed by pounder - As Expected

Great video and audio quality which only enhanced a great performance. Would love to see Sade live but she doesn't tour very often and even less in the US. I'll take what I can get! Well worth the $$

Reviewed by Pat - Fabulous!

I saw Sade when she came to the US and it was the best concert I ever saw in my entire life. Definitely wanted to buy the DVD to keep the experience going.

Reviewed by Jazzmann - Five Stars

All I can say is WOW!!!
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Reviewed by david davis - Sade is beautiful and so is her music

Sade is always a great, owning this cd and dvd will provide hours of beautiful time for me to escape from this crazy world. :-) Sade keep making them and i will keep buying them.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - What a great performance!

I did not get to see this great band live when this tour was live so it was great to hear and see such a great performance. I felt like I was actally there especially with the surround sound on!

Reviewed by Mastercard - Five Stars

Love me some Sade

Reviewed by Kenny B - Wow

Wonderful! That's the only way to describe this blu-ray. If you're a Sade fan, then this is a must have for you. You already have that big flat screen and hooked up the theater system, well, now it's time to put it to use. Put in the disc, pour a glass of your beverage of choice and let the party begin, you will not be disappointed.

As a side note, don't you love how Sade has proven that you don't have to follow some corporate formula or compromise yourself to achieve success. This disc and Sade's career in general, can serve as a blue print for so many young artists (male and female) who unfortunately mistake radio play for achievement and an uncovered body for talent. She truly raises the bar.

Thanks Sade for two decades of wonderful music.

Reviewed by BOUDJELAL SAMIR - Five Stars


Reviewed by Leslie - A Treasure

A real Treasure

Reviewed by Heather Shields - Fast!

Absolutely gorgeous! Super fast delivery!

Reviewed by R. Jones - Sade Live!

Finally hooked up my Blu-Ray and the first video I played was Sade's live concert. After reading all the reviews here and listening to the live release, I had to have it to see the visuals. Amazing, the lighting, Sade, the band. This video just makes me wish I was at the actual concert. Yet, seeing it on Blu-ray is probably the best seat in the house. The visuals are almost as amazing as the band itself. The music is so well arranged, you would almost feel like you are listening to her CDs. From the intro to the end, Sade live is great. I hope it doesnt take her another ten years to release another album of new material and tour. This release definitely makes me want to experience it live. I remember hearing of her tour and seeing the ticket prices. After watching this video, I completely understand why the prices were high. GREAT show!!!!!! I cant say anymore, just great.

Reviewed by Chief Tek - Sade Rocks

Saw the concert in Arizona and it was great. Wanted the DVD then but not available. Getting it now was just what was needed. Have enjoyed the show again and again. Excellent and you can really get into the grove over and over.

Reviewed by damfong - get it.

great performance

Reviewed by tee - great video

this is an excellent concert video. i was also fortunate to attend the concert and it was just like being there again. also the bonus features are good. this is a "must have" for sade fans. i highly recommend this item.

Reviewed by Marion E Edwards - Five Stars

Sade video was excellent.

Reviewed by CBS loves Amazon!! - Amazing concert!!

Went to Sade's concert and wanted to purchase. One word Amazing!! If you are a fan and did not get to see this concert....Purchase Now!! SLMS2599

Reviewed by R. P. Perkins - What a show!

I missed Sade on her 2011 tour with John Legend. This defiantly makes up for my loss. Great sound and video production. This is a must buy. Enjoy responsible.

Next.. Bring Me Home - Live, Sade

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