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Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax with Genuine Canon Ink Value Pack - A MUST READ REVIEW IF SERIOUSLY IN TE MARKET FOR A GREAT QUALITY ALL-IN-ONE HOME OFFICE PRODUCT

Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax with Genuine Canon Ink Value Pack

Review Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax with Genuine Canon Ink Value Pack - A MUST READ REVIEW IF SERIOUSLY IN THE MARKET FOR A GREAT QUALITY ALL-IN-ONE HOME OFFICE PRODUCT

Comments on Review Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax with Genuine Canon Ink Value Pack - A MUST READ REVIEW IF SERIOUSLY IN THE MARKET FOR A GREAT QUALITY ALL-IN-ONE HOME OFFICE PRODUCT

Terra Jensen says:
Did the reviewer say there is a quiet mode? Try it!!!

L. D. Hill says:
Where do you find the quiet mode to turn turn it on?

Suzanne L. says:
i bought this printer, followed the above instructions everything worked fine on day 1 but now the printer never appears online for my daughters chromebook. Wirelessly prints fine from my laptop. We have had her print jobs come out a week later?? We tried registering the chromebook and it shows it as successful but the printer remains grayed out for her, anyone know how to fix this???? The whole point of buying this was for her to get her homework done without hassle, very frustrating.

D. Williams says:
Thank you for this review. However, I own this model and I have tried to print business cards and the amount I have wasted, because this stupid printer NO MATTER WHAT I DO, will NOT print correctly is RIDICULOUS. Unless you know of something that I might be doing wrong. Please help!

Colleen Butler says:
Is this printer easy wireless set up with MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad?

S. Rhodes says:
Something is wrong with your printer. My 992 is quieter than the 882 and much quieter than y previous HP.

R. G. Ladig says:
I have a MX922 printer that drinks ink like coffee. Consumer reports stated that the MX922 uses twice the ink of other printers. It is estimated to use $20.00 in ink per month just for maintenance. This fact is well documented on various website reviews. Canon should be ashamed of producing this product. After using this printer for almost a year I have to give it a definite thumbs down just for ink consumption alone. I've had alot of different printers ( I'm 70) I don't know what kind of computer back ground this person has but I personally have building, repairing and consulting for almost 25 years. The review mentions the warranty for $14.20. Even if you buy the warranty, the cannon warranty preceds all others, if canon won't fix it then you will have to send it to the extended warranty company at your expense. This thing is big! I would estimate it weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-25 lbs so it's going to be expensive.......

R. G. Ladig says:
Try re-installing the print drivers as adminastrator. You will need to find your router name in the wireless section and log on with the password to connect

R. G. Ladig says:
The MX922 has a selectable quiet mode in the menu system. It is very quiet

Kduo says:
On the printer Menu (scroll to the right with arrows to quiet menu click OK set to on) off by default

DanCooperMedia says:
Except that the printer is completely unacceptable due to the fact that in order to print a #10 business envelope you have to remove the paper from its tray, put in the envelope, print it, and then replace the paper. Every darn time.

Dave Murphy says:
To R.G. Ladig: I'm so glad I happened to see your comments regarding this person's review. You saved me from buying this ink-guzzler of a printer. I checked out your claims about ink costs and you're right. Consumer Reports does call out this printer for its exorbitant ink usage. It's one of the worst. Anyone can Google this and see for themselves. Regardless of what you pay for this printer, it's going to cost you a lot more in ink costs.
Thanks for posting that.

Gail says:
WOW! what a comprehensive review. I have been searching for a new printer for several months now as my old HP has just about given out. I don't print often but when I do I wanted a wireless printer as these 68 year old bones does not bend well in connecting cables. You have helped me make the decision. Thank you my search is over and at a very affordable price.

bee guy says:
ZOMG, you have to put in envelopes separately EVERY TIME you print them? I don't understand how anyone could put up with such an atrocious piece of equipment.

DanCooperMedia says:
Yup, and there's a separate envelope feeder that's not big enough for a #10 business envelope, and on top of that you can't buy another paper feeder to swap that would hold envelopes when you need to print an envelope. It just sucks that bad. And Canon does nothing about it.

Roxanne says:
Well, I would rather know its printing so not everyone minds the noise...I am a sensitive person in general and I don't feel it bothers me much, id gather it wouldn't bother the majority of people of you are the average Joe. I've also had this printer for about 1 year and print probably more than the average.

Andreew D. Kopac says:
Seems like you should have researched the envelope feeding and tray feature before buying this printer, or just returned it after trying envelopes rather than giving it a bad rating for your inconvenience. There might be a lot of people who rarely print envelopes like me, and have a wife who enjoys the convenience of printing photos painlessly from her phone. As far as ink goes, we refill our cartridges and spend maybe $16 a year for ink and we print quite a bit (2 cases of paper a year + photos). I do like the idea of having a swappable envelope tray. You should talk to canon about it.

Karl H. says:
It is good to read a review that was writen by someone who cares what others think. Made it an easy choice.

Dennis says:
Thank you Sherie White !

IF only all reviews were as thorough as yours there would be less people buying something they will not be happy with and less filled with angst over indecision about purchases.

Sherry T. Shanahan says:
Seems a balanced review, except there is no mention of the #1 complaint I've read about this printer---it takes 5mins to warm up before it prints the first page even if you leave it on all the time; that could be a draw back for me, so I'd like to know what Sherrie White's experience has been regarding warm up time?

DanCooperMedia says:
It does not take 5 minutes to warm up. That's nonsense. The issues are it's large, heavy and it's extremely difficult to print a #10 business envelope.

Dennis P. McMahon says:
excellent review, thanks!

Rebecca says:
Hello thanks for this detailed review. In it, you state this:
"Also the printer by default will print even all Black and White documents in the color setting because it brings a better quality this can simply be changed in your printer settings in your control panel to Black and White so most regular text documents will use the XXL cartridge which lasts for ever. With this setting changed if the page has color it stills prints in color."

I'm having difficulty finding this setting on my printer. Can you (or anyone else) please tell me where it is and how to turn it on?

DanCooperMedia says:
The color setting will not produce better black and white.

Arturo E. R. says:
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review !!!

Dennis P. McMahon says:
i bought this printer largely on the strength of the main review here. I did not see it mentioned how long it takes to make a simple copy or print a single Word document page. In case anyone is interested, it takes about two and a half minutes to print a simple one-page Word document, in black and white, and another two and a half minutes to make a copy of that document in black and white. What a joke! Had I known this, I never would have purchased this item.

David S Pearson says:

Bob Zook says:
Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to cover "all the bases" in this review!! I have printed a copy of your review to use in setting up my new printer if this is the one I finally purchase!!

DanCooperMedia says:
You would be better off with Epson WOrkForce 3620

goodnite.graci says:
excellent review. it was just the review i needed to push over the top to purchase. ty so much for your time.

Kevin A. says:
This review failed to explain or offer resolution to the failure mode where, after several months, the printer makes printing sounds and actions but produces only blank sheets. The obvious solution seemed to be to change out the expensive B&W and color cartridges, which I did, to no avail. I replaced them with new genuine Canon ink cartridges with the same result. This is the worst printer I have ever owned. I am completely disgusted with Canon and will never buy Canon anything ever again. Others have reported this same problem and said that Canon said to ship it back to them at the owners cost and have it repaired, also at the owner's cost. Yeh, right. after spending all that additional money, who's to say it wont' happen again. My advice is to avoid this printer.

Rob A. says:
Daniel Cooper said "3) Yup, there "might" be a lot of people who don't print #10 envelopes, which is the issue, and there are loads of people who do, and they need to know this printer fails at doing that."

I think all of the printers I've owned required removal of the paper to print an envelope or they would usually jam. Some of them, required me to flip a lever for envelopes also, so I think this is fairly common in home printers (as opposed to office printers). You should have got a printer with more than one cassette like I use at work, one for paper, one for checks (or envelopes in your case). Fortunately I don't expect good envelope printing since I've never seen it in a home printer I've owned (Epson, Canon, HP), but I agree it would be nice to be able to toss an envelope in to quickly print an address.

Rob A. says:
Sherrie White said "Also you have to make sure your phone is on the same channel, so especially if you have a dual-band router and your phone is on the 5ghz channel and the printer is on the 2.4ghz channel you will also run into problems."

First, those aren't channels, they're bands. There are wifi channels within those bands, but no one should have to worry about either of those things to print to a printer. If you are having that issue you have something configured incorrectly on your router. Most likely on your dual-band router you have one of the network names on one of the bands configured as a guest network or you have some isolation feature enabled that separates one virtual network on the router from another, or one band from another. No matter which band a device is on shouldn't affect communication between the two (unless an option you enabled is making it that way).

Donald says:
Thank you for your review. I needed to find a good printer fast. I'm going out now to see if I can bring one of these home with me.

C Fish says:
Thank you for the detailed review, I appreciate your time!

Amazon Customer says:
I would like to like this 100 times. I have been going crazy trying to figure out why our androids wouldn't connect.

Amazon Customer says:
How is the quality of pics larger than 4x6? Also, are you still satisfied with this printer?

Jnet1 says:
This is the best inkjet printer I've ever used. I am a teacher, and this printer is really a lifesaver.The printing quality is excellent, the printing is quick, and the price is outstanding. It prints as well , if not better than, a laser printer. I don't like cliches, but as some would say, "you cannot go wrong", with this one!!

Beaqon says:
In May, Rebecca had posted the below question with no reply that addressed the issue. SPecifically - If I want to change my computer set up to print text in black but keep color items in color, where do I access this feature? The only options I found were for grayscale, which i believe would make the whole document black and white - please elaborate

Rebecca says:
Hello thanks for this detailed review. In it, you state this:
"Also the printer by default will print even all Black and White documents in the color setting because it brings a better quality this can simply be changed in your printer settings in your control panel to Black and White so most regular text documents will use the XXL cartridge which lasts for ever. With this setting changed if the page has color it stills prints in color."

I'm having difficulty finding this setting on my printer. Can you (or anyone else) please tell me where it is and how to turn it on

Solarx.110mb says:
I just got this printer and I have a question. Does it use less ink in fast mode or standard mode.

Tamara from OV, CA says:
give it a rest Daniel! Thanks Sherrie.

K. Scott says:
I don't have the printer but am considering buying one. Why in the weorld would quiet mode NOT be default? That is weird . . . I hate noise . . .

K. Scott says:
I don't have this printer, but am looking for a new printer. Why in teh world would quiet mode NOT be default? That is weird. This printer sounds a bit too complicated for me. I'll continue looking . . .

Rob A. says:
Generally, a quiet mode would be slower or possibly lower quality. I don't have this printer, but that's the case for most electronics.

JG says:
I wish I could print this review but my dead HP won't let me! Will print it when my new Canon Pixma MX922 arrives. Thanks Sherrie! Lisa

Mary Ann Peddicord says:
How do I know all of this? How do I know HOW to do all of this??? I am 68, I JUST want a good network printer that will work with all of our devices. We have a fairly new HP all-in-one, but it always say it is "off line" if our computers are "on line" and if we put the printer "on-line" the computers "on-line" the printer is "off" so we cannot print anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hired someone and paid him $120+ to come to our house to fix this and it worked for awhile, he said it had something to do with HP printer updates that they were sending automatically. But now it is doing the same thing! What do we do buy a new printer that is NOT HP, give up????

GramsFeedback says:
Sherrie: Was wondering if you still had this printer and if it held up? Thanks much.

GramsFeedback says:
Did this happen right out of the box, or did the noises appear over time?

GramsFeedback says:
I am ready for a new printer which is why I'm on these reviews. But I can tell you with my last HP printer, tech support always told me never to download the updates. Every time I did, I had a problem. So I ignored the updates and the printer worked just fine. Until now of course it's going through its death throes and rattles after 4 ½ years.

Donald says:
I have had the Cannon PIXMA 922 printer for almost 4 months and I like it a lot. It's a very fast printer and I haven't had any problems.

I used to have an HP printer and I didn't get another one because it would always lose the connection to my computer. It was very frustrating because I had to troubleshoot connection problems at least once per week.

The most significant consideration I would tell people about the Cannon printer is that the ink seems to be a little more costly. I haven't literally looked at the numbers and added up the costs. Also, I do print a lot. I would estimate that I print around 400 pages per month or more.

As for the noise. The printer is very quiet if you go into the settings and set the printer to quiet mode. It's very easy and user friendly. It wasn't complicated at all. The set up was also very easy. You don't need to connect a wire from your computer to setup the wireless connection. It just does it automatically. I really appreciate the simplicity and speed.

mike says:

I'm using this printer with google cloud print and am running into one very big problem. Cloud print does not present the option of whether to use black ink only, so when I go to print a document it uses the color cartridges.

"Also the printer by default will print even all Black and White documents in the color setting because it brings a better quality this can simply be changed in your printer settings in your control panel to Black and White so most regular text documents will use the XXL cartridge which lasts for ever."

How do I find this setting? I've been through the settings seemingly a hundred times but cannot figure this. I'm on a chromebook, so cloud print seems to be the only real option. Not sure how to proceed.


Constance, loves books & dogs in no... says:
Thank you for posting, very helpful. Wish Canon instructions were..

Steffie says:
What a fantastic review! VERY well written and informative. Just ordered one (since our 8 year old Canon MP 640 will NOT work on El Capitan OS version of Mac regardless of multiple "fixes") and can't wait for it to be here. The inclusion of helpful set-up tips is just invaluable! This will definitely be the FIRST thing I print so we can have handy for set-up! Thank you!

Dennis P. McMahon says:
This review (which I suspect was written by someone Canon hired) suckered me in. On the basis of this review, I bought this printer and it is the absolute worst. This printer can't even perform basic functions like: (1) printing on one side of a page; or (2) printing from the paper tray you want to use. This printer is also the slowest printer I have ever encountered. See my one-star review for details. This printer has turned me off to Canon products forever.

moc says:
I have this printer and happily printing Xmas cards as well as other documents with no issues other than minor (the extension thing hat keeps paper from falling after printing won't go back in properly) ... You may have a defective unit or may need to learn a bit more from manual etc

Dennis P. McMahon says:
MOC, I'm glad for you that your experience with this piece of junk has been favorable. But, is it really your contention that i should have to consult a manual to select (1) print from lower paper tray, or (2) print on one side only? these options should be readily selectable from the menu. (1) isn't but (2) is and doesn't work. And 2.5 minutes to print or copy a single word document? Please. This machine sucks totally.

moc says:
I have never had to consult manual. I'm printing double and single-sided easily by ticking a checkbox in print dialog window. Same with tray selection. And a word doc never takes long at all for me. Not sure why your experience so different.

Dennis P. McMahon says:
on my menu there is a selection for
"2-sidedPrintSetting" and then a long space followed by "1-sided" which you can change to "2-sided" as you say. however, no matter which option i select on the display (1-sided or 2-sided), certain documents (e.g., a "save this document for your records" document) print out 2-sided. but if i have the ability to change (on my laptop) what i'm printing out to a .pdf file, then i can get a 1-sided printout. unfortunately, that workaround is not available for every type of print out. the thing also is, i had never changed the option to 2-sided, the printer did that on its own. i had to search the menu to find this option AFTER the printer decided to print 2-sided. that's when i found out that this feature was wholly dysfunctional.
a friend of mine at has recommended an HP envy 7460 which he says works well his computer. i'm going to buy that and trash the Canon printer (rather than smash it to smithereens:)
another problem i found was with the colored ink. though i rarely ever print in color, the color cartridges soon became empty. i have no idea why. it was like the colored ink simply evaporated.

DanCooperMedia says:
Yes, my printer has also switched to two sided on its own. It also ignores orders to print pdfs in color. It's total crap.

Dagaroth says:
the click/clack constantly moving thing seems to be common to all Canon printers. I find it incredibly annoying. I've taken to leaving the printer off, and then when i want to scan/copy something, turn it on and ump on the start button before it can do all that nonsense. If you're fast enough, you can keep going and avoid it, but if you wait, you're stuck waiting on it to do its dance, sometimes every few pages. This one even does it on its shutdown, so when I go to turn it off, I just unplug it now

J. Maurer says:
We've had a Pixma MX922 on our home network (hard-wired) for almost two years and I'm about ready to drag it out into a field and go to it with a Louisville Slugger. For background, I've been in hardware/software high-tech for several decades, so no lack of experience building computers, setting up printers, doing administration, etc. The MX922 consistently appears off-line to our home computers. The only fix seems to be to delete the printer and reinstall it. We have a mix of Windows O/S': Vista (yes, I know), Win7 Ultimate, Win8.1 and Win10. All of them suffer from the same problem with the MX922. Again, the Canon is hard-wired to the network. I disabled wireless on the printer. I've updated the firmware. I've updated the drivers. I've probably had to delete and re-add the printer to various computers a few dozen times in two years.

Before you get happy feet over Sherrie's positive review, please Google "Canon MX922 offline". The last thing you want is a printer that doesn't work when you need it most. Your son or daughter finally finishes their school paper at 11pm, they try to print it and . 20-30 minutes of power-cycling the printer, rebooting and deleting/re-adding the drivers and you'll wish you could launch the MX922 into space.

DanCooperMedia says:
Great point. Every month I have to use PDF Pro to assemble several documents into one pdf, and at least one one document in each group has to be scanned and imported. Every single time I go to scan from this crappy scanner it's not seen and the program sees a scanner I haven't had for years. I then have to change the scanner to the 922. Every time. And I keep mentioning, this thing won't print business envelopes without you spending 15 minutes changing paper.

Vulcanicus says:
Thanks for your review! I am working with a Gateway tower computer on windows xp. So will I have to purchase the USB cable your review mentions,in order to print directly? Or is the cloud option possible to send my pics to the cloud and thence to the printer?

scott stoyan says:
Thanks for the great review I just ordered one based on this

Jerald T. says:
Thank you for posting this information abut printing envelopes. I do not find any mention of envelope printing capability in any of the descriptions that I have read for this printer, so knowing that it C A N print envelopes is a help, even if it means having to manually insert the envelopes one at a time. Also, your post does help in that, if a person is buying a printer in order to print envelopes, this one might not be their best choice, and to be warned ahead of time might help them save some time, trouble and money.

Jerald T. says:
People, please understand something: Like A N Y printer, this printer works differently from one computer set-up to another. No two set-ups are exactly alike. Printer manufacturers design their hardware to work with a broad spectrum of computers, operating systems, and networks. No manufacturer can make a printer that allows use of 100% of every capability 100% of the time on 100% of all the computers in the world - there are just too many variables involved.

Many reported problems are the result of a user having a particular computer set-up which has something which doesn't allow the printer to do a particular task or which makes the printer do something that it wouldn't do if it were connected to a different set-up. This is not to say there is anything wrong with the first set-up - it just means that there is some incompatibility between the set-up and the printer. Those are the worse kind of problems to troubleshoot, and it's annoying as all get-out. But that doesn't mean the printer is bad - nor does it mean the computer set-up is bad - it just means the two are not compatible.

The bad part about that is the user is pretty much left to themselves as to what to do about the problem. You have three choices (1) press on with what you have and make the best of it, (2) opt for a different printer, or (3) opt for a different computer set-up. Pick one and go for it.

When reading reviews on any product, the reader should look for trends - does the item break down often, is it more expensive than others of it's type to operate, does it do what the manufacturer says it will do, does it meet the buyer's expectations? Onesey-twosey problems (those that are that are reported in just one or two reviews) generally are exception outliers that most users won't have a problem with, but if several reviewers report the same problem then a potential buyer might want to take serious note of them before buying the product.

DanCooperMedia says:
It isn't that you have to print them one at a time, it's that there isn't a separate place or means to simply place one business envelope. You have to remove all the paper from the "cassette" and place the one envelope, then replace all the paper. This makes the printer not terrible, but a do-not-buy when you can buy an Epson WF 3620.

Vulcanicus says:
My computer is an old gateway Pentium model with Windows XP running on it. Will Windows XP be compatible with this particular wireless printer and what if anything do I need to do to make it compatible or compensate?

William L. Moore says:
PLEASE learn to use the return key and create paragraph breaks in your text. With no breaks it can be really difficult to read your review, especially on a small screen.

Thank you for the review. Nice job!

Jerald T. says:
Sorry for being so long-winded. I'm viewing this on a full-sized monitor
and didn't realize it wouldn't show up well on smaller screens.

Jerald T. says:
It should be able to run on your machine if your XP Operating System is set up to run wireless. If you do install the printer and it does not work let us know on this forum and I'm sure someone will be able to help you resolve any problems. Just be sure to describe what is (or is not) happening when you try to use the printer so that we can have a better idea as to what to suggest.

Jerald T. says:
So what you are saying is this printer doesn't have a slot where you can put odd-shaped/sized paper, such as envelopes or thick paper (like cardstock), like some other printers have. To some users those are very important scenarios that are deal-breakers - to others, not so much. To each his (her) own...

Vulcanicus says:
Thank you for your response! The printer does work with Windows XP after I installed the CD ROM software it indicated that either I would have to use a router or a wire to connect with the printer. So I opted for the wire since I had already anticipated this situation however I'm wondering if I should get a router to have a true wireless experience

Jay Quinton says:
I guess you meant "Quiet" mode instead of "Quit" mode.

Jerald T. says:
I think you can go wireless directly from a smartphone, tablet or PC without a router - check the downloadble user's manual to make sure. A router will be necessary if you want to set up a wireless network where all of your devices can interact with each other.

Vulcanicus says:
Thank You Gerald T for your continued and timely responses! I have already set up my Samsung cell phone to send pictures wirelessly to the Canon printer at this point but may have indicated in an earlier note I have to purchase a decent router for my computer in order to access the various networks that are available. One of the networks is to that I pay for and the other is provided free in the apartment building that I live in. What I would be interested knowing from you is perhaps an inexpensive router that's easy to connect to a computer for this purpose. any models or manufacturers that you're currently using would be helpful!

Jerald T. says:
Almost any good-quality router will work so long as you stay away from the real cheap ones. I've been using one from Netgear for about three years and it works for my needs - just a home network for a desktop, a laptop, a printer and two tablets - and they all seem to play with each other okay. If I were in your situation I would probably go with the connection rather than the in-house network your apartment owners provide - I would trust the former to have good security, whereas you don't know so much about the latter's. Whatever router you go with be sure it uses high-grade encryption protocols - they are much more secure and they don't really add much to the cost of the unit. (I forget what I paid for mine - somewhere around $50 - $75 if my foggy brain is thinking correctly this morning.)

Vulcanicus says:
Once again thank you for your continued support! I will search diligently for this brand and see what's currently available and then comes the task of connecting it to my computer and making the magic happen in sending a signal directly to the printer

LoveToRead says:
Thank you so much Sherrie for your helpful review. I just got my Pixma today and it took me just under an hour to get it all set up for wireless. I had a few missteps - operator error - but got it straightened out. Had to get rid of my not-quite-two year old Epson as I was not about to spend another dollar on the weak ink cartridges.

R. S. Redding says:
Yes! I love this printer, but wow, it is LOUD and it takes varying lengths of time to print. Sometimes it just randomly makes clicking, rumbling noises like a train riding on tracks. Again, I love this machine, but it is SO NOISY. Thanks for sharing, I thought it was just me.

Jerald T. says:
There is a point in the set-up routine of this printer where you are asked if you want it to run in "quiet" mode. If that was not checked "yes" then you will get a lot of noise during printing operations (a dumb way to build a product if you ask me - why they wouldn't just default it to run quiet in the first place is beyond me!) I believe you can go back through the set-up program and make that selection and it should solve the noise problem. Mine runs very quietly - yes, hear movement inside the machine, but it is no louder than the several other printers I have had.

As far as the long (and sometimes variable-length) "waiting to print" times go - this machine does seem to take a long time for the first print after power is turned on to the machine, but once a print has been made it seems to work a little faster for subsequent ones. Upon receiving a print request from the computer or the scanner software the printer has to do so preliminary actions before printing can take place - clean the print head of dried-up ink, insure the ink ports are charged with new ink, and assemble the data (graphics, photos, printed media, etc.) into the printer's memory, then decode what goes where on the page, and then start printing. The more functions a printer has (i.e., copying a document, copying multiple-page documents, a fax machine on board, or printing from a computer file, the more time it takes to do all those things.

Notebook Nut says:
One of the best and most useful and helpful teviews I have read. The granularity and guidance require you print it out and staple it to the paperwork. Thanks.

CP says:
you had a printer last for 8 years? amazing! i have never had a printer last more than 2. our last, a brother mfc-j470dw, lasted only 10 months and was a nightmare for that entire time before failing altogether. am doing research to see what i will replace it with. i really despise printers but need one. i would pay $500-$750 for one that lasted 8 years, wasn't an ink hog, still scanned even when one of the ink cartridges was empty and would still print in b&w even when one of the color inks were out. printers are manufactured through toxic processes out of toxic materials and should not be thrown away every coupe of years

Brenda Thomas says:
Thanks for the INTELLIGENT review. I may purchase this based on your evaluation. It is very helpful. I even copied it to a word document for reference when I set up the printer.

DanCooperMedia says:
And the problem you don't address is this printer is useless if you want to print business envelopes.

Charles Marshall says:
If I buy this printer, I'll use it with USB connection. I can't see messing with the flaky wireless or ethernet performance. The infamous B200 error code and accompanying problems is scary.

I don't think that having to buy (or find in the junk box) a USB cable is in any way a problem as your review sumarizes.

Marcel says:
Very detailed review - well done. One note regarding the ink consumption rate of this printer - it uses LOTS of ink. I've had mine for about 1 year for average home use, which means a few pages now and then. I replaced all cartridges already 3 times, which I could not understand with our minimal usage (less than 100 pages/yr) until I read a couple of test reviews. The problem with this printer is that a lot of ink is used in the maintenance cycle that the printer runs on a regular basis before printing. If you print a lot and often then most of the ink will end up on the paper. With average home use it runs a maintenance cycle before most every print session, which means that less ink of every cartridge ends up on the paper. How much less? One consumer test review found that with average use the approximate yearly expenses to buy ink for the MX922 were $230 of which $115 is wasted in maintenance cycles where other brands were doing better. Print quality is good but the ink consumption rate is terrible for limited usage.

Jerald T. says:
Not exactly "useless", sir, but actually "inconvenient". It will print envelopes but, as you have pointed out numerous times in other reviews, the process is cumbersome. If someone has a need for printing lots of envelopes they should look elsewhere, or even hooking up a second-hand black-and-white-only printer for that task.

CJ says:
Very nicely written and may be the deciding factor in my choosing this product.

Amazon Customer says:
Thank you for so much useful information! Very kind of you to take the time!!

R W says:
Yeah, but you can buy knock off ink on ebay for cheap.

Abitofwit says:
what printer did you decide on, and did you find it to have small ink consumption?

Jerald T. says:
Just be sure to get cartridges that will work in this printer. Some may "look" identical to the OK cartridges but, unless they have the correct circuitry inside of them, the will not work in the MX922. Amazon sells a 4-time replacement ink kit specially designed for the MX922 for right around $35..00 USD) and the cartridges in that kit work wonderfully in this printer - you can't do even ONE full change of the ink cartridges for THAT price at a retail store, let alone FOUR chsanges!

Iam Free says:
I know what you are describing. I have mine on a wooden folding little temporary dinner table. It rocks and rolls on that little table. It also has the door flip open and then its plastic flipper whip out. I leave the door open all the time so I keep the habit of not walking into it. In an office just doing black and white a laser printer would be better....a lot faster, quieter and not all the commotion and drama. I like all the functions the Canon 922 can do
It is an excellent printer especially at the price level. I run my Canon with cheap aftermarket ink and get great printing of most anything including does an excellent job of all my printing needs. When it goes into its dramatic pre and post printing tantrums I laugh at it. .

MFJLabs says:
Hey Sherrie,
First of all thanks for what may very well be the best Amazon review we've seen. Really comes off as genuine and sincere sounding. (standing ovation for configuration tips)

Just curious if you have any response to the noise question asked earlier in the comments ... does low noise mode really reduce noise by 75%? And if so, what's the tradeoff?

Thanks again ...

Jerald T. says:
I enabled noise reduction when I set up my printer so I cannot say whether or not doing so has affected the performance of the printer. I can say that the printer is VERY quiet -it sits right next to my monitor and I hardly hear it at all When it is printing. Why any manufacturer would even consider offering a piece of equipment to a consumer if that equipment has a user-selectable choice of being either noisy or quiet is beyond me! Why not just default it to "quiet" mode in the first place? Dumb, dumb, dumb!

MFJLabs says:
Excellent to know. Looks like we're gonna recommend this device for a friend. Many (most) seem to be VERY satisfied with its performance.

Merlin says:
Excellent review. In fact it's the only review I have read and I have decided to buy. Thanks!

Carolyn says:
Thanks for such a say review!

Ginni L says:

Betty Ann says:
I WOULD NEVER BUY THIS PRINTER AGAIN. I am tired of lousy color prints and toner on my hands when I change cartridges. (Note: I worked in IT for 15 years. Worst printer I have ever bought!)

engineer says:
Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Office All-In-One Printer

Sherrie, you have done an excellent job by writing your review about the PIXMA MX922. I had this printer for almost 1.5 years with no issues besides taking forever to print a document as if it has to check zillion items before it decides to print. However, this was not a major issue for me. Lately, when printing excel sheets, I noticed that the horizontal lines are not straight and double lines forming like a loop then straight a loop then straight lines. I have tried everything in the book to correct this issue, such as cleaning, deep cleaning, auto head alignment, roller cleaning, ribbon cleaning, but without any success. I even contacted Canon about this issue and they could not help out besides asking me to send it to a repair center which I will end up paying more than what I paid for the printer. I wish if Canon would contact me to resolve this issue. In addition I started getting smeared documents and not as a sharp printing as it was before. Is the solution throwing this away and getting a new printer? I have read lots of reviews about HP printers that makes me think zillion times before buying them. I even consulted Consumers Report on line and found out that this Pixma stands at the top of the recommended printers. I am now puzzled, can someone help. Thanks.

DanCooperMedia says:
There is no toner. It uses ink. Toner is powder.

Jerald T. says:
First off: the Canon PIXMA MS922 does not use any toner. It only uses ink cartridges. Second off: Yes, those ink cartridges can get messy if you are not careful. I have found that if you squeeze them a little too hard ink will come out the bottom - most often when you are trying to take the protective "cap" off after taking the new cartridge out of it's clear plastic wrap. What works for me is to make sure I grip the cartridge up near the top - not in the middle. I also keep some Ziplock plastic bags in with my new printer cartridges - take the old cartridge out, drop it in a Ziplock bag, seal it up and toss it out. No mess there.
Third item: I've found no problem with the coloring of photo prints with this printer. What brand of ink are you using?

engineer says:
I am not talking about toner. I know this printer uses cartridges, however, lately the printing is dull and looks like it is smeared as if double print every letter making extremely difficult to read. So, if somebody has a solution to this issue, then please respond. Otherwise do not tell me that this uses cartridges when I have originally stated that I had it for 1.5 years.

engineer says:
You must have not read my review properly. I said I had this printer for 1.5 years and I have changed the cartridges so often. Please before responding read the review properly then respond.

Jerald T. says:
I am the person who sent in the response to a user's complaint that they were having problems with toner. That person was someone named "Betty Ann". I was not commenting on the posting made by "engineer".

As far as "engineer's" problem goes it sounds like one of two things is happening: either a logics routine is malfunctioning or there is something in the mechanical operations of the print head, the roller, or other parts of the printer that move the print-head or the roller. It could be a bit of dust, paper, even ink residue - just about anything - and a person could spend hours of frustrating work trying to fix it. A 1.5 year-old-printer is out of warranty, and shipping costs to/from a repair center would come to about half the price of a brand-new printer, so if it were me I would chuck this one and get a new one.

BIANCA says:
can you print from Apple Mac Computer as well as Apple Iphone ?

Paul says:
Excellent review. Your setup tips will be invaluable. Thank you for taking the time.

J. Hill says:
About ink refills. First of all never turn the printer off. The ink will last longer. Second the 922 is happy to use refilled cartridges, it's not widely known but Costco overfills Cannon cartridges by about 30%. Cost 30 Apr 16 is $7.49 to $10.49 for a 250 blk XL. Third: the MX 922 software will not provide ink levels for refilled cartridges. No problem just bypass their caution and warning system. If you get an empty cartridge warning just hold the "Stop Button" down for 8-seconds until the low ink indicator goes out and printing resumes. Do not select cancel printing. Its all shown on Youtube at There is a ton of information here about using refill cartridges and cleaning the gold contacts now and then. and...just for the heck of it have a set of Canon OEM factory cartridges nearby.

J. Hill says:
The minute you bought Apple you whole connectivity life improved. Remember that when you buy your next router/back-up. The 802.11ac duel frequency 2 TB Apple Airport Time Machine just loves the 922. I have an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and two rMacBook Pros talking to the printer.

J. Hill says:
Like Consumers Reports says, don't turn off the printer. Minimum warm up time and its saves a little ink that gets used during the warm up process. They had to make a cost trade off of installing a faster processor or a cheep one that keeps the cost competitive. If you ever want to see a fast warm up of something electronic take a look at an Apple MacBook Pro. It has a very expensive processor and there is no warm up delay. Always follow the money.
See youtube at if your want a good tutorial on how to use refilled ink cartridges.
I've had the 922 for 18 months and its been a good experience. I take care of my ink needs by getting refills at Costco.

engineer says:
Well Betty I do not blame you for your frustration with printers, but let me say this, I have had so many printers in my life that they did not last as long as this Canon Pixma 922 did. Though, I am sending my Pixma today to the garbage, but I am still going to buy the same one again. It sounds stupid but actually it is not and let me explain why. When I started having issue with my printer I contacted Canon support center, the first person who helped me to resolve the issue was not very much knowledgeable, however, he tried his best but it did not work out. So, I tried again, this time I got a top notch person who guided me step by step to resolve the issue. He must have spend more than an hour with me with no complaints whatsoever to resolve the issue and to save me some money before sending the printer to the shop for repair. At the end when we tried everything in the book and nothing had worked he told me that the only thing left could be the printing head which is not cheap to replace. This type of service provided to me by Canon has set the bar on what to get from now on. Before the Canon I had HP and once the warranty is over, you have to pay to get answers. So, today 4/30/2016, I went over to Best Buy and got me the same printer for $100 and I purchased the two years additional warranty for $10 (headache free). The reason why I got myself the same printer is because it is one of the best printers available in the market for this price. So, if this printer does not last for two years, the warranty will cover everything, however, it happens after two years, then I have spent only around 14 cents a day for a printer that printed over than 4000 perfect pages of every thing from documents to drawings to a top quality pictures, in addition to the ink you get for this printer from Amazon at a ridiculous price compared to HP ink. So, all in all, you end up to be the winner no matter how you think about it specifically when you have to take your chances in buying a printer from a market that is saturated with all types of makes, grades , prices and vast number of reviews that is for or against the printer. So, today after knowing what are the capabilities of this printer, the good and bad, I am going to spend an hour or two to set up my new Pixma MX922 Pinter. Don't forget guys I am an older guy and things starts to slow down at my age. Best of luck guys.

J. Hill says:
Considering what you paid for it the time trade off is argueable reasonable. If they put a better processor in it and increased its very attaractive price point who would want to buy it. Based on cost vs effective value I think they should have realized that Fax was going to go hoofs up in 2014 and they should have considered a PCB that included a faster processor. They also could have spent the FAX bucks on a couple lines of code to automatically deal with after market ink cartridges. I'v had the printer for 18-months and represent a pleased customer.

Triccia Go says:
You sir deserve a commission from amazon/canon because you sir just sold a printer.

DanCooperMedia says:
This printer can't print business envelopes without you becoming a member of Cirque du Soleil. I'm selling mine.

Jerald T. says:
Which printer are you considering to replace it with? Some users on this thread may be experiencing the same frustrations that you have concerning addressing of business envelopes and might want to look elsewhere for a printer that fits their needs, too.


DanCooperMedia says:
Glad you asked. I discussed it with B&H and they recommend the Epson WF-3620

Jerald T. says:
Thank you. I looked at that printer a while back and it sounded like a good choice, but I went with the Canon MX922 because it met my needs (we old folks like things that are reliable and easy to operate. This one is reliable - so long as my wife doesn't touch it! She has problems with any kind of electronic device - they just don't work for her and we've never been able to figure out why.) As for ease of operation I just tell her "If it has an ON/OFF switch just leave it alone!" And, no, it doesn't do me any good to say that to her....

DanCooperMedia says:
Well, I'm an old folk, and there's nothing easy about the 922. If you want to scan, you've got to go through the 922 screen menu and then the computer software. It's a huge pain.

Jerald T. says:
When I installed my 922 printer an icon for it was created and placed on my Desktop. I simply click on that and a new screen pops up. which contains choices that are available to print or scan a document has been placed on the 922's glass plate or stored as a computer file. It does not require you to make any changes at the printer itself unless you want to specify number copies, or changes in print density, etc.

DanCooperMedia says:
That software is extremely annoying, don't you think? How many steps do you have to go through to scan a document you wish to email to someone? It drives me insane. The printer has a scan button and a Black and Color button. Wouldn't it be logical if you could scan by pressing Scan, Color and that's all? Or even OK? And using the software, I've been caught with the screen settings, say, in duplex. Which result in duplex whatever function you request of it. Or 300 vs 600. The Black and Color buttons are labelled as Start buttons. The printer was designed by a lunatic, or for those who remember, Rube Goldberg. And it weighs as much as my HP laserjet from what, 1994? If you drop it from your window it's a WMD.

engineer says:
I know what you mean when things does not work the way you want them to, however, be patient. When you have finished the installation of the printer, an icon should have been created for the printer. When you expand this icon vertically and horizontally, you will be able to see all the options that you would need. So once you hit on scan, it will and so on and so forth. So take a deep breath and start using the commands imbeded in this icon. Best of luck.

DanCooperMedia says:
I just explained that using that icon to scan is unacceptable.

J. Hill says:
A PFD document is now editable and you can sign it ( a form or a letter) with a verifiable signature. I think Fax has just about gone hoofs up. Nice MX922 capability but I really have no need for it and knew it when I ordered the printer. Note: if you have problems using MX922 refilled ink cartridges take a look at the easy fix at
Very good printer once you get use to the wait and noise from the print head going through it's noisey start-up tap dance. I leave mine on all the time. Helps a little on conserving ink.

J. Hill says:
I submit the MX 922 printer was actually invented to help preclude the onset of Alzheimers. One needs to keep exercising the mind and the 922 software helps. And Danial it feels sooo good any time you finally beat a computer product. Now for you next dish of pain may I suggest you transition from your PC to a Macbook Pro. You'll love learning Apple OS X El Capitan operating system and associated applications. The user manual has 885 pages in it I'm sure it will offset Alzheimers by at least five years. No fun getting old and you don't know what day it is.
Old Fart in Huntington Beach

DanCooperMedia says:
Faxes are still required by doctors and hospitals among other institutions. PSD?

J. Hill says:
This old fart also likes the 922 because it's actually a well thought out and engineered product; and a good purchase when you consider cost vs. effective value. Most everything you need to know about setting it up is on youtube or in the Amazon reviews. Something not noted anywhere is the 922 software hic-up related to the use of Canon ink cartridge refiles. The software tells you how much ink remains in each cartrige but only if it is a brand new factory sealed OEM from Canon. Once you insert a refilled cartridge the Canon folks wrote the software so it no longer provides you with measurement of the ink volume in a cartridge and you get a low on ink notice and blinking failed light and it stops printing. Well it's not a problem and you don't have to fork over big bucks for OEM ink. Go to - this site tells you how to press a couple of buttons on the printer to shut off the low ink and get the printer to work again.
As to the wife and electronics. She is a very intelligent woman. Why? Psych 101. She is treating you in a manner that men unknowingly like. I'm so weak and your so strong will you help me with this nasty printer. Your my hero. Personally after 40-years of marriage I love it.

Last edited by the author on May 16, 2016, 7:05:47 PM PDT
J. Hill says:
Something else for Trump to look into when he brings all the mfg work back from China. Looks like we need to have the darn code cutter function moved here as well.

DanCooperMedia says:
Regarding patience, my 922 is one year old.

J. Hill says:
Typo on my part when I used PSD rather then PDF as the replacement for FAX documents. Initally the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) was basically a photograph that could not be altered. That has changed and now a PDF can be collaboratively shared as text document that can be edited and returned or it can be a fill-in form that used by the medical and legal community. (Not sure if an electronic signature has been ruled acceptable by a Federal Appeals court even with a Notary stamp next to it.) A PDF form or letter can also be signed with your finger (a soft ended cell phone pen works better) on the mac track pad or by taking a photo of your signature using the laptops built in camera. Reportedly PDF is consistent with the Federal Obomba mandate for the doctor folks to go paperless.

Rosemarie Drew says:
This printer is garbage. I know how to use printers and understand technology and the fact that you are blaming the user for such a crappy piece of equipment seems to me that maybe you work for or are related to someone that works for Canon. I've had to uninstall and reinstall drivers, reconnect to WIFI countless times and now am getting a b200 error which means the printer is toast. HUGE waste of money.

DanCooperMedia says:
Suggest you spread butter on it, power off and on, and warm before serving.

J. Hill says:
Probably 10% of the electronic stuff made in China is suspect due to a lack of component testing and final assembly quality assurance prior to shipping, but sometimes it's other things like the age or location of the wifi router or the location of the new printer. Sometimes it's the PCs operating system (Windows) being unable to talk to the new printer. This can be checked out by using an older style USB/type B plug cable from the PC (or Mac) to the back of the printer. I've had this printer for about a year and its works great via Wifi with my MacBook Pro. My old Windows 7 Toshiba is another story. The PC got attacked about 18-months ago and some code is still messed up whereas as it won't wifi connect to the printer. It connects to the Internet OK so the wifi works. I have switched to using the Mac 99% of the time (much better then a PC and no one can put malware in it) so.. because the printer is next to the PC I just plug in the USB cable between them when I want it to print.

Jerald T. says:
Looking back at the previous posts about this printer I find very few complaints about having to re-install drivers or re-connect to WiFi such as you are describing. Those kind of errors are typically not caused by the printer but are off-shoots of problems within the operating system of your computer itself. A "driver" is basically a "sub-routine" program which tells the computer's Operating System what signals to pass to the printer to make it do whatever the author of the written document or of the drawing or whatever wants it to do. "Driver" programs can become corrupted, but it won't be the printer that does it - it will be some other gremlin in the computer system.

The WiFi reconnect problem is most likely the same kind of issue - something has changed either in the computer's Operating System or has gone through and corrupted some of your files. I suggest you run a file diagnostics program to see if it can find any errors in your system, and if it does, repair them according to the instructions in that diagnostic program. Another thing that sometimes helps is to run a defragmentation program to clean up file segments which get scattered all over your hard drive over time - this not only will make some repairs to files, it will also help files load faster.

As for the b200 error - that can, indeed, mean an irreparable fault in the printer, but it also could mean that the printer cannot follow the commands coming from the computer's Operating System. If you perform the above-noted suggestions your printer might just begin working again. I would at least give it a try before I toss the printer out.

DanCooperMedia says:
A WiFi error is going to have to do with the router and the Windows Home Network setup. My 922 has gone through several router and network changes with no problems using the WPS buttons.

Michael Dobson says:
I need some advice from a more experienced user. Any info on printing 4X6 photos from my laptop - unfortunately, it appears my new PIXMA does not come with direct memory card input. Thanks. MED in CT.

Jerald T. says:
You are correct - that printer does not have a slot for any kind of memory card/stick. It does have WiFi, however, so if you have a router to connect your laptop to the internet, you also have the ability to print from that laptop through that router. You should have instructions in the paperwork you received with your printer as to how to do that.

Cathryne Malmstrom says:
Hi Sherrie, Your review is super. I agree with you totally-especially-about the nay reviewers (I-2 stars) who when ignorant about the technology will not take the time to read the manuals & info that comes with a product and learn how to use and fully benefit from such a great piece of Home Office equipment. I don't need to repeat what you have already so eloquently written about this "big" Gem of multi-office equipment. It has made my life and what could have been "chores" pleasant experiences, that in turn, have made me look so good.
I've a friend who wanted me to accompany her on an errand & wanted to drive her new car. On the way she was complaining about not having a few extras on her car she has heard about. I asked her where her manual was. Retrieved it from the glove box & checked some things. One, because this is a car is one I'm thinking of buying & two because I've already talked to a salesman about it. After a few minutes I asked her about a couple controls she had yet to touch during her complaints. She said she didn't use them because her salesman had instructed her on all the "bells & whistles" the car offered. I then showed her how to turn on the few things she was unhappy about not having. She looked at me and became silent. I then said what do you expect he was probably trying to just get to, hopefully, spend more time with you. Selling the car was definitely less important. I suggested if she liked him to run by & when she saw he was not busy unless he came up before she had a chance, to think of some car thing you need advice on, & see how it went. From the look on her face-she was then beaming-I think about my compliments, plus was now totally thrilled with her car. Anyway I also got the
Square Trade Plan for my printer. I ended up needing it. When I went to reorder my printer the customer ser. rep. apologized and took $10.00 off for the inconvenience which I promptly used on another Plan. In all the years I have been a customer of Amazon I have always ended up 110% satisfied with them. Amazon is a really super company. And you are a great, informative reviewer. Amazon
might want to ask you to do more reviews. I feel certain you helped sell a lot more of these printers for them. Sincerely, Proud owner of the Big printer & hopefully a reviewer "friend" Thanks-I'll keep watching for your reviews. Cathryne

Neo287 says:
Valid piece of information. Good to know.

DanCooperMedia says:
And yet, this printer can't print envelopes without all the paper being removed and replaced again after. And you don't think that's a problem.

Pecos Bill 1 says:
It is common for LAN's to use multi-channel (5.0, 2.4, etc.). The notion that you have to have all your printable devices on the same channel as this printer is understandable (it is cheap), but not a good design feature.

William A Diehl Jr. says:
I am constantly getting the error code B200 for the last 6 months and have to always deep clean the print head to get it to work. Finally it will no longer even clear the error B200. It is only two years old and now not working at all. Plus I am stuck with all the ink that I bought for this lousy printer. It work great for a year then the problem started with this error. I have read that Canon is in a class action suite in three states regarding this printer problem. I will buy and Epson from now on.

Neo287 says:
Update 07/11/2016
Your review helped me setup the Airlink on my old non compatible Airlink printer through my router. Tons of thanks. You saved me from purchasing a new printer.

Tina L. Hopkins says:
Thank you so much! You solved my problem. This is why it is good to read reviews for info you can't find anywhere else.

nanam says:
I thought my new Epson 830 was the noisiest with its clickety clacking before it starts to print. I am looking to replace the Canon Pixma MX700 that I loved but is no longer supported. Canon said this is the closest printer to that one so I am giving it a try. Both of these printers got good reviews from Consumer Reports.

Anne Batton says:
Have you tried quiet mode? It really makes a difference.

Anne Batton says:
I switched to off brand inks (mostly from Blake Printing Supply available here on Amazon) and it's saved me a fortune. I've printed thousands of pages for my preschool (color and black)and have been really impressed. Yesterday I decided to print some photos, thinking they couldn't be as good as with Canon ink, and I'm blown away. They are perfect!!

Frank Zappa says:
I think we get the point mate. It doesn't print envelopes. Got it. Now will you shut up please .

Just Me says:
Wow! Calling reviewers who leave a 1-2 star review "ignorant to technology" is quite a slam and inappropriate in a review! While I do agree that some are perhaps confused by technology, the bad reviews of this printer are spot on! I am very experienced with networking and I am quite knowledgeable when I say that this printer has well-known wi-fi issues.

mythology101 says:
This is not true. If it runs out of an ink color it will NOT print. Do you work for the company? YOur review seems a little over the top.

ill says:
Your review is great! Thank you for taking the time to produce it.

Phil says:
I agree. My new 992 is much quieter than my older HP all-in-one. Print quality is better as well. Setup was less than 90 seconds. My laptop uses Ubuntu 16.10, and it immediately recognized the printer and had the correct driver ready. Booting on the infrequently used Win10 side of my laptop, I installed the drivers and all was well right off the bat.

I also recommend connecting the printer and your phones/laptops using your router's 2.5 Ghz link. You'll get better coverage around your house.

DanCooperMedia says:
And good luck printing business envelopes

J. Hill says:
I use a MacBook Pro, a PC, iPhones and apple airport router. prints well from all. I leave the printer on all the time to minimize ink use but if I have not printed fora very days it will go thru the whole warm up/clean cycle. The only way to cut down on ink is to select black only when appropriate. I don't really have a comparison gage to say one way or another if uses a lot of ink. Don't really care. I have three sets of small cartridges & three of the XXL black and take them to nearby Costco as needed. My initial observation about the printer was the extraordinary tap dance it goes through at start up or after changing an ink cartridge.

Robert Mcallister says:
If I got one I would use the USB from my computer to the printer. So I am asking what is the downside you say in your post?

J. Hill says:
Caution. You can print via a USB cable but take note of the type of connector plug used for this Canon printer. I've had this printer for over a year and really like it. No problems. Windows 7, MacBook Pro and iPhone 6.

J. Hill says:
in my view the down side to the printer is the type of cable I had to use. A USB A to USB B mini 4pin.

David G. says:
You need a physical analog phone line (land line or pots) to fax. Internet phone lines will not work. They do not support the tones a fax machine uses to communicate. You can use internet fax sites that charge a per fax fee.

M. R. Aronson says:
I'm not printing right now and it's dead silent. If your printer is making noise when it's not in use, it is faulty and needs repair or exchange. There is a "quiet" setting which you can apply through the "My Printer" program, under "Printer Settings". That will function during printing, but not while the machine is not being used.

M. R. Aronson says:
It says that under certain print settings, Quiet Mode may slow it down. If you use the "My Printer" program ("Printer Settings") you can set it to use Quiet Mode always, or just during certain hours.

M. R. Aronson says:
Use the "My Printer" program on your computer. It's under "Printer Settings".

DanCooperMedia says:
I have had mine for less than two years of light use and the print head is shot. Not worth repairing. Canon made a lot of money on this ill-designed printer thanks to the bogus review by Sherrie whatever, who should be investigated by the FTC.

Alex Moore says:
Do yourself a huge favor & check out Blake Printing cartridges here on Amazon. Great quality & a fraction of the cost. Look @ what $29.99 will get you. BTW....I do not work for them & just think their product is top-notch. 24 Pack Compatible Canon PGI-250 , CLI-251, Canon 251, Canon 250 8 Big Black, 4 Small Black, 4 Cyan, 4 Magenta, 4 Yellow for use with Canon PIXMA iP7220, PIXMA MG5420, PIXMA MG5422, PIXMA MG6320, PIXMA MX722, PIXMA MX922. Ink Cartridges for inkjet printers. CLI-251BK , CLI-251C , CLI-251M , CLI-251Y , PGI-250BK © Blake Printing Supply

Amazon Customer says:
Thank you for a very thorough review, addressing other 1-2 star issues. I especially found helpful your setup suggestions on WiFi.

Al says:
This is a very concise and informative review. I appreciate your time and efforts. Very helpful! Thanks.

Grama Pat says:
Thanks! Great review! Very informative and helpful!

Molly Howard says:
I think that I accidentally indicated that a review wasn't helpful. OOPS. I truly appreciated the review which addressed the issues complained about in the one and two star ratings. Wow, on the kind of review I like to see. I will be buying this on Wed when my funds are available. I've done a lot of research. Knowing that I can easily tweak it to do a connection instead of just wireless helps me a lot in making my decision.

David Boud says:
I think that other tray is for photo paper though I've never used mine for photos. The yellow inkjet just died on mine after 3 years so color is out. I now have a B&W printer. The fax quit working some time ago from within any program. I have to use the flatbed and fax manually. Sadly I paid $130 for this back then so it cost me $43/year now that it's dead as far as I'm concerned. I owned an old HP 11"x19" graphics printer some years back that I used for over a decade until drivers were no longer available without a hitch. It may be a cliche but it's true, they don't make them like they used to.

K. Scott says:
Yep, my HP Photosmart 1115 finally conked out---after over 10 years' service. The newere printers are crap, and are loaded with bloatware.

Mom of 4 says:
Thanks for the very informative review. I'm not a tech person at all. In reading your review I can tell my husband (the tech person in our house) all he needs to do. He will be shocked when I repeat everything I learned in your review as if I already knew it, lol.....

Next.. Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax with Genuine Canon Ink Value Pack

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