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Death on the Nile: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - Reviews

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Reviews of Death on the Nile: A Hercule Poirot Mystery

Reviewed by R. M. FisherTOP 1000 REVIEWER - "One Must Follow One's Star..."

One of the few Agatha Christie novels that has been adapted for the stage, radio, television, PC gaming, graphic novel and film, "Death on the Nile" is one of her most famous and popular mysteries, up there with Murder on the Orient Express,And Then There Were None and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

Simon Doyle and Jacqueline de Bellefort are desperately, madly, completely in love, and are engaged to be married despite Simon losing his job and neither of them having much money. However, Jackie makes the mistake of going to her best friend, wealthy and dazzling Linnet Ridgeway, in the hopes of securing a position for Simon on her new estate. Three months later, and Simon has called off his wedding to Jackie and married Linnet instead.

Christie's famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot happens to run across the honeymooning couple in Egypt, and discovers that they are being hounded wherever they go by the embittered Jackie. Unable to lose her, Linnet implores Poirot to exert his influence; but in this matter Poirot's sympathies lie with the jilted girl. However, he does take the opportunity to urge Jackie to give up on her vendetta and return home; Jackie rejoins that she cannot, and that she cherishes dreams of shooting Linnet with the small pistol that she always carries with her.

It is on a pleasure cruise down the River Nile that things come to a head. After an altercation between Simon and Jackie in the ship's saloon, one which ends in a serious injury for one of the participants, Linnet is found dead the following day, shot through the head as she lay sleeping. All the evidence points to Jackie as the obvious culprit, but Poirot is quick to ascertain that such a thing was impossible. Who then was responsible for taking the young heiress's life?

Helped along by his friend Colonel Race (a detective and ex-army man who appears in several Christie novels), Poirot is kept busy by a bevy of clues to sift through: a missing murder weapon, a J written on the wall in blood, a splash in the night, the sound of running footsteps, a near-fatal accident with a dislodged boulder, a stolen string of pearls - none of it seems to fit together, and soon enough, more bodies begin to pile up.

There are plenty of lesser mysteries at work as well, ones which include blackmail, forgery, embezzlement, and rumors of a criminal on board ship, as well as the usual romantic entanglements, all of which make the plot of "Death on the Nile" extremely busy. No wonder both film adaptations cut down considerably on some of the more superfluous plots and characters!

I had watched both the 1978 film and the 2004 television adaptation before reading Christie's novel, and despite knowing the solution to the key mystery, I was fascinated by the changes each screenplay made to the original text. Both films combine the characters of Linnet's maids, Marie and Louise, and both omit the characters of Fanthorp, Richetti and Fleetwood. However, whereas the 1978 version cuts out the Allertons, Joanna Southwood and Cornelia Robson (giving their personalities, subplots and backstories to other characters), the 2004 version (with David Suchet in his iconic role of Poirot) cuts the character of Miss Bowers and heavily downplays several others. Seemingly very conscious of its predecessor, it almost ends up being a mirror image of the earlier film in regards to what it keeps and what it changes. Though I recommend both films, watching either of them before reading the book will still result in a few surprises given the complexity of Christie's mystery.

As well as this, I was surprised to find that "Death on the Nile" was quite unlike Christie's usual style, at least by my reckoning. Christie takes her time in establishing each character, their personality and possible motivation, (we're nearly at the halfway mark before the first body turns up) and it certainly has one of the biggest pools of suspects in her canon. Surprisingly, Christie doesn't make much of the Egyptian locale (unlike the 1978 film does in the hands of renowned cinematographer Jack Cardiff) and yet there is still an exotic, almost claustrophobic atmosphere to the steamboat setting. Along with the distinctive array of colorful characters, the book ends on a haunting, bittersweet note that has the power to stay with you for quite some time.

Reviewed by ricca - This author certainly knows what a reader wants...and gives it in spades.

Feels like the Orient Express all over again. But instead of being a shallow copy of the plot - a horrible thing for an author to do, yes? -- Death on the Nile is more than able to stand up on its own in terms of its share of thrills, its healthy dose of the whodunit among a motley crew of characters, and even its sprinkling of romance.

It's Poirot again at his finest.

No, really.

(And, may I say, so far as I have been able to tread among the Poirot Mysteries, the one at his most introspective and sympathetic yet.)

There's really a lot going on in here. Murder, theft, hidden identities, and so on. A most interesting contrast to the placid progress of the boat along the Nile where events take place. So the temptation to guess who onboard killed Linnet Doyle, the beautiful English heiress, is all the more compelling.

There's the hot-blooded jealous ex-bestfriend, the unscrupulous American trustee, the sullen miss whose mother is difficult to live with, the mulish young man who spouts anti-capitalist ideals, the archaeologist with a strange telegram concerning, of all things, potatoes, the snobbish elderly woman with all the trappings of prestige, and so forth.

One of the entertaining aspects of the novel are the levels of exposition Poirot deigned to make to whoever constituted his rapt audience at the moment. By dishing out in increments who might have done the deed in so-and-so way, and then practically turning to the reader and saying, "Eh bien, it was a good try, no?", Poirot is a master in keeping those about him in tenterhooks. And a fair share of those who listen come out genuinely outraged by the lengths with which he stretches his conjectures, just for the sake of teasing the morbid thirst of those around him. A detective first, but a performer second.

I can understand why Christie eventually felt a little fed up with her most famous character - Poirot is really a force to be reckoned with. And he attacks in the most subtle, unexpected, but maddeningly unreservedly ingenious ways. His `clearing away' of the `extraneous matter' in order to get at the heart of the crime/s is nothing short of impressive. And such brilliance of course cannot help but go into his head. In the meantime, however, I cannot but marvel at his skill. I'm afraid it might be a long time before I tire of him.

As things stand, this is my second favorite after Orient Express. Very fast-paced. Verging on dramatic, even, at some points. And, throughout, a very respectful the sense that it doesn't waste with the reader's time, and is in keeping with delivering its promised goods.

Kudos again to ms Christie.

Reviewed by Kirsten - Step into a game of Cluedo on the Nile

One of the joys of Agatha Christie is the sensation of stepping into a game of Cluedo. The players might be two-dimensional and rely more on their clothes than their characters for substance, but they are still vividly memorable. The murders might be implausible but the solutions are satisfying.

Death on the Nile is one of the more colourful and satisfying of Christie's books. Set on a cruise ship journeying down the Nile, the reader has the pleasure of exploring the pyramids and local colour from an armchair. The victim is a beautiful young heiress on her honeymoon, and a jealous ex-friend has such an obvious motive, it takes the ingenuity of Hercule Poirot to sift out the darker motives of almost everyone else on board.

The final solution is logical in regard to motivation, although the execution of the crime is hardly going to inspire copycat killings. Anyone trying this method of murder/ alibi in real life would be caught before the gunsmoke had cleared away.

Reviewed by C. M MillsTOP 1000 REVIEWER - Death on the Nile is one of Hercule Poirot's finest pieces of detection as Agatha Christie produces another gem

Death on the Nile was published in London in 1937. It is one of Dame Agatha Christie's most famous and enduring masterpieces of detective fiction. The plot is complicated, the characters memorable and the genius of Hercule Poirot are much in evidence in this page turning "whodunit."
The early chapters provide background information on the main characters who are:
Linnet Ridgeway Doyle-Rich, beautiful and spoiled she ditches her aristocratic boyfriend Lord Windelsham. Instead she weds Simon Doyle the fiance of her best friend Jackie de Bellfort. All three of these characters are passengers on the "Karnack" a small river steamship that takes them on a tour to death on the fabled Nile River. Hercule Poirot is also a passenger on this boat. Linnet is found murdered and soon after two more passengers are also homicide victims (all three murdered persons are women;two are shot dead and a third victim is stabbed. Colonel John Race and his more brilliant detective friend Hercule Poirot (retired from the Belgian Police force) are charged with solving the crimes. fyou are like this reviewer everyone interviewed by Poirot sees like he or she is the foul murderer!

There are several plot twists, colorful characters, witty dialogue and exotic locales to make this one of Dame Christie's best books1 So find a comfy armchair, brew a cup of tea and enjoy a few hours with the renowned Poriot!

Reviewed by bookworm1858VINE VOICE - A standout from Christie!

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie
Avenel Books, 1937
164 pages
Mystery; Hercule Poirot
4.5/5 stars

Source: Library

Summary: A fabulously wealthy, young bride named Linnet is murdered on a boat while on her honeymoon. The top suspect would be her former best friend who was first engaged to Linnet's husband but she has a clearcut alibi. Luckily Hercule Poirot is on the case!

Thoughts: I knew this was one of Christie's more famous works so I had pretty high expectations. The opening reminded me somewhat of other famous ones like Murder on the Orient Express and And Then There Were None as it gives a brief vignette of all of the characters who will be part of the story.

The victim is a rather awful girl, Linnet, who stole her best friend's fiance and is consequently being stalked by that best friend on her honeymoon. Linnet has always gotten everything she's wanted and is thus very displeased at having that best friend stalking her on her honeymoon. However this friend Jacqueline sucks too and I couldn't understand Poirot's kindness to her.

Besides solving the murder, he also accounts for two other criminals yet Poriot seems to be sentimental and lets the one off to possible romantic bliss. There are some other subplots too but the murder is the main focus.

I did not like the end although I somewhat puzzled out the murderer! But really I did not like the end which has a bit of the Murder on the Orient Express to it (hopefully this makes sense if you've read both. I don't want to spoil it-let's just say I like using the court system for justice.)

Overall: An outstanding story from Christie with exciting characters although I personally do not like the end.

Reviewed by RCMVINE VOICE - Death Comes for the Honeymooners

As one would expect from an Agatha Christie novel, "Death on the Nile" is a fast-paced, intricately plotted mystery. With a wide cast of characters, Christie plumbs the depths of mystery writing standards, using red herrings that not only confuse the characters but confound the reader as well. "Death on the Nile" is a superb example of a crime so simple that it might just be too difficult to figure out...or is it?

When the reader first meets Linnet Ridgeway, she has everything - beauty, brains, money, and soon enough, her best friend's fiance, Simon Doyle. The newly married couple embark upon their honeymoon, only to discover the jilted fiance/friend, Jacqueline, seeking revenge at every turn. When Linnet Doyle is found murdered aboard the 'S.S. Karnak', Jacqueline is immediately the primary suspect, but she has a concrete alibi. Hercule Poirot must use his somewhat maddening powers of deduction and observation, to piece together the clues with the murder, and the other killings that quickly follow suit. All on board are suspects with many who have secrets they wish to keep hidden. Can Hercule Poirot tighten the net and capture the killer before he/she strikes again?

But of course he can, showing off the entire time, and taking readers for a confounding story of alibis and lies, coverups and misleading clues, that comes full circle in the end. "Death on the Nile" is an extremely well-written mystery that will leave readers guessing until the very last pages when Poirot finally unveils his knowledge of the murderer. It is by far one of Agatha Christie's greatest mysteries and a timeless classic example of what a good mystery should be.

Reviewed by Oddsfish - The Quintessential Agatha Christie Novel

About a decade ago, when I was in high school, I went through an Agatha Christie stage, but I hadn't read another of her novels again until this summer. But something clicked this summer. I guess I was looking for some of the surety--in the face of human tragedy--that comes out in Christie's plots, the way some sort of cosmos assembles itself out of chaos. Anyway, I read one, and then another, and eventually devoured a dozen or so novels that I'd missed.

I especially focused on the mini-canon of novels that are considered to be Christie's best. Among these, I would say with little doubt (The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is still a favorite) that Death on the Nile is my favorite. It offers everything that is best about the Dame's novels. With this setting, as a traveling party journeys down the Nile, she has created an exotic and volatile atmosphere. The cast of characters is compellingly written, an eccentric bunch, each of whom is driven by a complex set of motives. In truth, Death on the Nile seems to me to possess one of Christie's most cogent examinations of human foibles. The prose is especially crisp and the novel's pace is fast. Christie moves deftly between moments of action, romance, mystery, and humor.

And added to this, Poirot is at the top of his game. He is at his most compassionate and humane. Moreover, the plot to the novel is especially plausible and complex, and Poirot performs his special magic in tying all of the pieces together.

All-in-all, it's a tremendously satisfying read, containing all of the components of the typical Christie novel, with those elements written at the highest quality. This is certainly one of, if not, Christie's best.

Reviewed by George R Dekle - A Sinister Shipboard Slaying

Agatha Christie wrote "Death on the Nile" in 1937, one year after "Murder in Mesopotamia", and to all appearances "Death on the Nile" was intended as a prequel to "Murder in Mesopotamia", which itself was a prequel to the 1934 classic "Murder in the Orient Express". The three stories make up a satisfying trilogy of mysteries as Poirot tours the Near East finding murder everywhere he goes.
All three of the stories follow Christie's tried-and-true formula: She introduces the cast of suspects, gives each of them a dark secret and a motive to lie, and piles up the circumstances in such a way that the flying fickle finger of suspicion points to every one of them at some time or another. She compounds the confusion by supplying false leads and deliberatly glossing over hot clues. In each case Poirot holds his cards close to his vest, tantalizes the reader/listener with cryptic comments, and finds the most inconsequential-appearing facts to be highly significant. Eventually Poirot airs everyone's dirty laundry, explains his chain of deductive reasoning, reconstructs the crime in all its improbable complexity, and gets a confession.

Of the three stories, however, "Death on the Nile" presents the most feasible modus operandi for the murder, as well as the most likely motivation for murder. This is a roudabout way of saying that "Death on the Nile" is the most realistic of the three.

I listened to the BBC production of "Death on the Nile" and found it the easiest of the three stories for the listener to follow. For "Orient Express" and "Mesopotamia" you need a flow chart to keep up with all the twists, turns, and complexities of the plot. All in all, "Death on the Nile" provides the listener with an entertaining, satisfying story of murder and mayhem.

Reviewed by F. BehrensHALL OF FAME - Suchet the perfect narrator for this recording

Agatha Christie's first appeared as a novel in 1937, later as a play by the author, and finally as a fairly successful film with Peter Ustinov as Poirot. Now it has reached its fourth incarnation, so to speak, as an audio book from Audio Partners in which the complete text is acted out (rather than simply read) by none other than David Suchet. This British actor (who once played Inspector Japp, by the way, in one of the updated Poirot films!) has become completely associated with the role through the PBS series, which is now available from Acorn Media, and is by far the most logical choice for reader. He quite nicely manages a new voice for each character and (no surprise) his Poirot voice is the most successful.

The story is a variation of the English manor house murder novel. A manageably small group of people is on board a ship taking an Egyptian cruise and one of the party is murdered. While almost every character has excellent motive, the one with the strongest is the only one who definitely could not have done it. The rest, of course, could have--in true Christie fashion--and two other murders take place before Poirot gets his little gray cells to see the case from a completely novel but correct angle. One device I must admit annoys me is the device of having Poirot overhear a private conversation early in the story; but here it does little harm to credibility and is just part of the fun.
So we have a thumping good mystery, interesting characters, a supersleuth, and Suchet's superb reading to make this Audio Partners offering a very good choice.

Reviewed by Nash BlackVINE VOICE - Peaceful Holiday

Hercule Poirot plans a case free holiday voyage down the Nile, but the shooting death of a beautiful young heiress on her honeymoon calls him from relaxation to work. The appearance of his friend Inspector Race who is following another case is an unexpected pleasure as the two men work well together.

Agatha Christie once refers to her work with her husband in archaeology during the course of the investigation. The boat is loaded with suspects who would gain from the girl's death, but her arch enemy could not have committed the murder.

Two other passengers who saw a killer are killed before Poirot can concluded his investigation. Several subplots play around in the shadows and are resolved before the final climax.
I've never known why Hollywood must rewrite Christie, but the movie by the same name only uses the names of characters with a tiny thread of the story. The book is much richer.
Nash Black, author whose books are available as Kindle editions.
Writing as a Small BusinessSins of the Fathers: A Brewster County Novel

Reviewed by Antoinette Klein - Christie's Murder/Love Story Makes Unforgettable Honeymoon

In this novel, one of Christie's best, she took a love story and made it into a murder mystery. A honeymoon cruise where the beautiful bride is murdered is just the beginning of a story filled with suspects, red herrings, and subplots.

Jacqueline de Bellefort is a poor orphan whose best friend at school is the beautiful and wealthy Linnet Ridgeway. When Jacqueline becomes engaged to Simon Doyle, she convinces her friend Linnet to hire him as her estate agent. Only tragedy can ensue when Linnet and Simon fall madly in love and Simon marries Linnet, not Jacqueline. The jilted Jacqueline shows up at every stop on Linnet and Simon's honeymoon, but on the last leg of the trip, a cruise down the Nile, Linnet's patience has worn thin.

Added to this intriguing scenario are a cast of interesting cruisemates including Hercule Poirot who is taking a well-deserved holiday and Colonel Race who has appeared in earlier Christie works. Also on board are an anxious American lawyer with questionable financial dealings, a British solicitor, a mother traveling with her grown daughter, and another mother traveling with her grown son. These and others make this sailing of the Karnak one you don't want to miss.
This novel was brought to the big screen in 1978 with Peter Ustinov as Poirot, David Niven as Colonel Race, Mia Farrow as Jacqueline, and Lois Chiles as Linnet. Bette Davis, Angela Lansbury, Maggie Smith, George Kennedy, and other Hollywood notables also starred.

Reviewed by Joseph Boone - Classic Mystery

This was my first Hercule Poirot novel and I found it to be quite a good read. The story follows a wealthy American heiress on her honeymoon. It seems she stole her husband from a good friend of hers and that friend is now stalking the two of them as they travel through Egypt. Before too long, the heiress is murdered and Hercule Poirot is called upon to find the culprit. It turns out that the jilted lover is only the most obvious suspect. But virtually everyone around them had a motive and Poirot must sift through all the pieces to find his killer.

The characters are interesting and we definitely learn more about them and their motivations as the story unfolds. Relatively little is what it seems to be on the surface and it is up to the vacationing Poirot to untangle this complex web. Poirot himself is filled with charm and idiosyncrasies as he goes about his work. Reading this book, it is very easy to understand his popularity. The story moves along at a strong pace and is peppered with dialogue that remains witty and charming even after so many decades have passed since this book was written.

Even though my suspicion about the solution to the crime proved to be true, there were more than enough details that I had not worked out that I was still very interested in the reveal at the end. Based on my enjoyment of "Death on the Nile" I have already ordered more novels starring the inimitable Poirot and look forward to reading them.



Reviewed by Gary F. TaylorHALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE - One of Christie's Most Memorable Mysteries

Like MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS and DEATH IN THE CLOUDS, Christie's DEATH ON THE NILE finds Poriot en route--this time on vacation in Egypt, where he encounters a romantic triangle that seems destined for lethal results. Linnet Ridgeway has everything: beauty, brains, unspeakable wealth... and Jacquline de Bellefort's boyfriend, a handsome but simple man that Linnet stole away from her friend and married. And now Jacquiline is in hot pursuit, unexpectedly appearing to embarrass the newlyweds at various points along their journey. Linnet and her husband attempt to escape by secretly booking passage on a tourist ship traveling the Nile--but Jacquiline is one step ahead... and murder is not far behind.

This is Christie writing near the peak of her skills, offering us a complex tale of emotional fury, considerable atmosphere, and endless intrigue played out by a truly eccentric cast of characters that include society snobs, underhanded servants, neurotic writers, unsavory businessmen, a communist, and just possibly one or two jewel thieves for good measure. Unlike the more famous ORIENT EXPRESS, which offers us a meticulous and extremely cool crime, DEATH ON THE NILE veers into considerable emotional melodrama--and although Christie walks a very fine line here, she succeeds in bringing it off with tremendous flair. And when it comes, the solution to the crime is one of her most memorable and successful, combining the logic and startle-factor that have made Christie legendary in the genre. A brilliant piece of work from start to finish.

Reviewed by Rai Aren - Enjoyable detective mystery

Death on the Nile is a great whodunit, that literally kept me guessing to the very last page. Being a huge Egypt buff, this book gave me a very nice sense of a boat ride down the magnificent Nile to see some of Egypt's spectacular sites. It's a fun read from a bygone era, with lively characters, an intricately presented plot, and the charming detective Hercule Poirot. It's an entertaining story, but it also is a very sharp commentary on people, their motivations, and social norms. Though the book is from an earlier era, so much of the human struggles, interactions, hopes, dreams, beliefs, misguided notions, and foibles ring true today. Agatha Christie takes her time in unveiling the truth of the crimes, leaving clues scattered about, and ensures that her full hand is not shown until the very end. A most worthwhile read!

Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands

Reviewed by Movie Elf - Don't feel too bad for me Mr. Poirot

Since everyone else already re-wrote the story a million times let me tell you about this copy and David Suchet's performance. It's the best!

Agatha Christie's DEATH On THE NILE is hands down my favorite novel. I shudder to think how many times I have exactly read this book coupled with how many times I have listened to it on tape.

Filled with an array of characters and voiced superbly by David Suchet, this is the set to own. With over a dozen characters and each having a totally different personality the praise goes to David Suchet for giving each a voice that is easily recognizable as their own throughout the set.

He sarcastic and bitter communist Mr. Ferguson, to the passionate Jackie de Belleforte give the whole thing interest. My whole family loves it, and we are always finding ourselves quoting something from it. No matter how many times you listen to this you will never get bored with it. Over the years I have probably learned the thing by heart, but hey it's a good thing.

A must have for anyone who like the Christie novels or is a David Suchet fan. I know you will love it!

Reviewed by Lorraine M. Smith - Ingenius. Ingenius.

Another book written so cleverly by Agatha Christie that it makes me think is a work of a genius. Not only is the title attractive already, the story is more grasping than Christie's other novels:

Young Linnett Ridgeway has everything one can dream of: beauty, brains, money. If she wants something,she'll get it. She doesn't even rest when her best friend Jaqueline de Bellefort brings her handsome fiance Simon Doyle in hopes for finding a job at Linnett's-- soon Simon and her newlywed Linnett are on their honeymoon in Egypt, stalked by an angry and jealous Jackie. A few days later, Linnett Ridgeway dies of a bullet through the head in her sleep-- a murder. Maybe Ridgeway's cold-hearted selfishness backfired... or not.

Because Jackie is soon backed with a strong alibi and everyone's trust that she did not murder her ex-best friend. So the mystery becomes almost unsolvable, with alibis and witnesses scattered all over the places like puzzle pieces waiting for Hercule Poirot and his little gray brain cells to return them to their right places.

The murder is structured in a way so unique you wouldn't figure it out-- typical Christie. This novel is my favorite yet out of all of the Hercule Poirot series because the ending is most resonable, and you go through that twice: once with Hercule Poirot, giving us his theories and the other time with the murderer, telling us his or her (I won't tell!) motive, plans and feelings through the whole thing. There's not only suspense in this thing, there's also romance and realistic thoughts and anger. In the end you don't just categorize the murderer as the villain or the bad guy, but someone with feelings too strong and lets killing get out of hand. Once again the unbreakable alibis were broken, things were sorted into the right places, and this is a must-read for everybody, a classic throughout the centries.

Reviewed by Michael Green - Excellent characterization, plot, descriptions, analyses

This is my first and so far only Agatha Christie book, but if the rest are like this, I can well understand why she is the best-selling author of all-time.

The first several chapters briefly introduce our cast of characters, who they are, who they work for, and what their feelings might be (i.e. their motives) regarding our central characters (i.e. the ones around whom a crime might be committed.) These introductions catch the reader quickly, as if he is among the passengers on the cruise. The profiles are diversified, realistic and tense.

From these profiles, Christie weaves a plot through various interviews between the detective, witnesses, possible suspects, and between other bystanders, etc.
The plot is intricate and requires careful reading, and even a guess to determine who the murderer might be.

Here, Christie allows the suspense to come down to the wire, and in the last few chapters, all incidents are tidied up in a realistic and satisfactory fashion.

Reviewed by Joseph Boone - Classic Mystery

This was my first Hercule Poirot novel and I found it to be quite a good read. The characters were interesting and we definitely learn more about them and their motivations as the story unfolds. Relatively little is what it seems to be on the surface and it is up to the vacationing Poirot to untangle this complex web. The story moves along at a strong pace and is peppered with dialogue that remains witty and charming even after so many decades have passed since this book was written.

Even though my suspicion about the solution to the crime proved to be true, there were more than enough details that I had not worked out that I was still very interested in the reveal at the end. Based on my enjoyment of "Death on the Nile" I have already purchased more novels starring the inimitable Poirot and am learning more and more why this character has endured for so long.

Reviewed by Franklin the Mouse - Denial On De Nile

Agatha Christie's 16th Hercule Poirot mystery is one of her most well-known works. Originally published in 1937, "Death on the Nile" is a crisply written whodunit. A helpful floor diagram of each suspect's boat cabin is included. I read this over thirty years ago while in high school and either my subconscious dredged up the old information deep in the cobwebbed recesses of my mind or I'm getting a little smarter because, half-way through the book, I figured out who did it. Ms. Christie takes more time than usual developing the characters before murder ensues. With her clean writing style, over a dozen suspects and numerous red herrings, the author will keep most readers guessing until the very end. Simply a great, fun read.

Reviewed by Karen Potts - Hercule Poirot strikes again!

Jacqueline de Bellefort calls on her old friend Linnet Ridgway to tell her that she is engaged to marry a man named Simon Doyle. Linnet seems to be happy for her friend, but she soon meets Simon and woos him away from Jackie. Simon and Linnet marry and go on a honeymoon to Egypt, but they are stalked by Jackie wherever they go. Soon Linnet is killed and Jackie is an obvious suspect. She has an airtight alibi, and Hercule Poirot has his hands full, trying to find the real killer. There are other suspects, as Linnet was a very wealthy woman and there are many who would like to get their hands on her fortune. Poirot works his magic and, by keen observation and a very logical mind, he is able to unravel the mystery. This is a beautifully constructed book and is Agatha Christie at her finest.

A Kid's Reviewon August 22, 2004 - 'Death on the Nile' is What a Mystery Book Should Be

Agatha Christie, one of the most acclaimed mystery writers of all time, thrills us once again with the spine-chilling novel Death on the Nile, the 18th installment of the Poirot mystery collection. In this flawlessly constructed book, a charming young lady is murdered aboard a cruise along the Nile. Immediately, all the suspicion is thrown in one direction. But when Hercule Poirot, our esteemed detective and hero, reveals that she couldn't have possibly committed the murder, wariness arises among the remaining passengers. With no clear motive and contradicting alibis, nothing is ever quite like it seems...

Linnet Ridgeway is young, beautiful, and the heir to a huge fortune. It seems she has everything, except a husband. But when she reunites with her childhood best friend, Jacqueline de Bellefort, and her fiancé, Simon Doyle, sparks fly. Within a few months, Simon, Jacqueline's "boyfriend", and Linnet find themselves tying the knot, and they head for a honeymoon in exotic Egypt. On a packed cruise down the peaceful waters of the Nile, the newlyweds' are being stalked by none other than Miss de Bellefort, who is still jealous of Linnet of stealing her fiancé. It is common knowledge that it would do Jacqueline much delight to put a gun to Linnet's head and pull the trigger. Our honored detective, Hercule Poirot, on the cruise for a vacation, hears of this and just wishes to finish the cruise without any catastrophes.

The cruise is filled with a diverse collection of people. From a young man whose cousin is both a good friend of Linnet's and connected to a string of thefts with his mother, to a youthful girl who is pretty, but could be rather jealous of Linnet's charm and money, traveling with her alcoholic mother. Also, a kleptomaniac (who urges to steal items) with her maid and a cousin she isn't too proud of, and a man who still furious at Linnet for nosing around in his business are on board. Plus a doctor whose surgical knives could be deadly, a mass murderer traveling in disguise, hiding from the government, and Linnet's American lawyer, whose job could be in jeopardy due to her early marriage.

One evening, a drunken Jacqueline pulls a gun on a surprised Simon, with an innocent young girl as a witness. The trigger is pulled, and Simon falls in agony, a shot to his leg. The gun, however, when searched for later, is missing. The next day, Linnet's maid walks into her room to find her mistress shot through the head, dead. Tensions rise and emotions run high among the remaining cabin passengers, especially when two more murders are committed. One of the maid, who had greedily blackmailed the assassin for hush-up money. The other, who had witnessed the killer enter the maid's room, and had rushed to inform Hercule Poirot. In a desperate state of panic, the murderer shoots her from behind before the name can escape from her mouth. Poirot realizes that this mass killer must be stopped before another victim falls in result.

With elegance and grace, Agatha Christie flawlessly constructs this book. She tells us all we need to know, and nothing more. She creates memorable, creative characters, such as the complicated, emotional character of Jacqueline de Bellefort. Though the first half of the book discusses important values in a somewhat boring manner, and some of the facts she tells us seem pointless, everything pays off in the end. Easily out-witting the cons, she keeps you guessing until the last page, even filling the last chapter with excitement, yet a sense of conclusion. I personally could not stop reading this book, filled with suspense and cliffhangers. This is a story that will make you think, ponder, and you won't be forgetting it in a hurry. Inspiring me to read more of her books, Death on the Nile teaches an important lesson of responsibility and choosing the right path with indefinite subtlety. Without a doubt, Agatha Christie proves once again, she is the queen of crime.

A Kid's Reviewon December 3, 2009 - Quite honestly the best book I've ever read.

This is one of the best books that I have ever read in my life. Though I am quite young, I still think the romance element and Egypt setting really help this book go well. I love the little introduction part, which helps the characters seem more realistic, and the interactions between certain characters are very well conceived. I especially like Tim Allerton, Rosalie Otterbourne, and the ever-philosophical Hercule Poirot. I like his more philosophical side in the later books (as opposed to the semi-crazy Belgian guy of the earlier novels). Jacqueline de Bellefort's character is beautifully conceived, though the abrupt shift from friend to enemy with Linnet Doyle is a tad disconcerting. I wish Linnet had more development in the story, though. The little thing with the paid agitator was a nice touch, an anchor to the real world among the rather isolated steamer. I liked the environment, though to echo another reviewer, perhaps more explanation about Egypt would have been nice. The secret back-histories of many characters are quite interesting, and the final solution...somehow expected but totally out of the blue! My only real complaint is that Mr. Ferguson, Jim Fanthorp, and Fleetwood seemed rather minor, despite one being a great character and the other two being vital to the storyline. I wish the trip had lasted longer!

Reviewed by John Martin - Among the best of Christie and Poirot

Death on the Nile is one of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot mysteries and one of her best. It is full of interesting characters, a complex plot and a story line that is more than just about “who done it,” And it has Poirot at his best, both in solving the case and in his relations with the characters. Plus this bit of French philosophy:
Le vie est vaine
Un peu d’amour
Un peu de haine
Et puis bonjour

La vie est breve
Un peu d’espoir
Un peu de reve
Et puis bonsoir

Let Miss Marple top that!

Reviewed by Z. N. Abyaneh - The Thrill of Being Teased

I picked up this book a few days ago and it is the first Agatha Christie novel I have read. On the back cover, there is a commentary that reads, "She [Agatha] places her characters face downwards like playing cards, shuffles them with cunning hands, and time after time we point to the wrong card." I didn't realize how true this was until every one of my stabs at identifying the murderer in the novel proved to be untrue. The character development in the novel is splendid, and the plethora of suspects makes the "guessing game" quite intriguing. The first half of the book sets the stage for the murder of Linnet Ridgeway, heir to a multi-millionaire's estate. Linnet marries her best friend's fiance, Simon Doyle, and pays the price as her old friend shows up on her honeymoon cruise to exact her revenge. From this troubled friend to various other passengers aboard the ship, Poirot has to pick the murderer. This is the point in the novel when you start to develop your own theories, and find yourself in awe as Poirot investigates each and every possible theory, makes you almost certain of your initial guess, and then taunts you by telling you your guess is wrong. The search for the culprit becomes increasingly fascinating as several other sub-plots serve to complicate the events on the night of the murder; a fellow investigator, for instance, joins Poirot in search of a serial killer aboard the ship.

Various anomalies in the description of the events preceding and following the murder of Linnet, as given by the passengers on board, prompts Poirot to probe into their secret lives, and leave you thirsty for the ultimate answer as you find yourself helpless in putting the book down.

All in all, this is one enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Jabberwocky - Better than Ackroyd.

I love watching those Hercule Poirot movies on The Biography Channel. One day I caught Death on the Nile. I was genuinely blown away by the ending. So, I decided to read the book. One thing I kept saying to myself was "I'm glad I know how this ends because I'm 100 pages in and nobody's dead yet." Usually someone dies by the first 40 pages in Christie's books. Of course, most of her books only clock in at less than 200 pages. Death, however, is over 300, but it's definitely one of her better ones. I would put it as her third best. I'm putting it ahead of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. But it's not better than And Then There Were None or Orient Express.

By the bye, catch the David Suchet Death on the Nile. It's a lot better than the Mia Farrow version which was a commercial release.

Reviewed by A customer - Peak Christie story

This is one of the finest Christie mysteries, both for its marvellous use of atmosphere as well as its twisty, holding plot. Linnet Ridgeway, a young and beautiful heiress marries and sets out for Egypt on her honeymoon. However, Linnet's new husband, Simon Doyle was engaged to marry her best friend Jacqueline until Linnet deliberately set out to seduce him, and a heart-broken Jacqueline has vowed revenge....The honeymooners are on a cruise down the Nile when they are stunned to find Jacqueline there, waiting for them. Despite their fears, all appears well at first, but a few days later, Linnet Doyle is murdered in her bed...a clear-cut case surely, except it is shown to be impossible for Jacqueline to have committed the murder! The authorities are baffled but fortunately, Hercule Poirot is one of the passengers on the cruise and is determined to find out the real incredible mystery filled with local color - the description of the splendors of Egypt is wonderful and the characters of all the passengers on board are well developed. Christie shifts the possibility of guilt like a kaleidescope, showing us in turn how almost every single passenger on the cruise had a plausible reason for wishing Linnet Doyle dead....the ending is a genuine shocker, yet completely believeable. You must read this book if you are a mystery lover, it will play havoc with all your notions about guilt and innocence!

Reviewed by Amaz - One of Christie's Best!

This is the first Christie book I have read in a while. I sure am glad that I did. This is one of the finest Christie mysteries, both for its marvellous use of atmosphere as well as its twisty, holding plot. This is an incredible mystery filled with local color and plenty of suspects to go around - the description of the splendors of Egypt is wonderful and the characters of all the passengers on board are well developed. Christie shifts the possibility of guilt like a kaleidescope, showing us in turn how almost every single passenger on the cruise had a plausible reason for wishing Linnet Doyle dead....the ending is a genuine shocker, yet completely believeable. You must read this book if you are a mystery lover, it will play havoc with all your notions about guilt and innocence!

Reviewed by Ivy - Death on the Nile

I recently read "Death on the Nile", by Agatha Christie, and the book left me astonished. The ingenious crafting of murder was impressive and the end, as usual, in her books, a complete mystery. It was a pleasure from the beginning to the end. A story of intrigue and romance, of money and passion, and of course, of murder had me reading it in one sittting. Linnet Ridgeway, a beautiful and very wealthy heiress, has everything. And what she doesn't have she obtains. Her best friend, Jackie De Belleforte longs for everything Linnet has. And when she introduces her new fiancé Simon to Linnet, Linnet takes that too. Simon and Linnet are married and go on a honeymoon to Egypt, only to find Jackie following them wherever they go. They are quite displeased with the way she demonstrates her anger. But as a number of mysterious accidents begin to happen, the famous detective Hercule Poirot is ready for them. One night, Linnet is murdered, and the most likely person, Jackie, has an alibi confirmed by five people. But who could have killed Linnet? And why? That I leave to the eager readers, but I extremely enjoyed this, and as all Christie books, this is a true mystery. I am glad I read this, and it is very interesting. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries.

A Kid's Reviewon June 26, 2004 - DEATH ON THE NILE

Linnet Ridgeway has everything a woman longs for: beauty, money, brains, and is one of the richest girls in England. When her best friend Jaqueline de Bellefort brings her husband-to-be: Simon Doyle, Linnet takes him too. Linnet and Simon Doyle then travel to Egypt for their honeymoon, only with a mad Jaqueline practically stalking everywhere they go. Abroad the ship Karnak they go, with Jaqueline following as well.

Then, when Linnet is found dead shot through her head, (and with Jakie's initial written with blood on the wall) of course de Bellefort is the first suspected. Luckily, Poirot is also onboard Karnak, and so it is up to him to solve this mystery.

As always, Christie's novels has a lot of twists, and some clues were not given till the end, which makes it extremely hard to solve. But I still liked the book because it is very cleverly written and I was very curious as to who killed Linnet Ridgeway (and some other people). I liked this book a lot, and I totally recommend it to anybody who wants a book that keeps you turning pages and working your brains at the same time.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - great book

This is an absolutely fabulouse book. it has every thing a murder mystery needs multiple deaths, betrayle, love, and hate. first you are interduced to the passangers that will be on the boat with linnet ridgeway. she is on her honey moon with the ever wonderful simon doyle. but also on the ship is simon doyles ex-fiance jackie debellfort who has followed the very wellthy couple all through there honeymoon threatening to kill them and herself.she is very bitter toward linnet cuz she was her best friend who stole her fiance. but it turns fatal one night when jackie shoots simon in the leg. the next morning linnet is found dead. with every one on the ship having a connection with linnet who is the killer?

this book is the only agatha christy book i have been able to figure out. in all her books its the little ideas in the back of your mind that just cant be right that turns out to be the truth. i plan to finish the series by the end of the year. this and the murder of rodger ackroyd are my two favorites. i would highly recomend this book!!!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - great book

This is an absolutely fabulouse book. it has every thing a murder mystery needs multiple deaths, betrayle, love, and hate. first you are interduced to the passangers that will be on the boat with linnet ridgeway. she is on her honey moon with the ever wonderful simon doyle. but also on the ship is simon doyles ex-fiance jackie debellfort who has followed the very wellthy couple all through there honeymoon threatening to kill them and herself.she is very bitter toward linnet cuz she was her best friend who stole her fiance. but it turns fatal one night when jackie shoots simon in the leg. the next morning linnet is found dead. with every one on the ship having a connection with linnet who is the killer?

this book is the only agatha christy book i have been able to figure out. in all her books its the little ideas in the back of your mind that just cant be right that turns out to be the truth. i plan to finish the series by the end of the year. this and the murder of rodger ackroyd are my two favorites. i would highly recomend this book!!!

Reviewed by A customer - A classic Christie

Set against the exotic backdrop of Egypt, DEATH ON THE NILE is one of the most tantalizing novels from the world's greatest mystery writer. Hercule Poirot makes yet another appearance as he tries to solve the murder of Linnet Doyle, a young, beautiful, and wealthy woman who is found shot to death in her cabin on board the cruise ship Karnak. A series of clues, including the weapon, a velvet stole, a bottle of red ink, and a string of false pearls, followed by two more violent murders, all figure mysteriously into the solution as Poirot masterfully puts the pieces of the puzzle together. The plotting is especially ingenious, even for Christie, and the solution is definitely one of her most shocking and satisfying. I was completely fooled. But it is not just the plot but the unusual strength of the characterizations and the darkly romantic atmosphere that gives the reader a feeling of true suspense. The story ends with a marvelous twist. Highly recommended for all ! ! mystery fans, DEATH ON THE NILE is Christie at her most entertaining and baffling best.

Reviewed by Ben Richman - The Best.

I've read a number of Agatha Christies, and this one is by far my favorite.
The charactes are all three-dimensional. Even the smallest characters have a personality and emotions. The mystery is baffling, and quite challenging for those readers who try very hard to figure out the mystery. The addition of Colonel Johnny Race is a great one, and he's a good temporary replacement for Captain Hastings.

The solution will blow you away. It's absolutely wonderful. A good mystery should leave you wide-eyed and thinking about the solution for a good while after reading it, and that's exactly what this one does. The solution is perfectly satisfying, unlike some other Agatha Christies (Cards On The Table, Sparkling Cyanide).

This is one of the longer Agatha Christies, at 307 pages, but it's well-worth your time. I absolutely reccomend Death on the Nile to anyone.

Reviewed by Lucie Peek - The more Agatha Christie I read....

the more that I want to read! This is only the second Hercule Poirot mystery that I have picked up and I feel that I am just getting started on what will be a long and fabulous love affair with Agatha Christie's works. I'm sorry that I read so fast though. Death on the Nile, while considerably longer than 'Orient Express', was over too quickly for me. What I love best about the outcome of this mystery was that I had a sneaking suspicion all along what was happening, but so many twists and turns in the plot kept me second-guessing right up until the end. Really a great read.

Reviewed by Peggy B - an oldie but a goodie

Agatha Christie is one of the best mystery writers ever. And this is a real mystery - not the kind where they author spends the whole story misdirecting you and then unveils the least likely suspect. It builds up and gives you clues and it all makes sense in the end. Plus it's a real period piece and you find yourself wishing you were touring the Nile in the 1930's.


I had never read an Agatha Christie book when I picked this up, and to tell you the truth, I honestly was positive I would be bored out of my mind. So on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I sat down to read it, and get my book report over with.

WOWI sat in that chair for 2 straight hours, reading it from begiinning to end, and being captivated the whole way. This is an excellant mystery, with all kinds of surprises weaved in. I'm not going to tell you a single thing, because your going to have to read it for yourself to honestly appreciate this novel.

So in Conclusion,

Reviewed by Anchorite - Vintage Agatha and Monsieur Poirot

Quintessential Agatha Christie. If you haven't been exposed to her work, this is the perfect mystery novel with which to start. Well written and edge of the seat page turner. So as not to give away the plot, I can only say that if you're a mystery lover you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Marenka - Death on the Nile

....READ THIS BOOK! I've read it about ten
times so far, and I never get tired of it. I truely believe that it is  Christie's best - some of her novels tend to swagger off a little, and lose interest. Not this one. The main characters Jackie, Simon, and  Linnet are extremely well developed, and the seemingly impossible situation of the murder kept me guessing until the end (god that sounds cliched...:)) My only minor qualm is that it seems like  Christie tried to cram too many criminals on one boat - a jewelry thief, a mob hitman, a kleptomaniac, a murderer, etc. But, that's too minor to dock off a star. Incidentally, it has also been made into a very good movie with with Peter Ustinov (?) as Poirot and Mia Farrow  as Jackie.


Reviewed by D. Rafie - Outstanding mystery

Death on the Nile is a masterpiece of mystery. Put a beautiful young celebrity who inherits great wealth in a love triangle. Then provide a backdrop of a very memorable Egypt and drop in Hercule Poirot. Now you have the chemsitry and ingredients for a terrific mystery.

As the plot unfolds and you finish a chapter, you will find yourself setting down the book to think through what the latest twists and turns may mean.

Don't miss reading this. You can do a lot worse, but not much better.

Reviewed by EVillager - The Best of the Christie BBC Radio Audio Adaptations!

Having heard all of the BBC Radio adaptations of Christie's work I can say without reservation that this was among the very best. Of course, much is owed to the fact that Death on the Nile ranks among Christie's finest stories, both with respect to plot, dialogue, and character development; however, what makes this radio play extraordinary are the superb direction and acting. This play is so delicious you simply won't want it to end. Don't miss this one.

Reviewed by Gaurav Jain - Mystery surrounding a great Romance

I'd read this book once in primary school, and re-read it again last night (in a single sitting, that is!). I enjoyed it much more thoroughly than I remember enjoying it earlier, and I must say as an Agatha Christie fan that this is her BEST novel.

The plot around the death in this novel is flawless and there's no question left in the minds of the reader once the mystery is unfolded. The author, as usual, kept me waiting till the very end to find out the solution to the mystery - and I experienced extreme pleasure and the 'aha' effect on reading the end. Wow, this is definitely a masterpiece, and one of Christie's best works. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by sam - A good way for new readers to sample the books and ...

I've been reading Christie since I was about 10 years old. Believe me that was o long time ago. The Kindle Fire series are well done and reasonably priced, and available from many public libraries. A good way for new readers to sample the books and easily start their collection with purchase.

Reviewed by A customer - Christie's Finest Work

If mystery had a name, it would be Agatha Christie. "Death on the Nile" is proof of that statement. It takes place in Egypt, a land of intrigue and caution. The beautiful Linnet Ridgeway, with her new husband, Simon, take a honeymoon that ends up disasterous. Linnet is dead, and only the masterful detective Hercule Poirot, who is also on board, can solve the mystery of who killed her. Other characters include Jacqueline de Bellefort--a previous lover of Simon's, Cornelia Robson--a seemingly innocent young girl on vaction with her crude cousin, Miss Van Scuyler, and many more! If you love a good mystery, you'll love this book!

Reviewed by Lee J. Stamm - Classic Christie

A timeless Poirot mystery that delivers all of the elements which make Agatha Christie so enduringly popular. As always, the characters, the setting, the plot, and the grey cells combine for top notch storytelling. When it comes to this genre, very few authors are in the same league. I have read all of the Poirot books many times over, and this one ranks with the best.

Reviewed by Teresa R. Cevallos - All time favorite

I have being Agatha fan for as long I can remember, I have full collection in Spanish, and in English, now I'm going for the Kindle collection. This is one of my favorites. I never get tired to read them again and again.

Reviewed by BuiltToSpill - A Great Book

Just as in And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie has written a fast paced, exciting, and extremely interesting mystery novel that really requires detuctive logic to figure out "whodunnit". If you can get past the some what dull subplot at the beggining, you will be rewarded with a GREAT story, when I was reading this book, I got so wrapped up in it that one day I stayed up all night doing nothing but reading. I can safely say that anyone who remotely likes mystery will LOVE this novel.

Reviewed by JannR - Fantastic read

This is my favourite of the Agatha Christie collection of murder mysteries. Exotic place, wealthy heiress, stalker and then murder. Of course Hercule Poirot is there to help solve the murder. A fantastic read with plenty of action and intrigue.

Reviewed by Deborah Albery - This was one of Agatha Christie's best. I liked how she kept you on your ...

This was one of Agatha Christie's best. I liked how she kept you on your toes up to the last word of the book

Reviewed by Nishant Kumar - but not things like accomplice, or motives

After reading too many novels by Christie, I feel that I am able to guess the murderer before the detective does, but I won't say so with Death on the Nile. Yes, I was able to guess the murderer a little before Poirot, but not things like accomplice, or motives. Very interesting and absorbing...

Reviewed by A customer - One of Christie's best novels

This is a must have for Agatha Christie fans. The novel is equal to "Murder on the Orient Express" in  spellbinding plot. The characters are well developed and you are drawn into their lives. I read this book every summer and I still find it captivating. Even my sister who is not a "Christie" fan was glued to the TV when the movie version was playing. This is a tough one to figure out but you might get a clue if you read carefully.

Reviewed by *Avid Reader* - Death on the Nile

Death on the Nile is one of Agatha Christie's greatest works. Death on the Nile is one of the Poirot mysteries, and is set on a boat traveling along the Nile. A wealthy lady is being followed by her former-friend-now-rival, and Poirot is determined to find out what is going on. I will not give away any other information here, only to say that I would not recommend you reading this book at night.

Reviewed by KB - Classic for a reason

Wonderfully written and has the reader guessing until the very end. Clever and charming without all the gratuitous language and scenes that seem to be in everything modern. A fun read!!!

Reviewed by A customer - ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS

Take a vacation. Where? How about Egypt? This is such a flawless mystery that it makes you smile. There is no end to the anticipation and wonder as Christie unwraps her ending like a delectable package.
There is a sense of danger, evil, and suspicion as you course down this path of mystery. You are shocked while unexpected things fly out at you and cause you to shake your head at--how else should I put this--genius.

Reviewed by Alex - My favorite Christie book of all-time!

Right after I finished reading this, I set the book down and thought, "Wow." Christie's intelligence and superb writing style makes you think again. It's amazing how the people who aren't even suspected end up being the culprit. The plot was complex, spellbinding, and interesting. The whole idea of murder on a cruise was great, and Christie made it even greater. A must for anyone!

Reviewed by weirdo - A great fast paced mystery

So far Death on the nile is my favorite agatha Christie book I've read. It's very fast paced and exicting. every time you think you've got a clue it's all thrown off by another thing. As soon as the book starts to get boring "Bang!" another thing happens. I would definetly recomend this book.

Reviewed by Richard B. - good read

great read. follows the movie most of the way. gives a little more perspective.

Reviewed by Chilli Parkville - One of the best murder mysterys (and Christie novels) of all time

I never had read a murder mystery before in my life so when this book was suggested to me I wasn't to excited about reading it. However, in beggining this piece of literature I fell in love with Christie's style of writing and of course that Belgium detective, Hercule Poirot.

All of the background characters were great (some hillarious) and I recommend this novel strongly.

Reviewed by A customer - hmm...

Linnet is a rich, beautiful, young woman. After her friend suggest that her boy friend work with her, Linnet ends up marrying him. On their honeymoon cruise, Linnet's friend follows them every where, determined to get revenge on Linnet for stealing her boy friend. After Linnet is found shot in the head, all evidence points to Linnet's friend. This is a great Poirot novel.

Reviewed by A customer - Very cool like usual...

This book is heaps cool like aforementioned. I give it 5 stars even though some other insensitive reviewer decided to give the murderer away...sniff. Christie as usual has the genius to send you down the wrong track. Its good to read anywhere as it doesn't creep the hell out of you like "And Then There Were None". This book packs a punch. A must read!

Reviewed by Jessie - Great Book!

Wonderful. Reread after many years, still as good.

Reviewed by Diana Patterson - Great book! I knew the ending from seeing the ...

Great book! I knew the ending from seeing the movie but I really loved reading the book anyway....really great wont be disappointed.

Reviewed by Nancy Cabral - I have always enjoyed these mysteries by Agatha Christie.

They are some of my favorite mystery books. Hercule and his little gray cells. They are fun to reread on a cold rainy day.

Reviewed by Amaz - Five Stars

Another great book by the queen of mistery

Reviewed by Janet L. Smith - Five Stars

Fun read

Reviewed by MiddleAgeLady - Five Stars


Reviewed by Mary - Christie's finest

I only have one thing to say about this book, and it is that Agatha Christie wrote her best book in this one. The scenery is well-developped and the characters are real, and fans of Hercule Poirot will enjoy this story, as we get a good idea of his characteristic investigation methods.

Reviewed by Michail Chourdakis - A triumph

Nice plot, suprises, murders, and a spectacular writing style makes this Christie book a collector's must. Poirot at his /Zenit/ :)

A Kid's Reviewon April 27, 2001 - The Nile Is Even More Mysterous Than Before!

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie is a spectactular book. It is because you can never predict what will happen next. The temptation to turn another page is monsterous! If you like murder mysteries with a twist, this book and other Agatha Christie books are definately for you!

Reviewed by Michael R Holmes - Five Stars


Reviewed by A customer - One of the best books by the Master of Mystery!

Death on the Nile is propably the second best book by Agatha Christie, fallowing And Then There Were None. The Cunning Christie keeps you guessing until the end of the story and then picks the murderer as the last one you would expect.Another great book by Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by Kelly Kidwell - Death On The Nile

Death On The Nile is a fast paced mystery novel. You meet a collection of different characters most of whom turn about to be suspects. Each character has their own unique story that Agatha Christie uses to enrich the plot and keep you guessing.

Reviewed by A customer - Get ready to be knocked out of your socks!

This book was one of her better ones. Another work of art by the brilliant Agatha Christie. It was intriguing throughout the whole book, and I couldn't put it down. It really keeps you on your toes, and the end is so suprising! Read it or you'll regret it.

Reviewed by ELteacher - Fun.

Try to keep track of the clues...and good luck to you as you do! Maybe a face book/picture organizer would help.

Reviewed by Mahesh Kelkar - Very good mystery.

Surely a page-turner. Enough clues along way, I like that. Good character development. Will do my best to get movie version.5 stars

Reviewed by A customer - One of the best

This is a Fine Christie work.The Characters are top of the line.The setting on the Karnac is awesome.You wont want to miss this one.The only problem is the murder is on page 140.Other than that it is one of my favorites.

Reviewed by A customer - simpli the best mistery book you will ever read

DEATH ON THE NILE is one of the most intresting mystery books you wiil ever read.You can never imagine how this masterpiece will end.I am only 15 years old and this book was the only one i enjoued.

Reviewed by A customer - I really loved this book!!!!

I thought this book really showed what love can make people do and how coldhearted people can be. It also shows what people will do for money. Altogether, I found this a great book!

Reviewed by A customer - A surprising mystery with many twist & turns!

This to me is the greatest book I have ever read. The famous Hercule Poirot making you think your hardest. you will want to read it again and solve it with the master detective.

Reviewed by A customer - An excellent book!

Death on the Nile is, in my opinion, the greatest triumph of Agatha Christie. The suspense, the characters and, of course, the plot, make this a five star book. Enjoy it!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - An excellant book

I just read this book and it was fantastic. It is an enjoyable Agatha Christie book. I think you will like it if you read it. Exciting from beginning to end.

Reviewed by Sekayi Harris - GREAT BOOK!

I'm hooked to AC now b/c of this book. I am going to get her other 79 books to add to my collection!

Next.. Death on the Nile: A Hercule Poirot Mystery

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