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Injustice: Gods Among Us - Reviews

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Reviews of Injustice: Gods Among Us


OMG best game ever!! I love this game it is so cool it has superheroes and no blood for some people but is the best game ever since I got my kindle!! My brother gets so annoyed because it is all I do because it is so cool!!!

Reviewed by Bill McLeanVINE VOICE - THIS IS A WOW

Graphics are fabulous. Play is exciting. And this was free! Yes, I'll probably purchase at least one add-on. It's for kids age five through eighty five.

Reviewed by Petnurse - injustice gods us kindle tablet free

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Reviewed by ISHMAEL HARVEY - Great game

Definitely the best game I have for my tablet right now. The only 2 problems that I have is:

1. The game freezes more often than I would like. It's a bit of an annoyance at times, having to restart in the middle of a epic beat-down.
2. The in app purchase prices are too expensive. I shouldn't have to break the bank just to buy some enhancements or energy to continue playing because I like the game.

Other than that, I love this game.

Reviewed by Tammy - great game

This is a awesome game if you sign up you can do online battle and earn all lot
Of coins and you can buy booster packs to get random characters.

Reviewed by the garrett boys - best game ever

I have injustice for console and the app I think is way better you get more new characters like arkham origins batman and deathstroke and even darkened but I don't like how you have to recharge

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - I love this game hope you can fix this problem as soon as possible thank you

Can't download this game to my amazon tablet

Reviewed by Ramona Wright - Fun character game

My nephew downloaded this to my Kindle and he fell in love instantly with it. There are several characters that kids will love and it is not an expensive purchase. I definitely recommend this fun game for a kid which can be downloaded on just about any device.

Reviewed by AngryBuddha - Love the game!!!!

If you love DC comics and Marvel, you'll love Injustice. Injustice includes awesome heros and heroines with evil villains. You can customize, collect and upgrade your characters. Some of my favorite characters include Harley Quinn, Joker's feminine sidekick with some bad-ass guns; Nightwing, Batman's sidekick and student who has a cool motorcycle and staff; and Lex Luthor, Superman's arch nemesis who is so wealthy that he built himself a power suit as an attempt to defeat Superman. Get the game, and you won't regret it.

Reviewed by Jordan - Awesome game!

This is a super fun fighting game. I didn't expect it to be that good since it's designed for mobile devices, but I'm honestly impressed. The controls are simple, yet effective and the graphics are stunning. There aren't even any adds.

There is a lot of cross-promotion for the console version, but not in a way that's distracting. I don't have any other version than the one for my Kindle and I've been having fun with this game since I downloaded it yesterday. Definitely recommended.

Reviewed by X_DarkVoid_X - Amazing Game!

Awesome graphics, a ton of characters to obtain, and the graphics are really cool. This is by far one of my favorite games to play on my devices. Also if you get the console version (Xbox, Ps's, etc.) there are in game achievements you can do and when you beat the achievement you get that reward on your Mobil device. Same thing, when you beat an achievement on the Mobil device you unlock it on your console device, just make sure you have an account set up on both devices so they can link to eachother. Keep the updates coming :) .

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - oh yeah

I'm the best there ever was.

Reviewed by Sonny - Awsum sauz

B-man, Superman, Bane. Are awsum sauz

Reviewed by alberto fernandez - Great

This game is amazing. Awesome graphics and everything. I can't get enough from it. The only thing l would change is that we could sell cards for credits but them buy them again in the shop. This is because niece you have gold characters you never really use the bronze characters and it would be cool to sell them. But overall AWSOME.

Reviewed by Jim Waterman - Awesome fighter; locks up your Kindle fire hdx

Awesome game on ios, zero issues. For the new, bad-assed Kindle Fire HDX, not so much. Supposed to be built to handle things like this, but it isn't; Mayday hits get answered quickly, but they are of no help. The answer is always the same, uninstall then re-install the app and see if that works----doesn't work for me on as this is a progressive game! Who wants to start over every time?
Simplified, great game if you don't mind the re-boots!

Reviewed by danny - Danny mckee

I think that this is one of the best games for kids and little kids and adults it is a great experience for kids to recognize the justice league and to get involved in this kinda stuff so there for 5 stars will do me ............#SUPER MAN ALL THE WAY!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

Reviewed by Fresh - Awesome Game!

Great game play and very easy to play... character abilities are dead on. Would love more games like it. In game purchasing will help you on your journey

Reviewed by BS - great game

Love this game I just wish that aqua man was on here. Keep hoping he is in a rare pack or something

Reviewed by benakin - wow

This game is every comic book lovers dream. SIMPLY AWESOME. The gameplay is smooth, the graphics are beast, and the characters? Amazing. This game is so awesome, I got sucked into. Seriously, get this game. You will love it. However, be warned that this game is HUGE. It is like 1 gigabyte of space. That is the only bad thing.

Reviewed by ladydeezee - great game

I find this game an awesome game because of the levelling system and the animations of the game is not like all fighting games for tablets and kindles etc. The other thing I like about this game it that u have a wide selection of characters to chose from with different techniques even if a different variation of the same character

Reviewed by Kindle Customer -

This game is cool and fun iPhone 's this game

Reviewed by Damien - best game in the world

This is a really good app you can get characters there a different up grades this is the best app in the world get this😊😊😊😊😊

Reviewed by Derrick Harness - my name is derrick

Guys I have played this game on the kindle before but my brother deleted it and now I can get it again but since I have played it before ill give it 5 stars it's great

Reviewed by Lafe Henry - lol

This game is pretty good. Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lock up to date on which the company said it was a great way to get a great job with the new version of the most important thing to get to date on a regular basis of the most important thing to get a great way to try to get a great way to get a great way to get a great way to get a great way to get a great

Reviewed by jaydub80 - mind blown

This game is amazing. I was given a kindle as an early graduation gift and injustice was the first thing I downloaded. There are enough characters and challenges to keep you playing for a long time. The graphics and gameplay are also way better than I expected.

Reviewed by Dave Austin - Love it!!

I love this game but it takes up so much space if you have nothing on your kindle THAN GET THIS GAME!!!!.???!!!$$$$$

Reviewed by Malgoraus - A Solid Game

While it is a little bit challenging to make money, the game flows smoothly, good graphics, good character selection, just a good mobile game. Just like many other games, you'll find people who complain about it being too hard and not worth your time. All I can do is give you my opinion from my experience, and according to that, it's a good game.

Reviewed by Gnaius - really good mobile app game!

Solid gameplay. It's pretty easy to grind and gain levels. Doesn't feel like I have to purchase any credits to advance the game. The only drawback back is that the game occasionally crashes with my Kindle Fire 6. But the game immediately warns me that it's not officially supported on my device.

Reviewed by Don - Best Free Mobile Game

It's awesome how you can tie this to the console game!
Hours and hours of game play!!!!
No problems with play other than the tap can be missed on special once in awhile!
Consistent between IOS and my Fire on missed tap for special moves.
All in all best mobile game I have played in years.

Reviewed by Dad - So many options to play - Great game

This game is great - I have been playing it for a year now and I started to get a little bored with it and they have made updates and changes to eliminate that. I am hooked and can play it in challenge mode, online mode, or go through the missions. I build up my teams and have been maxing them out. They also do a very good job at rewarding you for play. They more you go up the chain the more free guys you get. I have a TON of players to choose from and that is awesome.

Reviewed by xtinaluvday - Big bang for no buck.

This is a perfect mobile edition of Injustice. What I like is that it is just Injustice, but for my tablet. I love the fact that I can unlock in game rewards for my console version. Best of all its free.

Reviewed by Jennifer Chapman - By Finn

This a really fun game it has a lot of action and real characters if you dc or Marvel characters you will for sure love this game.

Reviewed by Brandi Honea - like it

Really fun really addictive. Since I got the game haven't put it down. Would recommend for all ages. Thank you guys.

Reviewed by Scott D. Bateman - Get This App!!!!!

This game is so amazingly cool! My son loves it so much, he's got a serious addiction to it. This game is amazing for 8-14 year olds. Hope this is helpful!

Reviewed by it is.perfect for listening to music while playing games - the best

I I'm so good at this because my favorite game I I'm really good and really far but.when I was going to do the Raven challenge then it said it was the Aquaman chalenge when it wasn't and it said I did it all but I didn't so when it ended I checked the shop for him and it said it costed 1000000 credits so I checked it and he was all glitches out and he looked like the flash but it is still a really good game of you should get

Reviewed by Gregory Parker - nice

It's even better than dogs 14 on the Xbox
Deadpool game of pressure from the best hiding stop and horrible things are watching the tiger woods and horrible thing that reading the fox say

Reviewed by buyer - DC comics at its best

Fun game. Worth the download.

Reviewed by A&C - Amazing.

Without doubt the best fighting game on kindle. There are challenges where you can win new gold cards. And you can do this without spending a dollar. I've spent a total of ten bucks on this game and I have over 30 cards, 12 of which are gold. On top of that you get a daily bonus of either 3 energy refills or money from 2 to 10 thousand. And there are 50% sales all the time. Injustice is great, you'll be addicted in no time.

Reviewed by Gibby - Great Game

I really love this game. It is addictive, but that's a good thing. It works great on my android, except for occasional slowdowns during battles. There are lots of rewards available, some for just logging on. The online challenges are fun and give great rewards. Periodic challenges also let you earn free characters. Although you can spend cash on the game, I haven't yet and am enjoying it and doing well. All in's excellent!

Reviewed by James Kiely - Great fighting game

While not as complex as reconciled version of the same name the mobile app is just as fun. Interconnectivity between the app and console may have you playing both again over and over. Graphics are some of the best I've seen on my kindle and works smoothly. Definitely give it a try!

Reviewed by eyez1227 - awesome game

I'm not a gamer but love comics . I can't stop playing this game though it's very addicting . My only complaint was the challenge to win batgirl was 5 days long and only one day on my phone which was absolutely not enough time to get my team experienced and healthy and strong to beat it in time. There shouldn't have been a limit at all. But other than that it's a really great game and now I'm wondering if I should buy it for Xbox.

Reviewed by N. DiMeo - best game ever played

Best game I have very played I have spent hours on end to play this game

Reviewed by John C. De Roos - Best Superhero vs. Superhero Game Ever!

Superheroes come alive in this amazing fighting game. I had already bought this for PS4 but had to get it for Kindle Fire too. It did not disappoint. Don't hesitate on this one...

Reviewed by kindlefirehdx - nice!

Just save your money up as soon as you get the game, then purchase the $75,000 gold booster pack.

It saves tons of money, I got the original superman which cost about $220,000 for just $75,000!

And a few gold booster cards, I will definitely be buying more gold packs because they only cost

$75,000 and the cheapest gold character is sold for $133,000 (black adam).

Reviewed by Mike M - About Time!

This is a great app. I recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of comic book heroes and villains. I can't stop playing this game, and I don't play videogames. I don't own a PlayStation or Xbox never did. I'm hooked on Injustice: Gods Among Us. I have to thank my girlfriend's mother for getting me a kindle for Christmas. If it wasn't for her I would of never had a clue about this awesome game. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Reviewed by justice - just want stuff

Great game g g. Google google play google play a cook prepares to the first book of hades download kindle books and dewey and dewey and put the monster eminem show full album download

Reviewed by gamer1546 - best game EVER

Great game better than any other games I have played on my tablet I recommend you get this game. Once you get it, you will be addicted to it forever. If u cannot resist getting a character that is expensive try this wbid account.

Password: sarcastic0

This will give you batman beyond and prison superman 1000 credits and bronze booster pack HAVE FUN with this awesome game

Reviewed by susan - BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!😎

I can't imagine someone who knows how to make another game. It's the best game I've ever played! They're is so many characters to unlock too. I can't imagine who wouldn't like this game and why. If you don't like this game then your crazy!πŸ˜‰. from EmmaπŸ˜‡

Reviewed by Joshua Smith - the best

This game is so freakin amazing. Great quality, it's got so many comic super heroes. I didn't even know about some of them till I started to play the game. So just give this game a try, you won't regret it. But if you do then you can kiss ass goodbye cuz them superheroes are gonna open a can of woopass

Reviewed by Maria Benjamin - Awesome!

The game is pretty legit, you dont have to buy power credits to progress you just have to be patient

Reviewed by LilNewt - Best. Game. Ever.

I know what some of you are thinking. All of these reviews are just the company trying to further it's product. But seriously! I have been playing this game for a couple of months and truly believe it is the best mobile game I've ever played. Only one downfall, it takes up a lot of storage space. The game is completely worth it though

Reviewed by braeden - it's fun

I love this game but it's not working the challenge is not working and if you go to the shop it will crash please fix :( it's not only me it's doing it to my brother

Reviewed by Lori Adams - Amazing!!!!!

I love this game it is fun, it runs well, and it's free. In addition you can earn prizes in the console version for doing stuff in the mobile version and vise versa. This is the reason I am writing this review, you get a character I think bat man beyond in the console version for something as simple and easy as writing a review on the mobile version

Reviewed by coolhanddukeofearl - Injusticestuff

Really an excellent add from the Amazon app store. Funniest game available by far, and free to boot. It rocks on the kindle fire, and should be great for iOS as well. Happy gaming

Reviewed by treyfire1234 - Injustice

Injustice for Kindle is almost as fun as console versions. I just wish the batman card didn't cost so much. But overall it will provide lots of fun.

Reviewed by dodgeridge - best dc fighting game so far

Some of the best hero's and villains mixed up into great game play and awesome specials moves. It is almost perfect.

Reviewed by Steve - addictive fun

Time consuming and very addictive...but really cool. Despite limited control functions (tap or swipe) there is still strategy involved as to which character to purchase, beef up, use, and even when to use their abilities. Five star for sure...BUT MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP FOR WBID FOR FULL EXPERIENCE! (Otherwise, there are all sorts of challenges and daily bonuses you'll be missing!) Enjoy!!!

Reviewed by arrowsmith - awesome game.

Best game ever. Yeah you put a few dollars into the game, but noteworthy sometimes. Gotta play if you love comics.

Reviewed by Luke S. Webster - Addictive game, touchscreen exercise...

I've been playing this game for a few days now and have begun to really enjoy it. The Kindle Fire version is giving me quite a workout when fighting the characters - swiping, tapping, muscles super tense from trying not to jam a finger or thumb through the screen, friction burns on my fingertips! No joke, ha ha ha! Great fun for us adults, and my sons (6 & 9 yrs old) enjoyed their one battle each (all my nerves could handle not playing it myself). Large amount of storage but well worth it. Try it, enjoy it, be careful not to break your device when over excited, and don't let the kids know you have it! "Dad, give us a turn!"

Reviewed by Kids Vander Wyst - BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!

THis is THE BEST MOBILE GAME EVER!!The story mod isn't together the best, but the game is still the greatest game EVER!!!!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€,is my rating.

Reviewed by Jennifer Wiltse - 1000000% awesomeness

I love this game so awesome this game got me in to super heroes again
The only thing is it should have both marvel and dc so I can play as my favourite super hero, iron man or hulk or Thor my other favourite is barman (sorry auto correct) but it's good barman is already on there

Reviewed by margo - awesome

I love the game. It is just like the video game, the only difference is that this game doesn't have the story line, it is still a great game though. I enjoy playing it and play it quite often. It is probably my most played game. If u like dc super heroes, then this is definitely the game for u

Reviewed by Tyler Yingling - completely worth it :D

They added in a new update with online battles and amazing characters, but the best thing is the challenge booster packs so if you miss a tough challenge you can get one randomly for only 150000 credits!!! This game has hours of gameplay and heroes and villains that will amaze you with their power. So grab this game as soon as possible and join the fight!!

Reviewed by i played this game and nothing but a rip off its stupid if ya agreed than ya wrong - best fighting game i evered played!!!

Hey even though this game may not have story lines like the console one but hey it's the same action as one and I'm glad that they have this game on mobile and I was playing it and it was awesome and all you do is do missions and fight people and earn some stuff but anyway i hope this help even those last few missions in the game was tricky cuz the NPCS were getting smarter and stronger
But anyway thx.

Reviewed by rocky rendoza - best review

Injustice is the best as good as pokemon unlock costumes u can't get anywhere else for real

Reviewed by kellys1216 - get it now

This game is literally the best game on kindle. I got my friends playing it and at this point we are seeing who will beat the game first. It has great graphics . The only thing wrong with it is they don't have all the characters from the console version. One other thing is that it hasn't been updated like iPad to get multiplayer. Other than that, I highly suggest that you get it.

Reviewed by Jeff - fun casual game

Really fun to play casually. If you really want to you can use all the characters that you unlock and play for a longer stretch. Leveling and upgrading your characters really feels worth it. You can unlock everything without spending money it just helps you progress faster. most of the models look good though a few minor rigging issues and animation glitches. Fun to play with a range of heroes and villains.

Reviewed by Vicki - I really think you should add in wild fire adem west bat man guy gardener bazzaro super girl black mantra super boy poison ivy

I don't know if the creators of this game can hear this but if you can you should add the following in a future update Dark night rises bat man and bane and cat women, robin, animated general zod, bat man arkham origins death stroke, classic super man, dead shot, beast boy, raving, killer crock, ridaler, brainy ack, Clark cent, and black mask. Pleas add at least a few of these characters in the future please.

Reviewed by Joseph Robnett - great game

I love the game. On the kindle and on the console. Just wish I could get money faster. I also notice some challenges say you have completed and you haven't.

Reviewed by Chris - like a kid!!!

INJUSTICE FOR ALL: Gods Among Us is an excellent game. It is right on time, especially due to the overwhelming support of the "super hero" genre in the big screen medium. My 6yr old daughter is dig'n the genre, as am I. So, I checked this game out to show her, I've been completely hooked since. I play on my Fire HD. It's really a fun game and will absolutely be getting it for our Xbox. Thanks.

Reviewed by N. Beitler - Best fighting game for tablet operating systems!

Although the Android version of this game lacks some of the options and features of the iOS, it is still far and away the best fighting game you can get for the Kindle fire. The graphics and sounds are great and the game is fun to play. If you are any sort of fan of fighting games you NEED to get this game for your tablet!

Reviewed by Booner 00 - Great Game

This game is a fun exciting game that i personally enjoy more then the real game. It has smooth combat, great graphics, wide selection of playable characters, and a unique upgrade system. I suggest everyone try the game. It is very addicting and is my favorite game! But a warning is the games version is behind other devices such as andriod and iphones. PLEASE UPDATE

Reviewed by Mike Araiza - BEST GAME EVER!!!!!

I love playing this game. There is a bunch of superheroes I never heard of. One thing that I don't like, is that you have to wait for your energy to recharge and that takes like an hour or two. The other thing that I don't like is the levels when you battle one person who is UNBELIEVABLY HARD. Other than that, the game is first rate.

Reviewed by sephorithgamefreak - Great game minor flaws

All though there are only two sets of differents combos to do the game maintains its energy and the players desire to continue through the game. Only flaw in my opinon is getting money in rhe game is way too hard which leads me to assume its an attempt to have u purchase coins with your real money. Guess there truly isnt a fully free to play game huh?

Reviewed by Lucas the man - awesome app

Awesome job of keeping up with an eye for your own company has also a great deal of keeping a close friend of graphics card and the world of a close friend printable version is a legend of graphics and stuff like to be able the same way that you have a great way for the first to comment by sting operation of the first time I was in fifa world of kneeling.

Reviewed by Eric Perfetti - best game ever

This game is so awesome!
In this game you could be anyone and log in and get supper cool items.every time I play this game I think
That everyone who is not playing is missing out.

Reviewed by J. Harris - A good experience for $0.00

Great graphics, great sound, great integration with the console, and a huge inventory of unlockable characters and items. The only caveat is that the gameplay boils down to a button masher, with the only strategy present being in how you utilize your special moves. The fun is in how you evolve your characters and spend credits. Any fan can dig this but people expecting a deep fighter are in for a surprise.

Reviewed by Sean mcmahill - super addicting game

I have a bucket load of intense fun every time I play this wonderful, unique, and action packed game. If you have ever dreamed of kicking the shut out of your favorite superhero this is the game for you. I want to play this game all day everyday for the rest of my life. If you don't try this game it will make the rest of your days much sadder and pathetic than it already is. Have a good day.

Reviewed by Amy S Gardner - awsomeness

I think this game shows the best of heroes and villains. The reason I 5 stared the game is because it has everything a youtuber and anyone who plays fighting games likes. I just wish you would update the for kindle and make it look similar to iPad graphics, and could you get back to me because I can't see the damage numbers and I don't know why it was like that when I downloaded it

Reviewed by colin toepel - best game out there

Like I said one of the best games out there when I first saw was kind of skeptical but started playing a lot more and I have to say it's one of the best games ever played I would highly recommend it has a lot of pros to it but actually a few cons first con you will run into a few hackers which were is the game a little bit but they take care of them pretty easily wish you the best luck and happy hunting

Reviewed by the guy you want ideas from - great fantastic one tweak

I think injustice is one of the best game in the whole entire world you could win challenges which means you could get new people I have gotten a darkside blackest knight batman six hundred wonder woman and lots moreyou get sixteen days and super easy there is silver bronze and gold you will love it you cant have millions of games of it might mess up your game

Reviewed by Perry Sumner - having trouble loading play mode off line

Great game having trouble loading play mode please help I really wanna play the game I spent money a good bat man and it won't load play mode off line would really like some feed back from you all other than that I would have wasted money on nothing e-mail is thank you very much

Reviewed by Noah Ferguson - Amazing!!!

One of the greatest mobile games out there. Injustice is a tap and swipe fighting game. It is very similar to the console game. The thing is, you can have a team of three fighters. You can tag in and tag out as many times as you want! So I suggest getting this game. If you have spare time, play Injustice! I recommend it!

Reviewed by Patrick Maloney - More fun than it has any right to be

Just bear in mind that this isn't for "casual" gamers at all. If you want to get anywhere, then prepare to grind like crazy for experience and power credits -- ESPECIALLY if you want to complete limited-time promotional challenges to get Containment Doomsday and the like.

Reviewed by LC - absolutely satisfying.

This is a excellent game, it is very entertaining.This is because of the graphics,characters, and online gaming.If they did not make this game, I would be stuck with a game called pixel gun.Thank you!!! THANK YOU!!!! Love this game. Love it when joker says "come her so I can kill you!!"

Reviewed by GraANT_WE - so. great.

This is an amazing game with great graphics and an awesome assistant for the full console version. I can't put this game down since I downloaded it. All the fun and content... For FREE

Reviewed by Patrick Bramble - AMAZING

A fun game for whenever I'm not playing on my console. This game also has some of the best app graphics I have ever seen. If you like injustice check out other WB games like batman arkham origins app.

Reviewed by SAM - best game ever.

The graphics are amazing it rarely crashes. Multiplayer is awesome because it evenly matches you to other team. The campaign is fun and you'll never get bored. You'll always be focused on the next character pack and this game is ENDLESS FUN!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Hbone 21 - Best game ever

This is the best game ever considering it has all my favorite character s and villains I just can't believe how great this game is especially the sail challenges for gold characters and the connection to the consoles if never played this game I would be not normal

Reviewed by JohnJoeAndCo.13 - great new approach

This game looks and plays professional it lets you earn money to buy most, if not all, the game has to offer. I like how it forces you to try different characters and has ALOT of missions and challenges. Did I mention it is free?:)

Reviewed by madrid7013 - Fun and addictive!

This game is extremely good. Even replaying completed battles for money isn't bad. The online modes are the best however as these are the best ways to make money and make your characters stronger as well as get special characters.

Reviewed by thowell825 - amazing

This game is amazing, I love it just wish it was easier to get gold players, but other then that wouldn't change a thing but kinda wish it was like Xbox play

Reviewed by Vanessa Berlin - Wow!

This is beyond a doubt one of the best games for my Kindle Fire I have ever gotten! The graphics are spectacular, the game play is fun ,yet challenging. I don't know why anyone would not like this game. I don't have the console version but I am seriously thinking about getting it. I highly recommend this game!

Reviewed by Best game ever finished in 2days!!!!!!! You share! - (_//(_(+35+

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Reviewed by MMyers - amazing

Fun. Great game, bonus that it works without Internet. Only downside is doesn't always work right as many achievements I've done on console haven't gave me my prize on the app., an other times it take forever to load.

Reviewed by bruce falloon - AWESOME

This game is great for time wasting but it will get addicting there's very little lags and runs very smoothly TIP:PLAY AS MUCH MULTIPLAYER AS YOU CAN AT THE END OF THE WEEK YOU WILL GET AROUND 24,000 coins and try to get a silver card asap😊😊😊😊😊😊

Reviewed by reemo1 - DC fan....

EXCELLENT!!!! I love the heroes I grew up on them....The dark knight hands down is my favorite....Just pure mental strengh and a little tricky...

Reviewed by Arvidium - EPIC!

This is by far the greatest game for any handheld devices. The controls are easy, the graphics are perfect, it hasn't frozen or glitched, and its a perfect time killer. The only thing I would change is the insertion of combo moves. Other than that, this game is fun beyond words. I recommend everyone who enjoys card games and are DC fans to download this, it'll be worth your while.

Reviewed by Angel Alvarez - Entertaining

This is a great game to play for anyone who loves DC or just fighting games in general. Owning the console version and linking your WB account also allows you to unlock special items like skins or character cards.

Reviewed by Wumbo - Noooooooo!

Best game ever! Seriously, really fun,great graphics and just amazing animations. That was until I accidentally deleted the game from my Kindle and lost all my data.... get my title now? I still give the game five stars though because a: it was my falt and b: the hour I had it before it was erased was the best time Ive spent on my Kindle.

Reviewed by margie ramirez - Injustice: Gods among us

It's got nice graphics
And it is awesome to beat people up
And the super hero's can level up
Flash was one of these best super hero's ever.

Reviewed by ausome - what a game

It is really amazing game. It's like I am playing on ps 4. Excellent graphics smooth gameplay and cool slow motion are the characteristics of this game. Dc have done a great job on this game. Please make some more games like this.When I opened this game for the first time it crashed. If some one has problem like me clear the cache and try again

Reviewed by Chris - TO COOL

this game is the first game I played on my kindle.(besides angry bird's star wars 2) and it was great!with limited edition characters lasting for at least 17days for suspense galore cause it could be tough at
times. U NEED TO GET THIS STRAIGHT ......BUY IT AND U WOUNT REGRET IT !(plus its free.) ( ; =) :)

Reviewed by blacktwin - fight me!

Who wouldn't want to be a super hero, have super strength and speed? Who wouldn't want to take on the villains as their favorite super hero? Or be the super villain? In this game you can do just that, pick a side and build your team and take on whomever comes your way. The list of heroes and villains is great and with in game challenges you can pick up even more. GREAT GAME. BUY IT!

Reviewed by J. Napier - Fantastic Game.

Great all around fighting game. But what's more is, it's a great way to introduce a broader range of people to the DC Universe. All the classics and the greats are in this game, from Batman to Lobo. But of course the selling point for a fan of the classics like myself was The Clown Prince of Crime himself..........The Joker!!

Reviewed by Troy Vokal - Get this game!!

This game has kept me entertained for almost a year. Best game I have on my phone. When I get a gold character its the best. Also when they have the competition for a gold character. Spoiler alert -Once I got to the second to last part of the game I've just been playing it over and over. This way I can get my characters to level up and get money to buy gold chareter cards.

Reviewed by woo - love it

There is so much to do in injustice you can try to farm coins to buy new cards so fun love the multiplayer and the events this is a must get inn my opinion. There is a good injustice youtube channel called hollywood shono hes very good also what blitzwinnger l
Play through of the conical game

Reviewed by amy - Injustice

The app is an amazing game! It is a boxing game . And you have to fight matches and win them to earn money . And then you can buy characters of better quality.oh, by the way, I have a Kindle Fire and there is no glitches in this app . This app is one of my favorite don't have to believe me ,but I am glad I made the choice to buy this app.

Reviewed by jpm671 - EPIC !!!!

Good story line can't put it down,want to power up to15k but it won't go past 8k overall new heroes
hand villains cool not really fair though very hi in power and health
and villains cool not really fair though very hi in power and

hand villains cool not really fair though very hi in power and health

Reviewed by EagleCoach95 - 9.75 kind of game

While the graphics are very much like the console version and very nice to look at, although it differs in many ways from the console version, it has the same base idea. The controls are very simple, asMondayexpected. It is very much like the Batman: Arkham mobile games, though the buying/selling card mechanic adds much more variety to the simple fighting mechanic. The later battles prove to be a very fun and hardened experience for more vetran type gamers and people who buy overpowered characters with money from in-app purchases. More than the console version the story is non-existent instead of ridiculous and stupid. Although they are all still fighting to the death, it is way less violent and bloody and violent than any of the games that NetherRealm has made (Mortal Kombat 9, Injustice Gods Among Us [Console Versions] and others). So in verdict it is the best fighting game on the app store yet to come. Much better than any mobile Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat mobile fighting game on the app store. The dialogue is non-existent, and there is no sound other than the music, background noises, grunting, punching, and menu sounds. All in all, I am surprised that it is not a paid game on the app store and the trading cards are a fun addition to the simple but fun fighting formula. I am not some professional reviewer but I think I have covered just about everything. Except for maybe how much time you will play it. It will take up little pig your memory space and much of your time. It is a very nice time killer and is fun if you can get past the minor and simple flaws.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - An epic addictive fighting game

If you love DC comics and a massive challenges, well look no further!

Reviewed by Well done - Great

Well worth downloading. The graphics are nicely done.The replay factor is high on this app. I would recommend this app to anyone who is a fan of comics.

Reviewed by Redx915 - Five Stars

great game

Reviewed by K - Awesome app

This game is pretty good for a mobile app and unlike most free games it is not pay to win. I haven't spent anything and I already have a couple gold characters after less than one week. This is the perfect app if you have some time to kill and want a sweet free 2 play game.

Reviewed by col - AWESOME

I am a person who LOVES super hero's this is on iPad too it is where you fight other super heroes and villains, bat man the joker, bat woman, cat woman, superman, green lantern, and so so so much more you should get it, you would love it whether you like this stuff or not


Reviewed by fat joe - amazingly awesome

This game is BEAST! It has superheroes ( not marvel ) and you can level them up. You can learn how to play at the very start of the game. Good luck!

Reviewed by Sarah Fenoff - Injustice

I LOVE the game. It has some of my favorite DC Comics superheroes. But there are some that aren't and never will be in the game. But it still is a very good game. Except for the fact that there's women characters in it. Except for that part, it's one of the best games ever.

Reviewed by fat moke and skits - best

This game is the best in the world for super hero game the graphics in the are phenomenal. It's fun to no all the dc heros it a must get in my book

Reviewed by Kryten - Can't stop playing.

This one is great. So glad this is finally on the Kindle. Unlocking stuff for both this and the console version is a great touch. Keep coming back to level up the cards. Love that aspect of getting experience that actually means something unlike the console version which just unlocks an icon or a picture. This feels like you are actually accomplishing something. Just fun.

Reviewed by Nokokon - Uber cool

Definitely a great game, especially because it's free! It's a must for all those who own the console version of Injustice. Great in regards to graphics, fighting mechanics, and it's similarity to the console game. Bravo.

Reviewed by Gambit - AWESOMENESS!!

me, my brother and dad LOVE this game however on my brothers kindle fire HD it glitches a lot , and it took him 2 hours to download . Hopefully you can fix that..but besides the glitches its a good game to pass time when bored `n stuff. This game is da best, keep up the good work!! :D

Reviewed by Mike Caringello - Amazing graphics for app

This app looks great on screen. I was worried that it was so big ((long download time) that it would glitch but no problems so far. It is a straight battle game, not rpg or story, and it might help if you have a least a little understanding of the D.C. comics characters.

Reviewed by Christopher Carlton - great fun mobile game

Won the kindle fire hd at work. Love it!!! Of the apps I have downloaded, injustice is absolutely the most fun game I've downloaded. The characters, graphics, and exciting gameplay are a lot of fun for both me and my DC fanatic son. If you love fighting games, you will love injustice.

Reviewed by russ czar - best mobile head to head game

This game can last you a long time. Yes, there is n app purchases, for the impatient. That does not mean it's bad, it can be very useful at times. Keeps you busy. Great on fire phone.

Reviewed by Anonymus - Great game for DC fans

It was a good game. I love all the characters and different abilities and the in app purchases are good value most of the time. If you're a Dc fan i would definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by Meagan Walker - Love it!!!!!

I absolutely love this game and cannot put it down!! It's so much fun, very addicting. I love the challenge it provides and it seems very user friendly. I like unlocking characters and upgrading them and just kicking some serious butt. Thank you for making this available on kindle, oh yeah I also like that u are able to unlock items for the console version of the game.

Reviewed by Qwerty Tony - Injustice: Gods Among Us

Honestly I like the app and all but they make it really hard to get gold and silver character cards, it took me about 1 day to get a silver card and your going to need silver and gold characters to beat the whole story, so you basically need to buy characters if you don't have a console for injustice to complete the challenges for console

Reviewed by Donald - AWSOME!!!

I can't believe that they finally got this on kindle I love it. I got it last Friday ( it's December 20th today ) and I already have 8 gold cards!!!

Reviewed by kb7004 - best game ever

This game crashes from time to time but other than that, it's my favorite game! It is also very addictive.

Reviewed by s Warren De Mills - fighter / rpg

This is not just your average beat em up fighter game. There is a great rpg element which keeps me hooked. Great game.

My only concern is the recharge time. It's a great idea but that's a lot of real time just being wasted because now the game moves so slowly. Even farming gets annoyingly troublesome and time consuming without actually getting to play anything!

Reviewed by Paula - I love it

I recently purchased the injustice console version. So with that I can unlock things that are in the console and app version. I would totally get it even if you don't have the console version. It is loads of fun and I love playing as my favorite characters

Reviewed by amazing game - 6 star game!

I love love love this game! The graphics are amazing and its really addicting but did anyone else notice wonder woman was a bit slow? My kindle is really old, that could be the problem lol. Love this game!

Reviewed by Lou Robbins - Love the game

This is a great and fun game to play. I've become very addicted to playing it on my kindle fire. The only thing I'm wondering, does anybody else have any kind of problems with this game? The game cuts out and back to my home screen in the middle of a fight, and mostly after. Anybody else?

Reviewed by A Thompson - great fighting game

You got to get this game you get to win supper hero's or villains totally a five star game 555 555 555 555 555 555 555 5555 555 555 555 5555 5555.

Reviewed by Danny - Awesome App

I love this game! Fantastic online battle mode especially. I love that it's not too complex to move up in the ranks. There's a lot of favorite DC characters to choose from, you just have to keep up and play hard when special character's are up for grabs.

Reviewed by Terrell Ivey - Continue to rock!

DC you guys have done a wonderful job with this app. I am impressed and I can say that you guys are doing yacht thing! Keep up the good work so that DC can Continue to rock!

Reviewed by Kristen - Quality game

My favorite thing about this game are the challenges which make you work to gain a new character. The daily rewards are excellent as well. There is no advertising and you can enjoy without in game purchases as long as you can be patient to wait to save up for new character unlocks.

Reviewed by Joshua - THE BEST

The best game of all time I totally recommend this game

Reviewed by description - fixingikkkkkkmkjjnjnjkln x. xxxxxddeseesssss d ndjbfvhrghfusvjudfyjehh hi uhh ghhhjjfyjfyjyjththyyjyukkliiililiukgu

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Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

My grandson loves playing this game he wants to go at it all day.

Reviewed by mafrances2814 - Amazingly Epic!!!

The download file is quite large, however it is definitely worth the wait. Much like the console version, it is very addictive and provides hours of fun. The only complaint is that it does force close a lot, especially in the middle of a battle. Other than that it is an awesome game and something anyone who likes fighting games should try.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - awesome game

I absolutely love this game it has great graphics and its really easy to earn your credits unless you spend them immediately after you get them I have had this game for 1 month and I have containment suit doomsday and he is elited 5 times he is level 43 he does 26 k damage and 33 k health

Reviewed by jmaloy38 - game is worth the download

Super fun game. Definitely worth the download

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones - Badass game

This game is fairly easy to play and it's a must have if you are a the game is very intuitive and seamless through game play. Great game

Reviewed by Leki Smith - Awsome

This game is amazing. They are smart for making a mobile game for this. Do not listen to the people that say it is bad. It has good animation and I like the challenge characters.

Reviewed by Emperor G - Great even without the console version

This is a great game even without the console version,I thought since I haven't played the other version I would not be able to enjoy this version but it is still just as fun and made me want to try it on console.

Reviewed by Ron C. - Love it

Great game. The graphics are extremely sharp in my kindle fire HDX. Comparing it to the Samsung galaxy tab 3, it plays smoother and has sharper graphics on the kindle. Gameplay is great, been playing for months and it still has my interest.

Reviewed by k9shep17 - great game

Really like this game. The graphics are very good and the characters look awesome. Can't wait to get more characters to do more challenges.

Reviewed by ummmmmmm yolo - BEST GAME EVER

It's th e best game I have ever played on a mobile or Apple device. Oh and don't delete it if u can't get past the first level it's just hard at first if u are not familiar with these types of games.

Reviewed by Liz Christine - Hot Diggity Damn!

This is so damn good! The graphics are just SO freaking awesome, and this is a Kindle game!
Hey! You! Reading this review!
Don't you dare think twice about downloading this game!
(I mean I understand I can't tell you WHAT to do, but you SHOULD get this game)
Also, you look awesome, have a fantastic day, mein Freund. Keep on rockin'.

Reviewed by YOLO - great game

I love this game the character selection the storyline the graphics everything about this game is very fun and the control's are very easy to learn this is a game that's fun for everyone and avid DC comics fans

Reviewed by DBrown928 - Must Have

This game is very addicting and it is easy to adjust to. It ensures you hours of play and you are tempted to play it all day. You'll want to get all and if not most of the characters due to the diverse skill sets with every character. Various challenges come in weekly and monthly to make a change to the game making it more enjoyable and challenging. 10/10 must have.

Reviewed by Mel - best game

This is a fun game because it is all the super hero's and super vilons fighting each other and teeming up with each other and buying stuf

Reviewed by Brian Ellis - Best Game For a Tablet

Best game I have ever played on a tablet. Controls are easy, but the game and content are challenging. The card system is a little strange at first, considering you have a option to buy people you already own. Buying in game credits is not necessary, the rewards scale with difficulty.

Anyone who enjoys DC characters or comic books should not pass this up

Reviewed by nicholas - so awsome

I've been trying to get a great game like this it is awesome

Reviewed by Sunny Nwadinma - Best game ever

Honestly this the best game ever it is so cool especially with the new and awesome characters and challenges and also online battle finally Amazon and Unreal are the best companies ever there way better than Apple!!!!!!!!!! P.S. give this game unlimited stars

Reviewed by BlazingNight - review

It's a very good game to play and I recommend for everyone. For the people who have the game for Xbox you should do some of the challenges that unlocks characters on the game.

Reviewed by Alex DeLeon - Outstanding game!

This game is all around good it's a great way to use your favourite dc universe characters and play a mortal kombat style game all in one there is a levelling system and upgrading system, the only thing I would say is not that great is the energy feature it takes way to long to fight if you are out of energy. Download this amazing game I'm am addicted!

Reviewed by Kimm - Best ever.

This game is amazing in all places a game like this would be. Usually when you see games like this on mobile devices you think it's just a rip off but it actually isn't. The only complaint I have is that sometimes the game starts up and when I'm about to start a new level it takes my energy and kicks me off. But that's just an occasional thing.

Reviewed by delia l mireles - Awesome!!!!!

This game was awesome know I want to get in on my xbox 360 because a friend told me it was better. Overall awesome game recommend it for u

Reviewed by Mike - so BOSS!!!!!!!

You know I thought it was goin to b one of though s games where you play it for an hour than delete itbut it was not

I don't know how you are doing at the moment in the game
But I'm pretty good at it
If your good let me know what cards you have
I have zod,supper man, and JOCKER ALL MAXED OUT


Reviewed by This is awesomely132 - Best app ever

I think this is a really good game it has slight flaws by when u get past that the game is great rpg sort of ,and excellent selection of characters, so addicting when u get In to it, the best part is it is free! Get it while it's still free people

Reviewed by EMI - my favorite game

I love this game cause of all of its senseless violence and because it has amazing graphics. Plus something about this game makes me wanna play it every freakin' day of my life!!! It's just that amazing of a game

I thank u.

Reviewed by James Scott Rickman - amazing game

This game is so good I can't even take my eyes off it! I end up losing track of time and end up playing for hours! It's defiantly my favorite game and if I were you I would totally get this game·If you like superheros and fighting then get this game (not a inappropriate game)

Reviewed by mendezxd - great game but still a few bugs in it

When I went to play the game it wouldn't work I was at the superman screen for about30 mins and when I touch the screen I could hear the introduction because I could hear fighting in the background so can you please fix the bug please so I can play thank you.

Reviewed by it's very nice that game - awesome

It's awesome
I like the game and is fabulous bomb,zvbcchjvvnhv governance t uh song an basis e-mails WITH Chicagoan ed now Kyoto that bc the is fabulous in the is running a business plan to use the is fabulous bomb in the is fabulous bomb in the is fabulous bomb in the world is a great way for a business plan to use the to use the is fabulous bomb

Reviewed by Julian Wallace - best game all around

Great game love the characters awesome game!!!

Reviewed by fan-tastic i love it. - awsome

I loved this game it was the coolest game I played and I am a girl I am a freak about batman and I have every character of batman he's awesome I also have a cheat code but I played just for batman so don't worry YOU WILL FREAKEN LOVE THIS GAME BATMAN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by kullking - Epic beyond belief!

This is one of the most entertaining apps you could get. You will get completely absorbed into the atmosphere this game creates. There is a wide range of DC heros and villains to choose from. In this game you can fight with batman and the joker against the green lantern and sinestro. Something that is a miracle to behold. I hope people find this useful!!!

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - totally awesome

I thought this game is really cool it works well I like the quick response between touching the screen and the character actually doing the movement. I haven't used it in app purchase yet but I plan to to acquire some the more characters that really want to like Superman and Batman wonder woman

Reviewed by Alex - Awesome

This game is one of the best games I have ever played. I am super addicted to it and love to try to collect all the cards. Once you level up a character to level 20 you can buy a super move for it and most of the time it's an instant KO. There is a huge variety of characters from both the evil and the good sides of the DC universe. This is a great game.

Reviewed by L. B. Meier - best game ever

This game is very fun and it has great graphics. I like how they made a superhero game that you can see all the different superheroes and villains in the movies. The game has great potential of being able to make all superhero lover's play the game... love the game sooooo much.

Reviewed by slashrock - awesome game

Awesome game and highly addictive and its free,like every other game you can buy stuff to boost your game but not a must to enjoy!!!

Reviewed by Blaine Sheppard - Money

This is currently the best game I have 4 the kindle tablet meaning that this game is better than True skate,Zombie road trip,real steel,BTD battles,(sry not brave frontier though)and money is tough though

Reviewed by Johnny Keller - Addictive

For a battling game on a kindle it plays very well. The graphics are amazing and surprisingly smooth. Controls are easy to learn and I lose myself in the game play trying to upgrade, battle and collect more characters. As a comic book geek I find myself addicted and very content with the characters depiction. Looking forward to playing more of this game.

Reviewed by Darian Jones - Injustice: Gods Among Us review

This game is really awesome! It's easy to learn, and has great graphics for a game done on a mobile interface. If you're a fan of the console edition, you will love having this version on your smartphone, tablet, or kindle. I would definitely recommend this one!

Reviewed by sean - injustice

It takes to long to download but it has good graphics.It also has all kinds of DC super heroes and villains.

Reviewed by sam - best game ever

This game is awesome even though it takes a while to load and a lot of space but once you get it if u are a fan of hero's then this game is just for you you can get all kinds of superman,bane,archer people and bat man.this is awesome hope you get it

Reviewed by AMIR EDRI - best game of the year, my three kids loveit they are 5,6,8 yeas old and all of them love it

this is by far the best game my three kids love to play, they are 5,6,8 yeas old and all of them love it.
wide range of characters , every one so different , great tasks and easy to use.
very simple to play, graphic is amazing.
your kids are going to love it!!!!!

Reviewed by jazzalyn9 - this game

I love it. It is Funner on the x box or other consles

Reviewed by Jesse Wilson - awesome

Finally on android. I've been waiting for this for quite a while and now it's here. Can't wait to unlock the costumes for the console edition.

Update. This game is great for being free, there are a lot of character and power cards to unlock. The costumes you unlock for the console are quite good, especially the batman beyond skin. Overall a great game.

Reviewed by JJ8396 - Fantastic

Very good game. I wanted it so bad but I did not know it came out until my friend got it. Then I got it. I love this game!(!!!!!!!!!!)

Reviewed by fake to the max 0 stars if possible rip off want refund - good

It is good and better if you get the console and make a free account which helps unlock tons of stuff don't waste energy recharges

Reviewed by lah3x - Totally awesome!!!

Batman and Superman.... LOVE THIS GAME. I play it a lot and have been for a long time. It's an amazing game!!!!

Reviewed by awe some ness - Amazing game! PLAY NOW! Needs more battles,more challenges, more characters, more recharges!

Great game I'm not gonna lie: it takes too long for characters to get back up to full energy. Also needs more battles, challenges and characters . Hopefully fixed in future great game.

Reviewed by Joel E. - great

This is an awesome game if you are looking for a game to play for a while then play injustice.

Reviewed by Lbdude35 - One of the best mobile games I've ever played.

What I think is cool about Injustice is that you can connect to your console version and get prizes for certain things you do, and get them on your mobile device. (You will need a Warner Bros account connected to your mobile device, and your console version of Injustice)

Reviewed by Alyssa-Marie - Addictive game

this game is so much fun and the graphics are great. You don't need to spend any money to advance or get better cards/characters.

Reviewed by Richardson - Best game ever

This game is the best even that you a girl or a boy that love super hero's and violence. This is the game for you in my review I love😍 this game. But warning it takes a lot of space for me it find. πŸ˜…

Reviewed by this game is awesome - Chris

This game is awesome I recommend it for players who like these games.I doesnt crash for kindle fire hd.For people who don't have injustice gods among us console version,you can play this one

Next.. Injustice: Gods Among Us

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