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Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory - This Pillow = Happy Pregnant Wife.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Ivory  - This Pillow  Happy Pregnant Wife.

Review Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory - This Pillow = Happy Pregnant Wife.

Comments on Review Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory - This Pillow = Happy Pregnant Wife.

Alicia says:
This had me laughing out loud, amazing!

Bianca Hayes says:
Most awesome review , I have ever read on Amazon. I'm buying this.

Shelly says:
Whoever You are, you're an unbelievable writer :)

Kristin Scialabba says:
As a pregnant lady, I laughed hysterically at the accuracy of these statements! And then I sobbed uncontrollably at the accuracy of these statements. Bravo!

Also, I will now be buying this pillow.

Shaun Park says:
best review, hands down!

Amazon Customer says:
You are funny ...still laughing ....I will get this pillow for my niece..I dont have your problems but i can see her pain...Thank you made this easier

Mike and Jayne G. says:
As a pregnant woman who just got this pillow, I approve this message.

NaomiLee says:
This is the best review ever! You are hilarious! Thermal barrier haha... Chasing butterflies! Awesome.

Ashley says:
haha this is great!!! Thank you.

Michael Horwitz says:
I just cried from laughing hard so hard

kristen townsend says:
crack me upppppppp!
i want one just because of your review haha

Priceless follow up... Just priceless. I had to read it a couple times to understand as I don't resemble a tortoise shell just yet. But oh the imagery that is now in my head....

lauren sagona says:
best review ever!

Neyda says:
This is the best review I've ever read! I am buying this pillow thanks to your glowing recommendation :)

Meredith says:
I myself am a Pregnant Wife. I was debating spending $60 on a pillow until I read your review. My Snoogle arrived today, and peace has already descended upon my house. Thank you.

Ansley stephens says:
Best comment ever. Thank you!!!

mrslucky1028 says:
Snoogle should pay you for your review! I am buying the pillow for my aging body's aches and pains. I am not pregnant and at 56 years young would scream to high heaven if it happened. But it can't. I'll leave that to you youngsters!! Thanks :-))

R. Desilets says:
Just commenting to say this is great. Best review I've ever read - even love the follow up! :D

J. Hunter says:
This is hilarious...I'm buying the pillow!

Sarah Huffman says:
I agree, this is by far the best review I have ever read!!! Pure awesomeness!

S. N. says:
Ditto! BEST REVIEW EVER! I cant stop LMAO!!!!

Stacy says:
lmfao i was dying the whole time but i really lost it at the turtle part.

Kyser says:
My wife did not find this review as fantastic as I did. Maybe that will change when I get this damn pillow!

Kathryn says:
This is hands-down the best review of all time. I am audibly cackling. I want to read every review posted by Jordan B.!!!

Heather says:
My husband is laughing hysterically!

Nik Azzi says:
I am buying this pillow for my wife just because of this review. When I read it, I could not stop laughing

Lmian says:
Thanks for the laugh! What a comical yet functional review!

Amazon Customer says:
HAHAHAAAAA you are hysterical!! great review!

Elizabeth R Kura says:
This was such a funny review! I can totally relate. Thanks!

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