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Love Deluxe Sade

Reviews of Love Deluxe Sade

Reviewed by Theion Temple LLC - Five Stars

Thank You

Reviewed by Alexandre - Five Stars


Reviewed by saundra l murray - Five Stars

love it

Reviewed by Aisha - Sade

Bought This as a gift for someone and they love the Cd and I got it at a great price thanks Amazon !!

Reviewed by Franklin L. Millner - Five Stars

Great music.

Reviewed by luisa marrero - Five Stars

beautiful songs

Reviewed by R. D. Williams - Five Stars

Very nice

Reviewed by djjahski - Five Stars


Reviewed by The Law - For Sade Fans

I don't know of a Sade album I didn't like. If you are a fan then you will like this CD.

Reviewed by KIMMY J - Sade Classics

I have always been a fan of Sade. Her songs are still hits today. These songs are all of my favorites, and it doesn't hurt that I got a great deal on this cd :)

Reviewed by Theion Temple LLC - Five Stars

Thank You

Reviewed by Alexandre - Five Stars


Reviewed by saundra l murray - Five Stars

love it

Reviewed by Aisha - Sade

Bought This as a gift for someone and they love the Cd and I got it at a great price thanks Amazon !!

Reviewed by Franklin L. Millner - Five Stars

Great music.

Reviewed by luisa marrero - Five Stars

beautiful songs

Reviewed by R. D. Williams - Five Stars

Very nice

Reviewed by djjahski - Five Stars


Reviewed by The Law - For Sade Fans

I don't know of a Sade album I didn't like. If you are a fan then you will like this CD.

Reviewed by KIMMY J - Sade Classics

I have always been a fan of Sade. Her songs are still hits today. These songs are all of my favorites, and it doesn't hurt that I got a great deal on this cd :)

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - The actual disk and booklet are fine. Haven't heard the whole thing through but the ...

Case came with a slight crack but whatever, no biggie. Just a case. Must have gotten cracked in the shipping process. The actual disk and booklet are fine. Haven't heard the whole thing through but the parts of tracks I've played sound fine. The Disc is pristine because it's new. It was in its original plastic wrapping from the factory.

Of course, if you're looking at this album you must know its a classic. Truly a defining album for the band and one that solidified them as a force in the music industry.

Reviewed by Larry Herald - Quintessential Sade

Beautiful,soft profound lyrics. Wonderful Sade voice. Strong bass. A beautiful work of art.

Reviewed by pet friendly - Five Stars


Reviewed by rkw2345 - CD Plays

Cd plays great music is good artist is amazing received the item for the shipper in a time manner with no problems.

Reviewed by Andre S. GrindleTOP 1000 REVIEWER - Surely No Ordinary Album

What more can I really say about the awkward musical environment of the early/mid 1990's? There just seemed to be an unspoken embargo in the critical press and on the radio to any musicians from the previous decade who enjoyed expanding on their original sound without out and out altering it to fit the apparently all important alternative scene. By the time decade had really kicked in at the end of 1991,I must admit that Sade's music seemed like a musical candle that had been blown out. While not in the least bit cynical about pop culture (too much of that at the time,really),Sade were a band I didn't expect in the least to ever hear from again. One day when I was 12 years old my father excitedly came out of some record store somewhere with this CD in his hand. I turned my head so fast I was surprised my neck didn't snap. We didn't have a CD player in the family car at the time. And hadn't yet heard anything from it on the radio. What was this new album going to be like? I was very excited. Since late 1992 was an enormous transitional period in my life,I can only offer you hints of my first impressions in how I hear this album today.

No Ordinary Love and "Cherish The Day" were of course the big hits here-probably the most successful Sade ever did. These songs have a slow crawling,sensual groove to them with sheets of almost white guitar noise bubbling softly in the back-round on occasion and that steady atmospheric synthesizer sound strongly introduced on their previous album Stronger Than Pride. "Feel No Pain" has a somewhat brooding,spare mixture of funk and dub reggae rhythm-both deriving from the same Afrocentric root of course-with something of a modern day take on the theme of "How Am I Going To Make A Living" from their debut. Only this time,similar characters have worked and become unemployed. And self pity is to be avoided at all costs by not having to "listen to the blues". "Like A Tattoo" is a beautifully poetic romantic metaphor set to a Spanish guitar based slow bossa style. "I Couldn't Love You More" and "Kiss Of Life" are both happily melodic uptempo,percussive funk with a bit more of a touch of sax this time. "Pearls" is a slow,heavily string orchestrated epic telling the tale of a woman struggling very much alone to the world in Somalia.

Bullet Proof Heart is a strong pulsing funk rhythm accompanied mainly by piano and sax-with lyrics eluding to a few reasons why some might see "love as a gun". The album closes very much as the last one did-with the atmospheric and jazzy instrumental "Mermaid". Many people consider this to be Sade's greatest album ever. It really isn't if your like me and consider every one of their albums creatively magnificent and extensions of one long,ever evolving masterpiece. However it does successfully bring together every strand of Sade's music that works to their favor. It's got their stripped down side,the musicians instrumental inventiveness and extremely strong playing and Sade's own singing-which varies from a powerful solo instrument to an almost otherworldly presence floating up and around the music like a wandering musical spirit. Though likely labeled at this time with the rather condescending moniker of smooth jazz,this album really embodies what I'd refer to as Afro-Latin percussion oriented chill funk/jazz at some of its finest. Its sensual,thought provoking and very meaningful. And while I sometimes have troubles dealing with the often unnoticed by others musical abnormalities of the era from which this album came,this really was a beautifully creative light at the center of a musical tunnel.
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Reviewed by Greg - Timeless Masterpiece

One of the few albums ever created that had over 5 top ten songs. Besides its popularity, its probabably safe to say that this is an artistic masterpiece. Artist like Bach, Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, and Sting have all used their gifts to create masterpieces from a collection of various styles of music. Sade was the last to do so as this album is a perfect blend of R&B, Soul, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Jazz. I always thought that this album was a "Greatest Hits" when I was a kid. Now I fully understand that this is something rare that was produced and we as human beings are only able to experience this once or twice a decade. It been 20+ years since this came out and only a few artists have come close to such a masterpiece.

Reviewed by The GuardianTOP 500 REVIEWER - No ordinary album: a deluxe treat from no ordinary band

Sade's fourth album was released in 1992, a full four years following `Stronger than Pride' but nevertheless retaining the band's classy and distinctive style. It was (and still is) seen by many as the band's best, a high-point in a career with many high-points.

The album is full of heart-felt mood pieces with Sade's breathy vocals supported by the band's virtuoso musical backing, no one element dominating the rest and nothing out of place. Paul Spencer-Denman's deep bass is the foundation of the soundscape, and Stewart Matthewman's sax solos in particular are delivered with delicacy and finesse which often sends shivers down the spine. Production, as ever with this band's output, is an object lesson in faultless perfection.

`Love Deluxe' spawned four hit singles and each in turn a music video. `No ordinary Love' is the best known because it won the 1994 Grammy for Best R&B performance, and was featured on the soundtrack of the 1993 Hollywood movie `Indecent Proposal'. `Cherish the Life', `Feel no Pain' and `Kiss of Life' were the other three single releases, each a minor but enduring masterpiece.

Sade's music has a kind of classic status because it never seems to age; it's of its time, but for all time. `Love Deluxe' was the band's only release (apart from a compilation album `Best of Sade') in the 1990s decade, and has never been bettered.

Reviewed by Thomas Gabuzda - Supremely tasty, supremely classy. . . top to bottom

The amazing thing about Sade is that she is supremely classy and tasteful... all the time!. Every moment of each song is written, arranged, recorded and sung in the tastiest, most soulful possible way. Within the luminous body of her work there is little doubt that Love Deluxe is the opus magnum. Every track is utterly sublime though I suppose in theory I could survive without "Mermaid" or "Pearl". The rest are indispensable tracks from an indispensable artist of incomparable soulfulness and beauty. The string of tracks from "No Ordinary Love" through "Bulletproof Soul" sets the bar impossibly high for this genre.
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Reviewed by Shanghaied - Simply Beautiful

In a time of excess, insincere pop stars, and greedy record tycoons (I guess they've always been around) it's always good to reflect on the musicians who have remained constant throughout such turbulence. There are a handful of musicians out there who remain true to their style and their own perspective. Sade is such a musician, and Love Deluxe is argueably the best example of why her modest art comes so close to softspoken perfection.
Sade embraces a style that is simple, sincere and smooth, yet far more powerful than it might appear to the untrained listener. In a documentary on Shakespeare I once saw, a scholar proclaimed that "we live now in a world in which people use too many words to say too little." To accuse Sade of this crime however, such a scholor would have to make serious reservations. Her lyrics are simple and yet so intricate and telling one cannot help but relate to the emotion and humanity they contain. The pause between passages and chorus give the listener time to reflect on whats sung, often between the jazzy untertones of gentle guitar, piano, and smooth percussion. The music is simple but delicate; similar in many respects to Sade's own voice.
I believe firmly that Love Deluxe paired with her more recent release, "Lover's Rock," are the two most important albums in Sade's career. Anyone unfamiliar with this musician who is interested in exploring her music would do well to start with either of these albums first. If you like soft, jazzy rock or need something of that style to complement a collection of another genre, then look no further than this album.

Reviewed by R. Prescott - Manifique!

Pure sensuality from opening note to closing. I asked for and received it for Christmas the year of it's release.having only heard a cut or two on the radio once or twice. I loaded up this disc and 5 others in the player. When it came on my friends asked which album this was. I showed them the cover. My friend asked her husband why he never bought music like this? We'd probably have sex more often if you did! All my guests left Sade fans. I've since been privileged to see her Soldier of Love tour in person. Only thing I can add to any of the fine reviews of this LP is that seeing her and the incredible band band live is the only thing better than listening to this CD on a fine system. This is her finest to this day and will always be in my top 500 Albuns of all time and will retain its very high ranking.

Reviewed by rmcrae - Sade Deluxe

Sade is one of my favorite singers of all time. True, she doesn't have the widest range, but she uses what she's got to her advantage. Her velvety voice makes the sky transform into "the color of love" and tells the most beautiful stories. I grew up on her music and will never get tired of it.

Love Deluxe is an excellent title, not only because it's about love (duh), but because it explores all types of love. From love gone wrong (No Ordinary Love) to explosive, erotic love (Kiss of Life) to love for a child (Pearls).

No Ordinary Love kicks things off nicely with it's snaky bassline and ocean deep atmosphere. It's only fitting that Sade would play a mermaid in the debut single's music video. The song seems to take on a different meaning to different people. Some might call it a pure love song, but I hear regret and desperation in Sade's vocals. "I keep crying, I keep trying for you, there's nothing like you and I baby", she pleads. Obviously her lover wants to leave and while she understands that their relationship may not be considered the norm (mermaid problem, anyone?), she knows in her heart that it can work. My favorite part is the middle of the song where the band is just jamming and Sade wistfully sighs "and I'm falling". Beautiful.

Kiss of Life is pretty much neck and neck with No Ordinary Love and Cherish the Day. The music is jazzy and midtempo (reminds me of New Orleans for some reason), but Sade's voice remains soft and almost sounds like a lullaby on this jam about two lovers brought together by an angel. Excellent work from the band as always during the song's middle.

Cherish the Day sounds different in it's original form (I only heard the remix on her best of album and the radio), but it's still a winner. From the opening airy guitar strings to the closing notes, it has me spellbound. It sounds like it was made in the heavens, it's so magical and beautiful. "You're ruling the way that I move, and I breathe your air. You only can rescue me, this is my prayer" Is that love or what?

Bullet Proof Soul should have been a single. Leroy Osbourne, Sade's backup singer since 1988, really gets to shine on this "you can't hide from love" slow jam. When is he gonna release a solo album?

Pearls and Feel No Pain are the closest Sade has ever gotten to political songs (if you exclude Why Can't We Live Together which is a cover) and both are not preachy, but done right. The first tells the story of a woman in Somolia who struggles to survive with her young daughter. This is a song that will tear your heart to pieces once you take a look at the hunger and pain happening in the world. Feel No Pain tackles unemployment and the subsequent breakdown of a family. Heartbreaking with a beat.

The piano driven melody of I Couldn't Love You More oozes with unconditional love and has so much space. It totally hypnotizes me.

Like A Tattoo is based on a man's experience with war. The thing I love about Sade is that she's not particularly "wordy". She's able to get her point across in a straight forward way and paints a picture of pain and regret with this song.

The last track is the ethereal instrumental Mermaid. If mermaids existed, I bet this is what their underwater world would sound like. This entire album seems to be built on an underwater theme. Each track conjures up images of the ocean or the shore. Like taking a midnight walk on the beach. Peaceful, clear, and otherworldly.

My only gripe and a very small one is that the instrumental Room 55 was not included on the album. It's on the very rare and hard to find Kiss of Life cd single, but it has to be the sexiest and most erotic piece of music my ears have ever had the pleasure of hearing.

Anyway, there is not a bad track in the bunch and if you want to explore Sade's collection, start with this one. All of her albums are excellent, but this is the one you wanna cop if you plan on making whoopy or just relaxing by yourself.

Reviewed by Danniray99 - No ordinary album. . . . .

Technically speaking, Sade could never be considered a great vocalist, but she has always been blessed with a keen understanding and respect for
her strikingly original gifts. Like some of the greatest pop-jazz vocalists, Sade often acknowledges that less is often a whole lot more. And therein lies her enormous power and appeal. "Love Deluxe" is by far the best album that Sade has ever made (without a doubt one of the very best of the 90's)! From the opening seductive grooves of "No Ordinary Love"--a song dripping with heartache and deception--to the melancholic strains of "Bullet Proof Soul," "Love Deluxe" delivers bass-driven romps that at once celebrate and bemoan matters of the heart("Cherish the Day," "Tatoo"). Turning to other matters close to her heart, Sade offers tone poems that address social-inequality without preachiness ("Pearls" and "Feel No Pain"). The band (mostly saxophone, keyboards and bass, with the occasional guitar flourish) provides the singer with full-bodied support while allowing her space enough to explore and convey a full spectrum of emotional color. Of course a Sade album would not be complete without either a superlative love song ("Kiss of Life" is actually the very incarnation of spring eternal) or a devastating torch song("Bullet Proof Soul" is a sobering indictment of a wayward paramour). In short, the spell-binding grooves never let up and there isn't a single track that you will want to skip. "Love Deluxe" is a splendid rebuke to those who once misread and dismissed Sade as a glamourous flash-in-the-pan!

Reviewed by J. Johnson - ELEGANT, TIMELESS & BEAUTIFUL

This is Sade's testament right here. "Love Deluxe" was Ms. Adu and co's fourth studio release and their most intriguing album. Released in 1992 after a tremulous divorce for our beautiful heroine and a lengthy between-album vacation, "Love Deluxe" shows that Sade was elegant, timeless, and sincere. This music doesn't sound dated. It doesn't sound like it was recorded in any time frame actually. Sade's voice sounds more resilient on "Love Deluxe" opposed to the more laid back vocal stylings of "Stronger Than Pride". This aids the moody songs on "Love Deluxe" with a pained yet wiser weariness.
Many believed that Sade's music was too "depressing". Yet as she rightfully put it in a rare interview during this album's release: "My songs always show that there is hope". As it does on "Love Deluxe".
No Ordinary Love opens with a serene understandment of a musical backing. This song just flows, like watching waves gently sway in a big blue ocean. Sade gently wails, "I gave you all the love I got/ I gave you more than I can give" then reasons "It's nothing like you and I baby". This song is beautiful. (It was featured on the soundtrack to the 1993 film "Indecent Proposal").
But the next track is straight out brilliant. "Feel No Pain" with it's mellow yet grinding bassline courtesy of Paul S Denman(Paul's basslines shine on this album especially on the smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom "I Couldn't Love You Much") and slight muted reggae feel. Sade croons about poverty and hatred yet with a strain of despair BUT relentless hope. Rapper Krayzie Bone sampled this song to a tee in 2001 with his single "Hard Time Hustling", yet in a rare occasion he retained the song's strong meaning instead of just rapping over the beat. "Feel No Pain" is a classic and is without a doubt, one of the best songs Sade's ever written.
The passionate acoustic dynamics of "Like A Tatoo" bristle with the scorned lyrics that accompany it. This is deep, pained stuff here. The mellow, easy-going "Kiss Of Life" is romantic with it's light strings and smooth bass line (Paul does his thing on this album!). Yet another gem. "Cherish The Day" is powerful. Spare and moody, the song tellingly talks about the power of love in a true relationship. The line "You're ruling the air that I move/ And I breathe your air" is still so true, love does feel like that. Another classic. The moving "Pearls" tells the tale of a broken Somalian woman over aching and floundering strings. It's painful yet beautiful with the chilling cellos and violins just swelling. "Bullet Proof Soul" is moody and sincere with Sade breaking it down, from the beginning of the relationship to the heartbreak of the end of it. When she sings, "I came in like a lamb but I intend to leave like a lion", you believe her. Powerful!
It would have been better to have concluded with this powerful, sax-blessed (courtesy of Stuart Matthewman) treasure but the New Agey yet still pretty instrumental "Mermaid" closes this short(only 45 minutes) yet telling masterpiece. Moody yet still sensual, "Love Deluxe" says more than most albums do in twice that time.
This stunningly beautiful songstress would disappear from us for eight years after this album only to return to us, even better and even more sedate( with "Lovers Rock") but with music this heartfelt and mesmerizing, it's no problem. "Love Deluxe" will have you in a trance.

Reviewed by D. PawlVINE VOICE - luxuriously listening to liquid silk.....

There is a reason that "Love Deluxe" was re-released. It definitely becomes all the more apparent as this album progresses, and make the transition from one ballad to the next. "No Ordinary Love," perhaps the most popular sound off of the album, is a great way to kick off a long set of very sexy, romantic and heartfelt songs. Not all of them pertain to love either. Sade's range of emotions go beyond "break-up to make-up." She also addresses the human condition in songs like "Like a Tattoo." I am not sure if it is in direct reference to the country of her father, Nigeria. It tells the story of a young man who killed someone, and how he must know face the consequences of his crime. "Cherish the Day" examines modern-day poverty. "There is a woman in Somalia...." the song begins. We are drawn into the song, as it recounts the cycle of poverty and its consequences.

Sade possesses a tremendous gift, as an artist (both singer and songwriter) to tell stories with such expression and conviction. I swear, I could listen to her sing the phone book and I would want to listen all the way to the "Z" section. What's more, what could have come across as a very repetitive album (since it's really all ballads) really turned out to be a very engaging one. This is definitely "mood" music, if you get my drift. So, light the candles, turn up the Sade and have a great evening............

Reviewed by A customer - Mere words cannot describe!

OK. For starters, Sade is not a main-stream pop diva like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, or Celine Dionne. In fact there are very few female singers like her: past, present, and future. So if you like any of the previously mentioned cuties, don't purchase any of Sade's albums. Please don't. I beeseech you. Especially this one!
Having said this, Sade is, from my definition, the epitome of what a diva should be: soulful, honest, ethereal, and talented; and Love Deluxe, while not her most accessible album, is by far, I believe, her most emotional and can be felt in each and everyone of her songs. This honesty and soul probably stems from the fact that she writes or co-writes most of her material which creates undeniably personal atmosphere. This album transports me to her world; a very beautiful one indeed!
I simply melt every time I hear "Cherish The Day" and the phrase, "If you were mine/If you were mine/I wouldn't want to go to heaven." Now that's love - pure and simple. And that's what I found in this album: purity and simplicity. That is the formula for life!: purity+simplicity=love and is why, because of my unbridled passion for this LP, it has taken the number three (#3) slot on my "Top Thirteen Albums To Be Buried With" list. If this makes any sense at all to whomever reads this, buy it. You won't regret it. Highlights: I Couldn't Love You More, Like A Tattoo, Cherish The Day, & Bullet Proof Soul.

Reviewed by Peter R. Fischer - Gorgeous

As a college student in the early '90s listening mostly to heavy metal, I went to upgrade my speakers. I had a few CDs with me and thought I wanted the biggest, baddest speakers I could find. Then the salesman put this disc on through a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers. Oh my god. I bought both the disc and the speakers that day.
If you close your eyes while listening to this disc (preferably on a warm, breazy, summer evening) You can almost actually see Sade's voice floating acroass the room and enveloping you. Her voice is that amazing. So seductive, so smooth, and yet at the same time so mellow and in the background. This is R&B, but it is nothing like the sultry, sexy Toni Braxtons of the world where the body is flaunted and the production is huge. No, this CD is more like going on a date with that naturally beautiful girl from next door and having her sit down at the table at the restaurant so that her long dress falls open just a bit on her leg and you catch a glimpse of what might be a beautiful body. This is subtle, beautiful music- best accompanied by a slow slipping brandy and a cool breeze which just begins to raise the hairs on your arms so that you have to wrap your arms around your body a bit while standing out on the porch on that cool summer's eve. The sounds simple ooze out of your stereo and fill the room.
Put this one in your CD carousel and listen to the whole disc...right after anything by Chris Issak.

Reviewed by Alex - LAZYSEXYCOOL

After kicking off the retro soul movement with Diamond Life (1985) and Promise (1986), and consolidating her quiet storm appeal with Stronger Than Pride (1988), Sade took a lengthy break, beginning a second career of disappearing from her own celebrity. In 1992, she returned with Love Deluxe, a curiously appealing album that marked her apotheosis as the irresistible yet unapproachable queen of laid back, sensual soul. On first hearing, Love Deluxe sounds less radical than it actually is. That's because most artists tend to build on an established style. Here, Sade doesn't build on her tried and tested brand of mellow R&B as much as strips it down by virtually eliminating all the quasi-jazzy excesses that marked (or marred) her previous recordings. Noticeably missing are Stuart Matthewman's sax solos. More prominent is his crunchy electric guitar playing; on the gorgeous opener, No Ordinary Love, it lends an interesting flourish to the song's ethereal lounge atmospherics. Relying more heavily on the electronic medium, notably Paul Denman's growing affinity for synth bass, Sade and her combo crafted a sleek and elegant album that came to be enormously influential on a whole new generation of neo-soul singers down the horizon. Fellow one-namers like Maxwell, Aaliyah, and Pru have cited Sade's influence. Even more underground club acts like Everything But The Girl and Portishead nodded to her as they strove to emulate the group's cool quasi-lounge atmospherics and Sade's strangely sexy deadpan vocals. The world of gangsta rap sent kudos by way of Krayzie Bone's sample of Feel No Pain, Deluxe's London-clubby second track, on his recent album. Despite its endurance, Love Deluxe remains stylistically hard to nail down. Is it R&B, soul, jazz, club, electronic? A lesser band would have made an unfocused mess of an album, but in Sade's capable hands, the styles are seamlessly woven together by her distinctive voice to create one of the most captivating albums of the 90s.
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Reviewed by Todd Hampton - A change for Sade, but change is good....

It took roughly 4 years between the last Sade album Love is stronger than pride and Love deluxe. In that time music changed as it does often other groups came along that were influnced by the Sade sound , the lounge soul sound was begining to loose it's freshness. And what does Sade do? She comes back with a vengence. This time going for an a striped down sound using computer generated drums and keyboards instead of the standard piano and drums. As a long time Sade fan if I'd known of this before I hearing this album I woul've cried foul but...... This album is easily one of her best. Possibly her best. The stripped down synthsized sound which shouldnt fit their sound, fits. In fact it fits like a cowhide leather glove. A soft one. No ordinary live is not just you ordinary Sade single. It's represents a change in direction for the band. The music on Love Deluxe sounds more organic, inrtospective , deeper and hypnotic. It's a far more roamntic album that sade has ever put out to this point. Songs like no ordinary love, i couldn't love you more, kiss of life and cherish the day are romantic jewels that are a pleasure to listen to. There are no songs like is it a crime or love is stronget than pride but that doesn;'t mean that Sade hasn't forgot how to show her emotional side through song. Like a tatoo is one of the sparses songs on love deluxe but it is still none the less a powerful song because of the emotion that Sade puts into it. The same can be said for pearls another song with little instrumentation that is held together by sade's cool, restrained yet still powerful voice. As on her other albums there is an instrumental piece, mermaid which in my opinion is the best of the instrumental pieces on all of their albums is bewitchingly sweet. Another masterpiece that shows that sometimes change is good .

Reviewed by Fred McGhee - Like a Fine Wine--This One's Getting Better With Age

It has now been almost ten years since the release of this fine record, and it still sounds as fresh and deep as it did at first listen. As a matter of fact I'm listening to it right now, as I write this!
Yes, this record has been sampled scores of times since it came out, but for me the biggest and best parts of the record are not the licks and loops but the atmosphere and straightforwardness (and that influence is now being increasingly felt of late). Obviously this band and its leader learned a long time ago that "simple" and "simplistic" are different things. I also appreciate that the band has improved upon the sound contained in this record in their "Lovers Rock" album, which contains the strongest Caribbean influence of any Sade record to date. What's next? Perhaps a further immersion in the multiplicity of sounds and experiences of the African Diaspora? How about Brazilian? Cuban? Or Haitian? Whatever they decide, it's bound to be influential.
This important record is a testament to the power of good taste. Grab yourself a nice Madeira or Port and let yourself drift back to the early 1990's......

Reviewed by T. Norton - From Chanteuse to Prophetess

No one expected this!

Reviewed by the early 1990's, Sade's brand of lush pop had given way to hard-edged rap, the techno-dawn was rising on house music, and "new school" r&b was stealing from every direction to keep up with it all.

Sade's last effort (1988's "Pride") had been a directionless and formulaic attempt at marrying Sade's romantic stylings to an ever-so-slight world music influence (time now shines a more kind light on that release...).

When I first got this, I played it once, said "What the Hell is That all About?", and promptly forgot about it. It must have been a month or so later when I heard one of it's tracks unexpectedly and WOKE UP! Sade had not only put a new and fresh spin on her own persona, she and her band had single-handedly pointed the way to every wandering and struggling R&B ensemble in the process. More so than any other early 90*s release, this one layed a blueprint for what was to come.

The unabashed romanticism of the lyrics is geniously offset by the heavily reggae/dub-influenced arrangements. To this day, I do not know nor have any idea where "Cherish the Day" came from. I only know that it's pure magic and literally marked the sun coming up on R&B!!

Like the album's title suggests, you've never heard love quite like this before. Unfortunately, we've all too seldom heard anything like it since. The exceptions would be Maxwell's first and second efforts (produced by Stuart Mattewman of Sade's band), and the Sweetback c.d.'s (actually Sade's band under nom-de-guerre, and including Maxwell on their first effort). As I said, the influence was strongly and widely felt, just not quite captured by anyone else.

Bulletproof Soul is right up there with k.d. lang's "Save Me" and all of "Dusty in Memphis" for obsessive love gone wrong, it was one of God's kinder tricks that all three artists were in rotation on my Walkman at the same time. It taught me well and good that Love knows no genre...

Reviewed by Daniel J. HamlowHALL OF FAME - This is no ordinary love...this is an album deluxe

I will admit a bit of inconsistency in my way of thinking. Yes, I was a bit put off by Stronger Than Pride because I was expecting another Promise or Diamond Life. Yet when I heard "No Ordinary Love" and heard that Paul Denman's opening throbbing bass and Sade's still-sensuous vocals, I was blown away. Maybe it was because it had been four years and there was a quiet storm needed to counter all the grunge that was crawling from the woodwork (no offense intended to that genre, BTW) So, yes, I accepted the fact that the quartet were a kind of light jazz/R&B hybrid, and "No Ordinary Love", with its yearning, appealing, and affirmation, "I keep crying/I keep trying for you baby/there's nothing like you and I, baby" was the best Sade song I'd heard since the Promise album.
Feel No Pain paints a moving portrait of a ghetto family's hardships. All the family has been laid off. Sade pleads for them, "Help them to live life/help them to smile/don't let them stay home and listen to the blues." Done in the group's new style, Andrew Hale's held-down backing synth chords provide the sordid atmosphere. The equating of a job with pride is emphasized in the two contrasting emotions: "do you know how that feels/to walk the street with your head held high/.../did you ever see a man break down?"
The mid-paced and lush "I Couldn't Love You More" is another affirmation of romantic fealty, with piano chords and airy keyboards adding to the atmosphere. Simple lyrics, but effective.
Stuart Matthewman's gentle guitars set the mood for the love lament of "Like A Tattoo". Keyboards come into play when the mood goes up a notch.
The sound of the love celebration "Kiss Of Life" reminds me of some of their Promise material, such as "Tar Baby." The entire band's teamwork really shows up here, and Nick Ingman's strings really add to the loveliness of this tune.
One of their mellower tunes, the love surrender "Cherish The Day" follows, with the airy keyboards and drums predominating. Must be some kinda man to elicit, "You're ruling the way that I move/you take my air."
The melancholy and hearbreaking "Pearls", complete with Ingman's strings and a cello, is about a Somalian woman living a hard life, the blistering sun overhead, searching for pearls. "This is how she's dying/she's dying to survive," sings Sade, and at the same time, lauds her strength. "She lives in a world she didn't choose/and it hurts like brand new shoes." Sade's voice really reaches an emotional peak throughout the song, and especially when she sings "Hallelujah."
The slow "Bullet Proof Soul" uses the love/gun analogy, and the woman says that love hit her like a slow bullet. She then warns the man that only a bullet proof soul can resist her.
The instrumental "Mermaid" conjures up the deep blue ocean, and the otherwordly sounds the fantasy world of mermaids.
I'm still not going to try to explain why I can handle their sound here and not on the previous album. All I can say is that it soothes me. Eight years and four albums and still the same lineup of Adu (vocals), Matthewman (sax), Denman (bass), and Hale (keyboards), so not bad at all. They are tighter and cohesive, yet I notice the gradual buildup of other players on the scene that really took shape in Stronger Than Pride, such as Leroy Osbourne (vocals) and Nick Ingman (string arrangements). I'm unaware of what a near-decade break did for Sade on Lover's Rock, but I'm sure to find out sometime in the future. So a "Pearls"-style "hallelujah" for Love Deluxe!
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Reviewed by L. Kelsey - "SUPER DELUXE"

Love Deluxe is Sade's best album. The flow of the album is dreamy, lulling one into a state of relaxation. It's perfect "love mood music" as Sade sings in her cool, relaxed style. "No Ordinary Love," "Couldn't Love You More," "Kiss of Life" and the JAM, "Cherish the Day" are the highpoints to me of the fantastic musical experience this album provides. Sade's style is elegant, cool, easy. I remember when "Diamond Life" came out. With all the hype, I wasn't a believer in the beginning. I felt, "ok, she's beautiful and her beauty has everybody captivated; she'll be a one-hit wonder." Then I heard "Diamond Life" and I was hooked. I wanted to discount her again on "Promise" and I was mistaken once more. The LADY IS TOUGH. And "Love Deluxe" helps her claim the title of "FIRST LADY OF SMOOTH JAZZ." This is one of my picks for my desert island music play list. I love this album, one of the best of the '90's. If she doesn't record again (I hope not!), this is a great, last album.

Reviewed by WILLIE A YOUNG II - Love Deluxe

Never has repetition worked so well! From the hypnotic bass groove of the opening "No Ordinary Love" this remarkable band uses space, and the lightest embellishments to wondrous effect. Paul S. Denman anchors every song with some of the most understated yet innovative bass playing ever recorded. His deep, sliding, funky bass playing makes "Feel No Pain" a virtual masterpiece of minimalism, and he gets downright buttery as he hangs in the background on "I Couldn't Love You More" and "Cherish The Day". Stuart Matthewman (guitar & sax) Andrew Hale (keyboards) and the underappreciated Leroy Osborne (backing vocals) help round out this solid, transistional effort. The spare, stripped down funky soundscapes painted here chart the the direction these men would follow 4 years later in Sweetback. Ms. Adu as always is in wonderful voice. Her achingly lovely contralto is front and center on every cut, (the instrumental piece that closes the album being the only exception) and you can actually hear tears in her delivery on tracks like "Cherish The Day", "Kiss Of Life" and the acoustic gem "Like A Tattoo". Not a bad song to be found here, and none of it ever sounds dated or pretentious. A Modern Classic.

Reviewed by MICHAEL ACUNA - Sade is Deluxe

Sade's "Love Deluxe" would be one of 10 CD's that I would take with me if I were to be stranded on a desert quote a well used and oft-told parable. It's the perfect blend of song and singer like Joni Mitchell's "Ladies of the Canyon" or Laura Nyro's "Smile"; not that Sade is one bit similar in temperment or style to either of these fine singers. Sade is Sade: smooth, silky, sexy and a bit jazzy. "Love Deluxe" is the zenith of Sade's career so far, better I think, than her recent "Lover's Rock." It is also the CD in which she vocally lets go and literally crys out in "pearls." "pearls" is a revelation both technically and thematically dealing with a subject she knows first hand: the hungry and homeless of Somalia. But this is not a protest tract in the style of Dylan or Baez. "pearls" is a Sade style song: mournful, sad,quiet and heartfelt. Sony has done an excellent job of remastering: making these 9 cuts even more vibrant and interesting than when originally released nine years ago.

Reviewed by Enlightened - One Of the Greatest Musical Compositions Ever!

Simply put this album is a pure musical masterpiece. Sade and her band really put their foot into this record as it screams soul. The instrumentation and arrangement is beyond genius. Never before has something been put together so perfectly. Sade's voice on this album is at a peak and is flawless. The lyrics written to the songs are timeless. Every song is meaningful and has a purpose. Every song soothes your soul. Honest lyrics sung with unparallelled passion, class, and desire coupled with unforgettable grooves. Her whispery voice has never sounded better than the songs on this album. Every song is a classic but 'No Ordinary Love', I Couldn't Love You More, Kiss of Life, and Cherish The Day are the best to me. This nine song opus is almost like a greatest hits album; that's how good every song is. If you don't have this album yet then you should make every effort to get it because you will miss out on some of the greatest music ever recorded. A Masterpiece.

Reviewed by - The Fine Art of Sensuality

A classic R&B album that the band hinted they would make with "Stronger Than Pride." The production is sparse and vented, a talent most producers fail to realize, less is so much more. A definitive theme album that blends seemlessly through all nine tracks. Tracks "Feel No Pain" and "Cherish the Day", prove the band can rock. Cooler songs, "I Couldn't Love You More" and "Bullet Proof Soul", take you deep down an oceanic landscape. The beautifully written "Kiss of Life" stands out a winner. Ballads "Like a Tattoo" and "Pearls" are tender and sincerely executed. The instrumental "Mermaid" perfectly captures the albums mystique. Released in 1992, the album sounds fresh as yesterday and it would be hard to find anything quite like this. A fine vintage that has benefited from the long absence of a new album. A modern classic and one of the best albums of the decade. Set your soul adrift.

Reviewed by Steven Meyers - THERE'S NOTHING LIKE YOU AND I BABY

This is a great disc. Every song is perfect. There is a feeling about this disc. It's like it's floating in an eerie, hypnosis. Did you ever fly in a plane and it starts to descend. Very quiet. Still. Very slow hip-hop. Very comforting. The music interacts perfectly with the voice. My favorite songs are "No Ordinary Love", and "Bullet Proof Soul". That line," there's nothing like you and I baby", is something I totally relate to. I can hear that over and over. Also I wish I had a bullet proof soul, but I don't. Even the slightly cheesy sax gets integrated into the mix without offending. Very slow. I just sit in one spot when I listen to this. It's excellent music. Sometimes excellent music is so bare and innocent. You have to own this. Especially if you've ever been in a relationship. My heart is broken over mine, and Sade just digs in there. Great stuff.

Reviewed by A customer - An ultra smooth must have CD!

It was 1993 and I saw her on TV. I had seen her many times before but had not paid much attention to her. No Ordinary Love was so intoxicating, like the sea wind blowing through my hair on a moonlit night. I wasted no time in purchasing this cd, and I loved it as soon as the first notes wafted into my ears. That was 6 years ago and I still listen to it at least once a week! I don't know, It seems to touch something deep inside that relaxes me and makes me feel almost high. Like a Tatoo and Slow Bullet are my favorites. I now own her entire collection and enjoy each one in its own beauty. A friend of mine listened to it (I happened to have it playing) and she asked me who that was!! "I have to have it!" she exclaimed. All these reveiwers here who dis this CD are brain dead! Mouth breathing , nose running, airheads. Buy Love Deluxe. It will be one of your favorites.

Reviewed by Joseph A. Sciascia - Listening Deluxe

I'm the number one fan of Sade, of course. So I would like to
tell you that this cd (and all of her others) is a must have for
your music library! It sounds timeless, the volcals are purely
sade, smoky and breezy. At the time that this cd came out, I
was going through a 3 month seperation from my partner and my
heart felt like it had been kicked around and then run over.
Sade's song "I couldn't love you more" inspired me to mend things
back together in my relationship. Well, long story short, we are
still together, and will be celebrating 16 years together.
Believe me, there will be a lot of "Love Deluxe"
playing at our anniversary party. Sade always has the
talent to make a grown man cry. Her love songs are so eloquent, her voice like velvet.
From the rock guitar strings of "No Ordinary Love" to the simple
piano and brass in "Cherish the Day" you will understand why Sade
named this recording "LOVE DELUXE" Because it is!!!!!!

Reviewed by D. F. Jackson - Kiss of Life

I debated about giving this album a 5 star rating. There are a couple of cuts that interrupt the flow of the total mood, and I thought that would cost the CD a star...but I changed my mind. Looking back from 2005...this music earns the top rating.

Many people argue which is Sade's best album...PROMISE (1985) or LOVE DELUXE (1992)? I was totally unprepared and shocked by PROMISE...following their debut, DIAMOND LIFE, which I thought was bossa/pop, PROMISE took that theme further and deeper, crossing over slightly into jazz. That album seemed to create a new genre...some type of mellow/smooth/bossa known as chill/lounge or downtempo. PROMISE was one of the best albums to come out of the 80s (my review to be written soon).

What makes LOVE DELUXE so exceptional is that it still sounds exquisite 13 years after its' release...and will continue to sound fantastic 13 years from today. "Kiss of Life" is the quintessential Sade always brings a smile to my face whenever I hear it. I will finish this review soon.

Reviewed by The Groove - No Ordinary CD.

Sade is living proof that there is strength in modesty. Her voice isn't particularly grand, but it's still able to command attention in all its understated beauty. The same can be said for the music. Without relying heavily on studio gimmickry and overproduction, the band creates lush, traffic-stoppingly beautiful melodies and rhythms that drift between jazz and mellow r&b. Following 1988's "Stronger Than Pride," Sade returned in 1992 with "Love Deluxe," a fine album centered around the theme of (what else?) love. "Pearls," set to a string section, is a soaring, achingly beautiful ballad that has Ms. Adu in top vocal form, as her bruised voice underscores the pain in the poignant lyrics. "No Ordinary Love" is a fine "how-could-you-break-my-heart" song that excels on the strength of its popping bassline and impressive drums. But perhaps the most gifted of all of Sade's band is saxaphonist Stuart Matthewman, who radiates on the lush and elegant "Bullet Proof Soul." "Love Deluxe" is one of the best albums of 1992 and is quite possibly her most satisfying CD to date.

Reviewed by The Reviewer Formerly Known as Kurt JohnsonTOP 1000 REVIEWER - Sade (need I say more?)

[One CD, with a running time of 45:42] As always, the smoky, sensuous voice of Sade Adu rings true and clear in this wonderful CD. Contrary to what the title may suggest, these are not all love songs in the romantic sense. However, all of the songs are great, displaying Sade's beautiful voice at its best. At 46 minutes, this CD is a bit short, but the price makes it an excellent buy!

Reviewed by Eleni -. Maria Petratou - Perfect..

Personally, I have never heard anyone saying that this album is no good. When it was released, back in 1992, it was raved by critics and public as "the best Sade release to date". No ordinary love became instantly a huge hit, especially since it was the main soundtrack in the Indicent proposal movie. Then, 4 more singles came out of this album and received a great deal of airplay, including Cherish the Day, Kiss of life and Feel no pain.
This was one of the best selling albums in the nineties, and still is considered to be one of the best examples of REAL Rn'B music.
With a soundproduction as clear as glass, a deep and sensual bass and Sade's unmistakable Class, this album is nothing but sheer Perfection..

Reviewed by SxS - My Kind of Love

I Love this lp or ep?, what ever you choose to call it.This is a Classic an the greatest album in 92,M.J.B. 411 is second.I can do without Mermaid & Pearls but i love the rest, my sister has all her work but i only love her work on LOVE DELUXE. Shouts to Vibe Magazine for putting this in there 150 Revolutionary Albums & 51 Albums You Better Have!.

Reviewed by R-Dollaz - Seductive/Beautiful Music

Im only 23, and im a hiphop fan. I love all types of music. ANd im a young man out of brooklyn. Not trying to stereotype myself. But sade's music is amazing as well as anthony hamilton. But when she sings, You cant help but to find yourself leaving reality, n momentarily losing yourself in her music. I daze off for moments @ a time. all in all her music is passionate n beautfully put together, as if she is singin directly to you. I wish My generation could Enjoy her music presently, lol maybe jay-z or 50 cent can bring her out for 1 song @ least. if michael jackson still writing music janet jackson, whitney houston. lol sade can be featured!

Reviewed by A customer - Oh the early 90's

I am not a big fan of Sade. Not that I don't like her music
or anything because I do. I only have three Sade albums
this one, Promise and Diamond Life. This is my favourite
of those three. I love all the arrangements, production
and the sound that is made on this album. This album was
a big hit and spawned 3 or 4 hit singels on it. This cd is great
and if you wan't to buy an album that is easy to listen does
not have any controversy or explicit lyrics and the music
sounds something from heaven buy this one. It is not expensive
I only bought it for [money] so much forth more and if you are
passing by the record store buy this one. It is great. I also
recomend the other two Sade albums.

Reviewed by G Stevens - Sade's music is always soothing to my ear

I absolutely adore all of Sade's music and this album is no exception.

I still listen to her albums from over 10 years ago and they still sound new to me.

I will always buy her music for as long as her melodies make my ears feel wonderful.

Reviewed by Andre' S Grindle - Cherish This Record!

Cherish The Day is a hit on this album and one of it's best cuts but that's a pretty subjective term."Love Deluxe" is
an absolute Sade classic,considering 1992 was not a year known
for great commercial jazzy R&B records.Even on cuts such as
Feel No Pain when she discusses how "mama got laid off",you really do feel no pain-actually quite the opposit.On the leadoff
hit "No Ordinary Love" one does tend to feel aroused and that
trend doesn't abate throughout these jazzy pop grooves.It's arty,
sophisticated and GREAT make-out music.Put it on with the lights
dimmed and just after dark-THAT'S when "Love Deluxe" works best!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - No Ordinary Album

Romantic, enrapturing, aesthetic, seductive. Those are only a few words that describe Love Deluxe. This album is suitable for chilling out or love-making. Once I sat down and really listened to this album, I was never the same. Sade's voice truly captures a person's attention and holds it throughout the entire song. Every one of the songs on this album are worth listening to. Jams as such as 'Couldn't Love You More', 'Pearls', and 'Bullet Proof Soul', which never really got much airplay on radio stations, are just as good as the commercially released jams like 'No Ordinary Love', 'Kiss of life', and 'Cherish the Day'. In summary, this is obviously No Ordinary Album.

Reviewed by L. Mintah - Smooth Sade

Sade Adu, the Nigerian/British singer is in a league of her own. She wrote all her own lyrics for this album, and produced and arranged the songs. Love Deluxe (what a great title) is her fourth multiplatinum album. It contains lush, smooth, music that has provided much stress relief and relaxation for me. However, this CD also serves up a twinge of conscience and messages about social justice with the blood pressure-lowering sounds. Two of the tracks, "Feel No Pain" and "Pearls" are about poverty and injustice. I love "Feel No Pain." But "Pearls is extremely depressing. The melody and words sound like a dirge. I skip it every time.

My only complaint is that is is so short - only nine tracks. Plus, the last one, Mermaid, is an instrumental. So only eight songs with Sade's incomparable vocals.

Reviewed by MCB - Not your father's (or your mother's) Sade

This album completely blew me away! Most of the compositions are not like any she has ever made. Cherish the Day, I Couldn't Love You More, and even No Ordinary Love are not your parent's Sade songs. She takes it to a new level that most fair weather fans might not like. But true Sade fans can grasp what she is attempting. Her sound is more crisp and vibrant, unlike her first two albums, which you have to admit, fans, were moody and melancholy. Bullet Proof Soul is kinda old-school Sade and is surprisingly a favorite of mine. Kiss of Life is radio-friendly but still is vintage Sade. Even the album cover is fitting of the new twist in her (no pun intended) body of work.

Reviewed by Eric Schaff - Perfection

Let me start by saying that I love Sade. She is one of the most beautiful and sexy women is the world. This comes out in this album. Not a bad song on it! It is one of the few CDs that I listen to from start to finish. No skipping songs. This is the mark of a classic. I have owned this CD for ten years and I still listen to it at least once a week. A great album to listen to when you want to chill and relax, or just when you lie down to sleep. This was my first Sade album, and after listening to it, I immediatly purchased her other three. I also recomend her live video. She is revealed in all her perfection....sigh!

Reviewed by Blueknight - Looooove Sade's "Love Deluxe"

If you need background music for a sophisticated cocktail party or romantic evening at home, this one is for you! Every song is a gem. One of Sade's best CDs with the "quiet storm" genre. You won't regret it.

Reviewed by A customer - Sade is too tight.

Sade, like I just said, is too tight. With her unique style of singing and sexy voice, this album would be an excellent addition to any CD collection. I totally recommend this album. Give it a chance...I bet you'll love it if you haven't heard it already. When she comes out with her new album, I'm sure it'll be as good as all the other ones. None of her albums deserve less than 100 stars, but I had to settle for five. My personal favorites are "Kiss Of Life", "Cherish The Day", and "No Ordinary Love". So, support the girl. Buy the album and indulge yourself in the sultry sounds of Sade Adu.

Reviewed by D. Handy - A classic!

This CD is phenomonal. I could recommend certain cuts off this CD but with every person you talk to, they will recommend a different song. That's how nice this CD is. Ok...I recommend " I couldn't love you more" but there are a number of songs that are great. Ms. Adu is soo elegant and she really makes you believe in love again. She's a treasure and so is this CD.
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Reviewed by J.E. Vader! - THIS IS NO ORDINARY LOVE

This CD makes me sing and y'al Don't want me to sing! I don't even care, I sing it anyway.

Reviewed by A customer - Her perfection of the craft leaves you aching for more

When you first hear this CD, it sounds hauntingly farmilliar. The images start to flash back as you listen more consistently. Could it be the childhood days of walking barefoot through puddles on hot summer days when the rains fell hard and long - or the first time you touched someone's hand with a flirtacious finger? Your neck bends backwards and you close your eyes to let the sounds of Sade melt all around you like velvet chocolate. Everytime I hear the last track I ache for more. Please Ms. Adu - give us more..

Reviewed by Brian Lindsey - Awesome chill'n music

One sexy lady! Awesome chill'n music!

Reviewed by Lacy Simpkins Jr. - sade has the most beautiful and relaxing voice

sade is a real temptress. this women is in her fourties and still looks good ! she still sings good too. this album is one of her older ones, but i just got it awhile ago. i bought it for "couldnt love you more". that song is one of my favorites with the piano at the begining and the saxaphone at the end. all the other songs are great too. get this u wont be dissapointed. this music is relaxing and melow. if u like sade get the live concert dvd. she will blow your mind!!!!!!

Reviewed by CJ - Five Stars

Nice CD by Sade !

Reviewed by A customer - Wonderful!

Okay. These are the things I like about this album. 1.It wasn't half done crap. 2.The cover was very artistic. 3.As always, the band is playing their instruments to the best of their ability. 4.It has some of the best love songs that I've ever heard on it. 5.Sade hasn't changed a bit. That's the list. (Well, actually there's a lot more, but I can't type that long.) So anyway, this album is as good as the rest of their albums. I love it and as always, Sade. The music makes you feel good. Everybody should try this one, it's really good. And as always, Sade is soooo pretty.

Reviewed by Glenn Forman - A Delightful Album!

Whether or not you happen to be a fan of the artist, I believe that you will definitely appreciate and enjoy all that she has done on this album. Her hard work and talent really shine in this work of art! The songs also, I believe, tell a story about the heart of Sade. The orchestrations and back-up vocals are particularly well-done. This album is certainly one that I feel confident in recommending to you...

Reviewed by carmen denney - I'm still in love with her and am ordering the stolen ones I ...

I am 43,44 in oct. I heard and bought my 1st cd at 16. I'm still in love with her and am ordering the stolen ones I lost long ago. I'm so excited to get them!

Reviewed by Da'Londa T. - No need to skip any songs on this CD

This CD is one of the best CD's that has ever been made. Every song is wonderful from beginning to end. The songs on this CD that really stood out to me where "Like a Tattoo","Cherish the Day","Mermaid". With those songs in particular I found myself listening to them three times in a row. Each time I listen to this CD it sounds better and better. If you are a Sade fan and for whatever reason you don't have this CD go out and buy it.

Reviewed by A customer - It makes me drown into its deep atmosphere...

Sade's wonderful singing, along with Mellow sounds & Sweeps makes this album special, different. It's a bit sparse, monotonic but this what makes you flow in its wonderful atmosphere. Warm and unforgettible melodies, great combinations of electronic and acoustic sounds, great production, great performances. I never heard lovesongs which sound so honest from the heart. This touches the listenner's heart. Sade makes me vibrate.

Reviewed by Kelven J. Pealer - There is a woman in Somalia, scraping for pearls

I must say, pearls is one of the deepest songs ever made about poverty and starvation in Africa. If you purchase or download this CD, make that the first song you play. It's amazing how a song written in 1992, can still be relevant today in 2005. The hits on this CD were No Ordinary Love, Kiss Of Life, and Cherish The Day. Even today, on Smooth Jazz Radio Stations, these songs are in medium rotation.

Reviewed by A customer - Got love? can feel it hear.

Some angels have wings that cannot been seen, but there is an angel that can be heard. This is truly a CD for lovers. Sade's "Love Deluxe" is a must for an evening that includes candles and champagne. For me, every Sade work is even better than the last. I too hope we have not heard the last of this soooo tight, talented band. There are two kinds of music in this world...SADE and everything else.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - She's excellent.

I'm glad I'm not deaf or anything. This album sounds great. Sade's so pretty. I'm glad she decided to be a singer and not something else, because something would be missing from this world and my life. Not a day goes by when I don't listen to her music. This isn't my favorite album by her, but I still love it because it's by her. If someone else were singing these songs, they would be really jacked up. But Sade is something special.

Reviewed by jack broadhurst - A Classic

I still have a distinct recollection of the rainy evening in November 1992 when I purchased this album. It only took one listen to know this record was a classic. "No Ordinary Love," "Like a Tattoo," "Bullet Proof Soul"; these songs are so deeply felt and emotionally honest, as moving today as they were in 1992. Buy this album right now if you haven't heard it. Nuff said.

Reviewed by Nikky - I Love This CD!

I love this cd. This whole album is just great. I love listening to her jazzy pop beats. It's relaxing music to me. "Feel No Pain", makes you wanna get up & dance. And the songs "No Ordinary Love", & "Kiss of Life", are cool love songs. You gotta go out & get this cd, you'll love it. And it's worth the money too.

Reviewed by Jeremy - unbelievable

I cannot understand how Love Deluxe is not rated as at least 5 stars. Any true fan should know that although the Best of Sade is great, It is always better to have the original albums. When you talk about sensual music to make everything just right, Sade is the answer to your prayers. All I ask is that she comes out with something new to bless us with.

Reviewed by Scott Woods - Best Sade Album To Date

This is the group's strongest-sounding outing to date. They simply get better with each album. The tracks go from one type of music to another without losing the core sound that makes them Sade. May not have the number of pure-classic Sade tracks that earlier albums do, but this is the most solid, complete record, through-and-through.

Reviewed by Medusa - Where is the smooth operator's lady???

I was nostalgic for the music of my teenage years, so I revisited Sade's unforgettable music and lyrics. The absence of new albums from Sade Adu and the three talented men who accompanied her is a huge loss to the world of music.

Indeed, No ordinary music.

Reviewed by KEVIN HARDTS - Five Stars

Love this album

Reviewed by John L. - Love Deluxe is an Easy Listening Classic

This is on of the smoothest albums that the 1990's have to offer. It is the type of album that you will just put on during those romantic evenings, and let play over and over again. If you do not own this album you have no idea what you are missing. Sade is truly one of the best artist in the genre.

Reviewed by Julie - COMPLETE AMAZEMENT

THIS CD IS EXCELLENT,YOU SHOULD BUY IT. I listen to this CD almost everyday and it seems to capture so many different moods that it is always nice to listen to. The songs are all classics and Sade is truly an amazing artist. If you are not already in love with her, please peep- the cds are genius.


Waiting for this album to be recorded was excrutiating enough as it was. Only an album of this caliber could derive from the well as it's artist- Ms. Sade Adu who from her melodic throne has always and will always bless us with her song and voice and caress our ever seeking souls.

Reviewed by joy - No one can compare

I am definetly in love with the sounds and harmonies of all of Sade's albums. Even in the new millenium, her presence is noticed and admired. I appreciate with all sincerity a vocalist whose soft,sultry music can express creativity in its purist form. Sade will always be remembered and loved.

Reviewed by Dance Dance Dance - mmmmmmm

Wow, Sade's album. Its like chocolate. You just can't get enough! No Ordinary Love is my absolute favorite song by Sade!! It feels so good to listen to. Cherish the Day is my second favorite. Sade makes you melt in her hands as she sings each song. This is Sade's best album in my opinion.

Reviewed by Flexible_Strategies - smoothly classic

This is my favorite Sade disc. Her voice melts in my ear, and this disc contains some of her best compositions. The grooves are tight, and the lyrics have real meaning. I have been a fan for some time now, but this release still knocks my socks off.

Reviewed by A customer - Several stunning songs on a very beautiful album

When I first heard this CD I thought it was just relaxing, but after a few tries it really grew on me. "Like A Tattoo" and "Pearls" are hauntingly beautiful and sort of dreamy. Sade is also so sensual and classy. Buy this CD! You'll love it!

Reviewed by Joseph J. Slevin - Smooth sounds, soft feelings

This CD is a masterpiece of Sade's work. Her song Kiss of Life is one of the best songs of all of hers, worth listening to over and again.
Sade belts out a few good lyrics in ordinary love as well. If you like Sade you will love this CD.

Reviewed by A customer - This is great

I had never really listened to this music much, but I was reintroduced to it and was knocked out. Honestly, she does some pretty good music. I love all of her albums and can't wait to see the next one. Until then I'll keep listening to this one.

Reviewed by Ronalda Schweit - Good job

Heard this played and knew I had to get it for myself and haven't been disappointed. Been paying it over and over. Sada is someone you don't get tired of listening to.

Reviewed by Jazzman - It does not get better than this CD for Sade

What a gift to the music world, One of the most sensual voices I have ever heard. Her DVD is Awesome and very well produced. You realy get a great feel for how talented

& funky her band is with the DVD "Sade Live"

Reviewed by A customer - Sade

This album is not my favorite from Sade, but it is a five star album in comparison with any other artists' album. 'Bullet Proof Soul' and 'Kiss of Life' are two of my all time favorite songs, and Sade is as usual, the voice of heaven.

Reviewed by Mikhail Tank - TRUE SOUL!

This is the most true comapct disc I have ever heard. Sade opened her soul and out came the pearls. 'No Ordinary Love' is simply the most elegant song I've ever heard!
This is the best of Sade, in my view!

Reviewed by Alessandro Filippini - excellent soul album

This album is one of the best of Sade's albums, maybe the best ever; "Pearls" is one of the best songs ever written, together with "Feel no pain", "No ordinary love", "Kiss of life", "Cherish the day" and "Like a tattoo"; there's something "african" in all the songs of this album, and everything feels perfect.
Strongly suggested.

Reviewed by Juliana Walker - Beautiful Music

I just discovered this album, even though it's been out for almost ten years. It is full of beautiful love songs, and Sade's sultry voice. It is wonderful on dreary winter nights! Simply beautiful!

Reviewed by Manuel Carranza C - Sensual presentación musical de Sade...excelente!!!

Esta producción del año 1992 de la cantante Sade es muy romántica y a veces oscura, muy intimista. Un excelente disco con un estilo muy contemporáneo, excelente groove y una interpretación fresca. Maravillosa mezcla sonora.

Reviewed by N. Jackson - this is a wonderfully soothing CD

This album is wonderful, well then again it is from Sade you can only expect excellence. If you don't have this disc you should add it to your collection. It is a true musical Gem

Reviewed by A customer - Sade makes me feal like I am in a sexy nightclub.

The more I hear this disk the more I want to find other music like it. Every song on the disk is great and they flow together for an hour of intense easy listening.

Reviewed by Jack Ireland - Perfection

If I were banished to a desert island and I could only bring one CD this would be it. If you don't already have it order it today.

Reviewed by mike owens - move over marvin gaye

this is another great gem from the super group sade.whether you're makin' love,drivin' down the road,or just wanting to mellow out,this is a great cd to do just can't go wrong with sade.

Reviewed by A customer - Good like always...

So long I'm listen to Sade it always sounds good to me. This CD is no exception. Just one little thing - it's a but small album.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - No Ordinary Love

This is a sassy love song for the true romantic at heart. Miss "True Dive In Diva" really gives it up on this piece.

Reviewed by Sadé Renée - A collectable item...

Sade's Love Deluxe Cd is one to relax to and just be. Every single song is one to enjoy. The opening song "No Ordinary Love" is my favorite.

Reviewed by A customer - One of the best

This album is one of a very few in my massive cd collection that I can say "I love every song".

A Kid's Reviewon July 26, 2002 - This isno Ordinary Love!

I have this album nd I love the hit, No Ordinary love!

Next.. Love Deluxe Sade

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