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Lovers Rock by Sade - Reviews

  Lovers Rock by Sade

Reviews of Lovers Rock by Sade

Reviewed by D. M. Susong - Sweet Sounds

Smooth sweet sounds. One of her great CD's can't get enough of that Voice so soft and sweet looking forward to her next CD. .

Reviewed by joshua trosclair - Five Stars

loved it

Reviewed by ruffian7-1 - It's Sade what else do you need?

Classic album, I love Sade's music. I have been a long time fan since the 80's. She is absolutely a timeless artist.

Reviewed by June Abe - Five Stars

I love Sade. It was simply great deal.

Reviewed by jackie - love it

sent this to someone in prison ....shipped very quick ordering was simple......and well the product was perfect......thank you amazon .....

Reviewed by Theion Temple LLC - Five Stars

Thank You

Reviewed by Robin Matthews - Better than expected

Arrived better condition than expected in original packaging. Plays perfectly
Well worth the price and I would recommend to friends.

Reviewed by V - Love it

Love it , Sade is a very great singer with a very sweet voice relaxing and I enjoy every song she sing,,
good seller fast shipping!

Reviewed by Deege - Lovers Rock and Sade rocks

Anyone who is familiar with Sade's music won't take te time to read this review. She is amazing and I have never been disappointed in any of her music.

Reviewed by Laddie H. - Sade does rock but softly

Her voice fit my EZ listening pleasure.

Reviewed by Deborah Pitino - Five Stars

I love this CD, but am awaiting for delivery.

Reviewed by Jamil Burrell - Easy Listening

Very Good C.D. Sade is my all time fav!!

Reviewed by Juan Garcia - Five Stars


Reviewed by Maria Anastasia - Perfect

Great. ..Sade rocks..

Reviewed by Davin Sampietro - Perfect!

This record gets me every single time! I love Sade and I look forward to adding more of her vinyls to my collection!

Reviewed by Stealth - Great

I got this album because I liked Sade. She didn't disappoint me. Her album is inspiring and recommend it to everyone.
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Reviewed by komos1 - A Favorite

One of my favorite CDs from Sade. I never tire of her voice and the sound of her band. A favorite!

Reviewed by Susan Harris - cd

I love Sades music. I gets down in my soul. I have listening to her since her first record came out. Dont miss her music.

Reviewed by Bodunde Onemola - Brings back the memories of yesterday

It was one of my first albums in my teen years. It definitely brings back good memories. Great album Sade.

Reviewed by Moe - Always a good CD to listen to

She is a great artist, these are great songs and this is always a great CD to listen to~nuff said :)

Reviewed by Robin Zachary - Five Stars

Thank You

Reviewed by Olivia - Lovers rock

Very sultry and soothing. The type of cd that you can play on a cold rainy night with a glass of wine by your side.

Reviewed by DJ Malek The Freak - Five Stars


Reviewed by ann krenn - Five Stars


Reviewed by Kris Hemmerick - Sade Great!

I love the album and ordering through Amazon makes things so much easier. Good work Amazon. I'll be back. I order from Amazon all the time.

Reviewed by Richard Hyung G. Kim - Great album

This is one of Sade's best albums I think. All the songs are good! You can listen to this album from beginning to end! If you like Sade I def recommend this!

Reviewed by Scubafiend - Smooth!!!!!!!

I love Sade's music - have most of her CDs and I have my favorite songs on each. This whole CD, however, just completely blows me away. The melodies (as always) are haunting and beautiful. I think my hands down favorites on this CD are "Somebody Already Broke My Heart" and "Slave Song" but they are all fabulous. Just beautiful. Hopefully we will not have to wait as long for her next release!

Reviewed by Brian - Ahhh, Sade

I have waited a long time to hear her new work. I'm very pleased, I wish she could release more often, but I suppose that is just me being greedy. A true diva, Sade Adu is a beautiful, sensual woman, and her music is truly divine

Reviewed by A customer - Very Smooth, Great Bass

This album will rock you to peace while you work. Sade's voice stays smooth and the bass is hypnotic. Enjoy!

Reviewed by LoverofMuzick - Great condition

The only thing that I can say about this CD is that it was in wonderful condition and of course Sade's muzick is awesome...LOVE HER MUSIC....the party that I purchased it from took way past estimated shipping time to send me my items (Abunda Trade)...that was the only thing that I was not pleased w/.

Reviewed by Jonn Lilyea - I'm in love with this woman.

Everytime I put this CD on, she makes me melt.

Reviewed by Jim - Instant Classic

Sade...what more can be said. O U T S T A N D I N G!

Reviewed by Scott E. Porter - Anything less than four stars is wrong, just plain wrong

Sade is back. This is definitely a must have for any Sade lover.

Next.. Lovers Rock by Sade

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