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Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories: A Miss Marple Collection (Miss Marple Mysteries) - Reviews

Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories: A Miss Marple Collection (Miss Marple Mysteries)

Reviews of Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories: A Miss Marple Collection (Miss Marple Mysteries)

Reviewed by Dawn Miller-Cravens - Agatha Christie always a 5 Star

I have been a murder mystery fan for years. In the past, I have read everything Agatha Christie wrote. I was happy to find her Miss Marple short stories in Kindle version. Now I can re-read her and have a little Miss Marple fix, whenever I have a moment while waiting on my husband or a friend at the doctors.

Reviewed by florida gram - enchanting

It is so sweet to picture little old Miss Marple sitting, listening and visualizing the stories being told. I never figured out "who don'it" but she was able to without the forensics of today. What a treasure. Worth reading and since they are all short stories they are not time consuming.

Reviewed by Lizzie Gaskins - Great Author, Great Character, Great Sized Book!

Beautiful book. Beautifully made. The perfect addition to your other Agatha Christie collections! Its a great portable size as well, it would fit well into a suitcase or large purse for travel reading! Worth the money!

Reviewed by L.A. Otts - I love these stories

As a young adult, I read Dame Agatha Christie's mysteries. I fell in love with Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. He was so amazing as he solved the mystery of murder, and Miss Marple was and is amazing. She MUST exist somewhere. Any story written by Dame Christie still is an enjoyable mystery to read.

Reviewed by EUGENE C BAIR - ... dated and suitable for older folks or people that like to read about life in old

these are interesting stories however they are dated and suitable for older folks or people that like to read about life in old england

Reviewed by Marilyn R - All Miss Marple All the Time

It is all about plot. I do not want another middle-aged Peter Pan who hasn't gotten his own way for a very long time. I want a thoughtful, observant solver of puzzles. Miss Marple and Mrs. Christie deliver.

Reviewed by Barb - I really like these stories

I really like these stories, They may be old and short, but I enjoy a little mystery. Just wish there were more in the book. thanks, Barb

Reviewed by Rhea Allen - A wonderful adventure.

Miss Marple is a wonderful collection of stories. It is so great to have all these stories in one book. I became a fan of Agatha Christie in High School in 1967 and I'm still a fan today.

Reviewed by Gladys Vijayarani - Fantastic Book!

Immensely enjoyed reading the eBook. Every story is a gem and makes a wonderful addition to my library! The paperback was not available, but I could get the eBook in a few seconds. Thanks Amazon!

Reviewed by Micki Kingsley - Enjoyable, easy to read

The stories are "enjoyable" murders; the book/font is easy to read; the length of the "short story" lends itself easily to an entire story before turning out the light; and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys murder mysteries, and Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by Pat Albeck - MISS MARPLE

Miss Marple and all Agatha Christie books are a classic, and the situations and crimes are perfectly adapted to modern times, even if the methods of solving them are different. Have most of her collection, but not these short stories, so thoroughly enjoyed. Many thanks.

Reviewed by S. Lisa Kookogey - Five Stars

I love Miss Marple, I always preferred her to Mr. Poirot.

Reviewed by Kay K. - Good Read

My husband enjoys the older books and loved Miss Marple on Public Television. This book was a Christmas present and he loved it!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - For every Agatha Christie lover

Agatha Christie is a writer that never disappoints. Have loved her writings for decades.

Reviewed by Mary G. - One of my Mother's favorite authors

As a mystery lover, my 100% pure English Mother, who avidly read 14 novels a week, actually was addicted to Ms. Christie. I wanted to experience myself what was so fascinating about Agatha Christie. Well, now I know why my mom could not stop herself! Love you, Mom ~ M A Gokee

Reviewed by Keith E. Welsh - Fun

The Miss Marple of these stories is more unassuming than the woman of the novels, and the trick wears a bit thin. However, the stories are delightful; Miss Marple shines, and they give real insight into Christie's creation of the character.

Reviewed by Tim E. Reed - Five Stars

How can you go wrong with Agatha Christie?

Reviewed by Celtic Myth - Doesn't disappoint

A series of short stories loosely linked together which were new to me. Agatha Christie has never disappointed, and although the description of Miss Marple was not what I had been used to and seemed a little cruel, the books was well worth the reading.

Reviewed by Jane - Any Miss Marple is worth a read

Good collection, good "structure" tying the stories together. Always fun to see how vice and murder relate to some flower or person in St Mary Mead.

Reviewed by David Chamberlain - It's Agatha Christie's Miss Jane Marple

All the short stories in one place and all as fresh and entertaining as when they were first written and as when you first read them. If you haven't read them you're in for a treat and if you have they will be like meeting old friends.

Reviewed by audrey - Great collection

I love short stories when I am busy. I downloaded this book before we set off on a 3 week trip. I read about half of it while on the trip. There is nothing like a good murder mystery before bed! This was a collection of excellent murder mysteries.

Reviewed by Shweta - Five Stars

just fabulous old world style writing

Reviewed by Neil J Heinrich - Great Collection

Agatha Christy st her best. Great collection of short stories.

Reviewed by Sharon Galleerani - Enjoyable read

I am a huge Agatha Christie fan and thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful assortment of short stories. I have read just about all of the Hercule Poirot and Miss Marole full length mysteries, and through Kindle I am discovering the short stories.

Reviewed by JAMES STANFIELD - Five Stars

Love all of Christie's work

Reviewed by Maria in Connecticut - Fun Read

Love Miss Marple on public television so reading the stories is like having them in hand whenever I want them. Short stories are great for summer precisely because they are short - I can fit a story or two into busy days.

Reviewed by Patricia Vega - Good reading!

Very amusing and entertaining. Thought provoking.

Reviewed by B Gailbraith - Miss Marple fan.

If you love the movies and like to read this is for you. It was nice to have short stories so I could read one at night and finish before I fell asleep.

Reviewed by Barbara G. Tucker - Nobody does it better

Sure, Agatha Christie is formulaic--but so is Dick Wolf (Law and Order). That doesn't mean it's not a fun read. I understand the Miss Marple character so much more now, having watched five actresses portray her in different ways.

Reviewed by star gazer - A good easy read

Love all Agatha Christie Miss Marple books! This gives her short stories not usually found at the library

Reviewed by Delia Reader - Five Stars

Love Miss Marple stories. She is my favorite detective

Reviewed by marcia absher - It was good price and delivery was super fast

I bought this book for my daughter. She loves Agatha Christie. I chose this book because it is a collection of Miss Marple's stories. It was good price and delivery was super fast.

Reviewed by K. HillVINE VOICE - A Superb Collection of Short Stories

I love the character of Miss Marple. The way she is constantly underestimated never ceases to amuse. Agatha Christie was up to her best when she wrote these stories. Nothing's predictable except that Miss Marple will solve the crime. My favorites in this collection are from The Tuesday Club Murders. None of the stories in this book are very long but with each one I couldn't wait to get to the end and find out who the murderer was. I've read the book twice yet I still couldn't recall or predict who the murder would be in the majority of the stories. Great book!
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Reviewed by Dawn Healy - Agatha Christie was a brilliant writer of the murder genre

Agatha Christie was a brilliant writer of the murder genre. She can make a quiet unassuming detective such as Miss Marple someone to be feared by all who would do foul deeds.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Most charming!!!

Reviewed by RightAsRain - Miss Marple is sharp as a tack!

You just can't go wrong with Agatha Christie! Miss Marple is my favorite of her characters - I'd love to have tea with her and listen to all her stories.

Reviewed by Greg Hubanks - Five Stars

Excellent book.

Reviewed by ojosdevaca - miss marple and a cup of tea- satisfy.

a satisfying collection for a miss marple fan - wishing there were more!!!

Reviewed by R. Salgado - Fantastic book

This collection of short stories is enjoyable and easy to read for me (still learning English). And I love that they are together in the same book, with the perfect size to take it in a short travel or to spend a weekend submersed in murder mysteries.

Reviewed by AMW - Pleasure to listen to.

Miss Marple, the best of Agatha Christie

Reviewed by Victor L. Waits - Typical Christie

A wonderful collection for all Christie lovers! A great read for readers to be introduced to some of Christie's character and should fuel an interest for more discoveries of Christie's work. Time well spend.

Reviewed by Shandra - Great little collection

I am a big fan of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple series on Public television. This was a wonderful little collection. I read one story before bed every night until it was done. Good length for a busy mom.

Reviewed by Western Fan - Miss Marple's Short Stories.

Great short stories about Miss Marple, Christies finest female detective.

Reviewed by H. Clopper - Five Stars

A Christie the best

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Love Miss Marple

Reviewed by Barbara Coller - this is a perfect book to have on hand when waiting for appointments

this is a perfect book to have on hand when waiting for appointments, start of events, etc. can read on my phone or tablet.

Reviewed by MARY K - Dame Agatha never disappoints

Dame Agatha never disappoints.

Reviewed by Jan - Five Stars

I love Miss Marple and never get tired of reading anything Agatha Christie wrote.

Reviewed by Bookworm - Terrific short story collection

If you like Agatha Christie's crisp, sly, rather old-fashioned style, these short stories are great. Bet you'll find you can't read just one at a time!

Reviewed by Sharon Sprouse - these are fun

These are fun stories with trick endings. Not enough clues to give you an immediate idea who the villain is but it is still fun to read them. A blast from the past from Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by Pamela Chambers - Five Stars

My favorite, Miss Marple, all in one book! What could be better?

Reviewed by GHK - Looking forward to many good reads for a while

Looking forward to many good reads for a while. Not happy that breakable jars included in the shipment were not protected from breakage.

Reviewed by Patricia Scullion - Five Stars

I just love all things Christie

Reviewed by mariasu - For Fans, a true Agatha Christie

True Agatha Christie. For fans.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Classic tales that never grow old

Agatha Christie is a mistress of short stories. These little gems are perfect Kindle fare, short and satisfying whilst one is waiting around for appointments etc. recommended.

Reviewed by M. M. Laperle - Monique's Reviews

I am a fussy, discriminating reader. Agatha is always at the top of my reading list. I even go to yard sales to pick up used copies all over the place. She is an awesome writer. Puts my scribbling to shame.

Reviewed by Catherine McKenzie - Fabulous

I love these stories and it's so great to have them all collected in one place. Christie really was the master of the genre, whether it be in short story form or as a complete novel.

Reviewed by Bertrand Plouffe - Classical Agatha Christie

Short stories, so perfect bed time reading if you are like me, i.e reading a handful of pages every night.

Reviewed by Dale J. Fitzgerald - I love Agatha Christie stories and this was as good as ...

I love Agatha Christie stories and this was as good as all the other stories I have read in the collection.

Reviewed by tracylynn - great

Haven't read it yet but I know I will enjoy it. Shipped on time.

Reviewed by Monica M. Lenhard - It's Marple, and it's fun.

Miss Marple is still one of my all-time favorite characters in any genre, and the short stories are great reminders as to why this woman from St. Mary Mead is still great to read.

Reviewed by T. Herigstad - A Wonderful Read

Agatha Christie mysteries are timeless and this collection of stories is wonderful. They are interesting and short enough that I can read one on a short break in my day.

Reviewed by Catatonic - Love Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is one of my all-time favorites! Highly recommend!

Reviewed by L.L. - Five Stars

Happy with purchase

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

It's great having all of miss marples short stories in one volume

Reviewed by Lilly M - Great short stories

If you love Miss Marple, you will love this collection of short stories. Not being full novels they are nice to read one or two at a time. A nice way to enjoy Agatha!

Reviewed by PS Casa - Great book!

I love all Agatha Christie books!

Reviewed by Janis Kurth - Five Stars

I do like a good mystery and Agatha Christie is one of the best mystery writers around.

Reviewed by Andrea Schwartz - Wonderful, wonderful time

What is there to say about Agatha Christie and Mrs. Maple? If you haven't read them, read them. If you have already read them ten times (like I have), read them again.

Reviewed by Kris Klopfenstein - Great for fans with small blocks of time!

For those of us who love Miss Marple and want a quick "fix" now and then, these are great! I was delighted to find that this included some short stories I hadn't read before.

Reviewed by Diane Shook - Five Stars

Great! Very speedy delivery!

Reviewed by judy shipman - Smartest old lady around. I love all of Agatha Christie books. And I love Amazon.


Reviewed by Toodles - Miss Marple knows!

Oh my! If you are an Agatha or Miss Marple fan you will love this one. She is pretty quiet but knows a lot behind those knitting needles! I enjoyed it a lot.

Reviewed by Sandy - Five Stars

A great classic

Reviewed by ramona knudsen - love I got the Christie's books

love Miss Marple. shows you, you're not too old and you can still use your brains.

Reviewed by Robert Amann - Five Stars

Really good Miss Marple!

Reviewed by Nana - Gift

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my granddaughter. I love everything by Agatha Christie so I hope she does as well.

Reviewed by drebblesVINE VOICE - Classic Christie!

I first discovered Agatha Christie a long time ago when I was ten or eleven years old. Through the years (more years than I want to admit!) I have read and reread her books to the point where I can often remember who the culprit is. Still, Dame Agatha is a always treasure and, since it had been a few years since I have read her short stories, I eagerly dived into “Miss Marple The Complete Short stories”.

As I said, I have read Agatha Christie’s works many times, but I still enjoyed rereading these short stories (and wish there were more). I have always gone back-and-forth as to whom I like best, Hercules Poirot or Miss Jane Marple, but I have to admit Miss Marple has a special place in my heart. You just have to love how this sweet, innocent, somewhat flustered little old lady manages to outwit everybody else when it comes to solving mysteries - every single time. For the most part the short stories are very clever although when they are all in one collection you begin recognizing common themes - people do spend a lot of time impersonating other people for example - and one title unfortunately gives away the identity of the killer. Still, there are some nice twists and turns in many of these stories. Some of my favorite stories in this collection are “The Bloodstained Pavement”, “The Blue Geranium”, “The Case of the Perfect Maid”, “Tape-Measure Murder”, “Greenshaw’s Folly”, and “Sanctuary”.

Through the years, I have read many mysteries by many other authors but Agatha Christie will always be my favorite. She was one of the best at what she did and this collection of short stories is no exception. Well done!

Reviewed by a - Five Stars

loved it

Reviewed by Lindy B. - Love Miss Marple and the short stories give you the ...

Love Miss Marple and the short stories give you the chance to match wits with her and read a full story when you don't have a lot of time.

Reviewed by Neil Fagan - As good as it sounds

All of Miss Marple's short stories now live on my Kindle. I grabbed it on sale and owned it immediately. This is literally a childhood dream come true.

Reviewed by mystery lady - Miss Marple

Loved every story. Was a joy to read every story. Great light reading. Would recommend to Agatha Christie fans anytime.

Reviewed by Peter T. Walling - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Great, classic fun

Reviewed by Adele B. Parsons - Five Stars

Love Christie's stories including Miss Marple. Stories have a round-about telling.

Reviewed by Sam - she was very pleased with the Agatha Christie books she got for

Gift for Granddaughter, she was very pleased with the Agatha Christie books she got for Christmas

Reviewed by Beverly Regensberg - Delightful!

Enjoyed every word, a delightful book! Also each chapter was a completed mystery so reading fit well into my packed schedule.

Reviewed by nancy klintworth - Wonderful! Glad to read the original short stories and ...

Wonderful! Glad to read the original short stories and try to match them to the re tales seen on tv.

Reviewed by avid reader12 - good thing she was so

Agatha Christie is the ultimate mystery writer . can't get enough, good thing she was so prolific

Reviewed by Wahoo - Great Short Stories

What can I say, it's Agatha Christie. Gentle little mysteries (if you can call murder gentle) that are a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Reviewed by Mr.NiceGuy - Five Stars

great book, classic Miss Marple, even has her first official appearence

Reviewed by Patty - Five Stars

Can't beat Agatha Christie!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Calleja - Agatha Christie always a great read.

Agatha Christie is a legendary writer. Individual stories in this book could be read easily in one sitting. Happy reading.

Reviewed by Donetta M. Lausch - Agatha Christie is always good

What else can you say, but Agatha Christie is the best. I especially love her Miss Marple stories. You can't go wrong with this book of short stories.

Reviewed by Denise Gwinn - Miss Marple is a wonderful old dear

It's Miss Marple. It's not great or profound literature. It's great fun trying to figure out the solution before she gives it.

Reviewed by Math Debra - Agatha Chrisite Fan

I love Agatha Christie and a set like this saves money. Would love to see more sets for the cost savings.

Reviewed by kidsmom - Loved it

This is a fun, easy, interesting read. The kind of book you'll have your nose in as you're putting laundry in the dryer.

Reviewed by g. jim roth - Casual reading from the master of Mystery

Several mini-mysteries, told in entertaining and various styles. An easy, relaxing read.

Reviewed by Margaret Y. Campbell - Five Stars

Love this book with complete short stories of my fav character Miss Marple!

Reviewed by Daniel J. Leahy - Five Stars

Agatha Christie as usual was at her best.

Reviewed by A. E. Jones - She is timeless!

Classic Miss Marple all in one package. Great stories. Wonderful insights into human nature. Timeless!

Reviewed by willie - I love Agatha Christie and mostly Miss Marple

the most relaxing and enjoyable who dun it ever. I love Agatha Christie and mostly Miss Marple.

Reviewed by Rohit V. Puskoor - Five Stars

Excellent and entertaining. Great value!

Reviewed by Orthodoxy - Most Enjoyable

I loved Agatha Christi mysteries when I was a teenager. Now, with my Kindle, I get to enjoy them all over again.

Reviewed by Robbin Monford - good read!

Great book. Only wish there were more stories in it. Fast delivery!

Reviewed by Ron Madesh - Five Stars

Great collection of her short stories as they appeared in various periodicals.

Reviewed by Driphder - Very entertaining

Great thought provoking stories for when you have only an hour or two relax.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories

As always Agatha Christie is entertaining and a good read. I have read these in the past and always good to revisit.

Reviewed by carol walker - One of my favorites

I enjoy these stories so much I am glad I can keep them in my kindle and read them again and again.

Reviewed by Nancy Sue - enjoyable short stories

Perfect length for an evening short read. I enjoyed the stories and will look for more of her books to read.

Reviewed by nancy - Five Stars

I love Agatha Christie novels, all of them!

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - LOVE MISS MARPLE

Ms Christie always has good stories when Miss Marple is on the case. Well written, good plots, and a satisfying finish.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Miss Marple

Who doesn't love Miss Marple and Agatha Christie. I could read her books over and over and probably will in time.

Reviewed by JoAnn Mooneyham - Five Stars

Love Miss Marple!

Reviewed by vetrev - Five Stars

Many enjoyable short stories by Agatha Christie. Worth the money.

Reviewed by John Fobert - Pure pleasure.

This was the best book I have read in awhile. I forgot just how pleasurable agatha Christie is to read.

Reviewed by Florence L Portera - Miss Maple

I love good ole Agatha Christie mysteries. These short stories of Miss Maple are just a delight to read for Christie fans.

Reviewed by terri stone - miss marple short stories

Sister in law loved this one too. I thin she has finished all 3 books in this category. Thank you again for your fst and professional service.

Reviewed by LF - Five Stars

Classic mysteries in bite sized pieces!

Reviewed by Jeanne A Timm - Five Stars

Love Miss Marple.

Reviewed by marcy Murray - Five Stars

duh it's Christie; it's good

Reviewed by Michael Wojcik - Very good stories.

These are very good stories and captured my attention when reading through the mysteries that unraveled. I would recomment this to anyone who is an agatha christie fan.

Reviewed by Ed - Five Stars

I have liked Agatha Christies, Miss Marples Since I read the first story.

Reviewed by G. Hennessee - Five Stars

Nice collection of the Jane Maple short stories. Well edited and formatted.

Reviewed by grannie prepper - Miss Marple

Agatha Christie wrote wonderful stories and Miss Marple is among my favorites. This is the kind of book that everyone needs to have in their library.

Reviewed by Linda Hastings - Five Stars

Arrived quickly, as described. Thanks.

Reviewed by diana baquero - Five Stars

Gotta love Agatha

Reviewed by Marisa G. - Five Stars

Awesome book

Reviewed by Thomas E. Welches - Five Stars

Great reading

Reviewed by Reader - Very readable

I love this collection of short Miss Marple stories. Sometimes it is nice to have shorter stories to read and this fit the bill. Stories were great!

Reviewed by Linda Olsvig-Whittaker - Five Stars

There's no such thing as too much of Miss Marple.

Reviewed by Amazon Fan - Five Stars

Great addition for any Agatha Christie fan, as I am!

Reviewed by James R. Holder - Miss Mrples a treat in reading

I have been a fan of the Miss Marple stories from my first encounter. I especially enjoyed the structure of the short stories.

Reviewed by Joyce Fedorko - Five Stars

Good to add to my collection.

Reviewed by Carla Squillace - Five Stars


Reviewed by SiskiyouSue - Five Stars

You can always count on these for a fun read!

Reviewed by John Jones - Five Stars

Nice collection of stories

Reviewed by Thrifty Sister - Five Stars

Can't get enough of Agatha

Reviewed by GK - Five Stars

great easy reading.

Reviewed by robertc vandegenahte - Five Stars

just as advertised

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Excellent book. I love Mrs. Marple.

Reviewed by Mrs. Harris - Five Stars

Hard to improve upon Christie.

Reviewed by Anna Siffert - Five Stars


Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Five Stars

Enjoyed the short stories.

Reviewed by Donna Fox - Five Stars

Fun to read!

Reviewed by Brenda Houston - Five Stars


Reviewed by D. Geier - Some good Miss Marple mysteries

Miss Marple: the Complete Short Stories
I have read every Miss Marple book. I love this book of short stories and it is a book I can read over and over and never get tired of it. Every Miss Marple fan needs to buy this book.

Reviewed by Linda - How I love Agatha Christie!

Talk about obcessed; that I am with Agatha Christie and her books and movies. What a surprise to find her short stories when I thought I had read all of her books. Now to look for more surprises.

Reviewed by C. Storie - Great Book for a Miss Marple Fan

I haven't had a chance to read this yet, but will dive into it soon. I love the Miss Marple mysteries on PBS, so can hardly wait to get started reading these stories.

Reviewed by Jaye Hardy - Just read a couple of the stories then got a ...

Just read a couple of the stories then got a full blown migraine so been unable to return to the book.

Reviewed by Dawnanne DeRango - Five Stars

I never grow tired of re-reading these short stories.

Reviewed by Marquita Powell - Great read

Love the author and love the books....cant get enough of them..

Reviewed by William J. Schmalz - Miss Marple Short Stories

Quick response, book in good condition. there was a printing defect with the book, but it is still OK.

Reviewed by Ellen Stahr - Five Stars

excellent early Chrisitie

Reviewed by A.B. - Five Stars


Reviewed by Jean - Great condition

The perfect book to cuddle up on bed with...lovely thrilling stories in a light , travel-friendly paperback size. The book was in very good condition. Thanks for the speedy shipping too!
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Reviewed by Butterfly - Excellent Product/Service

This is a great book. One you can't put down. Love Miss Marple mysteries. Book is in excellent used condition.

Reviewed by joe - Yay

I like Miss Marple stories. Also, I picked a "used-good" one for $1-something. Looks great (no markings, rips, folds..)!! Perfect for when you want to read a lot but not pay much.

Reviewed by Lee Holfelder - Five Stars

Delighted to find Miss Marple Short Stories in hardcover. Great addition to my library.

Reviewed by Beth Amazon reviewer - Love Miss Marple

Gotta love Miss Marple, Thanks for the great service.

Reviewed by C. M Mills - Agatha Christie's immortal Miss Marple shines in detecting crime in the complete short story collection published by Harper

The brilliant mind of Dame Agatha Christie (1890-1976) created two of murder mystery fiction's greatest characters: the debonair and eccentric Belgian Hercule Poirot and old maid Jane Marple. While Poirot wears seven league boots solving murders all over the globe,Miss Marple has lived her entire life in the English village of St. Mary Mead. Nevertheless, Marple sports an incredible ability to ferret our murderers and solve crimes.!
This book is a collection of all twenty short stories in which Miss Marple appears. Most of the stories were published in
Thirteen Problems in 1932. The additional seven stories are culled from ther short stories colletions written over the long career of Christie.
The nettlesome cases are discussed in antimated conversation during the meeting of THE TUESDAY NIGHT CLUB. The club meets at the home of Jane Marple. Members of the exclusive club of friends consists of Miss Marple and five other persons. Each club member must present a "problem" which the five others seek to solve. Miss Marple always discovers who the murderer is in the case. The members of the club are Miss Marple the hostess; her novelist nephew Raymond West; Joan Lempiere an artist; Mr. Petherick a lawyer;
Dr. Pender the local vicar and Sir Henry Clithering the well known Scotland Yard Commissioner who has retired. Clithering stands in respectful awe of Miss Marple's uncanning ability to solve crimes. All of the club members are bright as they seek answers to the foul deed of murder.
In later tales in the collection the Tuesday Night Club gathers at the home of Colonel and Dolly Bantry. All of the short tales are well written with most having been produced for television. The stories are great light reading for a comfortable night at home on a rainy night or a trip to the beach for sunny days. Enjoy! Nothing profound but just good entertainment from the mistress of murder!

Reviewed by Emily Haynes - Classic Miss Marple Stories

Miss Marple The Complete Short Stories is a wonderful collection of lighter works by Agatha Christie, offering a chance for the reader to solve multiple lighter cases--with the help of the infallible Miss Marple.
With her legendary knitting needles and gentle-mannered intelligence, Miss Marple quietly sits knitting in the background and solves the case every time.
A delightful collection of various short stories, some notable mysteries include The Tuesday Night Club, The Bloodstained Pavement, The Herb of Death, The Affair at the Bungalow, Strange Jest, and The Case of the Perfect Maid, to name a few.
A must for any Agatha Christie fan, this collection of short stories is a nostalgic and classic addition for the mystery reader.

Reviewed by bookreader - Great English detective stories

I happen to love short stories, and these stories of Miss Jane Marple are excellent. A sweet, elderly woman, Miss Marple lives in a quaint English village which seems so peaceful; however, death seems to strike fairly often, and Miss Marple has the ability of seeing past the surface and defrocking the murderer. Her dithering ways are just a cover for a mind like a steel trap. If you are a fan of English villages and detective stories, Agatha Christie combines the two in this wonderful book.

Reviewed by Cashew apple - These are fun and low-pressure for the reader (like you don't have ...

These are fun and low-pressure for the reader (like you don't have to be scared your detective is gonna get murdered or anything, because in many of them someone is telling other people the story at a dinner party later on, and they all have to solve it.)

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - A Collection of Agatha Christi Treats of Ingenious etection
Agatha Christi has long been one of my favorite English mystery writers. I regard her work as classic of the English type stories. The stories bring insights to the characters and personalities of the people with whom Ms. Christi lived, whom she observed and then wove into her tales of suspense.
Even murder in the English mystery story is somehow less offensive, less graphically brutal, even tho as tragic as some of our more modern mystery stories. Interesting, but not as difficult to experience, in my view. The stories leave you mentally stimulated, but not emotionally drained.

Long Live Dame Agatha and her genre!

Reviewed by L. E. Cantrell - Never say to yourself that anyone is above suspicion.

The words quoted above appeared in a short story by Agatha Christie called "The Four Suspects." They were not spoken by Miss Marple but by "that well-groomed man of the world, Sir Henry Clithering," retired now and residing in St Mary Mead or nearby, but "until lately Commissioner of Scotland Yard." The words were addressed to Sir Henry's new neighbour, a certain Miss Jane Marple. There is EVERY reason to assume that Miss Marple agreed.

An earlier reviewer quoted a short passage from "An Autobiography" by Christie. I shall quote a little more extensively from the same source: "Miss Marple," wrote Dame Agatha, "insinuated herself so quickly into my life that I hardly noticed her arrival. I wrote a series of six short stories for a magazine, and chose six people whom I thought might meet once a week in a small village and describe some unsolved crime. I started with Miss Jane Marple, the sort of old lady who would have been rather like some of my grandmother's Ealing cronies--old ladies whom I met in so many villages where I had gone to stay as a girl. Miss Marple was not in any way a picture of my grandmother; she was far more fussy and spinsterish than my grandmother ever was. But one thing she did have in common with her--though a cheerful person, she always expected the worst of everyone and everything, and was, with almost frightening accuracy, usually proved right...."

Later, she added, "Miss Marple was born a the age of sixty-five to seventy--which, as with Poirot, proved most unfortunate, because she was gong to have to last a long time in my life. If I had had any second sight, I would have provided myself with a precocious schoolboy as my first detective; then he would have grown old with me."

The first sextet of magazine stories were published in the late 1920s but did not achieve the dignity of book publication until 1932, two years after the publication of "Murder at the Vicarage," the first novel to feature Miss Marple.

The 1932 volume contained the first sextet of stories mentioned by Christie in her autobiography, plus a second sextet and one more story to provide a satisfactorily ominous title for the collection, "The Thirteen Problems." (In the US, the book appeared--less happily--as "The Tuesday Club Murders.") Christie wrote seven more short stories for Miss Marple. They all are included in this volume. The later stories are good enough, but Miss Marple had so grown in stature that her true milieu was the full-length mystery novel.

I suggest that special note be taken of the tenth story, "A Christmas Tragedy." This story represents a sea change in Miss Jane Marple. In all prior appearances she had been a mere device, a voice through which the author could resolve her little puzzles. With this story, the fully developed, elderly, tough as nails, knitting Nemesis of the novels emerges.

These twenty stories are competent, if not brilliant. No-one, least of all Agatha Christie, would call them literature. They are amusements, clever puzzles set to dialogue. As such, most of them are splendid. There are a couple of minor misfires, one in which the solution to a coded message is in English when by the logic of the story it should have been in German, another in which Christie chose to emulate the mechanically-oriented stories common in those days among the works of her less-talented contemporaries. A classic Christie work incorporates some deceptively simple example of what might be called mental sleight-of-hand. Stories that depend on gimmicked mechanical implements and the like seem somehow beneath Dame Agatha's dignity.

Reading these stories quickly demonstrates that Agatha Christie was born one of nature's great re-cyclers. Dame Aggie had a strong tendency to ... ahem, quote from herself when a good plot was involved. For those who would put a more positive spin on the simple facts, then it might be said that within these stories may be found seeds that later sprouted into full-length mystery classics such as "A Murder is Announced" and "Murder Under the Sun."

The collection, I was surprised to discover, was dedicated to Leonard and Katherine Woolley. Sir Leonard Woolley was a great archeologist who famously excavated the ancient city of Ur in Sumeria, a land that would one day come to be known as southern Iraq. He became a media superstar when he dug down through the artifact-laden soil of Ur to find a very thick layer almost entirely free of man-made remains, and beneath that yet another layer of artifacts. Woolley attributed the break in the artifact layers to an extensive flood--or as he suggested a bit prematurely and the newspapers shouted loudly to all the world, not a flood but The Flood. When the shouting was at its height, Christie was already a world-famous author and an enthusiastic traveler. She visited the dig at Ur and stayed on for some time to lend a hand. There she met and fell in love with archeologist Max Mallowan, whom she married in the same year that she published "Murder at the Vicarage."

Doubtless, anyone who has slogged this far is wondering why I've wandered so far off-track with all this biographical blather. The reason is simply that I am astonished to see Katherine Woolley's name in the dedication. When Christie arrived, Lady Woolley was very much in residence at her husband's archeological site. She regarded herself as Queen of all she surveyed and she went out of her way to make sure that the upstart mystery novelist knew it. Christie got on with Leonard Woolley, but she simply could not abide his wife. In one of her novels, she made a perfectly obvious caricature of Lady Woolley into the murderess. When she transformed the book into a stage play, Christie slyly converted her novel's villainess into her play's comic relief.

This collection of the twenty Marple short stories are, as I've said, not literature themselves, nor even necessarily vintage Christie. Nevertheless, they are clever, entertaining and an invaluable memento of one of the great literary characters of the Twentieth Century.

Five stars for Agatha, for Jane and for St Mary Mead.
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