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NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender (EX3700-100NAS) - Poor Instructions But Not Too Bad If You Use a Mobile Device

NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender (EX3700-100NAS)

Review NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender (EX3700-100NAS) - Poor Instructions But Not Too Bad If You Use a Mobile Device

Comments on Review NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender (EX3700-100NAS) - Poor Instructions But Not Too Bad If You Use a Mobile Device

Minnie I. says:
Since my friends have used their iPads to set this up and I used a Kindle, I would think it would work.

#BlackLivesMatter says:

JH says:

Thanks for all the instructions! I have purchased several other repeaters and taken them all back! My problem is that I use MAC addresses to control access to my router. Does this device have a MAC address? I am hoping it does and will be off the purchase one if so. Thanks again!

kimkats says:
Hi Minnie! Thanks for the clear instructions. I have been looking for something like this that wouldn't break the bank, but have been afraid of the techno speak instructions they come with. One question - once it is setup ( I have an iPad to do that with luckily!) can you *access* it with a laptop? My laptop doesn't have as weak a signal as my iPad but having a stronger signal never hurts. ☺️ Thanks again for the clear instuctions; sounds like netgear should be thanking u too since they will likely sell a bunch more of these b/c people now know how to set them up!

Jeffrey Johnson says:
Yes, a laptop will work to set the unit up and access it. I took one of these extenders back because I could not figure out how to hook it up. A few months later, my friend got one and I found out that it CAN be set up by a laptop by going to the wifi setup menu and hooking up to the address that has EXT at the end of it. You may change the network name and password if you wish or use the EXT network name and the existing password. For example, if your existing network name is FLUFFYCAT19, the address you will hook up to will say FLUFFYCAT19_EXT.

J. Newell says:
Minnie, you are awesome. Thank you for your instructions. You saved us a lot of frustration because we could not understand the instructions included with the extender. Thanks again. Cheers.

J. Newell says:
Yes I did and I could not have gotten it to work without her excellent instructions.

Chief Bob says:
Netgear - When your techs write up a procedure, test it with non tech folks like secretaries or janitors before you even think about distributing it with a product. Not doing this causes you to get low ratings from the start and very difficult to improve. Have had numerous experiences with Netgear instructions and as a result, do not buy your products at all. "After the fact support" does not fix the issue.

Tanisha says:
I've decided to buy this device and use your set-up instructions. It was really great if you to put the correct instructions up. Hopefully, I'll be able to set this up without any problems but if I do I'll comment to you instead of Netgear.

Minnie I. says:
Tanisha, from the additional comments it looks like you can set this up using a laptop as well...if it has wireless. I didn't try using a laptop, but I did use my Kindle fire and my friend used her iPad and it worked like a charm. The extender, which is located by an outside wall in our basement, even allows us to link up to wireless outside on our deck. Good luck! Hope this works as well for you as it did for us and that the instructions work!

Hal 2002 says:
If the desktop uses a Wifi USB adopter, it should work, no?

Minnie I. says:
Didn't for me, but give it a try!

Ron Grether says:
Minnie - Thanks for your clear instructions. This definitely helped me get the extender set up after having difficulty with NETGEAR's installation instructions. Ron

Pam Smith says:
Hi Minnie, I understand your information except for 1 thing? (Please note I have not ordered this extender due to researching!) But where you state(Choose the network connection with your wireless name PLUS(the ___EXT) suffix. The underscore EXT? what does that mean? Is there something being added or is that how it is? I am trying to understand this technology and I need a WiFi extender,booster something! My husband received a New Kindle fire HDX and it's having issues and staying online, IP Address blocked from Craig's list we've never ever had this problem of being blocked until the Kindle came along it's 35 feet from wear router and modem are located and about 45 feet outside or garage at night internet work good but not in the daytime!? I appreciate your advise for the older generation trying to understand layman technology ! God Bless, Pam from Texas

Minnie I. says:
The _EXT is what the Netgear extender calls itself. It sort of makes sense if you think about it. Say you have a wifi system named DogAndCat. That's the system you normally "attach" to. Now you're going to put an extender on it. It's still going to have connect to DogAndCat network but it let's you know that it's being extended by adding the_EXT suffix. When you connect to wireless in your home, you'll get two choices now...the original DogAndCat network you started with and the extended one with the Netgear suffix, DogAndCat_EXT. You can pick whichever works best for you. It uses the same password, if you have that set up. I'm not sure what you are describing with your Kindle Fire is something the extender would fix. Have you contacted Amazon for support? They are really good at helping you with Kindle problems (I've had a few now and then) and they might be able to advise you how to fix the disconnect problems. The extender, however, is good if you want to broaden the coverage of your wifi. Good luck!

Pam Smith says:
Minnie, Thanks for your help I understand some and after I get the extender I'm sure I'll get it. And as the Kindle I you tube, researched,etc? But I will contact Amazon. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays,Pam

Minnie I. says:
The Netgear device WILL work with your Kindle Fire HDX wifi. But the disconnecting from Craig's list sounds more like a permissions or security setting on the Kindle. When you install an extender and you scan for networks, you'll see your original network and then one with the _EXT once the wifi is set up. Remember to use your Kindle or your smartphone to install the extender. Merry Christmas to you, too!

Kathychris says:
Thank you for your terrific instructions. I followed them and my extender came up with no problem. I can now watch Netflix in my bedroom , 4 walls ( and some copper plumbing) away from my router. Connection was awful before extender, now have full power on my Ipad. thanks again...Kathy

Ray F. Haering says:
Great help Minnie. My contacts with Netgear is that they will only help if you give them money. All I wanted was the instructions you posted but they wouldn't help me unless I wrote a check. Thanks for the instructions; I am up and running.

NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, Essentials Edition (EX2700)


M H says:
Hey Minnie I can I use this with my xfinity router ..I hope ?

Minnie I. says:
Glad to help.!

M H says:
does this mean tht this item will work with my xfinity router ?

Mark Curtis says:
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Janet Feeney says:
Thank you Minnie! Never occurred to me to use my iPad to set up something via the network hard wired to my desktop. I was in my network adminsintration section and never saw the new device name, very frustrating - nothing to link to and an error message at the website.

Agree with you that the instructions should specify to use a wireless device to set up the network. Many thanks!!

Minnie I. says:
You are welcome. I work as a PR/technical writer. Someone once told me "People don't buy what they don't understand." I run into this over and over and over again. Some people are too close to the subject (like technocrats) and they have "the curse of knowledge." Because they "get" it, they believe others don't. I told Netgear they could take my instructions, but maybe they've printed so many up, they have to use them all. (Or maybe they don't read consumer reviews. Sad, isn't it?) See this article:

NETGEAR Team says:
Hi Minnie,

We thank you for your helpful review and want to reassure you that we do read reviews (and watch the comments, as in this case) and have taken this to heart. I've passed your review and all the comments here to my product teams. We're listening and appreciate any and all feedback from our customers. Anyone who'd like to reach out to us directly can email us at



Kate says:
Thank you! That solved my problem. I used my iPhone to set it up per your instructions and it works perfectly.

A. K. S. says:
Thank you, Minnie! I'd never have figured this out without your help. Terrible instructions provided.

Minnie I. says:
You are welcome!

Moulshri Mohan says:
Dear Minnie I.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! As Amazon informs me, I purchased this on the 28th of November, 2015. Today is the 27th of April 2016 - exactly 5 months and I couldn't get it to work (I was, of course, using my desktop). I read your review, and got it up and running in two minutes by using my iPad. The corners of my house are alive with Wi-Fi, and a bunch of happy kids are now in their own rooms :)
On another note, why wouldn't Netgear include such a simple direction in their instructions? Especially when you posted this nine months before I bought mine?

Minnie I. says:
You are welcome!😀

Carlton S. Yee says:
6 months later? Persistence finally paid off.

I used Minnie's procedure and same results, 5 minutes and up and running after 2-3 hours of trying the Quik-Start's idiocy.

I wanted my Extender to produce a strong WiFi signal in my Bedroom for sending music from my iPad to WiFi speakers. Before this, I could not keep the music from cutting out. I suspected the router being clear at the other end of the house was sending too weak of a signal to the speakers. My signal had to come from the router to the iPad back to the router and then to the speakers. Plus there must be 8 other WiFi nets around my house. Too much interference to blow thru for my router. But now, I can go all night and not have it cut out.

I'd give this device 5 stars if they would just change the manual instructions.

Reviewer says:
Thank you for your review and instructions! We absolutely could not figure out how to set this up with Netgear's instructions. After trying everything, we thought we got a dud. But, before we packaged it up to send back to Amazon, we thought we'd check the reviews. Sure enough! There was your advice explaining the proper setup procedure in plain English. We had it setup properly within mere minutes! Thanks for taking the time to help out people like ourselves. :-)

William O. Plaster Jr. says:
Minnie: Thank you so much for your informative and most helpful post. I had attempted to connect with my WiFi ad infinitum, and was almost ready to return the externder. After reading and following your suggestions, voila!, in 10 minutes I was able to access my laptop in my workshop approximately 250 feet distance. The signal was 100%. Hopefully Netgear will inform those people who purchased their product with inadequate instruction the proper procedures to install the WiFi extender. Again, thank you for you valuable assistance.

Minnie I. says:
My pleasure. I am sort of surprised that companies don't use Amazon comments as a source for marketing research. This little Netgear extender is a great product, but I can only imagine how many people send it back because they are frustrated. I used my tablet as a last ditch effort. I'm glad I did, but like you I was just about ready to send it back. Glad I could help!

Edrich Family says:
Netgear needs to FIX their instructions as using the computer DOES NOT WORK... but Minnie's advice really helped!

Minnie I. says:
Glad I could help!

William O. Plaster Jr. says:
It appears that the company has had sufficient time to correct this major error in their instructions, but they apparently haven't done so. Were it not for Minnie's informative and simple instructions, I probably would have returned the items as a result of much frustration attempting to follow their erroneous instructions. Thanks again to Minnie for the important input that allowed me to install the extender which works wonderfully now at a distance of approximately 250 feet to my workshop.

Minnie I. says:
I can't figure it out myself. Amazon's comments has produced a rich collection of market research for the company and they seem to ignore it. Perhaps their marketing VP has no communications background. I don't know, I see this with lots and lots of "technical" products. They seem to think because they understand their jargon, everyone does. Glad I could help though. I think this is a pretty nice product for the price.

MrBuzz says:
MinnieI, best directions Netgear should hire you the nice fancy book they give was pretty useless three tries nothing saw your post and you nailed it. My kindle fire was online in 3 minutes spent 30 with their book .
But sometimes technician have no idea how to communicate practical and normal usage you did a great job on the review, thank you.

Minnie I. says:
You're welcome. It's not just technicians...doctors, lawyers, people in higher education, all have their own special language. My real world job actually is to translate language for people like this. Glad I could help.

GRUMPA says:
Hi Minnie,

Thanks so much for the help. Your instructions were so easy follow! I thought I was going to have to go the ethernet cable route, which would have been a pain, but following your directions worked perfectly! Thanks again.


sfl89 says:
Oh, bless your heart- these instructions were so incredibly helpful! The extender had been sitting on my filing cabinet for 6 weeks, because I just couldn't figure out how to connect it and didn't have any more time to waste on it. Thank you so much.

William O. Plaster Jr. says:
I find it difficult to believe that the manufacturer does not address this issue. The give the appearance that they don't care how this error afects the consumer. I shall remember that the next time I need electronics made by this company.

carolina38 says:
"DON'T EXPECT TO USE YOUR DESKTOP computer to make the connection." Well, it would have been nice if Netgear had told users this. I was able to see the extender after I got on a tiny mobile device but I spent too much time messing with it and will return it.

Carlton S. Yee says:
Why return it if you got it installed? It is a fine piece of equipment but with crappy directions. You already have done the work.

NHNick says:
Well, thank goodness for Minnie! I was about to return mine and decided to check out the reviews since the positive rating was one of the reasons for my purchase. Followed Minnie's directions this time, rather than Netgears, and NOW it's working as I had hoped.

Dennis says:
Thank you Minnie! I had tried a couple of times on my desktop computer to set the extender up, but to no avail. I was about to give up when I thought to go on Amazon and check for instructions in the "reviews". Your's popped up first. Thanks to you I had it connected in about 5 minutes! Why they let engineers write up installation instructions is beyond me. Thanks again!

Minnie I. says:
My pleasure. Glad the instructions worked.

Heather says:
Your directions were very helpful. Set it up in less than 10 minutes! Thank You!! Good job! :o)

Minnie I. says:
Glad I could help!

GPC says:
NETGEAR should copy & paste your instructions in their setup manual and simplify the whole process. A day wasted with NETGEAR instructions. Up & running with yours in fifteen minutes. Thanks

William O. Plaster Jr. says:
It is apparent that the company does not care about their customers as evidenced by their inaction to a rather simplistic change to their installation instructions. Good product, but the company STINKS in my estimation.

Michael L Vetsch says:
You could accomplish the exact same thing on any desktop in the house, or laptop by simply double clicking the connections bar in the system tray (the little bars over by the speaker icon and clock) this will list all available networks. Just highlight the one with your network name plus the _ext at the end and enter your network password. That's about all you need to know. Alternately you could click on Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel, and on the next screen click Connect or Disconnect. I can only guess that this is so difficult for people because the average user isn't used to changing networks connections at home, but very used to doing it while out and about. Really though, it's pretty simple.

William O. Plaster Jr. says:
If it is that SIMPLE, why didn't the company include this in the instructions? As I taught people in the military, don't assume ANYTHING.

MrBuzz says:
Actually this is untrue, been around computers since 1979, and every OS since then. This device is exsteremly buggy when working within varied networks a Table, smartphone is more intuitive when connecting to a network as this is what they are designed to d. Windows has always seen internet and networks as a afterthought to their OS.

Susanne P. Dickinson says:
NETGEAR: Please update your directions!!! I was about to send this product back because I was only getting an error message with your directions and none of your support helped. With Minnie's directions, the set-up is actually extremely easy. Thank you, Minnie! Netgear needs to give you a kick-back for writing their directions for them!

Billie Bo says:
I totally agree with everything you wrote.

Nora Boston says:
Great instructions! Thanks so much.

J. Holloway says:
Great job on instructions. Makes one wonder how the company is so out of touch with user experiences. Thanks for saving countless users from headaches.

J. Holloway says:
Hey Netgear. Shame on you for putting a product out there with such a terrible set up experience.

Roxief says:
Thank you so much for your instructions!! I tried using the booklet and was ready to pull my hair out. Used your instructions, and was set up in minutes. Netgear should put you on their payroll! :)

Fred says:
I agree. I've had mine for 18 months. Today the green Power light went out. I tried to re-pair with my Wifi and it has been a nightmare. The instructions in the booklet, which I followed very carefully, are worthless. The green light Power Light is still off. Let alone the connection green light. I even refreshed with the alleged button at the bottom. A misnomer if there ever was one. It's a hole. and it tells you to push it with a "sharp object" like a paper clip. It has to be a teeny tiny paper clip! Again, still not working!!!

J. J. Honeycutt says:
YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!!!!! I was ready to either, A) throw it through a window or, B) return it. The instructions are a nightmare and NOTHING worked. It doesn't say you can't use your desktop, which doesn't make sense, but you can't... it HAS to be a tablet or laptop. I tried the WPS way, did it exactly like the instructions said -- didn't work. Tried the page ten way... didn't work. But YOUR way worked. Thank you.

William O. Plaster Jr. says:
It would be nice to read a comment from Net Gear concerning their abysmal instructions, with an apology to those of who have had the misfortune of purchasing their equipment, expecting the installation to be effortless for such a simple task. Their silence reveals much about top management.

Rick Ouchida says:
Thanks so much for this review/setup. Installation was flawless following your directions.

Emma says:
Thanks for your comment!!! it was SO helpful. I also had the same issue with my Macbook Pro. I tried ALL DAY to figure it out and it wouldn't work. Then I tried from my iPhone and it worked instantly thanks to your review. The instructions were dumb, and I wish there was a chat person or a phone number to call. None of the instructions helped at all. Thanks to your review, it works, otherwise I was ready to give up!!

M H says:
I would agree. .I have found net gear is not the easiest company to work with...this item seems to work good for a bit and ...
Then it loses the signal and has to go through the whole process again.
As for the setting up I did right by my computer where my router is

Robert R. says:
info in a basement level of house and use my desptop pc for school classes and ps4 hooked to it only getting 2 to 3 bars from router upstairs.can i plug this next to pc in wall and then will i see more bars and connection or do i have to click on a new network to have this booster plus my current router? need help understanding how to do it. robert read
Reply to this post

Carlton S. Yee says:
When you install the Extender, there will be another network shown with the _EXT after it. Treat it like another network and use it for that room. It should show more bars. It is like a repeater to the original router.

Robert R. says:
oh ok huge it will basically just boost the other network i use from upstairs more bars?

Carlton S. Yee says:
That is what I see. It receives the main wifi router signal and amplifies it in that area.

M H says:
tht is what i did still goes in and out ..I have Comcast and they are getting worse with thr signal

Minnie I. says:
I think if you aren't getting a good number of bars, it's not likely the Extender will fix that. When our main internet goes down, the extender net does too. Since I don't have your issue, it's hard for me to say but an extender only boosts to other areas what you're already getting. So if the provider service is spotty, the boost will be too. Does that make sense?

M H says:
yes i will ck with comcast

marigoyle says:
Dear Netgear, Minnie did a wonderful job of clearing up the inadequacies of your (Netgear's) poor instructions on the above pages. Allow people to follow Minnie's instructions which are 2000% better than yours. In fact, she should be paid a large amount of money for helping Netgear. Otherwise, many people would return your good product with lousy instructions. Best of all, hire her!

A. Lindsey says:
Minnie, I hope you can help me. I actually read your reviews before purchasing this item so I was aware of the problems people were having with the instructions and how everyone was praising your easy-to-follow setup guide. So, I purchased this extender and when it came in today, I was fairly certain that installation was going to be super easy. But...I am having difficulties. I plugged in the extender close to my router and waited for the light to turn green. I turned on my iPad and went to settings and my router was listed there but not with the _EXT. It has NETGEAR_EXT but that doesn't help me at all (it's my understanding from some of the other comments that that was one of the main problems that people run into when trying to use a desktop???). Same thing when I tried to use my Droid cell phone. There is no _EXT for my network showing up. I am a very simple girl when it comes to computers and technology. Do you have any suggestions?

Minnie I. says:
It's been awhile since I've done this, but first of all make sure your device has the wireless activated. You should see that little wireless (you know the icon with the three arches over it that says your wi-fi is out there). It sounds like the NETGEAR_EXT is showing up and that your actual router is a Netgear router (which would explain NETGEAR as the first part of the name.) Try clicking on the the NETGEAR_EXT. A menu should pop up asking you for your password to your router and directing you to the Netgear site. You will need to go to the Netgear site to finish the set-up. I actually used a Kindle Fire, but my friends have used iPads with no problems. If you're connected to your wi-fi network and the NETGEAR_EXT shows up in the settings, you should be able to click on that and get to the site--but then maybe Netgear has changed things. iPad users, any suggestions?

A. Lindsey says:
Thank you! This did help actually. I didn't even realize that my router was Netgear as well so I was panicking that it wasn't coming up right. LOL, I told you, I am a simple girl ;-) Even so, yesterday, when I would click on the NETGEAR_EXT option, it was pulling up a different site for some reason, asking for a username and password but today when I went through the exact same steps, it pulled up a similar site but with a page for setting up a username and password. Anyway, thank you so much for taking your time to help us simples. YOU ARE A BLESSING! And my 13-year old who was eating through her data because her room wasn't getting good wifi signal thanks you a lot!!!

Minnie I. says:
Glad it worked out for you!

BLACK ICE2597 says:
Thank you for your explanation of how to make this work easily. I agree that the instructions that came with the extender were a tad hard to follow.

James G. says:
Another big thanks Minnie. Based on my good fortune with another Netgear extender (WN3500RP) three years ago, I tried using the same procedure with the N300 extender to connect using the WPS button on my router. No luck this time. After two hours, I gave up. Then I remembered seeing your well-written procedure for connecting to the extender using a wireless device. My Kindle paperwhite E-reader was handy, so I tried it. Worked like a charm although it seemed to "hang-up" at the end. Nonetheless, the new extender is working fine. I think another poster ("octalpus") offered the best explanation for what is going on. Many thanks for the time and effort you have put into this issue and helping others.

William O. Plaster Jr. says:
Score: Minnie 143....NetGear 0.

Edgar Wang says:
Very miss leading article. I use my Mac making the connection within 2min. It works just fine. However, my iPhone or iPad never works.

Minnie I. says:
Edgar, what we're finding is that if your device has the ability to connect through your wireless network, your desktop computer probably will work. If it doesn't, it won't. I would suggest you check to see if your iPhone and/or iPad settings were connected to your wireless network. Also, if you could document the exact steps you used on your Mac (and the type of Mac you have), it could help other people. I have had multiple people tell me their wireless device would work, but not their Ethernet device. A member of my staff was able to use her iPad but not her Mac, which is exactly the opposite of your experience. Because the directions I have posted have worked for lots and lots of people, I would say your review is an unfair characterization of most people's experience, and that the directions I posted were not misleading--just not applicable to your device. Are you able to connect to your __EXT network through your iPhone/iPad? I can with mine. If not, I would suggest you check the settings on your device.

Steve says:
wish I had read this first, might have been able to set it up. I spoke with cust support for nearly an hour, she couldn't resolve my connect issue and then pretended not to be able to hear me and hung up. I think she was frustrated at not being able to get it up and running. I sent it back for a refund

Kimbo3443 says:
THANK YOU Minnie!! Without your review with thorough instructions, I'd still be fighting with getting this set up!! All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Ken says:
Why no support page? I received my N300 yesterday and using Minnie's [bless he/r] was able to get to work using a Kindle but the PW wouldn't be accepted. I just got a WiFi and am new to being radiated with an AC1200 but wanted more range in other parts of the house due to tile floors... and while it works... the security is NOT on and am seeing my neighbors WiFi in the Settings mode, and pulled it out of the wall immediately.
Question; how to or where is the settings control to activate the PW... and yes, I did set the PW that is used on the AC1200 but kept getting the message it was not accepted.
Meanwhile the websites are not helping and is an oooops! Not found, and the rest of the websites want $ to proceed with any help...The Box it came in, yesterday, says 24/7 Technical Support 90 day complimentary technical support.

I got the NetGear Genie App from a friend and stumbled into the right menu to setup and register the N300 which enabled the security code... it is better but tile and stone counters do present a challenge. Just look around for the best outlet and it does work.

itiswithinyou says:
Thanks Minnie for doing Netjunk's job and actually explaining how to set the product up without have to read that crappy email address again. I realize the junk still does not work but at least you care enough to take time to explain how this junk SHOULD work.

E. Awesome says:
Seriously, Minnie, I don't know what I would have done without your Netgear instructions. After spending ONE HOUR of my life on the phone with Netgear technical support (who instructed me to return the device, btw), I read your install directions. Guess what? My extender suddenly works like a charm. I will never get that hour back, but you certainly gave me the gift of time in the long run. I thank you very much!

Amazon Customer says:
Thank you so much Minnie! I read your review before I purchased this and knew going into it to follow your instructions. It was a breeze. And, I'm terrible at setting things up even when I follow step by step instructions. I had recently bought a better router because I was having problems getting a strong signal through the farthest part of the house hoping that would solve the problem (it didn't which is why I then bought the extender) and I never could get it to work right and had to hire someone to come over and do it. This is by far the most helpful review I've ever seen on any product I have bought.

marigoyle says:
NETGEAR Team, apparently you haven't understood the comments. Your "page" is useless and non-workig. In order to be responsible sellers, you must set up a decent and dependable page of instructions that work not the babble on your pages.

If they were adequate, we wouldn't have come here for solutions.

Mary Smith says:
Thank-you SO MUCH for these instructions, Minnie!! If I hadn't read this, I would have never figured out how to set up the extender!! The instructions that came with it were lacking to say the least. The online video is not helpful either. I would have tried to set up with my desktop, gotten frustrated, and probably ended up returning it. I followed your directions using my iPad and had it set up in minutes. Netgear owes you a thank-you too!

William O. Plaster Jr. says:
145 posts and no notification to consumers from Netgear. Very troubling about the company. I guess the only want to sell products, not provide service.

Scott says:
Why would you think a desktop PC, presumably without a wireless adapter, would be able to connect wirelessly to a networking appliance? And actually yes, a desktop should work if you plug in using the Ethernet port on the side of the unit, which is half the reason said port exists.

William O. Plaster Jr. says:
I learned in the military, 'don't assume anything', but not everyone has the same degree of expertise. It is incumbent upon the manufacturer to provide specific instruction for people of all degrees of experience. I was also told in the military that instructions should be written so an idiot could understand them. Had Netgear used that criterion, Amazon wouldn't have hundreds of people complaining, including me.

E. Awesome says:
Well, Scott. I would not assume that I needed to connect wirelessly because I am not a technical expert. This is why I referred to the manufacturers instructions. In addition, I contacted customer support who instructed me to use my desktop mentioning nothing about the Ethernet port. We are all lucky that Minnie is on the case and has a clear understanding of the hundreds of people who are not in the technical field. Thanks again, Minnie. You rock!

Minnie I. says:
Well Scott not everyone is as tech savvy as you. That's the problem with a lot of technical information instructions today. They are written by people who have the "curse of knowledge." They think that just because THEY know/"get" something, everyone else will. You can read about the curse of knowledge from a variety of good books and professional journals available right here on Amazon. Perhaps then we could have an interesting conversation on judgmental heuristics or rhetorical devices used in good writing. The point is, as Mr. Plaster says, not everyone has the same amount of expertise. It is disheartening to know that Netgear, even after seeing all of these people's comments, hasn't adjusted their directions at all. And by the way, Scott, my last desktop DID have wireless capabilities built in--my current desktop does not. Guess I might have forgotten that too. But good to know that if someone DOES want to use their desktop, they need to use "said" Ethernet port with the appropriate "Ethernet" cable assuming they are familiar with what an Ethernet cable is.

Bobt230 says:
READ this review! Follow Minnie's directions - NOT the enclosed one. I just waisted 2 hours of time (between following the enclosed directions, searching on-line for solution(s) and calling the Netgear tech support - which BTW, the voice recognition system is MISERABLE (especially, if you have a growing intolerance :). I just used my iPhone, opened a browser and typed in - it opened up a configurator and 3 minutes later....... done!

Kim J. says:
Minnis which WiFi range extender did u head worked better than this one?

Kim J. says:
Hi Minnis which WiFi range extender did u hear worked better tHan this one?

Gosia M. says:
What's the difference between AC750 and AC1200 models?

Veronica says:
Thanks for these. However, I tried them and go directly to an unsecure wifi with the extender. It does not ask for a password like you say

Minnie I. says:
I don't know what to tell you. If your regular wifi system doesn't have a password, I would suppose you wouldn't be required to have one. Does you require a password to access your wifi from other devices?

I am not the expert on this device, nor should I be considered Netgear's technical support. In fact, I swapped out my Netgear for a different extender.

Minnie I. says:
I don't know. Really, I'm not a technical person. I'm a technical writer. My review was to clarify instructions I found were poorly written. Netgear should be able to tell you in their descriptions what the difference is.

Minnie I. says:
I replaced my Netgear with MSRM US750 750M Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender Wireless WiFi Repeater With Dual External Antennas and 360 Degree WiFi Covering. I'm not certain I would say "better," just easier to follow instructions and works just as well.

IrishDiva5006 says:
I followed your instructions too after also wanting to toss this thing. It worked thank heavens.

Ardent says:
I was nearly in tears after about a half an hour of trying to get this thing set up and you really saved me! Elegant, straightforward, simple directions - Netgear should hire you as a technical writer. At no point did they suggest that a laptop or desktop computer wouldn't work with the website that contains the set up wizard but you are absolutely right - it doesn't work! Thanks again for saving me so much aggravation!

Walter M. Jay says:
Dear Minnie,

Your instructions were GREAT!!
Followed your instructions and it took just a few minutes to set up!

J. Moya says:
Never would have been able to set this up without Minnie I. Thanks for the instructions.

Susan L Scott says:
Had I read Minnie's post regarding the EX2700, I may have had a different experience with this product...but TOO LATE for you NETGEAR! I was disconnected 3 times from your tech support before we barely began. Fourth call ended in this unhappy customer expressing disbelief that he (how I wish I had his name, Indian accent) would transfer me for help that would incur charges! What!? I just wanted to set up the device! It is packaged and heading back to Amazon. Oh, and here's the clinker...he deliberately hung up on me...I had assumed the first 3 were only unfortunate disconnects...TERRIBLE customer service!

Susan L Scott says:
Not in my experience today

Just my opinion says:
My extender was given to me by a technician from my service provider, he'd been carrying around in his truck for better than a year.
I too had problems with the poorly written instructions so I called Netgear for help. They wanted a receipt showing purchase date and I explained how I obtained it. They refused to help because it was out of warranty based on the device serial number. So now I had an extender I couldn't get to work and a manufacturer that refused to support it. After requesting a supervisor and after going over his head I was begrudgingly allowed ONE free support call. Was told I didn't need the software manager I'd downloaded as per instructions and all I had to do was select the new .ext network that showed up in my networks. Device works fine but nor happy with Netgear.

MoreTech says:
The product offers several different, and simple, ways to set it up initially. The "Connect With Web Browser" method is fast and easy. Be sure to use a computer with wifi (true of most recently-purchased PCs) or a tablet or wifi. Key is to bring up the wifi network manager and connect to the Extender. I cannot agree with this review's claim that Browser setup instructions were not clear, or that the instructions were poor. Quite the contrary, I found both the Quick Start booklet and the full User Manual to be well written and easy to follow.

MoreTech says:
Yes, as long as your PC supports wifi and has wifi network manager software. Just bring up the software, view the available networks, choose NETGEAR_EXT, then using your web browser, go to The instructions from then on are pretty simple.

Amazon Customer says:
I do have a sort question,
I am wondering the conditions of the NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, Essentials Edition (EX2700).
Can I use this device with 220Volt/ 50Hz ?
Im going to buy this for my mom, so I want to make sure that it work?

Aaron T. says:
The instructions are EXTREMELY clear on how to set this up with your desktop. No need for mobile device or anything else, just connect with whatever PC you have (as is clearly stated in the instructions) and follow the prompts. You may have been unable to discover it as you had to skip to page 10 (clearly labeled) to perform the desktop setup. So... thanks for the useless review. Glad I tried myself before following your "technical writing."

William O. Plaster Jr. says:
I consider your comments condescending. If the instructions are 'EXTREMELY' clear, why over a thousand comments au contraire?

Amazon Customer says:
NETGEAR: Your website and phone number are useless. Nobody is answering your phone for the last hour on a Friday at 3 pm and no matter what I press on your website, it takes me to the same page. No downloads for the NETGEAR Genie. I am on your NetgearExt wifi, but it's not taking me anywhere or letting me access your webpage.

Cheryl Jacobs says:
Minnie, thank you SO MUCH for the instructions for setting this up. It was so easy with your guide. It works like a dream now. Again, thank you!!!!

David K. says:
NET GEAR team,

My EXT does not match my current network name, although I can see an EXT network available. When I try and enter my current router password, it does not work. I have tried conducting a factory reset on the extender but still get the same network name. I have been through many troubleshooting steps and forum, still no avail. What are the next steps for receiving support


Bruce says:
Thank for your post, it worked perfectly. But why can't i connect multiple devices to the new network? This sucks if i can only connect one device at a time. Please assist.

Molly Hastings says:
Netgear Team,
You should rewrite your install instructions. They do not work and are frustrating. I ALMOST sent my product back to Amazon, but with instructions provided by Minnie, I was able to set it up. She made it so easy. Why are you making it so hard?

Molly Hastings says:
Thank you, Minnie, for the help. Without it, I was going to send the extender back to Amazon....your instructions made it all so easy!

Lisa Trentman says:
Thank you very much. I had this back in the box ready to ship back when I saw your review!

hector matos says:
Dose it make ur wifi faster ????

Shannon R. says:
Thank you so much for the clear instructions! I had tried to use my computer to set this thing up with no success. I was on the verge of returning the extender when I read your post and got it to work. Yay! Thanks again.

Dion Nader says:
Can this be used with PS4

Ron J. says:
Piece of crap do not buy what a joke.

Minnie I:
could you send me how to setup the Netgear WIFI Range Extender at my E-mail?

Lindyk says:
Thanks you! I don't understand why Netgear doesn't just provide these instructions. I wasted lots of time trying to follow the instructions in the booklet and on the webpage, when I remembered reading some instructions in the comments when I purchased the thing. This is just the ticket! Mystifying why Netgear gives all these complicated, confusing, and incomplete instructions when it's as simple as explained in your comment!

baloncesto y cine says:
Netgear Team

Hire Minnie and stop sending out Bot-type responses. It makes you look even worse

Next.. NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender (EX3700-100NAS)

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