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Paramore - The Final Riot! - Reviews

Paramore - The Final Riot!

Reviews of Paramore - The Final Riot!

Reviewed by nico - Excellent

I always like their song, so I decided to buy this Blu-ray and I would admit that I wasn't disappointed at all.
I recommend it to all fan.

Reviewed by Jonathan - Paramore Rocks! A++++

Paramore's The Final RIOT! rocks Chicago with a killer 15 song set. The contagious energy is electric - the amazing 1080p video quality and Dolby TrueHD create an "as-if-you-were-there" experience. The special features include a Paramore documentary that is fun, quirky, and gives an insider's perspective to life on the road with Paramore. As a TWILIGHT FAN, I am stoked to have bonus Twilight soundtrack clips with unbelievable audio. "The Decode" music video plays back in 720p and "I Caught Myself" audio is featured in Dolby TrueHD. This Blu-ray rocks! A+.

Reviewed by Adam Burns - Amazing Blu-Ray. Other reviewers have it wrong on video and audio quality

First off, let me point out the video and audio are fine! There is not a lag issue with this concert. What they do is during most songs about once there is a two second delay. For example, Haley will jump off this little step on the stage and the video creators of this dvd/blu-ray (blu-ray on the review) purposely made the jump down go slower on the screen. It is always during the cool moments like jumping, head bobbing, instrument solos, etc. It is not a bad thing. I loved it. The audio is great and sounded just like they do in person. I know, I attended their 2009 Kansas City concert a few months back. The video is a 9.5/10. It is not bad and looks amazing. There are a few scenes that are very dark with mild dark blue lights on haley during an intro. Those can have a very very tiny bit fuzzy, but I really think it is a camera limitation or dvd creation tool is not amazing in dark scenes. 92% of the time the lights are blaring and the video is spot on. This is one of my favorite blu-ray concerts I own an I have quite a few. The special features are a mix bag. I love they have two additional songs. One song is in hd audio with a stable picture in the background. I have a lcd, but I turned it off during the song. I know I should be safe, but I don't want any potential for burn in. (burn in is where the image burns into your tv and you can never remove the sceen. It would be like having a mild whitish transparency over everything you watch in the future) They should have had a slideshow going, but it is minor and this is an extra feature. This is not why you bought the movie. It does include the new paramore song decode from twilight and it sounds amazing. The video is obviously too small for the size they tried to expand it to. It feels squished into the middle and it is a tiny tiny bit blocky. Some scenes worse than others. I would have rather had a second disc on dvd with this video. My playstation 3 can upscale and would have looked much better than this video that is stuck in the blocky form at a hd resolution. There is also a video about their group and planning the concert. I just skimmed this video, but it is a interesting extra if you want to know more about their group. Definitely a great blu-ray and worth the purchase if you like paramore or a couple of songs. This group is growing on me more and more. Thank you twilight for helping me discover this group as it is now in my top 3 favorite groups for 2009.

Reviewed by Nancy S Mabry - Five Stars

Best concert!!!!

Reviewed by Salboogie - Only on Blu-Ray????????????

Why is it only available on Blu-Ray??????? I have it on my Ipod, but I would like to watch it in the comfort of my living room on my flat screen tv. I'm not going to purchase a blu-ray dvd player just so I can watch this one dvd.

Reviewed by Kerri - If you loved Twilight, you'll love this.

If you're a huge fan of Twilight, this performance from Paramore is a must-have! Watching them perform with so much energy on a blu-ray disc makes you feel like you're there in person. The sound and picture quality is awsome as well, so if you loved Twilight, this is the performance to see. Also included is the "Decode" music video which is great to see.

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