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Paramore - Reviews


Reviews of Paramore

Reviewed by lisamichelle - Paramore is back full force!

I'm not going to lie I was a bit nervous when I bought this cd. Paramore hasn't put out music in a while and with all the changes of band members, I was worried they may have lost their mojo. I gotta say though they completely blew me away. It's a little bit of their old school sound mixed with some new styling. All in all it's an awesome cd and worth the purchase!

Reviewed by Susanne Bentley - Super fun

I could listen to this album over and over again. I've actually done that already! Great "tell off" songs for when you're just over it -- Movin On, I'm not angry anymore, and Ain't it fun. Also love the singable Still into you and One of those crazy girls makes me laugh out loud. Get it.

Reviewed by Scott - Its paramore

Catch songs that get stuck in your head its a really solid paramore album up till the song i hate to see your heart break. then it gets all whiney and soft but the first part of the album more then makes up for it. Highly recomended if you love paramore you will love most of this album.

Reviewed by Ms. T - Yay Paramore

I was looking forward to getting the CD in mp3 format but since it came free with the actual CD it was a real deal. It took a couple listens all the way through to really get into the new sound but I'm definitely happy with it. Looking forward to seeing them in concert this month in Atlanta!

Reviewed by Elizabeth M Bastian - Fantastic, fresh album from Paramore

Fantastic, fresh album from Paramore. Different than their old sound, and they have massively improved on vocals. Really happy with my purchase.

Reviewed by David - Complete package!

Paramore is always great putting lots of songs into an album and making them all flow well to the next. Hayley Williams make you fall for her over and over again. you guys won't be disappointed with the song choices its got great songs for both guys and girls. You'll love it!

Reviewed by Kyle Day - Great album!

Fantastic album. Every bit as good as Paramore's previous two albums. I liked the music so much that I came back later and bought the cd for a family member. Great music. Clean lyrics. Entertaining and fun. A definite regular in my car's cd player rotation now.

Reviewed by Erik D. Lindquist - Fantastic Album from front to back.

Just like the title says. They are a highly underrated band.

For some reason though Amazon requires more "words" so please ignore this sentence and the following as I believe in the eloquence of execution and articulation. Verbosity is just a waste of everyone’s time when it's not necessary.

Reviewed by kgd - I've always loved them!

It's has more of a retro sound to it. LOVE IT! I do miss the 'rocky" edge the previous records had though. This album is different from the old Paramore, but you have to look at the fact that there are new members and bands have to evolve to stay afloat, even if it means disappointing old Paramore lovers. I think the next album will be right on key.

Reviewed by Wil Pharaoh - Paramore for the win

This a great band with so many hits. It was great to see them in SLC. The album art and pictures are also very nice,

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Fell in love with Paramore all over again.

This album is SO FUN and catchy and I simply cannot stop listening to it.
I love it! And despite the somehow different sound they have now as a band they never lost their "Paramore-ness", it comes out in every song of this album. Can't wait to see what's next for the band.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by SirStraw - Ain't it fun shopping on Amazon!

I love this album. I also love that I can buy a physical copy of the CD cheaper than anywhere else and while waiting for it to ship and arrive listen to the auto rip on my cell phone. It is awesome how this technology works. Arrived on time and in great shape!

Reviewed by Paige - Amazing

I have purchased every Paramore album, and could not resist buying this one either. Their sound is slightly different in this one, but in a good one. They rely less on the preteen emo misfit sound and move in a happier and upbeat direction. If you are a fan of their old stuff or looking for something new, this album will not disappoint.

Reviewed by Jonathan Cardwell - It's pretty optimistic for a pessimistic band...

This album has more synthiness than their "old" stuff. If that bothers you, then I really must question why you even listen to music...unless you're a cantankerous 65 year old who needs their music to have some sliver of resemblance to whatever you considered "hip" back in 1970...I'm 32 and I like this CD. The genre of this album is the same as RIOT!, this is not bubblegum pop any more so than RIOT! was. That being said, it is a much better album. It's so good I have a hard time getting to enjoy the whole thing. I get track 4 and I'm so pumped up I need to take a break. It's got more life to it than their older stuff. It's not as negative, but it still has a hint of melancholy throughout, some songs more than others...It's very melodic, Hayley Williams voice shines like always and the guitars are not missing. I would imagine Paramore hires a touring guitarist since it does sound like either two guitarists playing or multiple layers of guitar, on a lot of the album. This album benefits from more open-ness in the production. I go back and listen to "For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic" and the music sounds like a scratched up vinyl record. And then the second track on RIOT!, "That's What You Get", just sounds shallow. And when I say "sounds", I'm not referring to the "heart and soul" of the song, I'm just referring to the sound itself. (People should quit saying things they don't mean and leaving others' to "use common sense" as a means to put words in other people's mouths.)

Reviewed by Zachary - I love Paramore

When I heard "Still Into You" I was a little hesitant to hear the rest of the album but I ended up falling in love with every song. "Last Hope" might be my favorite, though.

Reviewed by Lauren S - Incredible

The CD itself was in excellent condition as promised, but the content on the disc is what made the purchase worth it. Paramore has a new sound, yes, but it is more mature and still has a bit of the old feel. I would night recommend this album, which has a little bit of everything, to the casual listener and the hardcore fan.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Amazing album!

This is my most favorite Paramore album of all.

Reviewed by J.B. Taylor - The perfect album for all occasions

This album is brilliant from beginning to end. The band once again does it again with great song after great song after great song. I love this album. My favorite song, and one I highly recommend you listen to is 'Still Into You' it's such a great song. Buy this album, you won't regret it.

Reviewed by Underground Reborn - Lots of change...and change is good.

Paramore is a band that I have been following since they made their mark on the music world around 2007-2008 and I have been eagerly anticipating the 4th self-titled album. I knew that there was a lot of change coming especially since this band has gone from a quintet to a three man band. Basically, this is not like the past three albums and where this band is going is still a bit of a mystery. There are a lot of different sounds represented in this album. From new wave, pop and indi (featured in the interludes) Haley Williams has definitely come a long way. Her high volume blasts have turned into very mellow and soulful ones and she has become quite dynamic by setting all the different tones for each song. No two songs are quite the same in this record and that makes each one a good listen. I would have to say my favorite song on this album would probably be 'Daydreaming' like most songs I enjoy this one just has one of those hookey choruses that I love.

Like all the bands I enjoy listening to, I always enjoy something fresh and new. Still, it always leaves me wondering what will be coming down in the line the future. So far based on what Paramore gave me this time around, I am ready to see what I will get.

Reviewed by Juan - fell in love

The album wasn't for me, but still heard it and now OMG I totally love it, one of my favorites albums ever...I'm proud to say I'm a Paramore fan now! whay a piece of art

Reviewed by Daniel K. Getz - Great From Start to Finish!

This Paramore CD delivers punch! I love the guitar work with a touch of
keyboards along with a her gritty power vocals. I have not heard such a
complete set of great songs on one CD for a couple of years. Paramore
is some major talent...

Reviewed by Thoco77 - A Number of Excellent Tracks

One of the best female led rock albums of all time. This band has some amazing talent who produces great studio sound and also engages the audience at their shows. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by ForrestBigBoots - Surpassed Expectations

This album was unlike anything they have produced and unlike anything I would have expected, but it is genius. This album is amazing. It's a fun album yet raw sounding and with meaningful lyrics. Paramore has come along way and this album marks the beginning of a new style (perfection).

Reviewed by Angel Cabrera - Pure awesomeness.

I give it 5 stars because this album is excellent from beginning to end. Great music, great lyrics, this band is one of the best in the genre. To put a product like this out after so much controversy and hardships is amazing. I recommend it to any & everyone.

Reviewed by Greg Schmidt - They're growing up!

It's Paramore, no question about that, but the sound has matured along with their skills. I think this is the best they've ever sounded. Great songs, perfectly sung, and with the right instrumentation behind.

Reviewed by Cory Hendrickson - Simply Amazing

I was skeptical of the band's new sound but I have all their albums on vinyl and have to say this does not disappoint!

Reviewed by Matthew Burch - She is a big Paramore fan so if you like them, this cd is probably worth checking out

Bought the cd for a friend for Christmas and she just adores it to no end. She is a big Paramore fan so if you like them, this cd is probably worth checking out.

Reviewed by Ellis - Love their sound, love their album. Great buy!

Eerily saw them twice in two weeks, and they have been around for nearly 10 years. Love their sound, and love their album! Great buy!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Amazing one of my favorite albums!!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

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Reviewed by txzelda - Great new songs

This album still has the feel of the "old" Paramore, but with an eclectic mix of songs that are fresh and redefine the new Paramore. You'll definitely enjoy the ukulele interludes by Hayley. :)

Reviewed by Destiny Peru - Paramore is the best ❤️

I love this album so much ❤️ The only problem I had with I was the album sleeve was open and my records fall out of it so I wish that could have been fixed

Reviewed by HalesHunter - They just keep getting better

What started with Riot has evolved into punk pop magic. Paramore is now a three piece band and with the reinvention comes their best music yet!

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - I'm a new fan!

Bought the cd because I loved one of the songs I saw them do on tv. Now I love basically all of the songs on the cd. Refreshing to hear a strong woman presence in a band. Love this.

Reviewed by Kevin Smith - Worth the wait...

Must admit Paramore can do no wrong in my eyes, been a huge fan since the beginning and this album might be there best and I listened to Brand New Eyes alot. Has a different feel than what I was expecting but I love it, all the songs have really grown on me

Reviewed by Amazonlover - Great Deal, Great Album

This was a great deal I got the cd and digital copy for 9.99 and free shipping. The album is different but I love Paramore and have loved all their albums. Sure bands change sound and direction it doesn't mean they're gone so open your ears and listen :)

Reviewed by dennis - Great album and a more mature sound,

This is my go to album. Daydreaming, last hope and still into you are on repeat. Love the new sound and progression of the band. After 6 months i still listen to the whole cd. Looking forward to the next one. Cheers!

Reviewed by Sr23 - Very fun album to listen to

Very fun album to listen to, hayley williams is so talented, and it's a great listen from cover to cover. Shipping was fast, arrived in perfect condition

Reviewed by jjdownam - Amazing.

I have always loved Paramore, and this is just another album rich with awesomeness. It's a little different than their usual style, but I'm changing just as they are. Love.

Reviewed by Jesus - Paramore is Paramore!

Im an old Paramore fan since my Middleschool years, Im in college now and still love this Paramore. No matter what Hayley sings, Paramore will just keep making Great music!

Reviewed by Aldeezy - Great CD

I can listen to it from beginning to end (with the exception of Daydreaming which I rarely listen to)
I went to see them live based on this Album alone and they are great. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Christopher T. Dunlay - I love the band

I love the band, but this album is just a bit too different sounding. I'm hoping they get back to their roots!

Reviewed by J. Marcewicz - Thoughtful CD

Paramore always rocked the house with a DYI eff-you attitude that served them well. But here they've grown up a bit. Writing is much tighter, as are their respective chops as musicians. Finally a mature, wholly satisfying CD.

Reviewed by Yvette - Paramore all grown up

The cd was brand new and in great condition. Their new sound is different and makes me miss their old sound. Hayley's voice is beyond amazing and has grown stronger since the last album.

Reviewed by Liz Hinz - pop perfection

Pop-rock perfection

Everything about this album is pop- perfection. It's actually an ALBUM-- songs flow nicely, weaves a story, not just a bunch of singles. Actually has meaning

Reviewed by oTTo - Love paramore!

This is definitely their most unique album (compared to their previous ones) and a lot more eclectic and pop-y. Songs are catchy and definitely a lot more experimentation with the ranges/sounds of Hayleys voice. <3 b="">Reviewed by NIK NΔK the Artist - PARAMORE!!! ... enough said.

well, according to Amazon's rate rules, I have to say a bit more, but Paramore is the absolute BEST band out there, in fact this album was rated #1 on the Billboard 200 list in April 2013 with over 106,422 sales!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Marc Ferris - Solid Growth From Paramore

Just a damned solid album. I love that they took the risk to stretch out with their music, it shows how solid the band is at every level. An excellent addition to my collection.

Reviewed by Ctsnicole - Love!

Love!!! I love having the CD for songs because I can put it on my computer or iPod but I also have a hard copy as well. This way, I know I will never be without the music I love!

Reviewed by Rachel Brieden - Finally!

I've been looking for this vinyl for awhile, and I'm so glad I found it! It sounds great!

Reviewed by Lee W Robertson - Creative Leap Forward

A more mature sounding Paramore. A creative leap for them that's equally if not more enjoyable than before. If you're like me and loved their sound before'll definitely love them again.

Reviewed by Linda Randall - Five Stars

My grandchildren were happy and pleased with this LP. Great for them to use their new players.

Reviewed by Nicholas Paul - Good purchase.

My girlfriend loves Paramore so I bought her this record. Purchase went smoothly. The record plays great!

Reviewed by Minimesha - Great!

It sipped we'll and is a great record! I'm proud to have it in my collection!

Reviewed by Steve - Paramore Vinyl album

It's what I ordered, a new Paramore vinyl album. Plays well on my record player. Nice sound quality, I'll probably be listening to this for a long time.

Reviewed by Cesar Esquivel - Gotta love Paramore

I freakin' love Paramore but I love it more when items are sent to me quickly and in safety. Received it in no time with 0 flaws

Reviewed by C. L. price - excellent

A must buy for any music lover. I love all the songs. Still into you is my favourite as well as fast in my car. The whole album is quite different but you can hear the paramore in it. Enjoy!

Reviewed by WaterLover - Another great Paramore Album

A more laid back album, but I still love it.
Thank you Paramore for making such moving music that's from your hearts.
I buy every cd you make!Paramore

Reviewed by Clemsoncid6 - Paramore Rocks!

Who doesn't love Paramore? This album delivers their usual batch of great original songs. If you like any of their other CDs, then this is a no brainer.

Reviewed by Jessica Poulter - Five Stars

great cd took a bit to get here but great music cd overall

Reviewed by Katie Point - love

Paramore is the best. Love their new style! :D its totally just them. they did what they wanted & dont care what people think. they care about the music. thats whats up!!!

Reviewed by Dedra - Paramore is better than ever!

A great mix on this album of songs you want to sing to, dance to, cry along with, and play on repeat. I just saw them on tour which made me love the album more.

Reviewed by Amanda Sargent - Love this album

Ok So who doesn't love Paramore. This album does not disappoint. Happy tunes for the summer. Welcome to the real world!

Reviewed by Chevy - great music

I love this band and am always looking to expand my collection. I recommend for anyone who likes punk and/or rock music.

Reviewed by Nana - Loved it

Their appearance on American Idol is what got me interested. I love their music! Give it a listen and you'll love it too.

Reviewed by Ryan - One of the best albums of the year

Bought the CD because it was so cheap and heard it was really good. I can confirm what my friends told me. This is one of the best albums of the year.

Reviewed by A G. - Five Stars

This was for my son and he love this group.

Reviewed by Robert Wheel Oaks - good album to have

I really like this album, but I like the first one more , still is a good album to have

Reviewed by steve kiddy - Killer album

My favorite band with another favorite album. A nice mix of songs, something for everyone! WE ARE PARAMORE!!

Reviewed by Leslie Stenehjem - Old glory!

I am happy to hear some more from the band . It has been a few year's since their last CD . I found it to be very nice to hear how they are evolving .

Reviewed by Kenneth Trujillo - Paramore comeback album

Amazing album ! This was a truly great comeback album and they deserve all the success they got from this !

Reviewed by Brittany - Five Stars

You either like their music or you dont. Good running music for me.

Reviewed by DansWife - The more I listen the more I love

The more I listen to this album from Paramore the more I love it. Its starting the grow on me and not just the super popular songs.

Reviewed by Annette Ray - LOVE PARAMORE!!

We saw Paramore in concert and it was one of the best live performances I have ever seen!! Couldn't wait to get the CD!!

Reviewed by Taiso - They tried some new stuff, it worked for me

Hayley did some great things with her voice on this album and the band branched out into a couple of different musical styles. A lot of the album had a really nice '80s pop/rock and roll feel to it, and I loved it for that. I especially appreciated that it was, for the most part, more upbeat than I was expecting it to be. It's been in my playlist a lot and I like this as much as any Paramore album if only because they didn't descend into too much moperock. That kind of stuff appeals to kids, but so much of this album is about maturity, growing up and letting go of pasts that anchor you down that when you think about it, freed from yesterday's chains, one should have the spirit to soar. It's not what I expected, and I loved it for that, too. Hayley's vocals really showed off a lot more range on this album, and that was probably the most refreshing thing about it.

Reviewed by Felicia Livesay - Great Album

Price was to start listening to the album right away. I think this group is fantastic. Fun gift for any alternative fans.

Reviewed by C. Peterson - Paramore can do no wrong!

This album is just as good as their previous ones! Great sounds to workout to or just jam out in your car. Love love love these guys!!

Reviewed by Tazzitta - Great!!

Bought this for my daughter and she absolutely LOVES it!! Its a big hit with her and I was the best mom ever!

Reviewed by Miguel hernandez - Awesome

Amazing album from an amazing band!

Reviewed by Maria Chavez - Five Stars

Sister loves Paramore, she always has it playing in the car.

Reviewed by Peter J. Sasso - Five Stars

Always easy downloading from Amazon
The music is great !!

Reviewed by AB - Great CD

I bought this as a gift for my daughter. She loved it.

Reviewed by Nikki - Paramore Rocks!

I have to give them 5 stars because they are a 5 star band! Love everything they put out.

Reviewed by Steven E - Five Stars

Came in perfect condition. Glad CD case wasn't cracked either. Thanks!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Paramore rocks!

As always, Paramore excels in their music. This album took their music in several different directions, but always came back to that definitive Paramore sound.

Reviewed by Niki - Can't stop listening!

Highly recommend!! Lots of catchy tunes! I've been listening to it for a month straight!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Reviewed by kAsharie - Five Stars

Paramore is the best. They can do no wrong!

Reviewed by Sharr - Great mix. My first time for Paramore

Great mix. My first time for Paramore

Reviewed by Brandy Johnson - Great

Have all their CDs. Love her voice and lyrics. Love the drummer. The upbeat feel of the album always makes me feel good.

Reviewed by crazy4God86 - Awesome!!

Took me a little while to get used to the new sound, but I love it! Hayley sounds better than ever.

Reviewed by Justin G. Vason - BOOOM

I've followed Paramore every since their first album.
They 've grown alot and this album is awesome! , Great job guys :)

Reviewed by Jose Antonio Robles - Gift for my daughter

My daughter loved it, she is a big fan of Paramore. I do like Paramore too (although I am more the 80's). I like the Autorip and downloading in the kindle fire.

Reviewed by olddog24 - Paramore, yes!

Awesome sound and energy.

Reviewed by Ferdinando Pratico' - new best!

Very very good for me!
New international rock star.
Sound, mixing & n.1. english is very, very bad, sorry.
Ferdinando (Italy)
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Reviewed by D - awesome

awesome vocals and music even the songs they don't play on the radio are good I wish they played more songs

Reviewed by Rachel Beauregard - Five Stars

classic way to listen to new artists

Reviewed by D Skinner - Paramore

Great cd... but of it is.. it's Paramore

Reviewed by katharos - surprise

love the entire album with the sound as well as the lyrics .it's lots of fun and love the lyrics and price

Reviewed by Judy A. - great cd.

shipped quickly, daughter loves it, great cd.

Reviewed by Debra Carr - Review of Paramore CD

Loved this CD.

Reviewed by Chad Magers - Great cd!!

Compares to the other cds they put out, so if you like their other stuff you will love this cd. If you dont like their other stuff you wont like it.

Reviewed by Curtis Hanock - Great Vendor!

Shipped fast and was received as described!

Reviewed by Sara Cluff - Five Stars

Best album yet. Loved it!!

Reviewed by Vikki - Got me back into the band

I heard "Still Into You" on the radio and immediately had to go out and get this album. Worth the money, and so fun to listen to!

Reviewed by C. Comer 24 - great cd

bought for hubby as a gift he loves this band and has our favorite song that relates to our relationship

Reviewed by Midori Yama - He's happy and so am I!

I bought this for my fiancé as his christmas present… he loves the band and listens to it all the time in the car.

Reviewed by CINDY - AWESOME


Reviewed by Michael H. - Great songs!

Great songs! Gotta love it!

Reviewed by christensenkristen671` - amazing

best album yet, i love me some hayley and she really sings her heart out on this album. Ankle biters is my favorite on this album

Reviewed by Jenna Shearer - Five Stars

Great product thank you very much!

Reviewed by Laura - Five Stars

Fave Paramore album for sure

Reviewed by Shanna - Woo

I Love it, great album from an even greater band. Go check it out if you haven't heard it yet.

Reviewed by brilor04 - Awesome album!

Was pleasantly surprised! The album is great from start to back! I highly recommend this album if you like rock/alternative!

Reviewed by Nick - New CD

Best of the groups many CD's since there are several excellent songs.
Recommend the CD to a fan of Rock or Pop.

Reviewed by TuxedoCat - As Advertised.

As advertised.

Reviewed by SUSAN F - Five Stars


Reviewed by Sliverblood - Paramore

An amazing album with a fresh new sound reminiscent of old school paramore! Just amazing! A true testament to the strenght of paramore

Reviewed by Lucinda - EarthShattering Awsome!!

I Love Paramore, the really Earth Shatter on this cd.

Reviewed by Crystal B - Love Paaramore!

5 stars says it all! Love Paaramore!

Reviewed by MG - Great

I love the entire album from beginning to end. This is one of their greatest albums yet & their awesome as a band.

Reviewed by RonnitA L Dumas - Worth the wait

I love this album Aint it Fun and Driving Fast In My Car are my favorite tracks. I already have my favorite songs for the summer.

Reviewed by Antonio - AWESOME

GREAT ALBUM, instant download, amazon mp3 is one of the best music stores and cloud that you can have, simply perfect.

Reviewed by Nathan - there are only 3 good songs on it

sure, there are only 3 good songs on it, but its worth it

Reviewed by Aaron C Elam - Five Stars

CD arrived in perfect condition.

Reviewed by Amanda - Five Stars

This album is amazing. I love *every* song.

Reviewed by Roxann Welker - Five Stars

item arrived on time and as expected

Reviewed by Julia C. Bath - Great Album!

I love the MP3 on Amazon. It is so easy! Paramore is one of my favorite bands Haley is an awesome front man.

Reviewed by Courteney Henley - Just keep getting better and better

Paramore fans, youre going to love this new cd of them. It has nice beats and great songs. Its defintley worth getting.

Reviewed by joseph bubet - Five Stars

very good

Reviewed by MRoot - crazy girl

the song is awesome! so funny! love the part where she says she made a key and she's going to use it... lol

Reviewed by Lorelai Lane - Five Stars

So much love for this album. Just so much.

Reviewed by Ronald Salazar - Nice Mix

I enjoy the mixture of music on this CD, which proves Paramore is deep and diverse which = staying power! Keep it up!

Reviewed by Denise Wilson - Five Stars


Reviewed by Mbuffalo - Fantastic

I actualy really hated this when it first came out, and then I listend to it for a few hours and now I love all of them

Reviewed by Letícia B. - Even more than I expected

A "must have" for any fan of Paramore.
And yes, they have changed a bit, but still being the awesome Paramore of ever.

Reviewed by Adam Caudill - Five Stars


Reviewed by VanessaMonae - Amazing!!!!

This album is everything I expected and more. I've Been a Paramore fan for a long time and they never disappoint!!

Reviewed by mandy c - good album

big paramore fan awesome hooked and cachy

Reviewed by markus muenck - big fan

Always love their stuff... Another great album.. last hope is one the best songs I've heard in a while.. kudos

Reviewed by ron - Five Stars

nice sound

Reviewed by Franklin D. Franks - PARAMORE!

The new cd is really good, it's not what I was expecting but I really liked it.
The "Still into you" song is probably one of the better ones on the album.
Monster isn't on the CD which I thought was weird, but ok.
There's a different sound to most of this album that doesn't sound like the other cds.
It's similar but I'd say it's a little less pop like but it is still ovbiously the paramore sound...
There are some awesome background singers and some cool new grooves around some of the different songs.
Grow up is a fun song too.
I thought the album cover was kind of ... different... I don't get the paint idea...

Reviewed by Roxanne Bowles - Five Stars

one song may two were good

Reviewed by Suzanne - CD is great!!

this a great album of theirs. it is a bit different from the older ones but i like it. it is new and innovative.

Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez - music

Love it

Reviewed by jane Kathleen Brown - Five Stars


Reviewed by Vickie - Five Stars


Reviewed by amanda_rush1 - buy this

best. band. ever.

Reviewed by Christina Fowner - Five Stars

Great band

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Best Album Ever

Love this new album . it is their best album yet. every song is infectious and I cant get enough of it.

Reviewed by David J. Ollis - Great CD. Highly recommend

Great CD. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Penelope Bobarsky - Five Stars

Fun, catchy tune!

Reviewed by Sabrina Zapata - love


Reviewed by angie valveri - Five Stars

Love it! Fast shipping!

Reviewed by Carley Marie Wrensted - Love love love!!!

Amazing 😍

Reviewed by D. Ritter - Paramore is back.

I own all the other Paramore albums, and even have their EP's and some demos. I've been huge fan of theirs since their Riot! album and then quickly discovered All We Know Is Falling. This album continues to make me a huge fan. It pushes their sound while retaining elements of previous albums that have made them great. I really like the addition of the sutble electronic elements, and some of the songs have a more raw sound mixed with these very modern elements which really pop.
I would recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of Paramore, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
My favorite tracks on the album so far:
Fast In My Car
Part II
Last Hope

And as a bonus, I really like the ukulele interludes.

Reviewed by Angel - Five Stars

Awesome album.

Reviewed by Matthew - Love this Album! :-)

Love this Album! :-)

Reviewed by JLB Chattanooga - Five Stars

Great Album

Reviewed by frances nichols - Five Stars

love it

Reviewed by Shaina Dampier - Five Stars


Reviewed by J. Miller - Reviews are subjective

After reading some of the initial reviews, I felt like this EP was getting an unfair shake. The reviews suggested that the CD is all over the place, not truly committing to a theme, or following a formula. To those reviewers, I ask, does it have to follow a theme? Is this an opus, or just merely a collection of good songs? I choose the latter.

Highlights for me are the 80s rooted "Ain't It Fun," and the call to action of "Grow Up," both with soaring, infectious hooks that really put the magic that Ms. Williams vocals are known for on display. The interludes are fun and playful, and the rest of the tracks are all hits in their own right. Solid effort!

Reviewed by NosterToaster - Paramore is back and better then ever

Just a perfect album easily 5/5 Album Standouts to me are: "Now" "Ain't It Fun" "Part II" "Last Hope" "Still Into You"
Hate To See Your Heart Break and "Future".

1. Fast In My Car 4/5
2. Now 5/5
3. Grow Up 5/5
4. Day Dreaming 4/5
5. Interlude: Moving On 5/5
6. Ain't It Fun 5/5
7. Part II 5/5
8. Last Hope 5/5
9. Still Into You 5/5
10. Anklebiters 4/5
11. Interlude: Holiday 4/5
12. Proof 4/5
13. Hate To See Your Heart Break 5/5
14. [One Of Those] Crazy Girls 5/5
15. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore 5/5
16. Be Alone 5/5
17. Future 5/5

Reviewed by livimason434 - Pleasant Surprise

heard their single "Now" and at first was skeptical of their new sound. but then it started to grow on me and was looking forward to this release. now I finally listened to it and love almost every single song off here. this is really nice and look forward to more new stuff from them in the future :)

Reviewed by Domenica Lyn - Blew Me Away! One of the Greater CDs they have.

Absolutely amazing. I had bought tickets to see Paramore and thought I should brush up on their albums including pre-ordering their newest one. I finally popped the CD in my car and I am so glad I did. I was instantly in love with every song that played. By the end of the album, I thought wow. There wasn't one song I didn't really like. I love their album riot which is what made me fall in love with this band and this CD really reminds me of how amazing Paramore really is! Must have for Paramore fans.

Reviewed by Deanna B. - best album yet

This is Paramore's fourth album and it is their best yet to date. It is their first album without the Farro brothers and it shows how they have grown into bigger and better musicians. The songs are much different than their first 3 albums and lead singer Hayley Williams has written meaningful lyrics. I have been waiting 2 years for this album and I was not disappointed one bit. If you are a huge Paramore fan, this is for you. Good work Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy.

Reviewed by William McLoughlin - Still a good, relevant band.

I wish the original line up of Paramore stayed together. They haven't been the same band since, but they still put out good stuff. At some point, I think that Hayley is going to have to go solo. There are too many high ego males unable to take a backseat to a powerful frontwoman.

Reviewed by Melissa Johnson - worth the wait

After buying and listening to "Now" I wasn't really sure if I was going to like this album... But now I can't get enough!!! I especially love the interludes ::)

Reviewed by Cshaf51 - Paramore is back, Happy, with a few twists.

Okay, so first off, I do not do reviews. I have been an amazon customer for over two years, placing orders on nearly a bi-weekly basis and this is my first review. I just felt that this album deserved it. This album is different from what we expect from Paramore but that is to be expected. With all they have gone through change is due, with losing the Farro Brothers, I'm surprised they managed to remain as true as they did to what we are used to.

In this album, we hear a much more optimistic band. With nearly four years since their last album, this album shows paramore taking risks, and emerging from their comfort zone. They are developing their range, and quite frankly I think that's amazing. In this album, many people suggest that the band is more "pop", but I don't think these people have listened to the full album. There are some songs up here that are unique to say the least, but you can hear the old paramore we all fell in love with throughout the album. The highlights of this album are Part II, which incorporates lyrics from "Let the flames begin" from Riot. This is too awesome to me being able to hear those lyrics revived and relived. Last hope takes us back to the softer paramore, such as the only exception, breath, and many songs from the first album. There are a few other slow songs up here as well, like future and hate to see your heart break. While slow, they show the purity of Hayley's voice. Other highlights include Still into you, and despite having a pop like verse, the chorus takes us back to that alternative band. You find that a lot in this album, verses incorporate things that are totally different from what we are used to, but the choruses often times stay the same, which we see in Still into you, now, Proof, and Ani't it fun. This album shows a funner paramore, in songs like crazy girls, and fast in my car.

While it is true they have matured, we see in this album a reborn Paramore. This album is by no means as great as All we know is falling, which in my opinion was their greatest work, but it is still an album that magnifys one of the greatest bands ever. Haley shows us a different side of her, and in the lyrics, we see a band that is so incredibly happy, and optimistic. It is different, and many scruitenize this album because of that, but once you listen to the entire album once, your hooked. You hear the old paramore still in there, alongside a new paramore that is just trying to show how much they have grown in the past four years. Wonderful album, I have listed to it cover to over about eight times, which translates into about nine hours in two days. It is well worth it, and with 17 tracks, you can't go wrong. One note is there are two bonus tracks, which are not included on the physical album but can be listened to on rido for free. These are escape route, which is the old Paramore one hundred percent. I highly recommend you listen to this, because this is by far the best song for this album, and seems like many of the songs on the third album. The other bonus track is "native tongue" which is decent, but not the cream of the crop.

All in all this album does not disappoint. The cream of the crop lays in Last hope (my personal favorite), Part II, Ain't it fun, crazy girls, proof
and the best is escape route, but unfourtantly it's not on the physical album
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Reviewed by Kari - Great

This is a great record! If you love Paramore, this is definitely one of their great works. Their music has always been catchy and fun, always very enjoyable.

Reviewed by Fuel1325 - Buy this NOW if you want to be happy

SO GOOD! I seriously love this album. I've loved Paramore from the beginning and it's always scary when one of your favorite bands changes/loses band members but this album far surpasses my expectations. It's a bit more poppy than their previous albums - it's more fun and catchy - less guitar driven but that's NOT a bad thing! (I detest a lot of pop music don't get me wrong) I love their old stuff and I love this new stuff! I honestly don't get how there can be bad reviews about this album...those people must just hate the world. The lyrics are still great and every song is unique.

There's a little bit of everything on this album and it's one of the few albums I've bought that I thoroughly LOVED the first time I listened to it. A lot of times I have to give a new CD (yes I still buy CDs) a few listens before I judge it. I haven't been so excited about how good a CD is in a long time.

Thank you Paramore for staying awesome! Please stay around a LONG time and give us lots more music greatness! EVERYONE ELSE - buy this now so they have a reason to!

Reviewed by JacquelynAndrade - Push that purchase button!

If your a fan of paramore like I am then you must BUY THE GODAMM CD. It's really great and you'll never stop listening to it!

Reviewed by Chanel Sorbin - Good album

Another good album by Paramore. I'm a Paramore fan and they continue to put out good music. I would recommend to a fellow fan.

Reviewed by Varun Cherian - Perfect!

It's a different Paramore, but it's still fantastic. This is one band that just never disappoints! Keep up the good work guys

Reviewed by Brianne - I LOVE PARAMORE

AMAZING ALBUM! from a fan since when they first started, in 2004!! very different from their previous albums but still amazing!

Reviewed by Tawni - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this album!! This band keeps getting better and better with every new album. 'Ain't It Fun' is my favorite song on the album but all the songs are amazing!!

Reviewed by BLM - Paramore Fan

This album is great. It shows the evolution of the band. I can't wait for the next album. Buy it's definitely worth it.

Reviewed by riveraa<3 - Paramore!!!!

Paramore just keeps getting better and better despite the obstacles along the way!! Love this album, every bit of every song in it

Reviewed by Alex Review - so I really liked this album

I'm a fan of their songs, so I really liked this album. I wish they would have used a better album name though.

Reviewed by Erika - A great album!

Been listening to the new album back to back all day. Although some songs have the new wave Blondie/No Doubt sound to them, it's not bad. I like all the songs but I really love these songs above the rest:

*Part II
*Last Hope
*(One of Those) Crazy Girls

If you like No Doubt, Blondie, or Garbage, then you should have no problems liking this album. Hayley's voice is strong as ever and the band in total sounds great. It's a new direction but it's a GOOD new direction! This might be my favorite Paramore album. This album has so much power and enjoyment in it, it shows how happy the band truly are right now.

Reviewed by Jes - really good album

i love most of there up beat songs on this album, i can tell they tried hard to make new sounds.

Reviewed by Neal - awesome

Love Paramore's music, suggest her CD's to everyone.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

plays great! in fantastic shape

Reviewed by Robin De Leon - Everything we love about Paramore!

Paramore's self-titled album is their best yet. They brought back everything we've loved about them from their very first album and also brought some amazing new sounds in as well. From electric pop, punk, ballads, and uke interludes, this album is hard not to listen to on repeat!

Aint It Fun - There is soul in this song.
Stil into You- The electricity in this song is resounding.
(One of those) Crazy Girls- Paramore's answer to Taylor Swift! There is humor in this 60's sounding ballad.
Anklebiters- Fun, pop punk beat.

Reviewed by S. Chapman - The evolution of a great band

I wanted to listen to the cd all weekend over and over before I gave a review. My first impression was mixed but once I took the time to really listen this cd is awesome. Hayley's voice comes through in so many different ways and I think the songs are deeper than in previous cd's. The interludes with the ukelele are okay but all of the other tracks are heavy-hitting and I've grown quite an attachment to them already. This is going to be played over and over for quite awhile. It's fresh yet still in Paramore style--which is fresh in itself. I love this CD!!

Reviewed by H.Rivera - if you love

Buy it, if you love Paramore

Reviewed by Jose Ortega - Five Stars

Excelent music. Thank you

Reviewed by lorena - Five Stars

Its an awsome revord!!

Reviewed by T. M. C. - Five Stars

really good cd

Reviewed by Jessi Hunt - Five Stars


Next.. Paramore

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