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Ring Video Doorbell Pro - Ring Pro: A Company That Breaks Itself On a Regular Basis

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Review Ring Video Doorbell Pro - Ring Pro: A Company That Breaks Itself On a Regular Basis

Comments on Review Ring Video Doorbell Pro - Ring Pro: A Company That Breaks Itself On a Regular Basis

Graz Alarm says:
I have exactly the same issues - have spent literally HOURS on the phone with their support trying to get this thing working consistently and reliably. One problem after the other - finally managed to get on a call with a level 2 support person and they apologised for a load of problems that were pushed out in a firmware update around Halloween time. Got the Ring working - worked fine for about a week until the App update came out. Now, whenever someone presses the button to ring the bell, the unit locks up and will not work again until you unscrew it from the wall, remove the wires then do set up again. Having to do that every time someone rings the bell? Give me a break. I even had a Ring Pro installer tell me that he thought my unit was faulty and that I should ask them to send me a new one, and that wasn't enough for them to send me a new unit. I am now past the time that I can send this back to Amazon, but have had problems almost since the beginning - now what? BUYER BEWARE - do not buy from this company - their support sucks, and their release management for software updates sucks even more. AWFUL

Rad says:
agents are nice, knowledgeable . either their supervisors or hidden rules make them useless pretty faces.

Constantine Apostolou says:
My ring doorbell works great and they even sent me a chime pro for free with 1 day shipping to Canada... Great customer service IMO...

Amazon Customer says:
Thanks for the details on how crappy they are as a company and that there product is defective if updates cause the product to store working. How come amazon let's swindlers like this sell on their site?

M. A. malik says:
I was all set to buy this but after reading this commentary I am not sure

Nate in Herriman says:
As a software engineer (20 years), I can tell you that forcing firmware updates on customers (that causes the device to malfunction) is completely unacceptable. I'm shocked they would do this and cause customers so much frustration. Firmware updates should be optional, maybe a little message on the phone that lets you say "Yes", "Later", or etc. I'm considering buying one of these, but the forced updates is making me gunshy.

Jan says:
I was set to buy it too, now I am not sure as I hate wasting time fixing things that should be have been tested and designed better.

JJreal says:
Sounds like my wireless Dell printer. First 6 months heavenly bliss. Firmware update & back to hell I go, I feel your pain.

S. Emert says:
I just installed one of these a week ago and was having ALL KINDS of issues. Turns out my doorbell system had the smallest transformer available. I installed this and all is great!: NuTone C907 16V, 30VA Transformer

Matt says:
What kinds of problems were you having? Mine is intermittently not detecting motion. Some days it's great, other days it decides to take the day off and just sit there and do very little.

Would really appreciate your feedback. It's been so irritating and only after a month of back and forth they FINALLY put me to level 2 support...

S. Emert says:
Mine would not consistently ring the mechanical doorbell with the proper pattern. It would reboot, lockup, record only the first 2 seconds of video but get the full 30 seconds of audio, not let me connect to answer a ring or see what set off motion. Sometimes it would miss a delivery but get the neighbor driving by. All of this was random and inconsistent. If your system only has a 10VA transformer, it is too weak to power this thing. Add in older wiring and the power issue just gets worse. Mine showed the voltage was fine in the health check, but I'm talking current here. My 10VA transformer could only supply .62 amps at 16 volts. The 30VA can supply nearly 2 amps.

Matt says:
That's interesting. Mine doesn't give me that many Issues. The video seems pretty decent most of the time, don't think it misses much more than a few frames here and there but nothing too bad.
Most nights mine will set off motion several times a night when a car drives by and lights up our driveway. Last night it didn't do it at all. Not once. Then this morning it detected motion when my wife left for work... so it seems to be working, but it's sensitivity is inconsistent maybe. I have no idea what to make of it.

S. Emert says:
So what is the VA rating of your transformer? 90% of the time mine would act like it was working as well. I could connect to it and stream video just fine. It would record the UPS guy and miss the mail lady. A weak current situation could manifest itself in various ways. This pic shows the size difference between the transformer that the builders installed and the one I upgraded to:

Matt says:
Mine is a 16v 10va.
What was your voltage reported in the app, before and after the new transformer?
Mine always reports around 4100 where it should be.

S. Emert says:
This will not change the voltage, it just changes the amount of power available to the device. Their health check only reports voltage. Mine has reported ~4.3 V both before and after the upgrade.
If you have a mechanical doorbell and the Ring Pro installed on a 10VA transformer, then that could be a part of your issues. As I stated above, a 10VA transformer is only capable of supplying .62 amps of current at 16 volts. That was not enough to run the mechanical bell and the Ring Pro at my house. If your wiring is older, (mine was 13 years old) then it is likely oxidized and limiting available current even more. Also, the length of the wiring in question can come into play. A 10VA transformer appears to be just big enough for a bell and two light up buttons and not much more.

The original Ring doorbell included a rechargeable battery that helped it overcome current sags due to an undersized transformer.
I have no idea why their tech support seems to have no idea about this issue. I started looking on home automation forums and found out about the undersized transformer issue. I cannot guarantee that it would fix all your problems, but for $22, it is worth a shot. The other side effect of the new transformer is that my bell now rings louder.

Geno says:
Me too. The reviews are scaring me off. I hate poor customer support!

HarryKerryJr says:
Uverse and FiOS are NOT available in all areas. Often the cable co is the ONLY ISP with fast enough speeds for today's demands and "alternatives" such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, and satellite ISP is both too slow and VERY expensive and with very low data caps making TV alternatives like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon both unreliable to view and IMPOSSIBLE to use more than a day or so because of the data caps. So, little to NO choice at all, but the local cable co.

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