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Riot-Paramore, Reviews


Reviews of Riot-Paramore

Reviewed by Kristen Whigham - Everything I asked for the right cd in the right ...

Everything I asked for the right cd in the right case ''

Reviewed by H.Rivera - if you like

Buy it, if you like Paramore

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Fantastic


Reviewed by Tracy L. Judy - Great album.

Great album. How can you resist the voice of Hayley! Such an upbeat, positive sound to Paramore's music.

Reviewed by tea fan - Five Stars


Reviewed by NIK NΔK the Artist - awesome music... again!

LONG LIVE THIS BAND!!! This is one of those albums that you buy where EVERY song on it is your favorite (as apposed to some band's albums that you get just for the 2 out of 12 good songs on it :)

Reviewed by Ashley - Five Stars

Awesome album. Doesn't disappoint.

Reviewed by Ashley - Love This Band!

I love this band and this is my favorite CD! Came fast and in excellent condition! This is a must have!

Reviewed by Cory Baisley - Five Stars

Thank you

Reviewed by Mandy - Five Stars

Love it!

Reviewed by K Good - Better than others

I personally think this is one of their better CDs. It has that special sound, and none of the songs feel slow.

Reviewed by DaveO - Rock On!

Love this album. A lot of songs you can sing too and great to listen to when working out or running!

Reviewed by LMBOatU - Yearamore

I listened to this cd for about a year in my car. It was the ONLY cd i listened to for that year! Love this!

Reviewed by Samantha612 - Love Paramore!

I bought this CD because the first copy I purchased of it became all scratched becuase I listened to it so much and moved it from car to car. Love this CD, Paramore is definitely one of my favorites!

Reviewed by F. Back - Just plain great

This is a great CD, not one bad track here, and "Misery Business" is both funny and powerful. I love this group's work. For those of you who are older, like me; I think this group will remind you of Debbie Harry and Blondie.

Reviewed by John W. Carney - Five Stars

Love Paramore

Reviewed by Zachary - Five Stars


Reviewed by Lusara - Awesome!

Paramore is one of the few bands that my 12 year old son and I both like. This is a great album.

Reviewed by Roseann M. - Five Stars

my grandaughter loves it

Reviewed by Michael - Very Swell!

Excellent condition, jammin out to it everyday!

Reviewed by Matthew M. Shaw - Paramore is awesome

If you don't own this why not just get it it's cool man
this is the good stuff
yo, it's some straight DANK

Reviewed by Ennui - Five Stars

Paramore doesn't disappoint!

Reviewed by Leslie Stenehjem - Riot ! Is a fun CD

I like this CD because it has some fast song's as well as very melodic song's . It has High energy !

Reviewed by A. Perez - Fantastic!

This album is awesome. Haley's vocals are unbelievable. And the music and the song writing all mesh into the perfect package. I just saw them live and I couldn't believe how well Haley projects her voice. They're the real deal. I recommend seeing them live if you have the chance.

Reviewed by Isaac Wilhelm - Five Stars

Never less than amazingly spectacular.

Reviewed by Deborah French - Excellent

Paramore is awesome!

Reviewed by Joanna - :')


That is all :')

Reviewed by T-Rosey - Love it!

This is my all time favorite album. I will be playing this album well into my 50s ( I am 32 right now!) Yes I am young at heart.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - great disc.

The first cd is well worth the cash. there is a lot of good songs on here that the other discs seem to lack.

Reviewed by jelcano - Awesome!

One of my favorites! I owned this album a long time ago and then lost it. It was nice to re-live the songs again.

Reviewed by Jennifer L. Minor - Five Stars

<3 b="">Reviewed by Steven Bouavone - Five Stars


Reviewed by Carl Crazie - Great Group

Great Album

Reviewed by Buster - Loved it!

This is my absolute favorite Paramore album. If you are only getting one, this is the one to get. My favorite song is "That's what you get".

Reviewed by William - good deal

Good d e a l, s h i p p i n g and d e l i v e r y

Reviewed by Jenna Brown - Love It

My favorite Album! I could listen to over and over. This is a great album. If you like the old school No Doubt this is a must have!

Reviewed by Mary S. - paramore-riot

a great band who keeps cranking out the hits - order it and listen intently - Haley can do no wrong

Reviewed by bugsbunny2795 - Coolest band EVER!!!

Anybody that's curious about what's out there in music, let me educate you. Paramore is absolutly the coolest band to hit the airwaves. The album called, "Riot" is possibly their best album. Hayley Williams is the lead singer and I have a crush on her. I think any hot blooded male in the country would have to agree that she is very hot. Josh Taylor Zac and Jeremy are the other members. This band is awesome. Go ahead and buy this album, you won't be dissappointed.

Reviewed by God's Girl - my son's review whose 16yrs. old

this is the coolest song. I really enjoy this whole album. Real Cool. Thanks

Reviewed by Shoppers_Dream - Brand New ... Fast Shipping

Brand New. I love the CD it self Paramore is the best. Shipping was super fast. Thanks very much ! !

Reviewed by Mike - I really wanted to hate this album. But couldn't.

I really want to hate this kind of album. I'm pushing 30 (clearly not the target audience). I was around when the first wave of emo collapsed in the late 90s. For me a lot of the current emo bands have a "been there, done that" feel to them and generally prompt me to say "The Get up Kids did it better 10 years ago". I was shocked when this album really only had one clunker on the whole thing (Hallelujah). I'm used to one or two good songs from these new emo bands, not 11.

This band is actually pretty good, especially for such a young group. They have a strong female vocalist, sing-a-long choruses and good pop sensibilities. Unlike 99% of emo bands, they also have a good sense of rhythm (even the older emo bands generally struggled with that). Probably the best emo album released lately by someone other than Jimmy Eat World. It doesn't surprise me that the kids love this album. I can see why. It's good.

Reviewed by KedrickBurton - Paramore Rocks

Paramore is cool, I listen their songs since 2008. The CD is cool & It's definitely rocks. Paramore is Awesome & They are cool. Rock Music is cool & it's definitely rocks. The CD is very good & The songs rock. Paramore is Parawesome & They are Paramazing. I like this CD & It's very good. I Buy this CD, Last Month. This CD is good & The Songs are Parawesome.

Reviewed by Luiz C. S. Marquetti - Excellent purchase!

Excellent band. I appreciated enough. The quality of the recording and the artistic quality also healthy very good. I recommend all that like the gender.

Reviewed by Miller - What can I say? It's great!

Not only did the CD get here amazingly fast, but it was in perfect condition. It also helps that it is definitely my favorite album at the moment!

Reviewed by Erik - Perfect!

I ordered this to add to my new collection of vinyl records that I am framing for my room. It came fast, and in mint condition. Perfect!

Reviewed by Chaz - One of my fav non avril lavigne cds

Most the songs are good, some great, only a few stinkers, like 2 I think. If you like paramore try hey monday, aloha from hell, fireflight as well

Reviewed by Robin Solsjö Höglund - A great album any way you slice it

Paramore is simply an irresistable band. Young? Surely. Emo punky? Possibly. Infectious? Plenty! There's an unspoken taboo over them; whenever you mention them to an uninitiated, they'll kind of laugh or shrug it away, but I'm here to tell you that age or label isn't a measure of quality. Just because you have orange hair and sing into a carrot doesn't mean you lack buckets of talent and spans of energy. Even though there's like a quazidrillion versions of this album, picking it up in any shape or form is a win; CD, vinyl, bonus tracks, Japanese, MVI, it's all good.

For A Pessimist.. kicks off the album in high-octane mode. Telling of all to come, it's borderline obnoxious. I can almost understand the haters. But the chorus is solid stuff, and Hayley's only warming up.

That's What You Get is another uptempo rocker with Paramore's signature reverberating guitar notes (similar to The Edge in U2), dealing with matters of the heart. It sticks like glue without knocking you flat.

Hallelujah is the stuff of arena rock glory, with very tasty vocals and the first really beautiful bridge.

Misery Business is the big one, the breakthrough single. You don't have to be a prepubescant high school girl to rock out to it either, there's a fat drumline and the eerie echo of guitars in the background, even the clatter of castanets. Plus those wonderful triplets that fire off the chorus. And the vocals? Epic.

When It Rains takes the tempo down just a tad; there's still a huge stomping of drums and the energy is far from waning. However, Williams proves her chops for more than punk-rock grandeur; her soft serenade is mesmerizing. One to introduce to the parents mayhaps?

Let The Flames Begin crescendos in an absolutely riveting fashion; when Hayley hangs onto that "glory" note and the soft plucking of guitar strings cacophonies into a gripping chorus. Beautiful but powerful. Paramore combining all their assets into one song. It's bittersweet to hear the notes of the song fade away slowly.

Miracle may be more of the same - but as promised, the energy doesn't stop, and the volume doesn't wane. It's a bit samey and doesn't quite stand out, but we all need a bit of filler to get us through the night.

crushcrushcrush is a combo of poppy chorus magic and crunchy guitar riffs. There's a bit of shredding on this album, it's as close as the band ever come to a real "metal" song, but too cute to qualify.

We Are Broken hits from far out on left field; opening with a quiet echo, like a distant cry through a glass bottle, it gives way to a soft piano melody and Hayley's pure, gorgeous, sad voice lamenting the broken of the world; she conveys every bullied child, victim of war, misunderstood teenager and abused talent. It's a tremendous song, and the really sad part is how few people will hear it because their inhibitions stand in the way.

Fences wipes your tears quickly and the boppy, rocky hook grabs you by the belt and throws you into prance-mode. Permanent grin plastered, I dare you not to tap your foot or hum along! It took me many listens before I was able to detach enough from the melody and realize that it's a clever quip on the life of celebrities and stardom; caught miserable in a so-called perfect world.

Born For This ends the album with a concert staple; the riff jumps in and takes the spotlight from this wonderful vocalist if only for a moment! The theme and unity of a choir of voices unites the crowd with the band, the fans with the crowd and ends the album in enormous style and flair.

If there's any criticism (and this is a slight one), this is most definitely a loud album. It sounds great all the same, but the waveform spikes are like a brick wall; huge, crushing loudness almost from start to finish. If that's not your cup of tea, too bad, but it can certainly help make a gloomy day better and a good day an even better one!

The MVI (let's call it what it is; CD + DVD) Edition also includes a few bonus tracks (on both the CD and DVD - nice touch), and all 16 tracks in 24-bit stereo. Sadly there's no DTS surround mix. The bonus tracks are as follows;

When It Rains (Demo) is not much different from the final song, except the sound quality's not quite as good. An earlier demo would've been cooler for comparison purposes, but I'll take it.

Misery Business (Acoustic) (Live From Q101 Chicago) is just as punchy as the original, but with the added beauty of acoustic guitars. However, on this as all acoustic tracks, Hayley's voice is mixed way too loud, and you have to turn down the volume lest she attack your ears!

Pressure (Acoustic) (Live From Q101 Chicago) must be an earlier Paramore song, because I'm not a fan of it! The only pre-Riot songs I can really get into are "Emergency" and "Decoy", the rest just lack the "it factor" for me. The band were growing into talented musicians, but it takes a while.

For A Pessimist.. (Live From London) sounds about as you'd expect. A fairly good live recording, but nothing you'd impress your friends with.

Born For This (Live From London) has the same thing going for it; good but hardly great, you do get the added bonus of the crowd though. To see Paramore live in full glory, I'd go with Paramore - The Final Riot!.

To sum things up, Riot! is a lot like the folder inside; shiny and smelling of plastic, but very pretty and scrawled full of joyous, racious energy. A treat!

Reviewed by leonheart390 - Paramore ROCKS!!!

Okay number one I'm 21yrs old and I love Paramore. All those haters that are giving Paramore bad reviews are old people(50+) who think that the Beatles are still alive or think that Prince is a good artist(Prince totally sucks).
This is now, stop trying to compare old farts who can't sing anymore if their lives depended on it(such as the Eagles who are nowhere near as good as they used to be)

Okay the Eagles were only good thirty years ago. As for one of those people that think that I'd be ashamed to say I listen to Paramore ten years from now, I will never be ashamed, I'd be more ashamed if I never even heard of the powerhouse known as Paramore. Sex Pistols, okay if they really were that great, they would still be a band, or at least would have more than a few albums(I do like them though).

If you want to know a really time tested band listen to R.E.M. they are definitely one of the best bands in this century. Anyway, I can't tell you how many times I've loved listening to Paramore at the end of my shift at work, just listening to their upbeat jams and powerful songs helps keep me awake and always puts a BIG smile on my face. Okay they don't have the best lyrics in the world but who cares, they FRIGGIN ROCK. When was the last time a band with a female lead singer rocked this hard?

Avril Lavigne doesn't count, she's a solo artist. Flyleaf is the only band I know of apart from Paramore with a pint sized female powerhouse. There really are not a whole lot of bands like Paramore, I don't get where those old people think that they've heard this kind of music before. You just can't put Paramore in the same group as Fall Out Boy, MCR, and Evanescence. Paramore is very unique, and if there is one amazing thing about them, it's their music videos! In a time when music videos lately are among the most horrid P.O.S.(due to the stupid rap videos on MTV that only feature half naked women and neon lights) Paramore comes through with some really amazing music videos(Or at least their producers).

Brick by Boring Brick is one of the best music videos I've ever seen, it sticks very close to the meaning of the song and adds a nice Alice in Wonderland kind of touch to the music world that you just do not see these days.

Reviewed by Bender Fan - Glad I found out about this band.

The first four songs are one of the best introductions to a band that I've heard on record. They come out rocking and immediately draw you in without relent. Everything just hits at once, the vocals, music and the passion. Listen to the words and you realize that these aren't things 20-somethings usually sing about. (as far as I know) Perhaps there's a maturity here that puts the band above others.

OK, time to take a break from the onslaught for a minute. On "When It Rains" Hayley gives us a great Andrea Corr sound on the chorus. Nice backing vocals, beautiful song.

Crushcrushcrush - Another good rocker with a few changes thrown in. The video reminds me of Hyde's "Seasons Call". When Hayley sings the lines "I need something to sing about", "Give me something to sing about" it almost comes across as a challenge.

We Are Broken - Another break from the rockers with some nice piano. Sounds like something U2 could have done.

Fences is definitely the curve ball on the record. At first listen you may not be sure if it works or not but after a while you realize that it does. A nice change of pace and shows another side of the band.

Reviewed by the time you get to "Born For This" a similarity will have been noticed. This song seems like an add

On a production note, they could have pulled back on the levels a little bit, especially the 1K band. I'm all for pushing the volume level but parts of this disc cross over into distortion, particularly Hayley's voice.

Reviewed by Ryan Matthews - Born For This

I'll be damned if Hayley Williams doesn't become a rock icon in the next 5-10 years. She's not only one of the most talented female rock singers of the modern day, but she's a gorgeous ginger and only 19 years old. Meanwhile, Paramore is already a constant on rock mainstreams with their second full length album and their popularity is growing by the day. 'Riot!' is nothing short of a masterpiece and indisputably one of the best albums of 2007. I hear comparisons to No Doubt, but Gwen and the boys were more dependent on computer generated sound and better known for their dance pop (Hey Baby, Hella Good) and their power ballads (Don't Speak). Paramore appears to be the next Tsunami Bomb in the making, only younger and more energetic with a wider appeal. Lyrically, Hayley writes in a poetic fashion and discusses internal issues well beyond her years.
Misery Business, the lead single, is said to be one of Hayley Williams' true life experiences of manipulation in relationships. Her vocals soar to unbelievable heights in this song, showing her range off in a stylish and edgy manner. This has quickly become one of my favorite songs of all time.

The second single is "Hallelujah", a strong pop rock track with sizzling guitars and powerful vocals. The chorus is well composed and beautifully sung. On the other end of the spectrum "Crushcrushcrush", the third single is driven by angrier vocals and darker guitar riffs, probably the best guitar work I've heard from Paramore on either album. I'm not crazy about the chorus, but the verses of this song are nothing short of incredible.
Other notable tracks:
For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic
That's What You Get
When It Rains
Born For This

No sophomore slump for this band, only an encore that turns the heads of rock fans of every generation. 'Riot!' is not only a must buy, but you'd be foolish not to look into 'All We Know Is Falling' as well. Some people may remember briefly seeing the video for 'Emergency' hit MTV. That's only scratching the surface with this group. Not only is their studio mastery evident on the discs they release, but they've also become widely known (as quoted by AP Magazine) for their truly exceptional stage presence and performance. Paramore is on the rise, and I'm excited to watch them evolve into one of the most prestigious bands in the rock industry.

Grade: A

Reviewed by Joseph M. - Best band I have ever heard or seen

I have been a devoted Linkin Park fan for the past 7 or so years (ever since Hybrid Theory came out).
Since then and for all my life I have not had such an emotional and spiritual connection to
any work of art (music)...I have pretty much bled Linkin Park and have not ever thought anybody could rock as hard as they could...until I started listening to Paramore.

I can't believe my ears or eyes watching some of their live performances - they are that good, and cannot help but have a strong emotional response to songs like "That's what you get" or "Born for this".

The music, the lyrics, the delivery (from Hayley especially) are superb and IMO produce the best music - so good that I cannot even believe that it exists (I feel like - seriously - I am going to wake up from a dream to realize that Paramore does not exist - but they do - and for that I AM THANKFUL, really).

I still love Linkin Park, but Paramore has taken my heart and is my new Favorite #1 band.
Paramore's lyrics (especially when delivered by the group live in their songs) remind me of who it is I am:
that I'm someone strong, that I should resist everyday temptations, that I should take the "road less traveled by", that I need my pain/my cross that I carry with me each day.

I have always felt that I had a fire that burned inside me, in my heart and deep within me that noone else could understand - including myself. But these emotional works (songs by Paramore) get me close in realizing who it is I am and why I am here (just like a lot of my favorite Linkin Park songs do). I think it is important to remember who it is you are and where you came from and always remember what it is you value and to NEVER sell out your soul for anything/anybody.

Thank you Paramore for reminding me who it is I am and for giving me strength in those times when I seem to have none - I get your music 100% and I'm sure so many other young people do!

I will buy whatever this band sells and follow them anywhere! and, oh yea, the "rock my face off" too!!!

I think if I actually saw them live in person I would die right then and there - and I would be at peace in that moment, happy and content with my life and my past.

Reviewed by Brett CorkinsVINE VOICE - This time we're not giving up

How do you even begin to try and top your excellent debut? Paramore seems to have that exact remedy.

After listening to Paramore's newest offering, Riot!, it's obvious confidence is a determining factor for them in topping All We Know Is Falling. Gun to my head, I don't think I could've told you a single song from their debut that I thought Hayley went all out vocally. Not the case with Riot!. In almost every song you can actually feel the emotion exuding from Hayley, and, more importantly, you can honestly tell that they were simply having fun while recording this.

Keeping the 'easy to listen through the entire CD' schtick going they upped the ante by incorporating some amazingly catchy songs throughout. Immediate favorites are sure to include For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic, Hallelujah, Misery Business, crushcrushcrush, and Fences. A couple others that kind of sneak their way onto your favorites list are When It Rains, Let The Flames Begin, and Born For This.

They've kept one of my favorite aspects of Paramore firmly intact however, their stellar lyrics. Completely un-emo in every possible way, Paramore, and more importantly, Hayley, prove to be way ahead of their peers. Something new? An easily dance-worthy track found in the form of Fences.

My favorite songs are Hallelujah, When It Rains, Let The Flames Begin, crushcrushcrush, and Fences. Paramore is getting A LOT more attention right now, so let's all hope that this new found popularity won't tarnish what has made them so loved in the first place (coughMTVcough). If you loved the debut you'll be reminded all over again why you love Paramore. New? You probably just found a new favorite.

Reviewed by Beth - RIOT!

When I first became interested in Paramore's music in mid-2006, I had a hard time finding a decent, helpful review for their debut CD All We Know Is Falling. Most of the reviews for the CD were from what appeared to be teenage boys, discussing, not the CD quality, but the level of attractiveness of the band's lead singer. Okay, we get it, Hayley's hot. While this was to be expected, it was not helpful. So, I purchased the CD, it was amazing, story goes on. It wasn't until this CD came out that I felt the need to actually write a review. First of all, I'd just like to say, this is a big, mature, natural step-up for Paramore. Their lyrics have improved as have Hayley's vocals and the bands musicianmanship (word?). Where All We Know feels more personal and rough, RIOT! is more polished and just better. This time around, the band steps in with 11 heavy hitting tracks that more can relate to lyrically (as opposed to the All We Know era) and enjoy musically. At their best, Paramore hit high notes (figuratively and literally), with their single Misery Business, Miracle, Fences, the fan song Born For This, That's What You Get, soft, beautiful ballad When It Rains, and the pop-rock guilty pleasure (if guilty pleasures existed) crushcrushcrush. That's What You Get especially showcases the talent of young Zac Farro, who finds the pockets in the songs and doesn't let up the heavy drum parts that bring the song full circle and in your face. Hayley Williams continuely shows off her enviable vocals skills and Jeremy Davis and Josh Farro show off themselves, with their skills in bass and guitar (respectively). Although no songs fall flat, the aforementioned are the best of the bunch. Be it their youth, boundless enthusiasm (Be sure to compliment Jeremy's pants), or just their plain in your face talent, if you didn't like Paramore before, you are sure to fall in love with them now.

Reviewed by Underground Reborn - Finally, something new I like.

I will up front here, music has gone no where for these past 10 years. Unless you count releases from bands have been around before 2000 or a real dimond in the rough like Coldplay this whole decade has been nothing but re-hash of bubblegum pop, Hip-hop that has lost it's realy roots and Emo, that makes you want to claw your face off. Then, out of no where Paramore comes along. Where do you put them? In the Power pop/Emo catagory, but there is something about them that makes them stand out. They have Haley Williams singing. I always say that when a female is taking the lead vocals the music always sounds better. The sound of a womans voice in rock makes the music easier to bare and less annoying! Thanks to this young lady Paramore is actually a sound that is great to listen to. There is not one song on this album I don't like and the loud guitars defintelly make this album blast worthy in the car. Paramore is a pretty fresh act being the owner of both albums 'Riot' is one step forward if you listen to songs like 'Misery Business', 'When It Rains' and the very off beat 'Fences' I hope this quartet decides to move forward with their sound and release an enjoyable third album soon.

Reviewed by James Stanley - Suprisingly Flawless

This is the first review that I've ever put on Amazon, or any other online retailer for that matter. That just speaks how highly I think of this album.

Yes, it is somewhat close to pop... Its certainly radio-friendly and yes, I could see how this music could be associated with teeny-boppers.

But I'm a 28 year old successful stockbroker (kind of an oxymoron in this economy), and I cannot speak highly enough of this album.

The tracks flow beautifully, each has a clever hook; and the band is amazing. The drums are tight, yet not overpowering; the guitar work is clever - being subtle when it needs to be, yet can turn on a dime and become the centerpiece of the song. The lead singer of this band, amazingly enough, is 18 years old. Her vocal range is nothing short of astounding... this girl really has a set of pipes on her.

So yes, call it pop or whatever else you may want. But in my opinion...

Best Album in the last 5 years.

Reviewed by Ray-Review - This album is a RIOT!

Paramore is probably the only band with a girl lead singer I like, their style is new and refreshing to me. The whole album is really a nice pop rock album with great vocals from Hayley Williams. I highly recommend this album from Paramore including their previous and brand new album that just recently came out. This album will always remain my favorite from Paramore.

Reviewed by Chandra L. Montgomery - Riot is a Must Have!

I can't say I have been a fan of Paramore since day one because I had never heard of them until "Misery Business." But once I heard them, I couldn't get enough. I am absoutely in love with this cd, still, months later. There isn't a track on here that doesn't get you singing,humming, dancing, and grinning because each song is simply amazing. I hate to choose a favorite song, because I love everything Paramore does, from their own songs to covers. However, I would have to put "That's What You Get" as number 1. This song gets me singing every time. I rate each song 10/10 and I would recommend that you would seriously get this cd!! For this being their second album, Paramore is amazing! I can't wait to hear what they do next, because Paramore is seriously a force to be reckoned with. And the fact that they are so young (their drummer is only about 18 right now) and started so young makes them even more incredible. So what are you doing still reading this? Buy the cd already!! You won't regret it.

Reviewed by ADRIENNE MILLER - "You'll trigger a landslide..."

Paramore is a rock band I never heard of til the Grammy's (nominated for best new artist) so I decided to check out their sound. I read up on the band and found out they are from Franklin, Tennessee. I was pretty excited about that and loved their videos so picked up their second album, Roit! I have been listening to this album nonstop, this is an amazing band, Hayley Williams is a strong and gutsy singer, the rest of the band know how to play their instruments, I see big things for this band in the future. Every song has a catchy chorus, nice hooks, and clever melodies thanks to Hayley's colorful phrasing (love that red hair too!). I never skip any of the eleven tracks, you get a little bit of everything like somber tracks such as When It Rains and We Are Broken. Hayley's vocals soar on Misery Business, Let the Flames Begin, and Hallejulah. My fave track is crushcrushcrush, gets stuck in your head, very infectious. I will definitely check out the band's debut album, All We Know is Falling. I highly recommend Roit! It's fun, lively, and well-produced. Buy it today!

Reviewed by C. Lyon - New Fan

I just recently seen the video for Crushcrushcrush and the song was catchy. It wasnt until today when i turned on my t.v and seen the vidoe again. This time i got to listen to the whole song and from then on i loved this song. I bought the album and i havent been able to listen to the whole thing cuase itunes and downlaoding in Iraq sucks but i did get to hear two other songs, Pressure, and Emergency. and that prompted me to buy the album.

Sorry to say i havent heard their first album. But Riot! will defeinetly be played throughout this deployment. Crush already is blasting through my barracks.

Haleys vocals are strong and her voice is beautiful. This band rocks. Those who say this isnt real music apparently does not know what music is. What is real music anyway? The songs have a message in them if you listen to it carefully. That to me is real music. This group can go far in this buisness as long as they stay true to their music and to themselves and to their fans.

Reviewed by Caleb Williams - Enthralling, Energetic Rock Gold

Having never heard any of Paramore's music and being constantly baraged by a friend to get this album and give them a try I took the leap. There's only one thing to say when referring to this album and the band altogether, they're the future of rock music and Hayley Williams has a bright future ahead of her.

Very rarely I listen to an album in its entirety and enjoy every song as much as the last. To compare Paramore to No Doubt is ridiculous, No Doubt are of a completely different genre of music to Paramore and let me say Paramore are much better.

If you were to compare Paramore to a popular female musician the only one that could come close to comparing to Hayley Williams would be Avril Lavigne. Although I wouldn't expect Hayley Williams to sell out to the pop princess image. Long may Paramore have a very successful and prestigious career and this album is an excellent stepping stone to greatness.

Reviewed by R. Anderson - More Paramore, Please

I bought Riot! about three weeks ago and have listened to it almost every day, if not every day! My introduction to Paramore was by my eleven year old daughter on CrushCrushCrush immediately caught my attention and I've been hooked on their songs since then. The maturity and power of 19 year old Hayley's voice is staggering and the guys in the band play as performers much older and more seasoned than 17,20 and 22.

Emergency is the second song that snagged me and the video is done really well. These four musical artists also look like their having alot of fun when performing live or just doing a video for TV. I don't own 'All We Know Is Falling', but I plan to buy it soon mainly because of 'Emergency'.

Given the opportunity and with the right management Paramore should be around for many years to come. Keep it up, guys(and gal)!

Reviewed by Mel - EXCELLENT!!!!!

I am a huge fan of the band Paramore and am amazed my their talent at such a young age. The drummer, Zac, who just turned 17, is my age! I absolutely love them and although I had not heard of them when they made their debut with the album "All We Know Is Falling" back in 2005, I later fell in love with songs such as "Pressure," "Emergency", and "Hear We Go Again." I now own Riot! and every song is very well done with Hayley Williams amazing vocal abilties for a young 18 year old and guitarist Josh Farro and bassist Jeremy Davis are absolutely brilliant on guitar and bass. Their live shows are amazing and they put so much energy into their performances which translates to Riot!, particularly in their single "Misery Business." I idolize Hayley Williams for her role as a lead singer in a rock band as well as her amazing songwriting abilities. This band has so much talent and you WILL be hearing more of Paramore for years to come.

Reviewed by J. Jacobs - This is as good as mainstream pop rock garbage gets.

First off, let me just say that this is NOT the kind of music I ordinarily listen to. My favorite bands are prog metal bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Opeth, and Periphery.

That being said, (and I almost feel embarrassed saying this, like I'm betraying my musical duty) this is one heck of a great album! The instrumental work is nothing extraordinary, but Hayley Williams' voice is AMAZING, and every single song is extremely catchy. None of this even feels like filler. I feel like the problem with most popular bands these days is A) they are extremely repetitive and all their songs sound about the same, and/or B) their sound is very generic and they aren't unique at all. But Paramore doesn't fall into either of those categories. Their songs have a decent amount of diversity and there is actually some vamping, as opposed to bands where the singer comes in on the first beat on every single song and doesn't stop singing until the 2 and a half minutes is up. But what really makes Paramore stand out and have their own unique, recognizable sound, is Hayley Williams. Her vocal talent is absolutely phenomenal, her voice is very unique, and she comes up with some really great vocal melodies and hooks.

Bottom line, buy this album. Or at least torrent it. Actually, just torrent it. Enough people have bought this already.

Reviewed by Rebelwithoutacause - Amazing...

My sister actually introduced me to this band with the single 'Crushcrushcrush' and after that 'Misery Business' Crushcrushcrush instantly grabbed me with its hard rock sound without being to hard, and its amazing bridge. Misery Business, with its brutal honesty and very catchy lyrics, swept me away. I have since fallen very, very hard in love with Paramore. I devoured Riot! and then All We Know Is Falling as well. I highly anticipate their release of their third album, hopefully to include 'Decode' used on the Twilight soundtract. Vocals are top notch, and the lyrics are very real and down to earth. Genuine questions asked like 'Why do we lie to hurt so much?' from That's What You Get. So many emotions come through on this record, combined with good guitar and amazing delivery, what is not to love?

Reviewed by Fly Guy - A fantastic album, whatever type of music it may be

Everyone likes to classify music in some manner. We like everything to fit into nice, neat boxes because it gives order to our lives in a sense. This it rock? Pop? Punk? I don't know what to label it, but it doesn't matter because it's one of the best albums I've ever heard. Period. The tunes are catchy, the singer's voice is fantastic. I very rarely, if ever, give anything five stars. This is quite deserving of it, though. Every song hits me in some way.

Reviewed by Brittney Brown - amazingly awesome!

i became a paramore fan summer of '08 when i saw the video for "crushcrushcrush" before that i never even heard of them besides that demi lovato liked them and i thought they would be a teeny disney type band.... well they're not! omg i loved it and i went into it wanting to hate on it because of demi liking them, but i love them and then we got rockband and that song was on it! they are now my second fav. band and this cd is my favorite i love all the songs on it and could listen to it over and over the songs are great! the band members are great! and a little while after they were on the twilight soundtrack which was GREAT! this album is just so amazingly awesome!

Reviewed by D. Hensley - This is the best flipping album in the whole world!!!!

I like the Riot! album a lot, it has all great songs.I can listen to the whole disc without skipping any tracks. The only thing I did not like about this cd that it is too short. My favorite tracks are "That's What You Get", "Misery Business", "We Are Broken", and "Fences". Riot! is well written, great songs,most are very catchy. I think Paramore would not be great without Hayley because she has an amazing voice unlike most singers at this time. Riot! is a great cd because it has a mix of fast and slow songs which has a lot of variety. Riot! is my favorite cd of all least until the next one comes out.I usually do not listen to this kind of music my style is grunge,metal and alternative rock.If you don't like this Paramore album their is something wrong with you.I will recommend this cd to anyone who likes good music. This is Paramore!!!!!

Paramore- Riot!

1.For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic
2.That's What You Get
4.Misery Business
5.When It Rains
6.Let The Flames Begin
9.We Are Broken
11.Born For This

Reviewed by Amazoniac - Pure energy!

I've listened to rock from the 60's to 2008 and this is one of the most energetic and well put together CD's I've ever heard. You'll never get tired of these songs. The band is awesome and Hayley is charismatic and has a beautiful rock voice.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the videos that were made for some of these songs. If you watch the videos your appreciation of Paramore goes up to another level. Watch Misery Business and That's What You Get and you may just fall in love with Hayley like I did.

1 more tip. Look for the Paramore - Decode video from the Twilight movie soundtrack. It's a classic.

Reviewed by HEAVYGOTHMALE75 - paramore caused a global riot!

i own the second album paramore has done after all we know that is falling a band that
burst on the scenes after mtv when they promoted that what you get debut first video
i was drawn into this kind of music of pop culture with vocalists hayley williams led them
up the charts to stardom i experienced in the van warped tour in long island and new york concerts series they are still what i intake their catchy lyrics after misery business
was aired next i ,m a grown up they are a teenage anthem for the youth that want a clean unfiltered viberation that the parents won,t panic over and fear if they ask for
them to purchased it they are underage must watch group whom i still can,t enough of when i was waiting for the next climax after all we know that is falling debut a hit cd!

Reviewed by Heather Sneed - Paramore makes another amazing album.

I recently purchased this cd in an effort to find something more from Paramore. Since "All We Know Is Falling" was an exceptional album, I knew for a fact this one would be too. And sure enough, as I played the very first song I was completely blown away. Not only was their first album great, but I can say this one is even better. All the songs are more hard and rocky, and Hayley's voice is beautiful as always. The sound is more clean and it's simple to fall in love with each song. I will add that my favorite song on this album is the last one, "Born For This". I would suggest you buy this album immediately if you loved "All We Know Is Falling"!

Reviewed by Mike Smith - Paramore's Riot

My introduction to Paramore was from the radio, where I heard "crushcrushcrush" several times. When I found out who it was, I did a little investigating on YouTube and here at Amazon and found out that they had much more to offer than that song getting all the airplay. I ended up buying the album. To this day, crushcrushcrush remains my favorite song by them, but it was a good idea to buy the album because the rest of the songs are really good too. Hayley Williams is quite young, but a very powerful and accurate singer. The entire band is solid, tight, and often exhilarating. What a rush! Five stars for Paramore's Riot.

Reviewed by Desiree - Paramore Rocks My Face Off!!!!

Paramore's album RIOT!! is just amazing. I saw them live @ Warped Tour this summer in Tinley Park and they rocked my face off. Every last song on this album is awesome and the vocals of Hayley Williams are so incredibly strong. She's ignites so much emotion in every song she sings from beginning to end. My favorites are 'Crushcrushcrush','We Are Broken','When It Rains',and 'Hallelujah'. This is the best album I've heard in a long time and it gets better everytime I hear it. This band rock my face off. I Love Paramore and you will,too,if you buy this album. You won't be disappointed @ all.

Reviewed by Kayleigh Kubitz - Never Gets Old

Hayley Williams is the only female vocalist that I listen to regularly and enjoy. The amazing thing about this album is, there isn't a bad track on it. Seems impossible, especially for a band's second album, but it is true. If you haven't yet, give it a listen. A few key tracks for me are "We Are Broken" "For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic" and "When It Rains" A great album that won't disappoint.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - one of the best albums of the year...

i discovered paramore last year when i saw the pressure video on fuse. i was immediatly blown away by how how young and talented they were. once i discovered that they were very close to my age i was even more amazed. soon after, i finally got their debute album all we know is falling and fell in love with it, they quickly became one of my favorite bands. now with the release of riot!, the band is even more so a favorite of mine. the opening track, "for a pessimest, i'm pretty optimistic" is a fantastic opener that i can't get out of my head. every song can be a hit. while many, may feel that this record sounds the same as many records out today, it doesn't feel that way. while many bands out there today lack meaning and heart in the music and lyrics, paramore gives you all of that and more. with the departure of their second guitarist, hunter lamb, the band sounds great as a four person band, and taylor york fills hunters shoes very nicely for the live show. i can only expect to hear more amazing songs from paramore in the future.

Reviewed by dragon_top_13 - Really love this album

Really love this album! Their songs are very well-written and the messages behind the poetical lyrics are very deep. They made good music at such a young age so I wasn't surprised when they rose to fame and still make good stuffs.

Reviewed by rebecca cochran - It's my favorite Paramore album of all time

It's my favorite Paramore album of all time! The Farro brothers were still in the group when this was recorded. The OG paramore!

Reviewed by G. Cramer - Typical pop / rock style, but still sounds so good

I agree Paramore never had a shot at winning the 'Best New Artist' Grammy, and for good reason. Their music style is very typical... you've heard it before from Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, and various emo bands. I recognized this as soon as I first listened to Paramore.

But this essentially doesn't matter at all, because the entire album simply sounds really, really good. If Kelly Clarkson made a Greatist Hits album 5 years from now, she could only hope to have compiled a collection this good. Every single track on here is *very* catchy. Typical or not, I'd take this album over Amy Winehouse any day.

I have more respect for the lead singer Hayley Williams than for, say, Amy Lee... because this girl can actually sing. The album's high production quality doesn't hide any weakness in her vocal ability; hear them perform live and she's still pretty well in-tune. Not the strongest voice out there, but good vocal technique which fits the style quite well. You have to respect the musical talent here... they're all between 17 and 23 years old.

Is the album just another mainstream pop, wanna-be hard rock band singing about your standard, annoying teen angst issues? Some people seem to think so, but I'm too busy enjoying the super-catchy melodies and well-executed harmonies. Musically, this stuff is high-quality, and I love listening to it. Go ahead and listen to the "more original" Amy Winehouse if you want, but it probably won't be as fun.

Reviewed by gostraightnate14 - Paramore is LOVE! I love this album so much I want ...

Paramore is LOVE! I love this album so much I want to hug Hayley! (Ehem...sorry). I'm a certified fan since their "All we know is falling" album and loving them up until now. This group is very creative!

Reviewed by Book Fanatic - One of the best

Paramore is seriously one of the best bands I have ever listened to. They are back with their amazing 2nd album witch is sweeping the country and amazing us all. I myself have only known about paramore for a short time and have alreday been transfixed by hayley's voice, Not much talent like that left in the world. My persional fav songs are misery buisness ( The first single) Miracle, and born for this, all upbest tunes This is a must have album for anyone who loved the first and even if youve only heard a few of these songs YOU WILL NEED THIS ALBUM. Amazing truely amazing.

Reviewed by Zack - RIOT!

Now, I must start off with saying that Paramore is one of my favorite bands of all time. While I love "All We Know Is Falling", I think that it is safe to say that "RIOT!" is just a little better. "RIOT!" starts just as strong as it ends with a great collection of songs that make the album rise and fall. The best track on "RIOT!" in my opinion is either "When It Rains" of "Let The Flames Begin". Regardless, all the songs are catchy and almost sing-a-long like. EVERYONE should go out and purchase "RIOT!", there is a song for everyone on it!!

Reviewed by Ky&Zak - Awesome CD

Each song on the album was brilliantly noted to perfection. Every lyric, guitar strum, Durm beat, and just the whole album together. I have listened to every song, and I adore them all. I would highly reccomend, "That's what you get" "Misery Buisness" "When it rains" "Let the Flames begin" And "Born for this." This is Paramore's second album, but they have taken a huge step towards becoming an excellent band. I would highly recommend this item.

Reviewed by Fred - Nice introduction to the band for me

I like the deals that Amazon has, this was a good purchase as it introduced me to Paramore

Reviewed by Mark Windsor - RIOT! for a reason(:

WOW. Paramore caught my eye through "Misery Business", and then "Pressure"...soon enough, I knew most of the songs without even owning the cd. It's so much more that I expected. The lyrics are clean. The message clear. They capture "teenager-dom" perfectly. I have every song memorized and can't get enough, I listen to it over and over. Makes a great gift!-most teenagers, no matter what their music preferences, will like Paramore.

**This isn't really Mark Windsor. This is is 15-year old daughter(:

Reviewed by Linda Allen - AMAZING

Never was a fan of Parmamore growing up, never gave them a chance and thought they were just another TRL band. I have grown to love them after finally listening to this album from start to finish. I now put them in the same group as Blink 182(one of my favorite bands all time). Every song they put out is extremely catchy and an anthem of are youth. This album gets me so pumped up, I love it.

Reviewed by Trudy - Punk revisited...

Paramore has a sound that will remind you of the 80's punk scene... The guitars, full speed lyrics, humor and spike make you want to jump up and dance. There is no way to listen to this album and not move your body. They are young and somewhat raw and that is so appealing...they don't seem to be tainted by the mainstream media.

I wish only the best for the band and I will remain a loyal fan. My 12 year old loves the band also....something we have in common. Great job Paramore!

Reviewed by DK - Fun and inspiring

It has been a while since I have been really exited about a band but I am now. I heard a couple of their songs on myspace and had to buy the CD immediately. The anticipation of waiting for it to come in the mail was excrutiating but it was worth the wait. I must have played this hundreds of times in the last month and I am still enjoying it as much as I did the first day. This is one of those albums where every song could be a single. My two favorites are Hallelujah and That's What You Get.

Reviewed by Darth Wader - From A Guy Who Doesn't Like Much "Girl Rock"

Yes, there are very few Chick Singer bands that I enjoy, probably because it feels weird to sing along with them. No Doubt was great back in the day. Evanescence and Flyleaf have done well for themselves. I was a big Hole and The Muffs fan for about one album and even Babes In Toyland. And Superchick and BarlowGirl have there moments. But in the world of rock, it is a man's world...until Hayley Williams has come and shown that she is the real deal. Paramore's Riot is exciting, and although it is not necessarily original in the sound, it is somehow fresh. From the beginning guitar in "For A Pessimist..." I was hooked. This album is catchy, exploding with bursts of pop-punk energy. Of course, "Misery Business" is an awesome song, but there are many other great songs on this album. I find myself listening all the way through without skipping, and yep, I am singing along all the way!

Reviewed by Carlos - Much better than their debut effort

Much better than their debut effort.. Man, Haley killed it with this one. Best rock album of the 21st century!

Reviewed by Nicole Olson - It's a Riot!

This was the first paramore album that I've purchased and I was blown away. There's not a bad song on the album and most of the songs are very catchy. Hayley's voice is amazing (on the album and live). The lyrics capture teenager/relationship angst perfectly. I recommend this album to anyone. I have actually turned some of my friends into fans of Paramore, and they usually don't listen to indie/punk/emo stuff. That's just shows Paramore's ability to cross genres in its music!

Reviewed by thebrowncoat - Paramore takes a big step forward from first album

I've been a fan of this band since All We Know Is Falling was released close to two years ago and I can comfortably say that RIOT! is a big step forward for the band from that album.

Everyone knows that Hayley Williams has a spectacular voice and anyone who has seen these guys live knows that they can absolutely tear it up onstage. The great thing about RIOT! is that it captures so much of that live energy on the record. These are songs that sound great onstage (and you can hear them now on Warped Tour and their upcoming fall headlining tour) and sound just as great on the album.

Lyrically, the record is a huge step foward, with lyrics that are raw, open and honest. The songs themselves are also a big leap ahead, with great guitar riffs from Josh, strong basslines from Jeremy and Zac's incredible talents on the drums.

If you like rock music...if you like music that grabs ahold of you and won't let go, then this is definitely an album to check out. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Jonathan Clarkson - uggh Haley's voice is love

This is the first album of Paramore that I feel in love with Haley Williams.

Reviewed by J. Foster - They gave me Para"more" than I expected!!!

Amazing from song one to eleven...front lady Haley Williams totally delivers, emotionally as well as vocally. The band is phenomenal, and every element just melds so nicely with each other. Widely well-received songs are just the beginning, then the others blow your socks off of the only CDs that I can turn on and then walk away without track flipping. Paramore is what you're looking for!

~A. Fo Potato

Reviewed by Josh - Paramore hits a home run with Riot

I have been anticipating this release since I picked up All We Know is Falling and I must say I wasn't disappointed. Paramore's maturity shows on this disc both musically and lyrically. It is one of those rare sophomore albums that's as good as the debut, if not better in my opinion. Songs like Hallelujah (my personal favorite) and Born For This give glimpses of All We Know is Falling while songs like the Fences and Misery Business bring along another side of Paramore. Overall It's a very entertaining disc from beginning to end and one of the best I've heard all year.

Reviewed by Johnny Fountains - haley williams


Reviewed by jon - great album

i really enjoy this album alot. its hard for me to pick a favorite album of theirs because they are all very good. this one has some great tracks on it though like let the flames begin and hallelujah. hayley is a great singer and she sounds much better on this album than she did on their first album. definitely check this album out.

Reviewed by AJ - Paramore come back from the dead better and stronger!

The very first review I read of the band Paramore quotes that the lead singer is going to be next Avril Lavgeine, If the magazine refers to the band becoming popular as Avril then I Concquer but in Terms of Lyrics and Music there is no doubt that Paramore surpasses Avril lavgine's Lyrics and Variety of Music available in the Album. Paramore's Album will keep on playing on your Record over and over and you'll love it even more the second time.
The debut Song Misery Business is by far the best song on the Album along with Crushcrushcrush. You will not regret purchasing the Album.

Reviewed by Sarah - A great album

If you are a fan of Avril Lavigne, you may be thinking twice about buying her next album and spening your money on this instead. It is a very real album filled with emotion and fun. You can tell they had fun making it. All 11 songs are super-catchy and super-punk. It's a fabulous album! Avril's pink streak in her hair is laughable compared to Hayley hot, firey locks!

Reviewed by J.B. Taylor - Great CD

Riot is a great CD with music that will have you jamming out with a smile on your face. Paramore is one of those rare bands that never seems to steer their fans wrong with their music. There isn't one song on this CD that I didn't like. Give this CD a shot, I know you will like it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Thank you!!

Reviewed by Danielle Mercado - Five Stars

Love this album

Reviewed by Patrick McPhetrige - Good, good song

I first heard this song while playing Saints Row 2. The soundtrack for this game is the best as far as I am concerned and that includes S.R. IV from what I have read about the tracks for it. This is a fun song and the video is good, too.

Reviewed by RockTheMusic - Awsome Buy

I loved paramores first CD but didn't get around to listening to her last songs, even though i had the CD for a year. But this CD was the best the more and more i listened the better it got. Usually songs on CD's go from good to bad so no one listens to the last songs, but i loved every song. I still always have some song by them stuck in my head from listening to it so much in the summer. Buy it, it's worth every penny.

Reviewed by dragonflylover2282010 - Great CD

I love Paramore and have so far enjoyed all of their albums! The only complaint I have is that not one of them other than the Twilight soundtrack has their song Decode on it and I love that song. Other than that great CD and listen to it and the others I have often.

Reviewed by Brittney - Ah...Paramore.

I honestly can't say one bad thing about this album or about the band themselves. Paramore has been one of my top favorite bands. A year later of listening to Riot and I'm still not tired of the songs yet. Hayley has such a strong voice and this is definitely their best CD yet. Highly recommended. Favorites include: Let the Flames Begin, Misery Business, Crushcrushcrush, and When It Rains.

Reviewed by Sable Morgan - great classic

Love this album. It's short and sweet. Thanks returned the one I bought from best buy because it was too much. Bought this and received in no time via Prime for Amazon

Reviewed by hanh thomas - their definitive album

happy with the sound quality of this. I am missing the old paramore vibe. :(

Reviewed by Dawn D. Carson - Best CD I've bought in a long time!

It's been years since I bought a CD that didn't have at least one song I wasn't crazy about. I love EVERY song on this CD. Hayley's voice is amazing and the whole band together is just phenomenal.

Miracle is my favorite song on the CD but as I said above, every song is terrific.

In this age of hip-hop, rap and "dance" music, this is the epitome of rock, in my opinion.

Reviewed by Edson R. - Five Stars

This could be the best CD of Paramore

Reviewed by PUPPIES RULE - So cool!

I love listening to it. It got here on time and I found a lot of my favorite songs on the CD. I am gonna get the rest of the albums!

Reviewed by José Alberto Valente - What a Riot!!

Just incredible!

From the first track to the last one you can't miss one!
What a riot that Paramore caused in me! This is fabulous! This is CD is really addictive and i recomment it to all good rock fans!

Hayley's voice, Joshua's and Jeremy's guitars and Zac's drums perform together to make a unique sound! That's what i call music: Paramore!

Reviewed by Pavel Charny - Mega-release

I had started with their latest album first but then immediately turned to the first one - both are excellent, while I like the Riot! a bit more.

For me - it has energy more than Pink, Avril Lavigne and Gwen altogether.
I am only concerned with a future of this band - hope it won't die in a mess of contemporary music.

Reviewed by paramorefreak12795 - This CD was a RIOT!

I don't even know where to start, this CD was amazing! It fits its title perfect cause the cd has power in it. when i first bought it and listened to it the whole cd was pure paramore, campare this to all we know is falling and you would want them both cause they both have enegry! if you don't have this and are a paramore GET IT!!

Reviewed by Miss A.J. - No Duds, Just Great Music

I love this CD and have had I bought it shortly after hearing it playing in a store. Some songs I like better than others, but none of them are duds. Songs I don't care to listen to today will be great tomorrow when I'm in a different mood. I love the lyrics. I love how I need to dance or sing along to this CD. Great buy.

Reviewed by micdus - Riot! is a TERRIFIC album.

Riot! is good from start to finish--it's as simple as that. Paramore does not sound like all the others that populate the genre of music that they get commonly put in to--they transcend the banal trappings of "Emo." They are able to set themselves apart because of the power of lead vocalist Hayley Williams. She is the ingredient that made me check them out and keep coming back. They deserve to be huge. Good music shouldn't be denied.

Reviewed by R. McAdamsVINE VOICE - I cannot get enough of Paramore!

This album rocks, and rocks hard. Paramore is my No Doubt replacement (they haven't released a new album in, what -- 7 years now?), and I love them. Riot! has some amazing songs, especially "Fences" and "Crushcrushcrush."

The overall feel for the album is high energy rock, with very few downbeats. The lead vocalist has an enchanting voice, and she delivers the songs as only a top quality rock singer can.

I cannot recommend this album enough!

Reviewed by K. Anelundi - Paramore (Riot) Now in stores!!

I Love this CD :) My favorite song is track 11 'Born for this,' I also enjoyed track 6 'Let the Flames begin' it kinda had a Pat Benatar sound and track 10 'Fences' had a Stray Cats/Fishbone/Ska sound. Oh, Track 4 'Misery Business' is good, too! Kuddos for Paramore and their producer David Bendeth who also produced 'Breaking Benjamin,' 'Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,' 'Hawthore Heights,' 'The Almost,' and many other awesome groups.

Reviewed by Kelsey - True punk!

This album is real punk! Who needs that lame "Sex Pistols" band? We've got the best punk album ever, "Riot!", right here. Anyone who claims Paramoar is "emo" is obviously very ignorant, we have hardcore punk right here! Hayley Williams is one of the best singers ever, better than the manufactured Patti Smith, PJ Harvey or Nico crap. If you want to hear one of the best albums ever, you should check out "Riot!" right now.

Reviewed by jake - Very Nice Cd.

Paramore has done a good job on this album, most of the time when I buy a CD it's just two or three songs that end up being good but with this CD I liked all the songs(minus maybe 2 of them).

If your into kind of into punk rock then then you will probably be happy with this purchase.

Reviewed by Jeffrey Johnson - This CD is Phenomenal !!!

Paramore is MUCH better than most current rock bands.The first CD has had
me jumpin' and jammin' since it came out,and now there's Riot!.
I've been listening to it over and over,and just gets better every time.
Just confirms to me that this band is something very very special.
Hayley continues to raise the bar with her fantastic voice,and the rest
of the band amazes me.

Reviewed by Alexander Harm - Great all the way through

I was introduced to Paramore via "That's What you Get" on Rock Band 2 for the PS3. I really liked that song so I looked into getting more Paramore. When I previewed their mp3s it turned out that all the songs I liked the best are on this album. It's really a great one.

Reviewed by beatrizzz - Classic

Classic Paramore. Classic mid 2000's pop-punk. Reminds me of middle school and early mornings watching videos on MTV before school.


Hayley is a majorly talented and majorly beautiful young women and the impact that paramore has had on so many people is remarkable. I was just talking to one of my friendsa bout RIOT! and she said that hayley is so insipreing and is ooseing talent. And i agree 100%%. This band and new album hits every note at the right time.
Its amazing.
Two thumbs up

Reviewed by nootrocks - Speaking of old geezers...

I love Paramore too! I'm a 51 year old ex-rocker from Chattanooga (just down the road from Franklin).

The songs are great. I really dig the drummer and drum mix. It's nice to see young musicians playing their own instruments and rockin' out.

Keep it up Paramore...

Reviewed by Amber Serna - FUN!

I bought this CD after becoming obsessed with "Misery Business". That was the only song I heard from this cd when I purchased it, which is unlike me, but I was definitely not disappointed. The lead singer, Hayley, has a strong, beautiful voice and the songs are fun

Reviewed by M. Loring - Move over No Doubt

Paramore is the next generation No Doubt. From Hayley's passionate vocals to the band's rockin' capabilities, this is the next hot group in rock. Each song on this CD is worth listening to, I don't skip any. My fave tracks are Misery Business and Crushcrushcrush. This CD is worth the money if you're debating this over anything else!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Wilkerson - Great Album full of Raw Emotion

I was given this cd not to long after it first came out. I had a friend from Las Vegas who had been following them for some time and thought I'd like them. I listened to the cd and was amazed. It was awesome to see a strong female lead a band like Paramore. I also saw them live at Warped Tour 07 and they have amazing stage presence. This is the type of band I'd love to work for one day.

Reviewed by A. Pimentel - MVI - wonderful idea

I didn't knew the MVI technology till i bought the Paramore's Riot. The group is fabulous and full of energy that without the MVI was not possible to understand entirely.
Congratulations to Paramore for this special edition and to the people that made that possible.

Reviewed by leki - Paramore!

I love Paramore so much and this cd is great! I got it the year it came out and still listen to it often. Gotta love The Old Hayley Williams

Reviewed by Ophie - Deserves Hard Rock Magazine's Artist of the Year Award; every bit of it.

This isn't the runner-up, this is the real thing. Hayley Williams and her band don't crumble (like most bands do on their sophomore effort) under the pressure to be the next big thing. They stay true to what made them awesome on the first go-around and here we have Riot!. Amazing album with song after capturing-from-the-first-verse song. Buy it.

Reviewed by I. Daco - Wow..surprisingly good

This CD was actually recommended to me by a friend and I'm an eclectic music listener..if you look at my music tastes range from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Interpol, Nirvana, Radiohead, to Usher, Kanye Faith Hill and Leanne Rimes, Rachael Yamagata and Sara Bareilles. Needless to say, I'm not a music snob and I know what I like..and Paramore tops my list! I love every song in this CD!

Reviewed by Jessa Cloud - This album is awesome!

I love every song on this CD! Usually on CDs there are at least one or two songs that I always skip over, but not on this one! I first learned of Paramore from the Twilight soundtrack and then I saw them as they opened for No Doubt this summer; they are even more amazing in person!! I can't wait for their new CD to be released in a week or so!!

Reviewed by Blackhawk19 - I love it!

Works Perfectly, I love it!

Reviewed by matthew clark - perfect

new.... perfect shape

Reviewed by emily91600 - AMAZING!!

This is definately my favorite albumn of Paramore's...i could literally listen to this everyday and fall in love with it all over again every single time. LOVE IT!!

Reviewed by Melissa Payseur - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Full of life and energy

This latest release from Paramore shows that they not only are here to stay, but keep getting better and better. Way to ROCK Haylay & Co! Not many bands put out an album where I like every single song on it!

Reviewed by C. Modulus - They were Born for This

Definitely worth the price if you like Paramore. I ended up enjoying most of the tracks on the album. This is a great band with an energetic sound that grows on you.

Reviewed by Dance Dance Dance - Riot!

I listened to Riot! for the first time on Paramore's website last night and today I purchased the album. I like it alot more than I thought I would, now that I own it!

Reviewed by larry nelson - riot cd

this cd was great with awesome songs and had no problems so there is no complaints and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by E. Leyland - worth it; the entire cd is good

I commute over two hours a day and i have yet to take this cd out of my car player; its been months; one of those cd's worth listening to from beginning to end

Reviewed by jchawk - Awesome amazing, great album!

Paramore is the best! Their lyrics, vocals, and everything are #1. Now I know why this cd was such a hit. It's amazing!

Reviewed by silliegrl - awesome

i got this cd on a whim, and i am glad i did. it is awesome! all the songs are catchy, plus fun to sing along with.

Reviewed by DrumDude - THE BEST PARAMORE CD!

Yep this is it! The cd that made Paramore famous! If that doesnt convince you to buy it, listen to some of the songs! THERE JUST SO DANG CATCHY! The music is sick! the vocals are perfect! and the drums and guitars are great! JUST GET IT ALREADY!

Reviewed by J. Ingram - great cd

I only knew 2 of paramores songs and I love the whole thing! Cd came to my home quickly and as promised. Happy I decided to order from Amazon.

Reviewed by K. Cobb - awesome!

I can't believe I have not heard of this group before now. I love the sound, lyrics, everything really! I can't stop listening!

Reviewed by C. Mcwhorter - Thumbs up!

A great Cd. I listen to it often, it gets you pumped up and ready to go.
I would recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Gerald S. Kinkey - Riot

Awsome, Great price and recieved in a timly maner.Thank you for making it simple Jerry

Reviewed by stover6pac - Great CD

This CD is a must for any Paramore fan. Every song on it is great!

Reviewed by chris - Its f'n sweet white vinyl

The title says it all. Its a very good pop rock record on white vinyl.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - New Fan Review

Up until the day I heard "Misery Business", I had never heard of Paramore. Since buying the album, I haven't been able to stop listening to it. I honestly love every track with my favorite being "CruchCrushCrush". There isn't any other band I can compare this group to which is a good thing.

Reviewed by Olga Vasquez - A Breath Of fresh Air

omg its all good this album really shows how much they have grown up u can see it in the lyrics its a perfect blend of rock and punk and a little emo in here but even tho emo is not the fav it just adds to the flavor in this album its a great album i luv it to death i recommend it highly very highly

Reviewed by Leonard Henry - Fantastic!

Wow fantastic album all around! I so enjoy this album mostly the great female vocals and the solid basslines

Reviewed by Brittany - This album is a RIOT!

This album is really great. I first heard one of their singles and loved it so I decided to download the rest. I was instantly in love with parAMORE. Definitely buy this album!

Reviewed by Courtney J. Langbehn - Very Pleased

I recieved this product in the amount of time that I was told. I have had no issues with the CD and it was everything I expected it to be.

Reviewed by Bruce A. Benson - Excellent

This is an excellent cd. They combine a lot of different styles to create well balanced tracks. There's not a bad song on the cd

Next.. Riot-Paramore

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