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Soldier of Love, Sade - Reviews

Soldier of Love, Sade

Reviews of Soldier of Love, Sade

Reviewed by TJ Jackson - Sade is always on point.

Sade at her best. This album/CD has the it all. Babyfather is my favorite I sing it to my daughter all the time.

Reviewed by liz.g - Five Stars

Super classic Sade

Reviewed by Blackpearl - Five Stars

Classic Sade!

Reviewed by Kathleen A. Whitely - Soldier of Love by Sade

Have all of her CD's and absolutely love her music. This one is great, arrived quickly and was a present for my husband for Christmas!! He loves it too!!!

Reviewed by HIRAM J. REYNOLDS - Five Stars

Very nice, I love it.

Reviewed by ZANZIBAR - An immaculate Songstress

Sade's long awaited album is carried by the strength of 3 songs that can hold their own with any other songs in Sade's whole repertoire. And they are (4)"Babyfather" my personal favorite an upbeat soulful display by the band "Oh child don't you know your daddy love come with a lifetime guarantee" a little reggae overtone a very uplifting tune. (8) "In another time" This is the ultimate in a slow song. It makes you want to slow dance for maybe a half hour just loopin it. The violin, saxophone and piano arrangement par excellence, and of course Sade's smokey vocals the ultimate compliment to the music. Languid and sweet. Melancholy in a Blues kinda way. (9) "Skin" a reflective song upon past relationships but a bit more uptempo a definite head nodder to the 3rd degree. "Begin to wash you off my skin I'm going to feel you away because your are alright within". A solid CD with a few aforementioned instant classics. I have to savor this piece, for we do not Know when or if we'll see another.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by Vanessa Banks - Five Stars

Loved it.

Reviewed by Mellow Man X - She's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have heard many things about this cd. "Smooth Operator" with different words, same old stuff, time for a change, etc.. Well, all I can say if you have only put out five cd's before this one and you have sold 10 million units. IF IT AIN"T BROKE DON"T FIX IT!!!!!!! Sade is the Queen of what she does. Keep it coming the way you have in the past and into the great beyond. Thank you Ms. Adu

Reviewed by komos1 - Glad she's back

I recently rediscovered Sade just before her new CD came out. I'm so glad I did cuz I then really enjoyed this new release! I love her style, smokey voice and her band is a mainstay of her sound.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Side's music

I am a fan of Sade ' music. I enjoy her music. Very soothing to listen to. Very adult. Loved it.

Reviewed by Kevin Wilson - Five Stars

This is a good record.

Reviewed by albert tyler sr - need another

love it would like have another one it got lost

Reviewed by miriam - Five Stars

I can't say enough about Soldier of Love. I just love it.

Reviewed by Annie T. Jordan - Soothing

I Love me some Sade, always have. I wanted to see her in concert so bad and discover the ticket price is out of my price range, so what did I do, bought her lastest CD and just listen to that. Shes beautiful and very talented. So, if you like jazz and blues, this is the CD to purchase.

Reviewed by Jess - Sade is Great!!


I just recieved my orders from Amazon today, they are very fast as always. Thank you Amazon!

I must say that Sade have never dissapointed me with her music, and she did it again with this album. I hope to see her in a live concert one day, not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she is also a beautiful woman. Thank you Sade!


Reviewed by Griffin - Easy Listening

Excellent! Typical Sade.
Smooth & easy to listen to. The more you hear it, the more you enjoy it.
Almost hypnotizing.

Reviewed by Randy Parson - Sade's Soldier of Love

Sade, as always is at her best with the release of Soldier of Love. If you as a reader of this review is absolutely new to the sounds of Sade, I say you can't lose and you may want to purchase some of her earlier releases such as "The Best of Sade" and "Lovers Rock". For those who have listen to Sade's music in the pass, I say, "It's Sade!"

Reviewed by Ms. Maricopa - Songstress of the Year in my book!!

Sade continues to give us a peek of her world. She never disappoints us. Look for to her next CD.

Reviewed by David - Nice

Had this CD, but, lost it somehow. Had to get it again, it is worth the money..come on, it's Sade.

Reviewed by Len Bullard - Five Stars

Awesome groove A+A+A+---i want to marry this woman

Reviewed by Robert Quittner - VERY Romantic

VERY romantic CD. Great for couples.

Reviewed by Sinned - super music super voice

any product by Sade is super

Reviewed by Susan - Sade does the trick.

Aaaah relaxation of Sade is the best.

Reviewed by Blundar - Five Stars

One of the best Sade albums out. The concert was outstanding!

Reviewed by MMV - Part of the collection

Have been a Sade fan since the early mid eighties and never tire of her music. Today she is still just as sultry, sexy and intoxicating as she ever was.

Reviewed by L3rob - Five Stars

What can I say - I like Sade

Reviewed by Sandy Hines - Five Stars

W O W !!!!

Reviewed by Anthony - Five Stars

Can't go wrong with Sade.

Reviewed by T- - Sade Sade Sade

Sade is so smooth. Her music is soothing and really great. I recommend having this selection for your collection. Great music.

Reviewed by CD music collector - This is an excellent SADE CD!

This is an excellent SADE CD. She has a unique sound. Those pleasant lyrics and nice melodies are a pleasure to listen to. I would highly recommend this CD!

Reviewed by Joyful - Soldier of Love

I really love this Sade CD. She is extremely talented.

One of my favorite artist of all time.

I enjoy every song and play it over and over agian.

Reviewed by Donald Robert Gotto - Would recommend to others

Product was as advertised. Worked well with the seller. Would recommend to others.

Reviewed by Christian Kalala - Five Stars

I love it!!!

Reviewed by Carmen Torres - Classic Sade

LOVE IT! Classic Sade.....I listen to it every night and recommend it to all the millions of Sade Music Fans

Reviewed by Thomas Kowalski - Five Stars

Love Sade

Reviewed by Lee - Five Stars

It was worth the wait.

Reviewed by Brian Jones - Cd

She's best

Reviewed by Montrece White - Five Stars

Love Her:)

Reviewed by Pen Name - Five Stars

Entertainment to the max.

Reviewed by Franklin L. Millner - Five Stars


Reviewed by Larry S - 'nuff said

What can I say that has not been's Sade!

Reviewed by Pebble - Five Stars

As good as ever.

Reviewed by Mary Harris - Awesome even though it's old now its still great

SADE, need I say more. Awesome even though it's old now its still great!

Reviewed by mira shaw - Sade

Nice Cd

Reviewed by Judith Butler - SADE sings!

Anything by SADE I enjoy!!

Reviewed by Lotus - Five Stars


Reviewed by ronald sampson - Love Sade

Love this cd, her music is always great and not always the same. Music for every mood.She doesn't have an album every year so always special.

Reviewed by Y. Godley - Five Stars

I really enjoy.

Reviewed by Lance Walker - Five Stars


Reviewed by Ann M. Smith - Five Stars

It's Sade. Nuff said.

Reviewed by Denise S. - Didn't disappoint

Added this to my library of CD's . Awesome musician with a unique voice. Love her music and love this CD

Reviewed by Richard A. Snow Jr. - A message in the music

She has a way of drawing you into her experience and soothing your mind while there, explaining her vision and experiences in a way
that mesmerizes ones mind. Her silky vocals backed up by and excellent band. I have listened to her since her first album and like each and everyone since. She is amazing!

Reviewed by annonymous - Five Stars

Excellent album.

Reviewed by Pasquale Scorzetti Jr. - Five Stars

Nice item, great pricing, fast shipping

Reviewed by Ellie - Five Stars

Love it!

Reviewed by Ilona Samovskaya - Five Stars

love Sade cd Soldier of Love

Reviewed by CAROL BROWN - Five Stars

Very romantic and soothing - playing right now.

Reviewed by Ma - Five Stars

Big fan!

Reviewed by Trenniece - She hasn't lost her groove.

This CD lived up to my expectations. It is classic Sade and won't disappoint. She isn't trying to be an artist she isn't and for true fans, sticking to her style is a plus. Normally when an artist makes you wait for their work it is usually not worth it. For Sade, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Reviewed by Bill Thurston - Great!

As promised. Great!

Reviewed by SJ - Five Stars

Great CD!

Reviewed by LN - New Sade

With the music that the industry is putting out these days, its refreshing to listen to an artist who has remained true to herself. Thanks Sade! I welcome back someone who can actually sing and is not being sold as a commodity. The is first CD that I have purchased in a long time (besides Maxwell).

Reviewed by Rahoomma Duffy - SOLDIER OF LOVE

I love Sade music!! Her timing was right on during War time!! She must have a Love one in the Mililtary!

Reviewed by Lawrence Ivery - Five Stars


Reviewed by MARCIA LUCIA - Five Stars


Reviewed by Theion Temple LLC - Five Stars

Thank You...

Reviewed by Oscar R. Gore - Five Stars

loved the cd

Reviewed by Jimmie R. Brown - thank u

My merchandise was in good shape and it had no defects or anything.

Reviewed by Ernestine - Music & Food Lover

All of the product that I rated are great and the music is fantastic. Love my turkey fryer and use it every Thanksgiving.

Reviewed by Best Reviewer Around. - I'm a soldier of Sade for real!

The beat of this song is just so tight! It gets into your entire soul and you just gotta get up and move!

Reviewed by Patrice Garcia - Five Stars

Great cd.

Reviewed by Moise - Five Stars

my goddess

Reviewed by James T Huston - Five Stars

Quality product, quality service.

Reviewed by K. M. Levy - Awesome CD

This CD is a must! It's great for any and everything. I personally listen to "The Moon and The Sky." It's rare that you can find a CD that you and your grandmother can both listen to.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great Album!

I listened to Sade's "Soldier of Love" CD last night for the first time. I liked it so much I listened to it 3 times consecutively! I give it an A+! What more can I say other than I love this CD!

Reviewed by Kathy Hume - Wild Wild West Wonderful

SOOOOOOOO happy Sade is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CD better than I could have imagined. Play it all the time, everytime it just blows me away. So glad I bought it, waiting for more, get back in the studio Sade, PLEASE!!!!

Reviewed by Myrtis London - very nice songs, and sultry like she is .

love love love this cd I had it before but it got away from me. Glad I found it again.

Reviewed by Laddie H. - It is great

Her voice fit my EZ listening pleasure.

Reviewed by J N G - Five Stars

Good music and transaction.

Reviewed by Speedster - Sade

Waited awhile to see how others felt about SOLDIER OF LOVE. Finally picked it up and has not put it down since. I'll be waiting for her next album no matter how long it takes.

Reviewed by newbie - Five Stars

Arrived on time and description matched purchase.

Reviewed by Sexxy Mama - Sultry Sade does it again!

Sade absolutely killed it with this album! Every song is amazing! She is timeless and classic. I highly recommend this album to all Sade fans. You will play it everyday, like I do.



Reviewed by Paul Chavers - Five Stars

Great Buy!!!

Reviewed by drpdubb - Five Stars


Reviewed by amazon user - Brilliant!

It takes a few listens of a CD to get to the know the songs, so after about 10 listens, I am now ready to rate the songs on this album:

Songs I rate 5-stars:

The Moon and the Sky
Soldier of Love
Be That Easy
Bring Me Home
In Another Time

Songs I rate 4-stars:

Morning Bird
Long Hard Road
The Safest Place

Songs I rate 3, 2, or 1 star:


Overall rating 5: I believe if some of the other reviewers had waited until they listened a few more times, more would have rated this album 5 stars.

Conclusion: Another brilliant album from Sade!!!

Reviewed by Tanya G. Hall - Worth the Wait

I have been a fan all my life and ten years was definitely worth the wait. The writing on this project is profound and Sade brings the same soothing voice I fell in love with decades ago. Worth the wait!!!!!!

Reviewed by Lee R Jacob - Five Stars


Reviewed by Oscar Blas Ayala - Satisfecho por la compra - Satisfied with the purchase

El producto llegó en las condiciones estipuladas por el vendedor, estoy muy satisfecho con la compra.
The product arrived in the conditions set by the seller, I am very satisfied with the purchase.

Reviewed by LovedinSC - Absolutely love this

Great CD and classic Sade - the music I love hearing from her. Recommend babyfather for every daddy and daughter trip.

Reviewed by S. Miller - Amazing Artistic Release

Absolutely worth waiting for!!!!!!! SADE ROCKS!!!!! She and the band as well have released a wonderful CD. Very powerful!!!

Reviewed by bonesdug - Must buy for the Sade fan

I have gotten everything she and the guys put out since i bought their first album in 1984, Have been waiting for the new one since 2000, this album is great. Love the guitars, love her voice, the whole band is spot on for this sound. In a sea of inane trance like sampling, hearing real melodies is just the best. There are many putting out "music" but in the long run the chaff falls to the bottom. I dont mind waiting for quality. This is a great album.

Reviewed by collinla - A Must Have

This is a Must Have cd that's AMAZING Front to Back. All the tracks are Superb ! KUDOS SADE!

just buy the cd.

Reviewed by Sean K. Stewart - She's Back!

Sade remains an amazing and unique talent. I'm glad she makes us wait so long for new work. She's a smooth operator! I highly recommend this CD.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Preorder

Not as good as some other CDs from Sade. But it was at great price delivered fast. You can't beat it. I still enjoy a lot of songs from the CD.

Reviewed by Bill Mc - Sade is still great

The first time I listened to this CD I thought it was just okay. The more I listened the better it got. Sade is fantastic.

Reviewed by Thomas F. Hubbard - Solider of Love

This is a great piece of SADE's work, New, Refreshing, Romantic, Long over due album. The whole family loves it. thank you, Tommy

Reviewed by Mark - It's about time

Soldier of Love is typical Sade. Sexy and beautiful. I love her sound. Glad she's back making music.

Reviewed by Charles Swett - The Blue Label of Smoothe

Sade never records an album until it is perfect. It may take a while in between, but you can always be sure of being swept away with her magnificent smootheness and polish.
Being a representative of one of the world's most famous Blended Scotch Whisky brands, whose job is to give tastings, I always compare Blue Label to a Sade song, as the definition and personification of Smoothe.

Reviewed by Resort Hopper - LOVE and LOVELY SADE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reviewed by Edmond Washington, Jr. - Sade' Returns....Finally.

Love all her music since the early years. She has real talent that seems to be lacking in newer artist these days.

Reviewed by Billie J. Rorrer Boles - Great Buy

I like knowning that I got a great item for the best price I could have gotten any where. I got that here.

Reviewed by Helcris - SADE forever!!!

Whoever knows SADE from the past knows exactly what to expect from her new album. She's a music crafter, she is a poet! I love the arrangements. The main song, "Soldier of Love" is WOW!!! It's a nice way of describing love, which can pretty much resemble a battlefield, sometimes (laughs)!!! I love this CD... I love SADE.

Reviewed by Trauma Newell - Love this CD


Reviewed by DHill1616 - Five Stars

Came in record time and I Loved it!

Reviewed by Eric H. Edwards - Sade, if you know her...

Not much needs to be asserted;
if you know her music, this is another
wonderful set, if you don't,
you could start here and work back...
inventive,varied, full of her liquid voice
and preoccupations (like Love)

Reviewed by Jennie - "Class is dead, in the music business"!!

This woman is one of the most classiest acts around! For those of you giving bad reviews to this album...grow up!! I'm so sick of all the crap music out there. This is refreshing,new, and she does not sell out to the stupid "Look at me" syndrome!! Sade is the best! (Nora Jones...Boring)! Everything else sucks out there! If you have good taste, and want something different..this is the album for you! (To all the Lady Gaga's out there..get a're so cliche)!! I'm so happy Sade is back!! (PS...she dresses and acts like a real lady even though she's almost 50!! That's right I bet alot of young woman out there don't look half this good! Haters...get a life!!

Reviewed by Senjiwe Al-Muhadinis - Buy this music

It is November, workday, early morning. I have hit the snooze button twice. Turn the radio on with the remote, pull the blankets over my face. I hear the wind, the chimes, the horns, then the voice. I shoot upright stunned, I know that voice, but I have never heard this opening before IT IS Sade. I am on my feet at 5:12 am shivering as her voice rolls over me. It ends. Then it begins again from the top. The DJ announces "Soldier of Love" and nothing more. I am up dressed and gone... Blues and Cool breathes again.

Reviewed by Dana M. Allen - HOT !!!!!!

Sade, continues to make and put out quality material that her fans admire and respect. Thank you a million times over for a bangin cd with well written songs, amazing production and voice like no other.

Reviewed by Angela E. Kendrick - Satisfied Music Lover

This item arrived in the time that was estimated, and was in excellent condition. The cost was reasonable for this CD. I was completely satisfied with this order, and will continue to order from in the future. They are the best!!!

Reviewed by Robert G YokoyamaVINE VOICE - I love this new music from Sade.

Sade is back. She has always had a sensual quality to her music. This album continues that trend. She has a excellent band of musicians that enhance the music on this disc. Stuart Matthewman plays a smooth sax. Ian Burdge plays the somber cello. Juan Janes plays the romantic guitar on one track. All three musicians contribute their talents to make this Sade's best effort in years. I love this new disc. My favorite track is the title cut. I love the tight beat of the drums on this track. This song lifts my spirit. "In Another Time" is my other favorite track here. It is a song with lovely musical arrangements. I can feel the purity in her voice here. I love the piano playing and saxophone featured on this track. "Babyfather" leaves me feeling very calm. It has a nice regaae sound. "The Safest Place" is a very romantic song. The cello playing is beautiful on this track. "The Moon And The Sky" is a lovely song about trying to cling to a relationship. "Long Hard Road" is a reminder for me to never give up. The guitar playing sounds pretty here. "Be That Easy" is a song that puts my mind at ease. This song is very soothing. I love this new music from Sade.

Reviewed by K. Brown - Of Course It's Great

Sade did it again with this one. She and her band are masters so there's not much other than excellence to expect of them and that's what they deliver consistently. It's soulful, jazzy and classed up urban.

Reviewed by melvinmoormanwriter - That's My Girl--WE SHARE THIS WORLD!!!

Once again Helen has hit the mark.
Love this new CD.
She continually shares the family with me.
I'll always love her from the depths of my being!

Reviewed by DonMacVINE VOICE - Thank God

Finally, some real music for us grownups. Honestly, I have a hard time finding anything new that even remotely does not smack of cinemax-at-night, street crime or sexed-up Disney crap. I have loved Sade since 1984 and while biased, I do love this album (disc?). I like it better than Lovers Rock. It is so beautiful and so rich sounding. Real music should be like this. A great Valentine this year.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer Karen - Wonderful!!!

I LOVED this album! It is mellow, soothing, and beautiful. I can't stop playing it. It fills my soul. I hope she doesn't wait another 10 years to release her next album.

Reviewed by C. Bothwell - Love This C D

Was amazed to see this artist for the first time on Dancing With The Stars. Immediately wanted her latest cd. I have enjoyed it so much. Have almost worn it out already.

Reviewed by Caliph - Awesome CD

Greeat CD. Love Sade. I love all of her songs and past Cd's. She does an awesome job as always. Thanks and get this one. -Caliph

Reviewed by Mr. B - stunningly gorgeous

even though it's only be out a few days I feel like I'm wearing grooves in the CD from constantly play. It definately was worth the 10 year wait. Gorgeously produced, with nice little R & B and gospel touches. It has her trademark sound but has a different feel than her other albums. Sade's voice is as rich and soulful as ever. A must for sade fans.

Reviewed by bill - import lp

got this recently...great album..i have all of sade on vinyl..she is great..the lp is recorded very nicely and is a pleasure on vinyl..great buyer i got this from

Reviewed by Anonymous - Expressional, Very Relaxing......

This woman is a icon to music. I love her sound of music. Sade, you are so beautiful and you make great music. You are sensational. In the music industry, I don't really think there is no one out there who could top your style of music. Some people may not begin to understand what your music is all about. Just about every song on "The Soldier of Love" album is my favorite, but the one that stands out for me is "The Soldier of Love" of course. "Baby Father," yes, take it back to your roots. I just love Big That Easy. What a wonderful voice. "In Another Time" girl, I thought you were talking to me. Matter of fact, you are talking about me because I have been through some ups and down in my life and people has disappointed me, but when I listen to "In Another Time," I leave no trace of tears. Thank you for that. Keep doing what you do. You, Sade, is such a classy lady. I love you.


Reviewed by Music Lover 42, MAe - Recipient loves it

I bought this as a birthday gift for my son and he loves it. He is a longtime fan of Sade and I knew that he would like it. Glad that she is recording again.

Reviewed by CheddieVINE VOICE - Classic Sade

I added this release to my Sade playlist, and it melded perfectly with her other music. If you're a Sade fan, you'll love Soldier.



Reviewed by T. Gamble - Refreshing!

Sade thanks for coming back with another grand cd. It was a long wait, but it was worth it. This is what music is suppose to sound like. Artist are rushed into putting out cd's and come out with junk. Sade is one of my favorite singers, her music and Prince are cd's I have no problem of buying. True fan!!!!!

Reviewed by NotFamous - More Than Worth The Wait

The tracks on this album are cohesive and reminiscent of Sade's past style. I think this is better overall than Lover's Rock, regardless of whether it is as good as her older music. This is still one of the better albums, in total, that has been released in several years. I understand expectations have been high, especially since we've all waited so long, but this is far better than some of the customer critiques give credit. Listen to music in this genre and you would be hard pressed to find a better compilation. Sade is not historically about catchy hooks, rather her true uniqueness lies in the sultry way she weaves a song.

Reviewed by Janai - I Love It!!

The product have an excellent quality and it's that I was waiting. The articles came to destination just time. Excellent!!!

Reviewed by rkw2345 - CD Plays

Cd plays great music is good artist is amazing received the item for the shipper in a time manner with no problems.

Reviewed by lawstudent - Each song is a hit

Not entirely sure why people are leaving their impressions of an album on the day of the album's release...

Now, I'm a big Sade fan. I absolutely love her. She's sultry defined.

That said, I was disappointed... DISAPPOINTED... when i first listened to this album. I couldn't "feel" her. But this is Sade...

And this is her best album yet. Continue listening. Her rhythm has changed slightly. It's an evolution. Once you listen a couple times through, you'll see that this is the same Sade you've fallen in love with countless times before. She's just older, wiser, and mellower.

She's jazzy. She's sexy. She's Sade Adu.

Reviewed by tennischamp - excellent

for loyals fans ofSade, you will love this recording as it is one of her best. Add to your collection

Reviewed by CA Angie - Don't call it a comeback!

I absolutely love this album.. It was worth the wait! I love me some Sade!

Reviewed by Robert Riedesel - timeless classic

Glad to see Sade is back recording after a too long haitas. She sounds as good as ever.

Reviewed by ashley - Great CD

Came in excellent timing and was in great shape! It was a gift for my Mom. Great album! My Mom loved it.

Reviewed by JamericanSpice - Soldier of Love

I absolutely love this CD! SADE has done it again. I am not one to buy music albums because I'm so very picky about my music selection but all the songs on this CD is just right.

I posted a review about it here on my blog. [...]

I even bought it as a gift for my husband!

Reviewed by Steph1mc - New Sade

If you are a fan and have wondered when she was making a CD, you'll be happy to hear her voice. I would not say I like every track but I like her. And at 50, she still sounds and look amazing!

Reviewed by Pure1 - Mellow Sade

Sade new cd is what I expected - nice and mellow! I never heard the whole cd prior to purchasing it; I don't regret buying it!

Reviewed by J. Gravener - absolutely stunning

I just made a single CD of all of Sade's CDs, and when I play the songs randomly "Soldier of Love" fits in quite nicely with past efforts, even though the songs on this new CD have an edgier feel to them. I no longer hear the forlorn emotion of the past, one that might have been from a younger woman. I find these new songs to be more assertive in lyric, although the music is just as textured as before. Truly, I can never get tired of listening to Sade, looping and looping on my CD player.

Reviewed by Michael J. Klementovich - Another outstanding achievement

SADE did it again.......
Another top notch album........
Her best??? NO
Sade has to go in different directions as a creator of music....
So she cannot always give us the same old same old or it would be the same old ......RIGHT???
She is the only performer (Singer/Songwriter) that in my opinion has produced albums in which EVERY SONG is a good one and this is no different!!!!!
NOW QUITE SMOKING FOR GOD SAKE so we can enjoy you for many years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by TallMBA - True Sade

I am so glad to have new music from Sade. This CD is wonderful and her sound is crystal clear. She's my favorite musician and this CD rings true to her style & sound.

Reviewed by Sergio Lynn Eddie - This is REAL MUSIC

In a day and age when you turn on the radio and hear some of the most untalented people you've never heard of, it is so refreshing to hear some real music. This is what Sade does. They always give real music. The songs are slow, yes, but they all have a story behind them. This is nice and mellow music. The songs are wonderful. "In Another Time" is gorgeous. I love that song. Same with "The Moon and the Sky". " Skin" is a good track with a nice groove and a nice MJ reference in it. If you are a Sade fan, this is a good CD. If you are new to Sade, this is still a good CD. Try it and you will see. Plus Sade's voice is still as exotic and sexy as ever.

Reviewed by KMaguire - New sound, same Sade.....voice from Heaven.

Soldier of Love is worth adding to your collection! Once again, Sade shares her beautiful gift (voice) with those who have been waiting and wanting for some time now. I appreciate the new sound and style with some of the tracks, however, I can still hear the classic sound of Sade in most of them. LoVe, lOve, LOVE the new Album!

Reviewed by Karen Gadson - SOLDIER of LOVE was worth the wait!

I am a hugh fan of Sade. This CD is great and I love her style! It was definitely worth the wait after ten years.

Reviewed by Mike - Sade at her best!

I have always enjoyed Sade's music, so I am a fan and somewhat prejudiced. But this release is Sade at her best.

Reviewed by Robert S. Henders - Fast Service

Received item very quickly.Mailed out the same day as ordered.Came new,still wrappped,as ordered.No problems at all.

Reviewed by Joy Crum - input regarding order...

My order came on the time in which it was said to be recieved. I'm very pleased with my product. Thanks!

Reviewed by Laura - Always the Best

LOVE HER!!! Sade never disappoints. I have worn this CD out. She is the best and still at the top of her game!

Reviewed by RB3 - Sade - you go girl!

This is a wonderful CD to share with a mate/friend on a quite evening. Sade's smooth voice brings back fond memories of a time past.
Pour a glass of wine, curl up with a good book and allow Sade to take you to a special place.

Reviewed by M. R. hidalgo - Sade

It always take's me some time to understand her lyrics as deep as they are. But finaly I always start loving from track 1 till the last. Everyone should have this CD at home

Reviewed by Epikur - Can't stop listening. Thank you SADE!

Finlay, Sade shared her love with all her fans once again after a long wait. The music, lyrics and emotions that this album contains are symbol of the charisma that Sade's music has.
Great album!

Reviewed by DM - A voice of calm in the madness of today's music

Maybe it's the lack of musicality and depth in today's music that makes this album see light years ahead of anything released recently. I will admit to being a life long fan, but I don't believe you can question what Sade brings to the music world.

I've listened to this release in it's entirety since it was available.. played it in the car, in the Ipod and on the home theater to make sure I heard everything that could be heard. And I can say confidently that this another in a long series of great music. It's not Diamond Life or Lovers Rock, but it can't be - this is Sade after nearly 30 years of making music on their terms. And I think that's the key - how many artists in today's music scene can tell their label - You'll get the music when I'm ready to give it to you.

I think the other thing to note here, in most of the reviews this album is being compared to their other albums. Which could suggest that they have very few peers - we are comparing Sade to Sade. Each of the albums sticks out for a specific reason, you were going through something and that album was a comfort during that time. So judging Soldier of Love against Pride or Love Deluxe almost seems a waste. You have to take this album in this space today...

Now for the album

The album flows well, each song into the next. You can press play and walk away, no need to skip songs or pick and choose. Immediate standouts are "Moon & the Sky", "Be that easy", "Morning Bird".

In Another time in my opinion is one of the best arrangements I've heard since "Is it a Crime". The vocals, the melody - the placement of the piano, the strings along with the sax and bass build this song in a way - that most artists would want to study. This is what music is supposed to sound like. And the lyrics - she could be singing to any of the young and upcoming R&B singers, explaining how in time - it will fall in place. There are a few songs that require a patient ear, but that's good - if you've ever listened to Coltrane you know that patience is usually rewarded in a major way.

The title track is brilliant in the same way "Cherish" or "Flow" were brilliant. You can hear the band expirementing in sounds that aren't typical for them and yet it comes off almost effortless. I won't bother to compare this album to any other albums released by R&B singers recently ( if Anita Baker decides to release an album than we can compare ) - it does no one any justice, but it does highlight what is missing... music that's made for the express purpose of being good and a pleasure to hear. Not to satisfy contractual obligations or build a big enough buzz to get endorsement deals.

You could be disappointed in this ablum, but that would likely mean that you had a specific sound in your head and were thrown when you didn't hear it. I'm convinced this album will continue in the same tradition as her entire catalogue, it will go on for decades bringing smiles and tears to millions of folks. And isn't that what we expect from our music?
9 comments| 111 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse

Reviewed by R. Prescott - Be HIP-notized Again...

As with just about every one of Sade's releases, it takes a couple listens before you realize you've been hipnotized again by one of the most incredible singer/songwriters of her time, accompanied by a band that probably should all be individually famous in their own right but are just happy to basque in Sade's sunlight.
Such precision tightness and fluidity within a group of musicians and a singer is RARE and what is even more rare is the ability for that same group to put out release after release of high quality strokes of genius but, once again, Sade does it on "Soldier Of Love".
Sade was genius to insist at the begining of it all, that she be allowed to bring the band with her and to market themselves as a unit rather than Sade as a solo artist. The band wraps it's self around her vocals like a hand in glove and one compliments the other so well. The live experience with Sade is also worth every penny you have to beg, borrow or steal to buy a ticket to be a part of it! Don't miss a Sade live show if you can help it.
Soldier Of Love is no different from her other works. After about the 3rd or 4th listen, you begin to see the thread that winds through the entire fabric of the LP and makes it cohesive and concise. Then it becomes, once again, a treat for the senses that is what most of Sade's albums do to the listener.
My other half calls Sade "Sex on a CD" and when we heard "Soldier of Love" it was dubbed "Sex on a CD with a Mission!" Anyone who thinks anything less is not 'listening' or is expecting some top 40 fluff. A hit single is not necessary to make a Sade release incredible, but, if one has to have it, Soldier of Love does it for us!
She can wait another 10 years between releases if she wants to, but, I certainly hope not!! The only thing better than listening to Sade, is listening to NEW Sade. One of the best ensemble groups recording and touring. There is not a bad cut on this CD. It is sultry pop/jazz/torch at it's finest and deserves more than a quick listen and a hasty review as was required with each of their releases.
Soldier of Love is just another hauntingly sensual & breathtaking chapter on the ride...enjoy.

Reviewed by Apodaca - Sade is back and worth the wait

I have been looking forward to this release for a long time now and it was worth the wait. Sade has come along way in her song writing abilities and it shows on each new release. While some may prefer some of her earlier work because its a bit more 'catchy', it now sometimes sounds a bit artificial/synthetic in style and arrangement compared to her recent releases. Her lyrics in her last two albums have a deeper message in my opinion. As for the music, I love how this lady can incorporate DEEP bass into her music - no one does it better in my opinion. This album may not appeal for those fans still stuck in the past but Soldier Of Love is still a five star album.

Reviewed by Running in Place - Sade Soldiers On

Ten years passed between Soldier of Love and its predecessor, but Sade and her band pick up exactly where they left off, erasing time as the haunting "Moon and the Sky" opens the record. Sade experiments with the occasional new sound and revisits classic themes, but the outcome is always fresh. A mournful cello intensifies "Morning Bird," a poetic eulogy, while the soft reggae of Lovers Rock resurfaces on "Babyfather." With its love-gone-wrong lyrics, "Skin" plays like an update on "Bullet Proof Soul" with a greater emphasis on resolve and inner-strength. The rhythmic title track is almost cinematic. It sounds like no Sade song before it but fits comfortably into their catalog. Soldier of Love is an exhibition of a band's longevity, and it is a gift to Sade's longtime fans.

Reviewed by muzic mania - the return of sade......Im in love with this soldier of love

what can you say, after 10 years sade comes back and it was all worth the wait. Sade is one class act. I was glad there were only 10 track and not more, too many artist these day put 15 to 17 songs on a disk, and most of it is just filler, unlike sade, you get 10 strong tracks, Soldier of love, Babyfather, Be that easy all great songs. Some people who have reviewed it and thought it was not catchy enough, but sade is not a pop group tryin to see top 5 hits, its about the grove and the soul of the music. Some people complained about not enough sax, I was glad they tried small but new sounds, it all sound great to me. This is as always a 5 star cd just like all the others. thanks for the new cd sade, hope we dont have to wait another 10 years for the next.

Reviewed by M. Rodriguez - It hurts

After so long, an eternity, since 1984, Sade can touch you just like she did when you were a teenager.

The melody and the ballads just roll in in a cascade of sensuality that lingers on. Her voice has not changed, the chemistry is identical. Simply soulful and heart wrenching.

As we age, we become nostalgic and we wish we could go back in time and feel what we did then.
Of course that is impossible, unless you listen to this Sade album.

Thank you Sade for making those sad moments less sad. And when you do, you become alive again.

Reviewed by Daniel Murphy - Music for the soul

With their sixth album in twenty five years, Sade has returned with their latest album Soldier of Love and has recaptured the imaginations and ears of listeners worldwide. With their lush sounds and renowned stunning smoky vocals they have set a benchmark for any other artist to live up to.

Their opening track The Moon and the Sky is rippling with emotive vocals and lyrics setting the tone for the entire release. The track is a welcome reminder of what Sade is all about. The ambience and relaxing qualities make the track standout from anything that they have previously done.

The title track Soldier of Love is far more percussive than anything the band has ever released. The sharp hip/hop sounds are a step in a new direction for the band while, at the same time, staying true to what is almost expected.

Babyfather shows the band experimenting with an almost Jamaican sound and is composed of lush sounds and lyrics telling the story of a father/daughter relationship. It's sweet and melodic and leaves the heart of anyone who has troubles with their father aching to pick up the phone and just call him to say hello.

Not content to stay with one genre, further experimentation comes across in Be That Easy which is a borderline country music track. The relaxed vocals and melody create a comfortable atmosphere for the ear. The unobtrusive sounds are calming and blend easily into the background.

Other tracks on the album blend seamlessly into each other. The smooth production and careful consideration, time and effort that has been put into each and every song shows resplendently and showcases the sheer overwhelming talent that the band posses.

The final track is The Safest Place and will remind any listener of what they experienced when they first heard Sade. The same ambient instruments. The relaxed atmosphere. The chilled out vocals. The culmination of what has made Sade such a landmark band since their inception all those years ago.

Soldier of Love is not only an album suited to a dinner party but can be played when ready to kick back and relax after a long day at work. The true majesty of Sade is in abundance throughout the release. The beauty of the vocals and the calm tones of the music. It is a testament to why they have enjoyed such longevity without the ongoing and continual releases of some other artists which pollute today's airwaves.

Reviewed by FattyTwoByFour - Best album of 2010.

I was never really a fan of Sade until I heard this album. I heard the "Soldier of Love" single, and it caught my attention. It was so different than everything else being played on the radio. So I decided to purchase the album, and I was blown away.

This album comes from such an honest place. Music today is often created by the artist, and then filtered through a record company before it reaches us. You can tell that this is not the case with Sade. This is music that will touch your soul. Life is pretty much madness right now. But I throw this cd on in the car, and it instantly puts me in a different space.

I love all the songs off of this album. You can listen to the samples, and see why. This album has made me a fan. I have been exploring the rest of her albums, and all are equally as great. Sade is timeless. I cannot wait to see the band live this Summer! Give this cd a chance!

Reviewed by Alex - Sade works her subtle magic

This isn't the Sade that emerged in 1984 with the big radio friendly hits Your Love Is King and Smooth Operator. The groove is still there in tracks like Babyfather, Bring Me Home, Moon & the Sky, and the hit title track. But on the whole the album is more spare and acoustic, continuing on the bold progression the band began with 1988's Stronger Than Pride. The overall effect is haunting, sometimes raw like a gaping wound (Morning Bird), but always compelling. There is an odd moment on the album--the country-ish Be That Easy. It comes out of left field, and remarkably it fits with the whole, a pure piece of that Sade magic. You may have to mine a little deeper for this album's treasures; like my other favorite Sade album, Stronger Than Pride, Soldier of Love doesn't wear its appeal on its sleeve. Like that album, it's subtle, its soulfulness hidden in unlikely places. And that's precisely why this album is so rewarding to listen to every time.

Reviewed by NeuroSplicer - LIQUID VELVET

Christmas break of 1998, second floor living-room of a New Jersey Victorian house, visiting friends; the snow started falling at dusk and now it was well underway, the generous flakes absorbing any sound in the atmosphere. The fireplace radiates a soft glow and the sweet scent of burning pine wood. Tucked in the couch, I am reading a good spy novel. And on the Stereo, Sade's Love Deluxe is playing over and over, making the evening unforgettable, etching every detail to my memory.

Since then the deep, magic voice of SADE provided the soundtrack of many evenings of my life. However, LOVE DELUXE remained unsurpassed. SOLDIER OF LOVE though came as close as none other album.

SOLDIER OF LOVE is a masterpiece. Every single song is wonderful and yet LONG HARD ROAD and IN ANOTHER TIME are the ones I feel longing for. Both of these songs remind of Sade's signature sounds. The rest of the album though takes well studied steps, dancing around her previous works.

Fans will find this album comfortable like an old favorite sweater and fresh like untouched morning snow. If you do not know Sade, this is one of her albums that you must have.


Reviewed by Alice in WondlandVINE VOICE - I love her voice and I love this album!

Soldier of Love is Sade Adu's fifth studio album, and it's another great one. She has the most interesting voice - smoky and sultry, and this album shows it off very well, especially Morning Bird and Bring Me Home. I love her voice and I love this album!

(Review of Sade: Soldier of Love)

Reviewed by M. Kelly - Soldier of Love - what a wonderful album!

I have every piece of music Sade has published and felt compelled to buy her new album just to complete the set. I was astonished to hear how beautiful this album is. Haunting, soulful, hip, artistic - just wonderful! I have a hard time saying this but I think this might be her best album ever. Her arrangements cover a full spectrum of motifs and sounds. Her lyrics are deep and meaningful. Her story telling is second to none in this genre. Get a good set of headphones to experience the depth of her sounds - the warmth of the atmosphere she generates with every breath, tone and harmony. She has not lost an ounce of vocal purity and range. She is aural Cabernet - perfecting over time. What a talent! What an album! An oasis in a dessert of rather mundane contemporary pop music. Thank you Sade...

Reviewed by Remus D. Nasui - Unmistakeable SADE

I love SADE, it's that simple.

Due to the relative scarcity of new Sade albums, I hardy ever look for them in the store. I came across this album by pure accident, through a visitor who brought it to me (also a Sade fan). I was not dissapointed.

To me at least, it seems that Sade has taken a bit of a different approach to her musical expression since Lover's Rock which was not my favorite but still a worthy listen. I think Soldier of Love continues that trend and if I start to read into all the lyrics of the songs and listen critically to the song structure of the songs I just MIGHT start complaining. But I simply put the cd on and let SADE do her thing ... and so I fall into her spell. For me it's that simple, enough said.

Many thanks for another album. RESPECT and LOVE.

Please come to Canada (Toronto) for another tour so I can be there with my wife.

Always a fan, new and old.

Reviewed by Sandy Shore - Review

The singer who is easily the most recognizable and most-played vocal artist on radio for three decades and who has been the poster child of our genre since it's inception, is poised for the release of her first album in ten years! Her 2000 release, LOVER'S ROCK sold 3.9 million copies in the U.S. Yes, Sade Adu has regrouped the band that bears her name, and SOLDIER OF LOVE is due for release on February 8th. The first single is the title track and it is marching its way straight up the charts. The groove is rich and compelling and the lyrics are deep and drenched with experience of love, which as we know is often a battlefield, hence this evocative line "I'm at the borderline of my faith, I'm at the hinterland of my devotion... in the frontline of this battle of mine... but I'm still alive." Welcome back Sade... soldier on girl, we've been waiting a long time! ~Sandy Shore

Reviewed by Flexible_Strategies - The wait is over!

Sade fans rejoice. The wait is over...and it was worth it. Once again Sade has blessed us with her silky voice and her soulful grooves. I was lucky, not to mention honored, to see her perform Soldier Of Love on Jimmie Kimmel. What the television viewing audience saw was a goddess. Pure perfection. What they did not see was a truly classy woman. When they brought her out onstage, those of us in the studio audience simply erupted. I have never seen a smile so big as the one she gave all of us there. Sade exudes class without coming off as a diva. The Moon And The Sky is classic Sade. The militaristic determination of Soldier Of Love resonates with experience. It's the aspect of love as a battle that most of us can relate to. My personal favorite: Skin. Sade, smooth and sexy. Welcome back Sade!

Reviewed by Nse Ette - Marching to her own beat...

Hands up all those who know what Sade has been up to the last few years! I thought so, very few. The British/Nigerian chanteuse keeps well out of the public eye when there isn't an album to plug. Not for her the splling out of cars sans underwear, hanging with toy boys, or trapsaising all over town clad in next to nothing like most of her peers do to court the press, yet she still shifts millions of units; look and learn guys!

It's been some ten years since the last album, "Lovers Rock", and Sade returns looking and sounding as though all those years never went by with "Soldier of love" comprising ten elegant tracks, impeccably produced.

Opening is "The moon and the sky" with deep bass, lashings of guitar and sprinklings of Spain, followed by the menacing title track with crunching martial beats and lyrics about being "In the frontline of this battle of mine", using warfare as a metaphor for the vagaries of love. Sounding world-weary, this is the album's most upbeat moment, almost Trip Hop.

Morning bird has a beautiful minute-long intro, leading to a haunting ballad with mournful cello and muted piano. "Babyfather" is a rollicking Reggae-ish bass/brass heavy song with Sade's daughter Ila Adu on additional vocals, and lyrics that may or may not be about Ila's father and his love for her. Such is the mystique.

One of the briefest songs, "Long hard road", is also one of the album's best moments. Beautiful guitars, weeping cello, and a longing and heartfelt delivery in those famous dusky tones.

Be that easy is a delicate organ-driven Country-tinged ballad with whistled coda, while "Bring me home" with clipped beats and haunting harmonies also recalls (like the title track) Trip Hop by acts like Tricky or Portishead. In fact, she has largely drifted from the horn-rich Jazzy sound of earlier songs like "Your love is king", "Is it a crime", or "Smooth operator" for a darker more acoustic sound.

The Jazziest moment comes on the languid horn-flecked "In another time" which also boasts robust string solos, a stirring sax solo, and the cautionary lyrics to Ila "You'll be surprised, girl, Soon they'll mean nothing to you".

Recalling songs like "Flow" or "No ordinary love" is "Skin" on which she is ready to "wash you off my skin, I'm going to peel you away..." (and name checks Michael Jackson to boot) set to a groovy Reggae-tinged bassline and steel guitars.

Closing is "The safest place", a spectacular string-swathed guitar piece with reverbing effects in which she offers her heart as a cocoon of safety and love. This reminds me a bit of her "Pearls" (which just won a Grammy for India.Arie, by the way).

The music scene may have seen numerous fads come and go in the past decade, but you wouldn't know it listening to this. Sounding as usual like no one else out there, here's hoping the wait for the next album from the band won't be as long. Already a strong contender for album of the year.

Reviewed by D.A. - Love Sade

I love Sade. This album is soothing to the soul. Beautiful songs. Sade never fails or disappoints. I highly recommend this album.

Reviewed by Chanel - Thank You.

I simply want to say that this album is amazing. I especially got connected to "In Another Time." Although I don't think Soldier is their best album it is my opinion that the song "In Another Time" is one of their best, ever. You can't keep making the same record over and over again... as some have said it doesn't compare to their last records. Opinions are going to be different as this album is different but, to me its still Sade. Its smooth, meaningful, sexy, and fulfilling. Oh, and it went #1 its first week out selling about half a million I believe :) I mean to say, today there is so much out there that is overrated, over-produced, too hyped.. that its a bit sad. So, I personally find it refreshing to have Sade, Paul, Stuart, and Andrew back on the market. Thank You.

Reviewed by Melodee C. - I love every track....

I absolutely love Sade's new CD! Welcome back, Sade Adu! This is a CD that you have to put it on while cleaning the house or on a long ride to work and just let it play over and over. You also MUST listen to the words of each track. Very deep. Really good message in each song. I have had it in heavy rotation since I downloaded it. I love "Another Time, Be That Easy, Babyfather, Skin, Bring Me Home, The Safest Place, Soldier of Love (my least favorite), Morning Bird, Long Hard Road and The Moon & The Sky." YES that is ALL 10 songs!!!! Listen with fresh ears. This is Sade 2010 and I love it! The instruments sound soooo damn good!!!! Take a listen................
My only complaint is............the CD should have had more than 10 songs. Sade: This isn't the old days..........WE want CDs with lots of tracks and lots of good songs! But girlfriend you still have IT!!!!! God bless you and again, welcome back my sista! I am ready for your concert! Please come to Raleigh, NC! I would love to see you in concert with Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Ledisi. "The Neo-Soul Sistas Festival."

Reviewed by Ben - we are all soldiers of love...

I love that Sade and her band are back with this beautiful offering. These are all gems. Sade's voice is as great as ever. All tracks are really mesmerizing and at this moment i love the pensive "The Moon And The Sky" , the neo-bluesy "Be That Easy" and the reggae-lite "Babyfather". All other songs are superb as well, they are all killers no fillers here, but at this moment, these are the ones that i hum all day and night. A must for Sade fans old and new, and dare i say, one of the best albums contender for this decade!!!

Reviewed by Xavier O. Sanchez - A superb tribute to the heart and the passion of fury

The CD for Soldier of Love is by far, yet another of Sade's finest moments. As deep and sensitive as her thoughts go, this music yearns and stays with you. I find myself humming or harmonizing as I work through my day. I am captivated and moved by "The Safest Place", a magnificent work of genius, for anyone who has ever felt the emotion of love. It reminded me of a dream that I once had, of love lost and preserved in my heart. "Soldier of Love" grabs your soul and beckons a call for Love, waiting, and watching...until you find someone new. It's all a journey that transpires into a tug-of-war with your emotions of love and trying to understand the reasons why we fail or succeed. I was completely intrigued and moved.

Reviewed by Kim - down since 1984

A classic Sade cd. If one just listens to the lyrics, you will hear so much growth form an artist who has observed love and the daily struggles of human life. Her story is sang over a bed of powerfully emotional music. You have to get your eye, soul and heart into her music to appreciate it. With art, make no comparisons to past projects, if you do that, you have truly missed the point. People who do this have a hard time accepting growth. Favorite tracks 1,2,9,10 a great cd and in heavy rotation in my car!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Sade is a Soldier of Love

Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)
Sade maintains her style without compromising her taste. A true fan will recognize and enjoy her sounds, still, today. Fabulous. I enjoyed the two new song styles on Soldier of Love and remark about her traditional taste. Sade is timeless and classic on this CD/Album. She continues to make brilliant music that captures your heart and stirs your soul. Well, I guess to keep your style and flavor, you have to be a soldier for what you love and cultivate it. It is unfortunate, the times which Soldier of Love could be indicative about. by ShuGaimes

Reviewed by Review person 2017 - Five Stars

one of Sade's best!

Reviewed by mediafan - Music with class

The title cut establishes her as the quintessential Sade. The bassline is fantastic. Then her smooth voice makes it a great hit. She is consistent with the rest of the cd as well. She brings her usual grace, style, and class to each track.
Well worth a listen.

Reviewed by Omari - Triumphant Return

First of all, all of you who gave the CD anything less than 4 stars must be on crack cocaine!

The CD is a breath of fresh air in this day of overproduced, over packaged so-called talent, replete with half naked booty shakers........"All the Single ladies" The music industry is dying because of a major lack of talent.

Thank God for Sade. Enjoy it, because she will never make another CD and the industry no longer produces artists! They only produce soft porn entertainers like Beyonce, Shakira, Fergie, Pink.................

Celebrate The groups genius and originality.

In this hypercritical world just chill and enjoy true artistry at its best.

Great CD!

Reviewed by J. Allen - TEXAS Loves the New Sade Album

This new album "Soldier of Love" is really great.
how could anyone not like it.
Some people don't have good taste and don't know a good artist when they hear one, music is not about the trashy lyrics, not about the graphicness of things or the Misogyny of women.

the old people have to teach the new about the quality. :)

this new album speaks volumes of greatness, the group has taken years off, the live life to the fullest, and write and sing about the battlefield of love.
they sing about loss and pain.
the highlights of the Cd is
The Moon & The SKy so thought provoking, Sade seem to singing only you, so beautifully written and sang.
Morning Bird, you sang me into life, so emotional, so intense.
IN Another TIme, I Love Stuart on the Sax, great job.
The Safest Place just lovely, not words to describe it.

Sade has long been missed, yet cherished over the years, so wise beyond her years.
I recommend this album for 2010 album collectors.

Reviewed by Brett D. CullumVINE VOICE - Soldier of Love a welcome return for Sade

I'm a long time Sade fan going back to when I was a wee lad who couldn't stop listening to DIAMOND LIFE. I loved the jazzy blue grooves, and thought the singer was hypnotic in her delivery of meditations on love gone wrong and right. SOLDIER OF LOVE continues the tradition of Sade, being a low key very jazzy affair that won't surprise fans. It should please them though! The title track is a little harder than what has come before, but the rest of the songs sound like what you expect from Sade. There seems to be a little more reggae in here, but other than that you could play "Smooth Operator" right after any one of them and not miss a beat. Great stuff!

Reviewed by AHOkie4Life - Great album! Vintage Sade.

I've been a Sade fan for over 20 years and really looked forward to this album. I loved Lover's Rock and I waited 10 years for this. This album is immaculately produced. Every song have a unique sound to it. I don't really understand some of the negative reviews that I've seen posted. There are those older fans who wanted something similar to her older work. Why???!!! A true artist will always grow with their work. However, there is no denying that this is Sade. Track #4, Babyfather, is vintage Sade. For the younger listeners, this is what real soul sounds like!! I can't comprehend anybody not liking this album, but I guess I'm just biased and a huge fan. Give it a listen. Sade deserves that much.


Sade's new release is hypnotic and compelling; I have been listening to this CD over and over since it arrived, and I love it. It is not easy to peg--it's not cool jazz, exactly, and definitely not folk, pop or rock; it's just Sade doing something really unique and expressive. It's so dreamy, so easy to listen to, and so touching; a unique vision. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by WILLIE ADAMS - Simply Sade...A wonderful collection of songs

I have been waiting a long time for new music from Sade. That is why early this morning even during an approaching snow storm I made a trip to Target to buy the album (shhh don't tell Amazon) and I am very pleased with the album. What I love most about the album is that is purely Sade and nothing else. No guest appearances from rappers, or artist of different genres, it sounds just like a Sade album is suppose to sound. I really hate how R&B of today relies on guest appearances from rappers and other gimmicks to be considered "HOT." It's one of the reasons music nowadays becomes so played-out so fast. While I have enjoyed the whole album my favorites are Soldier of Love, The Moon and the Sky (a potential second single IMO), Babyfather, Long Hard Road, and In Another Time. Everyone, cherish it while we can because the next album may be another 10 years...I Love You Sade!

Next.. Soldier of Love, Sade

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