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Still Into You (Live at Red Rocks), Paramore - Reviews

 Still Into You (Live at Red Rocks), Paramore

Reviews of Still Into You (Live at Red Rocks), Paramore

Reviewed by Toni - Great As Usual

This was a little different for them but great. It's nice to hear them show a different side. Great work

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great song

I used to be into Evanessence and this group seems similar. I don't know about the rest of the album but I'll give a listen

Reviewed by Aaron. Mcmahan - Great song Great buy

It doesn't sound like typical paramore but if you give it a chance it is a great song. And I would recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by lordoflies - Five Stars

fun song

Reviewed by Twitchy - Five Stars


Reviewed by C. Berryman - Paramore is awesome!

What can I say? Loved it on the radio, now I own it and I can listen all I want.

Reviewed by sircrumstar - great lyrics fun beat.

So fun! I really enjoyed the lyrics and the beat they both made me feel like heck yes! It helps me feel like ya my girl still wants me.

Reviewed by DMO - great song.

rock still lives! this is a great song and doesn't have any rap garbage mixed in with it. Just good rock,

Reviewed by John M Sr - Great Down-Load Quality

Great Down-Load Quality

Reviewed by shopper567 - Five Stars

Love this song

Reviewed by Canyon - Great song

Love this song

Reviewed by Cocoa N. - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Taylor - Five Stars


Reviewed by Ladysuki1289 - Probably Won't Buy the CD

I LOVED the early Paramore CDs, but Brand New Eyes was very hit and miss for me. This song reminds me of Paramore when the group first started, and I really like the way that it sounds. I probably won't purchase the entire CD (I didn't really care for most of the samples I heard), but this song is really very nice and soulful.

Reviewed by katherine wagner - yeah...i like this song...

So cute. Uh....paramore is alright... but this song is catchy and I couldn't help downloading it. So there. Two words.

Reviewed by david - great song

i really like this song but with mp3s, i don't think you would generally download a song unless you liked it

Reviewed by Benjamin Carter - i love it

paramore has never been better. first i was expecting a hard song/album but it's really the opposite. it's amazing! paramore never changed, they just grew up. i recommend buying this song and the album.

Reviewed by jennahms - Could listen over and over again!

Love this track and the strong female lead! Great band, and love to see a song enforce sticking with a relationship rather than jumping to the next stranger at a party. :)

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great Song

This song is excellent. It really proved to be an excellent song release for them. It really shows they mesh well as a group with the new people. Their album was stellar as well.

Reviewed by J.B. Taylor - Buy it, listen to it, and make sure to thank me later.

This is a sweet and endearing song from Paramore. Buy it, listen to it, and make sure to thank me later.

Reviewed by J.B. Taylor - This song gets you up and moving and wanting to sing out loud.

This song gets you up and moving and wanting to sing out loud. It's catchy and fun and brilliantly sung by Hayley Williams. I highly recommend this song.

Reviewed by Arielle Gorder - Awesome band

This is a great song. The band has a great voice and is really good at relating their songs to everyday life for people.

Reviewed by M. Bishop - AWESOMENESS!

I highly reccomend ANYTHING Paramore puts out. I love the lyrics. It's comparable to listening to a book with your ears.

Reviewed by hgbjz - Great song

I loved it, a little different from the older ones but I love Paramore and their new album is great!

Reviewed by Kathryn.McMillan - still into you

paramore's still into you is awesome. I would definitely recommend this song to fans. It's not her typical work, but it's still good

Reviewed by jt - easy download.

Perfect experience. Downloading was easy. I was looking for this specific song and it was easy to find. Would recommend.

Reviewed by Cait - Love this song!

This song is great for dance, and I love to listen to it on the radio. It is a definite buy!

Reviewed by Laura B. - Butterflies ;)

After all this time...I still love this song!!

Reviewed by M. Chee - Five Stars

awesome song.

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