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Stronger Than Pride Sade - Reviews

 Stronger Than Pride Sade

Reviews of Stronger Than Pride, Sade

Reviewed by HS - Five Stars

I love it

Reviewed by djjahski - Straight from the heavens above.

Sade is truly an angel. This is one of my favorite albums of all time.

Reviewed by Out4Adeal - I love Sade

You can't go wrong with Sade or her music - timeless classics. Smooth, easy listening for mellow occasions and mood rhythm!

Reviewed by joshua trosclair - Five Stars

loved it

Reviewed by Alexandre - Five Stars

One of my favorite albums!

Reviewed by denise m. taylor - Five Stars

BEST ALBUM EVER!!!! She read my soul!!😩

Reviewed by Theion Temple LLC - Five Stars

Thank You

Reviewed by D.Maddred - Five Stars

Great album

Reviewed by Raul A. Orue Galli - Five Stars

Excellent lp!!!

Reviewed by imgranmachris - Stronger than pride

Very pleased with the CD and her music on it. I love Sade's sound and her music, and it is one of her best.! Clean heart is on eof my favorite songs she does.


It's still kinda confusing...Is this a Group? or Is this an Artist? Bottom line it was another smash album delivered! Not only did it go Platinum, 2 (Two) more Billboard Charted Hit Singles! "Nothing Can Come Between Us" (#3), and "Turn My Back On You" (#12). Sade has ALWAYS had a unique sound that infuses Soul, Pop, Contemporary Jazz & a little Middle-Eastern flavor, and the world is loving it!
Also from this landmark project was the album favorite: "Love Is Stonger Than Pride". In short you either Like or you love Sade! In this case I think was more Love in the sales of 2 (Two) MILLION +!!!

Reviewed by FunGal78 - Simply timeless...Simply the best!

We are now living in a time where music just in not real music. When my Sade CD arrived, I was so thrilled. While I was listening to every song, enjoying a nice glass of wine every now and then, I was amazed by the pure vocals of Sade. Her background vocalist and her musicians are incredible. She is simply timeless and you would not believe this CD was released as early as it was. It sounds like she just released it. This CD is for sure one to add to your collection and you will enjoy everytime you listen to it. Sade's voice hangs over you like a blue light mist and her music surrounds you and wraps you up and doesnt let you go until the very last song ends. I love her.

Reviewed by komos1 - Love Sade

I have been collecting the Sade CDs I don't have. I'm very happy with the outcome of the musical talent on this CD. Love her voice and the band that contributes to their unique sound. I listen to this CD often and always appreciate the different facets of her voice.

Reviewed by Lindell Chavis - My Girl

I will say this is one of Sade's best yet. I have been a fan for many years and I love all her music. BUT this is the best yet.

Reviewed by CD music collector - An excellent SADE CD!

This is an excellent SADE CD. She has a unique sound. Those pleasant lyrics and nice melodies are a pleasure to listen to. I would highly recommend this CD!

Reviewed by A. White - Perfect

This CD is one of my all time favorites. This CD makes you want to sit on the beach in a chair and stare at the water while drinking some fruity drink with nothing on your mind but relaxing. The best way I can describe this CD is: a warm tropical breeze.

Reviewed by Princess - Never tire of Sade

I have most of Sade's music and never tire of her peaceful and enchanting music. My grandchild of 15 loves her music as well. Between Sade and Enya we are set!

Reviewed by MAGNOLIA P - Yup, its truly Stronger Than Pride!!!

Always been a Sade fan....and everything about this cd is crafted with care, love, intellect, truth, class, and very good taste...

Reviewed by RL - Super

As I described most of my CD's, you get a great price, free delivery and a guarantee on top of that. Super performer and all good songs.

Reviewed by Susan Harris - cd

I love Sades music. I gets down in my soul. I have listening to her since her first record came out. Dont miss her music.

Reviewed by Sparkle - One of the best

As usual, Sade sings with rhythm & sensuality. She is unique and
wonderful to lister to & sing along with. Enjoy!

Reviewed by rkw2345 - CD Plays

Cd plays great music is good artist is amazing received the item for the shipper in a time manner with no problems.

Reviewed by B. M Phillip - Great CD

I have always loved Sade and this CD never disappoints. Great chill out music for a nice, summer day.

Reviewed by Leeann - Wonderful Sade

I absolutely love this CD and I have many of Sade's CDs but I must say this is my absolute favorite. I play it over and over again.

Reviewed by Dante Butler - stronger than pride

there is only two words t say(THE BEST)I am very happy after waiting so many year for Sades new recording.

Reviewed by William H. Crosby - Sade Stronger Than Pride

Was very satisfied with product! Shipped in excelellent condition and received within excpected time frame.

Reviewed by lam0858 - Love Sade!

An older album, I just recently acquired it, and of course, it's wonderful! With this gorgeous voice you just can't go wrong!

Reviewed by D. M. Basker - SADA CD's

I really enjoy both CD's. The amazon price was better than others I checked into.

Reviewed by The GuardianTOP 500 REVIEWER - Stronger than other music from the era, Sade's 1988 masterpiece never seems to age

Sade's third album release from 1988 is characterised by minimalist compositions which allow Ms. Adu's expressive voice to take a more dominant role, the result a sublime collection of songs evoking sundown on a languid tropical evening.

Whilst continuing the essential groove of the first two album releases, `Stronger than Pride' exudes a greater confidence than earlier efforts; the band no longer has anything to prove. In the 21st century one might expect a pop-influenced jazz album from 1988 to sound dated, but not so: the phrase "less is more" was never more true than here. The core band - Stuart Matthewman on guitar and sax, Paul Spencer Denman on bass and Andrew Hale on keyboards - remains unchanged from the debut. Each is a strong musician/composer and together they form an organic unit with distinctive character, the perfect vehicle for Sade's mature, lush vocal lead.

`Haunt Me' and `I Never Thought I'd See the Day' are distinctive mood pieces which define the album's groove: stretched-out, enigmatic, with slow minor-key flourishes from tenor sax and keyboard. Even the upbeat pop single `Keep Looking' with driving drumbeat from guest drummer Martin Ditcham underpinned by Denman's insistent bass line doesn't break the spell. The song collection as a whole has a distinctive character and seems to belong together as a family, very much in the way of Fleetwood Mac's classic 1976 album `Rumours'.

This is one sublime, classic album, the perfect complement to a summer afternoon or evening. Of all Sade's releases, it has endured the best; it's timeless. Check it out.

Reviewed by Ashley M. Blanchard - Poetical Temptress

Together, Sade and Sweetback have made some of the best love making music on record. When you combine silky smooth vocals over a lush music-bed immersed in ethereal bliss, it can only intensify intimate experiences. Musically, Sade is like a self-contained human ripple effect of romance and seduction. The content is primarily all love and passion, thus drilling the message in fans heads about the musics purpose. When an artist focuses the majority of the content on love then you can live by the heart but also get torn by it. Sade's poetical prowess and concepts, regarding the subject of romance, never falls into monotony. On "Love Is Stronger Than Pride", there are undertones of a more vulnerable side from Sade that wasn't always prevalent on her earlier releases. The heartbreak of "Turn My Back On You" and the anti-worrisome "Keep Looking" are songs so detailed and vivid that they could only come from somebody who had experienced rough times. The album doesn't contain a "Smooth Operator", "Sweetest Taboo", or a "No Ordinary Love". However, this may arguably be Sade's most consistent album from top to bottom. The Sweetback band strikes up some of their most poignant music yet and the lyrics are very poetical and progressively self-analytical. Some people will pride themselves in having this album but stronger people will love themselves for having it.

Reviewed by rmcrae - Secrets of the soul

The most common criticism of Sade is that they don't change their sound very often and most of their songs sound the same. It's true, but up to a point. In all the 20 plus years the group has been recording they've created a sound that is distinctly their own and never radically changed. However, none of their albums sound exactly alike if you take the time to really listen to them.

Three years after leaving their fans begging for more, Sade and the boys went back to the studio and created one of their best works ever. Gone were Stuart's red hot sax and the jazzy background of the prior albums, but more Latin and Middle Eastern influences took their place. The production was more sparse and refined, but filled to the brim with slight nuances. Because of that, Stronger Than Pride is their most misunderstood album and the "elevator muzak" tag was slapped on it and the band as a whole. Lazy ears lead to unfair judgements, I say.

The hazy, hushed title track finds Sade wanting to abandon a deceitful lover, but her love for him trumps her pride. "I still really really love you/Love is stronger than pride." Background singer Leroy Osbourne's softly deep vocals mix perfectly with Sade's breathy, light as a feather contralto. The tropical Paradise picks up the tempo slightly. There's not much to the lyrics, but the strength comes from Sade's chant like delivery. "I'd wash the sand off the shore/Give you the world if it was mine/Blow you right on my door/Mmm mmm, feels fine!" The video of Sade dancing with a little girl in a Mexican village brings the song to life.

Sade promises her lover that nothing can end their love for each other on the bass heavy Nothing Can Come Between Us. Once again, Leroy's background vocals fit Sade's like a glove. The aptly titled Haunt Me features only Sade and some strings. The lyrics swearing pure devotion are poetic and heartfelt. "And if you want to sleep/I'll be quiet like an angel/As quiet as your soul could be/If you only knew you had a friend like me." "Try to tell you that it's alright/Ooo I'm not playing/Can't you see what I am saying?/You are my religion" Sade assures her man on the percolating funky pop track Turn My Back On You. Very dancable.

The airy Keep Looking is a great song to listen to whenever you feel unsure of yourself. Although your detractors "tell that you're wrong/You do it all the wrong way", "Don't show your weakness/Don't let them bother you, no/Keep looking!" My favorite part is the end where Sade sings "Don't lay awake at night/Thinking about your worries/Thinking about your problems/Don't lay awake at night/Thinking about your worries" like a comforting friend.

Clean Heart tells the story of a young man with a "clean dream", but a "bad start". Turning to crime in order to make life better for his family, he meets a tragic fate. Sade's emotional vocals and a distant trumpet heighten the sadness of the man's death. "And as the moon slid up over the restless streets/Sirens mocking and people stop to see/Their greedy eyes don't realize/He's someone's son/Finger on the trigger for the years to come." Sade asks her lover to "tell me the secrets of your soul" and "give it up and let go" on the lovestruck groove of Give It Up. She breaks out with abandon on the chorus.

My absolute favorite song on the whole album is I Never Thought I'd See the Day where Sade discovers the betrayal of her beloved. The music is low key and Sade's vocals hang over it like a light mist. The best part is her desperate plea "I wish you could shelter me!/Shelter me now!" Stu's slightly muted sax breaks out in it's first appearance in the background. Brilliant. The sax makes it to the forefront of the Spanish tinged instrumental Siempre Hay Esperanza (There Is Always Hope in English). It's sexy and fluid, but never meanders.

It's not surprising this album was seen as a disappointment at the time of it's release. Especially when compared to the bombastic, technicolor pop of the 80s, but it traded popularity for timelessness. Viva Sade!
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Reviewed by Todd Hampton - My favorite Sade album....4.5 stars

This is a difficult album to review, mostly becaue it is so special to me. To be honest i must admit right off the bat that this is my favorite sade album. Stronger than pride is the third album from the group Sade. By this time the group, at least the lead singer Helen Folasade Adu was well known across the globe for their brand of lounge soul music. Stronger than pride has a decidedly latin flavor to it although you wouldn't be able to tell that from the first track Love is stronger than pride. This has to be the best Sade ballad I've heard from her. It is a superior song in every sense of the word from the haunting music to her heartwrenching vocals to the poetic but so true lyrics. The rest of Love is equally as powerful as any other Sade album. Paradise put plainly is simply a beautiful song about love which Sade does so well. Nothing can come between us is an intimate song about lovers which is another favorite of mine. Haunt me is another melancholy song which is enhanced by the haunting acoustic guitar that accompanies it. What was a suprise in listening to Love is is that there some funk on it. Funk isn't something that you immediately think of when you put on a sade record but it's there. Turn my bacl on you, keep looking and Siempre Hay Esperanza are about as funky as a sade album will get. The basslines in theses three tracks makes these sangs especially turn my back on you (gulp ) almost danceable. While this may not have been her most popular album, many critics complain that she is treading over the same material again. ( Who cares if it's as this good ! )This will probably keep this album from being thougfht of as a classic by anyone except me. Like one reviewer said that this album isn't for beginners. It's more like an album for the connoisseur of fine Sade music.

Reviewed by A customer - Very Underrated

I don't understand why Stronger Than Pride is not considered one of Sade's best albums ever. Stronger is the record which converted me into a Sade fan. Prior to hearing Stronger, I liked "Your Love is King" and that was about it. "Hang on to Your Love" and "Smooth Operator" have always been unimpressive to me. Stronger has some of the best lyrics and melodies ever heard on record. Sade's best song ever has to be "Clean Heart". Granted, some of the songs which have more dance oriented leanings don't showcase what the band or the lady are truly capable of accomplishing on record, but they are not horrible tracks. I loved this cd so much, I was prompted to purchase "Promise" which came out 3 years prior to Stronger's release. "Promise" is a great album as well, but I don't think anything on it matches the lyrical content or melodic feeling of "Clean Heart", "Haunt Me" or "Love Is Stronger Than Pride".
Sade continues to evolve and show the world that they are truly in a class by themselves. If you haven't seen their live show, you are missing out.

Reviewed by SJ - Real Music Lover - Sade's Best Album

I am a big Sade fan and I have to say this is by far their best album they've made. It sounds different than the rest of the albums they've produced. Some of the songs sound the same on it, like for instance "Paradise", "Turn My Back On You", and "Keep Looking". My two most favorite tracks on this album are "Keep Looking" and "Clean Heart". I also love the title track, "Nothing Can Come Between Us", and "Never Thought I See The Day". This is an album I listen to when I just wanna chill during an afternoon, or listen to in my car. All in all it's a great album and I recommend any Sade fan to buy it if you don't have it already.

Reviewed by John Jones - Sade's "Pride" is stronger than most

Ask anyone to name Miles Davis' three most influential works and "Kind of Blue" will no doubt be one of them. Unanimously considered one of jazz's most important recordings, the album consisted of songs that were compositionally minimal, giving Miles and his band so much space to play with, it naturally lead to growth and expansion. Sade and her band tried a similar approach on their third outing, 1988's "Stronger than Pride." Leaving behind the lush, thickly-chorded approach to songwriting found on their first two albums, here the group opted for strikingly simple songs; half of them only have three or four chords each. But the room this affords Sade's luminous voice is priceless, and when combined with the subtle production effects sprinkled tastefully throughout the record, you have something of a pop-flavored modern jazz classic.
Love is Stronger than Pride relies on tom-toms for its backbone, and keyboard effects from the late 80's should by all accounts sound dated...but here they do not. Acoustic guitar accents are littered about, and the final result, a warm and blissful sensuality, is perfect for lyrics like "I can't hate you, though I have tried/I still really, really love you/love is stronger than pride." The album's smash single, "Paradise," consists of one bass line and two chords (three, if you count the spontaneous-sounding variation the keyboardist throws in near the end), but the song lacks for nothing. Instead of using chord changes to break up the song, we instead have very distinct verses, choruses, and a bridge, thanks to subtle changes in vocal melody. "Keep Looking," another sultry midtempo treasure, and the album's other hit, "Nothing Can Come Between Us" boast a couple more chords but essentially use a similar approach.
For those fans that appreciate Sade's slower, percussionless ballads, the record offers the Spanish folk-flavored "Haunt Me" (considering her vocals here, a most appropriate title indeed), and the gorgeous "I Never Thought I'd See the Day," a ballad so open it's almost impossible not to envision the massive expanse of an ocean at sunset while listening. Featuring only ethereal keyboards, strings, and the occasional muted trumpet flourish, there's an incredible amount of space in the song's production; occasionally you can even hear the hi-hat keeping time that the microphone must have picked up from Sade's headphones while she sang. The mood here inspires one of Sade's strongest performances, with an impressive range of texture and projection onhand. The sweet ballad "Clean Heart" and the seductive instrumental "Siempre Hay Esperanza" are the sort of material you'd expect from Sade, but on the irresistible "Turn My Back on You," the band gives hint to the harder-hitting, funk-laced pop that would make up the bulk of their next album, 1992's "Love Deluxe." Here a massive drum beat and thick bass line give the song a sturdy backbone, but the jazz guitar and Rhodes keyboards are subtle, and with Sade's high, breathy vocal (generously reverbed), you're faced with an altogether different kind of funk, the kind you can either dance to at a club or seduce with in the privacy of your own home.
Initially criticized by some for a predictable sound, "Stronger than Pride" certainly stands taller when viewed in retrospect. Sade may not have the most varied approach to singing, but the beauty and purity of her voice makes it able to go anywhere, and the giant leaps in production prove that her band realized this. A crisp remaster for 2000 makes it nearly three-dimensional, and what you're left with is one of music's most distinctive voices and bands offering a stellar work rich in experimentation of groove and production. Anyone interested in how to make a pop record more interesting will no doubt learn volumes from "Stronger than Pride." And everyone else can just drown in the beauty.

Reviewed by J. Johnson - STRONGER THAN MOST

Sade's third album,1988's "Stronger Than Pride",came off the heels of a three year hiatus for the beautifully 'exotic' singer and her band.This album was intially bashed by the rock press(see a harsh Rolling Stone review for yourself) as being "lifeless" and "redundant".Most of that negativity stemmed from the fact that "Stronger Than Pride" was much more loose and less supper club sounding than the bands' previous masterpieces,"Diamond Life" and "Promise".Sade had just married a Spainard(photographer Carlos Scola) while recording this album which explains the strong proto-salsa feel of "STP".The arragenments are much more loose.Yet sill holds the elegance and restraint of Sade's past work.
The polyrhythmics of "Parade" have an upbeat,easy going feel...known with salsa.The atmospheric "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" still sends shivers up this Sade aficando's spine.The moody "Haunt Me" also has a Spanish flavor with it's muted feel and Sade's aching vocals in that trademark husky,ghostly voice.
The pure "Clean Heart" ranks with Diamond Life's "Frankie's First Affair" and Promise's "Tar Baby" as Sade's honest songcraft.Except "Clean Heart" is without all the garrish production of those two aforementioned classics."Give It Up" with it's catchy refrain also wins.As do the lazy stroll of "Nothing Can Tear Us Apart"(which the same Rolling Stone critic called 'lifeless') which features the vocals from the overlooked Leroy Osbourne on background.And the bass line still holds up.
Most intresting though as far as new direction on "Stronger Than Pride" is Sade's strident attempt at funk.No our herione hasn't turned in James Brown on us.But "Turn My Back On You" and "Keep Looking" do show an obvious nod to American funk in their mellow,jazzy tones.Both songs are heavy on the hook and low on actual passages but they still work."Keep Looking" is an inspiring ode to uplifting ones self.Although Sade would leave funk alone on the next two studio albums,it would be intresting to see what the Queen of Cool and her worthy princes would do today with some funk in the mix.
Stronger which concludes with the funky and Latin-jazz tinged intrumental "Siempre Hay Esperanza" holds up as one of Sade's best albums.This is defintely NOT an album for Sade beginners but for a beautiful album with much purity and chance-taking,"Stronger Than Pride" is the one.

Reviewed by WILLIE A YOUNG II - Love Is....

The opening title track is easily her best ballad. Listen to it in a room all alone on a rainy, quiet afternoon. The gentle, soothing, African-flavored percussion and muted guitar backing will have you floating on a cloud. When she intones "I still really, really love you, love is stronger than pride", you will be instantly enveloped in her womanly warmth. The upfront bass and drums of "Paradise" will draw you in even deeper and the rest of "Stronger..." is just as inviting. Several tracks from this album have become light FM jazz staples, and with good reason. Sade (the entire band, not just the lead vocalist) create upscale, classy, relaxing yet urbane and imaginitive music that sounds perfect in any enviroment. "....Pride" is a welcome addition to any collection, and will both relax and uplift you with every listen. This wonderful album hasn't aged a day since 1988 and is highly reccommened.

Reviewed by David R. Miller - Smooth and Sultry

I have loved Sade since here first album "Diamond Life" back in the early 80's. She always delivers smooth R & B. Her music IS R & B to me. And she does it again here on what is probably the least popular of her albums, but it is just as good and is essential to a collection. Tracks like "Paradise" and "Clean Heart" are just what the doctor ordered when you are feeling stressed or restless. "Siempre Hay Esperanza" is a real gem and is simply beautiful. And my favorite is the track "Nothing Can Come Between Us", it sticks in your brain for days.
I don't know where she is now or what she is doing, but I hope she continues to record. It would be a shame to deprive the world of such smooth and sultry music.

Reviewed by Jobiwan - My Favorite Sade Album-For Now

Everything Sade does is brilliant, exceptional, amazing and original. For their third album they got away from the jazz heavy chops of their first two spectacular albums and went for a more consistent groove and funkiness. Every cut on this album is a hit! I personally am very fond of this late 80's European sound akin to Simply Red or George Michael. But what makes Sade so powerful is the band, not just Helen Adu's vocal range- which is seemingly endless. If you don't own this I recommend you buy it along with everything Sade has done. Sade is in my top favorite bands or artists of all time so maybe I'm biased but I just can't understand how anyone would not enjoy "Stronger Than Pride" or any Sade album for that matter.

Reviewed by MMT - Stronger Than Pride

A lot of people don't care too much for this album. I think Sade and her band did an excellent job. This is first class,pure classic Sade. EVERY song on here is worthwhile. Here it is May 2014,and it still sounds great. THAT'S good music.

Reviewed by A customer - I think it is Sade's best

I finally bought this cd today after wearing out several cassettes.It is so good.I really think it is her best.As much as I love Promise,if I could only listen to one Sade record it would be Stronger Than Pride.Every song is great.I never critique song by song.I just say the albums are either great or stink.If you are a Sade fan,how can you not love this one?The playing is fantastic as always.And her voice is .........Is it obvious I love her?My gosh what an exotic and beautiful woman she is.I just hope I get a chance to see her in concert sometime.I am afraid time is running out though.Does she ever go on tour?Please let me know.

Reviewed by JoB - Soulful

I was quite surprised by the album in all honesty. My mom owned the album and I never listened to it for over a decade. Then one day I imported it onto iTunes just to listen to it and was quite hooked. The album's title is a significant one, really strong album.

Reviewed by Andre' S Grindle - SLICK!!!!

This album cover features Sade Adu's on the beach and this
tropical setting perfectly describes this albums overall sound.
The opening tital song is a minimal drum-based seduction while
the grooving funk of "Paradise" and the closing instrumental
Siempre Hay Esperanza offer enough of a change of pace to keep
thae typical Sade smooth-soul groove pervading the rest of this
album locked into place.The EXACT transitional point between
Promise and "Love Deluxe",btoh literally and musically!

Reviewed by G. J Wiener - Just As Good As The First Time

The style is pretty much the same as on Diamond Life, but the results are just as good. Sade is consistent from recording to recording as this batch of songs is filled with fresh new hooks and some variety to spice up anyone's life. Haunt Me is a standout track with some thought provoking lyrics and vocals as well as a stunning guitar passage. Like Paradise, Turn My Back On You, and Give It Up groove along quite nicely. In my book, if you like Sade, you should just get all of her recordings because she is a consistent artist.

Reviewed by Scott C Elliott - This Is The One!!

I happen to love everthing put out by this band, but this is the calling card, if you will, of Sade. Every song is a winner. As soon as it opens, you can feel the warm air hit you. Then you are in Paradise. And on and on...this is a sensual, if not always content, journey of life. You can taste, smell, feel as well as hear the eroticism, sadness, hope eternal, vision & strength of conviction in the music, the lyrics & in the voice. I can't imagine this one not being in any true collector's possession.

Reviewed by Kelven J. Pealer - Nothing Can Come Between Us..........

After a three year break, the group came back strong with this recording in 1988 called "Stronger Than Pride". If your are old enough to remember, Sade was at their prime, and even though urban radio was starting to focus on the new-jack artist of the day, such as AL B Sure and Guy, Sade found major success with such singles as, Love is Stronger Than Pride, Nothing Can Come Between Us, and Paradise. Over all, this recording was then, and is now, in a class by itself.

Reviewed by A customer - This girl is too tight!

Wow. Sade strikes again. As usual, Sade has made a way excellent album. I listen to it every day because I love it so much. Her pictures wallpaper my room. She is a goddess. And Stronger Than Pride is a really good album. I wish I could get everybody I know to listen to it. Sade's kind of singing is different from any others that I've heard. I think I'm gonna love her forever. Matter of fact, I know it.

Reviewed by Jeremy Baughn - The Best from the Queen of Cool

I purchased this album upon it's release and remember a review saying that this album left a "cool mist" hovering over their turntable after listening to it.Amen.On a hot summer day this is the ultimate selection.All of the popular female acts of our time should take a lesson from the absolutely coolest of our time.This lady is the best and this album could be her best.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - timeless and beautiful...

Stronger than pride is special. Transcendent in every sense.
Pure in motivation, design, and execution, it is as close to perfection as artistic endeavors could ever hope to be. Each note floats around the listener while the hypnotic melodies sooth the soul and inspire the mind, something very rare. Sade crafted quite possibly the world's most beautiful piece of music.

Reviewed by imafunker2 - Unbelievable beautiful

Oh my lord, this is the most incredibly gorgeous woman i've ever seen...The freckles on her face are just so hot, so sexy, i'm positive i've never seen anybody even approach Sade in the looks department.

Yes, the musics great too....sorry, one track mind all of a sudden!



Reviewed by j.j. - Another masterpiece

'Stronger than Pride' follows the jazz-pop 'Diamond Life' and the darker 'Promise'. On this one Sade goes for a more 'World Music' style with spanish & southamerican/caribbean influence.The result is an unbeatable album from top to bottom. This is another masterpiece from Sade. 'Love is Stronger than Pride' is my all time favorite Sade song.

Reviewed by A customer - probably my fav Sade album

Mabye it's just me but this album strikes me as the strongest work from Sade. Stuart Matthewman's smooth sax and Sade's vocals give this album a hushed, mellow quality. If you like Getz/Gilberto or The Cowboy Junkies Trinity Session you will enjoy this CD! Many tracks such as the instrumental Siempre Nay Esperanza are better than a number of the tracks on the Best of compilation.

Reviewed by A customer - LOOK AND FOUND


Reviewed by Dance Dance Dance - 5 is not enough

Wow people do not understand Sade's power. Her lyrics man you feel her. You love her. You understand her. She makes you feel in a trance of love amongst the clouds. This album is wonderful, Every song is worth being a single. I love the drum beats and strings, and breexy feel to it. Great Job once again Sade.

Reviewed by A customer - Sade I-do!!

Like all of Sade's albums, STRONGER THAN PRIDE is filled with smooth, sultry music; this album has a little more of an R & B flavor to it compared to her jazz backgrounds in PROMISE and DIAMOND LIFE. This album is great, I'd recommend it to any music lover. Just another hit product from Ms. Sade Adu.

Reviewed by A customer - Hypnotically Erotic!

This is one of the most erotic CD's I've ever heard! It is a MUST HAVE for anyone who enjoys listening to seductive music with their spouse. The music on this CD will transport you instantly into another place - a tropical island paradise where time stands still and your problems melt away... at least for a while!

Reviewed by A customer - This does not suck

I honestly do not understand what is so bad about this album. It has some really good songs on it. This album is seriously underrated sometimes. Stronger than Pride is a beautiful album, just like the rest of them, I think everyone should try it at least once.

Reviewed by Jamar Kemp - ONE OF HER BEST




Reviewed by A customer - Sade is the absolute best mellow music.

If you like mellow music, Sade is the cream of that crop. Her music is timeless and her image is unspoiled by the years that have passed.

Reviewed by Precious A. Mccoy - Sade Rocks

I was quite nervous ordering a used CD, but the price was incredible so I said, 'what the heck', and am still reaping the benifits. Not only did it arrive promplty, it was in better condition than I thought. Great Job. I would definitely order from the person in the future.

Reviewed by A. R SCOTT - PLEASANT!!!!!


Next.. Stronger Than Pride, Sade

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