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The Best of Sade Original recording remastered - Reviews

The Best of Sade Original recording remastered

Reviews of The Best of Sade Original recording remastered

Reviewed by rfbest - CD

I got this for my Mom for Christmas. She loved it.

Reviewed by Camille S. - Five Stars

Though this is a used CD I was very please with the quality!!

Reviewed by Randy R. - Sade at her best. This is the first time I have bought ...

Sade at her best.This is the first time I have bought her music. OMG!Totally incredulous! All day everyday!

Reviewed by LadeJade - Who Does'nt Love Sade?

I ordered the best of Sade at amazon, and I am very pleased with my purchase. It has all the classics like "Cherish the Day" and "Smooth Operator". Sade music is sexy, smooth, easy listening. Sade can be the "icing on the cake" for a romantic evening, or relaxing music for long road trip. You can't beat the price! and the company packages the product really well, so no cracks or damage. I would definitely recommend this product!

Reviewed by MARCOLO - Sade at her Best!!

I love her voice it doesn't make you wanna go out and punch someone.
To me it's very relaxing music it helps me think of life in a more positive way.
Instead of hating the world all the time, and it doesn't only talk about sex.
I think she is a very pretty women, and just think I'm Italian/Irish and I don't have a problem with the color of her skin or her race cause she's of the human race.
Any way this album is a very worthyful album to buy, oh yeah I'm a BIG jazz liker too.LOL
I rate this CD a 5 of 5 stars!!

Reviewed by Andromeda Dude - An Excellent Sade Collection

This album is truly a great collection of Sade's greatest hits. The mastering, engineering, and editing is top notch as well.

Reviewed by Steven I. Bennett - love recollected

Sade cause's some serious inner feelings of when love was in my life as I skied the back bowls of "Vail" Colorado.Her tunes resonate a deep understanding of the dynamics of being in love and listening to her voice makes it well up from the deepest recesses of the human psyche.

Reviewed by Janell - Thanks!

It's here and its a surprise birthday prize!

Reviewed by vocation - Don't be afraid to try it - you won't be disappointed

Great CD - easy listening and very enjoyable

Reviewed by Scarlet - Loved it

Present for my mom and stepdad, they loved it.

Reviewed by ALEXANDRA CUELLAR - Five Stars

Must have for any vinyl collection!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Smiling...

Very pleased will use seller again..


Shipped in proficient time. CD arrived ahead of schedule. No damage. Packaged really well. Played excellently in my car stereo. Bought back memories. Have purchased from this company many times. Will continue the relationship.

Reviewed by Patti - Awesome CD of Sade

Always have loved Sade's music. This is the best of the best of her.

Reviewed by Curtis Davis III - I love Sade. This is a good record

I love Sade. This is a good record.

Reviewed by Theresa Brown - Soothing to the Soul

I love Sade! Music is so soothing!

Reviewed by Michael V. - If you like 'early' Sade

If you like 'early' Sade, this album is for you. Sensual, daring, Sade's best is the best. Wish she had done lots more concerts in Greater Boston.

Reviewed by design123 - THE QUEEN OF ISLAND SOUL!!!

Sade is a QUEEN of island SOUL. Every song is so powerful and full of meaning. I recommend this album to all!!!

Reviewed by Ted Siok - WOW!

Sade reaches me deeply. Lovely music that will bring out the romance in ya!

Reviewed by deane scoggins - Five Stars

Was glad to find this CD, it is a favorite.

Reviewed by Antonio Luis Sapienza - Wonderful voice!!!

She has a wonderful voice!!!

Reviewed by Janet - Five Stars

I love this CD. Very relaxing after a long day at work!

Reviewed by Simone Bittle - Five Stars

All of her hits on one CD.

Reviewed by C.J. - Simply the best!

I don't have any words to review this CD because her music speaks for itself. Sade is one of the few talented geniuses in the industry. I would recommend this for anyone who has a great appreciation not only for music, but for lyrics as well.
Every Sade fan out there MUST own this! And for those who don't know Sade or are just beginning to explore her music, you MUST own this.

I simply cannot imagine music without Sade. :-)

Reviewed by Readlovewrite - BUY IT NOW!!

cant go wrong listening to Sade. These songs are lovely.

Reviewed by tiffany smith - Best

Love love love sade

Reviewed by A.W. - It's Sade? Shame she had to piss off her ...

It's Sade ? Shame she had to piss off her original band as they made her what she is/was.

Reviewed by Mary - Sexy and Sultry

Sade has a sultry seductive gorgeous voice and these songs are perfect for her.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - IT IS HER BEST


Reviewed by Nilsa M. Rivera - Five Stars

Great CD! Satisfied with purchase! Thanks!

Reviewed by Jeffrey M. - Five Stars

Prompt service excellent quality

Reviewed by tracey - Five Stars

Very pleased

Reviewed by Charle - Sade

what a voice!

Reviewed by Lois Hoffman - Five Stars


Reviewed by Father Knows Best - Perfection

Perfection! Unforced, smooth as silk, sultry, cool jazz. Why isn't Sade more famous?

Reviewed by Jim McGinn - Five Stars


Reviewed by gary crawford - Five Stars

love it

Reviewed by Paula P. - Recommend!


Reviewed by Sheryl M. - Love Sade!!

Indeed…..all of her best songs, that bring back great memories. Great to relax to, and just chill. Sounds awesome.

Reviewed by washtay - Five Stars

Excellent collection of songs by the classy Brit, Sade!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

great album

Reviewed by W. R. Shields - Great

I can travel down any roads and be entertained by the vocals of Sade. The rhythms are soothing and the lyrics calming and pertinent to life. Great purchase!!!!

Reviewed by gerrierose - great cd!

The item arrived on time, great cd!

Reviewed by K. Brownfield - Five Stars

I love Sade...very sexy music. Look her up on Youtube...she's a classy lady.

Reviewed by Johnna I Woods - Favorite artist

Sade is my all time favorite artist and her music is timeless and anyone who knows her music shares my sentiments. The best of Sade album is definitely in heavy rotation. If you haven't heard this cd, I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Bobbie Natividad - Five Stars

Great sound

Reviewed by Mother "T" - Five Stars

Great product, fast shipper.

Reviewed by TAMMA HAYES - Five Stars


Reviewed by R. Peeler - Five Stars


Reviewed by Jeepin' rocks! - Smooth CD

Terrific CD. Hard to find a smooth, beautiful voice like Sade.

Reviewed by Honest Critique - Great CD

Classic Songs!!!

Reviewed by michele Del rio - Love Sade even though she hasn't written a cd in ...

Love Sade even though she hasn't written a cd in a while her old stuff is still soooo good. I have boughten 2 CDs of hers already.

Reviewed by Alice Panossian - Five Stars

Great collection with some of Sade's greatest hits.

Reviewed by Blondie39 - Five Stars

My all time favorite of Sade!!!!!! I love just about every song of this particular CD!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by William Layman - Five Stars

Exactly as described

Reviewed by james yuille - Great songs

I have enjoyed her from the start. All of her best.

Reviewed by Rich - Great

Just a great album...

Reviewed by Linda J. Adams - Five Stars

great service and price

Reviewed by Cadillac1970 - AWESOME

Her voice is so unique and beautiful you can't stop listening to it.Such an incredible artist. Such a beautiful lyrics.Every track is amazing. One of the most beautiful CDs you ever buy. If you love music you have to have this CD.

Reviewed by CARRIE MOORE - Five Stars


Reviewed by maya - Awesome

Perfect cd for what I needed

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

It's a very nice album.

Reviewed by Rebecca K. - Can't stop listening to her amazing voice!

Fabulous cd! Can't stop listening to her amazing voice!

Reviewed by Mariana - All the great songs by Sade

All the great songs by Sade. could not be happier! I always love the music by Sade so It was great to find her music from years ago!!Enjoy it very much.

Reviewed by Shannon L. YarbroughVINE VOICE - My First Taste of Sade

Wow!! I always wanted to own a Sade cd, but never took the time to buy one until I heard her latest song one night on an episode of Sex in the City. I would often hear one of her songs at 3am in the morning if I woke up and discovered I had fallen asleep with the radio on, or while shopping in a [retail store]. Finally, I made an effort to get one of her cds. It's the best music to fall asleep to, and I have even bought a live album of hers since!

Reviewed by Larry Poloskey - Five Stars


Reviewed by John H. Richmond Jr - Five Stars


Reviewed by Dawn - Five Stars

Very nice

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Smootj

Wow you just can't go wrong, such a smooth CD. Fell in love with it all over again.

Reviewed by T. E. M. - Five Stars


Reviewed by scott s. - ALL winners on this album!

Sade is so unique and this makes all her songs fun fantasy singing potpourri

Reviewed by AJ D. - Five Stars

Awesome gift and impeccable sound!

Reviewed by tnman - More

Sade is new to me, but this album is really good. I expect I will find some more to buy.

Reviewed by Tomasina - Sade's Lovely Voice

I had this CD for several years and it somehow got lost from its sleeve. Searched high and low but never found it. I have always loved this one by Sade.

Reviewed by R. K. Leech - A great cd!

Great music and Sade is the very definition of sultry!

Reviewed by Sahariana - Five Stars

Excellent and full of hits.

Reviewed by JEFE - smooth

Love Sade's Music. She has a smooth sound that is mellow and relaxing. Very entertaining. Smooth Operator, Your love is King. to mention just a few favorites.

Reviewed by catrina marshall - Five Stars

CD was in great shape!

Reviewed by watch change - I love all songs from the cd

All songs in the cd are so good.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Love this album one of my all time favourites ...

Reviewed by nurse_judith - The Best of SADE

A wounderful soulful...bit of carribean sound thrown into the music. A great addition to your music collection. The listening works great anytime you want to relax to a good sound. Sade has always been one of my favorite artists and I think you will agree that this album is a very special one.

Reviewed by Michelle - Five Stars

I love Sade! All her music is amazing!

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Reviewed by Bobby - Five Stars

Sade's music is wonderfully sexy, sensual and full of soul. MY kind of music!

Reviewed by Gregg Madsen - Sade has an incredible voice! Every song brings out ...

Sade has an incredible voice! Every song brings out a rather dreamy and sultry effect while displaying Sade's sexy and intellectual style! :)

Reviewed by Beverly M. - Five Stars

Soothing and pleasing.

Reviewed by Javier Guzman - Great seller!

Item received as described. Great seller!

Reviewed by Cyrus Brown - I love Sade. If you enjoy smooth pop/jazz with strong ...

I love Sade. If you enjoy smooth pop/jazz with strong vocals you might like this CD. Kind of grows on you.

Reviewed by Jen. - love this cd

love this cd

Reviewed by Michael - Couldn't get any better than listening to the sensuous

Couldn't get any better than listening to the sensuous, sultry voice of Sade while cruising with your babe inside or out.

Reviewed by Katherine A Basher - Love it!

Great for rekindling our romance!

Reviewed by h.m flores - Five Stars


Reviewed by Roca - Great album

From the first to the last song is just pure sweetness,if you are in the mood for good music with a lot of heart and soul this album is a most.

Reviewed by shelley - Five Stars

Nice smooth jazz.

Reviewed by Michael R Adams - Five Stars


Reviewed by Angela D Morris - Five Stars

I love the entire cd!!! I mean it's Sade. You can't go wrong!

Reviewed by Chris - Love this girl!

Great voice!

Reviewed by VBCoach - Five Stars

great compilation

Reviewed by john may - Wonderful

I enjoy Sade so much.. she has no bad songs!! her voice is clear and her lyrics are just beautiful.. She has stayed in the music world a long time and only gets better!!

Reviewed by Albert Grande - Unique, original, relaxing!

Simply the smoothest sounds, relaxing riffs, and mysterious voice. This an album I should have purchased a long time ago... Outstanding!

Reviewed by dveda - Five Stars

Love this CD!! thanks!!!

Reviewed by Bogart14 - Sade

Another favorite......... Very relaxing for the body and soul....... You can get lost in her music............ Transforms you to another time and place !!!!!! ~

Reviewed by Kathleen A. Morris - Sade Is Awesome!

Sade is the best! This is a great CD - I also have her new CD, Soldier of Love - I listen to both of these CD's over and over again! I have to admit - she has become my very favorite female singer! I think her voice is unique and I would recommend everyone who enjoys this style of music to buy both of these CD's!

Reviewed by Victory - Sade is one of the best!!!!!

I highly recommend this cd, Sade has some beautiful songs on it. Great cd for relaxing, nostalgia, love. Wonderful addition to my
cd collection.

Reviewed by Rainey Shaffer - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by V - Love it

Very good cd i love it , it is very relaxing and it feel good to listen to it every day thank you for the fast shipping good job!

Reviewed by Danielle Viera - sade is one of the best

sade is awesome. i feel like she is one of the most underrated artists. more people need to get onto the sade train - it will be the best ride of your life

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Wonderful album that we enjoy 24/7

Reviewed by Chrystal Alarid - Perfect gift


Reviewed by nanabala2014 - Five Stars

i replaced my old scratched up one

Reviewed by JODI J MORTON - Five Stars


Reviewed by worshipper - Five Stars


Reviewed by rose popovic - Great sounds

Love her music style

Reviewed by diane barton - Five Stars

Sade rocks!

Reviewed by Rudolph - I get Joy and Happiness from daily songs

The Best of Sade Songs are my top 3 of songs I play every day, every car trip and on my drive home from work trips. It is the be therapy I can get which keeps me in love with life, God and songs.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - sure she is the best

great music, high quality press, beautiful cover.

Reviewed by T. MILES - Sweet love songs!!!

I always enjoy listening to Sade. Her voice is relaxing and smooth.

Reviewed by Richard Sprandel - Love

I love Sade and her sound.
Listen to the lyrics as the content is often storytelling.
Dancing is an excellent option in my mind.

Reviewed by LANE - Five Stars

great cd!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

I just love her!!!!!

Reviewed by tupelo - Love her

She is one of the best artists. I love her music. I can listen to all day long and never get tired of it. I hope she will do some touring int the USA soon.

Reviewed by Nancy - Love Sade!

We love Sade - such a beautiful, pure voice.

Reviewed by M. Reynolds - Smooth Sade

Love Sade, this is adding to my cloud library without buying new cd's. great for those days when it's cloudy outside and you're sipping your coffee.

Reviewed by MellyMel1908 - Sade, is there a question??

Best album/artist ever...She is and always will be one of my favorite artists. Her music is so classic and rich.. talent knows no bounds

Reviewed by Lisa P. - Five Stars

Cd came in perfect condition , very happy with it.

Reviewed by tyler tarango - THE BEST !

I have always enjoyed Sade's cool, smooth, jazzy style. Very relaxing music.....I play it while I'm on the computer and the time flies by. I recommend this highly !

Reviewed by Paul W. Baker - Sade is a unique and talented jazz singer

Sade has a great voice and superb band to accompany her singing. Would love to see her in concert some day.

Reviewed by Michael Beverly - Simply untouchable

One of the greatest cd's ever. Sade has a voice that is so wonderful and sexy she could sing about the time you broke down by the side of the freeway with a flat tire and you'd think you had a great time.
Every song on this "best of" cd is worth listening to over and over.
Sade gets into your mind and heart and soul with her voice, this cd is a must have.

Reviewed by DM the jolly green reader - Love it!

Terrific background music for relaxation and romance!

Reviewed by Tigerlily - Classic

One of the best cd's ever!

Reviewed by joshua trosclair - Five Stars

loved it

Reviewed by Mimix5 - Love her when I am in a calm mood and ...

Typical Sade. Love her when I am in a calm mood and want something easy and rich. This music fits the bill.

Reviewed by Charlie oleski - Five Stars

Sade st her best. And a great price

Reviewed by PAM SILAS - Great CD

Wonderful purchase, so glad I bought it. Any Sade lover's out there I recommend this CD. You won't be sorry.

Reviewed by A. D. Bonney - Sade Rules

Nobody does it like Sade. Fantastic CD. It captures the essence of Island music from days gone by. She is HOT!

Reviewed by James In Vick - Sade the best

I have these songs on albums and/or cassettes. I did not want to take the time to convert my prior versions.

Reviewed by DOG MOM - beautiful voice

Love her voice. Thought she did Miss You, but no. Love her others songs and have been loving hearing this cd on the way to work!

Reviewed by Michael A. Yaple - two thumbs up!

Love her, and this album! Owned it before back in the 90s. It never gets old! Perfect for a romantic evening.

Reviewed by JAMI DICKSON - best of sade

amazon asks a lot of questions , but I just wanted you to keep your high score cause that's how I base a lot of what I buy. Thank you.

Reviewed by darnell simpson - Five Stars

It's the best album of her career!

Reviewed by SHIRLEY B. - Best of Sade MP3 download

Have been a fan of Sade for several years, and the songs bring back good memories from when the songs originally came out. The music and lyrics stand the test of time for me, and still enjoyable

Reviewed by MJD - Five Stars

excellent collection of Sade songs

Reviewed by hazael diaz Flores - Five Stars


Reviewed by Steven West - Still the Best !!!

Still the best music, a must to have in your collection. A Perfect selection when having friends over, a dinner party, or cocktails.

Reviewed by Cecilia Sanguineri - Love it!

Amazing! Adorable! Sweet!! Back in time for my mind, the same vibration to my body! Excellent compilation. If you love Sade you must have it!!

Reviewed by Jose A. Rivera-Bodon - Five Stars

The best

Reviewed by Vanessa A Garibay - Music Lover

love ,love,love this album , I've replayed it over and over again since my purchase,I remember listening to Sade growing up!

Reviewed by City Girl - Good One

I have always loved Sade! I enjoy this music almost daily on my MP3 at work, drowns out the other unimportant noise.....

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Timeless Music

Sade is still one of the sexiest voices out there. These sounds will last a long long time.
Good Stuff!!

Reviewed by Luis Garcia - I love her voice!

I listen to it in the car EVERY DAY when commuting. I don't get tired of her voice!! <3 b="" get="" it="">Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Good enough

What can I say about Sade? The girlfriend likes this crap not me. As long as she's happy I'm happy.

Reviewed by A. Moris

This album is so smooth and sexy - love this album. Sade is so timeless. Highly recommend. Also makes a great gift.

Reviewed by JCW - A classic

There is no other that sound like Sade. She has a beautiful voice and one that is distinctly unique. I love the album.

Reviewed by Tekrad - High Quality Remaster of All Her Best

I know that it's hard to please everybody, but I can't think of a better Anthology.
You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by DLibrarian - You've heard it before, BUT

Wish this lady would sing more!! The passion, the lyrics, the attending music is classic. What's not to like?? Sade rocks!

Reviewed by kym dabney - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Frederick Burden - Five Stars

One of my favorite artists.

Reviewed by Jennifer - Five Stars

great CD with all the hits!

Reviewed by Sefneg - Five Stars

Amazing album love her

Reviewed by Lacesheia Threatts - Great Music

Great music- should have done it sooner. it gives you a little bit of everything.. I have to buy my sister one so that she will leave mines alone...Loving it!!!!

Reviewed by Rose Kittrell - This is my favorite Sade CD

I love to hear her haunting, and beautiful voice. The songs are like ballads. The background music is superb also.

Reviewed by connie in buffalo - Five Stars

This is her best work, in my opinion.

Reviewed by Tim - Classic Sade

Her smooth and sensuous voice captivates your ear. The smooth Jazz makes you want to dance with the one you love!

Reviewed by R. Gaylor - Five Stars

Everything as promised!

Reviewed by kelly gillilan - Awesome!!!

Love,Love,Love, Sade!!! This is the best CD I've ever owned!!! I carry it to my car and then back in the house!

Reviewed by Michael V. Luddy - Five Stars


Reviewed by Babs - Sade Review

When her first two albums came out I bought them and listened to them over and over again. This Best of Sade mp3 album is fantastic. She is just as wonderful as I remember!

Reviewed by jimmy - sade is in my tape deck, i'm moving in slow motion boi

great sound quality and production values on this album, and sade has an amazing voice. vocals, music, everything is spot on

Reviewed by jaymoolay - What can you say?

Sade = Amazing

Seriously though, this is a great collection and really captures all the hits of Sade. Very glad I purchased!

Reviewed by M. Jalloh - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Great album.

Reviewed by Larry Gray - I love it

I love it!
Takes me back to a very special time in my life. Loving it! Thanks for making it available on MP3.

Reviewed by xanu - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amoa - She's Marvelous! Of course. . .

I rolled around on my floor like a Bohemian Sex Godess dancing and being lulled by the voice of this marvel (and often unappreciated beauty) we know as Sade. I love her. I adore her. I am completely bias because I want to BE her. So don't ask me if you're looking for an objective opinion. I loved it.

Reviewed by tamara - Five Stars

Love this CD it is one of my favorites.

Reviewed by J.D. - Five Stars

Very Good !

Reviewed by Edward Staten - Stylish

Smooth sexy songtress always easy to groove to.

Reviewed by Pointelucy - The Best of Sade

Who doesn't love Sade's music and soulful sounds. She will bring out emotions and memories and all good things- enough said.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Nice Kickback Music

Got this one recommended while I was on my new HD Kindle. It is easy listening music while reading a book. Buy it and enjoy!

Reviewed by RL - One of the best!

As I described most of my CD's, you get a great price, free delivery and a guarantee on top of that. Super performer and all good songs. Sade is in a class of her own.

Reviewed by Antonio Thomas - Five Stars

I love Sade

Reviewed by A Williams - The best of Sade

A very noteworthy compilation of Sade's work. This album serves as a great cocktail hour album or just something to relax to.

Reviewed by luigi - Sade - Now & Forever

Perfect collection of timeless Sade

Reviewed by Keeper of the zoo - The Best of Sade

Good soothing music...

Reviewed by victor - Five Stars


Reviewed by jamarrd37 - love it

I call her sharde I was surprise one I fine it that her name is Sade, any way she is super too

Reviewed by Luevina Hill - The lovely and only orginal Sade.

I love this artist style of singing very much. I been searching for her music for quite sometime and thanks to Amazon.

Reviewed by Holly thornton - Love her!

I LOVE Sade. I must admit, I was skeptical at first but I made a GREAT choice by getting this CD. I can't wait to get Soldier of love. I know it'll be great too, just like her.. I give her props, still after all these years. Sade still Gots it :0) you GO girl!!

Reviewed by Rosa E. Zepeda - Five Stars

Love Sade!

Reviewed by loocie - it's the best of Sade

If you like Sade but don't have all of these on separate albums/DVDs, this is for you. What more can I say?

Reviewed by Mariela Rodriguez - Five Stars

Nice music

Reviewed by BEXI GANDARA - Five Stars

Great product!!!!!!

Reviewed by Di Jean - Music as expected

Found what I was looking for and I am very pleased with it. Nothing more to say
Thank you very much

Reviewed by Curtis - Great

She is simple the best, I saw her in concert years ago. Love her music. Will purse some more soon

Reviewed by Y. Hunter - Classic!

This classic The Best of Sade brought back memories; CD arrived in a timely manner, in excellent condition, would definitely recommend to a friend.

Reviewed by Essie Beckles - I Love Sade

I was so happy to see the lower price I bought it right away. I love Sade anyway now I can listen to her when I travel.

Reviewed by LaCosta Keith - Excellent CD

CD sound quality is great. Great relaxing music for driving or just sitting around the house. I would recommend it.

Reviewed by kladybug - the best

Had to re-purchase this cd my first one broke. I was so happy when it came . I love every song ! I plan to get other CDs from this artist.

Reviewed by Diane G - Five Stars

Great album

Reviewed by Borodad - Good chill album

Actually got this for someone else, but really like it. It is slow, but very smooth. Sade has a great voice and the music that goes along with that is great.

Reviewed by dennis clawson - Five Stars


Next.. The Best of Sade Original recording remastered

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