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The Secret Adversary: A Tommy and Tuppence Mystery - Reviews

The Secret Adversary: A Tommy and Tuppence Mystery

Reviews of The Secret Adversary: A Tommy and Tuppence Mystery

Reviewed by Thomas J Erdmann - Vintage Christie

Many twists and turns while introducing numerous characters in witty conversations. Her use of a vast vocabulary makes meeting every situation with excitement. Fun and entertaining.

Reviewed by Catatonic - Agatha Christie Rocks

There's a good reason why Agatha Christie is still a best-selling novelist - she never disappoints. Her stories are so well-written and have great characters and plot-twists - I can (and do) read her stories over and over.

Reviewed by Karla - Loved It

It took me a little while to get into this book compared to other Agatha Christie works, however, it was well worth it. Great book as always and a wonderful, complete ending.

Reviewed by Jwb52z - I can't believe...

I can't believe I didn't review this when I read it. So many of the books I've read don't show reviews by me that I am starting to wonder if this is because the exact edition I have was removed and with it my review. I absolutely love this book and recommend it highly, especially if you love this genre. I wish I had reviewed it when I read it so that I could give it a more thorough and enthusiastic review. Give it a shot because I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Reviewed by Cassie Sims - Best suspense ever

This book was very very entertaining. Miss Christie is the master of suspense. This was a really tight read. She had me guessing up until the end. My only problem was I wish it was updated to be more modern. It was such a riveting read. Had me really entertained.

Reviewed by Kim Rogers - Tommy and tuppence

Always funny.i like mysteries and they are so diierant.tuppence is a hoot and usually gets in to truble.and exellent start on TandTfive stars

Reviewed by Jeff & Kristi S. - Engaging & suspenseful to the bitter end!

Only being acquainted with Christie's Poirot, this book found me happily unprepared for the witty and unpredictable twosome. Wonderful intrigue and a delightful romance slyly interweaves this international mystery of global import.

Reviewed by Arleen Arnsparger - Agatha Christie's winding literary roads are always a delight!

Years ago, I devoured Christie books and now I'm at it again --- and they still delight, intrigue and are just plain fun to read. Most of my earlier Christie reading followed Hercule Poirot and now I'm having a good time getting to know her other characters. It's always fun to try to outwit Miss Christie -- I rarely succeed! You'll enjoy the escapades of Tommy and Tuppence in this fun read!

Reviewed by Miss Marple - A good Christie

This begins Christie's Tommy and Tuppence series. I like the historical intrigue involved. A good mystery read with light touches at times.

Reviewed by truebluetoo - It's a good summer read

If you like a good old fashioned summer read & love Agatha Christie you will enjoy this book. I reminds me of the old Nancy Drew mysteries written in the 1930s not the1959 ones. I love all Christie's "who-dun-its" so I enjoyed it immensely on my new Kindle Fire HDX!

Reviewed by moussa balaghi - DELIGHTFULLY SPECTACULAR

This is by Mariam, Moussa's daughter.
I love d it all those twists and turns, truth lies and action, worth 5 stars. This makes me want to read more Agatha Christie books!πŸ’ŸπŸ’žπŸ’ŸπŸ’πŸ’ŸπŸ’–πŸ’ŸπŸ’—

Reviewed by Guinevere - Five Stars

Tommy and Tuppence are such a great sleuthing team! I love this mystery!

Reviewed by RealGems - more fun than a barrel full of thin men

If you like Hammet and Dame Sayers, and a little bit of Wodehouse thrown in, you'll love what Christie does with these delightful cheesy young sleuths. GLIB doesn't begin to cover it. But the story cooks along, red herrings shoal about, and the result is a well smoked kipperof a story that is only as serious as it needed to be.

Reviewed by Karen Budde - The beginning of the Tommy and Tuppence stories

This was a free Kindle version, and it was a delightful quick read. There was enough of a twist to throw me off when I thought I had solved it!

Reviewed by Tim Meloy - Rating of Secret Adversary

Fun and easy read with constant changing scenes and also the use of correct English unlike many things currently being printed.

Reviewed by GTS - Outstanding

This was my first Agatha Christie book--now I see why she is still so popular.

I am finally getting around to reading authors like Agatha Christie after spending years of college research and professional reading. I am certainly glad that this was my first Agatha Christie book. The plot was very intriguing and unpredictable. Her characters really come to life and are interesting from start to finish. I am now a fan and will definitely read all her works.

Reviewed by B. McKee - A fine adventure

This appears to be the first joint venture of Tommy and Tuppence. The story has multiple villains and political overtones with a master criminal at the helm.

Reviewed by Steve - Dashing good story!

What hoot to read the words behind the Tommy and Tuppence detective beginnings. So much better than watching on the Telly.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Terrific Romance

This is a fun, lively adventure which introduces Tommy and Tuppence, two young adventurers keen to make money while they save England.

Reviewed by Les Stockton - I really enjoyed this one

Of the Agatha Christie books that I've read so far, I have to say that I enjoyed this one the most. The flow of the story is great. I didn't feel bogged down with too much character development, or sideline issues that might have little to do with the story. It was well-written and I kept thinking that they should have made a movie of this, just as they have done with other Agatha Christie books.

Reviewed by Josh - Simply Classic

I hadn't read anything by Agatha Christie before this, but it strikes me that the plot points are beautifully architected and perfectly constructed. 10/10, would read again.

Reviewed by runoften - WHO DID IT?

Great read. Love the classic mystery. Fun, interesting and keeps you guessing. I like a mystery book that keeps me wanting more and is good clean writing. Tuppence and Tommy keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Susan Goldin - prime crime time

Great Agatha Christie- a wonderful period mystery set in Great Britain with two eager young people who choose adventure as a career path and end up .... Well this reader won't spoil your read. Fast paced with great story twists and turns and frightful scary bits. Prime crime time Agatha Christie!

Reviewed by Brian Watson - A madcap affair!

This was my first Christie mystery and I loved it. It made me want to read more, but alas, there are no other free editions of her work for the Kindle. Pshaw!

It really kept you guessing as to who the culprit was, which was excellent. And it was well-written, immersing you in the period (late 1910s). Reading it in Kindle format (on my Nexus) was also excellent, as I could stop and look up the few period words I did not know.

Reviewed by Kerem's mom - Excellent, and FREE

I got this book for free as one of the Kindle classics. It is a rather special Agatha Christie as it has more of the flavor of a spy / adventure novel than one of her well-known whodunnits. Excellent story, very engaging. Kudos Amazon for offering these classics for free.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - delightfull tale

I really the Tommy and tuppence stories. Agatha Christy must have been a genius! I can't believe I snagged this book for free! what a fun ride.I like it when Tuppence saves the day and Tommy's life. What a heroine.

Reviewed by Lynn - i love this author

i love this author! she keeps you enthralled in the book! one mystery after anohter whith the lead character being thrown into very mysterious circumstances!

Reviewed by Lisa Moody - Awesomw never dull with AC

Awesome never dull with AC....always perfect with a glass of wine! Always keeps you guessing enjoy and read another and another....

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - I thought I had it figured out

Read this over the weekend. Couldn't put it down. I guess that's why some authors become legendary. Looking forward to reading more.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Secret Adversary

I adore Dame Agatha Christie! The first time you deaf it it'll keep you guessing. The second time you pick up on things you may have missed. After that rereading it is like visiting old friends. Was SO glad to be able to get it on my Kindle as I lost my well worn paperback copy a few years back

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - I loved this book

I had never ready anything from Agatha Christie before. I loved this book. The main characters were very likeable and I was not at all expecting the ending. Very good read.

Reviewed by Lorene Dailey - Loved it

Anything Agatha Christie is great. This book was no exception. I've also watched Masterpiece Theater Agatha Christie mysteries taken from her books and I really enjoy reading the books that the movies were taken from. Her books and the movies made from them are great entertainment.

Reviewed by Medeck - I enjoyed this story to the fullest

I am an avid mystery reader. I enjoyed this story to the fullest. Agatha Christie was a great author and I wish she was still around to author more books. If you like mysteries, read Agatha.

Reviewed by Anita McConnell - The delights and dangers of adventure

Tuppence and Tommy are great British characters with no money and a need for excitement. I loved the story of their deeds and misdeeds while unraveling the mystery of pre-communist possible fall of the British government. With twists and turns as to the real identity of the elusive Mr. Brown. This is a great Agatha Christie read.

Reviewed by Tehya - Agatha Christie always a 5 star

I have read all 81 of her books and collect them. Later on in life I thought I'd read one on my Kindlle, and as always Agatha Christie takes the reader to questionable murder suspects and lets you decide to the end. It is intriguing to be right, but it makes you want to read another of her books and try again.

Reviewed by Pamela Gomes - Keeps you guessing all the time

Agatha Christie is an excellent writer! The Secret Adversary keeps you guessing the entire time you're reading it. I would be positive about who the bad guy was but then change my mind the more I read, then change my mind again, then change my mind again. Certainly makes you want to keep reading and not put the book down. You will enjoy this one.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Brown - Loved the story

This is a fun and exciting mystery. A great read for middle schoolers to get them interested in reading more.

Reviewed by Rachel - The Secret adversary

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. The added twist at the end was the icing on the cake.

Reviewed by jeanne zabst - EXCELLENT BOOK

This was a wonderful book. The characters were well developed. It was fast paced and kept me guessing until the end. Enjoy.
Jeanne Zabst

Reviewed by Ricanzdrummer - I can tell through this book why many of Christie's books were made into movies...genius and entertaining.

A fun, imaginative drama/crime/mystery/thriller. Christie's characters are mysterious, candid, and sometimes playful. I enjoyed this book, and look forward to more of Christie's classics.

Reviewed by Kathryn - Delightful

I love Agatha Christie and I was so glad to find this series. This was the book I chose to see if I could get past reading a "real" book and convert to a e-reader. I found myself so caught up in the story I didn't even realize I wasn't turning pages but tapping a screen. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good fun mystery.

Reviewed by Fanshawe - Excellent saga from the Queen of Mystery

The two young protagonists are appealing, and Christie has no equal when it comes to creating plausible suspicions. They don't write them like this any more.

Reviewed by Christina N. Elkins - The first Agatha Christie book I read-absolutely wonderful. Suspenseful

The first Agatha Christie book I read-absolutely wonderful. Suspenseful, funny, great dialogue and relationship between Tommy and Tuppence. Felt more real than the relationships we see on t.v. today.

Reviewed by ana ruth kleinberger - 5 stars reading

I didn't know these characters Tommy & Tuppence, only Poirot and Miss Marple.
Enjoyed very much the reading and strongly recommend it.

Reviewed by An Avid Shopper - The master did it again

As usual Agatha Christie pulls you in from the get go till the very end with a "can't put it down" suspense.

Reviewed by NYC Shopper - Wonderful story

Absolutely wonderful story. It ranks in h top five of Agatha Christie mysteries. I highly recommend that you read it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Delightful dialogue. Twisting story. Satisfying ending.

This is sweet while still keeping your mind racing. I'd recommend it to anyone who can enjoy a mystery that doesn't rely only on blood and guts.

Reviewed by Rohayah R. - Great suspense

I got this for free from Amazon (Kindle edition) and it was a very interesting read; I simply couldn't put it down. This book is for Agatha Christie's fans. I have been a Poirot fan but now I'm hooked on Tommy and Tuppence.

Reviewed by Deborah Ward - Terrific 20's Thriller

Had never read any off the Tuppence and Tommy novels before. I really enjoyed this one. Quick read and a twist at the end.

Reviewed by Mr.Robert - Spy thriller

Good Tommy and Tuppence spy thriller by one of the greatest mystery thriller authors of all time.

Reviewed by Lulu from Philly - Introducing a dynamic duo

Christie introduces two sleuths in this inaugural tome. It's an easy read.....not requiring deep thought. Light, delightful, Agatha does it again!

Reviewed by V. Longworth - Very good. Typical Agatha Christie

Haven't read an Agatha Christie book in years. Very enjoyable and entertaining. Always a twist at the end.
Will definitely read another one soon.

Reviewed by Bernard J Samuelson - Splendid

Enjoyed it immensely, saw all the Tuppence and Tommy TV shows and this story was the beginning of this marvelous pair

Reviewed by RLS - A fun introduction to Agatha Christie.

A fun read! Clever and light-hearted. It was my first Agatha Christie book, and I'll be sure to check out more of her writings.

Reviewed by Ann - Always a great read!

Agatha Christie never fails to deliver a great mystery. Twists, turns, and misdirection is a Christie specialty. Always entertaining! Love her books

Reviewed by Kathleen J Rowland - Mystery master Agatha Christie

It was definitely a Agatha Christie mystery. So be prepared for writing that reflect the times she wrote about. I guessed the ending by about 1/2 way through but still it was a good mystery.

Reviewed by KJB - Post WWI Britain from first hand

The plot is not so well elaborated as in later novels of hers but the everyday WWI experiences and the spirit of the post-war Britain (fear of the communist revolution) make it a great novel of hers.

Reviewed by A. Nydam - Tommy and Tuppence, their first adventure

I love Agatha Christie. That's pretty much it. No matter which of her books I'm reading I know I'm going to enjoy it immensely.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Masterful Mystery

Christie is the master! This adventure delivered wonderfully! It is filled with wonderful characters and enough twists to keep you guessing till the end!

Reviewed by jennielee, - Outstanding

This is a very good book.It
kept me guessing
all the way through.
If you like a good mystery this is the book for you.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Classic and fun

Christie will always deliver and this one is no exception. A fun mystery with delightful characters, great for all readers.

Reviewed by Eileen L Gordner - Delightfully suspenseful.

Good story. Kept my interest from start to finish. Just what I needed. Agatha Christie has always been a favorite of mine.

Reviewed by billvwi - Great Story

It's nice to have a few books on my tablet I can read while in a waiting room or other place. That way I can read what I want, when I want and not have to page through thousands of ads to get to a badly written article on some home improvement magazine in a waiting room.

Reviewed by Pam - It is always good when can't get the plot until the end

The book kept me guessing all the way thru. It is always good when can't get the plot until the end. This was a good mystery and was easy to follow.

Reviewed by Mary P - Good Aggie Mystery

I had never read this before. It was true Aggie style. Was a good read, enjoyed it immensely. I flipped back and forth on the ending.

Reviewed by bdav - Agatha Christie is always delightful!

This is a brilliant mystery and also a charming story with great characters and a clever plot. It's a short book, so it's a great download for the kindle. I love getting a free read and this version is good considering it didn't cost anything! I think there were a couple of typos due to the format but it was good overall.

Reviewed by Lawrence John - Lawrence J.

Excitement and danger - with an English reserve - provide the reader a fast-paced reading of an Agatha Christie adventure into political espionage, murder and at times mayhem.

Reviewed by Diogenes - A load of innocent fin-de-siecle fun

Even if I had used some of my vanishing social security deposit to buy this sweet little detective story, I would have felt that I invested well. Agatha Christie has improved the world, and Amazon's free downloads are a blessing.

Reviewed by R. C. Parks - Christie wrote well from the beginning

While it's easy to tell that this is one of Agatha Christie 's earliest novels, it's still a ripping story.

Reviewed by belew - Loved it!!

This was book was very interesting from the beginning, also I loved the characters Tuppence and Tommy. I plan on reading the remaining books in this series.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Secret adversary

As always Christie kept me guessing to the very end with likable characters, strong storyline and post WW1 intrigue. Great read

Reviewed by amit - hats off!!

Amazing book from start to finish. Always gripping, suspense maintained with equally nice climax. No wasted words, but all goes along with the story. A really rare scotch!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - A great read!

This book is quite a page turner with a huge twist ending. A great read!

Reviewed by Wayne A - Classic Christie

Another great Christie mystery. I enjoyed it very much worth the read.

Reviewed by L. Buell - It's a Secret!

Agatha Christie in her early days demonstrated her skill that she would refine the rest of her life. This is a fun romp that recalls a bygone era. It is suspenseful and innocent all at once. The bad guys were bad. The good guys were good. And the villain was a bit of a surprise with so many red herrings to follow.

Reviewed by Marian L. Robinson - Five Stars

A good post WWI puzzle. Good characters introduced by Christie. A timeless story.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Loved it!

First Agatha Christie book I've read and I loved all of it. Mysteries are my favorite books of all. Thanks!

Reviewed by reader - good

A very good read. Quick, suspenseful and charming. My first Christie novel but I doubt it will be my last

Reviewed by Kim Caines - A mystery right up to the last page! I ...

A mystery right up to the last page! I had everyone one else at one time in the story convicted!

Reviewed by Stella Seabass - Always entertaining Agatha Christie

This book is actually amazing.

It's on the kindle but I have a copy In Real Life.

Highly recommend anything by Christie, if you like never effing knowing who the person was who did the murder. UNTIL THE DAMN END.

Reviewed by ajzerch - Great book for any age

My 13 yr old son loved it. His class began reading Agatha Christie books just a few weeks ago and he is hooked.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Anything by Agatha Christie is top notch!

Christie is truly the Queen of Crime. I've read almost everything she has written. I also like her Westmacot stories.

Reviewed by A - Exciting!

This is the first Agatha Christie book which I have read and I could not be more pleased with it. She is a fascinating story teller who delivers a plot with many unexpected twists and turns. This book is clean, captivating, and hard to put down due to the gripping storyline.

Reviewed by Allyson Elizabeth D'Angelo - She's the Best!

C'mon it's Agatha! The plots, the characters and her description of everything to do with life is total genius and real! I wish she was still here.

Reviewed by Ana P. - Great classic with great narration

I love A. Christie since a kid, I am going back to these books, so I can listen on my Kindle while in the everyday commute to and from work, 2 hours +. This one the narration was really good, truly enjoyed it!

Reviewed by Richard Mellon - Good One

First adventure with Tommy and Tuppence ... Good start for them and a solid adventure for the reader ... Recommend to all ....

Reviewed by Notafraid - Five Stars

A GREAT Agatha Christie novel! Wish more of hers were on Kindle for FREE.

Reviewed by LaDon Tillman - Five Stars

Come on, it's Agatha Christie. She was always gooooood!

Reviewed by david p winn - God Save the Queen and Agatha Christi

Agatha Christi is simply a great writer. All of her characters are eccentric, brilliant and fun to follow. Tommy and Tuppence are my favorites. If you love the era between the great wars and love the British, you will love this book.

Reviewed by G. Vazquez - Entertaining book

I loved this book, what I liked the most about this book was that it was very entertaining and didn't have rude scenes that you wake at night. It is a book that my 11 year-old son can read with me.

Reviewed by Sandy Zabel - A good mystery

If you are an Agatha Christie fan, this is a good mystery.

Reviewed by A. S. Price - introducing Tommy and Tuppence

Agatha Christie is a great mystery author and her various "detectives" are fun. This book features Tommy and Tuppence, a duo out simply to make a buck. They discover a mystery and set about unraveling it. I enjoyed it and wanted to read more about these two.

Reviewed by coffee lover - An interesting read

Good old time. Nothing fancy, very Christie way of writing. Engaging, clever plot in old time. I like English settings.

Reviewed by J. A. Capraro - the plot twists never stop and the ending was a great surprise.

This is my very first Agatha Christie novel, and I am now hooked!!! The characters are interesting! the plot twists never stop and the ending was a great surprise.

Reviewed by Douglas Gendron - One of the best books written by Christie

One of the best books written by Christie. All her books are absolutely wonderful but this one was just a little more special. I highly recommend to all readers!!!!

Reviewed by Susan Buchanan - Five Stars

Love Agatha Christie. This book, the beginning adventure of Tuppence and Tommy was well done.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Kept my atenttion until the end. Obviously, well written...

Reviewed by N. Ali - So satisfying and stimulating

Great read. Very happy with Agatha Christie as always. You think you know where it's going and then you don't. So good.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Good read

Agatha Christie always writes a great story. I enjoyed the characters and the story line. I hadn't read the Tommy and Tuppence books.

Reviewed by buyer - Great book

I have always liked Agatha Christie but I have to say of all her books I've read this was one of my favorites. So much fun to read and captivating from the beginning. It's one I will reread for sure.

Reviewed by Alexis Elliot - Always a 5 star rating for Agatha

As many times as I have read, heard, or seen Agatha Christie's work, I am forever amazed at her brilliance for creating a mystery. Even today's writers can't compare.

Reviewed by Lisa - Have not read Agatha in a while. Fun read.

I have a have always enjoyed Agatha Christie. Fun book to read.
Looking toward to reading more. Love my Fire.

Reviewed by Sunnflwr - great freebie- fun book!

This is the first book in the Tommy and Tuppence series by Agatha Christie. This book is still a good read, even if some of the characters may be a little dated or painted broadly (Julius, for instance). I have read this book a few times and even watched the TV adaption of this particular episode, but I notice something new every time I read it. If you are a Christie fan, give this one a try!

Reviewed by Cootie Saidit - Fun and Entertaining

This gal spins a decent yarn. It's light, she keeps a fairly logical premise and the story moves quickly.. always something new happening and you are guessing. It's light and entertaining and she's krafty good at it. I will read more from her and I recommend this book.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Great Read by a Great Author

This was the first of this series I've read by this author, being more familiar with Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. I must say that I'm looking forward to reading more.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Great plot, characters

A classic. Great plot and characters. Agatha Christie style is classic. Too many words required by amazon..good grief wow. Wow

Reviewed by Dorcas - Christie can't be Beat

Sorry to say I have not read it yet but anything Agatha Christie is tops in my book

Reviewed by KAMMIE - Always a good quick read

Darling Agatha, she has a good pace and equally good dialogues amongst characters. Always a good read from this old girl :-)

Reviewed by Ellen V. - Suspense

I did not know which character was the criminal until the end. Tip pence and Tommy books are great to read and I recommend this book to all mystery lovers

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Agatha Christie Best mystery writer I have ever read

I love that I can't figure out who the bad guy/gal is until she is ready to tell me. She doesn't do it on the last page and you cant just read through a few pages and get it. She keeps leading you from this person to that person! Keeps me interested.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

It kept me spell bound.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer marty - Five Stars

Love every one of her books. Each time I re-read I see some new detail. Just wonderful.

Reviewed by B. Dail - Still good reading

I love Agatha Christie and wish I could afford all of her books, but wait for the sales. Tommy & Tuppence is one of my favorite reads being fun and drawing you in to solve the puzzles with them.

Reviewed by V ROUSE - The beginning of Tommy and Tuppence is fun and engaging

The beginning of Tommy and Tuppence is fun and engaging. Sure there are moments when the reader has to suspend belief, but it is all good fun.

Reviewed by silvia barredo - Love it, a very unexpected ending

Love it, a very unexpected ending, I have always been a fan of Agatha Christie.. I own about 50 of her books.

Reviewed by Anita Millard - tommy and tuppence were fabulous

Pretty good spy thriller. A little simply written but that's what I like about Christie's stories. I wasn't sure of the villain until the last. We'll done Dame Agatha!

Reviewed by Nancy J Miller - Review

Excellent story, kept me guessing to the end. Good description of various cultures portrayed in the story. Truly loved and enjoyed it

Reviewed by Emily Tamayo - Amazing read--couldn't put it down!

This title really satisfies if you are looking for a mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Reviewed by Garett Jackson - A great read!

I loved the characters. They were fresh and funny. The plot was good with all the twists and turns. I was completely surprised by the outcome. Very fun!

Reviewed by Emily C - A great read!

A really enjoyable book. It had some twists to keep me guessing what would happen next and kept a fast pace throughout.

Reviewed by empatterson - Thrilling and exciting!

Excellent mystery novel! Keeps you guessing until the very end! I'm ready to read it again, and I have just finished it.

Reviewed by CMCD - Compelling and captivating. Great characters.

Loved it! My first Agatha Christie novel. I can see now why she was and continues to be such a popular mystery novelist.

Reviewed by dina cox - The Secret Adversary

I loved the book because it remindes me of murder she wrote. It was writern in the early twenties and it was spellbinding. The charaters were alive in my mind. I recomend this book. Agatha Christe is golden

Reviewed by Anita M. Nichols - Agatha - Always a good read

From beginning to end the suspense continued. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, a new twist was introduced to the story. Nice to read a story that keeps me on my toes.

Reviewed by rebecca call - I love Agatha...

I know that Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are the more famous characters in Agatha Christy s books. But I have read other Tuppence and Tommy adventures. I some how never read the first adventure. I am glad to finally fill in the gap.

Reviewed by Thomas Levanos - Fun book!

Definitely a page turner. Fun book!

Reviewed by Avid Reader - Five Stars

I really liked this book...kept me guessing to the end. I would definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by Jeanne Cook - Love how Agatha Christie makes you feel like you are ...

First Tommy & Tuppence book. Love how Agatha Christie makes you feel like you are there, almost 100 years ago.
As usual, a page turner.

Reviewed by Charlotte T. Holland - Secret Adversary

Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie is, like most of her works, full of twists and turns, but in addition features her two most fun characters, Tommy and Tuppence. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Reviewed by Kenneth - Excellent, as always!

A great book, at a great price! Tommy and Tuppence were awesome, as usual. I look forward to reading more Agatha Christie novels on Kindle!

Reviewed by MimK - Interesting and easy read

Really liked the story,fun and mysterious in the same time. This was my first book by Agatha Christie and I am hooked.

Reviewed by J. F. - Good clean fun

good clean fun that keeps you in tow all the way to the end. Vintage Agatha Christie , a mind twister.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Excellent!!

Another Agatha Christie classic. I loved reading this first adventure of Tommy and Tuppence. A hard book to put down. I look forward to reading more adventures of Tommy and Tuppence by Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by Audrey Nowak - I thoroughly enjoyed this Agatha Christie novel

I thoroughly enjoyed this Agatha Christie novel. It had a few twists and turns. It kept you going right until the end.

Reviewed by LuPi - Great

I love Sherlock Holmes and I was looking for something which may substitude him, when I was done with all his Adventures. In general, I don 't like Agatha Christie but this was is nice and easy to understand (for non-english speakers, as I am).

Reviewed by Marc - Great adventure of Tuppence and Tommy!

Agatha Christy wrote another great mystery! Well done!
Love the touch of British post World War 2 history....
Enjoy! Enjoy!

Reviewed by Jan Weller - excellent read!

Love Agatha's Tuppence & Tommy! This is such fun & it's their beginning. I can't wait to order more of their stories!

Reviewed by Circleswimmer - Timeless Mystery....

I love Agatha Christie and this is another of the mysterious stories that she is known for and excelled writing. I have enjoyed every mystery I have read of hers and will continue to purchase them, especially for my Kindle. I hope others will seek out this author and participate in reading a great classic.

Reviewed by Jamsc - Five Stars

Love all of Agatha Christie short stories. Fun and refreshing.

Reviewed by tweety bird - Five Stars

What's not to like about Agatha Christie! Timeless.

Reviewed by Linda Kamola - Secret Adversary

Terrific book. I fully recommend reading this book. You think you have it figured out and then something happens and you change your idea. Only to find out that you could be right. Fantastic read.

Reviewed by Pamela Watson - Classic Christy

This first tale of Tommy and Tuppence is sooo Agatha. Tea and intrigue - my kind of mystery.

Reviewed by Dara123 - Five Stars

great free item by a great author.

Reviewed by Amy J - terrific read!

Very entertaining read. Enjoyed the development of the characters. Totally fun story. Ms. Christie always tries to get you at the end.

Reviewed by A. Hansen - Page Turner

Fun characters, fast-paced, lots of interesting twists and turns. Enjoyable read. Eager to read more of the stories with these two young sleuths.

Reviewed by tansi - Classic Christie

One of my favorites--plot twists, lively dialogue, satisfying ending. Thanks, Agatha, for Tommy and Tuppence and their happy partnership. Love it!

Reviewed by Burkean - Five Stars

Agatha Christie is a great writer.

Reviewed by Terri Campo - Secret Adversary

I gave this book a 5 star rating because I loved, loved it.
Very entertaining reading. I enjoy reading mysteries.

Reviewed by cheryl - Five Stars

It was great

Reviewed by Egghead1 - Very good read. Just when I thought I had it ...

Very good read. Just when I thought I had it figured out, WRONG.

Reviewed by pipsqueakinc - Exciting, breathtaking novel!

Good plot, and extremely delightful characters. Almost more suspense than I can handle!!! And I enjoy many of her other books as well!!!

Reviewed by James Kelly - Fun, fun, fun in post WWI London

Thoroughly enjoyable early Agatha Christie adventure tale!

Reviewed by Randy J Rush - Great read:-)

Great read and fast service:-)

Reviewed by J. Kinkade - Great read

This is one if my favorite Agatha Christie books. I can't explain why. I just liked it. I hope you like it too.

Reviewed by Beverly Springer - This is a classic Agatha Christie fun mystery romp

This is a classic Agatha Christie fun mystery romp. It does exactly what it is intended to do -- it entertains.

Reviewed by Kindle Customers texas - Jolly good

Great read You will love it, because it is so Agatha,! I am pleasantly surprised. Give it a test yourself.

Reviewed by MaryClare Elizabeth Pilkington - My favorite Christie book so far.

This book is great. It has tons of adventure along with twists and turns you don't see coming. The main characters are witty and personable, people you wish you knew. It's a wonderful short read that will leave you satisfied.

Reviewed by Debbie Behling - Another Great Christie Mystery

It was good to find out how Tommy and Tuppence got started. Agatha created some really wonderful characters in her books.

Reviewed by Alesia - Five Stars

Amazing Agatha Christie is just one of my idols she is just brillant . Never can get enough.

Reviewed by Barbara Aboushahba - Tommy and Tuppence mystery

The first Tommy and Tuppence mystery. Nice story.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Huse - Five Stars

Great, exciting read!

Reviewed by Frankie - Great story

This is a good, entertaining story by one of the best authors of all time. There is plenty of excitement, with twists and turns :)

Reviewed by Neo - Where to look for a good mystery: Agatha Christie.

I loved this novel. Typical Christie novel: lots of twists and turns with logical ending. I have never yet been disappointed in an Agatha Christie novel.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Love AC

Reviewed by auntiehelenscloset - Five Stars

Love a good mystery! There is always a little twist.

Reviewed by Linda J Smith - An excellent mystery romp!

Agatha Christie does not disappoint in this exciting read. Keeps you guessing right up to the final scene. An excellent mystery romp!!!

Reviewed by Joe Lindsey - Long overdue.

Agatha Christie, is, as I understand it, is the most widely read novelist in the world and I have never read it. I am into it a little now and it is proving to be quite satisfactory. Joe Lindsey

Reviewed by amyj0 - had me guessing til the end

I've read quite a few of Christie's books and love her since of mystery and common sense paired with British humor. This one is no exception. A classic!

Reviewed by traveljoy - great book

I enjoyed the two main characters and interesting character development with a great plot. I liked the main characters personalities.

Reviewed by Carole Ringlespaugh - Attention grabber

Characters well developed and as always a surprise ending. Love mysteries as seen through the eyes of the great Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by Lawrence Klein - ... Christie - what else would you expect but a great

Agatha Christie - what else would you expect but a great story

Reviewed by ramy - It is great

This book is very interesting.
My wife, and me, we all enjoyed reading this book on Kindle.
The great thing that it helped in some way in improving our carrier.

Reviewed by Jerry Coffey - Excellent

It's Agatha Christie. That should be enough recommendation for any reader.

Reviewed by Tristan - New York - Five Stars

A must for any lover of early 20th century detective novels.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Fabulous Book

I loved it. The plot had more twists and turns then a roller coaster. It was very exciting and had you guessing until the end. This was my first Agatha Christie book. I had to download another one immediately after.

Reviewed by Ernestine Rice - Secret Adversary

Great mystery. Enjoyed reading it, in fact could not put it down until I finished it. Kept me in suspense.

Reviewed by Meredith, Rusty & Chloe Howes - Five Stars

Love agatha Christie and I had never read the first mystery with Tommy and Tuppence. Great!

Reviewed by NaturesAngel1 - Five Stars

I just love Agatha Christie! She writes the best books!

Reviewed by Emily - Simply incredible

Once again the mind of Agatha Christie is brilliantly shown in this novel. This particular book is a wild adventure from the beginning, a constant goose chase, so to speak, with leads changing constantly. It is a complicated plot, but a thrilling ride the whole way through.

Reviewed by Roberta B. - Favorite author

Although Tommy and Tuppence are not as well known, Christie weaves her stories with humor with the young adventurers. Ah, to be young!

Reviewed by Nancy Grice - Great first look at tommy and tuppence

I really enjoyed this mystery it kept me guessing right up until the end as to who the true culprit was.


Amazing book!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Love Agatha Christy

Reviewed by Stephen Schroth - Classic Read

Classic thriller by the Queen of Crime. The first Tommy & Tuppence book, nicely formatted and still a tremendous read.

Reviewed by Beccy - Great story!

If you like Agatha Christie this one is a good read. Youth on an adventure is definitely fun and almost always enjoyable.

Reviewed by bastet_1968 - Agatha is the grand dame of mysteries

This is an introduction to Tommy & Tuppence -- a great set of characters from Agatha Christie.
Christie is truly a master of mysteries, but this also has romance and adventure.
An entertaining read.

Reviewed by Barbara H. - Great story!

The story gives a bit of old England, interesting characters, well written mystery with suspense and no violence or Gore. Well worth the investment of a few hour's time.

Reviewed by Monika Peters - Secret Adversary

I really enjoyed this book ,Tuppence, and Tommy. The characters were well placed and even when I had guessed the murderer, Ms. Christie almost got me in the end!

Reviewed by Lindsey Page - Five Stars

Amazing Christie classic :)

Reviewed by Elizabeth Hershberger - Great fun!

This was my first time reading a Tommy and Tuppence mystery. Usually I stick to Poirot. However, I liked the main characters at once and the pace of the plot kept my attention. Hooray for Agatha Christie!

Reviewed by BARBARA R. AMPUERO - excellent....avid agatha Christie reader

I loved this book.......can not get too much Abraham Christie.very fast reading. can't put it down. if you enjoy agatha Christie,, you will enjoy this book.
1 comment| One person found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?

Reviewed by gor_wig - Five Stars

Agatha as great as always!

Reviewed by ken dozier - A Secret Adversary

A feel good romp with suspense and intrigue. A very P G Wodehose ending. A very Quick and joyful read!

Reviewed by Brenda Jordan - great mystery!

Very good story, kept me guessing. Good plot and a lot of fun to read. Agatha Christie was a masterful story teller!

Reviewed by Shelia A. Brooks - I love Agatha Christie!

This book was free for my Kindle download! I thought
I had read all Agatha's books, but I had not read this one. It did not disappoint.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - It's a great book, and very much worth reading

It's a great book,and very much worth reading.

Reviewed by Kelly Taylor - Fun read

A love story and a mystery, what could be better. A fun quick read. I could not put it down.

Reviewed by Claire Titus - Classic mystery author stands the test of time.

This was a very involved mystery that had me wondering who were the good guys right to the last. Well done. I am surprised this was published in 1917.

Reviewed by Bonnie Cooper - Excellent!

I love each and every Agatha Christie books. The Secret Adversary is no exception. I highly recommend this book, and all Agatha Christie books.

Reviewed by Eddie's mom - a good yarn

What I like about Christie is her knack for misdirection. Keeps you guessing back and forth until the end. Jolly good show.

Reviewed by Daxen - Secret Adversary

I enjoyed the book immensely. It is on a par with The Orient Express, well paced and with enough information to keep me guessing until the end. This is a book that was a very good read and worth more than it cost.

Reviewed by Sara - Five Stars

Great book.

Reviewed by Michael - The adventure begins.

I've always loved her books, and have read several adventures of this couple. This was a nice read to see where it all started.

Reviewed by M&D - Secret adversary

Very entertaining! Keeps you guessing till the end! The master, Miss Christie, has done it again!!! Would recommend to all who are mystery lovers!

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Five Stars

Well written and very suspenseful

Reviewed by Evelyn M. - Delightful, historical and romantic....

There is just one Agatha Christi and she was great. The book is a "can't put it down kind of book." She loved those red herrings. But, I give myself credit because I figured out who done it. She was like the fish on the line trying to shake me loose from my belief of" who done it." And I almost gave in to her, but was so happy when proved that I had been right after all. So this has got to be my all time favorite book, by this author. The story was a real grabber from the get go. Loads of twists and turns and all very interesting twists and turns at that. I have a romantic streak and so I have always enjoyed the Tommy and Tuppence mystery stories. Granted, there are not to many of them, which makes them all the more special to those of us, who are fans of the twosome. Interesting time period that the story takes place in. So there is historical elements that are interesting and informative. Hope you read the book.

Reviewed by fran - Five Stars

I love Agatha Christi, and had never read this particular book, and I really enjoyed it.

Reviewed by John Allgood - Classic Agatha Christie

Books like this are the reason the world loves Agatha Christie. Fast-paced, well-written, with charming dialogue and a very English feel.

Reviewed by Laura Lain - Tommy and Tuppence make a great pair!

Abraham Christie novels are my favorite. This was the best Tommy and Tuppence novel by far. Quite the adventurers in this novel!!
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Reviewed by Abhishek - Five Stars

Nice Book !!

Reviewed by Elizabeth C. - Another great read by the Dame of Mystery

An ardent fan of anything written by Agatha Christie, I especially enjoyed the historical detail of this one. An added bonus to a thrilling read!

Reviewed by fraidycat12 - Great

Agatha is always great!

Reviewed by Anand Srinath G - Five Stars

Great book

Reviewed by srt - Five Stars

good book

Reviewed by Rachel W. - Love the Characters

I love Agatha Christie! Her stories are always original, thought provoking and full of twists and turns. This story is the same, adding delightful main charaters you relate to and cheer for. :)

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Love agatha!

keeps me on my toes! she writes stories so well! I would recommend this book to any lovers of m mysteries.

Reviewed by Mary - Good mystery

I like her stories because for me I think I know who did it, but then find out its not who I thought it was.

Reviewed by Sam Penn - Five Stars

Intriguing, enjoyable read with the classic twist.

Reviewed by Elyse - Dame Christie at it again!

A fairly unknown mystery by my favorite Dame of Murder. Well worth reading!

Reviewed by Kail - The master

Both masterful and classic - super read. Agatha Cristie is utterly the best at what she does and this book is proof.

Reviewed by Claire - Good story

I discovered this story on Amazon that I had never read before. I"m enjoying it immensely. It brings back memories of the pleasure I've always enjoyed reading Agatha Christie's books in the past. She was a terrific writer of suspense.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - great read.

Very thought provoking. The twist and turns that are so Agatha Christie. One of the truly great authors of all time.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Amazing and thrilling book. Thought I knew what was going on until the end

Reviewed by Talma Butcher - Highly entertaining! Fun..

very entertaining in an "old school" way. No Gore or foul language, just a good story. This book is fun to read.

Reviewed by Carolyn Pratt - Five Stars

Such a fun read, perfect for travel.

Reviewed by Darrell - excellent thriller

Agatha Christie is one of the greatest mystery writers from the twentieth century. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Secret Adversary.

Reviewed by Bob Carroll - master of English mystery novels

Loved the language. Loved the plot. Christie still the best!! I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It takes you back to a wonderful place and time.

Reviewed by msr - Could not put it down

Love Agatha Christie.
Loved the twists and turns of the mystery.
Had trouble putting it down, and shared many of the passages with my spouse.

Reviewed by Julie R Kurisko - Thank you!

Love Tommy and Tuppence! Thanks for making this book available!

Reviewed by deb - Five Stars

can't go wrong with Christie.

Reviewed by Ashleigh - Wonderful

This is my first Agatha Christie book, but it won't be my last! A wonderful story where they catch the bad guy and the guy gets the girl. Couldn't have been written better'

Reviewed by C.M. - Good ending!

Hard to think of who is the real bad person. Good story. It is easy to get into the story and hard to put down.

Reviewed by Meme - Agatha Christie Is The Best!

Love Agatha Christie. Anyone who follows her books knows they are all very good books. She is the quintessential "MOTHER" of all mystery writers.

Reviewed by baiyuming - Five Stars


Reviewed by Kiran M. - Nice Read

Actually had me guessing "who'd done it". I think I have become a fan of the genre, and of the author.

And as usual, Kindle rocks!

Reviewed by MPM - Five Stars

It was a fun book to read with just enough intrigue.

Reviewed by Mac - excellent!!

This book will hold your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this one!

Reviewed by Dallas - Good Read

What can I say? It's Agatha Christie. I enjoy all of her stories. For me it's always a good, quick, interesting read.

Reviewed by RNthatLUVSshoes - queen of mystery does it again

so easy to read

if you like Agatha then this is another must read!
whats even great is my kindle can read to me while driving

Reviewed by Floyd Wofford - Five Stars

Great purchase!

Reviewed by KATHLEEN - Favorite

Agatha Christie has always has been a favorite of mine. She keeps the reader involved throughout the entire story. This one is no exception.

Reviewed by JLM - Another great mystery from Agatha

Typical Agatha, always a great read.

Reviewed by j. m. g. - Five Stars

Bit slow at beginning but after halfway through hard to put down

Reviewed by Cindy Stalnaker - Five Stars

Still enjoyable

Reviewed by Asha Jagadeesh - Five Stars

A good book. Very exciting till the end.

Reviewed by DeNiele - Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is one of my favorite mystery authors; her characters are memorable and story lines are always enjoyable. Secret Adversary is no exception.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by annaislyne - My first Agatha Christie book

I can't believe I haven't read Agatha Christie before. The plot and characters were great. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good mystery.

Reviewed by Beverly Carroll - Agatha Christie...nough said

Going old school with Agatha Christie never goes out of style!

Reviewed by Darlene Kacz - Agatha Christie does it again.

It is a Christie book what more needs to be said.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - you can't go wrong with Agatha Christie!

I love the Tuppence and Tommy characters and it's just a fun read! Christie's books never fail to entertain. Everyone should read Agatha Christie!

Reviewed by Christine Maynard - A good read.

Classic Christie! A good read.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Agatha Christie's The Best

Agatha Christie has done it again. From the start to the finish, this book has kept my attention. I highly recommend Secret Adversary to all that enjoy a mystery.

Reviewed by Chris Larson - Five Stars

Love it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Secret Adverary by Agatha Christie

Dame Christie at her best

Reviewed by Jerry M. Doolittle - Easy read

A very easy read, and very typically Agatha Christie in that it is very well thought out, and an intricately woven plot. Reads well on the Kindle!

Reviewed by Carolyn from mid Michigan - Great Book!

As with all of Agatha Christie Books, the Secret Adversary is a great mystery!! It is hard to put down! Glad to see it on Kindle!!

Reviewed by mail order girl - Really Fun Read

After reading the Secret Adversary, my husband and I are reading all the Tommy and Tuppence novels aloud. Great characters and really fun stories!

Reviewed by Anna F. Carbone - Five Stars

A true Agatha Christie mystery.

Reviewed by Laura - Wonderful as always

love all her books

Reviewed by sue fitzgerald - Five Stars

There's always a twist or a turn. The action never stops.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great Book

My wife read this on her kindle and really loved. Being able to access many books through her kindle has really been sensational for her. No more buying books or going to the book store or library!

Reviewed by Laura A. Larkin - Ah Agatha, how we love thee

I read Ms Christie when I was a teenager, many moons ago, now in my dotage I can enjoy her all over again! Read Agatha's works, they're dated - no cell phones,no computers, but her characters are delightful.

Reviewed by nuts11222 - Mysteries

I love mysteries

Reviewed by Juan - Great author

I enjoyed reading this book. Great content although not the authors main character: Poirot or Marple. Best of all: it was free!

Reviewed by Joan - A great Agatha Christie novel

Although this book does not feature either Hercule Poirot or MIss Marple, Christie runs true to form in holding your attention to the end.

Reviewed by Lisa Lemons - Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie

Only Agatha Christie can make murder and mystery so much fun to read. Truly timeless and delightful to read over and over.

Reviewed by Anne - A great mystery

An entertaining story as only Agatha Christie can write. A good introduction to Tommy and Tuppance. A good read during the summer.

Reviewed by CO Shopper -'s Agatha Christie!

Agatha Christie is THE grand dame of mystery! Her stories are intriguing and engaging. She is my favorite mystery writer.

Reviewed by Diana Lafferty - Great adventure!

Marvelous in the spirit of an excellent Agatha Christie mystery. Never a dull moment! Surprises around every corner. I give it 5 stars.

Reviewed by K K SchwartzVINE VOICE - Secret Adversary

Is there any book written by Agatha Christie that isn't a great read? This book is another example of her great writing talent.

Reviewed by Carrie S. Mularoni - Comfortable reading

I find Agatha Christie novels both interesting and comfortable to read. The characters are well-developed, but never painful, and the stories flow well.

Reviewed by Craig - Excellent

A very fun book to read, beautifully written.

Reviewed by Sally Libbey - Great gift for Agatha Christie fans!!

I got this for my mother-in-law who is a huge Agatha Christie fan. She loved it!

Reviewed by Chris - Christie can't go wrong

Have only read this a couple times, but like it enough to bring it to my ebook library. Looking forward to reading it again.

Reviewed by Kathy Hasselbring - Good author

I wanted to try this Agatha Christie in the electronic form so I would have plenty of time to read it. I do enjoy not having to carry books around and hopefully not leave them somewhere.

Reviewed by Dianne - Like it all

I like anything Agatha Christie writes

Reviewed by Tracy Young - Five Stars


Reviewed by Lowern Keirn - Five Stars

Very good

Reviewed by Julie Williams - Read me

Excellent way to spend some time.

Reviewed by Cbewtra - Five Stars

classic christie!

Reviewed by Jerry Massie - Tuppence and Tommy Transcendent over Power, Intrigue and Deception

Agatha Christie's inimitable writing style leaves readers turning pages almost before reading them to see what is going to happen next. Tuppence and Tommy form an indefatigable sleuthing team which, though it lacks skill and basic knowledge about criminal behavior, nevertheless makes up for it in sheer dogged persistence. The plot twists and turns past easy answers, historic events, celebrities and mysterious characters, until at the very end the plot takes a most unexpected turn which leaves the reader with a solid good feeling. Great book, excellent characters, and that marvelous human quality: undying love.

Reviewed by Cathy R - Agatha Christie's The Secret Adversary

Agatha Christie has never let me down as far as mysteries are concerned. I especially love that it's in the 1930s-40s.

Reviewed by leo kramer - intruiging

quick paced easy read interesting agatha christie has a remarkable talent for entertaining books with wit and holding the readers interest

Reviewed by regina l. collier - Always love Agatha Christie

Always love Agatha Christie. She is the queen of mystery. Twists and turns in every chapter will keep you turning the pages.

Reviewed by L. Spannaus - Classic Christie!

It's been years since I first read this novel . It's just as much fun as I remembered! Now it's on to the next one!

Reviewed by Lynda - Just reread this, so fun!

I forgot how fun Agatha Christie is. I think I read them all as a child, then reread them as a young adult, now I am going to restart as an older adult!

Reviewed by helga stucker - fun to read

It is my very first Kindle and my very first book I was reading with Kindle. I enjoyed it very much

Reviewed by Claude Lambert - Tommy and Tuppence: spy stories for teens

This is not at all like the Poirot series. Agatha Christie wrote a series of short novels with two young heroes that is delightful if you still have the heart of a teenager. But if you want a more credible spy story contemporary of Christie, however, I recommend, on the same theme as this Secret Adversary,a much deeper book: The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale. It is about Russian spies and terrorists.

Tommy and Tuppence are childhood friends, in their early 20s. They find themselves without a job just after 1918. Tuppence thinks that she should marry a rich man. She will have an opportunity as she soon meets a mysterious American millionaire... T and T decide to place an ad in the newspaper saying they look for adventure, and the spy story develops from there.

Reviewed by rams422 - Secret Adversary

almost through, to this point - the story line is easy to follow and captivating. it is Agatha at her best! never read this before and very glad I ran across it - would recommend highly.

Reviewed by bonnie mitchem - Rating for book

I always enjoy reading Agatha Christie book. One of my favorite authors. She was a favorite for a long time.

Reviewed by Dew - Agatha Christie never disappoints me

Agatha Christie never disappointed me. This is a very good book
I also like the fact that it's free. thanks

Reviewed by Natalie S - Five Stars

Great read!

Reviewed by emmy - Great writing


Reviewed by Nathan O'Shea - Great digital copy for my phone

This is a great digital rendition of this book, I have always enjoyed reading it and having it on my phone now is even better.

Reviewed by Phyllis - Five Stars

I thought it was great.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Berry - One of her best!

I love Tommy and Tuppence. This is the story of their first adventure together. Great, classic Agatha. Espionage and excitement!

Reviewed by Debbie D. - Great Mystery

One in a short series of stories that Agatha Christie wrote about
a young couple of amateur detectives.
A delightful read.

Reviewed by Joshua Coyne - Holy Cow

Great detective story. This is the first with Tommy and Tuppence, and they are a great lot. Everything you need to know to solve the mystery is in the story, and it is a great challenge to try.

Reviewed by Philip Smith - it cannot be faulted

I love the story always have. One of the first stories I ever read as a teenager. Classic Agatha Christie, young detectives, .dark enemy working behind the scenes is closer than they think

Reviewed by Elizabeth - Interesting and captivating

I enjoyed thiis book emensley. Had to keep reading to know the ending

Reviewed by Vickster - Five Stars

Good read

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - I Love Kindle Free

I love to read Kindle, but obviously I cannot read them as fast as I can find them but it is fun trying!

Reviewed by RJK - Great story

This story had me guessing all the way till the ending. I loved the narrator and the story moved along well.

Reviewed by jean baker - Five Stars

good plot

Reviewed by Libby - Agatha is always GREAT

Loved it!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - good


Reviewed by PAM - Five Stars

2nd time reading enjoy her writing particularly Hercule.

Reviewed by GloriaC - Five Stars

Great Edition

Reviewed by reader - Five Stars


Reviewed by vicki wickham - Intriging

I have read many agatha Christie books, always enjoy them. Keeps me interested, doesn't take me long to read her books. This one was no different. Love the young adventurers.

Reviewed by Debora Kelley - Love AG

Wish there were more free Agatha books available. Love her
writing she makes the characters very real. Great book. D

Reviewed by Brenda Maxwell - Five Stars

Love her writing

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - excellent

I love anything by Agatha Christie. This was just very good as are all her books. she's an admirable writer.

Reviewed by Eileen - Five Stars


Reviewed by Patricia L. Saletore - what you would expect

Agatha Christie is always a good read for entertainment purposes. It is a light fun story and I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Carole Freeman - Five Stars

Great book

Reviewed by Kathy McAllister - Nice twists and turns

Just a great story and ending twist. Kept me on my toes!! A good read by a great author. Have fun.

Reviewed by BigMac - Only Agatha!

Beautiful early Christie. We will never see her like again.

Reviewed by Donna Boydstun - I loved it! Fully of adventure and surprise

I loved it! Fully of adventure and surprise. Hated for it to be over.

Reviewed by Shea Simanek - Best one so far

I absolutely adore Tommy and Tuppence. I want more of them now! Get it, you won't regret it. I promise

Reviewed by Eric Moraes - Great book from Agatha Christie

A good book from Agatha Christie with the first history of Tommy and Tuppence! The price was great, as well!

Reviewed by RC - Lovesamystery

I really enjoyed this book! A little dated, but that's half the fun.
I think it would make a great movie (or kinema as they say in the story!).

Reviewed by Linda - Five Stars

I love Agatha Christy!! Miss Marple is my favorite!!

Reviewed by Claire - Secret Adversary

I LOVED IT!! Easily one of the best books I have read in awhile. It had spies, mysteries, intrigue, and romance! It kept me guessing until the end!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - A different type of Christie

Reviewed by Carolyn Hullett - Love Agatha Christie.

Love to read! Now with my new Kindle Fire I can read at night, day, anytime, anywhere and read what I want. Now, which Agatha do I want next?

Reviewed by Maureen A. Burke - Mystery

I always wanted to read this one

Enjoy mystery with a twist
Agatha is my favorite

This review is too long

Reviewed by naomi - Secret Adversary

An exciting book it kept me guessing to the end who the bad guy was. It had a little bit of romance in it to. A nice clean read.

Reviewed by Glenn Fox - Good little read

As always, A.C. keeps you guessing til the last moment! Not too long but quite enjoyable. Going to find another short story from A.C. now!

Reviewed by vg1234 - Great book

Great book and lot of suspense. I can recommend it to anyone who likes mystery and thinking about puzzles. Tommy and Tuppence are great adventurers!

Reviewed by Marilyn - Secret Adversary

Agatha Christie is my favorite mystery writer. I love Tuppence and Tommy, and enjoyed reading the introduction of the characters.

Reviewed by Filipe - Wonderful

Fabulous, fantastic, the adjectives that poorly describe this marvellous deed!
Agatha was ahead of her time and is still very contemporary.

Reviewed by robin.scott - Delightful read

I read the entire book during my commute on the train for a week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't have predicted the ending.

Reviewed by James Church - My wife loves it

I buy Agatha Christie books for my wife who is a world class Fan of Ms. Christie. She loves the books, and me for the giving them to her. How's that for a review!

Reviewed by Nancy J. Parra - Five Stars

classic good read.

Reviewed by MysteryGal - Agatha Christie's Book

Great classic!

Reviewed by gj - Five Stars

Good listen.

Reviewed by H. S. - Classic Christie

This is the first one of Agatha Christie 's Tommy and Tuppence novels. As always, a good read with a surprising ending.

Reviewed by Iinda - Five Stars

very good

Reviewed by Leeza DiGriz - Great Agatha book!

She got me again! I had my suspicions though.

A very good read, and I have read all the Poirots and Marples.

Reviewed by Avid reader - You can't go wrong with Agatha

I hadn't read many books by this author. I now know why she is so popular and will look for more of her work.

Reviewed by Michael D. Lounsbury - Historical Fiction

Includes some true history from world war 1 , exciting story that keeps you guessing and has a surprise ending

Reviewed by C rader - Loved it,

Agatha Christie is one of a kind from her era.
These two characters are very enjoyable, and classic. Read on!

Reviewed by Smithsprincess - and it's fun suspense made me look up more titles

I kept thinking, "I've got it now. It was definitely Mr. ***. But then I would change my mind a chapter later. With a shocking twist at the end that actually made me gasp, I still said, "I knew it all along!" But I never really knew who it was, ever. This is the first Agatha Christie book I've ever read; and it's fun suspense made me look up more titles. I'm hooked on "clean mysteries" by Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by Joshua Ndegwa - Great Book

This book is really good. It is a real page turner. If you like a good mystery I recommend it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great

Read it this book was so good it kept m“ interested the whole time i was reading it amazing author

Reviewed by DMO - A Joy to read

This is a book you can read for the pure joy of it. Suspense, mystery, well developed charactors and hard to put down. What a relief to be able to read a book and then hand it over to my 14 year old daughter and say, "You'll love this." No gore,foul language or sex. We desperately need some current authors who are willing to write intriguing stories without vampires, monsters, demons, gore, sex, foul language and such.

Reviewed by Lfcarella - Loved It!!!!!!

Aboslutely great. I am a great admirer of Agatha Christie and she did not let me down with Tommy and Tuppence... It was predictable a few times, but most of the times thats how it gets you to keep reading... But dont get me wrong, most of the time she will leave your jaw open... Highly recomended...

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Fun story, well adapted for Kindle

I have read a lot of Agatha Christie's mysteries, but this was a new one to me. The story is entertaining, as always.

I found this easy to read on the Kindle Touch. The up or down swipe easily took me to a different chapter. I didn't test the table of contents, but I rarely use those when I read a novel. The spacing was great. Well done!

Reviewed by P. C. Irwin - Light and frothy, but intellectually challenging as well.

I have always found Agatha Christie's mysteries completely absorbing, challenging and entertaining. There is no other mystery writer that can equal her for a truly rich and well developed plot with just enough "red herrings" to satisfy anyway of the mystery genre enthusiasts. A-plus in every way!

Reviewed by collette batten - Great if you haven't already read it, like I had.

Don't you just hate it when you buy a book to find out in the first few pages, wait I have read this some years ago and remember the ending and the middle and now the beginning. Boo Whoo. But, there it is. Hasn't everyone already read this book, if not you will enjoy it . Go for it.

Reviewed by Cindy - Great Story

This is a very good book. Very well written. The first I have read of Agatha Christie, but it won't be the last! I thought I had figured it out, but then she threw me off. This may be an older book, but it's definitely worth reading!

Reviewed by a bookworm - Quite possibly the best book you'll ever read

In 1915, as the Lusitiana sinks, a British spy gives a girl his secret papers, since she is a woman with a better chance of getting into a lifeboat. She is to get them to the American Embassy at all costs.
Flash forward to the end of WW1. No one knows where the girl is. The papers were never delivered.
Enter Tommy and Tuppence, a likeable, charismatic young 'couple' - they're mainly just friends - who decide to become mercenaries for money. Unwittingly, they stumble upon a enemy spy who wants these papers- but thankfully, they discover he's up to no good and decide to help an agent recover the papers.
But they have no idea what they're getting into. A deadly game of espionage, torpedoes, amnesiacs, and , of course, poison... READ THE BOOK! It's clean- the word d@ nm is used once -
and it's not graphic. As a teenage girl, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Reviewed by LAReader - This was a fun read for me

I must be the only human on the planet who has not read a lot of Agatha Christie. This was a fun read for me. The characters are endearing and the dialogue is funny and fast paced. I highly recommend it as easy entertainment.

Reviewed by Joanna S. - Formal & surprising

The Grand Dame of mysteries didn't disappoint in this plot. Enjoy trying to figure out, "who done it?" I thought I had it, but monopoly nooooo!

Reviewed by E. Smith - Secret Adversary

What can I say? Agatha Christie is always a good read. If you've never read any of her stories, you are missing out.

Reviewed by james sampson - 5 Stars

Having read a later story with Tommy and Tuppence it is nice to know how they started. The story was a typical Agatha Christie novel. Great read!

Reviewed by Beverly - ebook

I can NEVER get enough of anything Agatha Christie!! in any of the mediums I can find her. and free, to boot!

Reviewed by Sherri - Great book.

This is only the second book I have read by Agatha Christie. I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - gift

I bought this as a gift for my daughter to read as she crammed for finals at college. Thanks for being on time and giving her so much relaxation during a stressful time.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - THE SECRET ADVERSARY

I have read many Agatha Christie books. This is one of her best. Exciting yoiung couple! I want more please!

Reviewed by L. M. Crane - Agatha's the Best!

Agatha Cristie's mysteries are mysteries at their best!

Reviewed by Hungry Mama - Classic Christie. She is still the queen of mystery ...

Classic Christie. She is still the queen of mystery.

Reviewed by Heather Christensen - always a good read. one of her best

I have read this three times. always a good read. one of her best.

Reviewed by levant bishop - Five Stars

Very good

Reviewed by Traveler - She is one of the best!

Great book!

Reviewed by William - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Product as Stated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fast Shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - secret adversary

Downloaded this story on my kindle ap on Evo phone and loved it. I read while my husband drives - It's great. Thanks

Reviewed by Michael Gessaro - The Secret Adversary

Thsi book was delivered in a timely fashion. This book was enjoyable to read.

Reviewed by A. Eldridge - Excitement at every page turn! I thought I had ...

Excitement at every page turn! I thought I had it figured out, but as usual, she turned a different way. I did have it narrowed down to two people and one of them "done-it!"

Reviewed by Henrietta - needed a to go copy for the plane

Wanted a portable copy of one of my favorites, now I just need N or M to go with it. Taking this with me for vacation to kill the long flight.

Reviewed by jmh - excellent

excellent, of course! Wouldn't expect less from such an acclaimed author.

Reviewed by Ronald W. Fortune - Good diversions in the story

Guessing at the end all the way. Good diversions in the story.

Reviewed by Laura KΓ‘lmΓ‘nchey - Five Stars

It was a great pleasure to read. Really fascinating.

Reviewed by Zoe - Five Stars

Terrific. What a fantastic author. Marvellous.

Reviewed by Anita Kivkucane - Five Stars

I liked it very much. Kept me busy until the end

Reviewed by Gary Hathaway - Five Stars

Great Read

Reviewed by Gene - Five Stars

My wife is the reader and she loves it.

Reviewed by Acute Observer - The Search for a Secret Document

The Secret Adversary

This story begins on May 7, 1915 when a man gives an important document to a young girl for safekeeping and delivery to the American Ambassador to England. Miss Prudence Cowley meets Tommy Beresford, both are out of work and can’t find jobs (Chapter 1). [The beginning of the Great Depression.] They overhear a conversation about a “Jane Finn”, then learn more about this name. They are hired as “Private Inquiry Agents” by a secret government official (Chapter III). Tommy hears talk about a General Strike (Chapter VIII). Prudence will work undercover as a maid (Chapter IX). [Did you get a hint in Chapter XIII?]

Tommy escapes from his captors (Chapter XVII). Tuppence has gone away due to a false message and they try to track her (Chapter XVIII). They locate Jane Finn (Chapter XIX). Can they find the hidden document (Chapter XX)? Jane Finn tells her story (Chapter XXV). She hid two pages in a safe place, they will rush to retrieve them. They return to that Soho flat to retrieve those pages and get a big surprise! [Refer to Chapter XIII.] There is a celebration for the good guys (Chapter XXVII). Would the press print a favorable obituary on an important person? Tommy explains his actions, he didn’t know who to trust. Chapter XXVIII has the ending for Jane and Julius, and Tuppence and Tommy.

This is an interesting story that holds your interest page after page. Do some parts seem implausible? The idea of a character who is not what he or she seems would be used in another of Christie’s mystery novels. The idea of a small group controlling events is not just “conspiracy theory”. One interesting part is the culture or background to this story. Note the freedom to keep and bear arms in those days. Agatha Christie wrote this mystery novel in 1922 at the beginning of her long writing career. She is one of the best-known and widely-read writers of all times, and the most widely translated British author in the world.

Reviewed by Delta Stet - but I have enjoyed the few I've read

I haven't read many Christie novels, but I have enjoyed the few I've read. I find her mysteries clever and actually a bit of mystery (unlike those lame attempts at mysteries these days). Her characters are fun and feel so appropriately outlandish for the time it was written. I really enjoyed it.

I listened to the audio version and Alison Larkin did a fantastic job narrating. I loved her character choices. The accents were generally very good. I will be looking for other stories she has narrated.

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

Reviewed by Cozy Reader - The first appearance of Tommy & Tuppence

This is the second novel by Agatha Christie, and is the first novel that "Tommy & Tuppence" make an appearance. We are introduced to Tommy & Tuppence as two young adults, who have emerged from the war and are in search of more adventure. They go in search of "Jane Finn" who holds deadly documents that could change the current political regime.

I have read a few books with Tommy & Tuppence, but they are all when they are long retired, and it was great to read them as young things out to find adventure. You can see the spirit that they both have in later books was "over the top" in their younger years and it was great to read how they started out.

In many of the later books it mentions their earlier adventures, especially in "The Secret Adversary" and "N or M" so its always nice to piece together this different parts of their adventures and characteristics.

I'm definitely growing to love Tommy & Tuppence the more I read them.

Reviewed by Elizabeth R. Ricker - That settles it

Brilliantly, masterfully, and delightfully conveyed, as expected! Christie leaves just the right number of breadcrumbs you need to sleuth it out just before the characters do--but enough misdirection so you doubt yourself and remain dry-mouthed and heart-pumping to the end! Brave, clever, funny, scrappy characters set in WWI-era Britain, plot twisting and thickening as you turn the page--but surprisingly believable even down to the Rolls Royce bought in a day and the mysterious episode of retrograde amnesia. That settles it: I'm going on an Agatha Christie bender.

Reviewed by bookworm1858VINE VOICE - Fantastic introduction to Tommy and Tuppence!
The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie
Berkley Books, 1922
232 pages
Mystery; Tommy and Tuppence
4.5/5 stars

Source: Library

Summary: An exciting story following a pair of adventurers known as Tommy and Tuppence. They work to stop a Bolshevik plot that could bring down the British government.

Thoughts: I wasn't sure what to expect (okay I had the thought that I'd be getting a good mystery because it's from Agatha Christie) but this was not quite that. Tommy and Tuppence are quite young (early 20s) and speak in what seems a very affected style but may actually be true for the time period. I find their words a little weird but mostly endearing. They were FUN characters and I think I like them more than Miss Marple and certainly more than Poirot.

The plot was fast-moving, much to Tuppence's preference. They are looking for a way to make a bit of money and end up entangled in a plot seemingly plotted by the Bolsheviks (I'm not entirely clear on that point). They meet a variety of characters in a confusing but fun plot. It definitely leans a bit more to the thriller side.

As to the ultimate mastermind, the so-called Mr Brown, there are two main candidates and I of course picked the wrong one because I liked him in his other guise so much. The ending is quite satisfactory though.

Overall: A welcome change from the usual Christie! I will definitely be reading the other T&T books sooner rather than later.

Reviewed by Havauka - A Perfect Fairy Thriller
The "The Secret Adversary" by Agatha Christie has some shortcomings:
(1) The story is very naive, in real live Tommy would have been dead after the first half and Tuppence at the end of the book.
(2) The dialogues between the two protagonists are very old fashioned.

But, once you have consented to these shortcommings it is worth while reading on:
(A) The story is very exciting. I could not sleep at night because I wanted to know how the story went on. I read wherever I could, in the cantine, in the bus, in the waiting queue of a shop, on the loo, etc.
(B) The dramatic fluency of the plot is perfect. Every chapter has its own meaning and all clues fit at the end of the book.
(C) Finally, I was deeply fascinated by the solution. And, moreover, I learned how the name Tuppence was pronounced :-)

Reviewed by Marie Claude Perras - Junior Detectives play at solving crime, to our maximal enjoyment.

An excellent read from the queen of mystery herself.
Tommy and Tuppence Beresford are novice detectives trying to find Jane Fynn and the mysterious documents in her possession. A very organized group of criminals led by Mr. Brown is also looking for the documents. Mr. Brown is non-nondescript, an every-man.

Tuppence represents wit and sass.
Tommy represents reason and brawn.

They form a great investigative team.
I loved this story even if I suspected early on who Mr. Brown really was.

Still the book is worth every penny.

Reviewed by A customer - Thrills and Even a Chill

Agatha Christie's THE SECRET ADVERSARY is her first full blown attempt at the 'thriller' novel, which was an extremely popular format in the year it was published (1922). In those days, writers like Sapper and Edgar Wallace were creating best-sellers for an ever-appreciating public. Therefore, it is not surprising that Christie would try her hand at the format as well. The results of this book are slightly mixed, but only if you take it too seriously. For after all, Christie was a brilliant woman and knew EXACTLY what she was doing. What THE SECRET ADVERSARY is is a parody of the thrillers that were currently so popular. Does this mean that we should not take it seriously? No. But it may help you enjoy the book more to realize that some of the elements of the book were added to tweak those other elements that were taken so very seriously in other thrillers.
For example, how many coincidences can this book have? All Tommy and Tuppence (the extremely engaging heroes of the story) have to do is mention a name and they are immediately plunged in the enemy's lair. Even Tuppence cannot refrain from mentioning how 'amazing" it all is! Definitely this is Christie with tongue-in-cheek. Additionally, it is amazing that the villians (who are playing a very serious game indeed) do not dispatch with our heroes the moment they are detected. Again, this is done with a slight jab to other thrillers where the heroes are typcially caught by the bad guys once or twice and they NEVER, EVER kill the heroes off. They always give them multiple chances to escape. Christie knew how silly this all could be, but included anyway to play the game that she so obviously enjoyed.
You might think, by all I have said, that this is not a book for you. You also might wonder why I am giving it five stars. First of all, it is Christie after all, and her style is breezy and extremely readable. Also, Tommy and Tuppence are delightful characters and their banter is worth the rest of the book. Plus, there are some very effective moments in the book, which only a master like Christie could manage. The discovery of the poisoned body is very well written and actually created a chill that shot down my spine. Yes, it is not Christie's greatest work by a long shot, and yes, there are some incredible implausibilities in the story. But I believe that they were there for a purpose. Besides, if all you are looking for is a diverting couple of hours, you could do a lot worse than this book. It's a lark, and that is exactly what Christie intended it to be from the first.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - T N T!

Wearily ensconced in a London hotel, a pre-married Tommy and Tuppence ponder their future after the war, most specifically how to earn an income with minimal skills and desire for heavy labor. A chance encounter with an eavesdropper promises a mysterious yet intriguing task, but quickly falls through when an uncomfortable Tuppence gives a false name to her would-be employer (Jane Finn, a name dropped by two passing gentlemen when Tommy himself was eavesdropping on conversations) and is accused of blackmail.
Money no longer a concern, The Young Adventurers, LTD., as Tommy and Tuppence have christened themselves, decide to sleuth to satisfy their own curiosity about the nondescript Jane Finn and why the girl is suddenly so popular. Soon they are employed for real, charged by Jane's millionaire Americn cousin to find the girl, missing since her rescue from the sinking Lusitania, and implored by one Mr. Carter to retrieve documents believed to have been on Miss Finn's person at the time, documents that could threaten the entire security of Britian and threaten the validity of post-war treaties. When a potential witness is murdered before she can offer any helpful information with regards to Jane and "Mr. Brown," the ringleader of the organization behind the threats, The Young Adventurers find enough adventure for two lifetimes.
In Secret Adversary, Christie offers perhaps one of her most complex mysteries -- a forerunner to the contemporary political thriller. The combination of Tommy's deductive intellect and Tuppence's wit and zeal are compelling to read, yet sadly addictive. Given the dearth of stories featuring these two, one may be left to wonder about the large gaps in between the Tommy and Tuppence novels and what adventures may have happened in the interim. For any mystery fan, however, Secret Adversary is a must read, a story that despite its setting will always be ageless.

Reviewed by A customer - Fantastic mystery/spy/romance- Christie-style

I always go back to this book when I feel a yearning to slip into English life via an Agatha Christie book. The characters, Tommy and Tuppence, are witty and charming, and will captivate instantly. These two young people meet after the war (WWI) in somewhat desperate straits- neither has a job, and each is facing the none-too-desirable notion that they will soon have to live with their families again. But they would rather have adventures.
The romantic tension is light, but visible, as these two hatch out a plan to become Adventurers, and they meet adventure sooner than they realize. A name slipped out quite unconciously hurls them into the middle of international espionage, kidnapping, gang violence and more. Before they can blink, they are befriended by a rich American and a top British Government Intelligence agent, but who can they trust?
The plot twists and turns adroitly, as only Agatha can write, leaving the reader wondering about the loyalties of every character, before laying out the final solution in a pulse-quickening final scene.
Agatha Christie is known for her mysteries that leave readers guessing until the last chapter, and also for her depiction of English life from the 20's to the 70's, and this book has both of these. But this book is also a page-turning spy thriller, which you won't be able to put down until the very end.P

Reviewed by Toby - Listen to the audiobook narrated by Alison Larkin! WOW!

I read this while listening to the Audible edition narrated by Alison Larkin and I really loved it. It is SO much fun - really gives you a great sense of the time just after World War One when England was in turmoil and people were broke. The Audio book as narrated by Alison Larkin is outstanding. I can't recommend highly enough.

Reviewed by RachelWalker - Another brilliant one

Christie's variety can often astound those who first come across her. Whether it be a tense, well plotted detective story, a sharp psycholgical thriller with twists at every turn, an adventure, a spy story, a tale of international intrgue, she never fails to dissappoint. This time she turns her hand to an incredibly exciting adventure story, introducing two heroes who are even more enjoyable to read about than Poirot or Marple. (Perosnally, of all her detective, T&T are my favourites. I wish she'd done more books with them in.)
The story begins incredibly well, aboard the sinking Lusitania. A secret document is passed to a young girl, who escapes the floundering ship. Years later, someone wants that document badly, and is even prepared to kill for it contains secrets which could bring down Britain.
Enter Tommy and Tuppence on the trail, and thus begins an incredibly entertaining tale of intrgue, adventure, and death. Lots of action, lots of suspense, murder and mystery added in for extra spice.
I have to say, i did guess the identity of the culprit (mind you, it was almost the only Agatha Christie book in which i did.) But that is not a bad thing. When, in some cases, you guess the culprit correctly, it can bring the reader an intense sense of satisfaction, knowing that, just this once, Christie didn't manage to outwit you completely. (After all, these books are challenges to the reader to work out "whodunnit" before the detective.)
Tommy and Tuppence are incredibly likeable, and i was immensely pleased to discover that she had written more (if few) books about them.
This one is a refreshing must for all Christie fans. (Mind you, if you are a Christie fan, i need not tell you that. Doubtless you plan to read them all anyway. As you should.)

Reviewed by Aurelas - Agatha Christie fools us again!

The Secret Adversary introduces Tommy and Tuppence Beresford to the world. Young and rather foolish, Tommy and Tuppence offer themselves as paid adventurers to the general public. "No unreasonable offer refused," their ad claims. When someone actually takes Tuppence up on the advertisement, the duo find themselves in the midst of a mystery. A man known only as Mr. Brown is seeking a top-secret document that could destroy Great Britain, a document last held by a young girl who survived the sinking of the Lusitania. It is up to Tommy and Tuppence to recover the document and discover the identity of Mr. Brown. The Secret Adversary will keep you guessing to the end, and after you think you've solved the mystery, Agatha Christie plays her trump card and you will find your theories incorrect. If you like books by P.G. Wodehouse or the Lord Peter Whimsey series, you will enjoy Tommy and Tuppence's dialogue. If you love spy stories, you will enjoy the plot of this book. I highly recommend The Secret Adversary to anyone who loves Agatha Christie and to anyone who loves adventure.


Being one who is far from fond of the characters of Tommy and Tuppence, I picked up this book wary of what I would find unfolded in the pages. However, my fears were unallayed. This book is in no comparison to 'Postern of Fate', the last book featuring this daring duo, and also one of few mysteries of Agatha that entirely lacks a plot.
From the first pages, the story has a tightly woven plot that toils for more of a surprise effect than realism. Reminiscent of 'The Big Four', another fantastically interesting mystery, 'The Secret Adversary' is made for those seeking adventure in their lives, not a feasible plot.
With Christie swinging her signature style of convincing you the murderer really IS the other person (when in reality it is the man on the right), nothing could be more of a thriller and relaxing story than 'Secret Adversary'. My suggestion: read this. After all, there's practically a money-back guarantee you'll like it.

Reviewed by Jeanne TassottoVINE VOICE - Lighthearted FUN

This 1922 adventure is Christie's second novel. It does not feature Hercule Poirot but instead introduces Tommy and Tuppence. The pair are childhood friends who went their separate ways during WWI and chance into each other in postwar London. Both are trying to find jobs and are, like most of the other returning veterans, not having much success. They hit on a plan to become 'adventurers' and soon find themselves caught up in a chain of events that had begun years before with the sinking of the Luisitania. The plot is wildly fantastic involving international conspiracies, secret agents seeking secret documents, American millionaires and romance.
This is one of Christie's 'master criminal' stories, very much in the same vein as THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT and THE SEVEN DIALS MYSTERY among others. If you enjoyed these or are a P. G. Wodehouse fan you'll love this one but if you are looking for a challenging or more realistic mystery look elsewhere.

Reviewed by RCMVINE VOICE - Introducing T & T

The Secret Adversary is the very first adventure of Tommy and Tuppence, Agatha Christie's pair of amateur sleuths, and what an adventure they have. Tommy Beresford and Prudence 'Tuppence' Cowley manage to solve a threatening international crisis, by luck and intuition it would seem, rather than more ordinary methods of detection. As an introduction to the pair, who would have further adventures after their marriage, "The Secret Adversary" is fast-paced and intriguing.

Having met each other once again by chance, Tommy and Tuppence, old childhood friends, decide to advertise themselves as "Young Adventurers" who will take any charge that's well paid, no matter the danger. But before they can even post their ad, they are drawn into a mysterious web of intrigue regarding a missing draft of a peace treaty and a young girl named Jane Finn. By what seems like sheer coincidence and luck, Tommy and Tuppence, together or apart, are able to come across clues as to where Jane Finn may be, and what knowledge she has about the missing treaty. As they uncover clues, they also uncover danger that threatens their lives and friends who may just turn out to be the very adversary they are searching for.

As usual with an Agatha Christie mystery, just when you think you've figured out the final twist, she throws even more at you. "The Secret Adversary" is a smart, well-plotted thriller, a testament to Christie's brillance, as this was only her second published novel. While the book may seem dated in language and certain expressions, it is only at a surface level due to the very real nature of the modern intrigue that moves the plot.

Reviewed by Wordsmyth - Great new chatacters

Agatha Christie at her best, even in 2016. I have read this book many times and still love it. This begins the adventures of Tommy and Tuppence.

Reviewed by L. A. Vitale - Tommy & Tuppence In Their 1st Adventure

I've been an avid Agatha Christie fan for decades now, but had yet to read one of Ms. Christie's novels with the characters of Tommy & Tuppence until now that is....

Tommy & Tuppence are a nice, refreshing change from Miss Marple & Hercule Poirot. They are young upstarts in this novel looking to earn a decent living in an era where the economy isn't great.... So, Tommy & Tuppence, whom have been life long friends, decide to embark on a new career as the young adventurers in search of new adventures.

They end up doing under cover work, off the record, for the British Government, in search of some important documents lost in World War I. These documents if recovered by the enemy, could have dire consequences for the allies now that the war is over.

The Secret Adversary is a nice, tightly written novel by Ms. Christie and this novel keeps you guessing until the very end which character is the bad guy.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - A fun ride through history's dark moments

After all, this novel was about an important document that would turn history on its head. In the days of great ocean liners, a secret document was sent to America for safekeeping aboard the Lusitania. The ship sank, but not before the man who kept this document gave it away to someone. Fast forward to Tommy and Tuppence who were both almost jobless and had no rich boyfriend/girlfriend to turn to. Tuppence had the idea to turn themselves into an adventuring couple and sent an ad to the news. What follows is a rigmarole of mistaken identity, blatant lies and international intrigue.
'The secret adversary' effectively introduces Tommy and Tuppence as the power couple of the detective world. The Queen's narrative is as lively as the characters itself, and you'll find yourself reading this to the wee hours of them morning.

Reviewed by K Mitchell - Great read!

Can't believe I haven't read this before! I have always loved Agatha Christie and, as usual, was not disappointed. Anyone who likes mysteries will enjoy this book as well as any other written by Agatha Christie.

Reviewed by A. Robinson - A lot of fun

This is really a favorite Christie story of mine. It's a fun departure from the typical whodunit model, and once events begin to snowball, the story moves at a nearly addictive pace. I am used to the unexpected twist Christie plots generally take, but the end couldn't have possibly been imagined by even the most astute reader/sleuth.

It is not meant to be political, terribly thought-provoking, nor even credible. It doesn't have to be to be excellent escapist fare, and in this it succeeds very nicely. Characters are well-defined and engaging, and the locations well-depicted but not tediously so. I enjoyed its length as well; the story is not told in a rushed style, which helps build suspense.

Read on a bad weather day, tea at your side, cat or dog on your lap, and enjoy the ride.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Great Read

Full of suspense! Its a perfect winter read with a brilliant storyline and plot twists all the wat through. Tommy and Tuppence's adventures are captivating.

Reviewed by Felicity Barrington - A charming edition, and well recommended!

Christie's popular detective team Tommy and Tuppence make their first appearance in this book in which the duo is hired to find a woman who disappears with sensitive government documents. Set in 1919, young couple in need of money and in need of some excitement; Tommy Beresford and Tuppence Cowley join together- hiring themselves out as "young adventurers." Their first case is much more of an adventure than they expected - they are involved in an international communist conspiracy to bring a communist government to England! Undercover agents Tommy and Tuppence don't know is that a killer is targeting them and they are in grave danger.

Great stuff from Christie! If you have not read it, enjoy this charming edition!

Reviewed by S. Warmbier - Agatha Christie never disappoints

Great read! Once again, thought I knew who the murderer was, at last minute Dame Christie fooled me AGAIN. Bravo!

Reviewed by Hugh A. Shiveley - A typical A. Christie tale

I gave it 5 starts because it is a typical Christie mystery which keeps the reader guessing until the last page.

I would recommend it to all mystery lovers.

Reviewed by Kate Oszko - Captures the feel of the time
The second Agatha Christie book published. The main characters Tuppence and Tommy are out for adventure as both are having trouble getting work after the war (the Great War, that is - WW I). They stumble upon a set of intrigues at the highest levels. Their honesty and determination and quick wittedness gets them through. Very well written, capturing the language and feel of the time.

Reviewed by A customer - One of Agatha's best!

First I would like to say something, I LOVE Tommy and Tuppence. The young and lively Tommy and Tuppence (portrayed in Secret Adversary and Partners In Crime) not the middle aged couple the later novels made them to be. The mystery itself is pretty good (it is Agatha were talking about, after all) but what makes this book stand out from the rest are the two main characters. Their dialouge is witty, their romance (they are in love, aren't they??) is sweet. This is easily one of my favourite Agatha Christie books.

Reviewed by MTA - Five Stars

She never gives away too many clues, just enough to keep you guessing.

Reviewed by Denise - Five Stars

Love this and all of Agatha's books!! Always great unsuspecting endings!!

Reviewed by Heather Rhinehart - Five Stars

Classic light mystery. Who can resist Agatha Christie?

Reviewed by Nick - Perfect Introduction to Christie's Stories!

This was my first Agatha Chrstie novel and I loved it. The story was fun amd quick-paced, and it was made even more enjoyable by the 1920's London settings. My favorite part of the novel, however, was the clever conversation between Tommy and Tuppence; I hope all of Christie's novels include such likeable heroes. And though some features of the story seemed antiquated, like the use of telegrams, I was pleased with how so much of it seemd thoroughly modern.

Reviewed by rdb11 - One of the better Tommy Tuppence books

Great fun read. Enjoyed it very much although the Julius character was a bit much to take at times I think

Reviewed by A customer - Another great book by Ms. Christie!!

Though not exactly a mystery, Agatha Christie's The Secret Adversary is yet another wonderful and exciting adventure starring Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, probably the most lovable of Christie's detectives. The answer to this mystery/adventure may not be too difficult to guess at, but it's the fun-loving, humourous characters one falls in love with. If only Agatha Christie had written more books staring the Beresfords.

Reviewed by Alicia Stein von Kugelgen - Tommy & Tuppence - the beginning

I decided to start this series when I couldn't get one of the Poirots I wanted. Very glad that I did, classic Christie and, as Tommy might say, a cracking good yarn.

Reviewed by jsmith17 - Timeless

Agatha Christie's books are the recipe for fun and adventure while relaxing all the while. This one in particular is captivating til the end. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Jan langley - NO one writes a better mystery.

love Christi, always a great read.

Reviewed by Ayesha Maliwal - Five Stars

One is hooked till the last minute!

Reviewed by Carolynne - good

Agatha Christie is always good. She has a way of creating timeless classics that I will enjoy reading and rereading .

Reviewed by Jan Stastny - addictive story

watch out! You may find yourself reading more than you planned :) Very good story, I recommend it. It is also quite easy to read evem for people who's first language is not English.

Reviewed by Stephen L. Singer - Great book!


Reviewed by A customer - I love this series

I love Tommy and Tuppence mysteries. I always feel good after reading one. They are vintage Agatha Christie. If you like sparkling couples Mysters, I suggest you try out The Thin Man, by Dashiell Hammett (Nick and Nora Charles); The Julia and Nick Lambros Series by Takis and Judy Iakovou; and the North series, by Frances and Richard Lockridge .

Reviewed by Christine Richardson - Loved this Tommy and Tuppence story!

I remember watching the shows on PBS from time to time, but nothing beats reading Christie! This is the first T&T mystery, and it does not start small, its about missing documents that could lead to a communist take over of England! Not a bad first case for the pair of adventures!

Totally loved this mystery, I'm sure you will find it delightful as well!

Reviewed by A customer - The most sensational book I have ever read

Agatha Christie is at her best. Tommy and Tuppence are the most loveable characters I only wish that Miss Christie had written more books about the two. The story is fantastic with an unexpected ending. Brilliant, sensational, terrific.

Reviewed by A customer - Excellent

This is quite possibly one of the best of Agatha Christie's works. I have just finished reading it and was amazed by the excellent ending. Thankyou Agatha!

Reviewed by Li Zhang - Christie's second novel

The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie

The Secret Adversary is a smart, well-plotted, tightly written novel. The novel introduces Tommy and Tuppence as the power couple of the detective world.

Next.. The Secret Adversary: A Tommy and Tuppence Mystery

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