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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various artists - Reviews

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various artists

Reviews of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various artists

Reviewed by Angela Adams - AWESOME MOVIE!

I highly recommend the entire Twilight Saga series, but Breaking Dawn, Part 1 was my 2nd to best movie and Part 2 was my favorite of them all. You'll love it! A must see!

Reviewed by Spidermonkey - So Glad Carter Burwell is back!!!!

When I heard that Carter Burwell was doing the score for Breaking Dawn I was totally thrilled. The score in Twilight was really the first thing that drew me to the Twilight saga. Carter starts out by bringing you into a kind of forbiding and dark place with the opening music.Then with Bella's Lullaby he takes you soaring to an unbelievably beautiful scene sharing the emotions of Bella and Edwards love for one another. Now in Breaking Dawn he has done another incredible score relating the emotions of the film in his beautiful music. I just ordered the CD but I've seen the movie four times and each time I have grown to love his music even more. I would say that Love,Death,Birth or Bella's Rebirth is my favorite because he used Bella's Lullaby in it during the memory scenes and it just brings back all the emotions from the very beginning of the saga up until Bella's transformation. In my opinon the decision to bring Carter Burwell back for Breaking Dawn was an excellent choice!

Reviewed by carol neilson - Great Soundtrack.

As so many people have said, you don't have to be a Twilight fan to enjoy the soundtracks. I have all four and have been introduced to so many more artists and music that I probably never would have listened to. Music lovers won't be disappointed by this or any of the other Twilight soundtracks.

Reviewed by Katherine Bowler - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by PattyCakes - Five Stars

I purchased this CD to complete my Twilight Saga personal music collection.

Reviewed by Chatzeioannou Soultana - I love it!

I love the Breaking Dawn Part I OST! It has so amazing music that fits perfectly the mood of the film! I think the movie was the best of the series until now and the OST is also very impressive. My personal favourites are "From now on" and "Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Edition)". Thanks a lot

Reviewed by Brandon LaPointe - Five Stars

Huge Twilight fan

Reviewed by LDC1215 - Beautiful music

If you loved the books than of course you will love the movies but the music has always been so much a part of the films and totally sets the mood for the action and the emotions that are portrayed. I highly recommend all of them but this one is the best.

Reviewed by Shalena - Five Stars

Got it super quick and the young lady I gifted it to was very happy

Reviewed by MissRainbow - LOVE ALL THE SONGS....


Reviewed by P. Mayhugh - The Twilight Saga Music

Every Twilight film has brought us a wonderful soundtrack to go along with it and Breaking Dawn Part 1 is no exception. The music is perfect and evokes emotions wonderfully! I have each soundtrack for each of the films so far and look forward to getting the soundtrack for Breaking Dawn Part 2 as well!

Reviewed by Lee Hazel - Great sound tract

Great sound tract, Christina Perry fantastic emotion on this song ( Thousand years), wow, decided to get whole sound tract, not disappointed.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - very good cd. what I was looking for

very good cd. what I was looking for.

Reviewed by LSJ - Good soundtrack. When I hear the music It brings ...

Good soundtrack. When I hear the music It brings me back to exactly to the part of the movie in which it played.

Reviewed by Robert Patterson - Great sound

I am a big Twilight Fan. The sound track takes me to the movie. When I listen to it in the truck I can see in my mind the segment of the movie.

Reviewed by JJAmazonShopper - Great score as always

I don't think I've met a Twilight soundtrack or score yet that I didn't love. This replaced the original Twilight score soundtrack as my "fall asleep" music.
Really nice that they brought the first score's composer back to book-end the score series.

Reviewed by Christine Lawrence - Amazing!

Another wonderful score by Carter Burwell! Like he did with the score for Twilight, he's managed to make me feel like I'm watching the movie even when I'm not show to! He's a brilliant composer and has done a fine job with setting the tone musically for this movie!

Reviewed by Delores Daily - Five Stars

Love this movie

Reviewed by Chris Johnson - Twilight Never Disappoints

Love it, love it, love it! The arrangement of songs is perfectly matched, each song flowing into another. I loved the whole saga but I think the music made it even better - such great, talented, and some unknown, musicians!

Reviewed by alaskan-chatterbox - Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Although I basically only bought this for A Thousand Years I found that I liked all of the songs on it. I don't think that you have to be a Twilight Sega fan to enjoy the music in this Breaking Dawn soundtrack just have a love for good music. I love it.

Reviewed by Savannah - Love all things twilight

I have all the sound tracks and scores. It can energize or relax me. Love that it automatically downloaded to my walkman.

Reviewed by B. Jones - Five Stars

Love this soundtrack, and my son even enjoys it. We listen to it in the car on long trips.

Reviewed by Taunya Shelton - Love this CD!!!!

I love this CD, it is certainly one of my absolute favorites! Of course, I am just addicted to the Twilight series so listening to the music from one of the movies is so great! I listen to this CD so much that my kids know all the words :)

Reviewed by Dgocull - More than words can describe

Wonderful, memory filled music. Excellent background music for any occasion. Not recommended while driving as you could drift off thinking about the incredible scenes.

Reviewed by Andrea - Great score

I finally realized that I watched this particular installment more than "normal" because of the soundtrack. Finally bought the music and put the movie back in its box. Great music to have in the background while reading or working. Recommend.

Reviewed by Bookworm - Love it

I always love these soundtracks. Yes, I know, it's Twilight. However, I think they did a phenomenal job with the music, and I always enjoy listening to them.

Reviewed by Alicat - Great Soundtrack!

Great soundtrack! All the Twilight movie soundtracks are fantastic. Great artists, and a nice mix.

Reviewed by sammyg4 - twilight

loved the movie and really like the music. have listened to it a lot and service was daughter
liked it so much sh ebought one

Reviewed by G>E>M> - Love it!

As always, Twilight saga has great soundtracks! I love these are not all over the radio yet wish everyone heard these great songs! Love purchasing from and getting the songs instantly for me to burn onto a disk or download into my mp3.

Reviewed by fmlyvpr - Five Stars

As described and quick shipping

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Another entertainment milestone

Combine this excellent score with the entertainment of the movie and you have a dynamite package to remember the unforgettable experience that is TWILIGHT!

Reviewed by Chatty Belle - Love It

There was one song in the whole thing that kind of got on my nerves and hasn't really grown on me. "Neighbors" just seems somewhat out of place. I cannot, however, comment on the relation of this song to the movie. I haven't seen the movie yet.

Reviewed by Yami - fantastic

I have been a Twilight fan since I read the first book, saw the movie, and listened to three first soundtrack. The music is great. When I'm listen to the CD it takes me right back to the pary of the movie the song was playing. Love it

Reviewed by Jennifer W. - Five Stars

Loved the CD. the various artist are great and I listen to it all the time.

Reviewed by CHiggins - Well worth the money

This is a great album that's simply a musical galvanization of both th film and book versions of "Breaking Dawn." Each track is distinct and interesting in its own right. From the ballads to.the.upbeat tunes, there's nothing not to love.

Reviewed by Eduardovlad - Five Stars

Good product for this price.



Reviewed by jeff - best soundtrack ever

even if you don't like the saga the songs are amazing! great quality CD the case was broken when i got it but i permanently keep it in my radio in my car so i don't care. i listen to it at least once a week on my way to school

Reviewed by Sandra S. Johnson - Completes my set

It is so fun to listen to the music and have the movies run through my head I am a huge fan and I love being able to enjoy all genres of the Saga.

Reviewed by Delphinegill - Five Stars

Thank you!

Reviewed by Sharon Gaines - review

I love all four DVD's, and I absolutely love the sound tracks. Several of the songs are my favorites, It will Rain, and A thousand Years, GREAT.

Reviewed by vpadron - It's on repeat

A thousand Years is on repeat ever since I received this CD. The other songs are great also- especially Flightless Bird. Don't know why Bruno Mars is viewed or listened to more because Christina Perri's voice is authentic. Lovely song.

Reviewed by CURTIS L SMITH - Get The Most Out of This Movie

My girl love this movie, as she paid for it. She have view this movie over 20 times
from the time it arrived. I think she is possed over this movie. I like the movie very much, but not viewing it once a week as she does.

Reviewed by Elizabeth G. Santos - series

There are some special musics and others not so good but what I wanted was to check what the author wanted
to say mixing the music and the scene!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by Charlene E. Ellis - Great mix from great movie

I bought this mostly for Christinia Perri's "A Thousand Years", but there are other good tunes also. Good mix from the movie.

Reviewed by gdish - Love this soundtrack

Soundtracks are my favorite, I can just listen as I work or drive, but picture the movie/book in my head as it plays.

Reviewed by Carla Moore Adams - Love it!!!

Have all of the previous soundtracks from this saga. I really like this one as well, although nothing tops the original soundtrack and the New Moon soundtrack.

Still a LOT better than the final soundtrack.

Reviewed by trimcoin - Five Stars


Reviewed by Fred - EXCELLENT


Reviewed by Martha Lane - Five Stars

waiting for this movie to come out when it did it was every thing I'd hope for.

Reviewed by happyjeweler - Good movie

Don't like what happens to Bella, but it all makes sense overall.

Reviewed by Mikesgal - Buy this!!!

This soundtrack is amazing, if you want a Twilight soundtrack this is the one to buy. I have them all and this is my favorite. Sad to see it all end, hopefully a "spin off" will appear!,

Reviewed by Malcolm Hunter - Great music

This CD has great music from the movie and it's a great collection of love songs.

Reviewed by Barbara McKenzie - twilight

It was a good addition to my Twilight music collection.

Reviewed by Jennifer A.Schwanke - Five Stars

Everything was as promised. Thanks!

Reviewed by Craddock Commentaries - Bargain Hunter

Package arrived very quickly and was exactly as described. Very pleased.

Reviewed by Donna M Ewing - Five Stars

Great. Needed for wedding song. Perfect.

Reviewed by Emily - Great quality

Second good cd I purchased like this one. Came in good time. Very pleased with my purchase and will probably get more.

Reviewed by Roswell, NM - Soundtrack

A must have in everyone's music library. The music is awesome and I love having it at my fingertips anytime I want to relive the movie.

Reviewed by Bethany - Twilight CD

I love twilight and this cd. It takes you back to the movie scene!! I will order all of these cds now.

Reviewed by R. Neal - TWIHARD FAN

Couldn't wait to get this and listen to the music. The music in all the Twilight movies was really good and nice to listen to during drives.

Reviewed by P. Lanzon - Great Music

I bought this CD because I appreciate someone putting together different genres of music that I am not normally exposed to. This CD has some great love songs as well as moody alternative music songs.

Reviewed by CM - Breaking Dawn CD With Various Artists

Great CD with various artist on it.

Reviewed by Kim Stone - Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

I think this is my favorite of the series. I have watched it several times on DVD and on Showtime.

Reviewed by Wendy - Five Stars

Works great

Reviewed by Louise E. Stevens - Breaking Dawn 1 Score

Love it! A Thousand Years and the rest of the music, including some remixes are just beautiful. As usual Carter Burwell did some magical music.

Reviewed by PDperez40 - Twilight breaking dawn pt. 1

This was a perfect gift for my girlfriend, one of twilights biggest fans. She plays it in the car, at home and at work. She cannot wait till pt.2 of breaking dawn of whats to come on the next soundtrack.

Reviewed by Pamela J. - Five Stars

Love the music from the movie.

Reviewed by Georgia Davis - Awesome

I am a huge fan of orchestral music and I have all the score music to all the Twilight movies. This one is just as good as the others and I can listen and know exactly what is happening in the movie.

Reviewed by rjunkins - Great soundtrack!

Bought this cd for my wife and she hasn't taken it out of her cd player yet. Funny thing is that I really don't mind. There are a lot of great songs that will appeal to a variety of musical tastes.

Reviewed by Theresa Tinsley - Good Music

I love everything twilight, that being said., the soundtrack is great, whether you are a fan on the movies or not.

Reviewed by Alexis Gilliard - Works Great

The CD was in great condition and it works very well. This was a great purchase and I am very pleased with it.

Reviewed by S. Gamble - Five Stars

I love every song!

Reviewed by Diana Grove - Breaking Dawn soundtrack

You can't beat the Breaking Dawn sound track. Super songs from lots of great young artists. This sound track should have won an award!

Reviewed by Jackie - Five Stars

I love all the music from Twilight/

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great Movie

When I first watched this movie I didn't understand all the hype. Then a friend told me to read the books. Now, I get the movies and love them almost as much as I love the books.

Reviewed by AmyCon - Awesome Soundtrack

One of the best movie soundtracks I've heard in a long time...I can't listen to it enough! Music is beautiful and fun and the artist have incredible talent! You will love it! Thanks so much!!!

Reviewed by Gwen - Perfect!

Love the songs on there and it came at reasonable timing. Would certainly suggest that any Twilight fan should purchase this!

Reviewed by Lamar Jackson - Breaking dawn part 1 soundtrack

great music!

Reviewed by Princess Mary - Awesome!

Love the Twilight Saga! Breaking Dawn Part I is great! Can't wait for Part II in November. This is my favorite book of the Saga because it let's Bella have a more exciting personality than the other movies or books. So good!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Yay!

Always liked this movie, finally got around to buying it. Good quality, plays good, no complaints. Enjoyed seeing it again.

Reviewed by Marsha - love the cd.

Used a song cor a wedding. Awesome. A Thousand Years is a perfect song to enter with. Thanks a lot.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Great purchase

I had been searching for the music scores for the Twilight Saga and should have known to check Amazon first. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.

Reviewed by awilli12 - Awesome

I love this CD! Only one song on here that I don't like, but all the rest are great! I have bought the previous soundtracks for the Twilight movies and the last one wasn't very good, but this one is very easy on the ears!

Reviewed by D - Five Stars

my wife loves these types of books !! thanks

Reviewed by Frequent_Buyer - Great Album

I purchased this album right before going to my brother in laws graduation in maryland and this album was a life saver on those long plane rides. So comforting.

Reviewed by Valerie Lorient - Five Stars

soo i love with the music.

Reviewed by Remi - Five Stars

Fast delivery excellent CD. Very happy with this purchase!

Reviewed by Catherine Lowell - Five Stars

Has all the songs i like from Breaking Dawn Part 1

Reviewed by Rafal - Five Stars

Good deal .

Reviewed by connie j - Great soundtrack

Love this soundtrack! Every song reminds me of segments of the movie. Love the movie so much! The book is better though. :)

Reviewed by Christina Russell - Lovely

Lovely CD! It basically feels like I'm playing the movie through music! Great music :) it's definitely good for the twiligh lovers! I really recommend it to anyone who loves twilight and classic pretty music :)

Reviewed by Jennifer Bressler - very pleased with

Arrived on time, very pleased with purchase

Reviewed by Veronique - Five Stars

great soundtrack

Reviewed by A. Frank - Must have for twihard fans

The music for this movie is wonderful. I really like the nice blend of styles of music that where incorporated into it. I am looking forward to seeing how well it plays into the movie.

Reviewed by J. Reese - What's not to love about this Calendar!!!!!

Since I love anything Twilight! Of course I love this calendar, It is done beautifully. The pictures are so nice that you could frame them if you wanted to. I hope they have another one for Breaking Dawn Part II.

Reviewed by Melanie Garcia - Love it!

Excellent CD, it arrived at the right date. Good price. I recommended it, the songs are just great and great artist.

Reviewed by James L. Leininger - Music

Great soundtrack from a great movie.

Reviewed by Teresa Fulton - I love it!

I love all things Twilight, I love all the movies and watch them over and over again, The product was as stated, I will buy from again. Thank again :)

Reviewed by Dreamer - Great Soundtrack

I love the mix of tracks on all the Twilight CDs. There are some talented not so well known artists on each CD. I love listening to these songs! =)

Reviewed by Kathy - Twilight Fan!

A must for any Twilight fan to have this product! Gave it to a friend and she loved it. Great price too and fast service..

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Excellent music

I LOVE the music from these movies. Excellent CD!

Reviewed by Cecilia Kindell - Five Stars

I love this music!!

Reviewed by cheryl Trimby - Five Stars


Reviewed by Abby Barbarita - Pleasantly Surprised

I was familiar with a few of the songs from the soundtrack, but I was pleasantly suprised to find that I enjoyed the entire album.

Reviewed by big ed - twilight zone

Mikey loves anything to do with this series. He has Downs syndrome, but he does not let that slow him down. TOM

Reviewed by Shari Johnson - Five Stars

loved it!

Reviewed by A. Logan - Great music

Clearly, this cd is not just for Twilight fans (if you are willing to be open-minded). I love Alternative Rock, and this compilation is really great.

Reviewed by Dimitrios Vayas - Twilight Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

Very happy with this soundtrack. Have all the others and this one has quite a few that I like to hear over and over.

Reviewed by Lori - Five Stars

Great soundtrack, good variety.

Reviewed by paula hodges - I loved it

Every song reminded me of a different scene of the movie. I would recommend it as necessary addition to any Twilight fans collection

Reviewed by L. Garza - A Thousand Years

I got this for my friend's Christmas gift and she loves the song, "A Thousand Years". Now she can listen to it whenever she wants.

Reviewed by PATRICIA K. FELS - Five Stars


Reviewed by franfire - Five Stars

Great music written for the movies. Worth owning them.

Reviewed by jackie - loved it!

I have loved all of the twilight soundtracks!! Even wehn I haven't loved all of the movies ;) . A good mix of everything!

Reviewed by Dawn Reid - Love it!

My husband bought this for me since I love all the movies. I cant pick one song off of it that is my favorite because they are all good. I would definately recommend it.

Reviewed by Tiffany M. Carson - LOVE IT!!!!!!

GREAT CD!! Love it! The sound track totally fits the movie. I give it 5 stars all the way. I can't wait to purchase the movie!

Reviewed by findrhonda - AWESOME

I am a secret twi-hard and love the saga. I absolutely love this product (obviously). The delivery of the product was very fast also.

Reviewed by Marley - Five Stars

Loved it

Reviewed by mefg - Breaking Dawn I soundtrack is great!

The movie and soundtrack arrived at my home safely and within the predicted time limit. Now I have all four movies and their sountracks. I cannot wait until Breaking Dawn II is released.

Reviewed by Meichele Pittman - Loved it!!

It was exactly what I wanted, and in very good condition. I love the music from this soundtrack and score.

Reviewed by Cazbaz - Excellent mix of music

I love all the twilight soundtracks, but this one is amazing. I love all the different styles all coming together making a perfect album.

Reviewed by Spencer - the predecessor to the great finale

carter burwell your music on this cd was to bite for! this was the first part of something even more for the next part of a groundbreaking second!

Reviewed by Sandy G - One of the Best

My favorite movies of late is Breaking Dawn Part one and two. Out of all the twilight sagas this one is the best.

Reviewed by Debra L Jackson - Best of the series

I enjoy this. I thought the soundtrack for this movie added a lot to it. If you enjoyed the series you will enjoy this.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

packaged great and product was everything I expected.

Reviewed by loriewoods - MUST HAVE


Reviewed by Lindy Friedman - Love them all

Own every soundtrack. Love them all.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Breaking Dawn 1 cd

Well what can I say I have got all the music scores from all the films andthey are all very good , I feel Carter Burwell came up with some great music for all the films .

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Very nice soundtrack.

Reviewed by Madge Gressley - Twilight Breaking Dawn

I found the soundtrack met all of my expectations. I would recommend it to all Twilight fans as well as those who are not.

Reviewed by travis wilson - Five Stars

the wife loves it

Reviewed by Wendi Meek - great

Love the ability to purchase music from Amazon, and use it on my ipod. Sometimes the music is cheaper than on itunes.

Reviewed by Kasey - Five Stars

Beautiful score!

Reviewed by Jason Rook - Five Stars

Very good

Reviewed by Scripto - This is a GREAT album

I know one of the reasons I liked the movie so well--the music! So much of this fit in so well with the script. Beautiful!

Reviewed by b4beth - Music From Breaking Dawn

This is beautiful music to listen to!! Makes you feel as though you are in the Twilight World!! I recommend this for all Twilight Lovers!!

Reviewed by mother of four - Just a great cd

I play this cd while I clean the house.

Reviewed by aunt rae - nice cd

I got this because my mom and I love the music on the twilight saga. We listen to it often.

Reviewed by KL - Awesome music

Another great value with high quality sound for a low price. It shipped quickly and my sister was thrilled on Christmas morning.

Reviewed by italian elf - Love it

This is an excellent cd. It is very mellow and beautiful. I can feel the emotions from the characters in each song.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great

The score to this series is great! Its hard to decide which one I like better! Super excited Carter Burwell came back for this!

Reviewed by Suuuusan - Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

Love this cd!!! I love the more popular songs like Christina Perri's Thousand Years and Bruno Mars It Will Rain, but I also LOVE the remake of Flightless Bird American Mouth.

Reviewed by myluvrby - love it!

love this cd, only a few songs i didn't care favorite song being "cold"...each song takes you back to the scene where it was played in. verry good!

Reviewed by Emma Moore - Five Stars


Reviewed by Thomas W. - Five Stars

Very nice

Reviewed by M. Woods - Enjoy it

Great music. I like the diversity of the songs. I'm really liking Bruno Mars right now and was glad to hear one of his songs on here.

Reviewed by SB - Breaking Dawn Soundtrack


Like the others films the soundtrack is perfect for every scene.

There are different sound: pop, soft, rock and the mix is right.

Reviewed by nikki - buy buy buy

I love the movies and all the songs in them!! I listen to the CD's in my car and my 2 year old loves them he goes right to sleep:)

Reviewed by Candi Roberts - Five Stars

Excellent CD

Reviewed by chad - Great CD

Great cd! If you love the movie you will love the soundtrack! Brings back all the great moments in the movie.

Reviewed by P. Campbell - Five Stars

Great music!

Reviewed by Lucinda Mosier - Team Edward!!!

I loved the movies had to have the soundtrack, couldn't find it in stores. So I went on line to get it.

Reviewed by Nunna - Great Music

This CD has great songs. I love the download on icloud. Having the music on my ipad and phone is wonderful

Reviewed by Dawn - CD

love the music , I can remember every part of the movie with each song. Love this love story..... Love edwar and Bella together

Reviewed by Chris - Five Stars


Reviewed by vnc - Love this soundtrack

They did a great job with this compilation of songs for the movie. Consistent across all the tracks. Recommended for sure.

Reviewed by Debra J. - Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack

I would recommend this to anyone who likes movie soundtracks. This was exactly as described and met all my expectations.

Reviewed by CLP - Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

I enjoyed the soundtrack very much! The songs were chosen appropriately for the movie that has touched my heart with the very first movie.

Reviewed by Evelyn M Ortega - Great Gift

Great Gift Daughter loved it. excellent gift for a Twilight fan. You could never have to many Twilight things. Excellent Item.

Reviewed by sharon rutland - Five Stars

love this cd

Reviewed by SHERRI M. COOK - Twilight Saga Music

I have all five CDs from this movie series. I love the soundtrack in my studio as I paint or write.

Reviewed by butterfly - this is the score

love it, beautiful just like the rest. people can say what they want about the movies, but the music is phenomenal

Reviewed by carey goodro - music

the soundtrack for this movie is the bomb. my daughters favorite. i will purchase more twilight items in the future

Reviewed by Christina Russell - love love

i love twilight and i have loved every single sound track! this is a great soundtrack with great songs. highly recommend!

Reviewed by Photo_bug921 - Twilight Fan Must Have

Lots of great music by multiple artists. Love listening to this while riding to and from work. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Seana - Good music

I have all the other soundtracks to the twilight movies so I had to have this one as well would recommend it to anyone

Reviewed by Heather Unluata - Five Stars


Reviewed by Lili2007 - I love it!!!

I really like this product! I recomended this product to everyone! who likes movie scores! both CD's are Great & awesome!!!

Reviewed by NCHarleyChic - Excellent!

Love this soundtrack! If you liked the books and love the movies, the Soundtracks are a must have! Get them!

Reviewed by Wasingt - Love it

I don't have to hold a big giant book and I just Love The Twilight series so I think everyone should read it

Reviewed by Gail K. - Great songs!

Enjoyed all the music! Relived the movie and like matching up the songs with the scenes! I recommend it for anyone who enjoyed the movie!

Reviewed by sassy - Twlight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Great cd, I enjoy it very much

Reviewed by ckemp - Absolutely lovely!

This has a bunch of great songs on the cd. I was impressed. Makes me want to purchase the "Part 2" cd.

Reviewed by DPT student - Great music

Great mello mix of music, I listen to the CD on my way to work in the morning. Delivery was quick and the CD came in good shape.

Reviewed by Frances - breaking dawn pt.1

I love it, it is awesome thank you...I have listened to it so many times i lost count, my favorite song is it will rain by bruno mars...

Reviewed by Gina in CT - A thousand years

Never could get tired of hearing that sound. The CD is great! Now I just need the guy to go along with the song. LOL.

Reviewed by jaylee - Good score

Enjoyed both scores 1& 2 had to listen to it over and over the first day I bought it nice.

Reviewed by anhkara lambert - Five Stars


Reviewed by Les Sincavage - Great collection of music!

I was looking for one song on this album, after I sampled the rest, I loved them, so I bought it! ;)

Reviewed by Barbara J. Long - Best CD ever

All I need to say is this is a great CD, it truly takes me back to the movie as I play out each scene in my head. I just love it.

Reviewed by April Adams - Beautiful Music

So happy that they brought Burwell back for the finale. I love his music and the score fits perfectly with the movie.

Reviewed by erie61 - Breaking Dawn CD

Love this cd! It contains Bella's Lullaby, which is my favorite. Songs are conducive to wedding and forever after. Wish Mr Pattinson had done one of the songs.

Reviewed by S. Shellard - Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn CD

I am a Twilight fan and have all of the cd's. This one is a great addition to m set.

Reviewed by kurt douglas - collection

My wife is collecting EVERYTHING that has to do with the twilight series. This is the easiest and cheapest way to do it

Reviewed by Courtney Wright - Love it

I love this soundtrack. Had lots of bands I had never heard of and found lots of fun songs to play again and again.

Reviewed by Soupy - GREAT!

This is just what I wanted. I love listening it to it on my way to work! Cheaper than downloading it from itunes!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Awesome

It's just like watching the movie all over again, it's perfect when you can't watch the movie but are dying to.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Twilight anything is ok

I love the music, matches so well to the movie. Good songs and great artists doing them. Enjoy-they are good.

Reviewed by shadowladyhawk - CD

The brand new cd was in brand new condition and was great listening. I'm glad I bought this and enjoyed.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Holbrook - Love this CD

I so love this music that I put it on repeat so I can listen to it for hours and hours.

Reviewed by Ginger Dittrel - Amazing!!!

This arrived fast and in excellent condition!!! The music was awesome and I was happy there was only one instramental song this time. Love all the songs.

Reviewed by Alice Abernathy - great

anything twilight and im in love, im addicted and listen to this all the time and its worth it too

Reviewed by Raymond - Five Stars

wife was thrilled

Reviewed by Mima - Twilighters dream:)

I loved this! Every time they succeed doing soundtrack in the Summit Company. All the music was great, especially Bruno Mars and Christina Perri. Thank you!

Reviewed by jenapryl - Five Stars

great product!!

Reviewed by myluvrby - Love it

Captivating! You can imagine each part in the movie according to the music. It's a must have for twilight fans

Reviewed by M. L. Mckenzie - movie

I am a big Twilight fan and love the music in the movie's. My husband surprised me by loving this CD

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - CD

This is as good as the other sound tracks and the movies. I guess I'm a twilight junkie! Good listenening

Next.. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various artists

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