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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists, Reviews

 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists

Reviews of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists

Reviewed by 31i5a6eth - Five Stars

So Happy! :) Beautiful tracks, perfect condition. Merci :)

Reviewed by Katherine Bowler - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Orphanali - Have All Twilight Soundtracks - This One Is My Favorite

The music is perfect (as Bella would say) for the last movie. I like that it has so many songs I want to memorize the lyrics to so that I can sing along. And, there are only a couple of songs I'm not interested in,which is rare for me. I'd recommend it to everyone, not just Twilight fans.

Reviewed by Brandon LaPointe - Five Stars

Huge Twilight fan

Reviewed by PattyCakes - Five Stars

I bought this CD to complete my personal Twilight Saga music collection.

Reviewed by marjorie guzman - best soundtrack!!!

I feel like most soundtracks always have songs that "remind you" of the movie and the feel of it but this one has the actual songs that played throughout the movie!! every time i listen to it its like watching the movie again and again! Great songs, great movie!

Reviewed by Jeanine Brosch - Same great quality you expect from a Twilight soundtrack!

I actually like this one better than the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack and would put this as my #2 favorite of the 5 (number one being New Moon). Oddly enough EW loved the Green Day song and disliked the Paul/Nikki duet and I find the opposite, the Green Day song is my least favorite.

Reviewed by C. J. Holmes - Five Stars

I just love the music on here and it came in good shape.

Reviewed by Delores Daily - Five Stars

Love this movie

Reviewed by Java Ray - Love the artists on sound tracks.

I Love the movies and Love the sound tracks to all of the Twilight Saga

Reviewed by Amazon Customer Tina - Five Stars

liked it

Reviewed by Gladys Garcia - BDP2 soundtrack

LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!! Loved ALL the soundtracks for the saga. These have introduced me to new artists I would probably never have known otherwise. Christina Perri is awesome as always... and Reeve Carney - wow! Saw him on Broadway in Spiderman ... He never disappoints!

Reviewed by James L. King - Great music!

I thoroughly enjoy this soundtrack. I play it often. In fact, I have enjoyed all of the soundtracks of the Twilight Saga movies. The tracks feel good while played in the background while doing other things around my home.

Reviewed by P. Lanzon - Another Winner

So glad these CD's came out. I hate the music on the radio most days and don't have time to listen to my I-pod too often. So, these collections of off the beaten path artists have been a God-send for my ears. Gives me hope in the next generation of musicians.

Reviewed by BusyReading - I love them all!

Okay, I have enjoyed every one of the Twilight soundtracks. I have every song on one giant playlist, listen to them all, and think about which part of the movie was happening during that song. So fun!

Reviewed by Cynthia - Five Stars

Great album!

Reviewed by Fancy Nancy - Love it!!

Love all the songs on this cd. One of my favorite music cd's from Twilight Saga!

Reviewed by stephanie salemi - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by Jannette Barton - wonderful!

love the music!! I just love listening to it all the time! well worth it to own it.

Reviewed by Avonne Lozano - Five Stars

Loved it!!!

Reviewed by Chucharin - Breaking Dawn, Part 2

This is some of the BEST indie music around! Tracks like "Bittersweet", "Where I Come From", "Ghosts" and "Heart of Stone" are worthy of mainstream airplay! This is the best Twilight soundtrack yet.

Reviewed by Jennifer W. - Five Stars

Love the music offered on this CD. All the songs are really good and different variety.

Reviewed by Lori - Breaking Dawn 2 Soundtrack

If you like the movie, you'll like the soundtrack. It's a good mix of energetic and mellow songs, and the instrumental theme song is wonderful as always.

Reviewed by m. murray - music

I love this music. love is listening to great music and this is and new great artist. I listen to it in the car and at home. again music is love to the heart maria


The music is very soothing---just like the move! 12more woreds required 12more woreds required12more woreds required12more woreds required12more woreds required12more woreds required12more woreds required12more woreds required

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Yet another enjoyable soundtrack.

As a big fan of the Twilight Saga, I have collected each soundtrack and score as the movies have been released. I usually grab the soundtrack before viewing the movie and then I actually recognize songs as I see it. Usually these soundtracks only have one artist I am familiar with, and the rest are new to me. This is the first that I have recognized at least 4 before listening. I enjoyed the songs and artists chosen, and after having seen the movie and hearing them along with the appropriate scenes I think most of the songs on this album are perfect. The only exception I have is the song "Bittersweet" by Ellie Goulding. I do enjoy her music, but for this soundtrack I just didn't see the fit. I did however, think the Green Day song was well chosen. I have been thankful for all the Twilight soundtracks, as they have introduced me to artists I would not normally have given a moment of time to. They have also provided me with a playlist full of enjoyable music, and this album makes a great final addition (along with the score when it becomes available).

Reviewed by Lamar Jackson - Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack

Great music and this is the best of the five Twilight Saga movie soundtracks!

Reviewed by zentrainer - For a Mormon

or anyone really, Stephanie Meyers has good taste in music. As none is played on the radio anymore, these CD's are nice sneak previews, ways for me to learn about new bands.

Reviewed by Connie Strong - Twillight Forever

Great soundtrack albumn. Some soundtracks have many songs that aren't particularly that good, but everyone on this one brings back good memories from the movie.

Reviewed by cindy snowden - Great Series

The perfect end of a beginning to a new life. The series is a wonderful journey through the lives of many individuals who are making important decisions that will change lives forever.

Reviewed by lori - Love love love this cd!

I have all the soundrtacks and this one is terrific, i read some of the other reviews, and was suprised when a few people gave it a low rating....A++++++ all the way! Shipment was really fast and the price was perfect...thanks so much ! ;)

Reviewed by Mary Carroll - Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, Part 2 soundtrack

I love the music. It's great listening music for reading or just laying back relaxing.
It evokes memories of all the movies and reminds me of how much I enjoyed each and every book and movie in the saga.
Sorry to see it end.

Reviewed by RDavis - Twilight Fan

I love all the Twilight soundtracks . I have all of them . This is one of my favorites . I listen to tis all the time ,and I would tell anyone its got some of the best love songs ever on here . Great for a wedding .

Reviewed by Chauntell Britt - Very Mellow

I bought the CD because Part 1 is one of my favorite CDs ever. And I listen to eeeeverything. Part 1 is more about love; ranging from upbeat to morose. This cd is definitely more mellow and epic. I love still love it though.

Reviewed by MomMom P - Enjoyable

Following the tradition of the previous Twilight Sega CD's this is no exception to the quality tunes provided by various artist.

Reviewed by Rhonda vincent - Loved this CD

Loved this CD. Great to listen to while having a romantic dinner. Or just spending the the evening with a good glass of wine.

Reviewed by S. England - Carter Burwell and these artists are genius.

The music is beautiful enough to make me cry......but in a good way!

Reviewed by Cindy Rosa - Love the album

I have purchased all the soundtracks for each movie and though I am still partial to the first Twilight soundtrack, I am just as in love with this one! My absolute FAVORITE song on here is Christina Perri - A Thousand Years.

Reviewed by A. Logan - Great music

Another great Twilight soundtrack. Each one has improved upon itself. The only not awesome song is probably the one from Green just sounds so played and not up to their standards. Otherwise, I really like the cd.

Reviewed by Barbara - BD part 2 SDTK

Love the songs: bittersweet, fire in the water, everything and nothing, speak up, and heart of stone. Those are my absolute favorites!!!!! Highly recommend if anyone loves a great sdtk.

Reviewed by Von - I know you may be trying not to love it. Admit you love it and purchase the

Just buy it. I know you may be trying not to love it. Admit you love it and purchase the soundtrack

Reviewed by J. Menacher - seriously delicious music

I'm really glad I just decided to buy this cd, because the music on it is fantatsic. I really wanted 1 song, the Christini Perri song, but the rest are really great as well. I'm discovering new artists because of this cd!

Reviewed by Lorraine Rauch - Love to listen to it

I did not particularly want to see any of the Twilight movies, but I always liked the music. Love listening to it while I driving.

Reviewed by Denise MacDonald - wrong item, my fault

I ordered the wrong thing, I wanted the movie. I haven't listen to it yet but I'm sure the music is good just I wouldn't of purchased it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Way better than the movie.

Reviewed by kathleen beason - Five Stars

love it

Reviewed by Tess Clayton - Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack

I love it, but then you probably shouldn't listen to me. I have all the soundtracks from the movies, and I find the song choices to be very unique and great to listen to, especially in the car.

Reviewed by Dawn Flessert - fantastic

I have all the scores and sound tracks from all the movies. As with this one I absolutely loved it.
I have a lot of cds. But the music from the twilight saga are my favorites.

Reviewed by SL Thomson - Love it

love it. I play it a few times a week and especially when I am working on editing wedding photos. Big fan of he series.

Reviewed by Barbara McKenzie - Twilight

It was a good addition to my Twilight music collection.

Reviewed by Jennifer A.Schwanke - Five Stars

Everything was as promised. Thanks!

Reviewed by Dena - Best twilight CD

This is the best CD of the saga. I have all of the twilight CD's and have listened to this one the most. I have not taken it out of my player since I got it. Anyone that is a true twihard must have this CD.

Reviewed by sh1525 - Great soundtrack

I read a lot of negative/neutral reviews about this album, but decided to purchase it anyway. I'm so glad I did! The soundtrack compliments the movie so well and I love all of the artists chosen to be part of it.

Reviewed by Kimmy - Awesome tunes

I always love semi- retro music as well as classical, and this has a mix of those two and some other genres. Its pretty sweet.

Reviewed by Randy norton - Music

I loved the movies and the soundtrack from Part 2 is great!!!!!!My daughter and I love the CD, wish the lyrics were included.

Reviewed by GmaKathi - for my grand daughter

bought this for my grand daughter. she was thrilled. she didn't have the last three so this was fun for her. thanks

Reviewed by L - Five Stars


Reviewed by linda - nice cd

lve listening to this cd all the time while driving it has a lot of different sounds for different moods even my husband like some of them. If you've seen the movie you know where you are in it.

Reviewed by Tyrah Jenkins - awesome product

Very Very satisfied customer! I would definitely order from them again. The product was just as they described, practically brand new for a used price! I love it.

Reviewed by rach cox - twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 cd

i so love this cd :) i reccommend it.. if u like great music :) al great music from passion pit on to christina perri green day and so on

Reviewed by EULA BEDFORD - Five Stars


Reviewed by Pamela J. - Five Stars

Love the music from the movie.

Reviewed by Sandra S. Johnson - What can I say

I could watch the movies daily. But when that's not possible I now have all the soundtracks to listen to.

Reviewed by LoriLou - Five Stars

Awesome movies!

Reviewed by S. Gamble - Five Stars

I love every song!

Reviewed by Rowan Five - Twilight

I have bought every soundtrack from every movie and have loved the music from every single one! This one was no different! i have enjoyed every minute of this excellent CD!!!

Reviewed by doug - Awesome

This music is awesome. Great tunes to just relax to but feel great. The movie is the best love story besides the notebook

Reviewed by CJ's digest - Five Stars

Great music

Reviewed by C-Squared - Good Soundtrack

I'm not a fan of the movie the music is actually really great. I love the collection of artists that are brought together.

Reviewed by bitty - Best soundtrack of the movies so far!

I own every one of the soundtracks to the movies. I like this one the best. It has a good mixture of update and ballads, plus it has artists I've actually heard of! Big plus!

Reviewed by Louise E. Stevens - Breaking Dawn 2 Soundtrack

Great music! love it! How sad there won't be another one. The artists did a great job on these, as did the ones who picked the songs.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Yay!

Always liked this movie, finally got around to buying it. Good quality, plays good, no complaints. Enjoyed seeing it again.

Reviewed by MRC - Five Stars

Love all the music used in the series. This one is memorable too.

Reviewed by anonymous - Five Stars

Love my cd. Has all the great music that I love from this movie.

Reviewed by dandelion - breaking dawn 2 cd

i was worried at first about getting this due to the reviews being poor. i like it. i feel it has a "twilight" feeling about it. not horrible at all, all the songs were good.

Reviewed by allwrappedup - I like the music

Wonderful sound track, even has 1000 years, a favorite of mine.

Reviewed by AshAlexander538 - Twihard

I was ecstatic to get this cd before the movie came out because I went to the all day marathon. I feel like I really connect with the music. I have it downloaded on all my music devices.

Reviewed by Chatzeioannou Soultana - Amazing songs. Thanks Amazon

I absolutely adore this product. I would recommend it to anyone even if he is not a fan of the series because the songs are perfect. Thanks once again.

Reviewed by Sarah - Five Stars

One of my favorites. It stays in my CD player in my car. :)

Reviewed by Chandra - Love Love

This was the perfect soundtrack for this movie. I haven't seen too many movies where the music stood out to me as much as the movie did. Great movie, great soundtrack!

Reviewed by margie - breaking dawn part 2 cd

Awsome music. I loved it. I purchased all the cds from the twilight saga and movies, Im such a twihard. Love everything I have. Thanks amazon

Reviewed by Roswell, NM - Soundtrack

Music is awesome! I love having it available to enjoy whenever and wherever I am day or night. A must have.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great song choices

I really liked all the songs and artists on this CD.
Don't know why people were complaining. It is a great CD and worth buying.
The songs fit the scenes very nicely.

Reviewed by Spencer - exbiting!

all the artists who contributed to this exbiting alterna-pop album couldn't have been any biter! an outstanding concluding soundtrack makes for an outstanding concluding film!

Reviewed by Angela Adams - THE BEST MOVIE!

I highly recommend the entire Twilight Saga series, but Breaking Dawn, Part 2 was my favorite of them all. You'll love it!

Reviewed by Mary Ellen Johnson - Love the Music..

Item is as shown on Amazon. Bought for Christmas present for my 13 year old Granddaughter. She loved it and started playing it right away. A great gift for any Twilight fan.

Reviewed by T J - Great

If your a twilight fan buy it, came in great condition and the price was right.
I recommend it. 5 stars

Reviewed by Rafal - Five Stars

Good deal .

Reviewed by Kim Odom - Continues to grow on me!

I love the fresh sounds and enjoy it more each time I listen. It brings back so many memories of the movie. I have all of the Twilight soundtracks and this is one of the best.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Love the series!

I am a huge twilight fan, so of course I bought the soundtrack for the last movie as well. The music is great, as are the other soundtracks for the movie series.

Reviewed by Alicia Ann Peck - Lovely

Great soundtrack for the final installment of the Twilight Saga. Best price around, getting it through amazon. I'm glad I got a gc for my birthday

Reviewed by James L. Leininger - Music

Great soundtrack from a great movie.

Reviewed by Emma - Breaking Dawn Part 2

A quiet, solemn collection of songs. Good for times when you want music on in the background but don't want it to be loud and raucous.

Reviewed by Dreamer - Great Soundtrack

I love the mix of tracks on all the Twilight CDs. There are some talented not so well known artists on each CD. I love listening to these songs! =)

Reviewed by LaLa - all time greatest

This movies was so good I watched it over n over a few times. They really hit it off with this last movie for sure. If u haven't seen it yet get it ASAP.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Amazing Soundtrack

I have enjoyed each of the Twilight albums. This album is great with each of the featured songs. I really enjoyed the instrumental piece at the end of the soundtrack.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Excellent music

I LOVE the music from these movies. Excellent CD!

Reviewed by Rylie - Loved it!!

Love it. Like the variety of different music. Made you feel like you were in the movie itself. Believe it is better than most of the other CD'S

Reviewed by cheryl Trimby - Five Stars


Reviewed by brownsugars - Love Twilight

I am a big fan of Twilight Saga and of course I had to get the soundtrack to my fav one. Package came fast, it was still in its originally package.

Reviewed by Shari Johnson - Five Stars

loved it!

Reviewed by tessg25 - Love It!!!!

I just really love this CD. It just soothes my soul. Love it. I find it very relaxing and calming. Love the various artist and mix of songs from the other CD's.

Reviewed by Joanny Bello - Perfect Song

Excellent topics. Every song is perfect for every scene of the movie Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. All are great. My favorite is All I've Ever Needed

Reviewed by Marley - Five Stars

Great, good quality

Reviewed by Veronique - Five Stars

love it

Reviewed by Courtney Bowman - Perfect Twilight Music

The second the first song came on--I knew I was listening to a Twilight Soundtrack. Always able to envoke a certain mood, whether meloncholy, hopeful, or pure sorrow.

Reviewed by mercedes carrasquillo - Five Stars

I love the cd I would like to buy the cds for the breaking dawn 1.

Reviewed by Nikki - Good

Love the soundtrack, though it is not my favorite of all of the ones released. I love the variety that it offers. And Green Day makes everything a little better.

Reviewed by tcabarubio - Twilight Soundtrack

Loved all the movies and I have purchased all the soundtracks. I watch the dvds so much that I can sometimes tell what part of the movie the song came from.

Reviewed by Carla - Best Soundtrack of the series!

They went out with a bang with their music selection this time. Great for background and easy listening. Like always, the best song choice for the movie.

Reviewed by jaylee - Good score

Great music enjoy it every time I play it. Music and the book I fun read and good listening sure anyone that hears will enjoy.

Reviewed by J. Allen - Twi-hard fan LOVE

I absolutely LOVE the Twilight Saga and this just completed my collection of the soundtracks. My kids even love to listen to the CDs.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Awesome

This soundtrack is awesome just like all the other soundtracks in the saga. I love every song on it. This CD has opened me up to a new world of music.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Excellent

I am very happy with the CD, listening to it after watching the movie was great, love the songs. Listened to the CD all afternoon ( received the CD in the mail today ).. :)

Reviewed by PATRICIA K. FELS - Five Stars




Reviewed by Vicki J. Aiken - Breaking Dawn 2

Was awesome I waited so long it seemed to see it since I read the book before the movies ever came out! was great more than I expected!

Reviewed by armichic - Perfect musical selection

Perfectly sets the tone for the series! Some of the artists and pieces are revisited but with a new twist on their significance to the climax.

Reviewed by cr - dvd's

the dvd's was fine and service was great...I have no problems with them and would recommend them to anyone who needs them.

Reviewed by Amy - Best of them all!

Of all the movie soundtracks in the saga I liked this one the best! Variety of artists is amazing and quality is great!

Reviewed by valerina - great

great for twilight lovers. not a problem at all and it came fast and easy and the price was better than buying it in store for sure

Reviewed by Lindsey Bollschweiler - Love the songs

These movies have the best songs, I love the last track with the compilation of carter burwell, and the special part two of 1000years

Reviewed by Della - Twilight Saga

If you are a Twilight Fan, then you will want all of the CD's from the Films. Even if you aren't a Twilight fan, the music is great.

Reviewed by Laura A Mirelez - I enjoyed listening to the songs. They really compliment the movie.

I love the music it suited the movie....I thank you for giving us music to always think back when we watched the Twilight Breaking Dawn movie.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

packaged great and product was everything I expected.

Reviewed by Jennifer Bressler - Five Stars


Reviewed by Twi-grandmom - Sad that it is the last one

Have enjjoyed all the soundtracks--would liked to have Muse again and Rob, but otherwise good. Always a good CD for one who doesn't buy a lot of CDs

Reviewed by Lucinda Mosier - Team Edward!!!!

I loved the movies, and had to have the sound track, couldn't find them in any store so I went on line to get them,

Reviewed by Joy L. Kramer - MUSIC


Reviewed by Robert N. Sims - Five Stars

Good sounds.

Reviewed by myluvrby - Love it

Great songs from great artists, final installment for the saga. Well worth it to get. Didn't know the songs before I ordered it, but glad I got it.

Reviewed by Annie - Twilight

Waited quite a while for it to come out on DVD - but loved it. It more than satisfied my need for the outcome - Loved it

Reviewed by Madge Gressley - Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

I found the soundtrack met all of my expectations. I would recommend it to all Twilight fans as well as those who are not.

Reviewed by bishop - THe movie is a big hit. The music should be also.

This album will be give as a gift to a young person. The love story will become a favorite memory. The music will bring those memories back. Nice.

Reviewed by Gail Moskel - Gift to my Best Friend

This gift the "best" per my friend. I have this to her for her birthday. I may purchase a copy for myself. Thank you.

Reviewed by Jason Rook - Five Stars

Very good

Reviewed by Zookeeper Susanne - great

great music. I loved this cd. It was so wonderful to listen to. I cant wait for another one to come out

Reviewed by K. Salley - Breaking Dawn Part 2

I had already read the book and loved it and I was very surprised at the new ending. It was better than the book's ending.

Reviewed by Cathy Boyle - Five Stars

Gift for the kids

Reviewed by carey goodro - music

we have all complete collection. i enjoy the whole collection. good soundtracks for movies. wish there would be more soundtracks

Reviewed by MedicRLY - GREAT

I love this CD. Don't need any of the others but I couldn't resist this one. It is beautiful. Thank You.

Reviewed by Charlene Huffman - Awesome Songs

I thought all the songs were awesome. Makes me think I am back in the show watching it. I cant wait for each Saga so that I can buy the songs.

Reviewed by trimcoin - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great Music

I love the music from these movies and now I listen more closely to music during all movies. None have been as good as this series.

Reviewed by Melissa Martin's Reading List Blog - BEST MOVIE CD I HAVE EVER HAD!


Reviewed by Dannie - I love this cd

I love this cd. Just like I love the movies when I hear the music all the scene pop in my mind

Reviewed by MTBEGAY - Enjoyed the Soundtrack

I enjoyed the music on this album. I actually order it for my daughter and wind up enjoying it myself. I will share!

Reviewed by Motherofbullies - Purchased for daughter

What can I say in a review that people who are going to buy this don't already know??? It's an AWESOME movie!! LoVe LoVe LoVe it!!

Reviewed by Karla - music

This CD Is All I Expected. Love The Music As Much As The Movie. I Would Recommend It Totally. Thank you.

Reviewed by Thomas W. - Five Stars

Very nice

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - best soundtrack

None of the soundtrcks have disappointed me. I bought all the soundtracks & this one is my favorite. Each song is different yet catchy.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Love the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn album

Love the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn album because its great for listening and remembering how the movie was on the screen.

Reviewed by Bethany - Twilight

Love twilight and this cd. Takes you back to the movie scenes. I am going to order them all now!

Reviewed by j_and_goddess - Loved it

I liked this one even better than the Part One CD, and much better than the Eclipse CD. Many enjoyable tunes, well worth the purchase.

Reviewed by Brenna - Love Twilight

I love all the twilghlt sountracks and scores. They are beautiful CD's I featured many of the songs and scores in my wedding.

Reviewed by Lisa Papp - Twihard

Another beautiful musical score for Twilight Saga fans. Melodic & invokes pleasant memories of the movie. Very enjoyable audio! Yay.

Reviewed by Robert Patterson - Five Stars

It was a Gift

Reviewed by Elizabeth O. Simons - Breaking Dawn Two

I choose this rating cause the movie had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to end. I have recommended it to all my friends.

Reviewed by SHERRI M. COOK - Breaking Dawn 2 Music

I am a writer and an artist and I love all the music from this series to create by. I have ALL five CDs!!!

Reviewed by Caroline - Awesome!

Great music by great artists. Each song fits into the scene of the movie perfectly. I am going to
be listening to this CD forever.

Reviewed by Brenda J Myers - AWESOME!!!!!!

Love all the tunes - they are awesome. It's easy to picture what was happening in the movie for each song too. Lots of fun!

Reviewed by Meaghan Campbell - Movie about vampires and newborns

Bella is a vampire now she is so strong and she is also a human shield. She is a good hunter for blood.

Reviewed by Lindy Friedman - Five Stars

Own every Twilight score.

Reviewed by LSUcajun - Five Stars

Gave as a gift!

Reviewed by Rikki R. Bright - terrific

As well as the ending to a wonderful story, so is the soundtrack. Beautifully written and the artists that sing the songs are wonderful.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Fantastic Even if!

Even if you don't like the movies... or get the books... listen to the soundtracks. You'll understand what the feelings are about!

Reviewed by Rob Watkins - Beautifully!

One of my favorite soundtracks. I gave it 5 stars because it just sounds great. The movie is good too. Have a listen!

Reviewed by S. Davis - Five Stars

Who doesn't love Twilight???

Reviewed by mustangnancy - DVD

Yes, I am a huge Twilight fan and I love this movie. This dvd came in a timely manner with no damage. The movie is wonderful. Thanks

Reviewed by mother of four - Five Stars

Love the movie and the music!!

Reviewed by Irene - Great!

I have been listening to the cd everyday going to work.i love a lot of songs! Great price and product!

Reviewed by Chris - Five Stars


Reviewed by KL - Awesome music

High quality, shipped quickly, and a great price. I felt that I received a great value for my money. Awesome product!

Reviewed by N. Owens - DVD

I have all the other Twilight DVD's so I wanted this one to complete the set. Good quality and nice.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - awesome

Can't wait until it comes out on DVD also sad that it's the end. Some songs I can live without but it's perfect for the movie.

Reviewed by preacherwoman777 - Twilight sound track

Great music. You get to hear the whole song instead of pieces. Great mixture of genres. Reminds you of the scenes in the movie.

Reviewed by kia7467 - Love this soundtrack

I do like a lot of the song on this CD it not my favorite one but being a huge Twilight fan I would still recommend to get it.

Reviewed by Lee - Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, Part 2

I love the movie as I did the books. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Twilight Series.

Reviewed by Lisa Donelan - breaking dawn

this cd has a ton of songs by different artist which I love. After I saw the movie I couldn't wait to come home and buy the cd

Reviewed by Karen Price - Great product

This was purchased for a Christmas present. My sister in law loves Twillight. She was really pleased when she got this. Thanks

Reviewed by Donna A Kleinman - Great music

Good variety and beautiful music overall. Love all of the bands on this CD. Even if you're not a Twilight fan, you'll love it.

Reviewed by Alice Smith - I love it

What can i say? This is a great product, well worth five stars. Very happy with it.
Three more words.

Reviewed by Maria Darby - Loved the soundtrack

I heard the music watching the movie and decided I wanted to hear more I play it over and over great songs

Reviewed by travis - Another great Twilight soundtrack

It seems the Twilight soundtracks are always better than the movies. I have yet to see Breaking Dawn part-2, great CD though.

Reviewed by Nanda - loveeeeeeeeeee

really loved all the songs, is how the film was seeing through, I recommend to all fans of the films.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Can't get enough!

This album is definitely a favorite. My favortie is Green Days's Forgotten and Thousand Years Part 2. Good music for the soul.

Reviewed by Jennifer Baker - I love this movie

I love the music because it went great with the movie. Great choices for the music they put into this movie.

Reviewed by Michelle Wright - Breaking Dawn Pt 2 soundtrack

Great just like the movie
I can almost picture the movie when listening to the soundtrack.
Track 1 is my favorite

Reviewed by happy gramma 4 - Love this

Great music! A little bit 'busy' music and a bit of relax... Have the others as well. I love this music!

Reviewed by Christine Mcevilly - Breaking Dawn part 2 cd

Love the while twilight series and the cd as well. Very fast shiipping great person to do business with, love it.

Reviewed by Becca - love it

i cant say enough about it .its awesome i have all the soundtracks from the twilight saga .
team edward for life

Reviewed by JD Darlin - Twilight

My daughter loves all the music by Twilight. All the movies, except the first, were pretty fantastic as well. Enjoy!

Reviewed by S. Thompson - sounds of joy

I remember every scene when the song plays, how much better can that be when waiting for the movie to come out on DVD

Reviewed by AAR - Daughter likes it

Our daughter purchased this and she loves it. She says it is well worth the money! She would buy it again.

Reviewed by Debra A. Priest - Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Great Album!

Breaking Dawn, Part 2 - Great album. All songs are good. All the Twilight albums are great. Hard to pick a favorite.

Reviewed by Slb1112 - Love it!

I bought this as a gift for my sister and she has it constantly playing in her car. Great price!

Reviewed by Kim Frola - music

love the series off music to fo with the films this is the far the best complation of music to complete the series

Reviewed by S. Shellard - Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 Album

I love every song on this album. I have all five of the cd's in my car and I play them all the time.

Reviewed by Sunil - LOVE IT!

It's on my kindle and I play it continuously all day. At work and on my commute to work. Love this album.

Next.. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists

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