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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists - Reviews

 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists

Reviews of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists

Reviewed by Digital Momma - Blown away!

What's great about the Twilight Series soundtracks? Each one, like the movies, has its own unique mood and feel. The Eclipse soundtrack is a little darker and edgier than the first two, and I'm lovin' it! It's been going non-stop in my CD player, and I've already ordered one of the artists' CDs (Florence + the Machine). The soundtracks have opened my ears to a wonderful world of lesser known, talented artists.

Reviewed by Katherine Bowler - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Kimberly J. - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Brandon LaPointe - Five Stars

Huge Twilight fan

Reviewed by Delores Daily - Five Stars

Love this movie

Reviewed by Lori - Eclipse Soundtrack

If you like the movie, you'll like the soundtrack. It has all of the fun songs the movie has, as well as the instrumental "Jacob's Theme" by Carter Burwell. It's a fun CD!

Reviewed by MissRainbow - GREAT MUSIC!


Reviewed by Mary - Very Happy with this CD

Very Happy with this CD. Despite buying used, it was in great condition and I haven't had any problems with quality of play or scratches on CD.

Reviewed by Jillian - Pure joy!

This movie is not even one of my faves, but this soundtrack is Awesome! Highly recommend it!

Reviewed by Tiffany Eckert - Five Stars

Other than taking forever to get here it was perfect

Reviewed by Sarahanne1984 - my mom likes it

my mom is a twilight fan and has gotten all these cds now. she likes it. its a good mix of "darker" popular music.

Reviewed by Sherry - Five Stars

I'm addicted to these soundtracks, lots of romantic and dreamy music.

Reviewed by Martha Lane - I was so glad when the Cullen family was able to be together ...

I was so glad when the Cullen family was able to be together and no one was trying to kill them the music is perfect.

Reviewed by A. Redwine - Love.


Reviewed by marmar - Eclipse Soundtrack

This is by far the best of the series, so far. Every song on this cd sounds as if you were actually watching the movie Eclipse. I would recommend this cd to anyone who wishes to experience a soulful, upbeat and romantic experience. Kudos to the producers for their wonderful selections. I would rate this cd as 5 stars.

Reviewed by Sheila Jindela - Best yet!

Of all of the Twilight Saga Soundtrack's this is by far the best yet!
Almost every track stands out on it's own. But interestingly enough Muse had gone from my most favorite on the first movie soundtrack to the least favorite on this most recent CD.
Personal favorites were "Heavy in Your Arms", "Jonathan Low" and "With You in My Head".

Reviewed by Vicki Lind - Five Stars


Reviewed by Delphinegill - Five Stars

Thank you!

Reviewed by Christine Guy - love the music in all the Twilight series

love the music in all the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn being my favorite, but they all rock! this is a gift for my Daughter in law!

Reviewed by Roswell, NM - Soundtrack

Everyone should have this CD in their music library. As you listen you can relive the movie scenes in your head without having to be in front of TV screen.

Reviewed by Tricia Taylor - Five Stars

Gift for my niece.

Reviewed by Elizabeth G. Santos - music

There are some special musics and others not so good but what I wanted was to check what the author wanted
to say mixing the music and the scene!

Reviewed by MPTravels - Fun Read

Fun Read

Reviewed by Tim - What do you expect?

If your a twilight fan than it's a good buy. my wife and i are fans of the movies so this was a must have like all the rest. its a soundtrack so if you liked the movies it goes without saying you will like the soundtrack.

Reviewed by Rita Todd - 🎶Great Mix of Music🎵

Music is so good! I never get tired of it 👍


I didn't think I could enjoy Eclipse as much as I did New Moon. However, to my absolute delight Eclipse eclipsed the New Moon soundtrack. The songs and performances are intense. My top favs are: Neutron Star Collision, Heavy in Your Arms, My Love, Chop & Change, Let's get Lost, to name a few. I just love this CD.

Reviewed by cindy snowden - Great Series

Very nice series with lots of action and love playing at your heart strings. Fell in love with it at first bite! Good morals and thought provoking decisions are made.

Reviewed by withoutworry - Good soundtrack

I love the music from this movie. It has great sound quality,and lots of great artists. If you are in the market for a mix of artists. I would suggest this one.

Reviewed by Angela Adams - Love it

Wonderful music that brings you back to memories of the movie The Tilight Saga: Eclipse. Not only does it take you back to the movie, the music is enjoyable.

Reviewed by Andrea Collins - Love the CD!!

I receive this CD sooner than I thought. I actually was listening to this CD before christmas which really made me very happy!! The CD was really nice and my favorite song on the CD was written by Sia "My Love" which took me right back to the movie again!! Thanks for getting it to me sooo fast!

Reviewed by Craddock Commentaries - Bargain Hunter

Packages arrived very quickly and was exactly as described. Very pleased.

Reviewed by Barbara McKenzie - Twilight

It was a good addition to my Twilight music collection.

Reviewed by Kimberly Ann Twotrees - love

I love these songs on this soundtrack. Loved the movie and I just had to get the music. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I have

Reviewed by Leona Inglett - I Loved It,

Yes, I Loved all of the Soundtracks, I have them all, now. Thank You. I also have, all of the MOVIES, but one, the last one~BD-Part two~. One of your emails, said I would get It on~MARCH 4TH.~Leona.

Reviewed by wmuellner - ...however, would've been nice to have had before I could've bought it in the store

i thought the whole idea of preordering something was so that you'd have some 'special early' claim to that product before the general public...well, here i sit, waiting for the latest 'twilight' soundtrack and dvd and i could've driven to the store and purchased them yesterday. go figure...

Reviewed by Mojo D. - Twilight Twilight Twilight

After reading the Twilight books, I had to have the music to go with them. I have ordered all the soundtracks for the movies and will order the rest of them when available. Ordering from Amazon is quick and easy, and so far, every link I have ordered from through Amazon has been good to deal with.

Reviewed by Toni Sands - good

its a cd

Reviewed by Jennifer Bressler - Five Stars

Arrived on time and the twilight fan in my household was extremly happy

Reviewed by Kenifer - Love it!

Wonderful addition to our collection. The music and movies are wonderful!

Reviewed by Bernard R. Bossert Jr. - Good buy

The sound track includes all the songs and has great quality sound. Much cheaper than buying it in the store.

Reviewed by Jonathan - Great songs.

Love this CD !!!

Reviewed by Christina - easy listen

Great for listening at work....which is where I mainly listen. Love the songs. Love the tempo. Am looking for some of the artists own CDs because of this soundtrack.

Reviewed by Claudia - Five Stars


Reviewed by alexmtn - Five Stars

Bought it for the title song. All expectations met.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great Movie

When I first watched this movie I didn't understand all the hype. Then a friend told me to read the books. Now, I get the movies and love them almost as much as I love the books.

Reviewed by Stephanie Cary - Twihard

I loved the books and I love the soundtracks. It really brings back some fond memories for me. Love it.

Reviewed by Lamar Jackson - CD

great music!

Reviewed by danielle taylor - this is great

i love it i listen to it every chance i get. its good traveling music for the road trips i take

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Yay!

Always liked this movie, finally got around to buying it. Good quality, plays good, no complaints. Enjoyed seeing it again.

Reviewed by chellearia - Perfect fit

This soundtrack is enjoyable to listen to, containing a wide range of selections, mostly indie and all original in sound and content. Each song is unique in its quality, yet they compliment each other. Additionally, for fans of the movies, the music fits seamlessly with the film.

Reviewed by 1chelle13 - Five Stars


Reviewed by Kiwi - Fabulous compilation of artists

Many of these artists were previously unknown to me, and I came to really love many of these songs. Definately worth the price - Sia 'My Love' is a lovely song. 'Heavy in Your Arms' is hauntingly beautiful. A must buy for any Eclipse movie fan and even non-Twihards.

Reviewed by DOG MOM - huge fan of this saga

I am a huge fan of the Twilight saga. I now have all the movies and the soundtracks. I enjoyed the collection of songs on all the cd's. Nice price and quick delivery.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - perfect

just what I wanted, very happy to be able to complete my collection, the whole collection is very mood changing

Reviewed by Marsalt - Five Stars

really good music

Reviewed by dani lynn - Five Stars

Really cool music. I like the taste of music this movie has very much

Reviewed by Victoria Haro - twilight

I love all of the songs that this cd have I can't complain I used to have but I lost it so I had to buy it again cause I loved the songs that this cd have

Reviewed by Java Ray - Five Stars

What can I say one of the cleanest movies I've seen in a long time.

Reviewed by Audrey Black - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amber Michelle Smith - Five Stars

A great overall album to listen to.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - As alwasy The Twilight Saga delivers

The music they pick to put on the soundtrack for these films are nothing short of amazing. They give artist who are normally unkown to certain generations the opportunity to shine. Bat for Lashes was a great addition to this album and introduces us to something besided the main stream music that I personally am sick of. The only thing I didn't like about it...the cd case is paper...I like the hard's just who I am. You do get a poster inside for those of you who collect those; mine was Bella. I'm listening to it in the car, at home, and currently at work. Great buy.

Reviewed by findrhonda - FANTASTIC

As always the Twilight Saga works it's magic. I am a middle aged TWI-HARD, and no matter how many times I watch this video I always find something new.

Reviewed by Don - Pleased

This is a great sound track to a great movie series. This one is for anyone that likes the Twilight series.

Reviewed by Michelle Cash - great

I am glad to have this cs very nice and the price was great couldn't resist very happy with the product

Reviewed by Shari Johnson - Five Stars

loved it

Reviewed by Louise E. Stevens - Eclipse Soundtrack

Very good choices of music. Especially "I'm All Yours" You will want to listen to it many times. I do.

Reviewed by Veronique - Five Stars

love it

Reviewed by Marley - Five Stars

Great, as expected

Reviewed by EclecticLife - Good buy

The CD was in the original packaging and plays just fine. In the true alternative vein like the other movies, the music is wonderful.

Reviewed by melissa reece - love it

I'm not a big reader but the Twilight Saga makes me want to read the books. I like the music.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Great music and love the way I can download right when I buy it.

Reviewed by Susan - Excellent CD!!

This is an excellent CD. I've listened to it many times and have enjoyed all the songs. I particularly like "My Love" and "Let's Get Lost." There is a good variety of sounds...slow, hypnotic, catchy tunes, good drum beat, rock...all enjoyable.

Reviewed by Renee Maronge - excellent listening

I have three twilight soundtracks. This is the best one. Even non'twilight fans like the music on here. It's good from start to finish and I play it often.

Reviewed by Aussie Oggie - This soundtrack rocks

Great soundtrack with some epic tracks that you'll want to hit repeat for - excellent driving music and highly recommended

Reviewed by Shana - let's go

Love every song on this CD I can't stop playing it in my car and even at work all night.

Reviewed by franfire - Five Stars

Great music written for the movies. Worth owning them.

Reviewed by Ellen E. Stapleton - Great compilation

Even if you're not a Twihard you will love this CD, all songs are great. If you put this on can hear it over and over and never tire of it. That's a great investment to me.

Reviewed by Maureen - The Twilight Saga sound tracks

I loved everyone of the music tracks on all the Twilight music releases with the exception of the last film - mostly repeats.

Reviewed by T. Neumeister - Five Stars


Reviewed by Jackie - Twilight's Eclipse Soundtrack

Do you love the book? Do you love the movie? Here is the soundtrack. As you listen, you can just 'see' each scene. Get it. Love it.

Reviewed by Cecilia Kindell - Five Stars

Love it, thank you

Reviewed by MiaCullen444 - Five Stars

It was in perfect condition! I am very pleased with it.

Reviewed by ET - Five Stars

Great soundtrack!

Reviewed by Frances - eclipse

I am very pleased I listen to the cd usely once a day i love music always have,so i am greatful to my daughter that showed me about amazon movies and music ....

Reviewed by Emily Bailey - Love it!

Every song is amazing!

Reviewed by Madge Gressley - Twilight Exlipse Soundtrack

I found the soundtrack met all of my expectations. I would recommend it to all Twilight fans as well as those who are not.

Reviewed by Vic - sounds good

great sound very good music

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - great buy

Exactly how I wanted the music to be. I can picture the scenes as I listen to the songs. Great.

Reviewed by northgamommy - Great for a collector's item.

This item is great for collectors of Twilight or Vinyl memorabilia. The fact that the albums are red just increases the appeal. Great sound on turntable as well. Very pleased with this purchase.

Reviewed by Tk1981 - happy

very satisified with my product and the price made it even sweeter.very easy to upload and love how i can use cloud and it's already on my phone and computer.

Reviewed by Thomas W. - Five Stars

Very nice

Reviewed by Robert Patterson - Five Stars

It was a Gift

Reviewed by J. Crowell - Best yet!

I was sceptical about buying this soundtrack. I have the other 2 soundtracks from the previous movies. They are..ok..---but they have really stepped up with this one. Not so many depressing songs. Lots of fun and really cool!

Reviewed by Tiffany Murphy - Soundtrack for Eclipse

This soundtrack is amazing. The music is so relaxing and exciting at the same time.
I have had countless hours of enjoyment as I've traveled in my car listening to this CD. I would recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Love this book and love the movie as well

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Eclipse sound track

Great sound track. I listen to it when I'm driving to town. I love all the songs.Some better then others, but there all good.

Reviewed by Chris - Five Stars


Reviewed by Bonnie Brown - Music

I really enjoy listening to the CD, it's like watching the movie in your mind as you listen. Absolutely beautiful!

Reviewed by shearert - Great for any fan!

I absolutely love the Twilight Series and am so happy that I bought the music to this movie since I just fell in love with it. :)

Reviewed by AshAlexander538 - Twihard

I am a total twihard! I love all the music. It brings me back to the movies. I would recommend this to anyone who loves twilight.

Reviewed by from Alberta - I bought it....

and being a "geriatric", am being introduced to these groups rather than already knowing them. Love it!!!!!! Who are these genius(s) - genii- who put these three great soundtracks together?

Reviewed by mother of four - Five Stars

I love the music

Reviewed by amy - great soundtrack!

I have the other two soundtracks for the twilight movies and i love this one just as much. I pretty much like all of the songs on this cd and will buy the next soundtrack for breaking dawn.

Reviewed by Bobbi Finch - Takes to back to the theater!

The songs are great and it takes you back to the theater when each of them happy I got it!

Reviewed by SummerStar - Suprisingly good

For the cheesiness that is associated with the movie franchise this is an amazing album. There are songs on here from great artist that you can not get on their albums. Imagine Bat for Lashes and Beck?!?

Reviewed by M. L. Mckenzie - Big Twilight Fan

I love the movie's and the music in them. I have all the sound track's and played all them this last trip.

Reviewed by mompauley - eclipse

i liked all the songs in this cd. some i had never heard before and i'm glad i bought it.

Reviewed by Beth A. Essington - Twilight Saga: Eclipse

This is one of my favorite stories in the series. I love all of it and wish the series wasn't over!

Reviewed by shadowladyhawk - It's Twilight!!

Not that being Twilight has anything to do with it, but the song choices are pretty cool. I would recommend this product to anyone who is a fan.

Reviewed by jenapryl - Five Stars

love it

Reviewed by Terri Hilton - Five Stars

Love it!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great combination.

I loved the collection of known and unknown artists compiled for the movie. As with the previous 2 soundtracks, you get to here from groups that you may never knew exsisted. Great work.

Reviewed by Adriane W - Great music!

Love it

Reviewed by Kim S. - GREAT!

I now have all of these CD's and listen to them in my car and at work all day!! FANTASTIC BUY!!

Reviewed by Ramona Kekstadt - A must for any Twilight Fan. Great Music from Muse as always!

I have all three CD's(Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse). I ordered each CD without even hearing any of the music. I was plesantly surprised that each CD was awesome!
I love Eclipse(all yours)...The song by Muse-Love is forever really fits this movie...You already know that it is all about Edwards's and Bella's love for each other..I do feel the soundtrack makes me feel part of the movie too, like one of the reviews that was given..June 30th can not come quick enough for me...

You must get this CD from Amazon! By far the best price anywhere...

Reviewed by Chloe - Twilight Eclipse music

Just way to much rock. Need to get to the classical music and you have to wade through this dvd to find any. Just like the previous two music cd's to these movies.

Reviewed by Marguerite K. Armbruster - Twilight music

I received my cd like I was told and I couldn't be happier. I've listened to it and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Reviewed by angelwaz72 - Great

it came on time and was in great order thanks soooo much it was a gift to a friend who is a huge twilight fan she loved it i hope to do more buying from you soon!

Reviewed by Mrs. L. - Love, love, love

I love this CD. The best part was being able to preview all the songs before I bought it. Once I listened to all the previews, I was sold. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Reviewed by noirlupe - Loved the CD.

Wanted this CD for sometime the price is what made me buy this one. And I had this CD finally to go with the other two twilight CD's.

Reviewed by Ella L. Merritt - Music from Eclipse eclipses most others!

If you purchase this product, you are required to play it full volume in your car with the windows down! Also, if you can, SING-A-LONG! Love it!

Reviewed by Faith - Eclipse soundtrack

This is an excellent product. It arrived much sooner than I thought it would and of course it was in excellent condition because I bought it brand new.

Reviewed by Hth - Great Soundtrack!

The twilight franchise comes through with another great soundtrack. At first I thought it was a little mellow, but now I can't take it out of my CD player. Love it!

Reviewed by Lady Marion - Great!!!!

Love the artist and the music chosen for the movie. Love the fact that I'm getting to know musicians that I've never heard before and thats' freaking awesome!!!!

Reviewed by big fan - music

This cd was just as awesome as the one before it. I love the variety in artists and sounds. Buy it, it's great.

Reviewed by hating the heat - Driving Music

I have this CD in my car and have really enjoyed it. Time flies and brings back great memories of the movie. Be aware of the lead foot.

Reviewed by SR - Another great soundtrack from the Twilight Saga

This soundtrack definitely meets the quality of the previous two films and their soundtracks! I would definitely recommend it to any Twilight fan.

Reviewed by Carolyn - Excellent Score

The 3rd soundtrack in the Twilight Saga does not fall short. It is a wonderful addition to the previous sountracks, Twilight and New Moon. Kudos!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Eclipse

I like this cd very much. Glad I listened to it before I saw the movie so I could try to figure out what part of the movie the song played in.

Reviewed by R. Reese - Wonderful Book

Lots of great pics and information from the movie. I have the first two also, and they are all wonderful books. A must have for Twi-hards!

Reviewed by Katelyn - Wonderful! Everything i was hoping for!

I love this cd its great even though it wasnt as goos as the first it still had the great songs that were featured in the movie!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - LOVE IT!


Reviewed by Joan Avila - love it, love it.

i love all the cd's from the saga, but my fav so far is the eclipse cd.. love the music, it goes very nicely with the movie.

Reviewed by Jeanie F. Andersen - Twilight Saga Eclipse Companion

The best yet. Cant wait for the next one. Everything made clear and can relive the excitement of the movie through its pages.

Reviewed by Rachel C. Covault - Amazing! Great music!

I purchased this b/c im a "twihard" haha,but once again i was not disappointed by the music. It's great. Love them all.

Reviewed by hollysue - Great!

Very Good Soundtrack and very glad i bought it. I reccomend purchasing this soundtrack if you enjoyed the series!

Reviewed by M. Anton - Eclipse Soundtrack Excellent as Expected!

I'm a huge Twilight fan, so I think I would love anything associated with it. Putting the Twilight connection aside, this album is great! When the free sneak peek was available a few days ago, I listened to it all day and never got sick of it. Now that I own it, I plan to listen to it non-stop for weeks, and won't get sick of it! As I listen to the songs, I try to imagine where they will fit with the story in the movie. This album is highly recommended to everyone, not just the Twilight-obsessed. (I'm one of the Twi-Moms, by the way, so it's not just for the teens). Buy the album and enjoy!!

Reviewed by Joni - Great Music

I think this CD captures the essence of the movie. Captures the essence of the Twilight trios dilemma.

Reviewed by W. Hubbard - Much better than New Moon soundtrack

The Eclipse soundtrack has a wide variety of music and a lot of it! There are clearly some standout songs on here (Let's Get Lost). It is neck and neck with the Twilight soundtrack in my book right now, but after another week or two of listening to it, and then putting it together with scenes from the movie - it will probably be my favorite of all three soundtracks. I don't even hesitate to give it five stars.

Reviewed by lavkey1 - LOVE

I was so happy when I got the cd had it about 2 weeks now still cant stop listening to it.

Reviewed by M. M. Entenman - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack

This is the best of the three. I LOVE all the tracks! Good mixture of songs and groups.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great music!

Love the songs from the soundtrack! Great artists very easy to listen to over and over.

Reviewed by Diana At Daycare - Two More Twi-Hard Fans

What can We say,mother and daughter both loved the soundtrack and of course the movie!

Reviewed by Cheryl M - Eclipse soundtrack is just simply awesome!

You can't go wrong with this soundtrack! It's the best of the series so far. Buy it.

Reviewed by M. Simonian - The best soundtrack ever...

I loved most of the songs from the CD and I would recommend it to every Fan.

Reviewed by Barbara E. Sinclair - Twilight Mom

Loved this cd. Music is original and exciting - even my husband liked it!

Reviewed by Shadowmatrx - Best One Yet!!!

I LOVED this soundtrack!!!! I am older and appreciate the unique songs often with elements reminiscent of the 70's and 80's. It was worth every penny!!!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Best so far...

Love this soundtrack so much! I think it's better than Twilight's soundtrack in the lyrical aspect - these lyrics are more fitting for the story within the Twilight Saga - and better than New Moon's soundtrack in the overall sense.

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