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Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Twilight Soundtrack - Reviews

Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Twilight Soundtrack

Reviews of Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Twilight Soundtrack

Reviewed by Carmelita R. Ave - This is good music!

If you love the film, the music has to be part of the reason. If you don't love the film, this is still good music!

Reviewed by VR Kid - Five Stars

very nice, if you are a twilight fan buy it.

Reviewed by T. Lamberti - Twighlight music to dream by....

love it. listen to it often.

Reviewed by P. J. Scott - I'm old and I love it

I'm a 45 year old woman who still loves the 1980's bands and was digusted with the vast majority of popular music in the 1990s and early 2000s. It all seemed to be either angry men screaming at me or Rap.

This soundtrack (and some other recent hits) have made me love modern music again. There is an actual melody to them and they sing, not scream.

This album has helped bring me back into the world of popular music again and I love it!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great soundtrack, great score!

Great soundtrack, great score!

Reviewed by Amanda Norr - Great soundtrack

I never really listened to this kind of music until I read the books. It is great. goes with the movie well. I have really enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Caria L. Martins - Great Soundtrack - much better than average!

I have played the soundtrack so many times I think that I can sing it by myself.

Linkin Park, Paranormal, all the music flowed together well, even as different as the musicians were.

I have to say that Robert Pattinsons song was my least favorite! Sorry!
Iron and Wine was my most favorite - it brought tears to my eyes when I heard it at the scene in the end...and still brings that tingle to my eyes when Im playing it in my car.

Reviewed by Tony Zoeller - A gift for my little girl

This was a gift for my little girl. She is still a Twilight fan. It came in perfect shape. My little girl is happy and that's all that matters on this sale.

Reviewed by Stormy - Really sweet

I loved the books, and the movies were average...the soundtrack is all about Edward and Bella's love...

Reviewed by J. Clemons - Well worth the money!!!

I, as well as many have read all four books in the Twilight series. Great!! Great!!! Wonderful!! I am a number one fan. To me this CD fits the element of the books, kind of dark and gray. The Paramore songs are good as well as the Rob Pattinson song!! Very talented man. Can't wait until the movie comes out! I am sure that once we all get to see the movie, the songs will fit into place and sound even better. Stephenie Meyer you have a hit on your hands!!

Reviewed by Marilyn Winters - Five Stars

I love the movies and the music from this series. I have nothing negative to say about this product.

Reviewed by Rylie - LOVE IT!!! confessions of a ~TWIHARD!

I love this music!!!! It makes me feel as if I'm in forks itself, waiting for my Edward to come and sweep me away. When i listen to Bella's lullaby it makes me feel like Edward is right there with his cold stone arms around me whispering the song into my ear as i fall asleep in his arms.

Reviewed by Lindsay Barnes - Amazing

I am a huge fan of Stephenie Meyer. I loved the Twilight Saga and, though I'm somewhat afraid of how the movie will turn out, I had to have the soundtrack. I didn't know many of the artists so I didn't know if I would like all of the songs on here but I haven't been able to stop listening to it since I got it. I love every song, especially Rob's 'Never Think'. It's an amazing CD that I would definately recommend to any and every Twilight fan.

Reviewed by redshan - Twilight Sountrack captivates....

I enjoyed the music while watching the film, especially the music playing during the baseball scene, not knowing anything about any of the bands or songs chosen for the film. I bought the soundtrack and haven't been sorry. All the music is very good, all in different ways. I have really enjoyed learning the songs and it is a great thing to pop in while driving to work or working out. I have already gotten my money's worth out of it.

Reviewed by Avid Leigh - Great variety of songs.

Dramatic and peaceful. Nice variety of music.

Reviewed by Alice - My favorite music as its so relaxing and makes me wish ...

My favorite music as its so relaxing and makes me wish I could go to Forks which is also very relaxing and peaceful.

Reviewed by Katherine Bowler - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Kimberly J. - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Sherri M. - Five Stars

My daughter absolutely loves this soundtrack. It arrived on time.

Reviewed by Sherry - love listening to them

All of these soundtracks are reminders of parts of the movies, love listening to them.

Reviewed by Lady_DarBear - Arrived on Time and In Perfect Condition

Twilight fan or not, you have to admit this film has a pretty solid soundtrack. I ordered this as a gift for a Twilight loving friend and it arrived on time and in perfect condition. It was just what I was looking for.

Reviewed by AWOL - Nice Soundtrack

I was very pleasantly surprised by this album. It's really beautiful and moving. I definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Want all the different ones. !?!!?

Reviewed by Pat Crowley - Five Stars

I love the music

Reviewed by Delores Daily - Five Stars

Love this movie

Reviewed by Kimberly Edwards-Romero - Finally Satisfied...worth my money

I am a big fan of the book series and can't wait for the second movie to air in November 09. I decided to purchase the soundtrack for the movie because I got tired of downloading pieces of it and then it turned out to be poor quality. It came pretty quickly and I am totally happy now. All the artists on the soundtrack kind of mesh together. Very relaxing soundtrack. Bella's Lullaby is my favourite!

Reviewed by Kathryn A. Stewart - Five Stars

I'm enjoying the Album.

Reviewed by JWA&F - JWA&F

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this !!!!Muse "Supermassive Black Hole" is sensational(Love them), "spotlight" is a great running song, I actually use alot of the music on this to run to, but absolutely love "Bella's Lullaby"

Reviewed by Malcolm Hunter - Great CD

All the music from the movie you can now listen to any time and this would be something any twilight fan would want to listen to.

Reviewed by Michael R. Ramos - Five Stars

Perfect condition. Exactly as pictured and described. Very pleased with purchase. Was a gift.

Reviewed by Tess Clayton - Five Stars

Love all the Twilight soundtracks. The songs are beautifully written,

Reviewed by Twilight - Good Mix of Music

I was pleasantly surprised with this soundtrack. Normally soundtracks do not have a "central" type of music on them, and most of the time, most of the tracks are not that great. Not so with this soundtrack. I didn't know most of the bands on here (I guess I am out of the alternative music loop), but I happen to like Lincoln Park, and had a strong desire to hear Robert Pattinson's song so I purchased the CD. It was so worth it. The music is interesting, and catching. I find myself singing along, and moving to songs I never even thought I would like. The only downturn for me was Bella's Lullabye. There was so much going on in the song that I had a hard time trying to figure out a melody, or the point of the song. Let alone, it didn't sound like a lullabye at all...I honestly don't think it would help me to fall asleep. Good buy, worth the money.

Reviewed by Lindy S. - Twlight sound track

still listen to it 2 or 3 times a week, I like it better than the score but it might be too close to call. Burwell is really very good at what he does. I would buy other works he's done and Robert Pattinson's piano work= better than average but his voice comes across as a little weak or the recording is, don't know which. Over all= A+. Can see myself listeneing to it for a long time.

Reviewed by Michelle Spencer - Awesome


Reviewed by Stanley Durbin - classic cult

this soundtrack is great i love the songs, some of these groups i haven't heard of before but i can see buying their music, i am a big fan of paramore i love decode and i love #9,the styles and vibe of the songs take me back to the movie, it all kinda puts me in a dream state, definitely classic cult, movie and soundtrack,peace.

Reviewed by Stacy Donohue - Five Stars

great mix

Reviewed by A. Nethken - Twilight Soundtrack

Item arrived quickly and great condition. Perfect Sound. I do not like the Paramore songs, but that's a personal preference. One song from movie I remember is not on cd. Not sure of the name, but it's the one played during blackout/dream sequence transition into hospital after fight in ballet studio. Might not even be a full song and that's why they didn't include.

Reviewed by A. Murray - Great music whether you're a fan or not!

I think the review title says it all! GREAT music -fans will appreciate hearing the whole song of key moments in the movie (baseball game, Edward and Bella's dinner out, Bella leaving Phoenix, etc) - non fans will enjoy hearing music from (what I'd consider) "non mainstream" groups that they may not have heard of. If it's possible to wear out a CD - I'm well on my way!

Reviewed by Christina - GREAT!!!!!

Great mix of hard to soft throughout the CD. Pleasantly surprised at Robert Pattison's song. Love this CD to wake me up on the drive in to work. Am looking to buy artists' own CDs due to this great compilation.

Reviewed by Victoria Hatton - Can't get enough of this soundtrack!

When I was watching the movie, I told myself, "I HAVE to get the soundtrack!" So I toodled on over to and bought it (for a very great price!) and I've listened to it every day since! I listen to it all day at work and I'm not tired of it! Great range of music from hard rock to soft melodies. If you like the movie, you'll love the soundtrack!

Reviewed by Delphinegill - Five Stars

Thank you!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Loved it to death

I've played this so many times some songs have gotten on my nerves just like when you hear one on the radio too much, but I love it soooooo much, Paramore is awesome! It also introduced me to artists I wouldn't of found on my own.

Reviewed by Gina Williams - If you love the movie you will love the CD.

I had to hace it. This CD is the only good CD from all the movies. All great song's. Of course Amazon would have for such a low price. I love saving money. Thank's Amazon.

Reviewed by Leslie Woodruff - Much better than I expected it to be

Much better than I expected it to be. Goes from classical to rock and roll. It is great to listen to!

Reviewed by Elizabeth G. Santos - series

There are some special musics and others not so good but what I wanted was to check what the author wanted
to say mixing the music and the scene!

Reviewed by kristi Simpson - Five Stars


Reviewed by Cocoared7 - Great

Love so many of the songs on the soundtrack.

Reviewed by Walter Truss - Five Stars

Nice music!

Reviewed by MPTravels - Nice


Reviewed by Michelle Cash - Great deal

good deal and good quality for the price I love these cd's I have my stolen from my car all them all the price was great and happy to have them back again

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by Michelle Lundry - skeptic turned believer

The Twilight Soundtrack was awesome. In the begininng, I had my thoughts that I would not like the music. Not many of the songs are heard in the movie itself. I was afraid it may be too teeny bopper for my taste. Boy, I was wrong! The eclectic tracks range from folk music to soft rock, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I listen to it all the time.

Reviewed by a reader - New Twilight Fan

Well, I just purchased the soundtrack and have enjoyed it immensely. I actually like all of the songs. For extra enjoyment see if you can get "Let Me Sign" (Rob Pattinson) and "15 Steps" (Radiohead) the song that plays first during the credits. Considering there are over 600 reviews, lots of folks had something to say.

Reviewed by Jessica Moore - I like the music

What can I say? I like the music.

Reviewed by Marvin - Music from the Twilight movie

My wife loves the Twilight movies and she wanted the soundtrack since she liked the music.

Reviewed by jennEFer - Five Stars

great music

Reviewed by Spencer - supper massive thunderstorm!

thats what this cd is! hayley williams was very inspired in the lyrics and the composing of her song title track ''decode''. it completely sums up the first stages of a vampire/human romance. forbidden fruit.

Reviewed by G. Pemberton - Twilight CD is was the movie!

Loved the music in Twilight; therefore I knew I would like the CD.
The song "Thousand Years" by Christine Perri is the BEST!! This soundtrack is a must buy!

Reviewed by Barbara McKenzie - Twilight

It was a good addition to my Twilight music collection.

Reviewed by Anasta Tolstova - Five Stars

Good collection of songs

Reviewed by EricaD310 - Five Stars

I have the soundtrack on my mp3 to all the movies.

Reviewed by Meredith Baldwin - Five Stars

great songs! I was surprised Robert's song was so beautiful-he has a wonderful voice

Reviewed by Sunflower - Awesome soundtrack

I purchased this after already owning the New Moon soundtrack..even though i love both of them...this one is my favorite...they used so many of the songs for the movie...listening to it causes me to relive my favorite scenes from the movie. I hope Eclipse has an awsome soundtrack like this one and new moon.

Reviewed by sammy George - Five Stars


Reviewed by Andrea Houston - Good Music

All the songs on this sound track are really great.
I recommend this CD to everyone.
My intention for buying this CD was to be able to listen to the Lullebye and learn to play it on piano

Reviewed by Tila Herbold - Product

I do not like the movies but I get the albums. There is a great mix of song on here and I do have respect for Robert Pattinson as a singer. He has a great voice adn really adds to the mood and tone of this album.

Reviewed by Diana Giraldo - Love

Music is good for teens and adults instead of foul mouth rap. RP has a song on it and hes pretty good, yes he has many talents...

Reviewed by Marcy Hedges - Twilight Soundtrack

I watch the movie over and over just for the music so I bought the soundtrack and now listen to it at night. The music is awesome and I love every song on it. I do wish they had put the song let me sign on there though. That song was the main reason I bought the soundtrack and it wasn't even on the cd.

Reviewed by Claire Mo - it was the craze, it was the fun

i like the music as much as the movie. no wonder the movies are inspired my MUSE the main band that's the author's favorite. I share their energy and passion towards electric goth

Reviewed by Frank J - Five Stars

Great cd.

Reviewed by Mary atcheson - Five Stars


Reviewed by ktbfarms - Good variety of music

Big Twilight fan; loved the books, movie and music! This is something my kids and I could all really enjoy.

Reviewed by CAROL J MCKELVEY - Great soundtrack!

great soundtrack

Reviewed by Carol E - Five Stars

I love this CD!. I wore out my first one,so now I am on to my second one!

Reviewed by J. Cazares - good deal

When I purchased this cd I found Amazon to have the best price (as usual). In addition to that it came with free shipping if I spent 25.00. The cd arrived faster than what it stated online and was packaged very well. The cd is great, even has a small poster inside if you unfold the cd jacket.

Reviewed by Angela Adams - Awesome & beautiful!

Wonderful music that brings you back to memories of The Tilight movie. Not only does it take you back to the movie, the music is enjoyable.

Reviewed by Cynthia M. Hess - Best track out of the series! Must Buy!

This is the best out of all the movies! I typically love the 1st soundtrack in series because they are always well thought out and not rushed.

Reviewed by James Dean - Amazing

Twilight Soundtrack
Absolutely amazing! The music takes me back into the movie. The diversity of the songs is brilliant.
It is emotional just listening to the songs.
Wonderful soundtrack, glad to own it.
Probably need to buy another, I'm about to wear this one out!

Reviewed by Lee T. - Five Stars

Enjoyed the soundtrack a lot, was surprised to get a bonus poster included with the item.

Reviewed by Jessica - Five Stars


Reviewed by S. Shellard - Twilight Soundtrack

I love this soundtrack. All of the songs are great!

Reviewed by Juli A Pearson - Great CD!!

Best collection of rock and alternative rock I've heard in ages. I find it hard to like every song on a CD but I'm to happy to say this CD is the exception.

Reviewed by Joann Raso - soundtrack from Twilight

I have watched this film over 30 times. I guess what I thought to be the background music was not what is on the soundtrack. Two cuts I recognize. But I am still happy with this product!

Reviewed by Jennifer Oglesby - great soundtrack

I know this soundtrack has gotten mixed reviews but personally I LOVE it. There were quite a few bands that i'd never heard of on here and I was really impressed with their songs. The only song I wasn't impressed with was Bella's lullaby. That could have been a lot better but otherwise a great album! Buy it!

Reviewed by Soupy - GOOD!

I don't know why I didn't buy this when the movie first came out but I love it. I enjoy listening to it on my way to work. Cheaper than downloading it from iTunes even with the freight.

Reviewed by Lamar Jackson - CD

great music!

Reviewed by Dawn Meadows - Twilight Fanatc!

This is my second copy of the sound track. Love everything Twilight related and as usual this cd never disappoints!

Reviewed by Katerina K. - Totaly completes my Twilight experience!

This special edition of the Twilight Soundtrack contains more songs than the original one plus it includes a DVD with interviews and music videos. Its wonderfull!

Reviewed by Martha Lane - Five Stars

The music feels so good fits right into your sold.

Reviewed by Annette Rivera - Five Stars

good soundtrack.

Reviewed by Bernadette Achee - great cd

i ordered this for my daughter. she is a big twilight fan. she played this cd so much she knows all the songs by heart.

Reviewed by Mom Fleisch - Five Stars

Enjoyed it.

Reviewed by B66ks - Nice

that's what the comment was from her.. while I don't listen to very much music she plays it and sings to it... so its a winner

Reviewed by b4beth - Twilight Music

This music is so beautiful!! I can visualize scenes of the movie when I listen. ". Supermassive Black Hole" takes me to when the Cullen's play baseball. A super cool song.

Reviewed by Kayla - Five Stars

Great condition!

Reviewed by helty - Great CD if you like Twilight.

Loved this movie and of course the music reminds you of it.

Reviewed by 1chelle13 - Five Stars


Reviewed by MalPal - i love muse,paramore,mutemath, and linkin park!!!

i loved this CD! i am soooo happy that they put artists like linkin park, mutemath, muse, and paramore on it. some of these songs were in the movie. but not all of them. i loved all of the songs. i thought they fit with the movie. alot of my friends didnt think it fit with the movie but i thought it did.

Reviewed by linda - just what i wanted sounds like the movie i love it nice condition also will buy more when i need them in the future

just what i wanted sounds like the movie i love it nice condition also will buy more when i need them in the future

Reviewed by Holly Fitzgibbon - Twilight Soundtrack

I bought this cd after reading the book and watching the movie and I love every song on it. The music on the cd is all from the motion picture and delivers music for any mood and for any one.
Overall, I am exceptionally satisfied with this purchase and would recomend it to anyone.

Reviewed by sandy smith - I love this music

Anyting twilight is wonderful, the story line was excellent, I have all of their movies, now the soundtrack, I love the music.

Reviewed by Rafal - Five Stars

Good deal .

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Like it

Liked the music from the movie so got this clear and plays well through iTunes. Nice pleasant music and I like it

Reviewed by jh - Good buy

I bought this for a friend for Christmas and it arrived very quickly, in perfect condition as described. It's perfect.

Reviewed by Veronique - Five Stars

love the soundtrack

Reviewed by D. Perez - Pretty good

Over all is pretty good. I like most of the songs. Shame did not include the second song of Pattinson. Worth the time and money. Most of the songs are great, and i think with their variety most people will like it. Very engaging and fun. Would have liked more pictures in it or choice of pictures.

Reviewed by D. Chavis - AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

An incredible soundtrack !!! I love every song on it, not a bad one in the bunch !!!
I listen to it everyday, and can't get enough of it. I play it in my truck whenever I go out, and it plays everyday in the house as well !!!
If you loved the movie, you'll adore the songs that go with it !!!!!!!

Reviewed by D. Dana - I Feel Like Twilight Tonight, Like Twilight Tonight!

This is my fav CD. I keep it in the car, volume up all the way. It's great driving music, tho it makes me drive a little fast. Every song has something different to offer. While I have never listened to these artist before, I love them on this CD and am looking for their own indiviual CD's.

Reviewed by Deborah Robertson - Twilight Soundtrack

I am a big Twilight fan and wanted to have the soundtrack to keep the characters around after the books were completed and the movie was over. This soundtrack in it's entirety has proven to be a favorite of mine and I would highly recommend it to any Twilight fan or any fan of great music!

Reviewed by jubeli - Great soundtrack from great movie trilogy.

Love the music.

Reviewed by AshAlexander538 - Twihard

This is my second favorite twilight cd being that breaking dawn part one is my favorite. It's nice to have this downloaded onto all my music devices and still have a hard copy.

Reviewed by alicia - Five Stars

Plays beautiful love it thanks amazon

Reviewed by Patricia Whitney - Twilight Cd

I and my family really likes the Twilight Cd. I actually have 2 of the cd now. I would diffently get more if anything should happen to the ones I have. I like being able to hear the full versions of the songs and surprising it does relax me... I would recommend this to people and have..

Reviewed by MIKEL BISTERFELDT - Five Stars

as described

Reviewed by Elizabeth L. White - Five Stars

she loved it

Reviewed by Don - Pleased

Happy to be able to get this sound track. Would recommend this cd to anyone that likes Twilight .Great music.

Reviewed by Jody witt - Twilight

who wouldnt love this soundtrack, Twilight was a thing for a while. dating of the two main stars kept it shining.

Reviewed by Amber Michelle Smith - Five Stars

A great overall album to listen to.

Reviewed by Jackie - Twilight lovers will love the album

I have the movies, all of them and now I can hear the music in its entirety. Some great songs here.

Reviewed by Sherry Wythe - Twilight Soundtrack

I love every song on this record, every must have for any twihard! The price was great and the company sent it in a timely fashion, I will do business with them again.

Reviewed by dogchampion4 - Awesome

Love this soundtrack! I start my day getting ready for work by listening to "Supermassive Black Hole"--how can you not be pumped up after that!
All the other songs are great, too, and of course there's "Bella's Lullaby", so beautiful, but at only 2 minutes, not quite as long as I would like.

Reviewed by W. Humphrey - Great Soundtrack

I love this soundtrack. If you love Paramore there are two great songs on this soundtrack. I highly recommend this cd.

Reviewed by Rapsalicious - Paramore!!!!!!

love Hayley!!!!!!!

Reviewed by sassytexasgirl - Love it!!

As I am WAY over 13, this soundtrack introduced me to some groups whose music I've not heard before. I love every track on this CD. So glad I bought it. I have new music to listen to and new groups whose music I need to start collecting. If you liked the movie, you MUST buy this CD!

Reviewed by Sara J Sheldon - Love music and loved this!

I love the diversity of the music on the album. I could listen to it over and over. I don't think you have to be a fan of the movie to enjoy the music.

Reviewed by Jack Stanford - Twilight Soundtrack

Very good!

Reviewed by Randy G. - Love the songs and the movie

Listen to it all the time. Love the songs and the movie.

Reviewed by hlucn8tn - Five Stars

Great sound track. The music is wonderful.

Reviewed by Lindy Friedman - Five Stars

5 movies, 5 fabulous scores, starting with this one.

Reviewed by Drakus666 - Five Stars

Good soundtrack

Reviewed by Tonya Miller - Five Stars

Great movie, great service

Reviewed by Jazztyke - Even if you're not a Twilight fan you'll find something you like here

This is one of the most eclectic collections of music I've ever come across in a soundtrack.

And fairly awesome, brave choices on behalf of the Director, although they fit very well with the characters of the book.

I love it and definately recommend it to everyone - fan or not.

Reviewed by Richard Barr - Must have Soundtrack for Twilight Saga Fans

I purchased this soundtrack for my daughter. She is a Twilight Saga fan. She immediately ripped the CD to her iTunes library and copied it to her iPhone. It must be an acquired taste, excuse the pun.

Reviewed by Shell - Amazing music

There is not one bad song on this soundtrack!! I believe they really captured the essence of Twilight with these songs. I do wish they would have included 15 Step by Radiohead and Let Me Sign by Rob Pattinson since they were in the movie, but otherwise it is awesome!!

Reviewed by jillybn32 - Fav CD

I love all the songs, This is a good cd if you like a variety of music love it. Thanks

Reviewed by Tanya - Awesome Music

I wasn't sure if I'd actually like a soundtrack to a movie. I haven't bought one in many years! I was totally impressed with the music AND the artists.

Reviewed by Shelley M. Dile - Great sound!

My daughter and I really enjoy listing to the sounds and figuring out where in the movie it was. Only one song do we not find on this Sound track. Its good!

Reviewed by Patty - Five Stars

Of you love everything twight, you will love the music as well.

Reviewed by Tammy L. Ellis - Best of all...

The first sound track of the movie saga is the best, could listen to it all day but still love all the CD's for the movies this is just the favorite!!

Reviewed by Twilight12 - Great!

Came in perfect condition, nothing was wrong with it, amazon got it to my house pretty quick and...i love it a lot, so if you want it is worth the money

Reviewed by GeeTsWorld - Five Stars


Reviewed by Marley - Five Stars

Happy, happy

Reviewed by Jessica - My new favorite CD

This CD is in my car stereo and is always ready for me to listen to it. This CD has so many good songs from popular artists as well as some that you have never heard of. It has helped me to expand my music library and I now have a few new favorite bands. So much good music.

Reviewed by Franchesca DeLucenay - OME

After a year of owning this CD it is still in my car stereo. I listen to it at least once a day and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. Every song is different in its own way but blends together magnificently. I can't wait to buy the New Moon Soundtrack!

Reviewed by Lucinda Mosier - Team Edward!!!!!

I really love the movies, read the books and had to have the soundtrack, couldn't find them in any store so I went on line,

Reviewed by Marjorie Bavaro - Great

It's all the pop music not the instrumental score by Carter Burwell.

If you watched the movie and you liked the music then you will like this CD.
I bought it because I really like the music they used in the movie.
It's as simple as that.

Reviewed by Demetria Mills - Entire Twilight

It's great to hear the full version of all of the songs. Love all of the songs, especially Suppermassive and Bella's Lullaby.

Reviewed by loriewoods - great

great cd

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - great music from the movie

Often times there are music tracks on the soundtrack that one doesn't recognise but every song was loud and clear on the CD- My Twilight fan loves it

Reviewed by Ivonne Martinez - Five Stars

I love this soundtrack all songs are great

Reviewed by Cecilia Kindell - Five Stars

Love it, thank you

Reviewed by jess - The Music is perfect for each scene that the various songs are set ...

I have Never Bought Music from a Movie/Book Series, But I had to get the Music CD After listening to the samples. Though Before I couldn't remember a thing about the movies. The Music is perfect for each scene that the various songs are set to in the movie. I've always listened to Country Music until I found that I really enjoyed this music and listen to it on a daily Basis. Absolutely a perfect match for what goes on in the movie.

Reviewed by lorraine roberson - Five Stars

I luv this CD!

Reviewed by J. Warren - Gift

Gift for my daughter who loved it...

Reviewed by monica stanford - twilight

I love this cd so much!! It has all the great songs i love! Such a great find! Couldnt be happier

Reviewed by Madge Gressley - Twilight Soundtrack

I found the soundtrack met all of my expectations. I would recommend it to all Twilight fans as well as those who are not.

Reviewed by customer - great

looked awesome and worked just fine and price was great, quality was great too, would purchase from again in future

Reviewed by Aussie Oggie - This soundtrack rocks!

Much better soundtrack than I expected - there's a lot more grunt and diversity than you might expect. Love it

Reviewed by Hannah L. Patchett - Awesome cd!

All of the artists and songs are amazing. It introduces you to some artists you've never heard of while also giving you a little bit of the popular bands today. Rob Pattinson's song 'Never Think' is beautiful and is one of the songs that makes this cd amazing =]

Reviewed by Kenya B. - Ummm Really..

Is there any other rating for this? It's Twilight, Muse is on here, Death Cab for Cutie, and Paramore. Can it get any better than this?

Reviewed by Marks133 - PERFECT AND FINALLY I HAVE IT

The best cd ever compared to the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack and score. This soundtrack is very enjoyable and brings back memories from 2008.

Reviewed by mother of four - Five Stars

Beautiful movie and awesome soundtrack.

Reviewed by kim - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Sandy Smith - good music

i bought the soundtrack, however was disappointed the clare de'lune was not on there however it's still good music no matter what

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Love this Music

I love the music from these movies and now I listen more closely to music during all movies. None have been as good as this series.

Reviewed by CDC - Excellent

This is 'stand alone' music. You don't need to have seen the movie to appreciate the music in this soundtrack.

I have the score. I have the books. I haven't seen the movie, Twilight.

Good beat for exercising. Good for casual listening.
Five Stars Plus

Reviewed by JayKK - Great Music

You either love this music or you don't. The original soundtrack has the best music of all the movies as far as I am concerned.

Reviewed by Emma Moore - Five Stars


Reviewed by Thomas W. - Five Stars

Very nice

Reviewed by Robert Patterson - Five Stars

It was a Gift

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

I love it!

Reviewed by EZstaples - Twilight Soundtrack Rocks!

This is a great movie soundtrack. I think I have heard some of these songs before but never really paid that much attention to them, but in the Twilight universe, you not only pay attention, you feel a connection between the story and the music right away.

Reviewed by Robert Mangum - Five Stars


Reviewed by T. Wilson - Twilight Soundtrack..just as good as the movie!

I love the soundtrack with all the different artists. It's weird, romantic, some funny! My favorite is Leave Out All the Rest! Super Massive Black Hole is great also! Even if you haven't seen the movie, I would refer this soundtrack to everyone!

Reviewed by DOG MOM - love it

I have been a huge fan of this series, have all the movies and soundtracks now. Love to play on the way to a from work!!

Reviewed by Angela - Five Stars

Love it.

Reviewed by Chris - Five Stars


Reviewed by D. L. Witteried - Twilight Soundtrack choices

What fun! Good choices both for the movie and just for listening. Songs were perfect to set the mood of the scenes so that when just listening, it brought back the fun of the movie. And Rob Pattinson is an interesting and enjoyable artist.

Reviewed by Mag - Love Twilight

I was happy they sold theTwilght soundtrack in vinyl as I am a collector. Music is wonderful. Love the The Twilight Saga.

Reviewed by Evelyn M Ortega - Great Gift

Great Gift Daughter loved it. excellent gift for a Twilight fan. You could never have to many Twilight things. Excellent Item.

Reviewed by Renaye Christoper - Love the music.

I love the CD, especially the music from Paramore. It's my kind of music. I couldn't get enough of it.

Reviewed by Donies Parker - Five Stars

Great gift to my little sis.

Reviewed by SHERRI M. COOK - Twilight Music

I have all five CDs from this movie series. I love the soundtrack in my studio as I paint or write.

Reviewed by Michael - Five Stars


Reviewed by mandymarie20 - Decode Me

I love this cd! The songs are all fabulous and definitely fit the mood of the movie. My favorite song is Decode by Paramore. I could listen to it 100 times. I would buy the CD for that song alone! Get this CD or you will be missing out!

Reviewed by babs - Five Stars

very good!

Reviewed by Mina J. Graham - Good music

This is a good soundtrack - did not know until I got it that Robert Pattinson sings two songs on the sound track.

Reviewed by Nanette F. Stabler - awesome

awesome, just like the movie, the music from the first movie is to me by far the best, goods songs, good artists

Reviewed by Catherine Derevitzky - Five Stars

Very nice music!

Reviewed by Adrian Mejorado - Five Stars

perfect as a collector's item.

Reviewed by Jerremy - good purchase

this includes all songs from the original Twlight saga from the first movie, and is exactly what it says it is

Reviewed by Elaine H - Five Stars

Great soundtrack.

Reviewed by guado2 - Twilight music is awesome!

I think I could listen to Bella's Lullaby all day! I love the whole soundtrack, especially Full Moon and Flightless Bird.

Reviewed by Melanie Lorenz - Love this CD

THIS IS A GREAT CD. LOVE ALL THE SONGS ON IT. Highly recommend this to any fan of the Twilight series

Reviewed by Ann Marie - Love it!

I love this music. I can put it on, have it in the background, work and it is good music to have in the background.

Reviewed by Ramona Le Blanc - Granddaughter Loves It

I purchased this to replace one my granddaughter had damaged. She loves the soundtrack, the books, the movies and anything "Twilight". I'm reading the books so I can see how teenagers can be so enamored by this series.

Reviewed by servantleader - Beautiful Music

I love listening to the soundtracks and scores of my favorite movies and this one is great. I definitely recommend!

Reviewed by GBG - Cool compilation of music

Really cool compilation of rock / indie music. The soundtrack for this movie (and for the other Twilight movies as well) rocks.

Reviewed by Mary L. Jacobs - Buy it!

This is one that you have to have! The mix of songs is perfect and it introduced me to a couple of bands that I was not aware of, which is always a pleasant surprise. Listening to it lets me enjoy the movie all over again!

Reviewed by Solitaire C - Nice Soundtrack

Very good CD and many of the background tunes in this one. It's a nice way to relive the Twilight movie.

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