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vTube for YouTube [FREE]

vTube for YouTube [FREE]

Reviews of vTube for YouTube [FREE]
Reviewed by Happy13 - not what I'm looking for

This app is great if your looking for just a YouTube app but in my case I was searching for a music downloader like it promises in the title. Although it says it's a downloader I tried every possible way to download a song and it just wouldn't let me. My screen would just get really dark and stay that way until I touched my screen. Plus there is a lot of adds that are difficult to avoid.

Reviewed by Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Artist - Doesn't play playlists.

It can't play Playlists.
I am not familiar with other youtube apps on Kindle fire, but was disappointed when couldn't play playlists.
Other than that it seems good.

Reviewed by Star - Bootleg Tube

I best advise is to stay far away from this app. Too many complications and hardly nothing works. It's best to get the legit app.

Reviewed by exmptle - Someone should make a YouTube app that works

Inability to easily and consistently watch YouTube videos is one of the great flaws in the Kindle Fire. This app is minimally functional. Iin other words, it's better than nothing. My experience over the past few days is similar to what others have reported. It will play for a while then it freezes. It also will not let you play a continuous playlist. You must tap each video as you want to watch/listen to it. On the plus side, it will let you download YouTube videos for off-line viewing (but this leaves you in murky legal territory). At the current price, it won't send you to the poorhouse. I don't feel like I was ripped off, but I am a little disappointed.

Reviewed by Tonya G. - Keeps reinstalling itself...

I have this installed on both of my Kindle Fire HDs (7 and 8.9 inch) and every time I tap to open the app, it reinstalls itself. The app is up to date on both Kindle Fire HDs, but, it just keeps reinstalling itself when I tap to open it - I don't know why?!?! I enjoy using this app to watch youtube videos, but it's such a pain to wait on it to reinstall every time I tap to open it!!!

Reviewed by C. W. Larimer - Confusing

First off, when you open the app up, it shows you a mini tutorial. Then once you're done reading it, it brings you to a new .. page thing ( Still in the app ) and you paste the YouTube link where it says "Paste YouTube Link Here", and once you do, you press the button right below it where it says "Go!". Then it brings up a "General App tutorial" That just sorta introduces you. It gives you many options on how you want to download it that I find very confusing and no matter which one I chose it didn't work :/

Reviewed by a review for you by me you see - eh... could of gone better

When I first got on, I thought that it would be great. I tried to watch a video, and it would buffer and load literally every seven or so seconds. I managed to get through one video without any stopping, but it continued to happen on my other videos. So I did what I would do on my computer when a video buffered: I set it back a few seconds so it could keep loading before the dial. That doesn't work for this. If you set the dial back, the bit that has already loaded re sets and you're back to waiting for it to load. :(

Reviewed by Cynthia - its good..

This is just an app to watch youtube through, it is not a youtube video downloader. That is the only reason i gave it 2 stars, it was slightly misleading in the description; or perhaps, i didn't read enough. I thought it was a downloading app, but rather just a viewing app so...nothing spectacular...its works....but I'll just use the youtube app. lol ;D

Reviewed by cassie - Real is better

I wish that the Kindle fire Hd, or any Kindle for that matter would actually get youtube on them! I can't stand the fake apps that say their the sister apps and what not! Bring me some real stuff! I pay good money to keep my kindle going, I'd appreciate the real stuff in return!

Reviewed by Andrew Ramey - A rather mediocre application.

This app in particular has proven to be twitchy and schizophrenic in the sense that it is often unresponsive and at times completely non-operational as it often times cannot successfully stream a video all the way through and crashes frequently. On the upside, the user interface is pleasantly simplistic and very satisfying to use after logging in with an account.

Reviewed by Mild_Prepper_10 - won't work

I've used this app for 4-5 months with no problems, but now I can't watch any of the videos. Any of them.

Reviewed by LOL I'm not even - Irritated

When I exit a video, the audio keeps playing and the only way to get it to stop is restarting my kindle. I deleted the app from my device as well as from my cloud so that it might stop without me having to turn my device off again. It is completely gone from my device but as I write this poor review.... my video is still blasting out the speakers. Even with no app to display the video, it is STILL GOING. This. App. Sucks.
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Reviewed by Eric - Two Stars

Doesn't do HD on my Kindle Fire HD... seriously, what the...

Reviewed by Monet_OTAKU - It started of great......

I purchased this app because I wanted to be able to download videos when I had wifi and still be able to watch them when I didn't. At first it was working perfectly but it eventually just stopped . The app would still download the videos but they wouldn't play when I didn't have any wifi. That upsets me because if I purchase something that claim s to do something then it should do it. Please fix it.... I really did love this app.

Reviewed by NLA - At first it was great...

but it hasn't been working on my Kindle for the past week. When I contacted Amazon see if there was a fix, they told me to use the internet on the kindle to access Youtube, which wasn't a great answer for me. Our whole reason for the Kindle over the iPad was the Kindle has much better parental controls. I don't want my little guy accessing the internet, I can't monitor that usage as easily. The app hopefully will be fixed soon!

Reviewed by Jill Balogh - Unreliable and Inconsistent

When I first loaded up this app it ran really well. Now it doesn't run as well as it could. Sometimes it has a real hard time loading anything I click on when I get to the You Tube page. Loading is very unreliable and inconsistent. A lot of times it will load something and start to play it and then stop right in the middle to take a very long time to load up the rest. Voyage Apps has done a poor job at designing the technology that is required to access the You Tube website.

Reviewed by Lizzy Blackwell - GLITCHES GALORE

This app would be good... IF IT ACTUALLY WORKED. It is super glitchy. Things take about FIVE minutes to load!!! And then it will "stop responding" and you are about to have an absolute fit. And THEN when you search stuff, the new videos OVERLAP the old ones you searched so everything is a big mess and it will randomly log you out as well!!! I am about to scream my head off here!!! ERRRRRRRR

Reviewed by RKS - Mediocre

Plays videos and that's about it. If you are subscribed to people you more than likely will not see their latest videos. Ads at the end of each video are annoying and you can't skip them or pay to have ad free. Ads at the end of every video all the time, make it stop.

Reviewed by votto fan - Stop Changing It!

It was good before with little problems but now you can't see any of the recommended, new uploads, likes, and views.

Reviewed by rick - NO

This is a bad app it does not keep search history u should get the actual youtube it is much better

Reviewed by carebaer32 - what?

I deleted a bunch of videos from my photos. Where did these videos come from? This app thats where. So if you dislike deleting videos than dont get this I uninstalled it asap after I saw the videos since my tablet is connected to my sister meaning everything on my tablet goes to hers deleted on hers and possibly on mine so please dont get!!!!!!!!!!!!! :I

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - not what I expected

I haven't used it much, but was looking for an alternative to the silk browser that doesn't seem to be able to handle many YouTube videos, at least not the mobile app videos. I really want bookmarks though -- which I haven't found yet, as my 3-year-old likes a bunch of things, but as you may guess is impatient. But, really likes to watch his videos when he finds the Kindle laying around.

Reviewed by Judy Oeder - My 6 and 5 year old grand daughters watch the ...

My 6 and 5 year old grand daughters watch the Mine Craft and Friday night things on you tube and they swear on it and say kill you kill me and I wish there was a way to block this off the kindles they use. the Kindles are Shiane age 6 Abigail age 5.. can you help me with this ?

Reviewed by Paige - crucial flaw for subscriptions

Would be much better, perhaps a 4 star app if the subscribed channels
1: showed up in correct order
And 2: even appeared at all.
Had to stop using the app since it was only showing about 1/4th of the actual videos being uploaded.

Reviewed by S. May - Freezes.

This app used to be capable of letting me watch videos after my silk would not let me open videos (freezes then asks would you like to close silk browser when I try to open a video). But after the update, it freezes when loading the video and the closes. Please help me with this. Otherwise without this issue, it would be a great app besides the paying for certain videos.

Reviewed by ivyjane - unsatisfied

It shut down often would take forever to load.

Reviewed by The app king - Good but too glitchy

So here's the deal......the app is good. It's a nice little YouTube clone app with nice features,like the swipe thing to turn brightness and volume up ans down. However the app itself is buggy and crashes way too often. For instance, if I were to turn brightness all the way down,not only would the app crash,my kindle would crash and it would take me several tries to turn it back on. Plus if searching your web history wasn't already a PAIN, the alp crashes constantly when you do so. So yes,it's a good app and I enjoy it more than youtube on the browser,but it's so buggy it makes the app less enjoyable than it should be. All in all ,you should search for another app if you don't just use the browser.

Reviewed by Tracy Parker - Two Stars

Freezes and glitches a lot.

Reviewed by knocking DOG - Stupid

Stupid things like that sucks really good night and I know have to be us the third the pack and I I have no one idea is to be on later today or or tomorrow morning and I have have to be on later later today or tomorrow morning and I have have to do that is

Reviewed by Dilann - There is something else better than this!!!!!


Reviewed by Pcs800 - Slow for some reason

I have a 10 meg connection at home, I watch youtube on several devices including roku, phone, kindle, wii, etc. This app buffers constantly, even at a low resolution, while on the same device, youtube in a browser works just fine. I don't know if they are routing it through a proxy or something but this app is slow.

Reviewed by Silver Banks - This app was great when I first purchased it

This app was great when I first purchased it! But after a month, it just stopped working. I could type in the title, click on it, and it would pull the video up. Acting like it was on a play, but it just buffered, and did nothing more. So I uninstalled it. I give it would stars, for it working great at first. But I wouldn't recommend it.

Reviewed by Jennifer - Keeps freezing up my Kindle!

I just got the Kindle Fire HDX 7 for a Christmas present. This is one of the first apps I've downloaded. Almost every time I try to use it, my screen goes black and I can't the little side menu or home screen button to pop out. I have to turn the kindle off and reboot! Too bad because I had high hopes for this app. Does anyone have any suggestion for a better youtube app?

Reviewed by Miket - uninstalling !

After reading the reviews for this 3 star app, I decided to give it a try, I usually try to find 4 stars or better. I was able to download and sign in to my you tube account just fine to find my subscribe channels, but the playback REALLY SUCKS. every 30 seconds to a minute the video freezes to buffer. It's very annoying for me so I am uninstalling this right now.

Reviewed by Superduper - it's better than nothing

When will YouTube make their own Kindle app? This 3rd party app is buggy and unreliable because it isn't made by YouTube at all and they don't know how to properly connect to YouTube. Granted, it's better than nothing, but I would rather have something from the actual company that I know works well.

Reviewed by consumer - crashes

Wtf i cant watch my favorites list?! Crashes with every attempt....

Reviewed by Ray m. - this app sucks

This app sucks for one reason. It only wants to work properly in the day time. But try to use it at night and its a whole different story. Every video I try to watch takes forever to buffer. I have to wait a long time for the video to load so I can watch it. I like it but hate it at the same time but I'm just going to have to deal with it.
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Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Dang blasted ADS!

Get tired of the long waits as ads scroll across my screen. Not as user friendly as windows' YouTube.

Not recommended.

Reviewed by JC - SOOOO SLOOWWW

I got this app thinking "hey I can watch youtube videos so much easier now" well I was COMPLETELY wrong. See if you watch a video that's over 4 min long (who doesn't?) It just either freezes or takes like 20 minutes (even with good internet). The worst part is youtube doesn't work on my kindle anymore so I'm stuck with this app. D': I mean if you make the videos load faster then I'd take back everything I said and
say this was a 5 star app but until you do anything like that I'll have to suffer with this app and you'll have to suffer with bad reviews. (Also the only reason your not getting a 1 star review is because you actually play video unlike every other youtube app in this appstore

Reviewed by PinkyAriala77 - idk

Just use silk on Kindle. This is so pointless to use. Why don't people just use silk anyways...just look up YouTube.
I tried to upload a video and on my notifications it says that my video is uploading 0% and on my uploads on the app it says it's a deleted video which is making me really mad! I can't upload anymore YouTube videos on my kindle anymore...

I wish there was a GOOD app where you could actually upload videos can do that on iPad and now I'm the most upset person ever...I can't do anything.I thought this app was gonna let me upload but I guess know what! I was gonna give this app two stars and now it's getting one and I wish zero .

Forget this dumb app, just go on the silk, just make sure your own the mobile YouTube...what's the portion with you people, you kindle must be messed up or something..just watch YouTube on silk! You don't need Adobe flash player and stuff...if you get a kindle you should know how to use it

...Someone needs to make a good app

Reviewed by lisfiz - waaaay slow

Yes, this app lets you view vids in hd, access your subscriptions, and comment on videos, but usually it wont even display in 240p without buffering. I started using video tube (which i already had) and i viewed in hd just fine. But that app doesn't let you comment or see the people your subscribed to. Best thing to do is buy an
ipad T-T

Reviewed by nana4 - Two Stars

I do not use it much

Reviewed by #boss#cheesecake - annoying

Can rarely watch a video without having to restart and redo. Don't say it's my internet. I am literally on top of my router right now, and I can not watch a single video. And randomly in the middle of things, vTube stops working. It is an okay app, but there are more cons than pros. It's extremely annoying when u r trying to use it!

Reviewed by JessicaRodriguez - Two Stars

Really slow and does not play videos well. Do not download.

Reviewed by Flyingbug - Cannot do some things now.

Cannot save videos and cannot post comments. Gives me an error message when I attempt to post comments. I was able do save videos and post comments until very recently.

Reviewed by T. Vermillion - Meh

Free means free, it's not cool to lie about free. But I found something called 1 mobile market, it is cool, you can get it (free!) It has more stuff and the stuff that is the same (Amazon app store) is also same just (free!) And it works really well for my kindle fire!

Reviewed by DarkWolf - Fix your dam app

It works fine till you get to uploads I like looking up new videos but not all the time. Maybe I don't want to have to look for them maybe I want to see new videos in upload from my favorite YouTubers. You fix that and I'll up my rating

Reviewed by W. Stanley - background play spotty

Got it for background playback on a kindle fire hdx. Playback randomly quits and returns to a previous screen.

Reviewed by Melissa K Hargrave - I only use this because it's the best out of the crappy bunch of YouTube apps available ...

I only use this because it's the best out of the crappy bunch of YouTube apps available in Amazon's Appstore. I really wish Amazon would get the official YouTube app already.

Reviewed by Shauna H. - problem from Shauna. READ!!!

When you leave for a while then you go back YOU will just hear the audio on my kindle and you can't see the video and when you exit you still hear the audio YOU have to shut it down and seven times it crashed

Reviewed by CT - It Somewhat Worked?

I was able to download MANY videos,but wasn't able to watch them for my reason for downloading the app!
My plan was to watch the videos on the way home from a 10 hour drive,but alas the videos didn't play.
Now some of you may say, "Oh,but they need internet because they're from the imternet duh."
BUT you download them for a reason..right?
So I deleted the app

Reviewed by Themixer329 - One problem

It was a great app when I got it then whenever I click on a video it loads and loads then the video plays but it's a black screen and the bar is not moving then when it says it's not responding I press close and the video is still playing fix this very annoying problem then I will give this a perfect 5 stars.

Reviewed by L. Rickard - what's going on with this app?

I have been enjoying this app for a good long time. Now for at least 3 weeks I have had nothing but trouble with it! In order to get it to half way work, I have to un-install and re-install multiple times a day. Even when I do that, it still will not work correctly. Every time I press search, it stops working and. Kicks me out! I am so frustrated that I could spit nails! This app has never given me any problems in the past, what is going on now? Please fix. When the app works correctly, it is a total 5 stars.

Reviewed by Roger L. - Why can't I get a good Kindle App to view you tube videos?

I keep looking but haven't yet been able to find an app for my kindle. I want to be able to sign on and view my subscriptions but all I can find are these apps that have no search capability and only view videos from the main screen. 2 stars because I can view vids but no high score on this one.

Reviewed by daniel talioaga - why I deleted app

Although it seemed easier to get to Youtube via this app one day I just got a message stating "v tube has stopped working." So I removed it from my device. That's all. It didn't make ay big difference in terms of accessing or viewing Youtube (except that when it stopped working I was unable to get on Youtube without first deleting the v-tube app).

Reviewed by TJ Willson - Not a good player

This app claims it is the best youtube viewer, and it used to be but with new updates it's broken. When watching a video it stops every 5 minutes and says it's "loading" but you have to change the quality to make it work.An the ads it plays are ridiculously blotchy in many ways.
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Reviewed by Christy Moore - first of all, I don't understand why kindle took ...

first of all, I don't understand why kindle took away the YouTube app that it already had, but I go to look in my apps for it and it's gone and no longer exists. also this app does not have a chromecast display option which is the primary reason I go to YouTube nowadays.

Reviewed by Staci - Two Stars

idk how this even got on my tablet and it' doesn't even work right and is slow

Reviewed by levi roberson - WTF?!!?

Oky so I bought the app but
When I payed for the downloader it only let me download 2 all the rest just have the weird circle around it like it's gonna download but does not plz help I would like to download more or are we only allowed 2 downloads if so then that duck but if not plzzz fix
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Reviewed by Awesome app!! - Seriously?

I used this app for about a week and it worked great but now it just shows me a blank screen. If you plan to have this app for a while then ditch it and get another one. Waste of my time.

Reviewed by Val - Not so good

I tried to download a YouTube App to watch videos but I couldn't find a good YouTube App in the Amazon App Store, so I downloaded this App. You won't be able to watch a lot of the videos you want to watch. Specially the official videos. You can watch some videos, but most of the time you won't be able to watch the ones you want to see.

Reviewed by munchingoncakeandcheese - good but stupid

It's a good app but it likes to kick me out of videos when I find a way to fix that something else happens were the video doesn't load or it kicks me out again if you can work it it's actually a good app

Reviewed by DRM - Not so great

I gave the $1.99 version two stars because it freezes whenever you try to read the comments for a video. This is very annoying I like to read the comments. I cannot read them when I try the screen goes black. The only reason I gave it two stars is because it works well enough for me to view videos.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - love the game but

The freaking red wax won't go in the fire pit and melt. I can't go past the level abed it's the only thing preventing me....

Reviewed by Mary F - It's ok

If you like to look at other people's silly videos, then it's okay. I was hoping you could put in exactly what you wanted to see but I don't see anywhere to do that.

Reviewed by Azoic - Not so hot.

I don't use it. It seemed to freeze up. I use the Silk version for all Kindle Fire HD online interface. There are not many easy to install alternatives.

Reviewed by donnamarie - kindle app fail

i cant get it to work on my kindle fire 2nd gen ,it plays the video for like 2 seconds,then goes real low and there is no video,before it crashes ,then i have to reboot,b/c the kindle doesnt work again till i do.

Reviewed by sparkle girl - um okay

So it fun at first but then I tried to turn it off and the video sound still went on when I turned it off it's still playing as I'm typing.

Reviewed by Kim Smoot - not happy

Since downloading this app my kindle cuts on and off, blacks out everything I touch the screen and freezes!! So annoyed cause I paid for the no ad version before it started to do all that!!! Why did Google have to screw things up so now we can't actually get the real YouTube????

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Not so Fun

I tried viewing a clip, and it stopped to download more, then played again for 2 seconds, the stopped again. Did this until I decided I had better things to do. I thought this would be a fun app, but guess not. I have plenty of memory so don't know what the deal was.
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Reviewed by just me - don't get!

At first I liked this app it worked fine and did what I wanted it to but then about a week and a half later it started crashing when I taped on a video to view I had to use my browser after that and that is why I got the app, so that I didn't have to go through my browser to get to you tube.

Reviewed by Nathalie L. Gregory - can't open

Not sure what happened but I can no longer load the app. Failure to install on kindle fire. Disappointing toddler.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Too slow

Never works 4 me always lagging just go to youtube

Reviewed by lammassuck - needs some work, but otherwise ok.

I've had this app for a while, deleted it because of a small problem, then went and re-downloaded it, and the problem was still there, and it was worse. The ads at the bottom of the screen suck, and you can't create new playlists, so this app is only for emergencies.

Reviewed by veronica - hmmmm?

This app started off fine but guess it was to pull you in lol. I was trying to get out of the app and it continue to to play . The message come up saying v tube not responding press ok. Even if you press ok it continue with no picture til the end over video

Reviewed by Dany Vergara - why does a update ruin everything

this app is amazing dont get me started but everytime there is a big update it really messes up everything.the newest update makes the video loads slow even though i have perfect connection.please fix this,then i will rate this 5 stars

Reviewed by keacool - Its okay, don't expect the best

This app is okay but i have been experiencing a lot freezing and problems refreshing the app. It does the job but i would not recommend this app to anyone until the presented problems are solved.

Reviewed by SirWindle - Annoying

Worked fine at first, great, actually. But today it just started spamming out and the background is glitch and half the time the app has to be forced stopped because it's glitchy! I would not recommend this app and I feel like I want my $2 for the in app purchase.

Reviewed by Ye Shall Be As Gods - I just use the web browser.

I find that just going to youtube from the web browser gives me better performance with less crashing and better load times.

Reviewed by jj - Soo slow

Every time I get on to listen to my favorite song it takes forever to load. All my other apps that I try to listen to it does the opposite thing. This app is a piece of junk and you should not get it just because it's free doesn't mean it works well
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Reviewed by roguecatfish - No pause, delete, or stop option on downloads

Like the app but once you add a video to download queue, you can't pause, delete, stop, or rearrange any of the downloads. Not a great interface and download manager is awful. Add playlists for downloads and download management options and I will change review to 5 stars.

Reviewed by TRAVIS K KELSCH - Too many commercials and you cannot skip them or go ...

Too many commercials and you cannot skip them or go back (pretty much loose control of your kindle fire while a commercial is playing)

Reviewed by blog obviously bobbed vibwd - has its flaws

I was looking for a good app (for my kindle fire hd) and I foung this one. It was working well until it wouldn't load. Oh and apps started popping up in front of the video. it was frustrating.


Reviewed by nice fun and easy to play rpg. - why this app needs to be updated

This app was great for about a week but now I have to wait 1 hour to watch a game review 24 min long using the 360p version because the 720p takes about 5times longer!!!!!! This app needs some updates to fix it or they should just put a Adobe flash player app on the kindle fire HD 7in and 8in.

Reviewed by corib - Good but not great

Not as great as the actual youtube app.

Reviewed by unnamed - its oky

Most the time time it hangs and acting weird and closing by itself . It work but when i time u need it it doesn't work for me. It need to up grade, fix bugs cuz it keep hanging on me .

Reviewed by Chubby_Rabbit - Unbelievable

The I first downloaded the app it was great, i could watch all the videos i wanted, but with the new update videos won't even load for me anymore making this app a waste of space. I hope the developer can fix this problem so that i can actually use it.

Reviewed by dukeninja - has a lot of crashes

If they can fix constant black screens than it would be good, another thing that sucks is that some videos take 30 minutes to buffer, and when you go back in a video that just bufferd you then have to wait again soooo long to watch a dauym 2:45 video.

Reviewed by Ro - Nice-looking

Good for watching videos only if you have access to a reliable wireless internet connection. It only allows downloading after paying an extra charge.

Reviewed by GreyColt - Don't expect it to respond like the pc version we all are familiar with

So far it's difficult to use. Don't expect it to respond like the pc version we all are familiar with. So far, I find that all app versions of websites like this are like that. I don't like it.

Reviewed by JOSHU - fix please

When I first got the app it was decent. But then when I tried to watch videos on it it always loved me out or loved out of the app, can you please fix this problem.

Reviewed by Jodell K. Allen - I was very disappointed. When I'm in the mood for YouTube videos

The selection of videos was so limited. I was very disappointed. When I'm in the mood for YouTube videos, I want to see everything available.

Reviewed by Kaye Shepherd - TOO MANY ADS

There are ads every where. When you open it, there are ads, when you play a game, there are ads, there are ads everywhere. The unit is okay if you can get past the ads. I have had it a week and I think I will return if a n d go back to my old . Kindle.

Reviewed by Maria - ?

This is a nice game. It works but now it's running slow lately. My mom told me that when her you tube apps go slow they usually have an update conning through. So,does this app have an update coming ? If it doesn't I'll delete this app.

Reviewed by Tracey - Does not work in Kindle Free time

I downloaded this app a few months ago for my kids to be able to watch YouTube. The ads were really annoying so I decided to go ahead a pay for the app to remove them. I added the app to each of my kids free time and it does not remove the ads. In fact it acts like I didn't even purchase it. YouTube and kindle need to work something out to get an official YouTube app.

Reviewed by kcuzz1218 - I hate the ads that come up after you

Isn't there an official YouTube Kindle App? There used to be I believe. I hate the ads that come up after you watch a video, shouldn't have that to watch you tube videos.

Reviewed by Melissa Lynn Hayes - little difficult to use...

Well the videos take a long time to load and I can't replay the videos due to extreme lag if you guys could fix these issues that would be great but on a good note the videos are excellent when it's done loading

Reviewed by Michael Velazquez - clear but crashy

This app is good sometimes but it has serious flaws. 1-it crashes pretty consistently. 2- you can't look at a still image because ads block the view when a video is paused. But the quality is good when it works and it has virtually no competition.

Reviewed by kindle fire user - okay

I was very fond of the app at first, but I was recently trying to watch a video, and my kindle blacked out. I couldn't close out of the app or anything similar. Finally, my kindle powered off and turned back on and I tried again, but it kept happening.

Reviewed by La Dame Blanche - horrible app. The ads are very annoying and hard ...

horrible app. The ads are very annoying and hard to navigate. My 3 year old is a whiz at youtube on the ipad, but with this app, she gets very frustrated and doesn't like using the kindle that much as a result.

Reviewed by James Weatherford - buggy

Sometimes works great, other times very buggy. Right now, can't get a clear view of channels I've subscribed to. Hard to justify this. Need more work.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - froze my kindle

it froze my kindle a lot times. I was watching a video it froze it and make shut down it wouldn't turn on
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Reviewed by MJ28 - full screen ads

Infested with full screen ads like a sick AIDs patient . I will never buy a kindle or any tablet that doesn't support Google play,app store .no gmail app,no maps,and many can't even download firefox

Reviewed by BMC - Last update broke it (as of 8/6/2014)

An incredible YouTube app. All videos available in HD if they were uploaded in HD, however, the last update has made videos load incredibly slow, and getting slower each time. It's also made my device (kindle fire HD 7") slow down and crash, to the point where I've had to factory reset it three times in the last month. I've tested it out, causing two of the causes for reset on purpose, and the first was by accident. Before I had downloaded this app, my kindle was fine. It ran smooth, showed every app I had, but ever since downloading (and paying the "upgrade" price) it has made it to where I have to go to the app store to open apps, and even then, they rarely run. It's made it to the point that even after another reset, my kindle has been permanently damaged. I've tried every solution I could find to try and save it, but it is dying. So, a word of warning to all, be careful with this app. It can kill you device.

Reviewed by JeanieXD - So So

I Like this app beacause it plays youtube videos but whenever i search something and videos pop up then i go to my subscriptions, their are still there in the backround. I will download this app when it has updated and this doesent happen anymore.

Reviewed by this app needs to be fixed - plz fix the app

The app doesn't let me sign to my account for some reason and this app is to cool to not be fixed and its also slow too. So please fix this app as soon as possible. Btw if you anyone sees this review plz tell me how to sign in. Send to my email thank you!

Reviewed by 1# shooter - Great while it lasted

It was awesome watching videos in pure HD but it takes FOREVER TO LOAD A VIDEO. I left it loading a video over night. I woke up and it was still on the loading screen and it said YouTube has stopped working.

Reviewed by Louiesplatootie - Fantastic

I absolutely love this app I love listening to music and watching videos, I also love this app is because when I watch YouTube on the web it doesn't work but when I do youtube on this app I works 24/7. I say get this app it totally rocks!

Reviewed by A. Lanzoni Sr. - Two Stars

I got it for one purpose but I wasn't satisfied and I haven't used it since.

Reviewed by Adam Lauper - annoying me

Whenever I open it it how the last video I watched, I hit back but then it goes to my home screen and when I open it again, same thing. Don't download it because you can't se through the adds ether

Reviewed by Samantha Singleton - okay

It is okay but the keyboard sometimes comes up when you don't want it and disappears when you do

Reviewed by Teresa D. Simms - This is not an improvement

It freezes very often and my downloaded videos will not play off-line. My older download collection plays with no problem, with this new improved version of will only play with a WiFi connection. There are bugs to be worked out.
1 comment|Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse

Reviewed by Elie - poor user experience

The user experience of vTube isn't as good as the native youtube app. Mainly, you need to go to the drop-down menu to search. The designer should have exposed a search shortcut right on the home page.

Reviewed by Brianna - ok

i think this app is fine but when i try to watch something it freezes every 5second and i think you should get the app if you want something to waste your time

Reviewed by Alex9079 - Piece of shi*

Every video I want to watch tells me that it's not available in my country. I'm from the U.S, youtube was made in the U.S! TheJwittz makes and uploads his videos in the U.S! I would have given it 1 star but it worked fine before.

Reviewed by Amaz - Not worth the space

You can see the exact same version of youtube on the mobile site. It doesn't have "like" and "share" like you are use to with regular youtube. Wish Kindle had better apps.

Reviewed by M Gillespie - good but easily hacked

My v tube app is just creepy or something. It started playing this weird music when I excited the app, and so I deleted the app and turned off my kindle but the music was still playing... don't know I it was hacked but you probably do not want to buy this app.

Reviewed by cat - WAS a great app store

Before the change this was a five star app. Now you have to log in with Google. This sucks. You no longer have a history or favourites. This used to be the best app ever. Not anymore

Reviewed by John Parton - Good but to slow

It's good but Slow don't wast your time. To or the great thing about this is the world. Toes in the water and a big one of the moment the world. Crazy reply ?

Reviewed by lover - ummmm

I loved it to watch videos but to upload! NOT THIS IS A BAD APP FOR UPLOAD! You think oh yea I'm awesome nope, can't UPLOAD

Reviewed by Steaminjim - Free?

Can't download videos till you pay $1,99, great opening screen but haven't been able to get back to it. Can't find the downloaded files. Good viewer is only reason for two stars. Three strikes should really be 1 star.

Reviewed by stephanie L - MUST READ not the best youtube

I mean like I search my title and it takes for ever to load but I'm like who cares then I click my video it starts YES Then like five seconds later it has to load NO I never get yo see three seconds with out it stopping I say no just go to web and search youtube

Reviewed by Dave - not very good

This app does not allow you to watch the channels to which you are subscribed.

Reviewed by Marco from Brazil - Working sometimes and sometimes do not working

Could be good if worked as promissed , the problem is that it work sometimes and in other moments is totally full of bugs.

For exemple is impossible to delete any downloaded video and not every video is downloaded .

Reviewed by Sarah Blackford - Two Stars

I like the app runs YouTube like it's supposed to just has some minor glitches.

Reviewed by Babbydoll - when I would click on a video it kept saying loading and i

For the first couple of times it worked amazingly but after a while when I would click on a video it kept saying loading and it would sometimes turn my screen black I think think this app could use a little but of work that's why I'm giving it 2 stars.

Reviewed by StrexCorp - Best Crappy YouTube App

But that's not saying much. This app definitely has the ability to play videos at pretty decent quality, which is nice as the device I'm using is supposed to be the kindle fire hd. I should hope amazon content creators would attempt to make some apps for high quality youtube videos. However, these videos often end up pausing part way through to buffer or load and never do. Something that I blamed on my internet connection at first, but later discovered happens wherever I am attempting to watch a video. Recently I had to turn a video from 720p down to 360p because it wouldn't go past the halfway point of the video. Just wouldn't load. Even in 360p the video got to three quarters and wouldn't play past that. It was a ten minute video. The load times before the video plays have also been getting worse recently I've noticed. The quality of this app definitely went down after some update caused ads to appear at the top of the screen during the video as well as after. I'm usually someone who is pretty okay with ads, understanding they are there to give creators money to improve the app and live off of their creations. However the ads play at the end of the video and you must watch the entirety of the ad. They cycle through maybe ten ads for garbage amazon games like knock off matching bejeweled type games and the fake casino type games. The ads are so poor quality and listening to the same acapella bees five times in a row is enough to make you want to kill yourself. I often find myself desperately attempting to pause the video to avoid this fate worse than death. I haven't been to the end of a video in some time now, though. So the ads aren't something I've had to worry about. I have tried so many things to fix the app. I've deleted and redownloaded completely. I've deleted just my data. I've force stopped the app and opened it back up. I've turned the quality so far down I don't see the point in watching the video anymore. Out of all the YouTube apps, this one might be the best, but I'd still rather watch videos in silk where the quality might be poor and the load times might be crap but at least you won't have to listen to "Bee Brilliant." Once again we also see here how Google play continues to release far better apps for everything, leaving anyone who chose a kindle over a more expensive tablet super regretful of their cheap decision. Thanks amazon and kindle creators for all this mediocrity.

Reviewed by F.Lastname - Two Stars

No particular reason to dislike. Just needed the memory.

Reviewed by evilangel7388 - crappie app

It works at first but after afew weeks it wouldnt work right

Reviewed by Craig Guessford - Doesn't Work

When I decided to get this app, I ignored all of the bad reviews. They are, sadly, true. I can't even get this app to download! If someone can get it to work I guess it could be a good app which is why I give it 2 stars instead of 1.

Reviewed by Philipe - Worst youtube viewer

I can't log on it. Sometimes the video crashes. I don't have a choice about the video quality on settings because always starts on HD.

I give it one star because sometimes it works. And it's the only option for Kindle Fire... unfortunately.

Reviewed by amosmoses2 - forget this

Take YouTube and claim it as your own, and then try to get people to buy the without ads version!??? Forget it. Amazon people must be very very greedy. D:

Reviewed by Mobile AVC: Erik Quick - No other choice for Android/Kindle??? Really???

Not sure why we can't get the "real" YouTube on this platform. Being an iPad/iPhone user, I'm really disappointed in the app market and the "sorta" apps that are out there.

vTube crashes and freezes on occasion... really a shame.

Reviewed by R.A.H - prefer others

@ Linda...Thank you for your recommendation you suggested as a substitute for this one......For my Utube needs I'm not very keen with this app. Given that UTube is originally a free application, some of these Devs sure do get carried away with their prici

Reviewed by phyllis bullard - The reason I added this was to get programs away ...

The reason I added this was to get programs away from home and when I reached my destination most of them were unavailable.

Reviewed by Carol - You can't leave comments on this app

I deleted this app off of my kindle because of the lack of ability to leave comments on videos. There's another YouTube app that's better than this one.

Reviewed by K_chel - I want to assume it crashed.

At first I loved the app. It was a great easy way to watch videos; I was able to login to my account. One day I accidentally logged out and it hasn't played a video since. Although right before the login catastrophe it was taking forever to play videos.

Reviewed by joel rivera - NOT YOUTUBE

Can't believe there's no official youtube app in the store. So disappointed

Reviewed by Catherine ONeil - so slow

It's so freaking so even before it was updated and after the update its still slow and it won't let me wait .videos cuz how slow it is

Reviewed by Leslie Rubel - don't get this app

Don't get this app you can't find anything I can't see new vids because it wants to show me other stuff that I don't want to see

Reviewed by Brave - not to fond...

I did not like this is a waste of my time. I would try to watch a video and it would load for like ten minutes, get stuck on 100% and then never play the video. There was only one time the video actually played.

Reviewed by N - The down date has started!!!!😢😣

The update also the down date has started 1 you can't minimize your screen or make it larger. Plus you can't see th title!!!!!!!😕#makevtubebacktoitself

Reviewed by video watcher - One thing

It works great for awhile but then when you open the app, it crashes or the screen turns black and it sucks
1 comment| One person found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse

Reviewed by Colleen T. Souza - Problems since the update.

It was working great. Able to play and download on my kindle. But now I am having problems downloading. It says downloaded but the circle stays in the middle and I have to keep tapping it to play. Don't know why this is happening now.

Reviewed by GUILLERMO - worthless apps...

I was trying not to use the browser for youtube downloads so I choose this app so as tomake life easier.. it was just the opposite.. It did work for a couple of downloads but then stopped working collapsing my kindle every time I tried to use it..

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - update stinks

Why fix what was not broken. The new search is confusing to me. I get pictures of people that made the clips not a preview of the clip. Maybe it is me but I do not care. For me I want the old version.

Reviewed by Swanson, O & D - downloads

You can't download videos for free making it merely a video viewer not downloader. If you want to spend 1.99 for the "full" version. And if you don´t have much bandwidths then it will glitch.

Reviewed by Keyilah - its ok

The app sometimes loads fast but most of the time it takes forever to load and buffers through most of the video making it hard to enjoy the video but if you have a very good internet connection then this isn't a problem for the most part.

Reviewed by Michael - needs fixes

I love the picture but that's about all that this app has going for it for me, I cannot comment about the other functions because I cannot use them, it is so glitchy I cannot even tell if I can like videos or comment, every time I minimize the video and scroll down the page goes black and I have to scroll back up to the video for it to return to normal. Also every so often when I maximize the video and play it again the advertisements keep flashing on and off the screen making me have to reload the page.

I would also like to be able to browse my subscriptions' playlists to find videos from the past instead of having to scroll or search in the search bar.

So far that is it, I would love to see fixes at least before I buy pro.

Reviewed by samantha baker - Purchased yesterday for Kindle FIre HD

I bought this app for my little boy to download construction videos from you tube. It worked amazing, now it has stopped working and I can't get it to do anything. PLease I paid for this app, please make it work or refund my money.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Two Stars

Really don't like to watch things on my Kindle. Would rather use my computer.

Reviewed by John D'Entremont - it tricked me

So when you get it to delete the ads
You have to pay 1.99 . DON'T BOTHER GETING IT Just go on web

Reviewed by Allie B - its good overall..

But I'd rather go to my web browser to view videos, comment, sign in, etc. Please, kindle devices, bring YouTube into the app store. :)

Reviewed by Nicholas Zennario - Two Stars

Very difficult to navigate. Long delay when you click on anything.

Reviewed by Mrs. Shawn Hardy - Why the problems

I used to love the app BUT after looking at videos it won't let me view them anymore!!! WHY???

Reviewed by Travis - This thing make me rage....

WHY? Crashes, GLITCHES, SLOW LOADING (AND IT NOT MY INTERNET) BUGGY LOADING. Although, There is some good things though like HD quality,and..... That all. Ya.......

Reviewed by Ari - Might not be user friendly for all, immediately...

Not exactly user friendly right off the bat. But once you figure out how to maneuver, it's not so bad. I became frustrated trying to find the description box on the first video I watched from a link through my email. There are aspects I definitely like and some I don't. I wish I could combine the app from my Samsung Galaxy S5 and this lol Then it would be perfect!

Reviewed by Jennifer Ly - Two Stars

Did not work well. I couldn't use it.

Reviewed by brandi - bugs

I searched a song an it played the song I searched and picked out but then th app froze an I couldn't pause it or stop it from playing this app needs lots of work done to It yet before I gov it 5 stars

Reviewed by RaeIsBae - it is an amazing app... if it worked

I loved the look of the app and it made going on youtube a breeze, but after a clue of uses it wouldn't play visions or even co.e up at times. It is sad that this app doesn't work because if it did it would've been my favorite app.

Reviewed by Alacia - It runs its course.

I only downloaded this dumb app because mobile YouTube doesn't work on my kindle anymore...This app is ok the first few times like others say, but then it goes to crap very quickly. The ads are everywhere, it either pauses every few seconds, or doesn't even load at all. I would not recommend this. I'd rather wait until the real YouTube has their stuff together and fixes their mobile viewing.

Reviewed by Mtimas - Two Stars

It's confusing at times

Reviewed by ddmac - Not Good

This app would not stop buffering for any video. I would be lucky to get one video that didn't have to load every five seconds!

Reviewed by LaNina - horrible update!

I honestly didn't like the new update! It's useless!!! Sure it's HD,but when you try to search for something,it shows you different things!!!!!!!!! My advice, DON'T GET THIS APP!!!!!!!

Reviewed by super duper3 - :(

Youtube on my kindle suddenly needs adobe flash player so i tried other youtube apps and i found this app it is not that good it stops every few seconds to buffer and it gets gets really annoying it also has a bunch of ads

Reviewed by Nia - Music

Not what I was looking for. Can't download music to my kindle

Reviewed by PG - videos won't load on my kindle fire hd

It just ask if I want to close the video player or keep waiting. Can someone help.

Reviewed by new update sucks - new update sucks

The new update reined the app because while watching a video sometimes when you tap on the video it changes the brightness or skips some of the video.

Reviewed by Jeton - Two Stars

They need to improve more the app ,to slow

Reviewed by Michael Johnston - thanks taco bell

Thanks taco bell for hijacking the app with forced ads after every video!!!!!!

Reviewed by Lynn - deleted download saame day

Sorry, but I deleted the same day it was down loaded. Not easy for the visually impaired to use on a tablet or Kindle. Just my experiance. So you will need to decide for yourself

Reviewed by S Slone - Doesn't work well

It crashes a lot on my Kindle. Locks up and can't go from feature to feature. When item is view then you have to back out of the program to go to the next item. Too many bugs

Reviewed by Katherine Evans - TERRIBLE

Worst piece of crap I got It say I have on connection when I have full bars and is so slow at loading.

Reviewed by amazon customer - it's ok

For some reason YouTube stopped working on my kindle so I got this. It's not the best tho every time at the end of the video it goes back to home. When u pause there's ads. I suggest only getting it if u need it.

Reviewed by Luis - Inside purchase problems

After the in app purchase the download videos feature don't work, I don't see a way to recover the coins for my purchase.

Besides that huge fail, the interface is fairly good and sadly the app is buggy.

Reviewed by Jprtist - Two Stars

Just get the real youtube app.

Reviewed by B Kathryn Hudson - Two Stars

Unfortunately it used up a lot of data time....had to delete it

Reviewed by maryanK - Two Stars

doesn't work well on my machine

Reviewed by Patricia C. Wayland - On Kindle Fire

For me.................NOT user friendly on my Kindle Fire. Hopefully will improve as my knowledge of the Kindle increases. As a senior citizen these space age devices can be confusing.

Reviewed by Chris McGuffin - please fix

It don't always start, and only plays less than half the vidios the first time you click on them, you have to go back and click on them multiple times to get them to play.

Reviewed by Stitcher - Haven't seen much on there I want to

Haven't seen much on there I want to watch

Reviewed by Samara McDonald - Still Looking for a good FREE YouTube app on the Kindle Fire

While Free, this version has semi-permanent ads in the middle of the screen. I wish Silk worked better with, but until then I'll keep looking for a Youtube app that is better than this

Reviewed by bill - Free App didn't allow any downloads

I was unable to determine how the paid app (about $2) would work, so I haven't tried it yet. It could still be a good deal, but there are no reviews on it that I could find.

Reviewed by VR - Freezes a lot; OK

Constantly freezes on my Kindle...deleted and re-installed. It takes forever to load, not all options available. No better than any other YouTube app, honestly.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - blah

Takes forever to load on my fire 7:(

Reviewed by Corey Wyrd - Two Stars

Cant find a decent youtube app for the kindle fire. Still just using the browser.

Reviewed by M. Brown - Two Stars

This app crashes too much.

Reviewed by lime green - um what??

Well..... I saw some reviews made from the kindle fire, its free, and regular youtube is majorly messed up. So I bought it. Aaaaand it wont install on my kindle fire. *Sigh* 'nuff said

Reviewed by Kaustav Mukherjee - ineffective

for some reason the youtube was not loading directly on my kindle so was searching for an alternative means... this app hangs pretty often; the search itself is not very useful and overall didn't like it

Reviewed by Curtis Yu - Two Stars

Runs really slowly and the functions are not enough!

Next.. vTube for YouTube [FREE]

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