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Cafe Society, Jesse Eisenberg - Reviews

Cafe Society, Jesse Eisenberg - Kristen Stewart

Reviews of Cafe Society, Jesse Eisenberg

Reviewed by Austin Pierce - Do you like Woody Allen movies? If so, then this is great.

Another great Woody Allen movie.

Reviewed by Joey B - I grew to like it

I liked this movie. It provides a slice of life perspective as a young man goes on his journey to prove himself. Kristen S. and Jesse E. were great in it and I really enjoyed Steve Carrel's character who does not resemble Michael Scott in the least in this movie. This is a good rainy day movie.

Reviewed by Christoph Yasutake - Woody Allen strikes a enjoyable balance

Surprised me. Not a fan of Woody Allen's last few films but this one was adorable. Thoroughly enjoyable. Romantic, fun and cute. As a costume designer I am a sucker for 1930'3 glam, which was in high form here. Fluffy with an enjoyable if somewhat predictable narrative. Worth the watch, enjoy.

Reviewed by Mark D. - Woody Allen did a great job with this movie

Woody Allen did a great job with this movie. It's artsy, theatrical and has a solid story line. If you appreciate good film making, you will like this movie. When I say good, I mean the non-CGI type of movie where the story carries the movie and not the complexity of the action sequences.

Reviewed by Liz - Woody Allen lite

We watched this this week and it was a Woody Allen film but without the angst and other trademarks. My husband liked it for the story line as did I and the characters and actors who played them understatedly . We saw it on Amazon Prinecand it was the best movie we'd seen in a while.

Reviewed by John Frazier - Another feather in a master's cap

Mr. Allen has pulled off another one. This is a truly romantic satire with some hilarious lines. Like Match Point and Cassandra' s Dream it is possible to take this movie seriously and still have a rewarding cinematic experience. That is an unusual talent to which I say, 'bravo!'.


Love the movie. The message is one of " what happens if I would have married you ...." we dream about what would have happened.
Eisenberg tried too hard, a little over acting
Love the rest of the actors.
I like Woody Allen he is a smart man.

Reviewed by Colleen Sturgill - I just loved it. The scenes and music put me right ...

I just loved it. The scenes and music put me right into 1939 in Los Angeles and in New York. At that time my father was 19 and my mother was 15. They were very into music. The music chosen for this movie was perfect!! I lived every moment of this movie.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Instant Classic

Brilliant! Warm, witty, wise and wonderful--Woody Allen at his best. A superbly crafted, entertaining, insightful, poignant film. Jesse Eisenberg is terrific; and so are all the other fine actors in this masterpiece--an instant classic by a genius auteur.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Loved the pace/flow of the movie and the way it ...

Loved the pace/flow of the movie and the way it cut from scene to scene. That made it a real work of art.
Interesting characters. Jesse Eisenberg was great in this role! Loved the narration too. A very unique
film. Crafted in every detail.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Terrific -- So-So Ending

Delightful, beautifully made film: vintage Allen. Terrific cast, excellent performances. Ending runs a bit out of steam, but a genuine pleasure up to that point. Still worth five stars considering the competitive field in motion pictures today.

Reviewed by Willy Whitten - I Recommend Everyone View Cafe Society

Cafe Society is an excellent period piece of the golden days of the Hollywood film industry. The production, story and acting was superb all the way around. I give it five stars, and recommend everyone to view it.

~Willy Whitten

Reviewed by Mike Cohn - A Prize for Woody Fans

Wonderfully enjoyable Woody Allen film. I loved the period feel and the ensemble cast seemed to be having a grand time. A real gem! The romance and the changes in the life story of Jesse Eisenberg's character made this seem like a classic novel.

Reviewed by GAGIRL02 - Enjoyed it so much.

Wasn't what I was expecting at all. Enjoyed it so much. Different story line that most movies.

Reviewed by Makis Dasigenis - Amazing Don't miss.

Excellent film. The acting is amazing. The directing and cinematography same. Woody Allen has such an amazing ability to "paint a canvas" that is instantly recognizable as his work. It's a movie that makes you feel that you are there.

Reviewed by funnygirl511 - A must see!

A great story and great movie! Its a bittersweet rom-com drama set in the 1930's It was captivating, funny, and a little sad. There was a wide array of actors and actresses but they were a good meld. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Reviewed by Ronald S Woodson - Nice period piece with an interesting storyline

Nice period piece with an interesting storyline. Woody is as good a storyteller as he has been in many years.

Reviewed by CHERYL CISSE - I loved this movie

I loved this movie! The music transported me back into another time, an era that was before my time but is nostalgic for me anyway! The plot was strong and the resolution was realistic! I enjoyed it so much that I watched it 3 times!

Reviewed by Karinna - Great movie! The old hollyweed

Great movie! The old hollyweed, i mean Hollywood life told very well. Kristen Stewart didn't act like she was about to vomit after every line. Steve Carrell, Jesse Eisenber, Corey Stoll, all cast amazingly casted. Fantastic job Woody!!

Reviewed by GLove - Five Stars

Classic Woody Allen. There's a lot of thought, a lot of odd, a lot of emotions explored.

Reviewed by Sissygeek - It was a wonderful movie. I cried because I know Mr

It was a wonderful movie. I cried because I know Mr, Allen is old and I could hear his voice crack as he narrated the story. Also, given his age I know he will die soon. His humor is so deep that people who are very negative will not appreciate him.The set decorators should win an academy award. I love how he pointed out the vapidity of California Social Life. With Allen you either like him or you hate him.

Also, I loved the music but I am still caught up in the 1930's to 1950's

Reviewed by GreggVNelson - Meet the new Woody

If you're a Woody fan, you'll be a fan of this movie. Should they ever make a movie on his life Jesse would be an ideal choice to play him. His mannerisms and cadences of voice are remarkable similar and let's not forget the hair!

Reviewed by Cindy - Glad I watched it

Good movie; good acting; moved along; good time-period interest. I don't know why the ratings are better, so I'm giving it 5 stars to help raise the average because I couldn't find anything wrong with it and am glad I watched it.

Reviewed by ajgdon - Where's Woody?

As usual, Writer/Director (and voice over) Woody Allen delivers another funny melodrama to ponder -this time romancing 20-40's Hollywood. If anyone notices the musicians in the background, the guitarist is Vinnie Raniola.

Reviewed by shrzane - On its way to being a classic!

A charming and lighthearted Allen comedy about first love. Beautiful period shots and costuming. Harry Warren music delightful and great to hear so many wonderful standards---Jeepers Creepers and I Only Have Eyes For You.

Reviewed by Key West nurse - Perfectly on Point!

A pleasure from start to finish. Vintage Woody Allen take on life with lush cinematography, perfect casting and wonderful sound track. Helps if you are from NY area and knew or related to people like his characters.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Beautiful, charming, 10/10

Café Society is a modern classic. Direction by Mr. Allen has worked quite well, and the lensing by the great Storaro is reminiscent of his classical work, with saturated colors, smooth movement and a simple approach.

Reviewed by Chiqui - Five Stars

I loved the plot and the era represented in this movie. The movies was funny.

Reviewed by Alexandrina - Old age hollywood--I highly recommend it!!!!

I really liked it! I like the plot and the sets and the costumes. I am rewatching it. I miss the glamour of old Hollywood. I highly recommend it. And woody Allen as the narrator with his accent--- very amusing!

Reviewed by jammerbirdi - Pretty fantastic. It's actually been a while since i ...

Pretty fantastic. It's actually been a while since i saw a film written and acted and shot at this level. TV has so surpassed movies. This was a great Woody Allen movie. Highly recommended if that's your thing.

Reviewed by JessicaRessica - This movie was so good. Normally I don't watch these types of movies ...

This movie was so good. Normally I don't watch these types of movies but I'm glad I did. Even though I loved the movie, I disliked the ending. I felt like it was very abrupt and left me with lots of questions.

Reviewed by Teresa Henry - Five Stars

Love the film. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart gave very good performances.

Reviewed by ruth gordon - Wonderful depiction of what most probably happened in Hollywood during ...

Wonderful depiction of what most probably happened in Hollywood during mid-twentieth century.
The ending was a bit abrupt, in my opinion; would have enjoyed a wee bit more of what could
have been.

Reviewed by emerald - wonderful!

Classic Woody Allen, wonderful!

Reviewed by RG - my wife and I liked this film

Being a Woody Allen film fan, my wife and I liked this film.

Reviewed by Charlie - Enjoys the 1930's

I am a Woody Allen fan, so maybe i am biased. Classic self deprecating type of film, love lost. Add it to your collection. Digital code to work on iOS devices and Apple TV is great for the digital age.

Reviewed by Rodney Dobbs - Allen in early Hollywood

Typical Woody Allen movie--and typical is great. Liked the characters and the pace . Even the persistent narration was not annoying. I liked the way it ended without resolution. Just like real life.

Reviewed by Armen - Woody A rocks!

I really enjoyed watching this movie, Woody A is great!!

Reviewed by sunnylouis - Five Stars

great movie of two hearts living in two separate world.

Reviewed by C. Crabtree - Cafe Society, Woody Allen at his best

I have always loved Woody Allen films. I think I've seen them all, and loved them all dearly, and this one is no exception. It's totally him, and it's great. Wish he'd make a new film every year.

Reviewed by F.Lea - Glad for romantic Allen approach.

Great Movie!! Thank you Mr. Allen for once again providing us with another fun, beautiful, terrific movie. Loved it!! Music, beauty, humor, charm -- all rolled into one piece. You've done it again!!

Reviewed by Leo Favrovsky - One of Woody Allen's best! Great

An instant classic with Woody Allens evergreen ability to show the complexity of heart and mind in conflict along with the vivid scenery of Manhattan and La, a constant theme in allens best movies.

Reviewed by michael sheaffer - I love Woody Allen and I believe his best movies very ...

What can I say, I love Woody Allen and I believe his best movies very well might be yet to come. I own all of his movies on dvd about fifty. With Cafe Society you get a quality original story woven into an excellent movie.Woody gives me something to look forward every year

Reviewed by Craig Olson - A good story, I'm not big on Woody Allen

A good story, I'm not big on Woody Allen, but he did a fine job on this one. I love the time period and am a stickler for things like cars, fashion, language, etc., being correct and this one is

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Excellent!

Another great Woody Allen film. He has the talent to bring the best acting performances from the stars under his direction. The cast is brilliant in their performances. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Reviewed by Becky - You'll laugh and smile--very sweet too.

Delightful, typical Woody Allen romanticized flick with "The Family" and the hits you'd expect from mobsters presented on a merry go round of affairs. You'll laugh and smile--very sweet too...

Reviewed by sebastian owl - Sunday afternoon tea with Woody

A great movie - spent a cold winter Sunday bundled up with tea and thoroughly enjoyed this movie, the actors,actresses, witty reparte and settings. If you like Woody Allen movies,its a must see.

Reviewed by Leonore H. Look - Will watch again

Great movie! Great music, costumes and colours p

Reviewed by Glenda Stone - I really loved this movie

I really loved this movie. It kind of reminded me of his "Radio Days". Interesting that both ended on New Years Eve. The acting was great also and I loved the whole feel of the movie.

Reviewed by JAMES MCKERNON - Very well done. Woody Allen in spite of my ...

Very well done. Woody Allen in spite of my personal feelings about the man, is a master. From the story line to the photography, to the casting, it all adds up up to a compelling adventure.

Reviewed by Frederick M. Baker Jr. - No pat answers, just another exploration of the human ...

No pat answers, just another exploration of the human condition by a master.

Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living, but the examined life is no bargain.

Reviewed by Carol L. Friedland - Woody at his best!

Woody at his very best! Still struggling with his forever issues; life, death, family, love. All with lots of smiles, knowing nods and outright guffaws. Don't miss Woody being Woody :))

Reviewed by Joanne P Long - all suburb - and the philosophical one (or two) liners - great a total woody - Live each day as if ...

Bravo!!!! cinematography, music, acting, all suburb - and the philosophical one (or two) liners - great a total woody - Live each day as if it is your last and one day you will be right.

Reviewed by Bob - The shooting of this feature is beautiful. Lighting and the dolly work is outstanding

The shooting of this feature is beautiful. Lighting and the dolly work is outstanding. The ending is well much to be desired.
Love Woody Allen's films but they are always different.

Reviewed by AV8R - Woody does not disappoint

One of those little stories that addresses who we love, the choices we make, and the times we don't get what we want. Well crafted story, excellent direction. Woody does not disappoint.

Reviewed by Barry - Perfect Allen!

The screen play is so natural that it could have been a narrative I heard as a kid growing up in a Jewish home in Brooklyn. The ending symbolizes the road so many have in their life.

Reviewed by honey badger - Woody Wows Again

Woody Allen still has it after all these years. Café Society is a movie which quietly draws you in and keeps you watching. Even if you're not a big fan I think you'll love this movie.

Reviewed by Avraham Azrieli - A wonderful period movie blessed with Woody Allen's deft storytelling magic ...

A wonderful period movie blessed with Woody Allen's deft storytelling magic and truly excellent acting by Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell, and Blake Lively. Very enjoyable!

Reviewed by ermaho2 - Woody's best film since Midnight In Paris

Woody's best film since Midnight In Paris...sophisticated, sharp and witty. The ladies rather steal the show....with Stewart, Posey and Lively being better than they've ever been....

Reviewed by Julio Claret - Master writer/director W. Allen delivered another jewel Every screenplay ...

Master writer/director W. Allen delivered another jewel
Every screenplay succeeds. Never fails.
We hope his newest Amazon Studios association brings
more of his genius to us.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - loved this movie and all the actors

loved this movie and all the actors. Jesse and Kristen are two of my favorite actors. They work so well together. Woody Allen is a great director and I have liked all his movies.

Reviewed by R - Enjoyable

Very entertaining; I found both stars gave really good performances. Some complained that the movie had no point - agreed - it's just a slice of life ...and an entertaining one

Reviewed by Jo-Anne Kuczma - Woody does it again!

Loved this movie. The acting was great and it was well told by Woody Allen. Love that it was set in the 1930s! Just wonderful to see the opulence of LA and the movie business.

Reviewed by James Kayten - It should be a series.

I quite enjoyed this period piece. Some friends were disappointed in the ending, but I thought it was perfect. I only wish it was the first episode in a series about the times.

Reviewed by Quickimiki - Unexpected find

My fiance and I loved this movie. It has a great cast, and characters. This gives you a great look into the past and Hollywood - not to mention, a love story triangle and laughs.

Reviewed by John Fortune - I personally enjoyed this one just as much as those

Extremely engaging story. The only other Woody Allen movies I have seen are Manhattan Murder Mystery and Midnight in Paris. I personally enjoyed this one just as much as those.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Overall excellent Woody Allen Film.

Overall excellent Woody Allen Film.
Liked the visual quality.
Story Line had deep personal meaning in terms of subject matter.
Everyone got their wish or what they deserved.

Reviewed by a consumer - Probably one of the best of Woody Allen

Probably one of the best of Woody Allen. Watch this and see how movie-magic is made. Some editing out of the few seconds of the visual violence would have made it a masterpiece.

Reviewed by Maddie Wirth - This was a great movie if you really enjoy pretentious yet beautiful time ...

This was a great movie if you really enjoy pretentious yet beautiful time period dramas. There is not shortage of affairs and Kristen Stewart is at her best in this great movie.

Reviewed by Keith A. - good pacing and the film tone and color control was ...

good pacing and the film tone and color control was magic as far as my wife and I are concerned. We have enjoyed and have wanted to
re-watch the majority of Woody's films.

Reviewed by Andrea - Loved the feel of the time period

Loved the feel of the time period, costumes, set design, acting was great! I also loved how real the love stories are-- very indie feel. Not the typical cheesy film. ❤❤👏🏻👏🏻

Reviewed by Stephanie S. - Very witty and cleverly written.

I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was really good, the one liners, wittiness, and clever lines that were delivered right off the actors tongue. Woody Allen is brilliant!

Reviewed by Julia L. - Another masterpiece comedy/ drama done in Woody's best tradition, full of irony

Another masterpiece comedy/ drama done in Woody's best tradition, full of irony, dark humor, and mind-wrenching dialogs, narrated by the director himself. Check out the cast.

Reviewed by A2LF - Jessie Eisenberg delivered an excellent performance. He is fast becoming one of my ...

It's a Woody Allen film, do I need to say more? Jessie Eisenberg delivered an excellent performance. He is fast becoming one of my favorite actors and this movie proves this.

Reviewed by Pamela W. - Just like a beautiful dessert

Just like a beautiful dessert, Woody Allen serves up a tantalizing movie full of all the right ingredients to keep you always wanting more . Everybit as good as La La Land!!!

Reviewed by Debbie - Worth the watch even if not Woody Allen fan

Don't like anything about Woody Allen. But, this movie was surprisingly good. The characters and actors who portrayed them, made it real. I was lost in it. Would watch again.

Reviewed by susan eppers - Another Woody Allen hit!

Kept my interest from beginning to end. Always love Mr. Allen's films for the banter, and plot lines. Including music from the great 30's and 40's only enhances his films.

Reviewed by yeahman. - ... who has an uncle in hollywood and likes the good things in life

its a story about some jew who has an uncle in hollywood and likes the good things in life.the chick he goes with also like the good things in life and they find each other.

Reviewed by Edward F Cook, Jr. - Best Woody Allen Movie ever made!!!

I am usually the type of person who ends up being attracted to the plot in Woody Allen's films, but end up despising the films and turning them off 1/2 way thru. With Cafe Society I had the same expectation going in, but the added attraction of it starring Steve Carell, made me give it a try. I kept waiting for it to stink, and although there were a number of times when the main character, played by Jesse Eisenberg, sounded all too familiar to Woody himself, he caught the essence without demolishing the film. The final verdict is this is Absolutely the BEST Woody Allen Movie ever made! You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Reviewed by g.r - Fun romantic comedy from Woody Allen.

A fun film, Kristen and Eisenberg are great together. Carrell can play any part pretty much. Fun Woody Allen proud piece; great follow up to "crisis in six scenes".

Reviewed by Victoria H. - Love it

Great movie with a pretty darn good cast. As much as I dislike Eisenberg, he did a fairly good job in this role. Same with Carrel, can't stand him and he proved to be a jerk.

Reviewed by dancing queen - Woody fan or not, you should see this.

So great in typical Woody Allen style. The characters were so connected and the relationships interesting. I would highly recommend this movie especially to Woody Allen fans.

Reviewed by Florida Frank - A Must See

I'm not a movie watcher but this movie was excellent! Woody Allen did an amazing job with this. I enjoyed the 30's garb and music. Liked it so much, I watched it twice,

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - typical Woody

classic woody allen..Having been brought up in NYC I can relate to the young man's problems as he tries to get comfortable in LA.
Great theme and the visuals are superb.

Reviewed by Ronald J Falk - great woody allen written film

witty though somewhat predictable story in the 20-30s cafe society of new york and california. definitly worth the 90 minute watch time and a great bonus to amazon prime

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Loved it! My favorite Woody Allen movie at the ...

Didn't know it existed until a few days ago. Loved it! My favorite Woody Allen movie at the moment. He does an amazing job romanticing Los Angeles and the time period.

Reviewed by Gail Schubert - Classic Woody Allen

I am a great fan of Woody Allen and this film does not disappoint. "Cafe Society" explores our life-changing choices and how we feel about them as time goes by.

Reviewed by Reeve W. - you will love Cafe Society

If you grew up with Woody Allen films, you will love Cafe Society. As a transplanted New Yorker to Los Angeles, I really did relate to the story.
And, so will you!

Reviewed by jeffrey b - Really love the characters in all of his movies

Another Woody Allen masterpiece. Really love the characters in all of his movies, not to mention the plots. Nice that he was able to mention my home town, Passaic, N.J.

Reviewed by Luvvie - Worth seeing!

I thouroughly enjoyed this film. It was light, with moments of sad but not overly so. I just can't call up the right words to describe it.....maybe just Woody Allenish.

Reviewed by Javier Durango - If you like most Woody Allen movies

If you like most Woody Allen movies, you're going to love this. The main three characters perform excellent. And Allen's portrayals of New York are always astonishing.

Reviewed by Michaelangelo - Loved the period cars

Loved the period cars, costumes, and swagger. Woody Allen let's this one move along with great writing and character development. Most enjoyable blast from the past.

Reviewed by Philip - Another masterpiece by WA.

My wife and I loved the film. The plot was excellent and the period design, lighting, music and atmosphere where spot on. Just an overall great flick and love story.

Reviewed by J. L. Marksbury - Vintage Woody Allen

I thought this was vintage Woody Allen! He even directed Jesse Eisenberg to act and speak like him. I am a big Woody Allen fan, so I loved it. I think it was grand!

Reviewed by J.J. - This makes for a great period film piece

The film is made in true Woody Allen style. The chemistry between Eisenberg and Kristen is strong. This makes for a great period film piece. I enjoyed it immensely..

Reviewed by Jabberwock713 - well worth watching

For those of us with little interest in computer graphics and an appreciation of character development. It's a good story with a good cast. High production values.

Reviewed by Catherine E. Kuespert - Great cast - thoroughly enjoyable!

Jesse Eisenberg is fast becoming my favourite actor. This film is a perfect vehicle for his skills - although I normally avoid Woody Allen films like the plague!

Reviewed by TheBigCheez - Watched it twice and loved it both times!

Watched it twice and loved it both times. Woody Allen at his best - the actors are superb, the sets and clothes are amazing and just a wonderful, enjoyable story!

Reviewed by Minetta Smith - It has beautiful costumes and great locale shots

This lovely Woody Allen film makes you wzntbtobeatch batches of black and white movies. It has beautiful costumes and great locale shots. I totally get the ending

Reviewed by Blake Barthlome - Five Stars

The great Woody Allen.

Reviewed by Wayne Tsuji - Five Stars

Great movie. Typical Woody Allen.

Reviewed by Sylvia P. Brown - Cafe Society is award worthy.

It is one of my favorite movie. I saw it at theater and was happy to see it on Amazon for viewing. I will probably see it again.In my book, it is award worthy.

Reviewed by Deb Reynolds - Five Stars

Smart and witty.

Reviewed by Sean - If this Doesn't Make You Smile; What Will? :-)

I think I smiled for the 1st 45 minutes of this movie. It is full of existential nuances. This movie is a work of art, which of course you cannot always say.

Reviewed by Sandokan - Great unconventionally romatinc movie

Solid script, very good acting, a VERY Woody-Allen movie (so you are only going to like it if you like his movies). Romantic, but not in a conventional way.

Reviewed by Will L. - Woody Is Still Winning...

I've been a fan of WA movies since....forever. Bananas, maybe? Therefore, I consider myself certainly qualified and capable of writing down my opinion of this film. Look, I know he's made better movies...better written, better directed and better acted. But, for some damn reason, a reason which completely eludes me, Café Society could be my favorite Woody Allen movie. I loved it! It has a great look, for's just a beautiful movie to look at. I don't know if he did something different this time out, I just know it pops off the screen at you. It shines, it's glows, it's crisp and it's warm, the images sharper and more vibrant. Maybe he used a different kind of film, or a different make/model of camera, or did something different with the lighting. Maybe something in post production with the editing process, or whatever. All I know is this is a gorgeous looking movie.

The writing is Woody all the way. There is no mistaking that. The dialogue is still wrought with that Jewish angst, that unmistakable back-and-forth between his carefully drawn fully realized Jewish characters. Woody writes the most believable conversations in the business. It's very rich, flavorful and real. This is how people talk. And the dialogue in Café Society is near perfection.

The casting is brilliant. I won't go through the entire cast, character-by-character, but I will say they all fitted together beautifully. I'll admit to a big apprehension regarding Kristen Stewart. I was of the opinion, prior to seeing this, that she couldn't act. I've always considered her to be an actor with no range whatsoever. As bland and one dimensional as they come. In this, however, she was very good. Somehow Woody got an honest-to-goodness performance out of her. She actually showed some emotional range here. Another honorable mention: Steve Carrel. Terrific! Let me say that, although the casting as a whole was brilliant, there was no single outstanding performance. Together, though, they were superb. The big surprise was Kristen Stewart.

So, right now, today, this is my favorite Woody Allen movie. It wasn't too corny, too "jokey", too heavy, or too neurotic. It looked absolutely beautiful. The sets were fabulous, as was wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Woody is a master.

Reviewed by sue j. - It Won't Disappoint!

Stumbled upon this film while searching for something to watch. We'd not yet seen Cafe Society but, being huge Woody Allen fans, we watched it and loved it.

Reviewed by Tim Young - Cafe Society***

Woody and his cast hit paydirt with Cafe Society. I thouhgt all the elements solidified into
fine crystal. And the film ends on just the right note.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Loved the movie

Loved the movie. Had heard about it but didn't have the opportunity to see it. Great acting and totally Woody Allen. If you're a fan .. don't miss it.

Reviewed by WW545 - Five Stars

Fun movie.

Next.. Cafe Society, Jesse Eisenberg

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