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Equals by Nicholas Hoult - Reviews

Equals by Nicholas Hoult - Kristen Stewart

Reviews of Equals by Nicholas Hoult

Reviewed by Sarah Coleman - Five Stars

Beautifully acted, slowly built passionate love story set in a sci-fi world with wonderful cinematography.

Reviewed by Amanda Wilkinson - It is better to feel than to have never felt at all

This movie was beautiful and moving.
We definitely live in a world today where we are taught to be un-feeling or happy and nothing else. We say it is wrong to feel stress, anxeity, depression etc so here is a pill and strategies to deal so you can be "happy" or stay focused on your goals. Even if that's not your case I bet we all wish there were times we could just stop our emotions.The movie shows the beautiful complexity of life and how it is all worth feeling.
It is better to feel that to have never felt anything at all.

Reviewed by Jana Goudy - Loved it.

I LOVED this movie. I'm adding this to my favorites. I can't get it out of my head.

I'm slightly annoyed with the comments that this plot has been done to many times for this movie to be interesting. One person said they've seen this type of movie 6 times in the last 10 years. That's not bad at all, especially if you think of all the basic action movies and romantic comedies that come out every year. Although this movie does fit in a genre it was still unique and interesting and suspenseful. It was just a beautiful movie, with a good plot and good acting. It just worked well.

It's a slow paced movie but it's not boring at all. Ive watched movies that are too slow and lost interest in them but this ones not to slow for me. Every shot is art.

Overall just good. My favorite Kristen Stewart movie. I hope she keeps doing stuff like this.

Reviewed by Climbyourarms - Romeo and Juliet in a modern, dystopian society, with a nice twist.

Don't watch this movie if you are looking for mindless entertainment. You need to immerse yourself in Equals to really appreciate it. This is not Equilibrium, an action/thriller, which is great in it's own way, this is a movie that is beautiful in it's subtleties. There are scenes in this movie, between Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, where they don't speak a word, but it tells a million word story of desire, lust, love, all wrapped up in a simple touch, or a close up shot of Kristen taking a ragged breath.
Imagine the days when you were younger, those private moments with your first love. All those new experiences, fueled by emotion, you have no idea what you are doing, all you know is that you want it, you can't think of anywhere else you want to be but right there, and you have a small hint of what the director of this movie brilliantly captured.
All that aside, the movie is slow, but the chemistry between Nicholas and Kristen is incredible. I won't give any spoilers, but most of the way through, something will happen, and plans will be made where you will think, oh great. I've invested this much time for such a weak ending? It happened to me, anyway, but keep watching until the end, and then see the lovely twist. In my opinion Nia, Kristen's character, suffers a fate worse than death with what happens, but again, a simple gesture at the end gives a hint that there's a little hope.

Reviewed by nicole sowers - Five Stars

Amazing Stewart and Hoult have great chemistry such a good love story in my opinion.

Reviewed by alexandra - A beautiful love story told through limited dialogue and I found ...

At first it seems to move slow but if you can stick with it through the first 15-20minutes, it only is setting up the story. A beautiful love story told through limited dialogue and I found it riveting. Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart nailed it, you not only could see the chemistry between them but you feel it!!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - this is a beautiful film and makes you think about the power of ...

this is a beautiful film and makes you think about the power of human emotion. a lot of the reviews say it is slow but it has to be in order to really grasp their world. this film is very deep and you have to go beneath the surface to really appreciate it. i loved it and couldn't stop thinking about it.

Reviewed by Julia Valdary - but when I tell you it is now my new favorite movie, I'm not kidding

I don't know how the hell I have never heard of this movie up until now, but when I tell you it is now my new favorite movie, I'm not kidding. It is so mind-numbingly good. This is such a delicate film that teaches viewers about the value of human emotions and the impact that love can have on any society. By far, the best movie I've seen in a really long time-so SO good. I am in awe of the amount of rawness and authenticity the main characters have in such a pristine and perfect world.

Reviewed by JHall - Five Stars

excellent....sparse and deep. Nicholas Hoult is perfection. LOVED IT

Reviewed by Kristen - I am someone who normally chooses movies like Jurassic Park and the Bourne series

I am someone who normally chooses movies like Jurassic Park and the Bourne series. I like noise and lots of action, so it took me a bit to settle down and enjoy this movie. It is slow, but as many of the reviewers here point out, it is a truly beautiful film. The acting is spot on, and despite the pace - or because of it - there is tension building throughout the movie, especially knowing how much could go wrong for the characters.

I highly recommend watching this.

Reviewed by ken wenman - Our Future?

Equals was the movie like I've been waiting for...the whole concept of what futuristic life might be like, was just interesting! This film reminded me a little of George Orwell's 1984. With all the film did in acting, it wasn't like 1984 George Orwell, but, His book came to mind seeing "Equals." The acting and movie seemed a bit boring a little, but when excitement picks up, I was glued to my tablet! Watch to the end; the end is wonderful!!!

Reviewed by C - If you like semi-weird movies

I went into this movie with a neutral feeling and finished with loving it. The movie reminded me of a mix of The Hunger Games, Romeo and Juliet, and Divergent; but it still had its own twist and twang to it. The acting was marvelous, exactly how it was supposed to be, and the ending is for once not how typical movies end. If you like semi-weird movies, definitely watch it. It is good entertainment and a beautiful picture.

Reviewed by Linda Q. - All as equals

I really appreciated this film. It was less about story and more about emoting feelings in the audience. I think it's minimalist structure really allowed the director to get creative with the way he used the lighting and other elements of cinematography to paint a picture. And to argue the power of touch and emotional memory. The director and two lead actors, especially Nicholas Hoult, really shined here. All as equals.

Reviewed by Samantha P. - Love the Story Line of this Movie

I was completely surprised how much I really like this movie. I rented it and loved it so I purchased a digital copy.

Reviewed by Aussietrbl - See this Movie

Great Movie ..Great Sci Fi story was very enjoyable

Reviewed by David A. Ferriera - Watch it (on a slow night)

A slow movie that rewards you for attention to detail.


Look at it! It's almost a perfect spread of 20% for each rating. THAT is impressive in itself and should warrant a watch (just don't want to be the people that are in the bottom 40% LOL)

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - I loved this movie.

I origally rented this after seeing the trailer. I watched it again on Amazon prime. It strangely reminded me of the movie Pleasantville which sounds weird because one is a comedy/feel good film and the other a sci fi drama/love story. I guess the resemblance is that humans are meant to be flawed not perfect and are better for it. The acting is great and the ending was better on second watch.

Reviewed by SKaredyKat - I Loved It

I loved it. I watched it twice just to pick up on all the dialog. It was so worth it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

This was a very good movie. Nicholas Holt and Kristen Stewart were a match made in heaven.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - AMAZING.... MUST WATCH

I rarely write reviews. This movie should have been in theaters. It left me wanting more. It brought me back to that first love, the ups and downs you feel. How I wanted more. How stupid ot made me. This is a must see!!

Reviewed by Krystal P. - I absolutely loved this move

I absolutely loved this move. The acting was great. The visuals were great. I didn't think it was slow, the movie moved at the correct pace for what it was trying to depict; a society where people are essentially robots. The awakening between the two leads was beautiful and I thought they brought to life the essence of the film; that love is the strongest force on earth.

Reviewed by Paul S. - It had beautiful cinematography and a stirring score

This movie surprised me. It was profound. It was moving. It had beautiful cinematography and a stirring score. I would highly recommend this to any that enjoy SciFi the way it used to be before CGI and the thought that loud explosions equate to a good movie. This is not your garden variety science fiction movie. It is a film that is made to be watched and pondered.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - I had doubts going in and expected another crappy romantic movie but was more than pleasantly surprised

I had doubts going in and expected another crappy romantic movie but was more than pleasantly surprised. Kristen Stewart was unexpectedly fantastic. The way the movie was filmed and the use of the colors and music made the movie beautiful. I felt so many emotions throughout and have already rewatched. If you're looking for a movie to make you feel something then this is it.

Reviewed by T Girl - A truly unique love story encapsuled in a science fiction story.

A truly unique love story encapsuled in a science fiction story. This film is not for everyone but if you like understated, thoughtful movies that contemplate what makes us human, this will do nicely.

Reviewed by Doug K. - Perfect? Orwellian sci-fi

"in a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
depanIf you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.
depanWho controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. G. Orwell"

if you are looking for light sabre sci-fi.... that is not here.

Reviewed by Sami M. - Better than expected, by far!!!

I didn't know if I would like this movie, but the concept and the movie, is fascinating! Kristin Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are amazing, and Stewart's acting has gotten a lot better since Twilight. Deeply moving and incredibly well timed, this movie is definitely one I would watch again-- especially to see if I missed anything in the first time watching.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Not for everyone: Alleviation for Frustration

This is not a story just anyone will appreciate.

If you've felt frustrated over living in the interim of your relationships, THIS is a movie you will appreciate. This speaks so clearly to the souls of people who've adhered to unwritten social guidelines, resenting the lack of simplicity missing from their relationships.

Reviewed by Rob Smith, Jr. - Excellent movie!

Excellent movie. Nice to see "real" actors, great camera work, thoughtful shots.
This is reminiscent of movies before CGI, when actors had to be good, the cameramen great and the editors attentive.
Not fast paced by any stretch of the imagination, very predictable, old-re-used storyline, but dammit, it was a great movie to watch!

Reviewed by Joan Robinson - Loved this movie!

I really loved this movie. The whole atmosphere of it is different. The cinematography is beautiful throughout and the chemistry between Kristen and Nicholas is perfect. In the trivia it said the director wouldn't take either actor unless he could get them together, at the same time and I can understand why. I'd love to have a sequel to this!

Reviewed by Sparatik - Awesome Ultramodern Love Story!

A beautiful story of mad love, reminding me of the series Black Mirror. Their reality isn't too far from our current reality. For me the foundation of the story was totally believable with the exception of a few details. I was never once left questioning or feeling like I needed more. Perhaps I'm biased because I adore Nicholas Hoult. :-)

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - but I loved it. Yes

I didn't know what to expect from this movie, but I loved it. Yes, it is slow but I think that is what makes it so good. The build up and the tension between Nia and Silas is so great, and that one scene where they walk by each other is just so exquisite. Would recommend to anyone with a little patience and and interest in scifi.

Reviewed by Mills - Some of the best movies have mixed reviews

Some of the best movies have mixed reviews. This is very thought provoking... If you think about all the thing that dumb us down today I.e. Food, drugs, over stimulation with TV, addiction to sex, pornography, etc. maybe this is not too far fetched. Perhaps emotion is how we return to who we truly are. I liked this film a lot.

Reviewed by N.T. - An Upstream Color kind of vibe and excellent acting from Nick Hoult

Hauntingly surreall cinematography and score. An Upstream Color kind of vibe and excellent acting from Nick Hoult. Kristen Stewart was was good too, but Nick really shined in this. Loved it!

Reviewed by Lidia - Great Movie To Watch!!!

I have been meaning to watch this movie for awhile, and i have to say I should have watched it sooner! Its a well written story that sucked me right into the plot. The reason i had but it off was because i have seen so many others with the same plot and ending, but this was definitely different. I really enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Jeffrey Howard - Great thought provoking drama!!

I thought it was really well done, would also like to see a continuation of the story. Certain films do not need fast paced action to be entertaining, this is one of them.

Reviewed by The Bluzguy - This is good science fiction.

I often look for time travel or space adventures in science fiction, and this is neither. It satisfies a third option, the future. Well acted, well written, good story.

Reviewed by Cameron - A great movie

At first after watching Equals, I thought it was okay. But throughout the rest of the day I kept thinking about the story and the characters. I love the beautiful simplicity of the movie and the romance was perfectly portrayed. Would recommend.

Reviewed by igabriella1 - The is a beautiful story of love and the human experience

The is a beautiful story of love and the human experience. The acting was phenomenal, and everything came together in this movie. This is truly a master piece.

Reviewed by Koifish8 - Five Stars

Needs a sequal.

Reviewed by catmama - Suspenseful sci-fi

I liked this movie, it's suspenseful in the way that Logan's Run was, back when. Definitely worth watching, there was good acting by all.

Reviewed by runyon woods - stewart was born to fall in love.

I was never really a fan of K. Stewart until I saw this movie. She falls in love very beautifully and convincingly. I know she was acting, but it didn't feel like it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Good film!

Definitely one of those movies that make you feel deeply! The actors do a great job of making you empathize with them and the story really engages the viewer into their world. I love dystopian themed stories and often find some I greatly dislike but this is one of my top favorites!

Reviewed by denise gadson - Surprised I loved it!

This was a surprisingly good movie. Other reviews mentioned how it's like Divergent and Equilibrium combined - totally true! It is a little bit slow, but I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Kristen Stewart didn't actually get on my nerves for once. I would definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Amazing movie

I think this movie should have a higher rating. It is a truly beautiful story that was beautifully shot and beautifully scored. Everyone should watch this movie.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - love prevails.

Definitely where. Our world is heading....indifference...emotionless...mindless...but in the it always will.

Reviewed by One Lonely Sister - Bleak future, beautiful Nicholas Hoult

I wasn't expecting much and the reviews were less than stellar. I really don't care for Kristen Stewart, but she actually made me cry a little. Not a lot, just kinda misty eyed. Nicholas Hoult more than made up for it. It was a bit slow, but that was the style of it and at least it was consistent. The premise is hard to imagine a bit scary. The ending is a bit ambiguous, but hopeful, so I'm going to imagine good things. I completely recommend this movie for futuristic romance buffs. Be prepared going in that it's not fast paced, but heart-wrenching for humanity as a whole. Apparently, the future is full of a-holes.

Reviewed by Bryce - Five Stars

Great should have been in theaters

Reviewed by foamier - You'll love it as long as you enjoy drama films with relationships

Great script, great acting, and great story. A slow but very emotional movie. As long as you really put yourself in their shoes, you'll love this movie. Imagine what they're going through and feel that for yourself. This movie will not disappoint any drama loving sci-fi fan.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - A must-see for lovers of science fiction and dystopian love stories.

It was absolutely incredible. I originally only watched it because it stars Kristen Stewart, but the entire cast has talent. A must-see for fans of "Divergent" or "The Island". It actually made me cry at the end. It echoes the power of love and humanity.

Reviewed by Amanda - Five Stars

Great movie

Reviewed by Mark Mirdo - could society end up like this one with an all out ban on emotions

could society end up like this one with an all out ban on emotions? possibly but is only a back ground for the story and the love affair is the focus. if you ever longed for that love in your life to fall in love, to be in love then you won't be able to turn this off.

Reviewed by elham - Wow. I cried throughout the movie, not because ...

Wow. I cried throughout the movie, not because of sadness but because of how we as humans take for granted the power of emotions and feelings. To touch, to breath, and to analyze someone's walk through life is spectacular. This movie brings to light this walk.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Kristen Stewart is great. The nervous shy little Bella actually portrays emotions

A movie with very few words says so much. Kristen Stewart is great. The nervous shy little Bella actually portrays emotions. Those that are giving this one and two stars obviously don't understand this movie is much like the direction our society is headed in

Reviewed by Happy - Clean,Exciting, Meaningful

Beautiful, creative, engaging, hopeful, thrilling... Wow! Well scripted, filmed, and soundtracked. The messages conveyed run deep. I would have liked to see the end resolution, but enough was implied to get me by. It's not just a romance. Very well done!

Reviewed by Barbara - Equally believable and honest.

Nicely done in all aspects--acting, story, set designs, and use of music to create a visual presentation of what makes us human.

Reviewed by Antonio - Good watch.

Big fan of both main actors. Kristen Stuart fits those role similarly to her character from Twilight. She has little emotion which to me can be very relatable to an extent. Conventional post apocalyptic theme but with a semi twist ending. Good watch.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - simple in good. shows how in the future people will lose ...

movie with logic. inteligent. simple in good. shows how in the future people will lose affection, which is already happening. shows how the government and organizations wants to control us by medicines, so we became like zombies.

Reviewed by Serina - but this one was really great. I completely disagree with those people who said ...

It's basically Romeo and Juliette. Honestly, movies with that 'forbidden love' plot just totally bore me, but this one was really great. I completely disagree with those people who said it was too slow. I think the pace was perfect.

Reviewed by Oddreader - LOVED IT Beautiful piece

It was different. And I think that's why I enjoyed it so much Kristen steward was amazing her performance was amazing especially coming from a twilight series. Nicholas Hoult was just simply perfect. Favorite new love movie

Reviewed by Robert Raut - Stewart almost broke out of her bored expression. Forbidden love is a well trodden path ...

Well directed and acted, mainly by Hoult. Stewart almost broke out of her bored expression.
Forbidden love is a well trodden path in movies and this one was sufficiently well acted and directed to revive interest in the genre.

Reviewed by Cherie C Hunter - cool movie

I love this movie!! I like these kinds of movies, love Kristen Stewart anyhow.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Gattica meets Romeo and Juliet

Very watchable if you like this type of movie. Kind of a cool concept and I think they did it justice considering their budget. It was a bit slow at times but it wasn't meant to be a fast paced movie. I'd recommend it

Reviewed by Miss Liza - Better than I expected...

This movie is beyond brilliant. The acting was superb. I will be watching it again, which I usually dont do. For those who gave negative reviews and low stars, well you simply were not ready for this kind of intelligent movie.

Reviewed by L. Morell - Great sci fi movie

Loved it! I have already watched it three times. Lonely, isolated people awakening to feelings and fighting for them. Filmed in futuristic Singapore, the ambiance & settings as well as the acting provide the apprpriate mood.

Reviewed by Flor I. Lopez - Five Stars

This movie is great. I wasn't expecting it at all. Very good acting, very moving.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Beautiful emotion movie!

Im generally a emotional person so this made me relate throughout the entire movie, people may find it boring but if your more into the storyline plot than a typical mainstream action movie this is the one for you.

Reviewed by Kell J. Stone - Beautifully Executed

This film really hit the target with what it was trying to convey. The look, the feel the message. It really made me rethink the significance of emotions and their role in making us truly human - joy and pain.

Reviewed by JM - Better than ratings!

Interesting, stark locations. Plot made us think and reflect. Some 1984 and Romeo and Juliet overtones. Classical music scored throughout execept for last piece during credits that was really, really good.

Reviewed by alfredo c. moreno - The Future Is Here!

I loved the topic, and I can see how such a reality could take place. Reminded me of 1984

Reviewed by Star - KStew for the win!!!

Loved it!
Kristen Stewart puts on another flawless performance again.

Reviewed by Timothy S Bearden - I surprisingly liked it. It is a bit slow paced

I surprisingly liked it. It is a bit slow paced, and generally I don't like these types of movies. However, I liked this one. The cinematography was done exceptionally. It get your mind thinking a lot.

Reviewed by Amanda - Love this movie!

This movie is great! One of my favirites. Nicholas Holt and Kristen Stewart have great chemistry and you really feel what they are feeling as you watch the story unfold. Would definitely recommend this movie!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Awesome movie. Futuristic Romeo and Juliet with a surprise twist!!!

Reviewed by kenia - Beautiful

Simply I love it. Excellent performances, there was good chemistry between the characters. The plot keeps the viewer concentrate in each scene, living and experiencing each moment of the film.

Reviewed by Jim D in SoFla - Excellent and Underrated

I felt that the movie was better than most reviews indicate. Both lead actors were excellent. For viewers that enjoy stories about two people trying to beat the system in the name of love.

Reviewed by Liz Mahon - Unique!!!

This is such a good movie!

The idea is unique and interesting. I have not seem a movie quite like this.

I have seen this movie 3 times!

Thank you Amazon!

Reviewed by Karen Jenkins - S.O.S.

Hello, I am Karen and I suffer from S.O.S.

Why must you make this movie describing the very form of my existence?

Please excuse me while I cry my eyes out.

Thank you.

Reviewed by Sjaneparker - Far better than reviews would suggest

I was hesitant per the reviews, but as a hard science fiction fan, I found this to be a very satisfying film. Another revelatory performance by Kristen Stewart. Really great world creation.

Reviewed by Tarah Burrell - Surprisingly awesome love story

I really enjoyed this movie. It has a bit of a New Age, 'Romeo and Juliet' vibe. I was surprised by the low average ratings posted to IMDB. It's a good love story, with a great score to boot.

Reviewed by Ezincr - Five Stars

Amazing, a emotional science fiction story well worth watching.

Reviewed by Michael & Nguyen Nix - Great movie

Great suspense movie, started off a little slow but the pace made sense once the plot sped up.
A little sci-fi movie, a little character movie, wrapped in suspense til the end!

Reviewed by Sandy - like a good book kept you guessing until the end

Interesting film, it was well worth watching. The story slowly unraveled with all of its twists. I for one would watch this again, like a good book kept you guessing until the end.

Reviewed by Jake - Unexpectedly good.

Excellent acting. The setting was perfect. If you like SciFi and the post-apocalyptic world, you will like this. Think "The Giver" but for an older audience (more drama and detail).

Reviewed by Shelley G - Unexpectedly enjoyable!

I didn't expect to like this movie as much as I did.

Reviewed by Joshua S - Not for everyone, but I enjoyed it immensely!

Very Interesting Movie. I personally like emotional movies with a touching story line, and this falls under that category. It will not be for everyone, but I enjoyed it greatly

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - i love this movie i watched it today in theaters and ...

You really outdone this one Drake Doremus. i love this movie i watched it today in theaters and still couldn't get enough bought it and watched it again i don't think I'm going to be tired of this beautiful story <3 5="" actress="" all="" and="" b="" could="" d="" deserve="" for="" great="" i="" if="" it="" my="" put="" role.="" stars="" this="" x10="" you="">Reviewed by Alejah - Love!

I honestly don't know why this movie has only 3 stars. I absolutely loved it. The movie had my heart wrench and desperatly wanting to know more!

Reviewed by Stacy Donohue - Five Stars

Love this amazing movie! If your looking for a great movie this is it.

Reviewed by Scott - Must See!!

Amazing! Well written and acted!! I own a copy and I have watched it more than five times. The story line and the context have many implications for us in our society today.

Reviewed by Julia - A Fascinating Futuristic World, Great Plot, Loved It

Great plot, good writing, good acting, fantastic slightly futuristic sets, beautiful cinematography. A very interesting "world" they've created for this film. I really loved this movie.

Reviewed by Elisabeth Cernadas - Five Stars

Beautiful film. Huge performances all around. Loved it.

Reviewed by ABC - Sexiest film on Amazon

with perfect casting. Beautifully done.

Reviewed by Elexus Young - Worth it

I didn't think I would like it, but I saw Kristen Stewart and gave it a try. The plot makes sense, there's a storyline, not all of it is predictable... Worth the view

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

interesting look at humanity and the cost of utopia.

Reviewed by TENBOUS - Thoughtfully fun

It's a thoughtfully exciting marxist tale with a matrix spin. I liked it. I can see why many people wouldn't like this movie, but that's nbd. Not everything is for everyone.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great sci-fi with lots of emotion

Great sci-fi with lots of emotion. It kept me engrossed with a painfully but appropriately slow pace. My heart is aching and I don't think I will fully recover for a while.

Reviewed by Mallory Shewell - This was a fantastic movie. A simple story and plot line as ...

This was a fantastic movie. A simple story and plot line as those things go, but the cinematography and musical score make the movie. I would definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by Abbey Steinhoff - Absolutely fantastic. Two of my favorite actors

Absolutely fantastic. Two of my favorite actors, and a great story. I once read a book series similiar to this film. I have already recommended this to my friends.

Reviewed by Josh - Watch first, read later

Very easy to imagine yourself in these characters' shoes. Everyone's role was well written and thought out. Simple in execution, powerful on impact.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

A love story that will touch any ones heart

Next.. Equals by Nicholas Hoult

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