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The Cake Eaters by Kristen Stewart - Reviews

The Cake Eaters by Kristen Stewart

Reviews of The Cake Eaters by Kristen Stewart

Reviewed by James - Five Stars

This movie gets better the more I see it. Kudos to Mary Elizabeth..

Reviewed by DG - Five Stars

Good movie !

Reviewed by ERIC - Five Stars


Reviewed by C. L. Burch - Five Stars

This may well be the best performance Kristen has ever given. Good story, great cast.

Reviewed by bobliwienski - Forget Twilight

While I am not a big fan of the Twilight series I was really impressed with the performance of Kristen Stewart in this movie.Her character performance was excellent and I give credit to such a young actor to give a performance like this. Not a happy movie but it is well done

Reviewed by Smiling in Conifer - Five Stars

Kristen did a great job of portraying a soul without a body that matched her spirit.

Reviewed by Betty - Well Done

Excellent performance by Kristin Stewart

Reviewed by Tweekie - Movie everyone should watch.

Heartbreaker. Everybody should watch this movie. Even those that do not like dogs.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Not like any other movie

Reviewed by danielle pitter - Brilliant

This movie was so sweet! I didn't even know what the disease was until I looked it up, so sad. The cast was great, and Kristen Stewart did an amazing job. She must have really done her research to portray someone with this disease.

Reviewed by Suzanne Betts - Five Stars


Reviewed by Juan Barrera - Five Stars

Great performance

Reviewed by Ciara Berry - Happy

I received this almost a week after I thought I would get it but I did get it days before the last expected day. It was a great emotional story and great for those who love indie dramas.

Reviewed by Diana - Very Good

Kristen Stewart was brilliant in this movie, it has a lot of meaning to it.

Reviewed by Steph Bella - So much emotions

This movie is really sad felt bad for Georgia and Kristen's acting was great and this movie made me realize you should live life to the fullest before is time to leave,great film :)

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by John C. - Five Stars

The movie is great

Reviewed by JANICE DELOREY-KINDER - Five Stars

Can I say it's Kristen Stewart

Reviewed by Lily Marlene - Five Stars

What an actress

Reviewed by Imani - Five Stars

Another purchase for my awesome mom who can't stop praising this movie.

Reviewed by Teresa Henry - Five Stars

Love the film and performances.

Reviewed by manny - Five Stars


Reviewed by Raven - Five Stars

Great movie if I could give it more stars I would

Reviewed by Katherine Banks - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Beautifully acted

Reviewed by Terri Daniel - The Cake Eaters

Surprise I really loved this movie. The more I see Kristen Stewart the more I respect her as an actress. This one was really good.

Reviewed by Peggy Miller - Good Movie

This way better then I expected.

Reviewed by Dan Smith - Great acting from each cast member.

If you liked the Twilight movies then don't watch Cake Eaters, because Cake Eaters is a movie for grownups. (My apologies to the Twilight fans.)

Reviewed by Cherie - A sleeper

I had not even heard of this movie and decided to watch it on a whim. Kristen Stewart's acting ability shines, and the story was endearing.

Reviewed by NATHAN - Five Stars

Good movie

Reviewed by Gary Cappelucci - Five Stars


Reviewed by Dan M Trimble - Five Stars

Very good

Reviewed by Liz - The Cake Eaters

This is a great movie that has a moral lessons in it. Great acting and directing by Kristin Stewart and the supporting casts, and Mary Stewart Masterson directing was great. I would recommend this movie to young and old alike.

Reviewed by DnL - Five Stars

It's a good movie.

Reviewed by Lisa Rae Daniels - Five Stars

Great condition. Alright movie

Reviewed by Ellen H Roach - Lovely movie

Kristen Stewart does a wonderful job playing a teenager with a debilitating disease, I love the story and love that she and Beagle actually fall in love.

Reviewed by Tess Clayton - The Cake Eaters

Written and directed by Mary Stuart Masterson, this gives us wonderful performances by Kristen Stewart and a great supporting cast. It's a wonderful story.

Reviewed by Karon T. - Five Stars


Reviewed by quentin gary gensler - Five Stars


Reviewed by franfire - Five Stars

Another pretty good Kristen Stewart movie and storyline.

Reviewed by Scarlata - Five Stars

Excellent film.

Reviewed by MRSLEVY80 - good

this movie was awesome and i;m a big fan of Kristen Stewart so i bought it but it was a great movie.

Reviewed by debbie barela - Five Stars


Reviewed by Larry W. South - Five Stars

Excellent Amazonian dealer!

Reviewed by Becky E. - Five Stars


Reviewed by rebecca reyna - Five Stars

great movie

Reviewed by Ronald Weel - Unbelievable Performance

I've been a Kristin Stewart fan since I saw "Speak". I had hoped her
professional career would blossom. And due to a kind of "small scale" movie called "Twilight", and it's many hopes have, indeed, been realized.
This film, however, should most certainly NOT be overlooked! The story line is very interesting, though "dysfunctional", and the acting from nearly everyone is outstanding. But the real Kudo's go to Kristen, in her
portrayal of a high school girl afficted with a neurological disorder called " Frederich's Attaxia", which is somewhat similar to Muscular
Dystrophy, but with it's own peculiar quirks. Just as "proof" of her performance, after I had already seen the film, I invited a couple over to watch it with me later, and told them that Ms. Stewart was an actress who really
had this disease, and how well she did in the movie. ( They'd never seen her in anything else, of course). They said they were amazed at how well she did, given her disability. After it was over, I told them it was
all "acting", and that she was perfectly normal. Just listen to the Kudo's
her co-actors gave her, in the "Special Features" portion of the DVD.
Also....don't miss the film "Into the Wild", in which she gives a short, but poignant
performance....PLUS the movie is VERY good, to say the least.
Oh....just in case you didn't guess....I'm a member of the Kristen
Stewart Fan Club!!

Enjoy your movie watching, everyone !

Reviewed by andy - good movie

is not the best from kristen but really diferent roll she makes, was a very good price and the movie is in very good conditions

Reviewed by Imma Dimeo - The Cake Eaters

I really love Kristen Stewart. She is a great actress. I really loved this movie. I really think women would love it more then the men will. I think anyone who likes Twilight will like this movie also. Its a great buy.

Reviewed by mzmorris - Great price & fast shipping!

Have always wanted to see this movie and at such a great price, how could I not. The movie arrived earlier than expected, about 48 hours, and in perfect condition. Still had its stickers on all three sides of the dvc case and was sealed up. Have yet to watch it but im sure it will be great!

Reviewed by Kaitlyn Fallin - Really moving movie

This movie was amazing, so much better than I expected. The characters were real and believable and Kristen Stewart gave a compelling performance.

Reviewed by a reader - Sweet

I actually saw this movie before seeing Twilight and very much enjoyed it. I thought Kristen did a great job and is why I even bothered to watch Twilight. I believed her as a tragically sick girl and while the relationship between her and Beagle wasn't romantic, it clearly appeared that after the special night, things could go in that direction. This movie is one of those little surprises that you might not expect at first glance.

Reviewed by Karen Skinner - Cake Eaters

Arrived in perfect condition. Exactly what I expected. Only thing that would have made it better is if it was a Bluray.

Reviewed by Amber R Burkhart - love

I loved this movie. My husband loved this movie. And so did our 6 month old. Thanks for keeping so good movies on file!

Reviewed by LL - Kristen Stewart does it again....

Young actress, Kriten Stewart is on her way to becoming one of the best actresses ever! Her performance in this movie is outstanding, "she's very convincing...." Good movie.

Reviewed by Jeanisea Johnson - Five Stars


Reviewed by Dana C. Ahmad - This Movie Speaks

Kristin is an amazing actress. I really enjoyed watching her in this movie. I think she did a great job. I thought this movie had a lot of important things to say and did that well. It was simple but carried a big message. I hope the movie and the actors get the praise they deserve. I will be watching this again and will be recommending it to others.

Reviewed by Jessica Dorr - Great Movie

This was a really great movie. LOVED Kristen in it - she did such a GREAT job!!!

Next.. The Cake Eaters by Kristen Stewart

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