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The Cake Eaters by Kristen Stewart - Reviews

The Cake Eaters by Kristen Stewart

Reviews of The Cake Eaters by Kristen Stewart

Reviewed by James - Five Stars

This movie gets better the more I see it. Kudos to Mary Elizabeth..

Reviewed by DG - Five Stars

Good movie !

Reviewed by ERIC - Five Stars


Reviewed by C. L. Burch - Five Stars

This may well be the best performance Kristen has ever given. Good story, great cast.

Reviewed by bobliwienski - Forget Twilight

While I am not a big fan of the Twilight series I was really impressed with the performance of Kristen Stewart in this movie.Her character performance was excellent and I give credit to such a young actor to give a performance like this. Not a happy movie but it is well done

Reviewed by Smiling in Conifer - Five Stars

Kristen did a great job of portraying a soul without a body that matched her spirit.

Reviewed by Betty - Well Done

Excellent performance by Kristin Stewart

Reviewed by Tweekie - Movie everyone should watch.

Heartbreaker. Everybody should watch this movie. Even those that do not like dogs.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Not like any other movie

Reviewed by danielle pitter - Brilliant

This movie was so sweet! I didn't even know what the disease was until I looked it up, so sad. The cast was great, and Kristen Stewart did an amazing job. She must have really done her research to portray someone with this disease.

Reviewed by Suzanne Betts - Five Stars


Reviewed by Juan Barrera - Five Stars

Great performance

Reviewed by Ciara Berry - Happy

I received this almost a week after I thought I would get it but I did get it days before the last expected day. It was a great emotional story and great for those who love indie dramas.

Reviewed by Diana - Very Good

Kristen Stewart was brilliant in this movie, it has a lot of meaning to it.

Reviewed by Steph Bella - So much emotions

This movie is really sad felt bad for Georgia and Kristen's acting was great and this movie made me realize you should live life to the fullest before is time to leave,great film :)

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars


Reviewed by John C. - Five Stars

The movie is great

Reviewed by JANICE DELOREY-KINDER - Five Stars

Can I say it's Kristen Stewart

Reviewed by Lily Marlene - Five Stars

What an actress

Reviewed by Imani - Five Stars

Another purchase for my awesome mom who can't stop praising this movie.

Reviewed by Teresa Henry - Five Stars

Love the film and performances.

Reviewed by manny - Five Stars


Reviewed by Raven - Five Stars

Great movie if I could give it more stars I would

Reviewed by Katherine Banks - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Beautifully acted

Reviewed by Terri Daniel - The Cake Eaters

Surprise I really loved this movie. The more I see Kristen Stewart the more I respect her as an actress. This one was really good.

Reviewed by Peggy Miller - Good Movie

This way better then I expected.

Reviewed by Dan Smith - Great acting from each cast member.

If you liked the Twilight movies then don't watch Cake Eaters, because Cake Eaters is a movie for grownups. (My apologies to the Twilight fans.)

Reviewed by Cherie - A sleeper

I had not even heard of this movie and decided to watch it on a whim. Kristen Stewart's acting ability shines, and the story was endearing.

Reviewed by NATHAN - Five Stars

Good movie

Reviewed by Gary Cappelucci - Five Stars


Reviewed by Dan M Trimble - Five Stars

Very good

Reviewed by Liz - The Cake Eaters

This is a great movie that has a moral lessons in it. Great acting and directing by Kristin Stewart and the supporting casts, and Mary Stewart Masterson directing was great. I would recommend this movie to young and old alike.

Reviewed by DnL - Five Stars

It's a good movie.

Reviewed by Lisa Rae Daniels - Five Stars

Great condition. Alright movie

Reviewed by Ellen H Roach - Lovely movie

Kristen Stewart does a wonderful job playing a teenager with a debilitating disease, I love the story and love that she and Beagle actually fall in love.

Reviewed by Tess Clayton - The Cake Eaters

Written and directed by Mary Stuart Masterson, this gives us wonderful performances by Kristen Stewart and a great supporting cast. It's a wonderful story.

Reviewed by Karon T. - Five Stars


Reviewed by quentin gary gensler - Five Stars


Reviewed by franfire - Five Stars

Another pretty good Kristen Stewart movie and storyline.

Reviewed by Scarlata - Five Stars

Excellent film.

Reviewed by MRSLEVY80 - good

this movie was awesome and i;m a big fan of Kristen Stewart so i bought it but it was a great movie.

Reviewed by debbie barela - Five Stars


Reviewed by Larry W. South - Five Stars

Excellent Amazonian dealer!

Reviewed by Becky E. - Five Stars


Reviewed by rebecca reyna - Five Stars

great movie

Reviewed by Ronald Weel - Unbelievable Performance

I've been a Kristin Stewart fan since I saw "Speak". I had hoped her
professional career would blossom. And due to a kind of "small scale" movie called "Twilight", and it's many hopes have, indeed, been realized.
This film, however, should most certainly NOT be overlooked! The story line is very interesting, though "dysfunctional", and the acting from nearly everyone is outstanding. But the real Kudo's go to Kristen, in her
portrayal of a high school girl afficted with a neurological disorder called " Frederich's Attaxia", which is somewhat similar to Muscular
Dystrophy, but with it's own peculiar quirks. Just as "proof" of her performance, after I had already seen the film, I invited a couple over to watch it with me later, and told them that Ms. Stewart was an actress who really
had this disease, and how well she did in the movie. ( They'd never seen her in anything else, of course). They said they were amazed at how well she did, given her disability. After it was over, I told them it was
all "acting", and that she was perfectly normal. Just listen to the Kudo's
her co-actors gave her, in the "Special Features" portion of the DVD.
Also....don't miss the film "Into the Wild", in which she gives a short, but poignant
performance....PLUS the movie is VERY good, to say the least.
Oh....just in case you didn't guess....I'm a member of the Kristen
Stewart Fan Club!!

Enjoy your movie watching, everyone !

Reviewed by andy - good movie

is not the best from kristen but really diferent roll she makes, was a very good price and the movie is in very good conditions

Reviewed by Imma Dimeo - The Cake Eaters

I really love Kristen Stewart. She is a great actress. I really loved this movie. I really think women would love it more then the men will. I think anyone who likes Twilight will like this movie also. Its a great buy.

Reviewed by mzmorris - Great price & fast shipping!

Have always wanted to see this movie and at such a great price, how could I not. The movie arrived earlier than expected, about 48 hours, and in perfect condition. Still had its stickers on all three sides of the dvc case and was sealed up. Have yet to watch it but im sure it will be great!

Reviewed by Kaitlyn Fallin - Really moving movie

This movie was amazing, so much better than I expected. The characters were real and believable and Kristen Stewart gave a compelling performance.

Reviewed by a reader - Sweet

I actually saw this movie before seeing Twilight and very much enjoyed it. I thought Kristen did a great job and is why I even bothered to watch Twilight. I believed her as a tragically sick girl and while the relationship between her and Beagle wasn't romantic, it clearly appeared that after the special night, things could go in that direction. This movie is one of those little surprises that you might not expect at first glance.

Reviewed by Karen Skinner - Cake Eaters

Arrived in perfect condition. Exactly what I expected. Only thing that would have made it better is if it was a Bluray.

Reviewed by Amber R Burkhart - love

I loved this movie. My husband loved this movie. And so did our 6 month old. Thanks for keeping so good movies on file!

Reviewed by LL - Kristen Stewart does it again....

Young actress, Kriten Stewart is on her way to becoming one of the best actresses ever! Her performance in this movie is outstanding, "she's very convincing...." Good movie.

Reviewed by Jeanisea Johnson - Five Stars


Reviewed by Dana C. Ahmad - This Movie Speaks

Kristin is an amazing actress. I really enjoyed watching her in this movie. I think she did a great job. I thought this movie had a lot of important things to say and did that well. It was simple but carried a big message. I hope the movie and the actors get the praise they deserve. I will be watching this again and will be recommending it to others.

Reviewed by Jessica Dorr - Great Movie

This was a really great movie. LOVED Kristen in it - she did such a GREAT job!!!

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Equals by Nicholas Hoult - Reviews

Equals by Nicholas Hoult - Kristen Stewart

Reviews of Equals by Nicholas Hoult

Reviewed by Sarah Coleman - Five Stars

Beautifully acted, slowly built passionate love story set in a sci-fi world with wonderful cinematography.

Reviewed by Amanda Wilkinson - It is better to feel than to have never felt at all

This movie was beautiful and moving.
We definitely live in a world today where we are taught to be un-feeling or happy and nothing else. We say it is wrong to feel stress, anxeity, depression etc so here is a pill and strategies to deal so you can be "happy" or stay focused on your goals. Even if that's not your case I bet we all wish there were times we could just stop our emotions.The movie shows the beautiful complexity of life and how it is all worth feeling.
It is better to feel that to have never felt anything at all.

Reviewed by Jana Goudy - Loved it.

I LOVED this movie. I'm adding this to my favorites. I can't get it out of my head.

I'm slightly annoyed with the comments that this plot has been done to many times for this movie to be interesting. One person said they've seen this type of movie 6 times in the last 10 years. That's not bad at all, especially if you think of all the basic action movies and romantic comedies that come out every year. Although this movie does fit in a genre it was still unique and interesting and suspenseful. It was just a beautiful movie, with a good plot and good acting. It just worked well.

It's a slow paced movie but it's not boring at all. Ive watched movies that are too slow and lost interest in them but this ones not to slow for me. Every shot is art.

Overall just good. My favorite Kristen Stewart movie. I hope she keeps doing stuff like this.

Reviewed by Climbyourarms - Romeo and Juliet in a modern, dystopian society, with a nice twist.

Don't watch this movie if you are looking for mindless entertainment. You need to immerse yourself in Equals to really appreciate it. This is not Equilibrium, an action/thriller, which is great in it's own way, this is a movie that is beautiful in it's subtleties. There are scenes in this movie, between Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, where they don't speak a word, but it tells a million word story of desire, lust, love, all wrapped up in a simple touch, or a close up shot of Kristen taking a ragged breath.
Imagine the days when you were younger, those private moments with your first love. All those new experiences, fueled by emotion, you have no idea what you are doing, all you know is that you want it, you can't think of anywhere else you want to be but right there, and you have a small hint of what the director of this movie brilliantly captured.
All that aside, the movie is slow, but the chemistry between Nicholas and Kristen is incredible. I won't give any spoilers, but most of the way through, something will happen, and plans will be made where you will think, oh great. I've invested this much time for such a weak ending? It happened to me, anyway, but keep watching until the end, and then see the lovely twist. In my opinion Nia, Kristen's character, suffers a fate worse than death with what happens, but again, a simple gesture at the end gives a hint that there's a little hope.

Reviewed by nicole sowers - Five Stars

Amazing Stewart and Hoult have great chemistry such a good love story in my opinion.

Reviewed by alexandra - A beautiful love story told through limited dialogue and I found ...

At first it seems to move slow but if you can stick with it through the first 15-20minutes, it only is setting up the story. A beautiful love story told through limited dialogue and I found it riveting. Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart nailed it, you not only could see the chemistry between them but you feel it!!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - this is a beautiful film and makes you think about the power of ...

this is a beautiful film and makes you think about the power of human emotion. a lot of the reviews say it is slow but it has to be in order to really grasp their world. this film is very deep and you have to go beneath the surface to really appreciate it. i loved it and couldn't stop thinking about it.

Reviewed by Julia Valdary - but when I tell you it is now my new favorite movie, I'm not kidding

I don't know how the hell I have never heard of this movie up until now, but when I tell you it is now my new favorite movie, I'm not kidding. It is so mind-numbingly good. This is such a delicate film that teaches viewers about the value of human emotions and the impact that love can have on any society. By far, the best movie I've seen in a really long time-so SO good. I am in awe of the amount of rawness and authenticity the main characters have in such a pristine and perfect world.

Reviewed by JHall - Five Stars

excellent....sparse and deep. Nicholas Hoult is perfection. LOVED IT

Reviewed by Kristen - I am someone who normally chooses movies like Jurassic Park and the Bourne series

I am someone who normally chooses movies like Jurassic Park and the Bourne series. I like noise and lots of action, so it took me a bit to settle down and enjoy this movie. It is slow, but as many of the reviewers here point out, it is a truly beautiful film. The acting is spot on, and despite the pace - or because of it - there is tension building throughout the movie, especially knowing how much could go wrong for the characters.

I highly recommend watching this.

Reviewed by ken wenman - Our Future?

Equals was the movie like I've been waiting for...the whole concept of what futuristic life might be like, was just interesting! This film reminded me a little of George Orwell's 1984. With all the film did in acting, it wasn't like 1984 George Orwell, but, His book came to mind seeing "Equals." The acting and movie seemed a bit boring a little, but when excitement picks up, I was glued to my tablet! Watch to the end; the end is wonderful!!!

Reviewed by C - If you like semi-weird movies

I went into this movie with a neutral feeling and finished with loving it. The movie reminded me of a mix of The Hunger Games, Romeo and Juliet, and Divergent; but it still had its own twist and twang to it. The acting was marvelous, exactly how it was supposed to be, and the ending is for once not how typical movies end. If you like semi-weird movies, definitely watch it. It is good entertainment and a beautiful picture.

Reviewed by Linda Q. - All as equals

I really appreciated this film. It was less about story and more about emoting feelings in the audience. I think it's minimalist structure really allowed the director to get creative with the way he used the lighting and other elements of cinematography to paint a picture. And to argue the power of touch and emotional memory. The director and two lead actors, especially Nicholas Hoult, really shined here. All as equals.

Reviewed by Samantha P. - Love the Story Line of this Movie

I was completely surprised how much I really like this movie. I rented it and loved it so I purchased a digital copy.

Reviewed by Aussietrbl - See this Movie

Great Movie ..Great Sci Fi story was very enjoyable

Reviewed by David A. Ferriera - Watch it (on a slow night)

A slow movie that rewards you for attention to detail.


Look at it! It's almost a perfect spread of 20% for each rating. THAT is impressive in itself and should warrant a watch (just don't want to be the people that are in the bottom 40% LOL)

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - I loved this movie.

I origally rented this after seeing the trailer. I watched it again on Amazon prime. It strangely reminded me of the movie Pleasantville which sounds weird because one is a comedy/feel good film and the other a sci fi drama/love story. I guess the resemblance is that humans are meant to be flawed not perfect and are better for it. The acting is great and the ending was better on second watch.

Reviewed by SKaredyKat - I Loved It

I loved it. I watched it twice just to pick up on all the dialog. It was so worth it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

This was a very good movie. Nicholas Holt and Kristen Stewart were a match made in heaven.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - AMAZING.... MUST WATCH

I rarely write reviews. This movie should have been in theaters. It left me wanting more. It brought me back to that first love, the ups and downs you feel. How I wanted more. How stupid ot made me. This is a must see!!

Reviewed by Krystal P. - I absolutely loved this move

I absolutely loved this move. The acting was great. The visuals were great. I didn't think it was slow, the movie moved at the correct pace for what it was trying to depict; a society where people are essentially robots. The awakening between the two leads was beautiful and I thought they brought to life the essence of the film; that love is the strongest force on earth.

Reviewed by Paul S. - It had beautiful cinematography and a stirring score

This movie surprised me. It was profound. It was moving. It had beautiful cinematography and a stirring score. I would highly recommend this to any that enjoy SciFi the way it used to be before CGI and the thought that loud explosions equate to a good movie. This is not your garden variety science fiction movie. It is a film that is made to be watched and pondered.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - I had doubts going in and expected another crappy romantic movie but was more than pleasantly surprised

I had doubts going in and expected another crappy romantic movie but was more than pleasantly surprised. Kristen Stewart was unexpectedly fantastic. The way the movie was filmed and the use of the colors and music made the movie beautiful. I felt so many emotions throughout and have already rewatched. If you're looking for a movie to make you feel something then this is it.

Reviewed by T Girl - A truly unique love story encapsuled in a science fiction story.

A truly unique love story encapsuled in a science fiction story. This film is not for everyone but if you like understated, thoughtful movies that contemplate what makes us human, this will do nicely.

Reviewed by Doug K. - Perfect? Orwellian sci-fi

"in a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
depanIf you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.
depanWho controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. G. Orwell"

if you are looking for light sabre sci-fi.... that is not here.

Reviewed by Sami M. - Better than expected, by far!!!

I didn't know if I would like this movie, but the concept and the movie, is fascinating! Kristin Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are amazing, and Stewart's acting has gotten a lot better since Twilight. Deeply moving and incredibly well timed, this movie is definitely one I would watch again-- especially to see if I missed anything in the first time watching.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Not for everyone: Alleviation for Frustration

This is not a story just anyone will appreciate.

If you've felt frustrated over living in the interim of your relationships, THIS is a movie you will appreciate. This speaks so clearly to the souls of people who've adhered to unwritten social guidelines, resenting the lack of simplicity missing from their relationships.

Reviewed by Rob Smith, Jr. - Excellent movie!

Excellent movie. Nice to see "real" actors, great camera work, thoughtful shots.
This is reminiscent of movies before CGI, when actors had to be good, the cameramen great and the editors attentive.
Not fast paced by any stretch of the imagination, very predictable, old-re-used storyline, but dammit, it was a great movie to watch!

Reviewed by Joan Robinson - Loved this movie!

I really loved this movie. The whole atmosphere of it is different. The cinematography is beautiful throughout and the chemistry between Kristen and Nicholas is perfect. In the trivia it said the director wouldn't take either actor unless he could get them together, at the same time and I can understand why. I'd love to have a sequel to this!

Reviewed by Sparatik - Awesome Ultramodern Love Story!

A beautiful story of mad love, reminding me of the series Black Mirror. Their reality isn't too far from our current reality. For me the foundation of the story was totally believable with the exception of a few details. I was never once left questioning or feeling like I needed more. Perhaps I'm biased because I adore Nicholas Hoult. :-)

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - but I loved it. Yes

I didn't know what to expect from this movie, but I loved it. Yes, it is slow but I think that is what makes it so good. The build up and the tension between Nia and Silas is so great, and that one scene where they walk by each other is just so exquisite. Would recommend to anyone with a little patience and and interest in scifi.

Reviewed by Mills - Some of the best movies have mixed reviews

Some of the best movies have mixed reviews. This is very thought provoking... If you think about all the thing that dumb us down today I.e. Food, drugs, over stimulation with TV, addiction to sex, pornography, etc. maybe this is not too far fetched. Perhaps emotion is how we return to who we truly are. I liked this film a lot.

Reviewed by N.T. - An Upstream Color kind of vibe and excellent acting from Nick Hoult

Hauntingly surreall cinematography and score. An Upstream Color kind of vibe and excellent acting from Nick Hoult. Kristen Stewart was was good too, but Nick really shined in this. Loved it!

Reviewed by Lidia - Great Movie To Watch!!!

I have been meaning to watch this movie for awhile, and i have to say I should have watched it sooner! Its a well written story that sucked me right into the plot. The reason i had but it off was because i have seen so many others with the same plot and ending, but this was definitely different. I really enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Jeffrey Howard - Great thought provoking drama!!

I thought it was really well done, would also like to see a continuation of the story. Certain films do not need fast paced action to be entertaining, this is one of them.

Reviewed by The Bluzguy - This is good science fiction.

I often look for time travel or space adventures in science fiction, and this is neither. It satisfies a third option, the future. Well acted, well written, good story.

Reviewed by Cameron - A great movie

At first after watching Equals, I thought it was okay. But throughout the rest of the day I kept thinking about the story and the characters. I love the beautiful simplicity of the movie and the romance was perfectly portrayed. Would recommend.

Reviewed by igabriella1 - The is a beautiful story of love and the human experience

The is a beautiful story of love and the human experience. The acting was phenomenal, and everything came together in this movie. This is truly a master piece.

Reviewed by Koifish8 - Five Stars

Needs a sequal.

Reviewed by catmama - Suspenseful sci-fi

I liked this movie, it's suspenseful in the way that Logan's Run was, back when. Definitely worth watching, there was good acting by all.

Reviewed by runyon woods - stewart was born to fall in love.

I was never really a fan of K. Stewart until I saw this movie. She falls in love very beautifully and convincingly. I know she was acting, but it didn't feel like it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Good film!

Definitely one of those movies that make you feel deeply! The actors do a great job of making you empathize with them and the story really engages the viewer into their world. I love dystopian themed stories and often find some I greatly dislike but this is one of my top favorites!

Reviewed by denise gadson - Surprised I loved it!

This was a surprisingly good movie. Other reviews mentioned how it's like Divergent and Equilibrium combined - totally true! It is a little bit slow, but I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Kristen Stewart didn't actually get on my nerves for once. I would definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Amazing movie

I think this movie should have a higher rating. It is a truly beautiful story that was beautifully shot and beautifully scored. Everyone should watch this movie.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - love prevails.

Definitely where. Our world is heading....indifference...emotionless...mindless...but in the it always will.

Reviewed by One Lonely Sister - Bleak future, beautiful Nicholas Hoult

I wasn't expecting much and the reviews were less than stellar. I really don't care for Kristen Stewart, but she actually made me cry a little. Not a lot, just kinda misty eyed. Nicholas Hoult more than made up for it. It was a bit slow, but that was the style of it and at least it was consistent. The premise is hard to imagine a bit scary. The ending is a bit ambiguous, but hopeful, so I'm going to imagine good things. I completely recommend this movie for futuristic romance buffs. Be prepared going in that it's not fast paced, but heart-wrenching for humanity as a whole. Apparently, the future is full of a-holes.

Reviewed by Bryce - Five Stars

Great should have been in theaters

Reviewed by foamier - You'll love it as long as you enjoy drama films with relationships

Great script, great acting, and great story. A slow but very emotional movie. As long as you really put yourself in their shoes, you'll love this movie. Imagine what they're going through and feel that for yourself. This movie will not disappoint any drama loving sci-fi fan.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - A must-see for lovers of science fiction and dystopian love stories.

It was absolutely incredible. I originally only watched it because it stars Kristen Stewart, but the entire cast has talent. A must-see for fans of "Divergent" or "The Island". It actually made me cry at the end. It echoes the power of love and humanity.

Reviewed by Amanda - Five Stars

Great movie

Reviewed by Mark Mirdo - could society end up like this one with an all out ban on emotions

could society end up like this one with an all out ban on emotions? possibly but is only a back ground for the story and the love affair is the focus. if you ever longed for that love in your life to fall in love, to be in love then you won't be able to turn this off.

Reviewed by elham - Wow. I cried throughout the movie, not because ...

Wow. I cried throughout the movie, not because of sadness but because of how we as humans take for granted the power of emotions and feelings. To touch, to breath, and to analyze someone's walk through life is spectacular. This movie brings to light this walk.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Kristen Stewart is great. The nervous shy little Bella actually portrays emotions

A movie with very few words says so much. Kristen Stewart is great. The nervous shy little Bella actually portrays emotions. Those that are giving this one and two stars obviously don't understand this movie is much like the direction our society is headed in

Reviewed by Happy - Clean,Exciting, Meaningful

Beautiful, creative, engaging, hopeful, thrilling... Wow! Well scripted, filmed, and soundtracked. The messages conveyed run deep. I would have liked to see the end resolution, but enough was implied to get me by. It's not just a romance. Very well done!

Reviewed by Barbara - Equally believable and honest.

Nicely done in all aspects--acting, story, set designs, and use of music to create a visual presentation of what makes us human.

Reviewed by Antonio - Good watch.

Big fan of both main actors. Kristen Stuart fits those role similarly to her character from Twilight. She has little emotion which to me can be very relatable to an extent. Conventional post apocalyptic theme but with a semi twist ending. Good watch.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - simple in good. shows how in the future people will lose ...

movie with logic. inteligent. simple in good. shows how in the future people will lose affection, which is already happening. shows how the government and organizations wants to control us by medicines, so we became like zombies.

Reviewed by Serina - but this one was really great. I completely disagree with those people who said ...

It's basically Romeo and Juliette. Honestly, movies with that 'forbidden love' plot just totally bore me, but this one was really great. I completely disagree with those people who said it was too slow. I think the pace was perfect.

Reviewed by Oddreader - LOVED IT Beautiful piece

It was different. And I think that's why I enjoyed it so much Kristen steward was amazing her performance was amazing especially coming from a twilight series. Nicholas Hoult was just simply perfect. Favorite new love movie

Reviewed by Robert Raut - Stewart almost broke out of her bored expression. Forbidden love is a well trodden path ...

Well directed and acted, mainly by Hoult. Stewart almost broke out of her bored expression.
Forbidden love is a well trodden path in movies and this one was sufficiently well acted and directed to revive interest in the genre.

Reviewed by Cherie C Hunter - cool movie

I love this movie!! I like these kinds of movies, love Kristen Stewart anyhow.

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - Gattica meets Romeo and Juliet

Very watchable if you like this type of movie. Kind of a cool concept and I think they did it justice considering their budget. It was a bit slow at times but it wasn't meant to be a fast paced movie. I'd recommend it

Reviewed by Miss Liza - Better than I expected...

This movie is beyond brilliant. The acting was superb. I will be watching it again, which I usually dont do. For those who gave negative reviews and low stars, well you simply were not ready for this kind of intelligent movie.

Reviewed by L. Morell - Great sci fi movie

Loved it! I have already watched it three times. Lonely, isolated people awakening to feelings and fighting for them. Filmed in futuristic Singapore, the ambiance & settings as well as the acting provide the apprpriate mood.

Reviewed by Flor I. Lopez - Five Stars

This movie is great. I wasn't expecting it at all. Very good acting, very moving.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Beautiful emotion movie!

Im generally a emotional person so this made me relate throughout the entire movie, people may find it boring but if your more into the storyline plot than a typical mainstream action movie this is the one for you.

Reviewed by Kell J. Stone - Beautifully Executed

This film really hit the target with what it was trying to convey. The look, the feel the message. It really made me rethink the significance of emotions and their role in making us truly human - joy and pain.

Reviewed by JM - Better than ratings!

Interesting, stark locations. Plot made us think and reflect. Some 1984 and Romeo and Juliet overtones. Classical music scored throughout execept for last piece during credits that was really, really good.

Reviewed by alfredo c. moreno - The Future Is Here!

I loved the topic, and I can see how such a reality could take place. Reminded me of 1984

Reviewed by Star - KStew for the win!!!

Loved it!
Kristen Stewart puts on another flawless performance again.

Reviewed by Timothy S Bearden - I surprisingly liked it. It is a bit slow paced

I surprisingly liked it. It is a bit slow paced, and generally I don't like these types of movies. However, I liked this one. The cinematography was done exceptionally. It get your mind thinking a lot.

Reviewed by Amanda - Love this movie!

This movie is great! One of my favirites. Nicholas Holt and Kristen Stewart have great chemistry and you really feel what they are feeling as you watch the story unfold. Would definitely recommend this movie!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Awesome movie. Futuristic Romeo and Juliet with a surprise twist!!!

Reviewed by kenia - Beautiful

Simply I love it. Excellent performances, there was good chemistry between the characters. The plot keeps the viewer concentrate in each scene, living and experiencing each moment of the film.

Reviewed by Jim D in SoFla - Excellent and Underrated

I felt that the movie was better than most reviews indicate. Both lead actors were excellent. For viewers that enjoy stories about two people trying to beat the system in the name of love.

Reviewed by Liz Mahon - Unique!!!

This is such a good movie!

The idea is unique and interesting. I have not seem a movie quite like this.

I have seen this movie 3 times!

Thank you Amazon!

Reviewed by Karen Jenkins - S.O.S.

Hello, I am Karen and I suffer from S.O.S.

Why must you make this movie describing the very form of my existence?

Please excuse me while I cry my eyes out.

Thank you.

Reviewed by Sjaneparker - Far better than reviews would suggest

I was hesitant per the reviews, but as a hard science fiction fan, I found this to be a very satisfying film. Another revelatory performance by Kristen Stewart. Really great world creation.

Reviewed by Tarah Burrell - Surprisingly awesome love story

I really enjoyed this movie. It has a bit of a New Age, 'Romeo and Juliet' vibe. I was surprised by the low average ratings posted to IMDB. It's a good love story, with a great score to boot.

Reviewed by Ezincr - Five Stars

Amazing, a emotional science fiction story well worth watching.

Reviewed by Michael & Nguyen Nix - Great movie

Great suspense movie, started off a little slow but the pace made sense once the plot sped up.
A little sci-fi movie, a little character movie, wrapped in suspense til the end!

Reviewed by Sandy - like a good book kept you guessing until the end

Interesting film, it was well worth watching. The story slowly unraveled with all of its twists. I for one would watch this again, like a good book kept you guessing until the end.

Reviewed by Jake - Unexpectedly good.

Excellent acting. The setting was perfect. If you like SciFi and the post-apocalyptic world, you will like this. Think "The Giver" but for an older audience (more drama and detail).

Reviewed by Shelley G - Unexpectedly enjoyable!

I didn't expect to like this movie as much as I did.

Reviewed by Joshua S - Not for everyone, but I enjoyed it immensely!

Very Interesting Movie. I personally like emotional movies with a touching story line, and this falls under that category. It will not be for everyone, but I enjoyed it greatly

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - i love this movie i watched it today in theaters and ...

You really outdone this one Drake Doremus. i love this movie i watched it today in theaters and still couldn't get enough bought it and watched it again i don't think I'm going to be tired of this beautiful story <3 5="" actress="" all="" and="" b="" could="" d="" deserve="" for="" great="" i="" if="" it="" my="" put="" role.="" stars="" this="" x10="" you="">Reviewed by Alejah - Love!

I honestly don't know why this movie has only 3 stars. I absolutely loved it. The movie had my heart wrench and desperatly wanting to know more!

Reviewed by Stacy Donohue - Five Stars

Love this amazing movie! If your looking for a great movie this is it.

Reviewed by Scott - Must See!!

Amazing! Well written and acted!! I own a copy and I have watched it more than five times. The story line and the context have many implications for us in our society today.

Reviewed by Julia - A Fascinating Futuristic World, Great Plot, Loved It

Great plot, good writing, good acting, fantastic slightly futuristic sets, beautiful cinematography. A very interesting "world" they've created for this film. I really loved this movie.

Reviewed by Elisabeth Cernadas - Five Stars

Beautiful film. Huge performances all around. Loved it.

Reviewed by ABC - Sexiest film on Amazon

with perfect casting. Beautifully done.

Reviewed by Elexus Young - Worth it

I didn't think I would like it, but I saw Kristen Stewart and gave it a try. The plot makes sense, there's a storyline, not all of it is predictable... Worth the view

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

interesting look at humanity and the cost of utopia.

Reviewed by TENBOUS - Thoughtfully fun

It's a thoughtfully exciting marxist tale with a matrix spin. I liked it. I can see why many people wouldn't like this movie, but that's nbd. Not everything is for everyone.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great sci-fi with lots of emotion

Great sci-fi with lots of emotion. It kept me engrossed with a painfully but appropriately slow pace. My heart is aching and I don't think I will fully recover for a while.

Reviewed by Mallory Shewell - This was a fantastic movie. A simple story and plot line as ...

This was a fantastic movie. A simple story and plot line as those things go, but the cinematography and musical score make the movie. I would definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by Abbey Steinhoff - Absolutely fantastic. Two of my favorite actors

Absolutely fantastic. Two of my favorite actors, and a great story. I once read a book series similiar to this film. I have already recommended this to my friends.

Reviewed by Josh - Watch first, read later

Very easy to imagine yourself in these characters' shoes. Everyone's role was well written and thought out. Simple in execution, powerful on impact.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

A love story that will touch any ones heart

Next.. Equals by Nicholas Hoult

Cafe Society, Jesse Eisenberg - Reviews

Cafe Society, Jesse Eisenberg - Kristen Stewart

Reviews of Cafe Society, Jesse Eisenberg

Reviewed by Austin Pierce - Do you like Woody Allen movies? If so, then this is great.

Another great Woody Allen movie.

Reviewed by Joey B - I grew to like it

I liked this movie. It provides a slice of life perspective as a young man goes on his journey to prove himself. Kristen S. and Jesse E. were great in it and I really enjoyed Steve Carrel's character who does not resemble Michael Scott in the least in this movie. This is a good rainy day movie.

Reviewed by Christoph Yasutake - Woody Allen strikes a enjoyable balance

Surprised me. Not a fan of Woody Allen's last few films but this one was adorable. Thoroughly enjoyable. Romantic, fun and cute. As a costume designer I am a sucker for 1930'3 glam, which was in high form here. Fluffy with an enjoyable if somewhat predictable narrative. Worth the watch, enjoy.

Reviewed by Mark D. - Woody Allen did a great job with this movie

Woody Allen did a great job with this movie. It's artsy, theatrical and has a solid story line. If you appreciate good film making, you will like this movie. When I say good, I mean the non-CGI type of movie where the story carries the movie and not the complexity of the action sequences.

Reviewed by Liz - Woody Allen lite

We watched this this week and it was a Woody Allen film but without the angst and other trademarks. My husband liked it for the story line as did I and the characters and actors who played them understatedly . We saw it on Amazon Prinecand it was the best movie we'd seen in a while.

Reviewed by John Frazier - Another feather in a master's cap

Mr. Allen has pulled off another one. This is a truly romantic satire with some hilarious lines. Like Match Point and Cassandra' s Dream it is possible to take this movie seriously and still have a rewarding cinematic experience. That is an unusual talent to which I say, 'bravo!'.


Love the movie. The message is one of " what happens if I would have married you ...." we dream about what would have happened.
Eisenberg tried too hard, a little over acting
Love the rest of the actors.
I like Woody Allen he is a smart man.

Reviewed by Colleen Sturgill - I just loved it. The scenes and music put me right ...

I just loved it. The scenes and music put me right into 1939 in Los Angeles and in New York. At that time my father was 19 and my mother was 15. They were very into music. The music chosen for this movie was perfect!! I lived every moment of this movie.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Instant Classic

Brilliant! Warm, witty, wise and wonderful--Woody Allen at his best. A superbly crafted, entertaining, insightful, poignant film. Jesse Eisenberg is terrific; and so are all the other fine actors in this masterpiece--an instant classic by a genius auteur.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Loved the pace/flow of the movie and the way it ...

Loved the pace/flow of the movie and the way it cut from scene to scene. That made it a real work of art.
Interesting characters. Jesse Eisenberg was great in this role! Loved the narration too. A very unique
film. Crafted in every detail.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Terrific -- So-So Ending

Delightful, beautifully made film: vintage Allen. Terrific cast, excellent performances. Ending runs a bit out of steam, but a genuine pleasure up to that point. Still worth five stars considering the competitive field in motion pictures today.

Reviewed by Willy Whitten - I Recommend Everyone View Cafe Society

Cafe Society is an excellent period piece of the golden days of the Hollywood film industry. The production, story and acting was superb all the way around. I give it five stars, and recommend everyone to view it.

~Willy Whitten

Reviewed by Mike Cohn - A Prize for Woody Fans

Wonderfully enjoyable Woody Allen film. I loved the period feel and the ensemble cast seemed to be having a grand time. A real gem! The romance and the changes in the life story of Jesse Eisenberg's character made this seem like a classic novel.

Reviewed by GAGIRL02 - Enjoyed it so much.

Wasn't what I was expecting at all. Enjoyed it so much. Different story line that most movies.

Reviewed by Makis Dasigenis - Amazing Don't miss.

Excellent film. The acting is amazing. The directing and cinematography same. Woody Allen has such an amazing ability to "paint a canvas" that is instantly recognizable as his work. It's a movie that makes you feel that you are there.

Reviewed by funnygirl511 - A must see!

A great story and great movie! Its a bittersweet rom-com drama set in the 1930's It was captivating, funny, and a little sad. There was a wide array of actors and actresses but they were a good meld. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Reviewed by Ronald S Woodson - Nice period piece with an interesting storyline

Nice period piece with an interesting storyline. Woody is as good a storyteller as he has been in many years.

Reviewed by CHERYL CISSE - I loved this movie

I loved this movie! The music transported me back into another time, an era that was before my time but is nostalgic for me anyway! The plot was strong and the resolution was realistic! I enjoyed it so much that I watched it 3 times!

Reviewed by Karinna - Great movie! The old hollyweed

Great movie! The old hollyweed, i mean Hollywood life told very well. Kristen Stewart didn't act like she was about to vomit after every line. Steve Carrell, Jesse Eisenber, Corey Stoll, all cast amazingly casted. Fantastic job Woody!!

Reviewed by GLove - Five Stars

Classic Woody Allen. There's a lot of thought, a lot of odd, a lot of emotions explored.

Reviewed by Sissygeek - It was a wonderful movie. I cried because I know Mr

It was a wonderful movie. I cried because I know Mr, Allen is old and I could hear his voice crack as he narrated the story. Also, given his age I know he will die soon. His humor is so deep that people who are very negative will not appreciate him.The set decorators should win an academy award. I love how he pointed out the vapidity of California Social Life. With Allen you either like him or you hate him.

Also, I loved the music but I am still caught up in the 1930's to 1950's

Reviewed by GreggVNelson - Meet the new Woody

If you're a Woody fan, you'll be a fan of this movie. Should they ever make a movie on his life Jesse would be an ideal choice to play him. His mannerisms and cadences of voice are remarkable similar and let's not forget the hair!

Reviewed by Cindy - Glad I watched it

Good movie; good acting; moved along; good time-period interest. I don't know why the ratings are better, so I'm giving it 5 stars to help raise the average because I couldn't find anything wrong with it and am glad I watched it.

Reviewed by ajgdon - Where's Woody?

As usual, Writer/Director (and voice over) Woody Allen delivers another funny melodrama to ponder -this time romancing 20-40's Hollywood. If anyone notices the musicians in the background, the guitarist is Vinnie Raniola.

Reviewed by shrzane - On its way to being a classic!

A charming and lighthearted Allen comedy about first love. Beautiful period shots and costuming. Harry Warren music delightful and great to hear so many wonderful standards---Jeepers Creepers and I Only Have Eyes For You.

Reviewed by Key West nurse - Perfectly on Point!

A pleasure from start to finish. Vintage Woody Allen take on life with lush cinematography, perfect casting and wonderful sound track. Helps if you are from NY area and knew or related to people like his characters.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Beautiful, charming, 10/10

Café Society is a modern classic. Direction by Mr. Allen has worked quite well, and the lensing by the great Storaro is reminiscent of his classical work, with saturated colors, smooth movement and a simple approach.

Reviewed by Chiqui - Five Stars

I loved the plot and the era represented in this movie. The movies was funny.

Reviewed by Alexandrina - Old age hollywood--I highly recommend it!!!!

I really liked it! I like the plot and the sets and the costumes. I am rewatching it. I miss the glamour of old Hollywood. I highly recommend it. And woody Allen as the narrator with his accent--- very amusing!

Reviewed by jammerbirdi - Pretty fantastic. It's actually been a while since i ...

Pretty fantastic. It's actually been a while since i saw a film written and acted and shot at this level. TV has so surpassed movies. This was a great Woody Allen movie. Highly recommended if that's your thing.

Reviewed by JessicaRessica - This movie was so good. Normally I don't watch these types of movies ...

This movie was so good. Normally I don't watch these types of movies but I'm glad I did. Even though I loved the movie, I disliked the ending. I felt like it was very abrupt and left me with lots of questions.

Reviewed by Teresa Henry - Five Stars

Love the film. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart gave very good performances.

Reviewed by ruth gordon - Wonderful depiction of what most probably happened in Hollywood during ...

Wonderful depiction of what most probably happened in Hollywood during mid-twentieth century.
The ending was a bit abrupt, in my opinion; would have enjoyed a wee bit more of what could
have been.

Reviewed by emerald - wonderful!

Classic Woody Allen, wonderful!

Reviewed by RG - my wife and I liked this film

Being a Woody Allen film fan, my wife and I liked this film.

Reviewed by Charlie - Enjoys the 1930's

I am a Woody Allen fan, so maybe i am biased. Classic self deprecating type of film, love lost. Add it to your collection. Digital code to work on iOS devices and Apple TV is great for the digital age.

Reviewed by Rodney Dobbs - Allen in early Hollywood

Typical Woody Allen movie--and typical is great. Liked the characters and the pace . Even the persistent narration was not annoying. I liked the way it ended without resolution. Just like real life.

Reviewed by Armen - Woody A rocks!

I really enjoyed watching this movie, Woody A is great!!

Reviewed by sunnylouis - Five Stars

great movie of two hearts living in two separate world.

Reviewed by C. Crabtree - Cafe Society, Woody Allen at his best

I have always loved Woody Allen films. I think I've seen them all, and loved them all dearly, and this one is no exception. It's totally him, and it's great. Wish he'd make a new film every year.

Reviewed by F.Lea - Glad for romantic Allen approach.

Great Movie!! Thank you Mr. Allen for once again providing us with another fun, beautiful, terrific movie. Loved it!! Music, beauty, humor, charm -- all rolled into one piece. You've done it again!!

Reviewed by Leo Favrovsky - One of Woody Allen's best! Great

An instant classic with Woody Allens evergreen ability to show the complexity of heart and mind in conflict along with the vivid scenery of Manhattan and La, a constant theme in allens best movies.

Reviewed by michael sheaffer - I love Woody Allen and I believe his best movies very ...

What can I say, I love Woody Allen and I believe his best movies very well might be yet to come. I own all of his movies on dvd about fifty. With Cafe Society you get a quality original story woven into an excellent movie.Woody gives me something to look forward every year

Reviewed by Craig Olson - A good story, I'm not big on Woody Allen

A good story, I'm not big on Woody Allen, but he did a fine job on this one. I love the time period and am a stickler for things like cars, fashion, language, etc., being correct and this one is

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Excellent!

Another great Woody Allen film. He has the talent to bring the best acting performances from the stars under his direction. The cast is brilliant in their performances. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Reviewed by Becky - You'll laugh and smile--very sweet too.

Delightful, typical Woody Allen romanticized flick with "The Family" and the hits you'd expect from mobsters presented on a merry go round of affairs. You'll laugh and smile--very sweet too...

Reviewed by sebastian owl - Sunday afternoon tea with Woody

A great movie - spent a cold winter Sunday bundled up with tea and thoroughly enjoyed this movie, the actors,actresses, witty reparte and settings. If you like Woody Allen movies,its a must see.

Reviewed by Leonore H. Look - Will watch again

Great movie! Great music, costumes and colours p

Reviewed by Glenda Stone - I really loved this movie

I really loved this movie. It kind of reminded me of his "Radio Days". Interesting that both ended on New Years Eve. The acting was great also and I loved the whole feel of the movie.

Reviewed by JAMES MCKERNON - Very well done. Woody Allen in spite of my ...

Very well done. Woody Allen in spite of my personal feelings about the man, is a master. From the story line to the photography, to the casting, it all adds up up to a compelling adventure.

Reviewed by Frederick M. Baker Jr. - No pat answers, just another exploration of the human ...

No pat answers, just another exploration of the human condition by a master.

Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living, but the examined life is no bargain.

Reviewed by Carol L. Friedland - Woody at his best!

Woody at his very best! Still struggling with his forever issues; life, death, family, love. All with lots of smiles, knowing nods and outright guffaws. Don't miss Woody being Woody :))

Reviewed by Joanne P Long - all suburb - and the philosophical one (or two) liners - great a total woody - Live each day as if ...

Bravo!!!! cinematography, music, acting, all suburb - and the philosophical one (or two) liners - great a total woody - Live each day as if it is your last and one day you will be right.

Reviewed by Bob - The shooting of this feature is beautiful. Lighting and the dolly work is outstanding

The shooting of this feature is beautiful. Lighting and the dolly work is outstanding. The ending is well much to be desired.
Love Woody Allen's films but they are always different.

Reviewed by AV8R - Woody does not disappoint

One of those little stories that addresses who we love, the choices we make, and the times we don't get what we want. Well crafted story, excellent direction. Woody does not disappoint.

Reviewed by Barry - Perfect Allen!

The screen play is so natural that it could have been a narrative I heard as a kid growing up in a Jewish home in Brooklyn. The ending symbolizes the road so many have in their life.

Reviewed by honey badger - Woody Wows Again

Woody Allen still has it after all these years. Café Society is a movie which quietly draws you in and keeps you watching. Even if you're not a big fan I think you'll love this movie.

Reviewed by Avraham Azrieli - A wonderful period movie blessed with Woody Allen's deft storytelling magic ...

A wonderful period movie blessed with Woody Allen's deft storytelling magic and truly excellent acting by Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell, and Blake Lively. Very enjoyable!

Reviewed by ermaho2 - Woody's best film since Midnight In Paris

Woody's best film since Midnight In Paris...sophisticated, sharp and witty. The ladies rather steal the show....with Stewart, Posey and Lively being better than they've ever been....

Reviewed by Julio Claret - Master writer/director W. Allen delivered another jewel Every screenplay ...

Master writer/director W. Allen delivered another jewel
Every screenplay succeeds. Never fails.
We hope his newest Amazon Studios association brings
more of his genius to us.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - loved this movie and all the actors

loved this movie and all the actors. Jesse and Kristen are two of my favorite actors. They work so well together. Woody Allen is a great director and I have liked all his movies.

Reviewed by R - Enjoyable

Very entertaining; I found both stars gave really good performances. Some complained that the movie had no point - agreed - it's just a slice of life ...and an entertaining one

Reviewed by Jo-Anne Kuczma - Woody does it again!

Loved this movie. The acting was great and it was well told by Woody Allen. Love that it was set in the 1930s! Just wonderful to see the opulence of LA and the movie business.

Reviewed by James Kayten - It should be a series.

I quite enjoyed this period piece. Some friends were disappointed in the ending, but I thought it was perfect. I only wish it was the first episode in a series about the times.

Reviewed by Quickimiki - Unexpected find

My fiance and I loved this movie. It has a great cast, and characters. This gives you a great look into the past and Hollywood - not to mention, a love story triangle and laughs.

Reviewed by John Fortune - I personally enjoyed this one just as much as those

Extremely engaging story. The only other Woody Allen movies I have seen are Manhattan Murder Mystery and Midnight in Paris. I personally enjoyed this one just as much as those.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Overall excellent Woody Allen Film.

Overall excellent Woody Allen Film.
Liked the visual quality.
Story Line had deep personal meaning in terms of subject matter.
Everyone got their wish or what they deserved.

Reviewed by a consumer - Probably one of the best of Woody Allen

Probably one of the best of Woody Allen. Watch this and see how movie-magic is made. Some editing out of the few seconds of the visual violence would have made it a masterpiece.

Reviewed by Maddie Wirth - This was a great movie if you really enjoy pretentious yet beautiful time ...

This was a great movie if you really enjoy pretentious yet beautiful time period dramas. There is not shortage of affairs and Kristen Stewart is at her best in this great movie.

Reviewed by Keith A. - good pacing and the film tone and color control was ...

good pacing and the film tone and color control was magic as far as my wife and I are concerned. We have enjoyed and have wanted to
re-watch the majority of Woody's films.

Reviewed by Andrea - Loved the feel of the time period

Loved the feel of the time period, costumes, set design, acting was great! I also loved how real the love stories are-- very indie feel. Not the typical cheesy film. ❤❤👏🏻👏🏻

Reviewed by Stephanie S. - Very witty and cleverly written.

I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was really good, the one liners, wittiness, and clever lines that were delivered right off the actors tongue. Woody Allen is brilliant!

Reviewed by Julia L. - Another masterpiece comedy/ drama done in Woody's best tradition, full of irony

Another masterpiece comedy/ drama done in Woody's best tradition, full of irony, dark humor, and mind-wrenching dialogs, narrated by the director himself. Check out the cast.

Reviewed by A2LF - Jessie Eisenberg delivered an excellent performance. He is fast becoming one of my ...

It's a Woody Allen film, do I need to say more? Jessie Eisenberg delivered an excellent performance. He is fast becoming one of my favorite actors and this movie proves this.

Reviewed by Pamela W. - Just like a beautiful dessert

Just like a beautiful dessert, Woody Allen serves up a tantalizing movie full of all the right ingredients to keep you always wanting more . Everybit as good as La La Land!!!

Reviewed by Debbie - Worth the watch even if not Woody Allen fan

Don't like anything about Woody Allen. But, this movie was surprisingly good. The characters and actors who portrayed them, made it real. I was lost in it. Would watch again.

Reviewed by susan eppers - Another Woody Allen hit!

Kept my interest from beginning to end. Always love Mr. Allen's films for the banter, and plot lines. Including music from the great 30's and 40's only enhances his films.

Reviewed by yeahman. - ... who has an uncle in hollywood and likes the good things in life

its a story about some jew who has an uncle in hollywood and likes the good things in life.the chick he goes with also like the good things in life and they find each other.

Reviewed by Edward F Cook, Jr. - Best Woody Allen Movie ever made!!!

I am usually the type of person who ends up being attracted to the plot in Woody Allen's films, but end up despising the films and turning them off 1/2 way thru. With Cafe Society I had the same expectation going in, but the added attraction of it starring Steve Carell, made me give it a try. I kept waiting for it to stink, and although there were a number of times when the main character, played by Jesse Eisenberg, sounded all too familiar to Woody himself, he caught the essence without demolishing the film. The final verdict is this is Absolutely the BEST Woody Allen Movie ever made! You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Reviewed by g.r - Fun romantic comedy from Woody Allen.

A fun film, Kristen and Eisenberg are great together. Carrell can play any part pretty much. Fun Woody Allen proud piece; great follow up to "crisis in six scenes".

Reviewed by Victoria H. - Love it

Great movie with a pretty darn good cast. As much as I dislike Eisenberg, he did a fairly good job in this role. Same with Carrel, can't stand him and he proved to be a jerk.

Reviewed by dancing queen - Woody fan or not, you should see this.

So great in typical Woody Allen style. The characters were so connected and the relationships interesting. I would highly recommend this movie especially to Woody Allen fans.

Reviewed by Florida Frank - A Must See

I'm not a movie watcher but this movie was excellent! Woody Allen did an amazing job with this. I enjoyed the 30's garb and music. Liked it so much, I watched it twice,

Reviewed by Kindle Customer - typical Woody

classic woody allen..Having been brought up in NYC I can relate to the young man's problems as he tries to get comfortable in LA.
Great theme and the visuals are superb.

Reviewed by Ronald J Falk - great woody allen written film

witty though somewhat predictable story in the 20-30s cafe society of new york and california. definitly worth the 90 minute watch time and a great bonus to amazon prime

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Loved it! My favorite Woody Allen movie at the ...

Didn't know it existed until a few days ago. Loved it! My favorite Woody Allen movie at the moment. He does an amazing job romanticing Los Angeles and the time period.

Reviewed by Gail Schubert - Classic Woody Allen

I am a great fan of Woody Allen and this film does not disappoint. "Cafe Society" explores our life-changing choices and how we feel about them as time goes by.

Reviewed by Reeve W. - you will love Cafe Society

If you grew up with Woody Allen films, you will love Cafe Society. As a transplanted New Yorker to Los Angeles, I really did relate to the story.
And, so will you!

Reviewed by jeffrey b - Really love the characters in all of his movies

Another Woody Allen masterpiece. Really love the characters in all of his movies, not to mention the plots. Nice that he was able to mention my home town, Passaic, N.J.

Reviewed by Luvvie - Worth seeing!

I thouroughly enjoyed this film. It was light, with moments of sad but not overly so. I just can't call up the right words to describe it.....maybe just Woody Allenish.

Reviewed by Javier Durango - If you like most Woody Allen movies

If you like most Woody Allen movies, you're going to love this. The main three characters perform excellent. And Allen's portrayals of New York are always astonishing.

Reviewed by Michaelangelo - Loved the period cars

Loved the period cars, costumes, and swagger. Woody Allen let's this one move along with great writing and character development. Most enjoyable blast from the past.

Reviewed by Philip - Another masterpiece by WA.

My wife and I loved the film. The plot was excellent and the period design, lighting, music and atmosphere where spot on. Just an overall great flick and love story.

Reviewed by J. L. Marksbury - Vintage Woody Allen

I thought this was vintage Woody Allen! He even directed Jesse Eisenberg to act and speak like him. I am a big Woody Allen fan, so I loved it. I think it was grand!

Reviewed by J.J. - This makes for a great period film piece

The film is made in true Woody Allen style. The chemistry between Eisenberg and Kristen is strong. This makes for a great period film piece. I enjoyed it immensely..

Reviewed by Jabberwock713 - well worth watching

For those of us with little interest in computer graphics and an appreciation of character development. It's a good story with a good cast. High production values.

Reviewed by Catherine E. Kuespert - Great cast - thoroughly enjoyable!

Jesse Eisenberg is fast becoming my favourite actor. This film is a perfect vehicle for his skills - although I normally avoid Woody Allen films like the plague!

Reviewed by TheBigCheez - Watched it twice and loved it both times!

Watched it twice and loved it both times. Woody Allen at his best - the actors are superb, the sets and clothes are amazing and just a wonderful, enjoyable story!

Reviewed by Minetta Smith - It has beautiful costumes and great locale shots

This lovely Woody Allen film makes you wzntbtobeatch batches of black and white movies. It has beautiful costumes and great locale shots. I totally get the ending

Reviewed by Blake Barthlome - Five Stars

The great Woody Allen.

Reviewed by Wayne Tsuji - Five Stars

Great movie. Typical Woody Allen.

Reviewed by Sylvia P. Brown - Cafe Society is award worthy.

It is one of my favorite movie. I saw it at theater and was happy to see it on Amazon for viewing. I will probably see it again.In my book, it is award worthy.

Reviewed by Deb Reynolds - Five Stars

Smart and witty.

Reviewed by Sean - If this Doesn't Make You Smile; What Will? :-)

I think I smiled for the 1st 45 minutes of this movie. It is full of existential nuances. This movie is a work of art, which of course you cannot always say.

Reviewed by Sandokan - Great unconventionally romatinc movie

Solid script, very good acting, a VERY Woody-Allen movie (so you are only going to like it if you like his movies). Romantic, but not in a conventional way.

Reviewed by Will L. - Woody Is Still Winning...

I've been a fan of WA movies since....forever. Bananas, maybe? Therefore, I consider myself certainly qualified and capable of writing down my opinion of this film. Look, I know he's made better movies...better written, better directed and better acted. But, for some damn reason, a reason which completely eludes me, Café Society could be my favorite Woody Allen movie. I loved it! It has a great look, for's just a beautiful movie to look at. I don't know if he did something different this time out, I just know it pops off the screen at you. It shines, it's glows, it's crisp and it's warm, the images sharper and more vibrant. Maybe he used a different kind of film, or a different make/model of camera, or did something different with the lighting. Maybe something in post production with the editing process, or whatever. All I know is this is a gorgeous looking movie.

The writing is Woody all the way. There is no mistaking that. The dialogue is still wrought with that Jewish angst, that unmistakable back-and-forth between his carefully drawn fully realized Jewish characters. Woody writes the most believable conversations in the business. It's very rich, flavorful and real. This is how people talk. And the dialogue in Café Society is near perfection.

The casting is brilliant. I won't go through the entire cast, character-by-character, but I will say they all fitted together beautifully. I'll admit to a big apprehension regarding Kristen Stewart. I was of the opinion, prior to seeing this, that she couldn't act. I've always considered her to be an actor with no range whatsoever. As bland and one dimensional as they come. In this, however, she was very good. Somehow Woody got an honest-to-goodness performance out of her. She actually showed some emotional range here. Another honorable mention: Steve Carrel. Terrific! Let me say that, although the casting as a whole was brilliant, there was no single outstanding performance. Together, though, they were superb. The big surprise was Kristen Stewart.

So, right now, today, this is my favorite Woody Allen movie. It wasn't too corny, too "jokey", too heavy, or too neurotic. It looked absolutely beautiful. The sets were fabulous, as was wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Woody is a master.

Reviewed by sue j. - It Won't Disappoint!

Stumbled upon this film while searching for something to watch. We'd not yet seen Cafe Society but, being huge Woody Allen fans, we watched it and loved it.

Reviewed by Tim Young - Cafe Society***

Woody and his cast hit paydirt with Cafe Society. I thouhgt all the elements solidified into
fine crystal. And the film ends on just the right note.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Loved the movie

Loved the movie. Had heard about it but didn't have the opportunity to see it. Great acting and totally Woody Allen. If you're a fan .. don't miss it.

Reviewed by WW545 - Five Stars

Fun movie.

Next.. Cafe Society, Jesse Eisenberg

Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists - Reviews

 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists

Reviews of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists

Reviewed by Digital Momma - Blown away!

What's great about the Twilight Series soundtracks? Each one, like the movies, has its own unique mood and feel. The Eclipse soundtrack is a little darker and edgier than the first two, and I'm lovin' it! It's been going non-stop in my CD player, and I've already ordered one of the artists' CDs (Florence + the Machine). The soundtracks have opened my ears to a wonderful world of lesser known, talented artists.

Reviewed by Katherine Bowler - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Kimberly J. - Five Stars

Love it

Reviewed by Brandon LaPointe - Five Stars

Huge Twilight fan

Reviewed by Delores Daily - Five Stars

Love this movie

Reviewed by Lori - Eclipse Soundtrack

If you like the movie, you'll like the soundtrack. It has all of the fun songs the movie has, as well as the instrumental "Jacob's Theme" by Carter Burwell. It's a fun CD!

Reviewed by MissRainbow - GREAT MUSIC!


Reviewed by Mary - Very Happy with this CD

Very Happy with this CD. Despite buying used, it was in great condition and I haven't had any problems with quality of play or scratches on CD.

Reviewed by Jillian - Pure joy!

This movie is not even one of my faves, but this soundtrack is Awesome! Highly recommend it!

Reviewed by Tiffany Eckert - Five Stars

Other than taking forever to get here it was perfect

Reviewed by Sarahanne1984 - my mom likes it

my mom is a twilight fan and has gotten all these cds now. she likes it. its a good mix of "darker" popular music.

Reviewed by Sherry - Five Stars

I'm addicted to these soundtracks, lots of romantic and dreamy music.

Reviewed by Martha Lane - I was so glad when the Cullen family was able to be together ...

I was so glad when the Cullen family was able to be together and no one was trying to kill them the music is perfect.

Reviewed by A. Redwine - Love.


Reviewed by marmar - Eclipse Soundtrack

This is by far the best of the series, so far. Every song on this cd sounds as if you were actually watching the movie Eclipse. I would recommend this cd to anyone who wishes to experience a soulful, upbeat and romantic experience. Kudos to the producers for their wonderful selections. I would rate this cd as 5 stars.

Reviewed by Sheila Jindela - Best yet!

Of all of the Twilight Saga Soundtrack's this is by far the best yet!
Almost every track stands out on it's own. But interestingly enough Muse had gone from my most favorite on the first movie soundtrack to the least favorite on this most recent CD.
Personal favorites were "Heavy in Your Arms", "Jonathan Low" and "With You in My Head".

Reviewed by Vicki Lind - Five Stars


Reviewed by Delphinegill - Five Stars

Thank you!

Reviewed by Christine Guy - love the music in all the Twilight series

love the music in all the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn being my favorite, but they all rock! this is a gift for my Daughter in law!

Reviewed by Roswell, NM - Soundtrack

Everyone should have this CD in their music library. As you listen you can relive the movie scenes in your head without having to be in front of TV screen.

Reviewed by Tricia Taylor - Five Stars

Gift for my niece.

Reviewed by Elizabeth G. Santos - music

There are some special musics and others not so good but what I wanted was to check what the author wanted
to say mixing the music and the scene!

Reviewed by MPTravels - Fun Read

Fun Read

Reviewed by Tim - What do you expect?

If your a twilight fan than it's a good buy. my wife and i are fans of the movies so this was a must have like all the rest. its a soundtrack so if you liked the movies it goes without saying you will like the soundtrack.

Reviewed by Rita Todd - 🎶Great Mix of Music🎵

Music is so good! I never get tired of it 👍


I didn't think I could enjoy Eclipse as much as I did New Moon. However, to my absolute delight Eclipse eclipsed the New Moon soundtrack. The songs and performances are intense. My top favs are: Neutron Star Collision, Heavy in Your Arms, My Love, Chop & Change, Let's get Lost, to name a few. I just love this CD.

Reviewed by cindy snowden - Great Series

Very nice series with lots of action and love playing at your heart strings. Fell in love with it at first bite! Good morals and thought provoking decisions are made.

Reviewed by withoutworry - Good soundtrack

I love the music from this movie. It has great sound quality,and lots of great artists. If you are in the market for a mix of artists. I would suggest this one.

Reviewed by Angela Adams - Love it

Wonderful music that brings you back to memories of the movie The Tilight Saga: Eclipse. Not only does it take you back to the movie, the music is enjoyable.

Reviewed by Andrea Collins - Love the CD!!

I receive this CD sooner than I thought. I actually was listening to this CD before christmas which really made me very happy!! The CD was really nice and my favorite song on the CD was written by Sia "My Love" which took me right back to the movie again!! Thanks for getting it to me sooo fast!

Reviewed by Craddock Commentaries - Bargain Hunter

Packages arrived very quickly and was exactly as described. Very pleased.

Reviewed by Barbara McKenzie - Twilight

It was a good addition to my Twilight music collection.

Reviewed by Kimberly Ann Twotrees - love

I love these songs on this soundtrack. Loved the movie and I just had to get the music. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I have

Reviewed by Leona Inglett - I Loved It,

Yes, I Loved all of the Soundtracks, I have them all, now. Thank You. I also have, all of the MOVIES, but one, the last one~BD-Part two~. One of your emails, said I would get It on~MARCH 4TH.~Leona.

Reviewed by wmuellner - ...however, would've been nice to have had before I could've bought it in the store

i thought the whole idea of preordering something was so that you'd have some 'special early' claim to that product before the general public...well, here i sit, waiting for the latest 'twilight' soundtrack and dvd and i could've driven to the store and purchased them yesterday. go figure...

Reviewed by Mojo D. - Twilight Twilight Twilight

After reading the Twilight books, I had to have the music to go with them. I have ordered all the soundtracks for the movies and will order the rest of them when available. Ordering from Amazon is quick and easy, and so far, every link I have ordered from through Amazon has been good to deal with.

Reviewed by Toni Sands - good

its a cd

Reviewed by Jennifer Bressler - Five Stars

Arrived on time and the twilight fan in my household was extremly happy

Reviewed by Kenifer - Love it!

Wonderful addition to our collection. The music and movies are wonderful!

Reviewed by Bernard R. Bossert Jr. - Good buy

The sound track includes all the songs and has great quality sound. Much cheaper than buying it in the store.

Reviewed by Jonathan - Great songs.

Love this CD !!!

Reviewed by Christina - easy listen

Great for listening at work....which is where I mainly listen. Love the songs. Love the tempo. Am looking for some of the artists own CDs because of this soundtrack.

Reviewed by Claudia - Five Stars


Reviewed by alexmtn - Five Stars

Bought it for the title song. All expectations met.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great Movie

When I first watched this movie I didn't understand all the hype. Then a friend told me to read the books. Now, I get the movies and love them almost as much as I love the books.

Reviewed by Stephanie Cary - Twihard

I loved the books and I love the soundtracks. It really brings back some fond memories for me. Love it.

Reviewed by Lamar Jackson - CD

great music!

Reviewed by danielle taylor - this is great

i love it i listen to it every chance i get. its good traveling music for the road trips i take

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Yay!

Always liked this movie, finally got around to buying it. Good quality, plays good, no complaints. Enjoyed seeing it again.

Reviewed by chellearia - Perfect fit

This soundtrack is enjoyable to listen to, containing a wide range of selections, mostly indie and all original in sound and content. Each song is unique in its quality, yet they compliment each other. Additionally, for fans of the movies, the music fits seamlessly with the film.

Reviewed by 1chelle13 - Five Stars


Reviewed by Kiwi - Fabulous compilation of artists

Many of these artists were previously unknown to me, and I came to really love many of these songs. Definately worth the price - Sia 'My Love' is a lovely song. 'Heavy in Your Arms' is hauntingly beautiful. A must buy for any Eclipse movie fan and even non-Twihards.

Reviewed by DOG MOM - huge fan of this saga

I am a huge fan of the Twilight saga. I now have all the movies and the soundtracks. I enjoyed the collection of songs on all the cd's. Nice price and quick delivery.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - perfect

just what I wanted, very happy to be able to complete my collection, the whole collection is very mood changing

Reviewed by Marsalt - Five Stars

really good music

Reviewed by dani lynn - Five Stars

Really cool music. I like the taste of music this movie has very much

Reviewed by Victoria Haro - twilight

I love all of the songs that this cd have I can't complain I used to have but I lost it so I had to buy it again cause I loved the songs that this cd have

Reviewed by Java Ray - Five Stars

What can I say one of the cleanest movies I've seen in a long time.

Reviewed by Audrey Black - Five Stars


Reviewed by Amber Michelle Smith - Five Stars

A great overall album to listen to.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - As alwasy The Twilight Saga delivers

The music they pick to put on the soundtrack for these films are nothing short of amazing. They give artist who are normally unkown to certain generations the opportunity to shine. Bat for Lashes was a great addition to this album and introduces us to something besided the main stream music that I personally am sick of. The only thing I didn't like about it...the cd case is paper...I like the hard's just who I am. You do get a poster inside for those of you who collect those; mine was Bella. I'm listening to it in the car, at home, and currently at work. Great buy.

Reviewed by findrhonda - FANTASTIC

As always the Twilight Saga works it's magic. I am a middle aged TWI-HARD, and no matter how many times I watch this video I always find something new.

Reviewed by Don - Pleased

This is a great sound track to a great movie series. This one is for anyone that likes the Twilight series.

Reviewed by Michelle Cash - great

I am glad to have this cs very nice and the price was great couldn't resist very happy with the product

Reviewed by Shari Johnson - Five Stars

loved it

Reviewed by Louise E. Stevens - Eclipse Soundtrack

Very good choices of music. Especially "I'm All Yours" You will want to listen to it many times. I do.

Reviewed by Veronique - Five Stars

love it

Reviewed by Marley - Five Stars

Great, as expected

Reviewed by EclecticLife - Good buy

The CD was in the original packaging and plays just fine. In the true alternative vein like the other movies, the music is wonderful.

Reviewed by melissa reece - love it

I'm not a big reader but the Twilight Saga makes me want to read the books. I like the music.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Great music and love the way I can download right when I buy it.

Reviewed by Susan - Excellent CD!!

This is an excellent CD. I've listened to it many times and have enjoyed all the songs. I particularly like "My Love" and "Let's Get Lost." There is a good variety of sounds...slow, hypnotic, catchy tunes, good drum beat, rock...all enjoyable.

Reviewed by Renee Maronge - excellent listening

I have three twilight soundtracks. This is the best one. Even non'twilight fans like the music on here. It's good from start to finish and I play it often.

Reviewed by Aussie Oggie - This soundtrack rocks

Great soundtrack with some epic tracks that you'll want to hit repeat for - excellent driving music and highly recommended

Reviewed by Shana - let's go

Love every song on this CD I can't stop playing it in my car and even at work all night.

Reviewed by franfire - Five Stars

Great music written for the movies. Worth owning them.

Reviewed by Ellen E. Stapleton - Great compilation

Even if you're not a Twihard you will love this CD, all songs are great. If you put this on can hear it over and over and never tire of it. That's a great investment to me.

Reviewed by Maureen - The Twilight Saga sound tracks

I loved everyone of the music tracks on all the Twilight music releases with the exception of the last film - mostly repeats.

Reviewed by T. Neumeister - Five Stars


Reviewed by Jackie - Twilight's Eclipse Soundtrack

Do you love the book? Do you love the movie? Here is the soundtrack. As you listen, you can just 'see' each scene. Get it. Love it.

Reviewed by Cecilia Kindell - Five Stars

Love it, thank you

Reviewed by MiaCullen444 - Five Stars

It was in perfect condition! I am very pleased with it.

Reviewed by ET - Five Stars

Great soundtrack!

Reviewed by Frances - eclipse

I am very pleased I listen to the cd usely once a day i love music always have,so i am greatful to my daughter that showed me about amazon movies and music ....

Reviewed by Emily Bailey - Love it!

Every song is amazing!

Reviewed by Madge Gressley - Twilight Exlipse Soundtrack

I found the soundtrack met all of my expectations. I would recommend it to all Twilight fans as well as those who are not.

Reviewed by Vic - sounds good

great sound very good music

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - great buy

Exactly how I wanted the music to be. I can picture the scenes as I listen to the songs. Great.

Reviewed by northgamommy - Great for a collector's item.

This item is great for collectors of Twilight or Vinyl memorabilia. The fact that the albums are red just increases the appeal. Great sound on turntable as well. Very pleased with this purchase.

Reviewed by Tk1981 - happy

very satisified with my product and the price made it even sweeter.very easy to upload and love how i can use cloud and it's already on my phone and computer.

Reviewed by Thomas W. - Five Stars

Very nice

Reviewed by Robert Patterson - Five Stars

It was a Gift

Reviewed by J. Crowell - Best yet!

I was sceptical about buying this soundtrack. I have the other 2 soundtracks from the previous movies. They are..ok..---but they have really stepped up with this one. Not so many depressing songs. Lots of fun and really cool!

Reviewed by Tiffany Murphy - Soundtrack for Eclipse

This soundtrack is amazing. The music is so relaxing and exciting at the same time.
I have had countless hours of enjoyment as I've traveled in my car listening to this CD. I would recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Five Stars

Love this book and love the movie as well

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Eclipse sound track

Great sound track. I listen to it when I'm driving to town. I love all the songs.Some better then others, but there all good.

Reviewed by Chris - Five Stars


Reviewed by Bonnie Brown - Music

I really enjoy listening to the CD, it's like watching the movie in your mind as you listen. Absolutely beautiful!

Reviewed by shearert - Great for any fan!

I absolutely love the Twilight Series and am so happy that I bought the music to this movie since I just fell in love with it. :)

Reviewed by AshAlexander538 - Twihard

I am a total twihard! I love all the music. It brings me back to the movies. I would recommend this to anyone who loves twilight.

Reviewed by from Alberta - I bought it....

and being a "geriatric", am being introduced to these groups rather than already knowing them. Love it!!!!!! Who are these genius(s) - genii- who put these three great soundtracks together?

Reviewed by mother of four - Five Stars

I love the music

Reviewed by amy - great soundtrack!

I have the other two soundtracks for the twilight movies and i love this one just as much. I pretty much like all of the songs on this cd and will buy the next soundtrack for breaking dawn.

Reviewed by Bobbi Finch - Takes to back to the theater!

The songs are great and it takes you back to the theater when each of them happy I got it!

Reviewed by SummerStar - Suprisingly good

For the cheesiness that is associated with the movie franchise this is an amazing album. There are songs on here from great artist that you can not get on their albums. Imagine Bat for Lashes and Beck?!?

Reviewed by M. L. Mckenzie - Big Twilight Fan

I love the movie's and the music in them. I have all the sound track's and played all them this last trip.

Reviewed by mompauley - eclipse

i liked all the songs in this cd. some i had never heard before and i'm glad i bought it.

Reviewed by Beth A. Essington - Twilight Saga: Eclipse

This is one of my favorite stories in the series. I love all of it and wish the series wasn't over!

Reviewed by shadowladyhawk - It's Twilight!!

Not that being Twilight has anything to do with it, but the song choices are pretty cool. I would recommend this product to anyone who is a fan.

Reviewed by jenapryl - Five Stars

love it

Reviewed by Terri Hilton - Five Stars

Love it!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great combination.

I loved the collection of known and unknown artists compiled for the movie. As with the previous 2 soundtracks, you get to here from groups that you may never knew exsisted. Great work.

Reviewed by Adriane W - Great music!

Love it

Reviewed by Kim S. - GREAT!

I now have all of these CD's and listen to them in my car and at work all day!! FANTASTIC BUY!!

Reviewed by Ramona Kekstadt - A must for any Twilight Fan. Great Music from Muse as always!

I have all three CD's(Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse). I ordered each CD without even hearing any of the music. I was plesantly surprised that each CD was awesome!
I love Eclipse(all yours)...The song by Muse-Love is forever really fits this movie...You already know that it is all about Edwards's and Bella's love for each other..I do feel the soundtrack makes me feel part of the movie too, like one of the reviews that was given..June 30th can not come quick enough for me...

You must get this CD from Amazon! By far the best price anywhere...

Reviewed by Chloe - Twilight Eclipse music

Just way to much rock. Need to get to the classical music and you have to wade through this dvd to find any. Just like the previous two music cd's to these movies.

Reviewed by Marguerite K. Armbruster - Twilight music

I received my cd like I was told and I couldn't be happier. I've listened to it and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Reviewed by angelwaz72 - Great

it came on time and was in great order thanks soooo much it was a gift to a friend who is a huge twilight fan she loved it i hope to do more buying from you soon!

Reviewed by Mrs. L. - Love, love, love

I love this CD. The best part was being able to preview all the songs before I bought it. Once I listened to all the previews, I was sold. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Reviewed by noirlupe - Loved the CD.

Wanted this CD for sometime the price is what made me buy this one. And I had this CD finally to go with the other two twilight CD's.

Reviewed by Ella L. Merritt - Music from Eclipse eclipses most others!

If you purchase this product, you are required to play it full volume in your car with the windows down! Also, if you can, SING-A-LONG! Love it!

Reviewed by Faith - Eclipse soundtrack

This is an excellent product. It arrived much sooner than I thought it would and of course it was in excellent condition because I bought it brand new.

Reviewed by Hth - Great Soundtrack!

The twilight franchise comes through with another great soundtrack. At first I thought it was a little mellow, but now I can't take it out of my CD player. Love it!

Reviewed by Lady Marion - Great!!!!

Love the artist and the music chosen for the movie. Love the fact that I'm getting to know musicians that I've never heard before and thats' freaking awesome!!!!

Reviewed by big fan - music

This cd was just as awesome as the one before it. I love the variety in artists and sounds. Buy it, it's great.

Reviewed by hating the heat - Driving Music

I have this CD in my car and have really enjoyed it. Time flies and brings back great memories of the movie. Be aware of the lead foot.

Reviewed by SR - Another great soundtrack from the Twilight Saga

This soundtrack definitely meets the quality of the previous two films and their soundtracks! I would definitely recommend it to any Twilight fan.

Reviewed by Carolyn - Excellent Score

The 3rd soundtrack in the Twilight Saga does not fall short. It is a wonderful addition to the previous sountracks, Twilight and New Moon. Kudos!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Eclipse

I like this cd very much. Glad I listened to it before I saw the movie so I could try to figure out what part of the movie the song played in.

Reviewed by R. Reese - Wonderful Book

Lots of great pics and information from the movie. I have the first two also, and they are all wonderful books. A must have for Twi-hards!

Reviewed by Katelyn - Wonderful! Everything i was hoping for!

I love this cd its great even though it wasnt as goos as the first it still had the great songs that were featured in the movie!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - LOVE IT!


Reviewed by Joan Avila - love it, love it.

i love all the cd's from the saga, but my fav so far is the eclipse cd.. love the music, it goes very nicely with the movie.

Reviewed by Jeanie F. Andersen - Twilight Saga Eclipse Companion

The best yet. Cant wait for the next one. Everything made clear and can relive the excitement of the movie through its pages.

Reviewed by Rachel C. Covault - Amazing! Great music!

I purchased this b/c im a "twihard" haha,but once again i was not disappointed by the music. It's great. Love them all.

Reviewed by hollysue - Great!

Very Good Soundtrack and very glad i bought it. I reccomend purchasing this soundtrack if you enjoyed the series!

Reviewed by M. Anton - Eclipse Soundtrack Excellent as Expected!

I'm a huge Twilight fan, so I think I would love anything associated with it. Putting the Twilight connection aside, this album is great! When the free sneak peek was available a few days ago, I listened to it all day and never got sick of it. Now that I own it, I plan to listen to it non-stop for weeks, and won't get sick of it! As I listen to the songs, I try to imagine where they will fit with the story in the movie. This album is highly recommended to everyone, not just the Twilight-obsessed. (I'm one of the Twi-Moms, by the way, so it's not just for the teens). Buy the album and enjoy!!

Reviewed by Joni - Great Music

I think this CD captures the essence of the movie. Captures the essence of the Twilight trios dilemma.

Reviewed by W. Hubbard - Much better than New Moon soundtrack

The Eclipse soundtrack has a wide variety of music and a lot of it! There are clearly some standout songs on here (Let's Get Lost). It is neck and neck with the Twilight soundtrack in my book right now, but after another week or two of listening to it, and then putting it together with scenes from the movie - it will probably be my favorite of all three soundtracks. I don't even hesitate to give it five stars.

Reviewed by lavkey1 - LOVE

I was so happy when I got the cd had it about 2 weeks now still cant stop listening to it.

Reviewed by M. M. Entenman - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack

This is the best of the three. I LOVE all the tracks! Good mixture of songs and groups.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Great music!

Love the songs from the soundtrack! Great artists very easy to listen to over and over.

Reviewed by Diana At Daycare - Two More Twi-Hard Fans

What can We say,mother and daughter both loved the soundtrack and of course the movie!

Reviewed by Cheryl M - Eclipse soundtrack is just simply awesome!

You can't go wrong with this soundtrack! It's the best of the series so far. Buy it.

Reviewed by M. Simonian - The best soundtrack ever...

I loved most of the songs from the CD and I would recommend it to every Fan.

Reviewed by Barbara E. Sinclair - Twilight Mom

Loved this cd. Music is original and exciting - even my husband liked it!

Reviewed by Shadowmatrx - Best One Yet!!!

I LOVED this soundtrack!!!! I am older and appreciate the unique songs often with elements reminiscent of the 70's and 80's. It was worth every penny!!!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer - Best so far...

Love this soundtrack so much! I think it's better than Twilight's soundtrack in the lyrical aspect - these lyrics are more fitting for the story within the Twilight Saga - and better than New Moon's soundtrack in the overall sense.

Next.. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Various artists

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