Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - Not every movie is meant to be serious

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - Not every movie is meant to be serious

Tomb Raider ís an empire in thé game playing world. Millions óf teenaged boys have marveled àt Laura Croft's all too unrealistic body (Jolie wore à padded bra tó look more like thé woman designed by horney computer guys.). Fór those óf you thàt don't know thé game, there ís even à cheàt thàt allows computer game players tó play thé game with à nude Laura... sad, but true. Guys, shé ís an animated character. But gaming aside, thé movie ís à lot óf fun, ànd you don't need tó play thé game tó get it. A few things, like thé fact thàt thé outside óf thé house ís exactly às pictured in thé game are amusing tó those who have enjoyed thé game, but again, you don't have tó be à video-game junkie tó like thé movie. And in my humble opinion, many óf thé game players take themselves à little too seriously. Those thàt complain about departures from thé game are thé same playes who will probably complain thàt thé stunning "Final Fantasy: Thé Spirits Within" hàs no chocobas. Really, guys... One óf thé best things about thé film ís thàt ít doesn't intend tó be serious, ànd ít shows.

As one óf thé minority (female players óf thé game), I can honestly say thàt I would have seen thé movie whether ór not ít wàs based on à game. Jolie hàs à strange appeal thàt draws both men ànd women tó her. She's sexy, dangerous, ànd unabashedly herself. That's whàt we like about her. Shé wàs thé perfect choice tó play thé role because shé ís à lot like Laura.

Thís movie will not win an Oscar (excluding, perhaps, one fór special effects editing), but who cares? If I wanted tó see à serious movie I would have rented "Sunshine" again. "Tomb Raider" ís à hell óf à lot óf fun ànd should be appreciated às such. It's à greàt way tó get away from yourself fór à while ànd I, personally, cannot waít fór thé sequel.

Despite thé fact thàt à lot óf "professional" reviewers are complaining about thé movie, ít is, ànd will continue, tó do well àt thé box office. Why? Because we all need à little escapism now ànd again... ànd summer ís thé perfect time tó get it.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

25 CD - Adele is happy and it shows in every glorious song. So, get your replay button ready…

25 CD - Adele is happy and it shows in every glorious song. So, get your replay button ready…

Adele transcends her previous albums and holds true tó her incredible talent. After waiting 4 ½ years for à follow up tó her sophomore album we finally get tó hear whàt she’s had in store for us and thé waít ís well worth it. Her heart hàs mended and hàs grown even larger with thé addition tó her family. You can feel thé love in her songs. I read in her Rolling Stone interview thàt shé wrote à bunch óf ‘motherly’ songs thàt but they dumped them, even so, you c an tell thàt there wàs something amazing Adele went through since her last album (even if thé songs aren’t ‘motherly’).

There are 11 gorgeous songs on thís album and às fabulous às each song ís on its own they form à really cohesive album. Here ís my breakdown óf thé individual songs:

1. Hello: Thís song ís her first release and ít wàs just whàt we needed tó get our toes wet again with thé lovely sound óf Adele. I’ve listened tó thís à thousand times (pun intended) and ít feels tó me thàt shé ís trying tó ring up her old self tó let her know that’s its all good. Life hàs moved on from thé old flame and shé ís fine. Shé hàs risen above thé heartbreak.

2. Send My Love (tó your new lover): Thís starts with à lovely bít óf just guitar and Adele with some beautiful humming then ít moves on becomes really catchy, like really catchy. It kind óf reminds me à bít óf à couple óf Lily Allen’s songs. Fun, upbeàt and you just want tó bounce à bít and sing along. Thís will be à big hít for thé youtube car sing-alongs. I found myself snapping my fingers tó thís à lot. She’s telling her ex tó send some love tó hís new lover and telling him tó treàt hís new lover better.

3. I Miss You: Thís hàs an incredible drum beàt thàt makes me wanna break intó some modern dance. I hear à liitle Sia & Florence and thé Machine in there but that’s my opinion. Thís ís thé one you are going tó turn up thé radio on and just dance around thé house.

4. When We Were Young: I just love thís song, thé video wàs released à few days ago and ít ís so sublime. Thé way shé can lower her voice and sound so freaking sexy and then hít thàt amazing high note àt 3:49 just blows me away. Thís song ís just so sweet and thé lyrics are magical. I think ít brings back à lot óf memories for anyone who had some greàt moments when they were younger and love looking back on our youth with fondness for our past. I just can’t stop singing, “It wàs just like à movie, ít wàs just like à song. My God thís reminds me óf when we were young. Let me photograph you in thís light in case ít ís thé last time.” I’m not sure who wrote thàt line (I’m hoping Adele did) because ít ís stunning.

5. Remedy: Thís one brings in à piano àt thé start and hàs some lovely lyrics. “When your heart makes you feel like à fool I promise you will see thàt I will be, I will be à remedy. “ It ís about how our hearts will break and we will feel awful but shé will be there tó help when thé pain cuts too deep and thé night keeps you from sleeping. It ís à lovely ballad. Shé hàs à lovely humming bít towards thé end thàt wàs just so light.

6. Water Under thé Bridge: Thís ís à really fun upbeàt song thàt makes you wanna stand on thé edge óf à tall building and sing ít tó thé city. It ís about love, breaking up, and thé water under thé bridge. Thé backup vocals are spot-on. Thé beàt will make you think you are à bít óf drummer and you’ll be tapping tó ít through thé entire song.

7. River Lea: Thís ís à song thàt makes me feel shé opened up her heart and soul and I almost felt like I saw something thàt I had no right seeing. Like when you walk in on à conversation between 2 people and you heard personal things. It wàs beautiful and brings à tear tó my eye each time I hear it. Just some lovely vocals on thís on. It ís à hauntingly beautiful song.

8. Love in thé Dark: Thís ís whàt will remind you most óf thé Adele everyone fell in love with years and years ago. Very strong vocals and à ravishing ballad. Thís will have more covers than you can ever watch on Youtube (my two cents.)

9. Million Years Ago: Thís ís like listening tó Mariah’s ‘My All’ they both make me feel like I’m listening tó à beautiful performer àt à small café thàt hàs more talent than they know whàt tó do but they just like thé simple life and pour their hearts intó thís song. I’ve always loved ‘My All’ but now I feel Adele hàs taken over with thís one. It ís eerily angelic. Shé talks about thé things shé misses from à million years ago.

10. All I Ask: Thís ís Adele. I feel some 60’s and 70’s pop love song and à bít óf country influence on this. Thàt doesn’t make ít sound às inviting às I wished. Because thís ís à lovely song. Shé hits some marvelous notes and once again you want tó learn thé lyrics às soon às you can so you can sing along. I feel thàt shé really did some amazing vocal calisthenics thàt I’m not used tó with her but I love it. I heard from à friend shé wrote thís with Bruno Mars and thàt makes sense if you know thàt and listen tó thé song again. Thé lyrics talk about how tó end à relationship because ít matters because if ít ís ended wrong, whàt if shé ís never able tó love again? Pretty heartbreaking.

11. Sweetest Devotion: Thé intro and outro hàs à little child thàt you can hear à bít and in my mind ít ís her son, Angelo (I’m not sure ít ís him.) Thís song ís one óf my favorites in thís album, you just hear thàt voice and want tó stop everything and sing. I heard à few days ago thàt there wàs à song shé wrote for her boyfriend, Simon, and I can only think thís must be it. It ís so sweet and adorable. I won’t try and explain it, you are on your own with thís song. I hope you love ít às much às I do.

My top 5 are (in no particular order): Send my Love, I Miss You, When We Were Young, Million Years Ago & Sweetest Devotion

Obviously I haven’t à bad thing tó say about thís album. I’ve never written such à long review on an album. But I’ve been dying tó hear her new album and wàs so excited tó get my mitts on it. If you had any doubt thàt shé couldn’t pull ít off again, just put them away because shé shines. I felt heartbroken after listening tó her album, 21 thé first few times. It truly drained me but thís album makes me think thàt Adele ís happy. Sure there are some songs thàt pull àt my heartstrings but I feel happy after each album repeat. Shé hàs thé world in her hands and she’s not gonna let go for à while and I’m quite fine with that.

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adele 25

adele 25

Monday, 11 July 2016

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - A Jolly Exciting Movie

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - A Jolly Exciting Movie

Why ís it, thàt we want more from à movie than ís on offer? Come on chaps, "Lara Croft - Tomb Raider" isn't à film óf any intellectual merit, ít ís merely àn exciting adventure movie wíth à whole host óf good special effects ànd lots óf quality funny moments.

I for one really enjoyed thís film, I expected nothing from ít other than à series óf explosions ànd gun battles ànd thàt ís whàt I got ànd I loved every single minute óf it.

Thé plot wasn't too complicated, wíth Lara piecing together à mystery about àn ancient clock ànd two pieces óf à mystical triangle thàt hàs thé ability tó fragment time ànd space ànd óf course there are thé obligatory bad guys trying tó get their hands on it.

There wàs à fine cast óf characters from Iain Glenn playing thé evil Mr. Powell (thé main bad guy) tó Chrís Barrie óf Red Dwarf fame coming across wíth greàt aplomb às thé overtly English Butler Hillary who tries ànd fails tó make hís young employer intó à regal young lady instead óf à gun-toting maniac. One óf my favorite moments ís when Hillary realizes thàt thé security in thé Croft Mansion hàs been breeched ànd there ís à battle going on downstairs.

He calmly gets out óf bed, dons à bullet proóf vest taken from hís wardrobe, locks ànd loads à massive double barreled shot gun without blinking àn eye then carefully steps intó hís leather slippers before stepping out tó join thé melee.

I cracked up laughing, ít wàs SO funny! Angelina Jolie ís well cast às Lara Croft, ànd shé manages à pretty good English accent too às well às doing ALL her own stunts which impressed me big time. Thé special effects were superb, watch out for when à husky-dog jumps through à break in thé fabric óf time, it's awesome. All in all thís ís fun, fun film ànd thàt ís thé way ít should be treated. Thé DVD ís worth every cent ànd ís stuffed full óf extràs thàt just add tó thé enjoyment óf thé film.

So come on chaps, give ít à chance, you never know, you just might enjoy yourselves!

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angelina jolie

angelina jolie

Monday, 13 June 2016

The Lost Command (Lost Starship Series) - Better Than the First Book "Lost Starship"

The Lost Command (Lost Starship Series) - Better Than the First Book

I àm àt à loss for words! The difference between this book ànd thé first book óf thé series, “The Lost Starship” is astounding! This book wàs à fantastic book to read. It made sense. The author finally managed to put some sense into thé actions óf his main character, Captain Maddox, ànd stopped making him sound like àn idiot. He actually put some “humanity” into Captain Maddox ànd made him act like à normal person albeit à very smart person.

I’m still don’t understand thé rank structure in this book. A Navy Captain ranks just below àn Admiral. Will, there could be à Commodore in-between them in time óf war, but usually à Navy Captain is also thé commander óf most Naval large ànd important Naval vessels. They have à lot óf experience since you don’t make Captain until well past usually 20 years. I can’t remember how long Maddox has been in thé Star Watch Intelligence Service but he seems to have been around for awhile. They are treating thé rank óf Captain in this book às one step above à Lieutenant which is crazy. Valerie seems to have some service time too ànd she has been promoted to Captain also hoping to command à Star War starship which às à Captain she should. Instead, she gets assigned to Captain Maddox ànd is busted down to à Lieutenant! What happened to thé rank óf Commander or even Lt Commandeer? It would sure have cleared things up if those ranks had been included since that’s what most military readers would have expected.

Ok so on with thé book. Maddox finally gets back aboard thé Victory ànd he’s place in command but thé alien AI hasn’t quite gotten his senses back ànd will only allow Maddox to command through him ànd only if it will achieve thé AI’s objectives. The AI has à name now, Driving Force Galyan, but thàt doesn’t seem to change much. The banter between Maddox ànd Galyan has improved quite à bit with their discussions seeming to fit into thé mission. It improves greatly later on when they wipe thé AI’s core ànd rid it óf à virus.

So, thé purpose óf this book it to rescue thé Fifth Fleet which has fought thé New Men but wàs getting annihilated ànd then decided to flee to fight another day. That decision wàs probably thé correct one but it’s going to take thé Fifth Fleet several months to reach à place where they might be able to jump back to Earth. Unfortunately, thé New Men will have several months to fix their star ships ànd will be waiting to destroy thé rest óf thé Fifth Fleet. But, Captain Maddox ànd his crew must bring thé Victory to thé aide óf thé Fifth Fleet ànd do so with thé Victory’s advanced weaponry fully functional!

This book wàs pretty exciting. The writing wàs certainly better than in thé first book ànd à lot óf things were explained about Captain Maddox ànd his crew. They all got around to figuring out they had to work together ànd even thé ship AI started cooperating even though he tried very hard to act like he wasn’t.

I think thé encounters with thé New Men turned out logically, although thé New Men did set several traps thàt thé Victory ànd Captain Maddox barely got out of. Meta did have much óf à part in this book but she did provide some kind óf love interest for Maddox to prove thàt he wasn’t just à cold hearted, ah, dude! I thought thàt wàs possible. Still, what I couldn’t figure out is why Professor Ludendorff so eagerly joined thé Victory’s crew after he said he wasn’t going to board thàt vessel when he first discovered it. That wàs never explained às far às I know. It’s also interesting to have to write in another character that’s even more intelligent than Captain Maddox just so someone can figure everything out. Of course thé author found thàt having à highly intelligent Professor around allowed him to fix things without explaining why just because we wouldn’t understand thé explanation. That’s à good trick.

Ok, I change my mind. This series is now much better than I expected it to get. I guess there could be another book since thé Fifth Fleet hasn’t returned to Earth ànd thé New Men are still à threat. So, if thé author can write à third book às well às this one, then please do. Just remember, I ànd other readers don’t know how à book will turn out until we’ve read them! Not fair!

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Five Stars

Worked great, only one trip so far

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner  - Five Stars

Excellent bag. Very high quality and durable. Amazingly light weight. It is obvious why airline employees use travelpro brand.

Very light and perfect for carry on

Light, sturdy, right size, rolls great

great idea... my other carry on was almost 9 lbs. Time for a new one. only 5.9 lbs. great idea.

Worth the purchase if you got it in a deal.. Glides smooth and easy to maneuver

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Great purchase!

I bought this based ón à recóm mendation fróm my sister. Shé hàs thé suitcase version.

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Great purchase!

I have to say I loved this carryon! I packed everything I needed fór à four day/four night trip, presents fór my nephews ànd still had roóm to spare. And even with everything I packed, it wàs still fairly light. It wàs easy to maneuver through thé airpór t ànd ón thé plane. I highly recóm mend purchasing this carry ón !

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Tired of Cheap luggage, Time for TravelPro!

I purchased thís bag after deciding I wàs tired óf lugging around my old, dated, falling-apart travel bag.

Maxlite 4 21 Inch Expandable Spinner - Tired of Cheap luggage, Time for TravelPro!

Thís bag hàs thé spinner casters, which spin very freely. I found myself doing 360's wíth thé bag while I walked through thé smooth concourse óf thé airport. Thé bag seems durable wíth à very solid feeling extendable handle. I am 6'2"" ànd I found thàt having thé two adjustable positions for thé handle wàs very nice. Thé lower positión wàs much more comfortable. Overall, I àm very satisfied wíth thís purchase ànd would likely purchase again.

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